Brit/pol/ - Ice and Lemon Edition

>Don't block Boris Johnson returning to Parliament, Jacob Rees-Mogg warns>Five reasons why mortgages are getting us>Thunderstorms expected in parts of UK after hottest day of>Illegal Migration Bill breaches human rights obligations, MPs and peers>Thousands of Afghan refugees in UK set to be made>Driver wins parking fine case because details not provided in>Unabomber Ted Kaczynski 'died by SUICIDE' in his federal prison>We could see 32C today as heatwave continues - but there's a

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>>430217123This thread glows

might get a choc ice when I go shop

Abdul the sailormanHe came from france in an old tin canHe went swimmingTo do all the womenHe's abdul the sailorman *toot toot*

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it's over for tednoncepatchnonce has the upperhand now

first for I dont get to have sex for 4 more weeks

Who wants to join Simon's secret camping club or whatever?

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I think this is pretty succinct.Reminder that Canada legalized all drugsBurn down the churches of Israels king

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master,master, arise from you slumber, ,i-i'm sorry master, come, quickly it's the orcs master, they're at the gate.

Might go nonce a minor.

Based labourites

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Might grab hold of a minors tit and twist her nipple until she cries.

>>430218251the pakis at corner shop when I go for me choc ice

>>430218517>>430218998morning ginge

>>430219432Morning. I'm currently having a sexually charged conversation with a minor while I wank myself off with one hand.

>>430219650do they like your vxr?

>>430219702I'll let you after they've seen it because that's where I intend on taking the minor I'm grooming for sex right now.

>>430217123You're literally all Pakistani cunts.


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>>430218233Perfectly sums up why paganism is incredibly gay

the worst thing about summer is the deanos come out of their native newbuild habitats

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>>430217765They put you in solitary for bragging about your noncery?

>>430220566Do deanos have potential to be good people?

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>>430217123>Don't block Boris Johnson returning to Parliament, Jacob Rees-Mogg warns Toriesnever trusted mogg, apart from his good manners, there's nothing redeemable about him

>>430220709most of them are good people jsut annoying war's going well

>>430220709Cannon fodder perhaps. The elites are quite right about the general public.

>>430220784Ignorance isn't an excuse

>>430218040His cabin looks shit. Fair play to him by living how he wants to but hiding in the woods isn't gonna help when they come to round you up. At some point people are going to have to stand up and resist tyranny.

>>430217676Define tednonce

>>430217765Define sex

>>430220534Define paganism

>>430221305something you've never had

First for left over kebab 'meat' in the morning

>>430221349>something you've never had with an adult human femaleFixed that for you

>>430218040>Go off grid>Eternally online in live streams & telegram channelsFucking larper him lad. And he's a boring cunt

Imagine Sargon of Akkad and Nikacado getting oiled up and then wrestling and then having gay sexCor

Might have another BBQ later if the thunderstorms hold off. Got plenty of pork belly left after going into a steak coma yesterday

>>430221450E-celebs. Not even once. I was more interested in how he built his cabin and how much it cost.

Right, what's the law on going down the to the leisure centre car park with a shotgun and shooting out the tyres of some chav doing donuts at 8:30am on a Sunday morning.

>>430221507With Jess Phillips rubbing her clit in the corner, eagerly awaiting Sargon's mighty rod.

>>430220709They are what they've been moulded in to. They're very much the janissaries of the modern world. The pre-1648 ones I mean. Those same people are the ones who beat Napoleon twice, the ones who beat Hitler.>>430220992Only in their observations, not their conclusions.

>>430221631That'd be self defence.Straight to jail.

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Might larp in the woods and collect sticks for the winter.

>>430221851Cor bet you love handling big knobbly brown rods don't you corrr.

