What would men in your country prefer to buy?A night with an escort roastie, or this dope Lego set?

What would men in your country prefer to buy?A night with an escort roastie, or this dope Lego set?

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I had a prostitute neighbor. Only ugly fags and old men pay for prostitutes. That Lego shit is for kids

>>430217694Mexican hereSome white ass please

>>430217694neither are valuable, both are trash. just burn the money, its the same as the trash.

>>430217694Prostitution is illegal and will land you jail time here, so I'll take the lego set. At least you can sell it.

>>430217694I mean, it's Rivendell. C'mon.

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>>430217875Yes you can sell on the Lego and it won't give you syphilis.

Fucking a beautiful woman you have to pay for is fleeting unless she is your wife and you get to fuck her every night. Which means most men are going to go with the legos.

>>430217694i'd keep the 300 dollars thank you very much

>>430217999Based and legopilled

>>430217694I wanna choose the girl?

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>>430217939Jej based

>>430217694When Legos hit the wall, you can rebuild them and they keep their value.

>>430217694I would unironically get the lego set. Sex for only the sake of sex is degenerate. Paying to do it doubly so.

I choose both

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one is fleeting

>>430218045You no hungry for girl. You hungry for hot pocket!

>>430218273What a fucking slut. All 4 holes?

>>430218270Every sane man would take the Lego.

>>430218273>tilted neckAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>>430217694If I actually get her for the whole night until the sun comes up, the roastie. Legos are overpriced woke shit.

>>430217694Prostitution is immoral.

everyone who answered this faggot OP's question is a retard. this shit belongs on Holla Forums or some other faggot grabass board


>>430217694I get laid for free regularly and the sex will only last a nightthat lego set will last foreverwould probably spend the money on booze or drugs though

>>430217694I would take the escort roastie>t. coomer

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>>430217694That Lego set is expensive. Great gift for kids.

>>430217834You have to go back.

>>430218712> For kids Nope, I'm getting that shit for myself. Fuck em kids

>>430217694I'll take the lego set over a whore any day.

>>430218270I FUCK I FUCK I FUCK I FUCK I FUCKDo you fucking losers not even have a comebrain at all? The endless need to fuck dominates my existence. I hate women so much it's unreal so I never actually fucked that many of them, I think like 10 or so, but the desire to fuck is there constantly. When I'm with a fucktoy I will fuck them maybe 5 times in a day.

>>430217694idk i want a different set...i had this one set that came out in like 02...never seen it again it was memory holed and no one or nothing about it on jewgle..these bad ass orc legos in armor with hair and dragons were too official. obviously my nigger friend stole pieces and eventually the whole set just vanished...it was too ahead of its time honestly and i rmember it to this day. too bad i'll never find that set again.

>>430218782>Fuck em kidsYou tell em Hans.

>>430217694I'm not a big LotR fan, so I guess the whore. Assuming legality and STD concerns don't apply.

>>430217694Neither, I choose to purchase torture implements which will then be used on the unfortunate roastie.

>>430218002You'll be keeping more then that.

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>>430217694Get lego, build it with kids, you are being a "good father" and in fact get to build an awesome Rivendell set while seeming manly and caring. Win-win.Touching a prostitute seems repulsive on multiple levels anyway.

>>430217694You fuck a whore once then regret itLegos are forever

>>430217694Lego sets are the dumbest, gayest, most autistic, creatively bankrupt shit I can think of. I can understand getting regular Lego blocks and building your own stuff, but shit like in OP is just embarrassing. And it's for kids. Grow up and learn how to build something useful or beautiful instead of Spiderman spaceships or whatever.

>>430219140I better not catch you paying videogames

>>430217694Neither, gun to my head, lego set and resell.

I can jerk off and imagine the whore so I'll take the lego set

>>430217694I buy lego sets for my kids off Aliexpress for a small fraction of the retail price for "real" Legos. As far as whores go, sex with a condom sucks so not worth paying for bad sex. Better to fuck a normal 5/10 roastie raw.

>>430217875At this point why not just keep the money…

>>430217694HOLY SHIT LEGO!

>>430217694For free?LEGO set 100%. Do you know how high the resale value on those is?Also what long-term benefit is there to paying for a hooker? None. Waste of money.

>>430219273Why not the escort and resell?

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>>430217694I take the Lego because it can only deceive you once when you open the box and there is something missing.

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>>430217694>>430219479The scort unless the toy is so expensive that I can buy even more scorts, I mean it's common sense >But I can get any woman I wantAnd you play lego?

