I can't believe that rightwingers are still trying to deny the existence of aliens. Still to this day...

I can't believe that rightwingers are still trying to deny the existence of aliens. Still to this day. It's always been the same for the past 80 years now. Listen, you morons were wrong again. Just like you are about everything.Aliens are fucking real. And now your denials are going to potentially lead to another cover-up of the truth right when humanity is on the verge of finally uncovering the facts.There's no "project bluebeam", you morons. The conspiracy was that the govt covered up the existence of these things for 80 years. Clearly. Like typical rightwingers, you just twist everything in the most insane ways.You people on the right always defend the status quo and the system while randomly, inexplicably pretending that you're opposing it.Listen, I know rightwingers are scared people. Fear-based people. You don't have to be afraid of aliens. I can almost promise you that. Because they have tech to traverse the cosmos, that means they can annihilate us at the touch of a button, but they don't. Clearly they're not interested in blood and war as we are.That's human society you're thinking of that's so violent and dystopian. These space aliens probably didn't even evolve as meat-eaters. They probably don't have human predatory instincts. Lastly, they got all that tech and didn't destroy themselves (as we surely would have) so that's another sign of their peacefulness and even-temperament.I can almost promise you they live in enlightened, communist, far left, peaceful societies where everything is fine and they're just up there looking down on us and hoping that we manage to get our shit together too before we end up destroying ourselves.

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>>430215520It’s very convenient this UFO story came out now huh?

>>430215520So what are they trying to distract us from with all this alien bullshit?

>>430215603How, retard? How is it "convenient"? Literally how even? The shit you idiots say makes no sense.

>>430215520>bigger on the inside>americansThey have never seen a TARDIS before.

>>430215520Nobody cares about aliens you nigger, we're far more interested in destroying globohomo.E.T. can fuck off until the jews are dealt with.

>>430215635Nobody is trying to distract you from anything with alien stories. The govt has tried for 80 years to cover up the truth. And they have been successful solely with the aid of rightwing retards like yourself.

12 IQ if you fall for the alien shit btw

the MIB series of films are actually documentaries

>>430215667What's "the globohomo"? You all use that word and it doesn't even have a meaning. It literally doesn't even mean anything to you morons. You're not "destroying" anything either. You are the establishment. You are the protectors of the establishment at every turn. You're the ground shock troops for the establishment far right ultracapitalist west. You're the ground shock troops that protect the interests of the billionaires and wealthy capitalist classes.

>>430215520When theists say God is real the atheist yell “ItS oN tHe OnE mAkInG tHe ClaIm to PrOviDe eViDence” But when dumb fucks insist aliens are real despite literally ZERO evidence they cry, but the universe is sooooo big its statistically improbable. We’ve hardly looked. Yet where the universe came from? Definitely not God. Atheist logic.

>>430215775Muh Martians Fucking kek

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Funny how they keep us busy:2020: Corona2021: Vaxx2022: Ukraine2023: ALIENS

>>430215681>rightwing retardsShoo bunkerchud groomtroon

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>>430215648>How, retard? How is it "convenient"? Literally how even? The shit you idiots say makes no sense.Biden's whole laptop drops confirming everything everybody ever said or accused about Pizzagate and Pedowood, Trump is getting railroaded into jail over clown charges when the prosecution has not only admitted on record they have no evidence, but was caught red-handed tampering with evidence, and the fake war in Ukraine that was supposed to pave the way for New Khazaria is not only going completely off the rails, but recruiters are being laughed at and their bosses in the brass are panicking because they don't have the bodies to fight a war anymore, and trying to institute a draft would cause a civil war. And it's only now, only now, that suddenly the government wants to talk about "aliens."Yeah, sure.

>>430215520Man, it just shows how bad Biden's presidency sucks that they have to trot out this Weekly World News-tier bullshit.

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>>430215897Oh yeah that's great. "The pedos" and "the trannies". The usual rightwing retardation where you just instantly and randomly accuse anyone who disagrees with your retarded rightwing politics of being a transsexual or a pedophile. Pic related is almost certainly probably relevant for you.

