Why don't you find a real job?

>Be me.>27.>Make $110k a year driving picrel at the mines.>12 hour shifts.>4 days on.>4 days off.>Retiring with $6k/mo. mailbox money his winter.What's your fucking excuse?

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How was your experience with it? There's a bunch of jobs like this out there that seem interesting but I feel like I'd get bored of it pretty quick.

you only get paid so much for brainless work if it does some kind of damage to you.

>>430216014110k was good money pre coof. Now that isn’t jack shit and nobody is envious of your poverty wages

>>430216014not my problem

>>430216014How did you learn to do that? where does one learn such things?

>>430216118It was boring AF, But I made so much money that I didn't give a shit.

>>430216305They'll train you if you're willing to learn.

>>430216014I'm a high school biology teacher and get to subtly brainwash students into doubting evolution and denying trannyism. Currently at 68,000/yr but will top out at around 82,000 and maybe 90k once I get my master's and work for another 10 years (our county is also gonna have a raise soon)Still live at home with mother and get to save like 70% of my earnings, so have like ~$400,000 saved up atm

>>430216197You make $0 now though, so....

>>430216014>be me>train for real job>get fucked over constantly>still unemployed 18 years into the job market>only was able to work 3 of those years.>thanks boomers

I've got tons of excuses OP!Where do I start.

>>430216014lol computers drive dozers at mines... you just sit there telling yourself you made it... then knock off and try to be a big man on Holla Forums..... lol faggot

>>430216197This! I've grossed $100k+ for the past 6 years. It was great the first four. Inflation has fucked it away.

>>430216366"they" who nobody will take anyone new you fucking dolt

>>430216428basedsay hi to your mum for me

>>430216470This is the real fear. I'm certified in a bunch of shit like excel, tableau, power BI, SQL, etc. Went into business analytics. Theoretically this is the big new field that companies are looking for but I've had fuck-all luck. I got one interview where two pajeets sat and asked me questions about Google Analytics for half an hour, interrupting me partway through my answer to tell me the exact thing I was explaining. Interview process is dogshit and all courtesy is gone.

>>430216014yall talked me into being an electrician and i make $24 an hour negotiated by rhe union. fuck yall

Two of my neighbors worked at the local mine their whole lives and they both died of cancer in their fifties

>>430216014>Be me>27>World is unjust>Fortify dozer with steel plating>Be Killdozer

>>430216169How is that any worse than sitting at a desk?

>>430216014You saved less than a million dollars and think the investments are safe enough to carry you through until you die? They're going to make digital currency and then restrict how much money you can have in an account. Your money or investment will expire for equity and equality by 2030.

>>430216638move to oz.... you will make 50$ plus an hour working for someone else

>>430216527All you need is your MSHA certification and you can walk into any gold mine corp. and start because people retire all the fucking time.

>>430216504Exactly. I’ve made 90k-120k for nearly a decade. What used to be a solid middle class salary is now basically just subsistence living

>>430216716>MSHA certification>but they'll pay for that they'll take anyone

>>430216014>Why don't you find a real job?Not up to me.

>>430216014I’m retired at 48, so I dgaf about your job.

Because they don't want to pay me that much


>>430216722Imagine not buying some 4-plex investment properties with all that money and signing them over to a property management firm.

>>430216014I cant find a job ive NEETd for years and my relatives have accepted my lot in life. Oh well.

>>430216014Nigger there's only 7 days in a week. You don't work 4x4

>>430216704To be fair if this wasn't jew bait he would be right, a million will easily carry a miner from the time he retires till he dies and there's bound to be a cool million as inheritance as well

>>430216014I’m a neet shut in with no experience or qualifications nor the ambition to change that

>>430216428Fucking based. Stay away from the jailbait. Not worth it.

>>430216854Same dude and im in my early 30s. And if you explain it to normies they tell you to suck it up. Fuck that shit im not taking orders from people I dont find intelligent.

>>430216711k send applixation

>>430216014I've worked in mines for many years, only experienced operators in the right mine at the right time will make six figures driving a dozer, let alone any of the other equipment, excavators is where the money is at and you usually only have 1-2 of those people per mine with 30 applying for the position.


