Jesus Christ is Lord

God bless you, user. Yes, you. You are one of the rare humans alive at this very moment who believes in our Lord and Savior. You are blessed. Resist temptation. Reject evil. We will all bask in His light. Our time on this Earth is finite, yet meaningful. Spread the word.Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.

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>>430217735Fuck off. you christ-tards keep flooding Holla Forums with this nonsense alone with the Mudslimes and Rabbi-tards

>>430218112It's political because Christ will come soon and crush all human government.

>>430218112Although the disdain for Christians has seemed to increase recently, I think memeflags still hold the title of most hated.

>>430218112>christ-tards>mudslimes>rabbi-tardsdo you really think this makes you sound more clever? from here it looks compulsive, desperate. you look like a phonya (((memeflag))) phony

>>430218112>claims to be based antisemite>joins with the synagogue in their prime goal of deterring people from finding salvation in ChristSad!

>>430218471>>joins with the synagogue in their prime goal of deterring people from finding salvation in ChristSad!

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>>430218254>Christ will come soon and crush all human government.The government god out there?

>>430217735We're going to hang out again Jesus.


>>430217735God bless, user. Christ is King. Going to dump a few comfy Christ/pol/ memes.

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>>430217735I do feel lucky to be alive. Therefore, I will not waste my precious time on hunch. Appreciate the concern though.

>>430218471If Christ is the son of god who can transfigure himself and come and go as he pleases, then why did he only come once to a bunch of jews in jewrusalem 2000 years ago?

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>>430217735GFY, you deluded Christcuck ignoramus! Take your spirit and mind poison somewhere else! Xtianity is bad, but it's too late for you!


>>430217735Christ is King

Pray for me brethren. The Lord wants me to do something I really do not want to do. To accept a gift I do not want.

>>430217735>couldn't save himself from a piece of plywood>will somehow save our soulsi shiggy diggy, why do whitoids believe jewish psycho babble so easily? be it this jewsus stuff , be it holocaust. tf is wrong with you subhumans?

>>430217735Amen , glory be to God


>>430219454You got this broski. And I mean that, YOU got this. God won’t have anything to do with it. Believe in yourself.


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>>430217735Amen brother.

>>430219454What is it? What is the gift?

>>430217735It's so tiring and boring.

>>430217735>Jesus Christ is Lordof what?anyways, we in the US don't recognize titles of nobility

>>430219859I am to marry someone I do not want to. This has been a big deal for over a year now, I know for sure this is the case.


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>>430220085So don't get married.

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>>430220218This is an option. But big consequences


>>430220358and what did rabbi Yeshua do to that "evil and adulterous" generation?allowed them to subdue the earthno fire no brimstone>b-but rabbi Yeshua will have the last laughtell that to the suffering white kids today, fuck "Jesus" and fuck you christcuck

>>430220085Just don't marry them. It's not like you are in a shit-skin country where the bride's father traded goats with your dad as a dowry.

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>>430217735King of KingsLord of LordsChrist is King


>>430220556He delivered to them the sign of Jonah by being resurrected after three days and saving the hated gentiles in exactly the same way Jonah did to the Ninevites. Thus they (and you, having also seen this miraculous collapse of a millennia of paganism when your ancestors accepted Christ's sacrifice) have nobody but themselves to blame if they end up eternally damned.>white kids are suffering why doesn't God stop all the suffering?Suffering unironically builds character and brings you closer to Jesus and thus God. Living a life free of suffering unironically turns you into a selfish piece of human excrement.

doesn’t the savior save whom he chooses? what are you accepting?

>>430221047>Suffering unironically builds character and brings you closer to Jesus and thus God.Is that what a priest tells the child as he rapes them?


>>430217735Pissus Christ

>>430217735(Matthew 24:3) “Tell us, When will these things be, and what will be the sign of your presence and of the conclusion of the system of things?”>Jesus said that his presence would be signified with...(Matthew 24:7) “For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another.(Luke 21:11) one place after another pestilences...(Matthew 24:12) and because of the increasing of lawlessness the love of the greater number will cool off.>The earth would be ruined and polluted.“Bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” (Revelation 11:18)>The message is officially spread of his coming and his Kingdom.“This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.”—Matt. 24:14.>The Announcement of Peace and Security“Whenever it is that they are saying: ‘Peace and security!’ then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them.”—1 Thess. 5:3.>The Great Tribulation>ArmageddonWe are currently in the pangs of distress Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 which is part of the last days. We are not in the Great Tribulation. Where we are is in the moment right before they announce peace and security. They are going to announce a word wide call of Peace & Security in some way. Then the Great Tribulation then Armageddon

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>>430221377Kill yourself moor rape baby.