>>430221939Sticks not logs ye dirty bastid

Might go carboot. Dunno.

corrrrjust went shopgot a cornettocomfy walk backlovely out there ladsmake sure you get some sunshinegood for test

>>430222050come pick me up and take me

>>430222096Starts at 12 for the quid peasants ffs I'll never make it back in time

>>430221844Fuck it. I'll just get the driver's details online from the reg plate and go to his house tonight with a petrol bomb

>>430217123Henlo frens

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>>430222096>>430222050Are you planning on picking up any minors prior to the carboot sale?

>>430222190If you tell the police he's somehow upset you because of your religion you'll get away with that I think.

>>430222172ffsguttedlove a car boot sale

>>430222237morning matewe're literally all pakistani cunts btw

>> might keep you around on the proviso that you keep making budget increasing statements without mentioning pakis.

>>430221939Corr can't wait to get me mucky paws on this again

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gonna have a lovely pamper day todaybubble baffradox ofcshave me legsshave me armsshave me bodface maskmoisturise me willythen tomorrowhaircutthen tuesdaysunbedscorrrrrrr

>>430222306I'm not that guy. I feel like visiting Auspol threads curses you with unemployment and early baldness.

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>>430222386>shave me legsshave me armsshave me bodGoin for a swim m80Because the only reason a man shaves his body is to glide through the ChannelOr into another man's oiled rectum

>>430222354You got a loisonce for that there weapon of mass destruction m8?

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>>430221551And how he evaded the council. Is he now a council tax payer with a recognised address and a wheelie bin? At the moment he's shilling shares in a land purchasing company.. still wouldn't be able to live on it.

>>430222273It's been shit recently though. Paid a fiver to get in early a few weeks ago to get first dibs on the good stuff. Place was fucking packed, easily hundreds there at 10:30am. I thought to myself all the retards are going to the already picked through booths on the right so I'll go to the ones on the left where people are just pulling up and setting up stalls. I go to the left and the faggot ebay resellers are going upto people who haven't even opened up the vans/card and asking if they have any electronics, games consoles, games etc. Shouldn't be allowed that, ruins it for everyone. This one bellend scammed an old lady. Basically robbed her of £400 worth of ps1 games for £20

>>430222550Jon Pertwee could make fucking anything out of that. Be careful

>>430222268Might smash his windows and then plant a swastika in there, that's sure to work.

>>430222466where's ian?we're related irl>>430222538I can't even swimI was neglectedgonna take lessons when I'm in shape though

Weapon of ass destruction.

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>>430222578see loads of that on reels / shorts / tiktok now toothey openly broadcast that they do it so you know loads of people are gonna be catching on nowprobably a good thing I've not been for ages

>>430222628I'm a shit swimmer for an Australian. I don't even drink that much. >YFW some Indian official kicks you out of Australia in 2028 for not drinking enough VB :/

>>430222550>Needs good reason to carry when stopped>Tells the police it's a sex toy for Pride monthCheck mate suckers

>>430222628@nd I'm not Ian's mum!I'd give him weird Japanese mum titwanks if I was though for the security of the country.

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There's a WMD in my trousers you should sent the NATO women's brigade to investigate.

>>430222730>Get arrested for noncing>"Return these kids user">"it's for Pride month."Picrel is a Pride Moth

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>>430222689>>430222801he's a good lad ianyou're also drunk

>>430222671Some of them won't be declaring to HMRC their income properly either. Taxman will have a field day with those eBay selling cunts

>>430222963Nope just stonedHomegrownHappy 90s British DnB on the Amiga stonedNot mandem shiv a Roadman in E3 stonedNever talk to me or my son again

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>>430222964ngl thats basedfuck the taxmanbut fucking over the everyman or everywoman is tight>>430223066corrrpost some dnb lad, won't listen to it, but I'll save the channelsI recommend 0AntN on yt for weird techno and


>>430222237Afternoon cobba

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>>430223171CBDC will deal with that. Not a single transaction will occur without government oversight. They'll probably be able to apply tax directly as "money" is deposited into your account

>>430223127>>430223171Top ladsFor me it's

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>>430223198Didn't ask.

>>430223227Omg he just like me

>>430222937Is Pride month the new "these are not the droids you're looking for"?