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>>430215775You again huh. Always so overly aggressive and hateful. I think this place is making you mentally ill bro, why do you come here? You never achieve anything. Why not spend time talking to other leftists about building utopia? Why do you need us?

Thanks for clearing that up.

>>430215992LMFAO @ "Biden's laptop". You think the US govt is trying to convince you there are aliens because of the usual constant partisan bickering and partisan witchhunting? That's real funny moron. Why didn't they do it literally every other day for the past 80 years when the same stupidity has been going on between republicans and democrats. Fucking dumbshits. Also kek @ the "Muh Biden's laptop" foxnews stupidity. As if anyone gives a shit to start with. Jesus christ rightoids are dumb.

>>430215775You were already off the deep end with your academic descriptions of the political left and right and now you're gonna just go ahead and believe in aliens. What other faggy quirks do you have? Are you a vegetarian, homo, environmentalist?

>>4302155201/10 b8 thread, garnished a reply. here’s your (you)

>>430216150Denounce the Talmud, give me three reasons why the Holocaust is obviously fake and didn't happen, and declare Christ to be your Lord and Savior.

>>430216175I'm not off the deepend. You're rightwingers. You're capitalists. You're the people who perpetually support the status quo and the wealthy masters of this far right capitalist society. You do so out of racism and bigotry, normally, which the wealthy capitalists attempt to brainwash into you at every single turn. And as rightwingers you're the ones who are the most easily manipulated. Unfortunately.

>>430216278Yeah nobody is every going to believe you or take you seriously that you say "the holocaust didn't happen" or that "jews secretly rule the world" or your other usual cringeworthiness.

>>430216345Wanna bet?

Earth is flat. Space is not real. Evolution is a lie. Aliens are not real. Everything you faggot actually believe in is a lie. But you are a brainless sheep and they control your mind even when you think youre against them. You are a slave.


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>>430216461Thanks. This is what I'm really dealing with on the right. This is the way you total retards really think. This is what I'm up against when I come here and try to talk any semblance of reason to you total subhumans. It's always an abject waste of time. JUST an abject waste of time.

>>430216297I'm not a right winger and you are off the deep end. Take your butt plug out mr. blue beans. Ayyy lmao. Time to finger bang your shit chute. When a green sextraterrestrial sucks my huge cock I'll believe they are real

>>430216521See >>430216531 FFS fucking rightwing psycho dsytopian inbred christians.

>>430216538Nope, you're a rightwinger. You're the far right. Just like everyone else here. None of you are special or different. You are not a unique and special snowflake, unique and different from all the rest. You're just like the other racist idiots who vote for and support rightwing politics out of racism and bigotry (all of which is deliberately manipulated into you by wealthy capitalists to control and manipulate you into supporting the politics of the far right)

>>430216297Because, chaos, agitation, and revolution are inherently leftist, right? Yeah, but nobody is using your method of measuring these things so you just come off as crazy. There is some truth to it. The right want reform, not revolution and are seeking legal remedies, while the left doesn't care about the instutions and what happens to them so long as they get what they want. It's why we're still on this ledge. Some people believe the only solution is violence.

>>430216345>Yeah nobody is every going to believe you or take you seriously that you say "the holocaust didn't happen" or that "jews secretly rule the world" or your other usual cringeworthiness.Denounce the Talmud. Give me three reasons why the Holocaust is fake. And declare Christ your Lord and Savior. It's not complicated, shill. Do you really think you fit in here? Do you think you're fooling anyone?

>>430215520Are right-wingers ALIEN DENIERS now?

>>430215520>Daily Mailplagiarizes Doctor Who

>>430215775fuck off tourist

>>430216680>Because, chaos, agitation, and revolution are inherently leftist, right?I literally don't know what the fuck is wrong with you crazy psychos on the right. Leftwing people want worker's rights, lol. We want rights for the working class. And a society that is run for the benefit of the working class, instead of the benefit of the wealthy like you all want on the right. OR even if it's not what you want, you get conned into supporting the interests of the wealthy on the right out of bigotry and racism.IDK WTF other schizo idiocy you psychos are always on about. You're intensely mentally ill people with intensely disorganized through processes.