>>430216955This. I worked at an Amazon warehouse for a fucking day and quit. It's all niggers, trannies, LGBTQIA+ bullshit. And even though I'm still under an NDA, fuck it. Amazon has an "affinity" group for everyone OTHER than white people. Glamazon for Amazon, Hispanics for Amazon, Warriors for Amazon (some veteran nonsense shit for former zogbots). I was the only white guy in my day one

>>430216014>Make $110k a year driving picrelyeah thats probably because you are liable to make damage way in excess of that at some point. I wouldn't want to be responsible for the damage that shit could cause and be blamed for.

>>430216682Hearing or lung damage possibly.

>>430216014There is a limited supply of jobs available in each and every sector and unless you live in a rural agrarian area or urban sprawl zone there simply isn't that much need for tractor drivers if you don't know someone who knows someone who can get your foot in the door.Yes, everyone should know how to drive tractors and have their CDL and forklift certification just Incase that kind of opportunity arises they can seize it and not fuck it up."Life skills" are still "labor" unless you consider "working for others" a "hobby". Tired of semantics giving the bourgeoisie enough argument to distract this prolateriat masses

>>430216118Yeah it is soul draining. It seems alright but after 6 months your mind starts screaming saying you are wasting your life. Money is good for a while but it isn't worth your life to do a robots job like a slave while you get older and older.

>>430216704>They're going to make digital currency and then restrict how much money you can have in an account.By then no one will give a fuck and detatch from society and its consumer culture. This has been the elites plan for fucking decades, take everyones rights away slowly but surely but not so quickly no one notices and wakes up. One day you cant smoke cigarettes anymore on the airplane or in restaurantsThe next thing smoking is banned entirely.

>>430216366One day you’ll learn how you were given something that literally anyone can do; and that your attitude of being willing to learn isn’t unique to you. Not sure what kind of connection landed it for you but definitely value that job.

>>430216829>2 people>1 works 4>1 works 3>each week they swapWhy do you believe scheduling is limited to the days in a week though?

>>430217012You must have worked in some shitty fucking mines. We have over 100 operators working 24/7/365 pulling down 15 million+ in gold a day.


>>430216955I am so fucked right now. I have not paid my power bill ever since covid started and they finally just gave me a 48 hour notice to pay them 1056$ otherwise the jews are turning off my power. I don’t know what to do. How can they just shut down my electricity I need it to cook rice and beans and play vidya and shitpost here. What am I going to do user I am fucked the jews are taking away 4chan from me. How can I make 1000$ in 2 days I don’t even believe that is possible for anyone. Why are the jews doing this to me user?

>>430217103I remember when there was no fucking TSA no Patriot act, people could go on the airplanes and not worry about terrorism. >1999 was golden years

>>430217072Hearing damage is something more people need to care about. Driving a truck made my dad nearly deaf and now he walks around yelling everything.

>>430216504how bad feels inflation ?here it's like a -20% to -30% since 2020 in purchasing power.our jews that govern say the usual lies and do some calc tricks but 20-30 is bottomline how it feels

> 110k salary> enough for a single person to survive onLmao. Pre-coof and pre-biden maybe


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>>430216837xDDDDFucking burgers, youre awesome

>>430216014I'm thinking about joining merchant mariner union and working in the engine room on ships. I don't know tho. I wonder how pozzed this industry is compared to the rest?

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>>430217262Anon takes me back…>behead all current satans!I fucking hate jews!!!

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>>430216014>hey guys OP here>im important because i contribute to the destruction of our natural environment.>i make an "upper class" peasants wage and im here to tell you how pressing a button makes me better than you.>im 27, so idk anything about life, but im still going to run my mouth like i do.>im a gear in the machine keeping this shit show afloat.>im going to prop up the system and defend it because some random thing worked out for me.>im going to lump myself in with the other moral psychopaths because now i have money so i must be amazing.>im gay>what's your fucking excuse?

>>430216977live with uppity niggers who live on your dime.... do you think I care

>>430217224If that is the case and they will shut your power off your better off using that 1056 for feeding yourself and doing van life or something. Or long term camp in the woods/sell your property for land.

>>430217354Who said I was single? I'm married with 3 kids. My wife does demolitions.

>>430217367What'd I say? lol

>>430217092>Money is good for a while but it isn't worth your life to do a robots job like a slave while you get older and older.What you do with that money is buy tools, mechanical or digital, to do something on your own on your freetime and hope that pops off into a business. Until then it will remain the side hustle or a hobby. If you're just collecting money and doing nothing with nothing to look forward to then yea I can guess where that feeling can arise.

