How come so many Holla Forums people are against a United States of Europe?

This means>a strong common military>the people of Europe can finally live everywhere and vote >finally the economy would be integrated>illegals could be kept out for real>finally a Senate in Brussels and a directly elected EU president for 4yrsetc.

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>Just lose your unique cultures and turn into muttland


>>430217789As if you lose your culture when the system is more effective and your military is not a jokesure, buddy

>>430217720Why would a United Europe keep illegals out?

>>430217789>memeflagprobably a maldign brit

>>430217720that would be ideal and would include russiabut this won't happen until everyone is speaking english and many civil wars>>430217789unfortunately it's necessary to establish an ethnic european future on planet earth. we gotta put the brother wars in the past and learn the same language.

>>430217720because amerifying Europe would mean, killing it

>>430218064yeah, youre so concerend about Europewould be the first time in your history

>>430217892Because we just agreed on an asylum reform to keep illegals out.

>>430218034> but this won't happen until everyone is speaking German and until Germany wins the Ukraine-Russia warcorrected!

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>>430217720Let me guess Hans, we’d be speaking German and the economic system would be rigged to benefit Germany the most?

>>430217789Only if you dont have the Willpower to preserve them.

>>430217720i don't want to be part of your united states of israel

>>430218275That are the conditions for dragging your shithole out of its misery

>>430217720Wild guesses:>they're not opposed the concept but hate the current structure of the EU dominated by US-backed liberals and conservacucks>Western europeans unhappy that the EU gobbled up worthless Eastern European states that demand gibs and export workers that drive down wages>EU basically playing pass the parcel with refugees instead of collectively telling them to fuck off or behave>American/Russian/Chinese black propaganda designed to prevent the emergence of a potential global power

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>>430218064>killing itok, so1. instead of an indirectly appointed EU Commission you got a directly elected EU Commission president who forms his cabinet… that democratization will kill Europe!2. instead of an EU Council made up of 1 appointed rep from each member state, you got a Senate that includes 2 elected senators per state…. horrible, democracy will kill Europeans!3. instead of a 700+ massive EU parliament elected through a party system, you have 400 directly elected EU representatives on a NUTS-2 level… the horror, more democracy will kill Europe!I see, democracy is evil and only if we continue to keep elites in charge without being democratically elected, an Europeans survive!

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>>430217720>belaruse is already practically Russia>won't be in 2050Uh-huh.

True federation will never happen in EU. States are just too different and people won’t ever accept some unelected belgians having the final say over their legislation, even though the EU law already has primacy over the national law of member states.When the EU came out with the directive on weapons where you can’t own a magazine that holds more than 20 rounds, pretty much every state adopted legislation that allows anyone to get an exemption. If the EU started legislating shit like that with regulations (directly applicable) it would fall apart eventually.

>>430218275Why wouldn’t we be speaking German?Also, if your shithole wants to be in Europe, (a) we want your young womenz, (b) your men for slave labor and (c) your lands for German corporations and rich Germans to have haziendas.

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>>430217720>a strong common militaryThere is already NATO>the people of Europe can finally live everywhereDoesn't the Schengen area allow to live everywhere already? >and voteEU citizens can vote on municipal elections everywhere in the union, can't they?>finally the economy would be integratedHow it can be integrated even more?>illegals could be kept out for realThere is Eurotex>finally a Senate in Brussels and a directly elected EU president for 4yrsWhat's wrong with European Parliament' Michelle, Von der Leyen and Borelle?

>>430218515A united Europe would be a disaster to America for obvious reasons, but is not like we can stop you, only reason why Europe hasn't united is because they hate each other more than they hate being told what to do by America

>>430217720Why united states of europe? Let's just join the united states of america and invite any country in that wants to join

>>430217720Fuck off globohomo nazi kike

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just give the whole of turkey to russia, pleasealso, ireland should be united


>>430218748America operates multiple military bases across Europe and is deeply intertwined with the european economy and the political leadership of both sides of the EU debate. America hasn't had to flex its muscles on the debate because the present-day EU serves their purpose but I don't believe they'd just roll over and let it happen if the circumstances changed.

>>430217720>italia includedPass

>>430218262No EU army until she fixes those Teeth

>>4302187361. NATO is bs, a corrupt organization misused by the US, we need to dissolve or sideline it2. The EU people are foreigners in foreign states and treated as second rate people for their qualifications and their looks. They can vote for a village’s major, but not in the state or federal elections in Germany. They cannot be police people, judges, be on juries, become politicians or join the army.3. The economy is very far from being integrated. Most notably, taxes, every state has odd taxes to attract companies trying to save taxes in Ireland and Luxembourg. And then, you cannot even work from anywhere in Europe due to the tax system. And the pension system is even more horrible, there is no equalization between pension and social systems.4. Eurorex doesn’t do anything. What you need is tough legislation to deport people immediately when they try to come and register anywhere in Europe.5. See above on democracy and how Brussels is elected.

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>>430217720National interests wouldnt suddenly disappear if the EU federalized. The whole thing would be dominated by the strongest states, which is pretty much just Germany at this point as the UK was ejected and marginalized and France has only been losing influence since the 90ties. For countries like mine it would mean being stuck in a permanent middle income limbo as the designated heavy industrial labour zone except now with no real way to leave. It would be a nightmare that would eventually trigger a Europe-wide civil war after all the nations except for the Herrenrasse eventually realize how fucked they really are.

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>>430217720Because I do not want to live in America 2.0 where my culture is being destroyed and niggers are flooding my country.

>>430218978you are correct they wouldn't just sit there and watch most likely they would try to manipulate popular opinion but ultimately it would be Europeans doing it to themselves, US wouldn't risk getting on the bad side of an United Europe so most likely they would attempt brainwashing rather than a direct confrontation.