>>430215696I hope they at least built a fake set. if they have a fun-house mirror room that actually appears larger this ridiculous shameful larp will at least be worth it.I'm getting upset hearing all these faggots just talking like faggots.>>430215704for a multiracial airport. bangladeshis that don't shower talking to moldovians that don't shower

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>>430216345once you look into it there's no going back. and you suddenly can't believe that anyone could ever believe it to begin withshamefully and offensively absurd.

>>430216721Historically it has been rightwingers denying the existence of aliens, yeah. In the past they used to say it's because the govt would never lie to us. Now they say it's becuase the govt lies to us. One way or the other, whatever the superficial rhetoric is, the rightwingers are always the ones married to the denials of the truth. A lot of it comes down to the fact that they wanna protect their christian religious delusions and a lot of it comes down to the fact that rightwingers are easily-frightened, fear-based people and when they're confronted with things which frighten them, they simply deny them and pretend they're not real.

>>430216531The notion that you think you are the smart one and we are the idiots here is precisely the reason you are a sheep. You know nothing. You simply repeat shit some fucking kike claims and portray it as the absolute truth. The evidence is there for everything I said. But that would require you to use your own brain and opening your mind. We both know that wont happen so you always were and forever will be a mindless drone.

>>430216666Checked. Umm.. suck a floppy donkey dick? Sorry sweaty but I'm not this "right winger" you're thinking of. Is the right winger in the room with you right now? You're staring into the screen, typing furiously and guess what? My cock isn't going to suck itself. That's right. Blue beans my ass. All of the beans

>>430216818do us a favor take your service pistol and blow your fucking brains out glow nigger

>>430216818Okay, so your spectrum isn't academic, it's based on 2008 talking points?

>>430216948>denialsyou've got it backwards. there's no reason to listen to delusional hippie faggots. not then not now not ever. if they somehow took control of aircraft radar they're still worthless hippies

>>430215520And that whistleblower's name?David Tennant

>>430216926No. Nobody ever takes you seriously about holocaust not being real or jews running the world. People can clearly and visibly see, just by looking at the world, that the vast majority of people in positions of power and wealth are not jewish. You're extremely, deeply mentally ill people on this board. You're so deluded that you're deluded about yourselves too. You're so deluded you think you're a group of cool and persuasive people who are gonna "redpill the world" or whatever idiocy you all think. Reality is that when rational and sane people hear you, you just sound completely insane and mentally ill. And that's all.And indeed most of you here really do have really deep and debilitating mental illnesses here. Specifically schizophrenia and autism.

You know what OP you convinced me, I'll be the first one to get on the ships.(guys dont get on the ships lol, we should burn all of Marx's books and route this shit out of Earth.)

>>430217049Dude nobody in the real world knows what crazy and insane shit you people are on about on this board. Or on the far right broadly. The leftwing supports worker's rights. You're the rightwing, you support the wealthy. Generally you only do that out of racism and bigotry, although lots of you also just get hard dicks when you see positions of wealth and power and you've got some secret sexually submissive thing going on.

>>430217081Go back into the oven, kike

>>430215520real aliens would show up and mulch us for their new vacation homes. beings with enough power to traverse the cosmos on a ship could fire a weapon that could destroy the planet in an instant.we would be nothing to them. and thats why project bluebeam is bullshit

>>430216948>the rightwingers are always the ones married to the denials of the truthBlacks are on average 15 IQ points less intelligent than whites and are inherently more prone to violent criminality. True or False?

>>430215648Everyone knew aliens would be rolled out after they’d milked covid long enough

Say hello to commiebot everyoneGet ready for 100+ posts of his nonsense

>>430217081>>430217162Tldr, do you have your butt plug in?No one cares about blue beans, just need some green ayyyussy

>>430217162So, Joe Biden and the democratic establishment are right wing?

>>430217162why does everyone on the left sound like the same mind controlled borg with no individual thought"we believe x! you believe y!"you're an actual bot trapped in flesh. of course it must be hard to deal with people who are using their senses to perceive reality by drawing conclusions from patterns they observe -- historically known as a human behavior.