>>430217354>>430216197Are you guys serious? 110k remains a solid upper middle class income here, and while Switzerland hasn't been hit by inflation as bad as the rest of the world, we started out pretty high-price.How can 110k a year possibly be not enough to survive on?

>>430217386work is 1 week on 1 week off . some of the richest men i know started their careers there. my godfather was forcibly jabbed for his job with ferries and caught aids

>>430217527M-Th one week.T-F next week.W-Sat the third week.And on and on...

>>430217281Indeed. I was outside a restaurant when two dudes in a sports car decided to make their exhaust go blaring to annoy the customers. It was so loud that the windows of the establishment were shaking and my ears burned for 3 days afterwards.

>>430217499I dont have that luxury, when your single shit costs way more.

>>430217451I only have 14$ that has to last until the end of the month for food. I couldn’t pay it even if I wanted to. I don’t want to live in some faggot van I want to live in the comfy condo my family bought me. But I can’t ask my family for the money because they specifically stopped paying my electric bill and cut my allowance in half hoping that I would stop being a neet. What kind of shithole do we live in where jews can just take away your electricity. I need it for my freedom of speech freedom of expression my life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

>>430217652Ohh lmao, bro I can't even count.

i wish there were those kind of jobs in my area:(

>>430217681Well, How do you think you would have felt if you didn't eat breakfast yesterday morning?

>>430217224go on angies list and assemble like 20 pieces of furniture for people

>>430217695Aww, Pedro, just come over.>>430217732I gotta eat breakfast every morning bc of my blood pressure medicine. I'm happy for you though, fren. God bless you, the misses, and the kiddos

>>430217499Credit to you for bothering but listen to these fuckers whine. When I was your age I thought I'd never own a house so I bought a truck. I'll admit I work long hours but hell I'm a steering wheel attendant it's not hard work. Now I own land, all the cars I want and hardly need to work. Good on you man you done well

>>430217752For hot milfs

>>430217783Heyyyy daddyy. 19/F/PA hmu ;P

>>430217752I don’t know how to put together furniture what am an elf from the North Pole?

>>430217679>14$ that has to last until the end of the month for food.Bro what the fuck that wont last shit. I eat 14 dollars in food a day, but thats because im in a expensive shithole. Get on SNAP,SSI.

Where the fuck are you retards deciding to live that 100k+ isnt enough?

>>430217631>work is 1 week on 1 week offYeah, I'm near the Gulf and everything I see is 28/28. I like the idea of this schedule tho. I just don't want to pursue it and find that it has become like every other industry. I would imagine it's still a good ol' boy industry but you never know with how things are going.

>>430217815if by hot milfs you mean obese hoarders and gramas then ues. ive had like 5 college chicks out of 50 jobs in a college town. most uber/gig service users are shut-ins

>>430217679Your parents should fucking stop being prideful and let you live in that condo, thats fucked up. Family doesnt let family be homeless or you have shit parents.

>>430217912Cities like NY and LA.>They're gonna be rappers or movie starts some day.

>>430217912The coasts have been expensive as fuck for decades.

>>430217946Also, pay is insane. Some of these guys that upgrade to assistant engineers are making $150k a year.Zoomies don't want to go into this industry.

>>430217958True, I do Uber Eats in a college area and most of the girls are ugly as shit. The hot ones just go to eat.

>>430217959He can live in that condo. He'll just be sitting in the dark. The bum could work one day a month and cover that months electric bill easily.

>>430216014That sounds like a dream job for an autistic person. Big digger go vroom!

>>430216467No mate, YOU make zero dollars, because you don’t have a job. Your entire OP is a larp.

>>430217946its probablt good ol boy but they would still expect you to sign yourself up and pay 5k for life jacket school to show you really want it. in life jacket school theres fliers on boards and lots of recruiters. put navy-ish stuff on your linkedin and get a thirsty rectuiter to lie for you into a job

>>430218065If there were jobs out there sure but theres no fucking jobs, ive looked for 3 years since covid nada. If Mcdonalds and walmart cant hire people theres a problem.

>>430218082Operating equipment isn't the worst job. You're typically left alone in a climate controlled environment, listening to whatever you want on the radio. Kind of like truck driving.

>>430218065Bust out the candles and matches/lanterns with batteries. Fuck it dood.

>>430216467Cope. It's not that much unless you're a rural fag


>>430218082I always thought autistic gamers would favor operating machines. Crane operators make bang on offshore oil rigs and you rarely need to talk to anyone.