>>430219261I don't play video games, but when I did, I only played competitive games competitively, like SF, Virtua Fighter, Battlefield, MvC, etc. Last games I played were Battlefield Bad Company 2, UMvC3 and USF4.

>>430218930fucking christ i bought similar and frankly bigger sets as a child for fucking 40 dollars man children were a mistake

>>430217694>A night with an escort roastiei rather stay fauthful to my wife>>430217694>this dope Lego setmy kids would love this

>>430217694I'll take the lego set. I hate 3DPD.

>>430217875You only get in legal trouble for prostitution if you are picking up street walkers and get caught in a police sting. They have to get a verbal confirmation of you deliberately offering money in exchange for specific sex acts. If you hire an escort and pay her for her time and never mention an exchange of money for sex, law enforcement couldn't do anything even if they did catch you. Most of what law enforcement does in regards to illegal prostitution is on the whores, and they do it using trespass law and catching them with drugs or other illegal things because prostitution charges are so hard to prove and enforce.

>>430217694Lego set of courseI don't want to fuck a bucket after 100 cocks

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i dont like lord of the rings, so id bang the roastie whore

>>430217694A loyal wife.that ship sailed a long time ago.

>>430217694Neither. Your Lego set sucks and that diseased whore must have sucked a thousand nigger dicks.Hiking is better. Solitude, nature, a good book, and most importantly, no people.

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>>430218718Not until I am done helping myself of white girl ass

>>430220189plus some of the trees are hot

Is she a 10/10 or what? ..can we resale the Legos? What're the rules here

>>430217694i want to be edgy and say lego set but i'm in my thirsty period so i need that white pussy

>>430218867I have a wife for that, as God intended.

>>430217694I as long as she's White and moderately attractive, that way I can force her to go on a picnic and then cuddle with me afterwards

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>>430220346No hooker is a 10/10 ever. At the very least her pussy will be mediocre from over use even if she's a 10/10 otherwise.

>>430217694Is that lego set real? Fuck that's a cool lego set.

>>430217694I would never pay for sex.

All the manchildren ITT choosing the lego, disgusting

>>430217798That's not true, I pay for prostitutes because it's less fiscally risky than navigating a political minefield to fuck alt girls.

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>>430217694I’d buy the Lego set and cram the entire thing up a whores ass,then sell the video. America baby!!!

>>430220728nigger I could choose the lego set, have fun with it, then sell it for $500 and use that money to fuck 5 escorts.

>>430220728Can't resell the hooker for 400% markup in 2 years.>or can you?

>>430218155Underrated post, and checked.

>>430217858This nigga based

>>430217694The Star Trek Spaceship

>>430220741Keep telling that yourself chud.If you’re a real man you bang the sluts despite your politics.

>>430218002>thank you very much12 year olds say this.

>>430217694Venereal disease or children's toy?Gee, thats a tough one.

>>430217694Both options are supid but I can at least sell the lego set

legos won't give you AIDS and herpes and HPV

>>430220770>have fun with itThats really gay. Are you 4?

>>430217798I used to think the same. Then recently i caught up with some friends and they were all admitting they see escorts.I think men have learnt its much easier to have a hooker on the side rather then a 2nd girlfriend.

>>430221014Not for store price. Post store prices.

>>430217694>mfw I realize in Germany it would be fucking Lego.

The whole room would smell like Legos.

>>430217694Dope lego

>>430217694I don't know about other men but i'd go for the prostitute in this case.Miss me with licensed movie trash or give me the real deal instead.

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>>430217834You will get willing white ass but not from a woman that's for sure

>>430220980>t. proud child support paypigstay poor

>>430217694I would buy and flip the Legos. I will never stoop so low to fuck a walking cumsock. t. 30 yr old khv

>>430220578Fair point..I guess I'll go with the Lego set

>>430220517___ ____ ____

>>430221214This one is really beautiful.

>>430221307>stoops so low to be a virgin at 30yikes

>>430221090nigger i've got a wife and kids. i don't give a fuck if some zoomer on 4chan thinks legos are "gay".

>>430221255You’re straight up retardedHave you ever fucked a zoomer or millennial before you dumb nigger? They’re all on birth control, most have a fucking iud shoved up inside them.You don’t get art hos in Brooklyn NY wanting to get railed without that

>>430221214I like that it even has the shitter outcroping on the tower.

>>430219831>6k pieces[x] doubt

>>430217694Neither?I guess if I had to choose it'd be the escort. I can eat her afterwards to save on food costs.


