Why are Indians winning the civilization game?

U cannot imagine any industry without us Name one Plus everything has gotten much better since we made our way.

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>>430217311porn, next question faggot

>>430217311A country of over a billion people, 1% (~10 million) are intelligent, and most are in the US, Canada, and Europe, while the motherland still doesn't have toilets. Is that supposed to be impressive?

>>430217377Indian and white porn is next big thing

The destruction of the Hindi tablet on the Georgia Guidestones signifies that India will be genocided. Their choice was either India or China.

>>430217493But ones in your lands are outperforming natives

>>430217503Dude Leah Jaye was a thing like 20 years ago

>>430217532Good luck fighting a billion alphas

>>430217552>outperformingFunny way of spelling nepotism. The only industry you guys really excel over others at is hotel ownership. Patels and hotels.

>>430217640they will probably use a race-specific bioweapon

>>430217311>Name oneYou're right Pajeet. Without you our cow rape industries would grind to a half. THREAD THEME SONG>THREAD THEME SONGTHREAD THEME SONG>THREAD THEME SONGbitchute.com/video/GJNjtUtBSDUe/

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>>430217552The laws are heavily slanted in your favor to succeed. When the same laws that favor niggers also favor you it isn't hard to see why you would do sell when your only competition is niggers.

>>430217689But then who'll be the innovative forcein the world

>>430217640Good luck raping a billion cows

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>>430217311It's amazing how fast technology turned to shit once Indians got involved.

>>430217759Who will innovate their dick into a cow without Pajeet? OH NOES

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>>430217747>>430217707Why do u have hateful content saved in ur pc ???Nobody reads em btw !!


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>>430217759probably a people who take danger seriously

>>430217816We saved gaming

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>>430217827>hateful contentIt's just the truth. Why do you rape cows Mandeep?

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>>430217827Really it's pretty sad that you're so fucking smelly and ugly even cows don't want to fuck you.

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>>430217907Cope.We're conquering Australia

>>430217311Indian civilization in one post.

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>>430217880>We saved gamingYeah bro thanks for that secret cow rape level.

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>>430217956Only thing you conquer is your penis into a cows vagina mate.

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>>430217995Hey !!U whites are no saintWw fick dogs

>>430217827And ofcourse you don't read them you just sit there in cope and denial.

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>>430218066Who fucks dogs?youtu.be/XreP7jfACv0You fuck dogs.

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>>430217311Nice cameltoe slut.im gonna post your nudes on rayciss instagram.user INVENTED RAYCISS INSTAGRAM THAT ACCEPTS WEBMS WITH AUDIO>>430216735>>430216735

>>430217816Indians on average implode any company related to technology faster than anyone else. It’s specifically because once they get it in all they do is hire one another, the majority being trash.

>>430218180You know what else they implode mate? Cow pussy. Cunts love it.

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>>430218066Explain this shit to me Pajeet.

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>>430217311>WhyJews. Without them, you will still stay in your shithole and eat your holy cow's shit. Disgusting shitskins.

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>>430217311I can definitely imagine it without you pajeets. Replaced by actually competent white people that can speak English.

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>>430217311Why do Pajeets rape so many animals?

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>>430218066It's not just dogs either. You fuck all animals.

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>>430217311>name onePorn

>>430217311Dude. You are on similar level as africa. You arent winning.


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>>430218274>Jews. Without them, you will still stay in your shithole and eat your holy cow's shit and fuck your designated raping dogsfixed

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>>430218066Nothing like getting your cock up a nice warm dog after a hard day at the scam call centre aye pajeet?

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>>430217311They aren't. Sad cope. I feel bad for you.

>>430218066How many dogs have you raped personally?

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>>430217311Is that a dude?

>>430217311>U cannot imagine any industry without uswhat are you a bloody Jew? Sit down. India has ruined civilization on a worldwide scale. It might come as a suprise, but we're actually really fed up with you guys and your never ending self serving bullshit. I hate your culture and your stickman quality. Whatever civilization is noninclusive of other cultures is the one that wins in the end. Multiculturalism is proven disaster that ultimately relies on white people and AI to maintain its balancing act. I can't wait to see it totally destruct.