>>430217162>leftwing supports worker's rightsWhite workers need not apply.

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>>430215520Make sneed-posting great again!

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What are the odds that you can get away with raping / murdering an ayy? I know that they probably don't have too many security forces on this shithole of a planet and it's basically the galactic toilet bowl, so how would they catch you?Reminder that once aliens arrive you can murder and rape and dispose of them quickly and they literally can't do anything, there is no alien registry and any of them moving alone are the equivalent of phillipene's sex tourists.Kill and rape all aliensIn real life not the pleroma.

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>>430217162>You're the rightwing, you support the wealthy. Generally you only do that out of racism and bigotryNo, I'd like to avoid stupid commie shitstains ruining to economy and starving everyone just because aforementioned commie cuntwipe is a failed bougie and bitter about it.

>>430217219Nobody denies that's true on the left. It's literally taught in every school and college and like African American studies courses and stuff. It's the causes and the cultural issues that provide the context which you on the right divorce from the facts. PS not that I'd care either way who has higher IQs. Such stupidass cringe shit.

>>430215648>>430215648yo you shouldn't use the r word btw, thats demeaning to useful idiots.

>>430217302Nope. Nobody ever said that to you. That's your rightwing rhetoric to try to paint leftwingers as being "anti-white". We're only about class politics on the right. You're the identity politics players on the right. Entirely your own deal. And your own doing. And if you feel you're getting screwed in your far right capitalist society today then maybe you should stop being a retarded far right capitalist. Fucking duh.

>>430217334The left wants people to believe aliens are real, confirmed. Thanks chud

>>430217292Uh huh yup those are all your people on the right. All your capitalists. All your far rightwingers. There are no leftists with any institutional power in America. Never have been since FDR or maybe JFK.

>>430217279Oh blah blah blah "the leftists are gay" idiotic rightwing trope again. See >>430216035

>>430217449alright you won me over, I kneel, let me join the agency.I can write high quality shitposts too. Maybe not on your level but if I take some time to learn from a master I can do amazing things.

>>430217432The left would prefer people face plainly obvious truths. And, more importantly, we'd like our shitty rightwing govt to stop hiding truths from us. After that, you can delude yourself with whatever stupidity you want and it's not relevant to us. We're used to you already being christians.


>>430217334>Nobody denies that's true on the leftI would fucking love to see you casually refer to that fact among your leftist associates (they're not your friends) and record their reaction. For some reason I doubt they'll want to associate with you anymore.

Soon he'll start quoting paragraphs of his own nonsensical postsAnons would be wise not to give sincere replies to commiebot, just one line shitposts

>>430217449Do you think it could be possible that people that identify as being on the left and are identified by others as being on the left could be on the left?

>>430217379Yeah dude nobody thinks you're being cool or funny when you pretend to be a plainly strawmanned stereotype of a politically correct "leftist" cuz that's what you see on FoxNews. All it does is scream "I'm a cablenews brainwashed babyboomer". Take your head out of the cablenews bubble. Those are your far right capitalists brainwashing you. Get away from them. Go outside. Learn to see the world for yourself and learn to think for yourself.

>>430215775Holy shit you have major brain damage

>>430217081Literally they are Jewish retard. It's just a Google search away to find out the majority of the rich and powerful are Jewish. Shut the fuck up

>>430217641Shouldn't you be grooming kids or something faggot

>>430215520Independents and classical liberals who are now considered right wing have been shouting aliens are real for decades to be silenced by the media and uni party government. Now all the sudden they think we are worthy of knowing? Nah. You’re actually retarded like most left wingers are. You fail to be skeptical when the government is doing something you want for once.