>>430221618>“This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.”—Matt. 24:14.Let's see you take your gibberish to North Sentinel Island


>>430221691Kill me yourself if you can, faggot

>>430221691Mary filled with used condoms

>>430217735>Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.Only if you accept your 3 day ban for larping as a

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>>430220556>and what did rabbi Yeshua do to that "evil and adulterous" generation?He allowed the Roman Empire to annihilate them during the Seige of Jerusalem in 70AD. The ancient Jews went extinct after the Seige of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Modern Jews and modern Israel are sterile.What made Israelites unique from all other races/nationalities in the world was their lineage. They could almost all trace their lineage back to Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. Jesus lineage in Matthew and Luke went as far back to Adam himself. In 70AD the Romans ransacked Jerusalem in what is known as the Seige of Jerusalem of 70AD where the Romans attacked Jerusalem and destroyed the temple and all archived genealogies. After this, no Israelite on Earth could trace their lineages back anymore and all true Israelites disbanded throughout the Earth. The Age of Israel was over.The 1st Century Christians were not concerned with liberating Israel. This was obvious because Jesus predicting the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD at the hands of The Roman Empire. This was God letting the Jews know he was done with them. Not only did they destroy the temple but all the records of Jewish genealogy going back to Abraham himself. No Jew on Earth could prove their lineage after that anymore. The Age of Israel was over and remained over to this day.The (((Israel))) and (((Jews))) that you know of today are not the continuation of that Israel up above. They are descendants of Talmudism which descendend from Babylonian Mysticism. The Israel and Jews you are resisting today are the Synagogue of Satan. (((Christians))) are also a part of them as well.

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>>430217735the only decent thread

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>>430217735Yeah Jesus is a bro. I’m Catholic though, I just express my free will and do whatever the fuck I want then get absolved.

So there was this shekel grubbing kike young woman, right, and she fucks a dog, and a child is born, names him Jesus, and says she, he's the child of dog.2000 years of you just know

Christ is Lord.

>>430222034>Jesus lineage in Matthew and Luke went as far back to Adam himself.No only do they contradict each other, but Jesus isn't the flesh and blood of David as prophesied in 2nd Samuel

>>430221618Good News! We are at the bottom of the feet at last. God's Kingdom ruled by King Jesus Christ is up next. You guys are living in exciting times.>(Daniel 2:44) “And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. And the kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times indefinite;PIC RELATED>(Daniel 2:45) forasmuch as you beheld that out of the mountain a stone was cut not by hands, and [that] it crushed the iron, the copper, the molded clay, the silver and the gold. The grand God himself has made known to the king what is to occur after this. And the dream is reliable, and the interpretation of it is trustworthy.”>(Isaiah 28:16) therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “Here I am laying as a foundation in Zion a stone, a tried stone, the precious corner of a sure foundation. No one exercising faith will get panicky.>(Daniel 2:34) You kept on looking until a stone was cut out not by hands, and it struck the image on its feet of iron and of molded clay and crushed them.CONTINUED...

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>>430220556What did he do ?Christian civilization became the greatest of all time. Invented everything we use today, including our western mindset.The world started to become shit when people rejected Christ, became atheists, money-worshipping and relativists. God is punishing us as he promised (Deuteronomy 28:15-68). As bishop Williamson said :"catholic faith and jewish power are the two side of a pendulum, one goes down the other go up"

>>430222215One was his blood lineage through Mary, the other was his LEGAL lineage through Joseph. The claim to the throne of David, which belongs to the Messiah, the claim to be King. Jesus needed to prove both his BLOOD lineage and LEGAL lineage to claim it.The Bible and God do recognize adoption as legal descendency.Matthew indicates that Zerubbabel is the son of Shealtiel (Mt 1:12), and this coincides with other references. (Ezr 3:2; Ne 12:1; Hag 1:14; Lu 3:27) However, at 1Chronicles 3:19 Zerubbabel is referred to as the son of Pedaiah. Evidently Zerubbabel was the natural son of Pedaiah and the legal son of Shealtiel by reason of brother-in-law marriage; or possibly, after Zerubbabel’s father Pedaiah died, Zerubbabel was brought up by Shealtiel as his son and therefore became legally recognized as the son of Shealtiel.That's why they are different.

>>430222430>One was his blood lineage through MaryProve it>>430222430>the other was his LEGAL lineageThat's not flesh and blood as prophesied. Try again you clown

>>430220633I wish it were that easy. Just like Jonah and Moses, it's not really a no thanks situation

>>430222111kek. Christians are astonishingly nihilistic and they don’t even realize it.