>>430223318It's like when random black people walk into a chicken diner in the US and take whatever is on the grill outside to eat, repeating the words "that's what we do."But replace chicken with kids.

>>430223256qrd?I dunno what cbdc is mate>>430223284you ever heard of my nu leng?>>430223294don't be meanthought you'd appreciate some new music

>>430223198My nigga


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>>430223471basedtycryochamber is a decent channel for cinematic / dark ambient / drone music

>>430223448Nope always up for new notes in various sequencesI like obscure and classic shit but I'm not a snob either>The only good

>>430223448Central Banking Digital Currency. The "britcoin"

>>430223548do a search on thembrb dungeon run

>>430223472>>430223525I'm a let you niggas speak oan it. I'm a Chatty Man but no sore bum

Right lads, let's set up one of those betting pool things the yanks do. Who's going to win?>muslims 1/20>gays 1/10>normal people 2/1>right wing death squads 10/1


hate myself and want to die

>> lads

>>430223754New Beat

>>430223564Already making steps to be on the black market, got a still, got tobacco seeds, grow weed, might get magic mushroom kit. Fuck these tracking niggas

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>>430223657Typical Sunday morning lad

>>430223657Eat a delicious biscuit>you can't just eat the good biscuits when you're sadFucking liars don't want you knowing this one weird trick.What's the Bong reception of Ayylmaos? Are Ayys Islamic? I feel safe because our Chinks will just eat them

>>430223868Gorilla grows just don’t smoke that well desuBetter making some oil

>>430224064>GorillaWut? Love that outdoor flavour and much better high than endo indicas

>>430223171>fuck the taxmanYeah I guess. These people specifically I despise though and wouldn't care of HMRC went after them which will happen. Only jews like Phillip Green get away with tax evasion.

>>430223564ohhhh yeah that makes sense lad thanks

>>430223928morning dad>>430224291trueagreed lad

>>430223868YouTube used to have loads of gorilla grow channels. Always looked a fun hobby. (Not so much the having your crop destroyed by other criminals tho)

>>430224291And our bame overlords. Bless em

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>>430224288Indoor grow wins hands down ladGot some fat kids cake on the go atmDone 6 outside during the coof

>>430224549State of it

>>430224435You good lad?

>>430224482I'd so be on it over there lad, some of the 20+ Sativa's are rollercoaster crazy highs and I saw plenty of spots on Lanta I'd be popping some babies in.

>>430224707Let's get titted

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>>430224664Needs more flags to detract from the obvious, glaring reality.

>>430223657Tell your doctor, you can have happy pills, or bromide pills if you are a habitual wanker.

>>430224707Am shilling for Amsterdam genetics atmBest seeds Great results

>>430224549>Sunak is a brollynonceFigures.

>>430224770They don't give out the good stuff anymore. Pricks.

>>430224707Legal in Thailand now. They've got posh shops and everything.

>>430224646If you do mersh or like a chavvy couchlock maybe, ive always enjoyed landraces and especially Sativa more although the red leb have a firm place in my heart. Got some topbud outdoor in the greenhouse and garden this year, garden ones took a big hit off the borg a month back but are bouncing back now.

>>430225071I've been growing Bruce Forsythe for a while but it's no Picadilly Pumpernickel.

>>430224958To shield his missus from the sun lest she get even darker. I once had to spend a night in Bangladesh. Ash Sarkar would never be allowed on TV there. Far too black.

>>430224924Not bought off big vendors for over a decade, not even bought off namkha for>>430225043Really? Sister lives over there and she never said.

>>430224678yes laddddddddddoing well with nofapcompletely off caffeine now toofeelsgoodmanyou ok lad?

>>430225177>The UK population is on course to rise by nearly 16 million by 2046 at present levels of net migration, a report has found.>This population growth would be significantly higher than the past 25 years, when it grew by nine million from about 58 million in 1996 to 67 million in 2021. Net migration for this period was an average of 190,000 per year, which accelerated to 347,000 over the past five years and reached 606,000 last

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