>>430215520Horrible b8

>>430217560You can still turn this all around op. The big guy upstairs can forgive your silly words, it's never too late

>>430217623There's no significant "left" in America. Everything in your society is controlled by far right billionaire sociopaths. Your capitalists. Your owners of private industry AKA capitalists. They control your entire flow of information. They control everything you see and hear. Control all of your news and business. Control the internet. You've let them get so wealthy through your idiotic far rightwing politics that they've bought up your entire political system. They also control your military, too. No. Everything in America is your far rightwing people.Vote for RFKjr. He might be a legitimate leftist. Nobody in the USA who is a leftist has any institutional power whatsoever at present, though.

>>430217621its gotta be a "person" though right? it's a little fast and overly precise for a llm no?

>>430215520no u

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>>430216297BlackRock, Vanguard, and the rest of the biggest asset management firms in the world all support and finance liberal ideals. Issues such as women's rights and civil rights benefit the owners of the means of production; white men holding a monopoly on skilled labor wasn't advantageous for them at all. Bringing women and minorities into the workforce more than doubles the number of potential employees and drives down wages considerably, which reduces labor costs. There's a reason real wages have been stuck since 1970. The entire trans issue is bankrolled in large part by the pharma-medical-induatrial complex, which will make $1 million+ over the lifespan of every 1 person who transitions (between surgeries, lifelong drugs, and lifelong therapy). That sector also happens to currently be the #1 lobbying group, by total dollars spent. You need to lurk more before posting.

>>430215520Wow you're a leftard and you read daily mail. Don't you know the other bots in your group consider that fake right-wing capitalist news? Fucking clown

>>430217726>>430217771Nobody is ever going to take you seriously when you say plainly false things like "majority of rich and powerful people are jewish". That's something that's plainly visibly untrue for everyone to see. Just by looking at the world they can plainly see it's the polar opposite of true. Just polarly visibly untrue. Same goes for when you randomly whine that "leftists are pedos"

>>430217795Take some time off. Stop worrying about left wing this, right wing that. You're clearly pretty worked up, and that's okay, it happens. Love finds a way.

>>430217837Those are all your people. Your far right capitalists. LMFAO. Retard. Dumbfucking rightwingers doing their usual thing complaining about their own far right capitalist system and far right capitalist businesses, while simultaneously being too stupid to know those are their own institutions.

>>430215520So, if I don't believe in ayylmaos I'm a [rightwinger]? Okay retard, I guess.

>>430215520Honestly at this point if you believe anything the government just says to you then you're a fucking retard and you deserve whatever stupid evil thing you maliciously walk into. Are aliens real? Yes. Does the government know? Absolutely. Do they reverse engineer alien tech? Yes they do. Are they about to "come clean" and offer up all the secrets just because? Do I really need to give you the answer? Ffs learn SOMETHING from COVID at least, I know you lived through it, as much as someone like you CAN "live."

>>430215520>Deus Ex was right>Alan Moore was right (see: Miracleman)

>>430217940>>430217837>Those are all your people. Your far right capitalists. LMFAO. Retard. Dumbfucking rightwingers doing their usual thing complaining about their own far right capitalist system and far right capitalist businesses, while simultaneously being too stupid to know those are their own institutions.PS I'm also not a supporter of "keeping women and minorities out of the workforce". As you seem to be implying. That's not someone that almost anyone in America supports. Or anyone anywhere. So aside from that, those are all your far right capitalists you're discussing here, idiot.In typical rightwing fashion you discuss your own shitty far right capitalist failures and try to blame "the left" for them. SO stupid.

>>430217795>There's no significant "left" in AmericaThis shit pretty much exists to put the parties and policies into a headspace in relation to each other, your disturbing need for ideological purity in the definition of left is as self-defeating as your political philosophy. You are truly are the retard of retards.

>>430215520I will not listen to the enlightened aliens who've come to save us telling us we should form a one-world government and just listen to the UN. And, if it's the opposite, I still will not listen to our governments telling us we need to unite to oppose the genocidal alien menace. Not doing it lol, fuck off.

>>430217940>>430218044Literally touch grass, get some fresh air. You're getting a little sassy op

>>430215648How the fuck do aliens make sense? Specifically aliens in the way you glowniggers want us to believe in them. You're literally LITERALLY, I can't stress this enough LITERALLY just repeating shit made up in movies. I have yet to hear you glowniggers make a single original claim about aliens and its because its fake and even glowniggers are hollywood brained NPCs. You're so mentally fucked your perception of reality is hollywood and not only does it show its hilarious.