>>430218066Dirty piss drinking street shitter. Stop raping dogs you cunt.

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>>430218423>>430218497they should post the photos of victims of antisemitism in the papers to show their pain, especially if they are going to use the photos of the dog victims.

>>430217503This. I've been enjoying watching white men plow our pajeetas

>>430218674It is actually shameful to be posting pictures of the victims of rape.

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>>430217311They're losing at the toilet game Sandeep

>>430218257How do they know it was rape? Maybe they were married in a previous life? She ascended to brahmin while he remained a man. Separated by caste and even species, their timeless love would not be denied.That's why he jammed his dick in that cow, your honor. We swear.

>>430218729Is there much dog rape on Whatsapp? Like do you guys film it and upload it there or what?

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>>430217750What fucking favor?youtu.be/Ry5isshrLgk

>>430218783I don't know. Maybe that is a defense in India.

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>>430218789lookss like the dog fucked him up good lol

>>430217532Based. God hates hinduism.

>>430218891It must have been a very passionate raping. >Come here saar, redeem penis>growls>Pajeet pounces>dog bites his face>scratches him>YOU BLOOD BITCH BASTARD>pajeet strangles the dog as he rapes

>>430217311Short answer is: Lack of Jews.

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>>430217311>Name oneThe Non-Scam industry.

>>430217750They got you by the balls.

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>>430218729I hope your people hang you high one day. Regardless of race, the traitor is the lowest breed.

>>430217552They aren't.Indian Americans are cognetive elite of India and don't represent the average Indian.They are outperforming average white person not the white elites.

>>430217311>slave brags that his people are numerouslol

>>430219132>cognetive eliteBWHAHAHAGood one user.

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>>430219125Cuckoldry is a high iq fetish sir

>>430217311this thread will make jews and jew worshippers seethe but yeah Romans were Indians originally and Indians are original and true inheritors of europe. its a shame what these white subhumans have allowed to occur in this originally Indian continent, all for worshipping a jew. Hope Indians will take it back and improve things in europe

>>430218729>>430219125>race traitor even though Indian women are literally the result of dravidians taking aryan BWC for thousands of years

>>430217311Because whites haven’t realized how retarded they are yet.You streetshitters are just making your way into these tech jobs and all the employees are realizing something isn’t right.


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>>430219272This. It's literally programmed into pajeetas to seek out fair men to breed with.

>>430219354>You streetshitters are just scamming your way into these tech jobs Fixed

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>>430219354They're not competent for the jobs they get.

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>>430217311>U cannot imagine any industry without usActually, I can. You know most industries in Western nations before the 90s and early 00s ran great without your help?>Name oneIT industry, auto manufactory, medicine, pharmaceutical industry, I can go on ad infinitum>Plus everything has gotten much better since we made our way.No, everything you touches turn to shit. Just take the field of IT as an example you produce bloated software that can hardly run, making the earlier generations of said software better (e.g. windows).

>>430218729>>430219414What the fuck is wrong with you guys

>>430217750All the diversity quotas you guys don’t even realize you’re getting participation awards in the form of employment. It’s like when you’re a kid and your parents make you invite the special Ed kid from class

>>430219554Trump was absolutely right trying to shitcan H1B. Pajeets use fake degrees to scam the visa system.

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>>430219517The old white boomers are to blame for this. They hire us over their own, to save a few bucks, and get surprised when we can't do shit.

>>430219554Everyone is waking up to these lying sacks of shit.

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>>430219194We are talking about a small percentage of Indian population here not the average.Indian americans on average have higher IQ's by two standard deviations than their bretherin back in India.That being said the OP is a lunatic if he thinks that Indians are ''outperforming natives'' it's people like Bill gates, Bezos, Musk (White Euro elite) who run things in US.

>>430219517I work for a fortune 50 company it’s insane the problems we have since we started outsourcing our tech support. I love Indian women I really was pulling for them as a people too

>>430219544What? Whites are a superior race. Niggers and Dravido-mutts are inferior. It only makes sense.