>>430217735And I will teach you to walk on water.Not because I am God but because I have faith.All things are possible through Christ user why haven't you joined me yet?

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>>430217735God bless you anons, peace be with you. Jesus Christ is King!

>>430222521Solved the origin story, bro>>430222200

>>430222111>Jesus is a doormat Christianity 101

>>430222251>(Psalm 118:22) The stone that the builders rejected Has become the head of the corner.>(Romans 9:33) as it is written: “Look! I am laying in Zion a stone of stumbling and a rock-mass of offense, but he that rests his faith on it will not come to disappointment.”>(1 Peter 2:6) For it is contained in Scripture: “Look! I am laying in Zion a stone, chosen, a foundation cornerstone, precious; and no one exercising faith in it will by any means come to disappointment.”>(Luke 20:17) But he looked upon them and said: “What, then, does this that is written mean, ‘The stone which the builders rejected, this has become the chief cornerstone’?>(Acts 4:11) This is ‘the stone that was treated by YOU builders as of no account that has become the head of the corner.’>(1 Corinthians 3:11) For no man can lay any other foundation than what is laid, which is Jesus Christ.>(Ephesians 2:20) and YOU have been built up upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, while Christ Jesus himself is the foundation cornerstone.Pic related. The stone that you see in Daniel destroying all the kingdom of the world starting at the bottom of the feet is the same cornerstone of God's Kingdom: Jesus Christ. Jesus himself, along with an army of angels, will come down here and execute all evil doers in the world. The West will not be conquered by another human empire. It will be conquered by Christ himself. How long until imminent empire collapse(politically, socially, economically) and another human empire can take over? Many anons here have helped me narrow this down to 20-30 years.Do you know what happens next?

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>>430222565Jesus is the son of dog

>>430222565>All things are possible through ChristAmen sister

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Deer dick in ass of Mary of Magdala

>>430217735is the plan to fatigue everyone by spamming?that where you guys are at?

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>>430222521>Prove itEasy, the Pharisees. Even the Pharisees never questioned his lineage. They questioned and challenged everything about Jesus but except that.

>>430222830Jehova's Wiccans

>>430218790Strong WeakMy love is perfect but it is entirely happy. :)Imagine a God who knew nothing except :)Very creepy? He isn't happy. Happiness is the accuser, it accuses other people who aren't happy, asking why aren't YOU happy? Sounds like 1984? Because Kingdoms usually are.Happiness belongs to mankind and no Son of God. We will make of it as we will.

Watching Spanish user keep posting ineffectual mockeries as everyone ignores him because his empty words are meaningless is pretty amusing.

>>430222830This isn't proof dipshit

>>430222828>Romans 4:7, 8-7“Happy are those whose lawless deeds have been pardoned and whose sins have been covered;8happy is the man whose sin Jehovah will by no means take into account.”>Psalm 32:1, 2-Happy is the one whose transgression is pardoned, whose sin is covered.2Happy is the man whom Jehovah does not charge with guilt, In whose spirit there is no deceit.>Matt 11:28-30-28Come to me, all you who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh you. 29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am mild-tempered and lowly in heart, and you will find refreshment for yourselves. 30For my yoke is kindly, and my load is light.”The Bible and Christ Philosophy isn't fatiguing, it's happiness based. Thanks to Jesus covering our sins and thanks to Jehovah God being a patient and merciful God we, who follow Christ, are happy, joyful and refreshed. The guilty are those who are weighed down by their sins and their shame. That's usually those who reject the Bible and its teachings.

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>>430222965aaaand you ruined it

>>430222965Not as amusing as your impotence. You came here because of me and I have a very good idea of who's in your pocket, now you get to face me. Will you hidde like a little bitch? Yes you will

>>430223085TL;DR someone pays to fill this with Christian filth, its because I come here.

>>430217735>>430217863>>430218097"Lord" means breadgiver.Osiris, Neith and Amun are berber gods.Berbers stem from EEF peoples that moved south from the area of the river Ebro.Hebrews descend from the man Eber.The family of Jacob-Israel was adopted into the berber-EEF faith because they were of white steppe origin and shared a similar mindset and family structure.Jesus descends from the firstborn son of David that got adopted to the berbers (hebrews) in order to shield him from Saul, and this lineage (Messiah) was later adopted back into the last remaining true family of Israel because both Egypt and the berber lands had fallen into Roman hands.Jesus was the last son of Juba II of Mauretania and Cleopatra Selene II.The reason why the wise men knew where to find baby Jesus was because Juba II had =>wiki insert [Between 2 BC and AD 2, he travelled with Gaius Caesar (a grandson of Augustus), as an advisor to the Eastern Mediterranean.] while Selene was pregnant - informing them of the expected date of birth - which they tracked the time of by looking at the stars orientation at dusk and dawn.The Israelites was since the time of Joseph [Zaphenath Pa'aneah] allies and priests under the pharaoh - which is why Juba adopted Jesus to these allies of the hebrews and the pharaoh - the last known remnant of Israel aside from himself.

