ITS HAPPENING: user Invented Rayciss Instagram

it's absolutely happening /bros/ user has put together a sublime UI. There is absolutely no way the reptilian can compete. site is called After a long drought tiblur is back this time rewritten in node.js to handle much larger server loads. It is nearly complete just missing analytics and front end caching. Will be looking to add encrypted dms shortly. Will move it open source as revenue hits. it's monetized through advertising currently so it will be self sustaining if users pile in. Some features-Polls-100MB video, webm, mp3, files allowed.-tagging-themes-no google captchas -Really good UI for a Holla Forums plebCia niggers have been blowing up my employees and family but Idc the site will succeed /bros/!

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>>430216735What is this another fediverse instance?

Neat project.Anyone who cares is already self-hosting nodes for their preferred network.

>>430216820Basically, but rewritten in node.js much better than php.

>>430217054>js better than phpLOL no.

>>430217357idk man that v8 compiler from google is pretty sweet. Lotta research went into that.have you ever loaded a wordpress site? try nyt that's all php extremely slow.

>>430216735>In the endAre you also the user that listened to that song and only that song thousands of times.

what makes you think anyone wants another social media site you retarded turbonigger kike faggot, kill yourself

>>430217549yes, nothing really matters bros. you can try really hard at something but in the end nothing really matters.

>>430216919can you recommend me a network with various edits? on movies, maybe political, maybe schizo. like /wsg/, but with normal videos instead of webms...

>>430217590the Cia definitely doesn't lol. They don't want traffic taken from their nice little data machine at instagram and tik tok. Do you not like that tib is taking your traffic heheI'm coming for your tech monopoly Klaus

>>430216735shill thread

>>430216735Did you pay Hiroshimoot to advertise here?

>>430217987it's 2am nigger it's not shilling when no one is online>>430218037yes, i give him a shit ton of traffic everyday

>>430216735Bump.Is the the formerlychucks OP?

>>430218289Yeah lol but i rewrote it so it wouldn't crash. Last site always crashed every time kami bumped it.

>>430217357The fuck? Is this bait?It has to be.

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>>430218393yeah there is no way php is better than node. I tested the run times this is way faster. The compiler is insanely fast. It compiles faster than c does. C is the fastest though but it's compilation speed is meh. btw are there any bugs yet bros? I have been testing it pretty regularly but let me know if you are having any trouble. I'm gonna bring this site to normies eventually need it top notch.

>>430218285He doesn't take traffic as payment

8ch*n and Instagram rape spawn. Very nice. If this takes off the results will be hilarious.

>>430219004Spread the word... this could be interesting

>>430216735Does it have built in Audio editing ???That would hook me

>>430216735No racial slurs anywhere in that picture, but there is fag flag, and jewkie posting. No thanks.There is room for a racist social media site, you just have to earn trust for people to move to your site. Permanent topics against jews and against niggers trending.You have not proved the free speech aspect of the site yet. Also 100mb video, of what? The content is the question. Are you willing to be a new liveleak, bestgore, with racism?

>>430218285Tranny jannies are around, had a thread nuked after I posted, spooky jannies They allow more freedom during /real/ niqqa hours but they’re around

>>430219169I'm working on it... I'm turning the lists part of the site into a music haven where you can auto play your favorite rayciss tunes while you jog. The site is more like tumblr because all file types are pretty much allowed. But the UI is more like instagram especially on mobile.

>>430216735>site is called i dont think youre gonna get anyone to flock to a website with a name they cant pronouncemaybe get a couple dozen hoes to promote it, but even then. what the fuck is a tiblur

>>430219311you are a nigger upload moonman already

>>430219311Fuck off fed, no need to taint shit with your glow leakage

>>430216735Anything on the internet has already either been subverted by trannies or glowies or both or it won’t be allowed to exist. That’s a no for me, kapitan

>>430219380It's not supposed to mean shit on purpose. It's not associated to anything including faggotry. You aint muh nigga or muh tibba.

>>430219467Unless you are at the beginning. Enjoy while it lasts nigger.