>>430219554I don't know how they can trust anything these street shitters say when their degrees, their work experiences, their licenses, their qualifications and references are ALL fake.

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>>430219706At some point people need to take a stand and demand their governments cut these fucking street shitters off from employment, off the internet and out of academia before they destroy everything.

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>>430219706Imagine how much worse it is when in healthcare. Imagine going to a doctor that was a FAKE STUDENT at university and then forged his degree to get a job.

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>>430217689>planning to kill pajeets with a diseaseYou really didn't think this through.>captcha: RAJXR

>>430217311why does she make that face when her stomach is pressed? she fart or something?

>>430219706Imagine having your family member die because of one of those fake doctors. How would you feel?

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>>430219821What do you think the answer is? I literally wouldn’t trust these people to clean the toilets properly but the diversity programs at my work are just ramping up. I saw that Wells Fargo got in trouble for avoiding hiring black people, it’s just gonna have to be people noticing patterns and not hiring them? Idk shits getting weird

>>430219897Blessed autist.

>>430219897Lmao her pussy got wet

>>430219896This. I'm not sure there's any pathogen left that they haven't already encountered and built up an immunity to. Say what you will about pajeets, but they're hardened against bad environments.

>>430218831cew.georgetown.edu/cew-reports/selectivebias/The only group who is facing affirmative action-induced discrimination based on race when it comes to college applications to top universities are white people. You can probably apply this to every industry.

>>430220008I guess they just have to find out the hard way that Pajeets are trash. They sit there wearing their blinders celebrating diversity and it isn't until their company collapses and Pajeets flees the country with their money or they're unable to find a job that they finally get it. Everything Pajeets touch turns to shit.

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>>430217311I chick I dated and broke up with before I met my wife ended up marrying an Indian dude. Good luck and good riddance, she was a psycho retard. Hot as fuck, but typical "I'm cute and I know it" behaviour.If you want to take all the retards off our hands, go for it. You, the actual retarded chicks and your dumb dumb half breed offspring can all enjoy Toronto and Vancouver together. Good luck to you pack of fuckheads in the future, you'll need it.

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>>430217503I guess tiny cock humiliation and CBT could always become more popular.


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>>430217311As long you slaughter the chunks and mudslims I'm fine

How I love Indian bullying threads. I know it is low-hanging fruit, but they deserve it so much.Indians are like the kid everyone tolerated in school who was always kissing up to the cool kid (ie. whites).

>>430220442Nobody else lives in such denial. Being an India is cope personified.

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>>430217552Only caste's higher then yours dalit haha

>>430220442Are whites human ?

>>430217311>U cannot imagine any industry without usWhy not, every industry worked better and more efficiently before Indians who work for cheap driving all the people with real skill out of the industry showed up.>Plus everything has gotten much better since we made our way.Absolutely false if anything everything has gotten worse and the white man who is employed to watch over the work of the Indians is always having to clean up the mess you guys cause. There is a reason why you always see white men as the head of any Indian group becaue he is there for damage control to clean up the Indian's fuck ups which there are a lot of them.>>430217552Once again false, they work for cheap hence why they are hired in the first place it has nothing to do with superior skill or "outpreforming". If Indians wanted to be paid at the same pay grade/benefits as white people than no one would ever hire Indians.

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>>430217311>everything has gotten much better since we made our way.My iphone 14 was made in india and is the buggiest computer I’ve ever had.

>>430220520go rape a cow or some innocent animal Aadesh.

>>430220475Damn based

>>430220520No we’re Gods.

>>430217311And yet you personally have accomplished nothing. Why is that?

>>430217311You will never be a real human

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>>430217311India is the least civilized place on earth, you pajeet poo niggers short-dick every cannibal in the congo republic effortlessly.