>>430219067Europeans aren’t fake, we have healthy, natural teeth. American hollywood teeth are all caps.

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>>430218262a german says in english

>>430219185Poland can always align itself with Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Austria and become its own massive block of influence. Just like in America (Texas, California and New York run the show there).

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>>430219381You need to speak English here right now. Doesn’t mean we cannot have long-term goals. The first step in Europe should be to have German taught in every school across Europe. Then it takes 20-30yrs before this triggles down into society and by 2050-2060, German is accepted across Europe.

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>>430219304>American hollywood teeth are all caps.Wow, what a shocker! People who make money from their looks have the nerve to change their looks to be attractive and keep making money! In other news, niggers are black and kikes control the world.

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>>430219559and then you have future wars with the anglosphere.doesn't matter anyway, most of europe is already turning to english. only some slavic and romance countries are holding out, and still many of their younger generations know english. hopefully it will help unite us all.


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I’m not entirely against a united Europe but the EU needs to be completely abandoned first. That institution is rotten and can’t be fixed

>>430217720What a retarded krautistic map.

>>430217720>>430219136>Let's create a continent-sized Yugoslaviabased retard

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>>430219694The point is that these all caps are totally unnatural and fake.

Fuck off Germanicus babaricusI don't want your federlisation and centralisation. What language will we speakLet me guess yoursAnd you will print money from the burr printer and give it to us 'untermench' in the form of debtNo thanks you filthy autistic cumrag Take your Reich and shove it up your autistic soulless Germanic assholeThis gual village is standing against albino Rome

>>430219136>The EU people are foreigners in foreign states and treated as second rate people for their qualifications and their looks.Aren't diplomas and degrees issued in one of the Union countries legitimate everywhere?>They can vote for a village’s major, but not in the state or federal elections in Germany. Germany will be the first to complain that le Poles will vote in Bundestag elections.>They cannot be police people, judges, be on juries, become politicians or join the army.No it's too much for a foreigner to judge natives. >Most notably, taxes, every state has odd taxes to attract companies trying to save taxes in Ireland and Luxembourg.States of the USA have different taxes too

>>430219409Germany would have more sway/money to bribe those guys to their side than we ever will. Plus at least half of those cases have no national pride, and thus ambition, to mean anything in the world and would just happily spread their assholes at zero cost to the German Herr for some murky recognition as a Western European, le defender of Europe, a bulwark against shitskins or whatever. At least until the reality and empty wallet set in and we have a civil war that would make the American one look like a family walk in the park.

>>430217720to achieve this you're going to need to nuke moscow

>>430220818Then fuck off from the EU if you are not a team player. Nobody prevents you from leaving.

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>>430217720>map of 2050>russia still existskek, sure ivan

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>>430220818>spread their assholes at zero cost to the German Herr for some murky recognition as a Western European, le defender of Europe, a bulwark against shitskins or whatever.>tf>tpThe absolutel lack of self awereness. The only way Poland matters is by sucking Anglo cock. The Nazis alrady wanted a confederation of Europe but concluded rightfully that the polish state shouldnT be permitted in it

>>430221002>team playersaid the flag that fucked over Southern Europe to save its own banks and almost ruined the security architecture of the Eastern part for a few gas sheckles. >>430221119Caring about empty labels is an infantile disease WW2 already cured us from. Also you got your European food chain upside down krautoid. Anglos have a limited influence in CEE which sits deep in the continental Europe where their ships cant reach. Our youth is nowhere near as Americanized as yours and we still have a strong identity that isnt just a carbon copy of whatever cultural fad is currently en vogue in the US.

>>430217720>the people of Europe can finally live everywhere and vote>in practice everyone from poor countries moves to rich countriesThat's why we left

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>>430217720>EU>Mandatory refugee intake quota per nation member ELSE heavy economic sanctionsPolicy, lmao!!

>>430217720>>a strong common military

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>>430217720"It is based on the United States as the remaining superpower and on open society as the organizing principle. It consists of a series of alliances, the most important of which is NATO and, through NATO, the Partnership for Peace which girds the Northern Hemisphere. The United States would not be called upon to act as the policeman of the world. When it acts, it would act in conjunction with others. Incidentally, the combination of manpower from Eastern Europe with the technical capabilities of NATO would greatly enhance the military potential of the Partnership because it would reduce the risk of body bags for NATO countries, which is the main constraint on their willingness to act. This is a viable alternative to the looming world disorder."Does this sound like Europe to you? The current model of 'United States of Europe' is only sidekick of US hegemony.You want Europe ? Independent Europe ? I'm for it. But kick USA out of Europe first. Dump Dollar Treasuries and start to build military to project power outside of US interests.Such as cheap oil from Iran.

I don't want foreigners to rule and leech off the Netherlands.

>>430224553There us no “I” in Team, Dutchpro.Es gibt kein “Ich” in Kameradschaft, Holland-bruder.

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>> by France

>>430217720It looks gay and like you're licking american ass with that mutt name, schwabistani.

>>430217789The EU does more to support inner German minorities (like Plattdeutsch) than the German government ever did. The EU destroying individual cultures is a gigantic fucking meme.

>>430217720>Be capitalists USA>Hate commie Russia until it is no longer commie>Become a degenerate version of commies yourself>Force others to become a degenerate version of commies tooWhy is the USA like this?

>>430217720Fuck you climate cult who wants to ban cars and meat i root for the enemy.

>>430217720Also means that Germany finally reaches his age old wish to control europe. Im glad tho that this time you dont try to do it via war, but no thanks