>>430223013What do you want me to do? Go to the Hall of Records in modern day Jerusalem and scan Jesus genealogy and post it here? Did you miss this post>>430222034

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Anons I will tell you that at least one new user is saved on Holla Forums every single day, I have seen it with my own eyes and that makes it worth coming to this garbage fire. Something that really kicked things off was the linked video, a lot of anons were saved that factor secret world religion&kind=videoDo not engage the anti-christians, as that distracts from the search for your lost brothers.

>>430223395Im filled, better empty my balls on the face of the angels

>>430223203tldr;the hebrews [and Jesus] were of sardinian-berber phenotype before they mixed in egypt - where they met the israelites and adopted them.the tribe of judah THEN proceeded to mix heavily with semitic locals, eventually becoming the state of Judah which Jesus correctly pointed out was no longer of Abraham. (bred away their recessive EEF and israelite genes)

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>>430223507Nah, they're kikes, just like you, judensenLEVI(te) judensen


>>430223574I just called the original hebrews iberians and you still call them antichrist.I guess we need another inquisition, cryptokike.

>>430223769I'm a child of darkness. You were expecting different? They pay you to fill my ears with your filth, and I remind you.

>>430221930God made the JEWS do this because they are unruly.In Acts its made clear Christians shouldn't be circumcised, "Judaizers" have done the exact trick they tried in that chapter to Protestants in USA only it worked this time.

>>430221047>nobody to blame but themselves>literally get created>born in ignorance>world it's self completely 100% controlled >environment manipulated>place you're born, family you have, circumstances, aquaintances, every bit of training and information you receive hand picked for you, outcomes of this environment can be manipulated so no matter what you end up doing wrong or right depending on what's chosen for you rather than vice versa... unless you're some profound genius monk who isn't just smart but also self disciplined as a child and also extremely lucky and just realizes immediately "I must seek action in non-action in order to not error" you're fucked, and since you don't actually constitute yourself or your situation, you're fucked anyways...>All is God's choice not your own>I am that I am, I don't do my own will, but the will of him that sent me>no one to blame but your selfSo god is not responsible for his own design and it's mechanations coming to their fulfillment, but rather his design is responsible for its self and god is helpless in the face of their actions?Hmm.... computer programmer programs a virus, virus spreads and ruins the Internet>teehee don't blame me, I just made the virus, it's the viruses fault for acting so naughty>literally codes the virus and what actions it prefers doing, virus makes "choices" by its "free will" to then do as a virus does... as it was made to do Oh well boys, the programmer can't be held accountable, the virus knew what it was doing... it chose to execute it's functions... there's no one to blame but the files...The virus could have simply not executed it's functions when it was uploaded and downloaded and injected, so what if a user interacted with it and executed it's files... no excuse, actions have consequences they say...

>>430223858>they pay youGold will not shield you from your sins, kike.

>>430223987The vatican pays to fill this with Christian filth.

>>430224033Also, come the new captcha, most Christian posts disappeared for a while, so it's not even people, most of them are bots.

>>430224033Catholics are not Christians.

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>>430224033>he thinks the Vatican, the center of Rome,- pays to spread the truth about Christs heritage from Carthage?LMAO

>>430224203>>430224132I've seen reasonable proof of both claims

>>430224156Neither are JWs

>>430217735Edom aka Rome will be destroyed, Christians will repent & become Noahides.