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>>430217640AHA HAHAHAHA HAHAAH AHHAHAAHAHHAH AHHAHAHAHAHA *breathes in* HAHAHHA AHAHA! *wipes tears*best joke in months


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>>430217311And no it's just that you're brainless submissive pawns that the Jew could manipulate you easily or you just buy white companies with the money you got from your money laundering schemes disguised to look like indian eateries, start exclusively hiring fellow poos in the company you bought, run it into the ground with legendary indian incompetence but not before turning it into a human trafficking operation to summon more of your demonic kin, neck yourself pajeet you're worse than rats.

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>>430217311is this another muh global power cope thread? fuck off nigger

>>430219666Fuck you Satan, check your digits.This is some good news, I'lll be buggered m8

>>430220475Man who imagined cosmic horror cannot imagine a "human" race to be the epitome of feces, nature is truely terrifying...

>>430220601The arrogance and ignorance of the Indian HB1. They only know about the US and the West after everything turned to shit, as in, after the 90s when all our industries were built. They have the audacity to believe that they were responsible for the massive IT tech boom occurring in California and to some extent in Europe from the 60s to 90s. No Kabir, you came at the end and showed how incompetent you were by ruining all of our tech.>>430220520Your ancestor worships my ancestors and you are their inferiors. When they arrived five thousand years ago to rape your women and establish the Hindu civilization, they became the ruling class. We are your superiors.

>>430217311Indians will never win the civilization game because they don't wanna be civilized, case and point their loo problem but even worse their complete refusal to use eating utensils like spoons and such, India is a fucking jungle, if they wanted to stop eating slop with their filthy unwashed shit caked pajeet poo niggers monkey paws they would've carved spoons for wood but they don't.

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Based threadindiachan chads Mindbroke the 4chud

>>430219925>How would you feel?rich

>>430220475It is insane how well that quote has aged, it is still true today one hundred years later. >>430217640You're doing this as a shitpost right?

Anglo achivementPicrel

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>pajeets first interaction with aussiesHave fun, he's cheeky.

When I was in India the food was terrible completely unpaltetable. then one evening I smelt an amazing aroma from my hotel balcony to my horror it was open air funeral Pires along the gangees.Meat was well cooked if a little stringy 7/10

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>>430219925It’s like that Dave Chappelle joke about the 2 black pilots “we need a white dude on this plane”

>>430218891>>430218789looks more like he went manic on methmeth is becoming a big problem in SEA from what I've heard

>>430217640Why's it with indians Trying to sell you the most obvious lie ever with a straight face, you can't actually fucking Believe this can you poo? You're a race of fight foot nuffin stuffy miniature little nigglets with a diet so shit quite literally you may die from an infection in your digestive system any second now, you're uneducated weak timid untrustworthy pests with yellow perverted eyes toothpicks for dick and and bites for balls, you make niggers look good in comparison.

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>>430217640who would win: billion Indians or billion alpacas?

>>430217503No, it's indian and black porn.

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So who is better at IT a trained Arab or a trained pajeet?strawpoll.com/polls/DwyoDwqrDnA

>>430217880You and china singlehandedly came close to destroying the world with pollution.

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>>430217311>U cannot imagine any industry without ustoilet industry

>>430217311What’s it like when you see a white person? It must feel like when a small child watches a superhero movie.

>>430218152>advertising in other threads>totally not fed honeypot

>>430217311Anyone else having thot fatigue?

>>430217311>gotten much better since we made our wayWhat? You tend to obey the white man because you admire them, things would be worse i guess

>>430220475Damn you’d think they’d at least dig a community hole


>>430217503Why you think women would ditch people who look like humans and flock to orangutans like you is beyond me, not even indian women like indian men they're running to the sperm bank to get white sperm so that they could kill your kind off, not even indian women would touch you with a ten feet tall pole let alone women from other races.

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indians are slave labour, you will never be more than a useful idiot

>>430221580Just when the white thought the suffering of a multicultural society couldn't get worse, the NIGGER-PAJEET hybrid was spawned.