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>>430216428 Dear God what a fucking loser.

>>430216014Not just anyone can get that job. You need the right connections.I wouldn't even make it past your company's HR dept.

>>430217612Try not being from a turdworld europoor country , that might help a little . Fucking mountain kike

>>430217895I have applied for foodstamps 3 times and they deny me every time they never give me a reason why they deny me. I already live in the condo that part is taken care of but I am expected to pay for electricity which I stopped doing because my family cut my allowance in half and pg&e couldn’t shut it down because covid was going on. Are we not living in an ongoing global pandemic? (Of course not but that was the jews rules I just used them to advantage) but now suddenly oh you have to pay for your god given rights to be comfy. How can they declare something they made up as a serious threat to be suddenly over and time to collect from poor neets. This is a violation of my human rights

>>430216014I work double-shifts at a hospital. I’m overpaid, but so everybody else working in a hospital.

>>430218065Also if you get hired, it takes 2 weeks to officially get on payroll usually, how are you supposed to pay bills if it takes 2 weeks to pay them or the lights go out. I believe there should be a basic housing income where the bottom poor of society are not hung out to dry. Too many rich leaches.

Pol - where the losers hang out. Don't talk about possibilities with these cunts.

>>430216014I'm NEET just traveling through eastern Europe chilling. I will never pay taxes to pedophiles again?

>>430216014>be you and have job on fast track to be automated. Thinks six figures is amazing with 0 transferable skills, yes you have a job.....not a career.I pity you and your IRL wagie exsistence

>>430218298>Try not being from a turdworld europoor countryWhy would I want to if it means I can't live comfortably on 110k a year?

>>430218408You dont and shouldnt. Damn man if I had glorious NEETbux id move to Europe myself. Sick of the fucking Jewnited states.

>>430218065I am not a slave and I won’t be subjugated to demeaning work like some pig fuck leaf I am above such things

>>430218541The US use to be fucking glorious and it got ruined by the melting pot mentality.

>>430216014My excuse is that I'd rather be homeless everyday for the rest of my life or commit genocide. Indeed, if I wanted money I would have it, but I want revenge. I hate you. I hate this world. I hate every cog in every system. I don't want reconciliation, I want the debts of evil payed in pounds of flesh. I want every branch broken from the weight of corpses. I want every river running red with the blood of traitors. I want hate. I want death. I want the nonsense to stop. The lies, the stupidity, the greed, the pointlessness, the inefficiencies. I can wait, but I cannot, ever, participate in this. I will not.

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>>430217612It's a /biz/ meme, like the >21 years old>only $8.7M in the bank>It's over

>>430217612110k in the US is pretax. Do a calculation by state using an online calculator to see what the take home is. That's only a little over $6000 a month. Thats not that much money when rent and mortgages are so obsenely high, then expenses and then food. Lucky if you have a thousand in spending or saving money after that which doesn't get you far. Ten years ago, a thousand bucks a month would have been enough to live on. Not anymore. $180k is the minumum to feel comfortable on, and a good salary I would consider a doctors salary which is around $300k. A lot of people had generational wealth and inherit millions in their parents 401ks so if you're only making chump change like the median salary (60k) it feels like you're working for nothing when other people don't need to do anything.

>>430218583Then go beg. That's demeaning too, but at least it's not work.Complaining about it won't keep the electricity running, that's what I'm trying to say.

>>430218610You dont need to do any of that, simply dont contribute financially to the beast system. Expatriate. So many options. "The world is yours" Scarface

>>430217113>Not sure what kind of connection landed it for you but definitely value that job.Network connections through unions.Freemasonry + nepotism is the node in use in this case, I'd wager.

>>430218269Companies sometimes will hire those without experience, but that may mean moving to a small isolated town or on some sort of two week on /two week off schedule in a really remote location.

>>430217499if youre happily married with 3 kids, what are you doing here on a saturday night? and why don't i believe you?

>>430216014I drive this little qt

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I have a real job, it fucking sucks.

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>>430218701You can’t beg 1000$ in 2 days they are going to charge me a service fee if they have to come out and shut it off and then they are going to charge me another service fee just to turn it back on. How would I even get a job if I can’t make a resume I will need power to type one out and I don’t even have a printer for the kike boss that I would have to show the garbage piece of paper to. Begging is not an option working is not an option I want a real solution. How can I make them not turn it off? What lie do I have to tell them to keep it on? At least until after I play starfield and the cyberpunk phantom liberty dlc. I don’t want to lose that and what if there are happenings here that I will need to give my expert knowledge on. Have you ever considered that? What if the jews tried to take away the one thing that you love though their jewish electric company proxy?