>>430219380Tib lure?I like tabular ?

>>430217626weird sperg

Reply to this post if you are one of the first 88

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>>430216735Do you plan to .onion?

>>430219609i just copied the lyrics you sperg. But desu life is rough rn time to have fun nigger. the song is not muh mood rn.

>>430219672yeah possibly, i need to look at site performance it should be able to keep up with high speed.

>>430219562interdasting... don't buy the domain and hold it hostage for $$$$

>>430219609Stfu faggot This is why people hate feds Attack those who are creative and do things, always insult and deride. Or maybe you’re just one of the many poltards who lack vision. I’ve been looking for something because I every mainstream platform bans me or restricts me

>>430216735>he didnt put the URL in the OPmy nigga how am i supposed to go to your honeypot? by copying and pasting the site name?do better

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>>430216735Is this site the fucking "In The End" sperg experience?>Clicked the song once, keep scrolling>It becomes background noice>Realize its probably repeated at least 3 times by now>It doesnt stop playing even when i switch tabs on phoneI love this retarded website>VAJ X0

>>430219989Did you click the pause button nigger. Ok ok my bad i'll make it turn off as soon as you scroll off screen. /bros/ cut me some slack i rewrote the entire backend and condensed that bich to 53kb so it runs like butter.


>>430220150thanks, already on it, its kind of comfyI dont see any ads on it, how are you making money with it?

>>430220199There are ads all of you niggers have ad blocker though lol. i'm going to make in house ads.

>>430217441Former wp dev here. Can confirm. It's shit. Wp is bloated though.

>>430216735How many users? Do you federate with anyone?

>>430219887based lazy spic

>>430220404Not yet /bros/ I'm working on getting it all sorted rn. This site was dead and brought back to life. had a falling out with fedboi kami cus he asked me what my network was and who i knew. have the dm to prove it. He brought in great traffic to chucks but the nigger is absolutely feeding everyone that dms him to federal agents. fuck that fednigger and his hometown of CIA Run gothenbERG sweden.

>>430217704Why not nake it possible for every user to use the name Anonymous? Why force pseudonyms? Make all accounts bamed Anonymous share the same user ID. Anyone can post via the Anonymous account.

>>430218285>No one is onlineAnd they call me arrogant, heh.

>>430220527Bro, you didn't answer any of my questions.

>>43022061588 users unironically. And uh well... no not federated with anyone. It's not even federation capable yet. Congratulations your one of the first 88 users.

>>430220735Yeah ok, no thanks.

Question for anyone reading this thread.Would any of you niggers actually buy boost if i raised the limits of boost posters to 2GB videos etc...

This schizo has been spamming his garbage website here for years

>>430220850Well now that kiwi has been destroyed they'll be looking for somewhere to migrate too probably. I'm contemplating using my 64 core processor and 128GB of ram and a century link uplink to run my shit. It's either that or rent servers with unlimited bandwidth. HNNNNG

>>430216735>Look at this, fellow goy! We made one of those social media sites but with cool things like racism! Data collection? Nah, that's just a conspiracy theory. Take your meds

>>430221390The backend is 53kb killl yourself nigger the site is faster than your mom cumming to my cock.

>>430220935>Well now that kiwi has been destroyed they'll be looking for somewhere to migrate too probably.Sadly, that's here.

>>430216735looks cool have a bump

>>430221583Please nooooo reeeecola josh get your shit together nooo fuck ahhh ree

>>430219512>It's not associated to anythingits not even Englishi dont want to hate on your project but right off the bat you goofed by giving it a silly name. If you want to attract normies and women then youre gonna need to give it a vaginal name, a name people can easily pronounce and recognizelike photo-something

Test. Fuck this spam filter.

Found something rather suspicious. The website caches cookies from a URL called faintestlogicdotcom. I cannot find anything about that website/service, except that it apparently has malicious repuattion, so I doubt it's the Captcha or login provider. Explain what's going on there, user. Also fuck this SPAM filter.

