Is this pic true?do you guys really look like this?

is this pic true?do you guys really look like this?

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>>430217781Left pic is literally me.

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I do yeah.

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>>430217781Whatever happened to that guy? Did he end up sent to prison?

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>you guysthese faggots are not even trying to pretend they belong here anymore. literally squatting trespassers with the support of the traitorous pedomods & tranjans

>>430218189I'm still here.

I look like left and right depending on the camera, angle, and lighting

>>430217781close, i'm a bit older and look like this.

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>>430218311take a shower

I'm fatter but with a better kept long hair and beard. Zero fucks given since I am making change atm.

>>430218387The aroma is part of the look, as strange as that sounds.

>>430217781I am neither but look closer to left than right.

I mogged the last fed who talked to me

This current ongoing raid is of very poor quality and is very transparent to anyone not being a reply bot..

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>>430217781This board is probably like 20% white. Probably 1/4 of them are actually attractive and fit. So 5% of us are like the left pic.


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>>430217781I look like left. On gear though.

>>430217781Left one has ugly facial features

>>430217781Statistically speaking, the vast majority of us amerilards is obese, so it will always be someone who looks like the one of the right

>>430217781>>430217886>>430217888>>430218086>>430218189>>430218227>>430218357>>430218381>>430218545>>430218730>>430218913>>430219029/LGBT/ PICTURE FARMING

>>430217781I'm a skinny and toned femboi so no, neither looks like me. The statue is closer but I'm not that ugly and male looking.

>>430217781I wish i could gain enough weight to look like right. He is quite literally peak performance.

>>430219243Quintessential finn post


Only pic I've got of my physique

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>>430217781Left pic is me, but a bit worse

>>430217781I am the alcoholic version of the left pic

>>430217781Come and find out.

>>430217781I kinda look like the statue after i workout

>>430221662Holy based

pic rel is me, I am not the most muscular guy but I am not weak or fat either

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holy fuck I thought you switched flags from this guy >>430220974 freaked me out a but

>>430219794>Skinnyfat>Pointed bitch tits>3rd world level amounts of body hairNGMI


Left hereFuck niggers, kikes, nazis, russkies, ukroids and g erms

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>>430222706stay the fuck away from me you fucking untouchable nigger

>>430222653>looks healthy>Omg you must take it up your assDilate niggerfaggot

>>430222519I've got a kino face so wtv, also I've fucked 8 women that's more than most fags here

>>430222706>Indianyou can;t help not making everything about you, can you?

>>430217781I'm not as defined as the left, but I'm 6'2", 185lbs. I don't look like Richard at all.

>>430222857you look like you need to soak in a bog fucking freak faggot cocksucker

>>430222542Is Pooland just full of faggots or something?

No, I look like this.

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>>430219794thats disgusting. ever heard of a razor?

>>430222542You look like a twink. Post bussy polack.

>>430223019>>430223048Indians are so vocal today

>>430217781I'm a ripped hobo, call me the aesthetic ascetic

>>430222857>looks healthyYou look like a scrawny twink

>>430217781me on the right

>>430223140>calls me an indian because he can accept the fact hes underweight and polish muttim Austrian descent something perhaps your grandma would understand

>>430223068Used to shave then I realized all that matters is dick and face

>>430223277>im Austrian descent something perhaps your grandma would understand

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>>430217781Most of Holla Forums is either brown or yellow.

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>>430223285same I gave up shaving it just grows back in 3 weeks from head to toe, although my growth is moderate compared to yours

>>430217781Now imagine, if he went on a cut and shaved all that beard and hair off

Bullshit I'm easily a 7/10.

>>430223348the joke flew over your head dumbfuckand yes I am proud of my ancestry go ahead and slander me with another losers receipt like a typical internet tough guy

>>430219464I've heard Poland femboys are top notch, maybe we could stimulate each others prostates?

Im good looking, if i lost weightI kinda look like jason cerboneAnd my dad looks exactly like tony soprano, with a beard and hair

>>430223277Imagine being proud of that>>430223100>>430223250Im 6'5 200lbs you manlets. I cant be a twink with these stats

>>430223250>amerifats so fucking obese they see a person with healthy weight and call him scarwny

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Manlets itt seething hard

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>>430217781I do kind of look like the guy on the right only muscular

>>430223527they are, I dated one for 3 years, we even lived together for a yearI'm heterosexual though, so the only prostate getting rammed is yoursI can sit on your face and let you rim me later thoughthen we can kiss and cuddle

>>430223774youre a scrawny twig im 6 2 200lbs and can still kick your ass, your body weight isnt shit

>>430222542Hot. Post back view.

>>430223929That skinny gay arab physique

>>430218189is that bon Jovi?

>>430224170Sure you can, rashid

>>430224170>2,200lbsDamn, former american?

>>430224296fucking retard american cant read, 6 feet 2 inches>>430224277another projection and since you said the same thing twice im going to assume you have a nigger fetish typical polish demeanor

>>430224797That would be 6'2 you stupid nigger manlet

>>430224949wow shocking you just figured that out

>>430225023Solid comeback fatty


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>>430217781Looks like tyranny in action

>>430217781What you are

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>>430218311>I'm still here.Based. Are you going to sue Shitwood for what he did to you?