>>430218670>re. $180k is the minumum to feel comfortable on, and a good salary I would consider a doctors salary which is around $300k. A lot of people had generational wealth and inherit millions in their parents 401ks so if you're only making chump change like the median salary (60k) it feels like you're working for nothing when other people don't need to do anything.Exactly. If your born and raised in a expensive shithole state and you get priced out your fucked if you cant get a 5-6 figure job in the city.

>>430219077Most jobs suck, user. It's why they have to pay us to show up.

>>430216014>27No fucking WAY that your employer's Insurance would cover a 27 year old with less than 10 years experience. (so, impossible)PERIOD.So you're either Larping, or operating that D11 without coverage (illegal)

>>430219077You'll never get me to work underground after that dude got turned into spaghetti sauce by 150 tons of bad backfill.

>>430219146Thats not the issue, its the fact it doesnt pay enough to live on, and working 2-3 jobs is not gonna happen for me. Fuck that shit il be under a bridge before I do that.

>>430219085So you've got to have it by tuesday? I would have expected end of the month.How high is the service fee?

>>430219278Why wouldn't they cover him? They'll throw a 21 year old in a fully loaded big rig and send him off down the highway.

I don't want to work. Simple as.

>>430219377I don’t know the letter just said they would add the service fees to my total bill. It didn’t specify. It was a 48 hour notice they didn’t tell me before either I just assumed that they would just keep adding to the bill indefinitely

>>430216014Yes I believe you're retiring at age 27 with $6k a month pension after taxes. It's so believable I totally believe it.

>>430217499>My wife does demolitions.So you married a bloke?

>>430216014Meanwhile with a college degree in the Jews mountain.

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>>430219576Just sell pucci on grindr or something>street corners too. Just remember to bring kneepads or, picrel hilarity ensues!Good luck user!

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>>430216014The only people being paid 110k a year here are doctors that do opiate prescriptions and try to get as many kids as possible hooked on heroin.

>>430219649This is why i love ausies…>the white carlos of our time!

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>>430216014>4 days on, 4 days offSo you only have a full weekend, like a regular person, when you work week starts on Monday or Tuesday. So for five weeks in a row, you work on a Saturday, a Sunday, or both.

>>430219576You said you have an allowance. I assume there's less than 1k less of that, or else you could use that.Maybe there's something you can sell to make up the difference?Also, contact your parents while you still have electricity to do so, or they won't even know that you can't contact them.

>>430219852Is fentanyl a thing in the Reich yet?Or EU at all?

>>430216428>live at home with mother>with mother400,000 in the bank and can’t get pussy because you’re a creep.

>>430217072Inside of a new dozer is damn quiet and sealed with an air filter.

>>430219813I am not a faggot >>430219962They send me 100$ a month if I didn’t eat for 10 months then sure I can pay it back with that. I’m so fucked I’m gonna lose all my frens here I’m so sad user

>>430217012>>430217185Gonna have to agreed with OP, our production truck drivers make about 100k working 163 12-hour shifts a year at the mines in my area.

>>430219278What? That happens all the time.

>>430216014>Be me>32>Make more money than you test driving high performance cars at circuits and test facilities>30 hour week, hilariously good pension and benefits packageWhy would I find a real job when I can do this?

>>430220135You asked how to make money in a short amount of time?>no offense meant user

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>>430220135Just curious user, did your parents enable your lack of responsibility during your childhood and teen years? Cause they already bought you a condo, but now you don't even have enough money to buy food or pay your utilities. Why did you choose not to pay your electric bill for 3 years?

>>430220468Anon, that is a real job. Why would you think it isn't?>>430220135It's the price of not paying for your own stuff, I guess. Sorry user.The best advice I can give you is to look up work programs or similar in your area while you still have internet, because finding a way out of your situation is going to suck even more when you don't.

>>430217612They are retards that are larping about having a 6 figure salary, while also trying to troll other Americans by insinuating that isn't a high salary. Very few positions in our labor market are even upper 5 figures, let alone low 6.Management positions with years and years of experience, niche trades with tons of experience, some tech positions with lots of experience. Most of the career tracks that might wind up at 6 figures, are also the career tracks with 50 asshats applying for every single entry level job, so essentially impossible to get into without nepotism, immense luck, or being a woman willing to suck off the manager.