"we"Are you lower caste?Dysgenics propagates better than eugenic paths. Darwin was wrong. You should not be proud to turn the entire world into "India".Croatia has 50x the Olympic gold medals you do and 1000x less people.India's entire environment is destoryed. Almost every fauna and flora has been eradicated. Every blade of grass.The average jeet is peak Calhoun mice experiment dysgenicsEvery river and stream is pollutedQuantity over quality is nothing to be proud of. India has no noble peoples. Noble peoples do not live among filth and decay.They accept death before such slavery.Filthy

>>430221932Indian women should stay away from our sperm, this is not good.

>>430221880Sure you are buddy, you know you've been spewing liquid diarrhea delusions up your mouth this whole thread so why should anyone believe this case is different but whatever helps you sleep at night.

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>>430222016Imagine if this is what your sperm goes into

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Seething won't do anything irrelevant cucks. We stay winning.

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>>430217311Elites use you as an asymmetric weapon to destroy countries. You are doing the bidding of the most evil people to ever exist.

>>430220306or anyone in the thread reallywhat are the best editions of the indian religious text to read and better understand and under mine the indian H1B1 visas?



>>430222117I've seen enough...

>>430222222checked. Dunno about religious texts but this is interesting. youtu.be/2GFaN9-1iz0

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>>430222151You tell em poojeet

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>>430222222Checked look for geeta important verses with English translation on jewtube

>>430222006Imagine feeling the need to shit out 1.4 Billion of you (a billion is one thousand million for our pajeet friends) to have a chance at competing internationally and still not produce as many brilliant minds as a race of 10 million like Sweden.Why the CIA didn't lace India's water with sterilizing agents i will never know ... Probably will make the water more drinkable too.

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>>430222222you useless motherfucker

>>430222165YupA jeet in every office slack is simply deploying tar babies

>>430217311because you bred like rabbits in your disgusting country and now you are spilling out into the western world and everything is accelerating because you brought the mumbai rat race to the rest of the worldfuck you you fucking disgusting poo. fucking stay there. you overpopulated so DEAL WITH IT AND STOP COMING TO THE WEST.

>>430220954That's the only thing Europeans and muslims agree on

Where do poos get off having a reputation for being intelligent? Holy shit they're fucking retarded.

>>430219132this. they are the lap dogs of the white elite.

It's hilariois how easy Indians are to manipulate. All these companies want to milk as much money as they can from the billion person economy of India (1billion+ potential customers). All they had to do was give the CEO job to a pajeet and a billion+ brown people now worship your company. So gullible.

>>430222151>Pajeet tries to sell you delusions >Prove to them wrong>Pajeet can't talk back>He's winningYou know you're trying to defend the indefensible you might as well silently capitule instead of announcing yourself Victor after an ass beating of cosmic proportions, we don't expect you to however lest you will not be a retarded subhuman pajeet.

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>>430222222>under mine the indian H1B1 visas?Based

>>430217311I shall remind you poos of reality.

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>>430222500You are irrelevant to the world and we are winning. Prove me wrong cuck stop vomiting the files you saved in this thread noone cares.Irrelevant fuck

>>430222409Imagine a trace so vile they bring together the whole world in hating them, enemies who share a history of hating each other for thousands of years unite and become friends in hating India, this should give our pajeet poo jigaboo friends here an India of just how fucked up India is.

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>>430222409NaIslam is right about women

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>>430222604Poo heap big stinky mad!

>>430222006>Almost every fauna and flora has been eradicated. I think you mean raped.

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It feels good to be on the winning side of history

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>>430222604If being irrelevant means I'm not universally know for:>Environmental disaster and pollution so catastrophic>Rape rates through the roof>Scan and fraud>Incest>Ugliness>Worshiping rats, cows, cow shit, trannies (yes they literally have holymen called hijra that are Transwomen they embody some retarded Hindu god who turned himself into a woman)The list goes on and on and on and on, it's WAAAAAAAAY better to be irrelevant than to be a subcontinent sized slum and the laughing Stock of human beings, also i don't expect you to know this because you're an uneducated subhuman by Tunisia is western Europe's Summerhouse.