>>430218089Nope. Everything in America is your people. Everything in America is your far right capitalists. Both American political parties stand mostly together as being far right dystopian sociopaths. They have almost exactly the same policies. All far right capitalist policies. There are a few sane people in the democrat party, and only in the democrat party, but none of them have any institutional power. That'll change if RFKjr gets in office but until then none of them have any institutional power.

See what I mean? It's a script, you're not replying to a real human beanAfter it reaches its quota it'll suddenly "remember" it has no time to talkBy replying to it you are training it

>>430218120No. You're the ones that don't touch grass. You're the ones that are brutally brainwashed by MSM and cablenews here on this site. Every day I see it. Everyday it's so sad. I've never seen such a hive of such totally brainwashed people before. You are the most brainwashed people but you say you're not because you're brainwashed by your far right cablenews stations to say you're not brainwashed. It's unreal.

>>430217641>strawmannedLinus tech tips faggot was just on podcast talking about the r word. They call it the fucking r word. Have you talked to anyone outside your donut break room in the last ten years? Normalfags actually pause when they're about to say retarded then say some PC bullshit even when the context isn't even derogatory.How can glowniggers be so out of touch? Then you think everyone who wants to see the country burn is some kind of Russian shill. Die.

>>430218235I don't even have cable tv... Take a break from these wings you're on about and just chill out for a bit

>>430217940So why is the government and media in every western nation now pinning a giant target on the backs of white men in particular? Why would a right-wing western government abandon its core demographic? Why would right wing governments be waging all-out-war on traditional values? Why would right-wing media enforce interracial pairings in advertising? Why are western employers outright stating that white men need not apply? Not very right-wing at all.

>>430218167Yup, nothing further right then screeching about toxic masculinity, trans rights, free healthcare universal basic income.

>wants me to believe aliens are real>will tout science over Jesus>would never publish anything deemed anti-semetic>would never ask why gun wielding Americans have never shot and killed big foot and aliens for fun>rates my wardrobe as a 1>calling on Jesus stops alien abductions 100% of the timei hate the antichrist


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>>430215520project blue balls

>>430215520Not sure if genuine gaslighting leftists or shitposting retard. Either way kys faggot.

>>430215520>There's no "project bluebeam", you morons. The conspiracy was that the govt covered up the existence of these things for 80 yearsboth of these things can be truethat UFOs are real and that the government might false flag an alien invasion as a psyopterrorism and attacks from nation states happen for real but fake instances of these things are used to create false narratives

>>430216461>>430216965BASED & FLATPILLED earth is provably flat and stationary. space is fake and gay, the magical spinning cartoon ball earth is fake and gay. we literally live in God's snow globe and every decision you make has immense meaning and significance. change your ways and start living correctly. dont fall for the nihilism meme and dont fall for any of the religion memes. you can look at life as either a test or a game but whatever you do , dont look at it as meaningless. BE A GOOD PERSON AND LIVE BY THE GOLDEN RULE ALWAYS! also stop jerking off you pathetic littel squirtboys. fapping to porn is literally a demonic ritual you are partaking in.any answer to any question you may have about flat earth can be found in this pastebin:pastebin.com/MwaRqfMMshills will cope and Seethe.Flat Earth user has already exposed them:archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/34872097/#34892563************PSA***************EVERY RESOURCE YOU NEED TO FIND ANY FLATEARTH RELATED ANSWER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR HAS BEEN POSTED BY FLAT EARTH user (AKA EDUCATE YOURSELF) IN A PREVIOUS THREAD ON /X/ AND Holla Forums WITHIN THE PAST 6 MONTHS AND CAN BE FOUND IN THE 4PLEBS ARCHIVE WHICH HAS A SEARCH FUNCTION THAT YOU SHOULD LEARN TO USE, AS IT WILL LET YOU BYPASS THE (((MAINSTREAM))) SEARCH ENGINES' ALGO'S AND GET TO LEGIT FE CONTENT.FOR EXAMPLE:archive.4plebs.org/x/search/text/flat earth optical horizon educate/