>>430217441Wordpress being slow has nothing to do with PHP.

>>430222066Yo that's the advertiser. your browser has blocked it.

We need a dating site, but it's exactly like all the other dating sites, except for the key feature that you're not banned for telling trannies to kill themselves.

>>430218532>nodejs>The compilerOkay so you don't know anything about what you're talking about.

>>430222225Ahhh, that makes sense. No, it's not the issue of me blocking it, I was just curious why does it cache from a website I have never heard of and didn't seem necessary for the function. If I may ask, why pick this provider?


>>430222230Lol dating is kinda gay desu. Once dms come out everything will be perfect for picking up sloots and waifus.

>>430222320They were the only ones that would accept lol. I'm not buttfucking my own site with google adsense and it's army of crawlers.

>>430222361*dating on social media is gay. I want to reiterate dating is not gay and very superstraight of you REEE

>>430222420Fair enough. Do you have their main website though? I'd like to vet them.

>>430222494you got bullied off poast, didn't you


>>430222509I will dm it to you. I'm not going to open up my only source of revenue to kike scrutiny on this site. I will just say they are scottish.

I've already posted nigger on it... it's my new favorite social media site. I will post nigger again soon.

>>430222679Alright, my username on the site is cr4sh.

>>430222677british flaggot why are they trying to blow up my employees families, and my family nigger. The mi5 and is degenerate man.

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>>430222323>calling JIT "The compiler"mfw

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>>430222793Nah, but seriously dude, if I'm going to go on yet another gay centralized fed-iverse social media, why wouldn't I go to po or something? They've got an actual userbase and federate with other servers?

>>430222939Because poast has nothing on the features that are coming out and are already out. This site virtually brand new.

>>430222793how do you change pf pic

>>430222323Poo spotted

>>430223009The only features that would be interesting for a next-gen social media is some sort of proper decentralization and restrictions on jannie behavior.

>>430223010hnnng hit the gear cog on mobile or on desktop. It's under appearance.I kinda fucked that one up

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>>430222939I only like poast to wait for Graff to start drunk schizoposting. Very funny especially recently when shortly after a mad fart sniffing session the whole website got hacked.

>>430223090I'm just going to make this version open source and linkable with other instances so you can host your own.

>>430223113Poast sucks balls, like all fediverse instances do. But at least they have some users to read your shitposts if you absolutely want the fedverse social media experience.

>>430223145That's cool, I'll look into it when you get there. Remember: don't make it too easy for people running instances to wall shit off and block other instances. That's what ruined the fediverse.

I still dont know what instagram is.

>>430223090>>430223145Something like a decentralized ICP>dlt that distributes net throughput workloads instead of uselessly solves hashes or (((proves stake)))Why arent we building Holla Forums protocol? $PP

>>430223222This. Or at least target right wing spaces (like you're doing) first so you have a sustainable userbase.>>430222679Also, did you DM it to me yet? can't find where the DMs are on the site.

>>430223422If you are interested in this project and want to contribute code just go to support on tiblur click the info button, contact then enter the discord. I can't post discord links on 4chan.

>>430223546Ill come lurk

>>430223422I actually started on a system like that. It had a pretty clever way of decentralizing the data so that no single had meaningful data saved. The problem I came to as a wall is the question of how to vet users. If it's free for all then troons are just going to flood the system with bots and you need ultra jannying to compensate. I've toyed with invite hierarchy models, but it's a problem I really haven't been able to solve.

>>430223577You can delete it now, got it. Also got some bug reports, will join the Discord.


>>430216735I thought instagram was just twitter but with real life photos instead of anime titties and politics

>>430223624Big problem indeed. Perhaps manual vetting at first by an elected janny council for free users, then monthly sub model for premium users, proceeds go to said council treasury as incentive so our jannies wouldnt do it for free. Later it can abstract as it scales

>>430224509Yeah, maybe, I feel like there should be some sort of proper, consistent solution to this. Like how does this system survive corrupt jannies.

>>430217054>written in js>better than literally anythingtop kek m8 thanks for the laughs