>>430220897Remember, the average Holla Forums user pulls in $500,000 annually doing two hours of work-from-home three days/week.

>>430220049Better to have 400k and be single than have a gf and be poor.

>>430219002Why would you upside downers be digging tunnels? Aren't all of your mines just open pit?

>>430221057I don't see any tunnels, user...

>>430220667>enable your lack of responsibilityNo they sent me to a military school it didn’t work apparently > choose not to pay your electric bill for 3 yearsBecause when they cut my allowance in half I couldn’t afford to eat and pay the bill and then covid happened and no one was paying and legally they couldn’t turn anyone’s electricity off. Why should I pay it when millions of niggers and spics were not paying either? >>430220820But I don’t want to stop the neet life user I don’t belong out there I’ve been a shut in for 11 years this is all I know.

>>430216118It’s good money and boring. Can be fun though, if you get along with the boys on site. I’ve worked multiple different sites and pulled roots easy as in remote as fuck places. Been in fights on site/at share houses too because some just can’t hack it and are the sookiest cunts everI’m basically on 2 weeks and off 1. Boss lets me mix it up all the time. Week off is either travelling around the state I’m at (WA atm) or going back home and mowing the lawn, having girls over and catching up with family/mates every now and then.I can find a new job all the time too because my resumes loaded with 10 years experience. I’ve lost work because the pit boss wanted to put his son on, so they single out whoever fucked up last (I got into an argument with the dickheads son because I brought a girl back to the share house). Found a job + raise a few days after. Moneys pretty sick. I’m on more than a lot of higher end professions

>>430216428>with mother

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>>430220998Anonymity has a lot of upsides for a place like this, can lead to dialogue between people who might not have ever met in real life thanks to different lifestyles. But larping faggots, and shills, are the unfortunate downside.

>>430221162Pretty sure that's what the cylindrical thing is. The front part of a tunnel boring machine.

>>430219997Yes but the market is dominated by Subutex from the (((French))) so (((German))) doctors are more comfortable prescribing people that.They hooked my ex on it because of an operation.She never took any opioids or opiates in her life and they gave her god damn Subutex.Have you ever weaned someone off of Subutex?For context Subutex is estimated at around 70% the strength of Fentanyl at the same volume.Its not the mafia either this is the (((Government))) going out of its way to get as many people as possible killed in the most dehumanizing fashion possible.The survival rate for Subutex addicts trying to wean themselves off is below 50% due to organ failure btw and that's assuming they manage it on the first try and never relapse again.

>>430221256We all go a little mad sometimes


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>>430221391That's a wheel motor user. Part of the haul truck.

>>430221482It's weird to me that any civilized country allows opioids for anything but end of life care. The insanity of giving someone opioids, for non mortal wounds, just boggles my mind.

>>430221744A little bit of codeine is great for a bad headache. T1s are OTC in Canada and I take maybe 2 a month or so.

>>430221542How embarrassing, I'm apparently retarded, I didn't even see the truck. Just fixated on the thing.

>>430221482If available in the Reich, try using kratom to wean the lady off of opiates. >best of luck fren!Always remember: (((they))) have been persecuted for millena for no reason at all…

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>>430221900Oy vey, you're not supposed to notice it's (((them))) pushing opiates.

>>430221818It's all good! They are electric drive motors, I guess similar to the systems trains use (and electric cars now too). Most people wouldn't be familiar with them.

>>430221800Not in all Provinces. BC won't sell them anymore without a script.

>>430221800Aspirin combined with an energy drink is my go to for nasty headaches.

>>430216014>be me>35>make 96k a year drawing air samples and measuring the radon in the mines>work 30 minutes a day, shitpost the other 9.5 hours>work 4 on, 4 off

>>430222154Since when? I bought some like a month ago.

>>430216014>bragging about making 110kLol

>>430216470You’re blaming other people for your fifteen years of unemployment?

>>430216014Be me. Work in aerospace shop. Make 65k to fart around with parts. Work 4 days on 3 off. 4am-2:30 pm. Shits cash and chill. I'm not overly wealthy. But I am comfy and content

>>430216704They’re also going to restrict where, when, and with whom you can spend this digital currency. >oh no climate change This means you can’t travel more than fifteen miles from your home or your digital currency is frozen. And the overwhelming majority of people will support this enthusiastically if they say it’s for diversity or equity or climate action.