>>430217694I just don't want STD's.

>>430221150>All these fools stacking silver when you should be stacking Legos

>>430217694We get sex for free, women here are slutty, the lego set has better value.

>>430217798Tell us more about Bulgarian prostitutes. Politically, of course.

>>430221697"They found that the market prices of retired LEGO sets, when sold on secondary marketplaces, grew by at least 11% annually. This is higher than the average returns for gold, large stocks, bonds, and other types of investments."

>>430217858Put the money in the trash then close this thread, take it back out of the trash and invest it.

>>430222046>We get sex for freeYeah but we're European. OP is probably some germutt.

>>430217798Lol maybe in Bulgaria. I know a bunch of high status, attractive dudes who have paid before or pay on the regular. Some guys just really like sex and don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking a woman out, flirting with her, etc.

>>430218867This user gonna change religion to gay

>>430221496>french has an opinion on anything

>>430219651You can literally send in a form on their website to report missing parts. I tried it once and got two extra figures.

>>430221403It's also really fucking expensive. Something like 500 euros.

>>430217875And why aren’t you rioting over such an overreach by the government? You are not even free to fuck, slave cattle. Your government decides what you can and can’t do. Hehh.

>>430221081... Unless?

>>430222270>No kidsWhy even work? For what? Immediate enjoyment? All gone in a few decades.No white kids = no future.

>>430222116Only for mint or neat mint sets, nobody pays those prices for for sets with missing and dogbitten pieces. I have shit from the late 70s and 80s when I was a kid and looked up if they're worth anything. Turned out they're not because they were actually used and the original boxes and instructions haven't existed for thirty years.

>>430217694Buy? The prostituteThat lego set here is like 4-5 months of salaryPre-expenses salaryMeanwhile I can get a nice, clean high-class escort for 40 usd

>>430222395Most retarded post I've seen ITT. Why in the name of God would you protest for the right to fuck prostitutes? KYS.

>>430218379Actually many sane men would rather just give her money.


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>>430218712They make gigantic sets with thousands of pieces as models for adults now.

>>430222522BNIB will definitely be worth a lot more especially for very old kits. Older kits are still worth a decent amount even if used or a few pieces are missing.

Fuck once or have a lego set for life?Hmmm I wonder which one has more value.

>>430222607>Pay for sex>Service 100% intangible>Zero resale value>Loss of dignity>Anyone you tell has much lower perspective of you, you lose reputationLiterally not worth it. The short-term dopamine gains do not justify the $300, self-respect, and reputation loss.

>>430217875this. not to mention it is immoral and dehumanizing to the woman

I dunno, i am not into lego but im not desperate for sex so... Lego i guess? Then send it to some retard thinking plastic has value

>>430217694Neither.Option A is diseased and I refused to fuck the communal toilet.Option B is gay. I'll go with Option C.I decide what Option C is and you can fuck yourself for murdering a thread.

>>430217694Neither. I'll keep the cash. Maybe buy some beer or gasoline.

>>430223235>it is immoral and dehumanizing to the womanSHUTUPBITCH.Some (actual) women really enjoy being used like sex toys. KYS.

>>430223235Women deserve to be dehumanized

>>430218322A hot pocket would be safer for your dick and won't blackmail you or give you aids.

>>430223371Consider the hypothetical case in which you were provided either but only one for free. What would you chose?

>>430219120So is regret.

>>430222368How can hookers even compete?

>>430223470>have never had a hot pocket without burning my mouth >somehow it's a good idea to use one as a fleshlight

>>430223489The girl.

>>430222590If you don’t understand why it is a problem if the fucking government decides if you can fuck a hooker or not, then I guess you are without a joke the root of all problems. And you don’t even know why. That’s why I’ve said slave cattle. But you are in the right place for you, so rejoice.

>>430221565>trusts women user...

>>430223560Obviously you let it cool first, brainlet.

>>430217694you can resell the legos

>>430222368>I tried it once and got two extra figures.Wowzers.

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>>430223031I just have big ass box of miscellaneous old pieces. A lot of this space set from the 70s.

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>>430217694Sex is temporary. Legos are forever.

>>430217694A gun. So they can shoot faggots like OP. But the government doesn't allow it.

>>430217875Land of the Free omegalulImagine living in a country where you get jailed for possession of drugs or fucking a hooker

>>430224401>daddy says no.I would laff at you but....

>>430222489imagine having kids in this shithole