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>>430217311Hey Indians, quick question. Why do you allow and support telescamming in your society? There are places in your country where entire buildings are dedicated to scam call centers. Are the politicians and police really that corrupt that it goes unchecked? Other countries have it too, but why so much out of particularity India?


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>>430221333>indiachan chads Mindbroke the 4chudHardly. If anything hating Indians for being obnoxious and incompetent is one of the few things 4chan comes together on. The only dissent comes from you stupid subhuman street shitters and you're always too stupid to use a VPN and of the one in literally 1 billion of you that do, your retarded English is a dead giveaway.Go commit Boeing 747 MAX, Ranjeet Needfulsir

>>430222927>>430222984>>430222946Seethe cope rinse repeat and vote for indian prime minister kek

>>430217311You are willing to do every job at a lower wage which makes everyone else’s life worse. That is your contribution.

>>430221471>then one evening I smelt an amazing aroma from my hotel balcony to my horror it was open air funeralFucking kek

>>430222997Hating Pajeets could bring world peace.

>>430223036... Nigger do you see any blue in my flag ?Are you THIS uneducated?!

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>>430221509>Why's it with indians Trying to sell you the most obvious lie ever with a straight faceTo Indians, lying isn't immoral. It is literally a tool in their toolkit that is organic breathing or shitting in the street. They don't have a conscience about lying. If it gets them ahead it's fair game.

>>430222997>Holla Forumschud thinks indians bad>indian flags continue to mindbroke Holla Forumschud by posting india supremacy>Holla Forumschud never fails to dilate in any thread

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>>430222544this guy gets it and KEK blessed me because I spoke the truth

>>430222927>they embody some retarded Hindu god who turned himself into a womanImagine worshipping a transcendent being who willfully demoted himself

>>430223131I think they actually believe this shit, they look in their phone screens how us normal people live with sanitation laws and everything then they look outside their window at their subcontinent sized slums and they think they're equal if not superior, bro India so ugly it makes the ugliest favela in Venezuela look like the richest neighborhood in Los Angeles.They believe their lives, being sane is living in reality according to reality's rules, being insane is living in your delusions according to your rules, all indians are insane.

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>>430217311As soon as India has a larger middle class they will fall victim to rising wages as the West and China have the only difference for India is that it is so overpopulated, polluted and disgusting the stupid west will continue to brain drain you stinky cunts (AI could stop this pretty quickly). With out War the CCP will crash so fingers crossed they go to war with you cunts before the west.

Are there any non-subhuman regions in India?Somewhere where the standards of living are somewhat close to Europe?

>>430217311Who the fuck grabs a womens waist with two hands to have her move to the side? A polite ask or touch on shoulder or side in a noisy place

>>430223436Indians worship rats, the fuck you expect ?Pic related is this so called hijra

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>>430223147>>Holla Forumschud thinks indians bad I don't think. I know. You will always be a useful idiot. That's all you street shitters are good for. Being puppets who are capable of nothing more than putting up a farce long enough to get by and be the inevitable fall guy for your failures and someone else's by proxy. It's why you all are CEOs at established companies here. They don't need you to drive the company. The board wants to strangle the company to death for short term profits and you subhumans are the perfect puppet for the board.


>>430223535Poo procreate with rape you think sexual harassment is a low they won't hit ?Pic related, imagine the rapes that never get reported aka father daughter/ husband wife cases ... The number exponentially increases by 200%

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>>430223131This also extends to rape which is why so many Indians rape. If you're weaker or more vulnerable then them, or if you fall for their lives you "deserved it" in their book. This doesn't apply to them though and if you do anything to an Indian invader he will plead and beg and try exploit your empathy and play the race card, pretend to be a victim or a refugee or any other lie he can tell. To deal with the Pajeet you cannot show empathy, you must be ruthless and crush hum beneath your heels. He would do the same thing to tour grandmother, daughter or pet dog if he had the chance.

> Why are Indians winning the civilization game?Two words: institutional inheritance.

>>430223721I know this based Aussie Bruce who hates indians so fucking much if they walk on the same sidewalk as him he pushes them when they're not even in the way, course they don't say shit cuz the man is 6'5 i believe, you should do that too.