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>>430224156>we're already at the 'my incredibly specific branch of abrahamic bullshit is the only real christianity'

>was raised christian>family wasn't that religious though, we went to church a handful of times and I believed in god>I had become an atheist myself probably in 7th grade>I was an edgy fag about it as per usual>Now 24, and over recent years have changed my mind and appreciate religion>I want to be a christian>I first found it hard to bring myself to believe in god>After a few years of thought I see nature and I see godSo I also get lost on wikipedia from time to time, sometimes reading about religious things. Why is Christianity so complicated compared to Islam? It seems like you need a Ph.D in theology to understand how the trinity is supposed to work and still be monotheistic. When I read about the Islamic versions of common concepts they seem to be much more straightforward

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>>430218112All theist threads are created and botted up by Mossad and it's npcs

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>>430222034>They could almost all trace their lineage back to Abraham, Isaac, and IsraelAnd how could they do that?Did you forget your jewish false god who is actually Moses commanded the pissraelites to kill all of Abrahams descendants aside from his inbred children?Did you forget that there was no monothestic nation during the time of Abraham, nor of Jacob, and that Moses brought the monotheistic faith 700 years after Abraham?Did you forget that your actual god Moses was a child rapist fiend, and when the pissraelites were ordered to bring 31 virgin girls to offer to the lord, they were taken to the tabernacle where only Moses and his (((high priests))) were allowed to go, where they raped them?Do you really think God gave Moses blueprints to build the ark of the covenant?Wake the fuck up.

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>>430223244>What do you want me to do?Back up your claims. You simply can't.


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>>430224720Vatican mostly

>>430224236Navid Ibanez Gonzales Gavarro Esteban de Rivera, hydrate yourself.You're clearly running dry.


>>430224532>Why is Christianity so complicated compared to Islam?Reality is complicated.

>>430218254Raw copium. Let me guess. You are the real christcuckest? Not like the other christcucks before.

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Reminder that if you don't castrate yourself then you will never be a Christian

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>>430218254two more weeks

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>>430224919I'm not the only one saying You're bots and shills, but I sure expect to be the first who drops a loggie down cheesus throat.


>>4302182542 more weeks?

>>430217735>Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.okay. what is my next step?

>>430224387Read carefully>1 Corinthians 1:10 - 10 Now I exhort YOU, brothers, through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that YOU should all speak in agreement, and that there should not be divisions among YOU, but that YOU may be fitly united in the same mind and in the same line of thought>1 Peter 3:8 - 8 Finally, all of YOU be like-minded, showing fellow feeling, having brotherly affection, tenderly compassionate, humble in mind,>2 Corinthians 13:11 - 11 Finally, brothers, continue to rejoice, to be readjusted, to be comforted, to think in agreement, to live peaceably; and the God of love and of peace will be with YOU.>Ephesians 4:2-6 - 2 with complete lowliness of mind and mildness, with long-suffering, putting up with one another in love, 3 earnestly endeavoring to observe the oneness of the spirit in the uniting bond of peace. 4 One body there is, and one spirit, even as YOU were called in the one hope to which YOU were called; 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism; 6 one God and Father of all [persons], who is over all and through all and in all.>Philippians 2:1,2 - If, then, there is any encouragement in Christ, if any consolation of love, if any sharing of spirit, if any tender affections and compassions, 2 make my joy full in that YOU are of the same mind and have the same love, being joined together in soul, holding the one thought in mind,>Romans 16:17 - Now I exhort YOU, brothers, to keep your eye on those who cause divisions and occasions for stumbling contrary to the teaching that YOU have learned, and avoid themEven though there are multiple sects today only one can be right. You can't join any sect and just accept Jesus Christ and be saved. You cannot avoid all sects and be saved because that would be you becoming a sect yourself.

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>>430224387he didnt say that, he said caths are antichrist. huge distinction


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>>430225088>but all the other people do it, so it must be truepeople like you are the reason shilling exists.change your mind, please. for your own best.

>>430225250Nigger, I've spotted vatican trojans on my devices

The anti-christians sure are seething and dilating. Feels good to be saved man.

>>430225206i'm not even reading your religious psychobabble and you're the internet equivelent of jehova's witness door knockersfuck off already

>>430225339if you're so happy fuck off too go bother your congregation full of filipino's and 80 year olds cunt

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>>430224532>Why is Christianity so complicated compared to Islam?It's not. The Bible is very simple to understand. It's church doctrine that is hard to understand because it contradicts the Bible. >It seems like you need a Ph.D in theology to understand how the trinity is supposed to work and still be monotheistic.Correct, but that's because the Trinity is unBiblical. It's a pagan doctrine with Alexandrian thought and Hellenistic Greek Philosophy sprinkled on top of it.

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>>430225339Who cares about the world you live or your race when you personally have been saved?

>>430225339Nobody who posts on Holla Forums is saved

watch this video explaining the gospel if you anons are not yet 100% sure of going to"Once Saved Always Saved" - a MUST WATCH sermon for people who are doubting their"Repentance and Salvation" - another MUST WATCH sermon exposing the widespread "repent of your sins to be saved" heresy that's leading many churchgoers into

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