>>430222379Maybe they can still sell it here then. The last time I asked for 222's they said they can't sell them anymore. Maybe that was just the pharmacies policy that had changed, and not a BC law.I might have confused the pharmacies response with the changing of laws that did prohibit them from offering liquid codeine meds any longer without a script, that coincided with that time.

>>430221744>civilized countryWhat are you fucking talking about?! How fucking stupid do you think we are?This is an extermination policy by the Pentagon and its shareholders like Sackler.>>430221800You are an idiot if you think you can treat an ailment by addressing the symptoms.Codeine wont make that blood clot in your brain disappear only the warning sign your body gives you.>>430221900>try using kratomThis is genuinely good advice for anyone needing to wean themselves or someone else.I managed without because they only had her for two days and it had not yet reached the point where a cold turkey causes instant organ failure.That was two doses btw. and a third or fourth would have possibly put her past that point.I found all this out after they released her.I was refused access because of covid but I alone was.The hobos that the very same government run hospital hooked in the first place were let inside the hospital to sleep on the floors between the patients rooms.This is the kind of shit why they don't want loved ones to be there.They prey on those who don't know any better.Its like torture ffs. People will say and do anything when the pain becomes unbearable even sign waiver and take these drug dealers word for genuine medical advice and they cant have anyone with the wherewithal be there for council.

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>>430216014>12 hour shiftshell no

>>430217912It’s not enough anywhere if you want to build serious savings, buy assets, and have big positions in companies which stand to benefit from the green energy great reset future that we are undoubtedly going to experience.

>>430223251I don't think hangovers cause blood clots desu. Usually paired with a couple liters of water and something salty.

>>430216014enjoy your lung cancer

>>430218025That’s because hot girls like to be seen. Everyone, even other women, stare at 18-22 year old hotties.

>>430218328Did you take seven Covid shots and convince kids to change genders when they come in to the ER for a broken arm?

>>430223274They do get four day weekends though.

>>430223320>I don't think hangovers cause blood clots desu.Literally the case.A headache is the pressure you feel from a blood clot in your brain that can amongst other things be caused by severe dehydration.Drink fucking water and don't opt for blood thinners like either unless you can be sure you aren´t risking an injury.Almost all traffic mortalities are not because of the accident but because without natural clotting many bleed out from otherwise non fatal injuries before an ambulance can even reach them. The best thing against a hangover is drinking water before you go to bed and don't just take my word for it actually try it.Half a litre or something along the lines of 20oz will in most cases suffice.

>>430223740Aye every once in awhile I forget to chug some water before bed. Hence only taking a T1 sparingly.

>work from home>"work" consists of answering emails and maybe 1 hour of brain power a day at best>don't have to work shitty tradie jobs in the cold or heat>exercise to keep in shape, joints and muscles in tip top shape, haven't had a single ache since I abandoned the tradie life>feel much more fulfilled because I can dedicate my time to things I actually like>already own my house and cars thanks to high pay rateI feel bad for tradieniggers, I really do. You'll never know what it's like to wake up as refreshed and pain free as me, like you felt before, when you were a young adult, before you got sucked into the tradie pipeline. Ah well, what's another 70-80 hours gonna do, right?

>>430224341So why don't you bestow upon us the secret of working from home for one hour a day, and making huge bank.

>>430224568It's technically 8 hours a day but most of the time I just sit around waiting on emails or requests, and I'm technically on call 24/7 but I've only been contacted 3 times in 2 years (because I'm not retarded and know how to keep critical systems online). COVID was the greatest thing to ever happen to me, no longer will I have to drive my happy ass 1 hour to the office to attend dumb pointless meetings. It's really about who you meet and first impressions matter. Poorly groomed tradies with beer guts and dirty clothing aren't likely to get it.

>>430223822Just drink a litre if you wake up with a headache and you will find its going to be gone within the hour.You are not doing yourself a favour but conditioning yourself by dangling an easy fix.If you like it or not you are an animal and your brain functions like that of a dog.Easy fixed quickly become routine habits and by the time you wise up to it you are going to find yourself in a hole that from outside looks deceptively easy to climb out of.

>>430224918Sounds kind of similar to something my neighbour does. He does something with the O/S the lumber mills use on their machinery, and only rarely has to actually physically go to the mill when there's a problem.I must ask him more details about that one day.

>>430224954If I did it for every hangover I'd be worried but one out 5 or so I get impatient. But you're right.