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>>430223496We ain't subhumans

>>430222682this dickhead doesn't even know he can milk the cow

>>430222222we cant stop winning saars...

>>430218729I'm not sure how I feel about this.

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>>430217311If you really were so confident in your shitskin capabilities you wouldn't feel the need to speak it out loud because true competence speaks for itself

>>430223909Based Pajeet pusher.

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>>430223568>hello saar>I am de real women from Microsoft>please redeem the penis

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>>430224034Let me give you a bright idea if you catch my drift, brother, hire Russian illegals to throw molotovs through the windows of indians in the poorer side of town,soon enough they'll hopefully get the message and fuck off back to Africa.

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>>430224455It was probably tired of being raped.

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>good morning, husband sir!>I made you your favorite bhajis for breakfast>the kids are still asleep so we can "do the needful" before you leave for workSirs...

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>>430218729This is true. White men make fun of poos all days on the Holla Forums, but secretly lust after those same poojeetas.

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>>430224034This really doesn't make you wanna kill them all with fire ? Yk indian majority cities in Canada like Vancouver?or the fact you can't even enjoy the beach anymore cuz pajeets shit in it ?Important the turd world because the turd world leaf, you don't have nice things because you aren't willing to do what's necessary to maintain them.

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>>430217640>alphasholy shit, poos crack me up

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>>430224516I love videos of elephants shitting on pajeets xD

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>>430217880Could you post a picture of uglier women

>>430224700Ok here you go.

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>>430218729Too bad they would always get bottom of the barrel pajeetas. They have no chance with good ones.

>>430224521Nah trust me face wise there are no "beautiful Indian girls" and i use the word beautiful loosely, all they've got going for them is that they don't look stereotypically indian and they're a 5 at best.... You know although i hate them so much it makes me heart ache that this is the state they're in.

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>>430220184That pic is painfully accurate if you've ever worked with Indians. God help you if a company you work at ever gets a Brahmin manager

>>430224795>They have no chance with good ones.This is a 10/10 in India

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>>430224842Stop posting your mainlanders, steve.

>>430223909I've got a ton of experience with this. I spent months backpacking around India, travelling on trains and buses. Indians will form a line waiting for a bus, then when the driver opens the doors, they simply zergrush to get on. After a while, it gets really old having pajeets push in front of you, so I stopped bothering. I would just stand around and when the door opened, literally plough through them, sending weedy little pajeets flying in my wake.If you are waiting to be served at a ticket desk, they do the same. You will get to the desk, and some oily little jeet will squirm in from the side and thrust a grubby form at the clerk right in front of you. They get an extra hard push and enu up on their arses.The best one though is the heel deal. If you are walking along a busy street, pajeets will always cut you up. Most of them wear sandals so what I do is lengthen my strike so I stand on the heel of their sandal as they are walking, causing them to go flying. It takes practise to get the timing right, but it's hilarious.

>>430217377Is coffee good for you?

>>430224795The whole of India literally is the bottom of the Asian barrel.

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>>430220184I'm a Brahmin, and I can smell the absolute mad COPE from behind the screen.

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>>430224908>SteveAhh the most famous Pajeet in the world. youtu.be/cade_xTZeog

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>>430217311I know the street shitting industry would be devastated

>>430224913What's the most bizarre thing that you've seen in India that made you believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that calling indians human is an insult to all children of Adam ? Anything like pic related?

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>>430225107The richest Brahmin in the world, a CEO of a multinational company with 15 different degrees still isn't worth as much as the dirt on the boot of a white homeless meth addict. Pajeets are nothing but feces.

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>>430225107And i can smell the brown shit cated hands and fish curry covered fingers that wrote this.Show skin color or else you're a dalit.

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>>430217311if i grabbed her by the waist, i‘d get charged with sexual harassment and assault, if not even rape. :(

>>430225052Muhammad tongue my pooing anus.

>>430225132For a race that redeems a lot there is no redeeming indians ...

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>>430225492There is only one way for them to redeem themselves.

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