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>>430218928Do not blindly believe this post or anyone else about the shape of the earth. only trust that which can be verified and makes sense according to your God-given common sense, logic and reason.Above all else BE A GOOD PERSON AND SET YOUR HIGHEST VALUES TO TRUTH AND LOVE. if you dedicate your life to seeking truth and turning away from fear and sin in all of its forms The Creator will bless you and give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Access to Heaven can be attained IN THIS LIFE. You just have to show The Creator that you are deserving of being let in. Prove to The Creator you deserve to be let into the kingdom of heaven by being a good person always, abiding by the golden rule always, and being the living embodiment of love and truth.Your life literally becomes The kingdom of heaven when you live in love and truth and turn away from sin and fear. Dont believe me; Try it for yourself. And dont just claim that youve been a good person either. Dont lie to yourself; you and The Creator know whether you are truly good and pure.Do that thing that you know in your heart that you should, or stop doing that thing that you know you shouldn’t be doing, and just watch your life start to improve. Eventually you will realize you have been granted access to the kingdom of heaven and life has become better than you ever thought possible.It only seems unbelievable that I’m telling the truth about how to attain access to heaven bc you have been brainwashed to believe that heaven is only attainable after you die or in another life or some bs. There are VERY VERY VERY FEW people alive who actually have dedicated their life to being a good person. Most people only pretend, but they hold on to something that is not part of love/truth and it bleeds into every area of their life and they are not granted access to heaven. The kingdom of heaven is only for those who have cleansed their life of sin and fear. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it, I promise.

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>>430217940You've gotta be samefagging because there's no way any real posters here are mistaking this for a real post.

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>>4302158922024: Corona infected aliens getting vaxed and fighting in Ukraine

>>430215520This shit is getting preposterously fake now. They always insist too hard that their narrative is true

>>430216345LOL, this stupid nigger thinks aliens are real, but the Holocaust definitely happened.

>>430215520>Daniel SheehanI hate to judge books by their covers, but anyone with a functioning brain cell can take one look at him and realized he's a wack job

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>>430219803ESTv i i e n mr g ey l e

>literal next level alien tech>ayys too dumb to not crash their vehicle

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>>430215520I'm not denying their existence at all. Quite the contrary.I'm just saying. Anyone who tries to interfere with my life because aliens are on tv is getting killed on the spot with no hesitation.

>>430217081words words words, emotional appeal.being wrong is bad enough, but you're also a faggot


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>>430220198don't ask questionsjust consume psyop then get excited for next psyop

>>430219022That one would actually engage my attention becuase the theater of it all would actually be really fun to watch. Like a show that jumped the shark 7 years ago that you keep watching just to see how batshit retarded it can get and what else they can possibly pull out of their asses and call a story. I'd be watching the news every day if that's than angle they went for.

Fuck off, glownigger.When you think of an alien species you imagine them as a single race. That is why humanity is stuck on this planet, diversity.

>>430220437I just can't bro. I only know how to expect cunny and get dick pics.


>>430215775>What's "the globohomo"Have you looked at the news across the world? Did you notice The homogenisation of world culture and hollowing out of national culture for a global corporate ideology that promotes - cheap immigration at the expense of indigenous people, shitty cheap architecture, ESG etc. Did you not notice the deliberate destruction of small and medium sized business by making them play on an uneven playing field against the major corporates? The sacrifice of national culture and traditional values to promote gay and tranny propaganda across the world. Did you not notice any of this ?

>>430215992>Biden's whole laptop dropsDropper so long ago, most people that I know have a partial copy, everybody can easily download it. Crack kid email's can even be read online on a few sites.But I don't know why this shit show got into a big nothing sandwich, and I don't know what would change it now to the point that they would need a distraction. Probably is something else that this board is not even aware of.

>>430215520>LOOK TRANNIES!!>LOOK ALIENS!!>LOOK TRUMPS GOING TO PRISON!!>Economic crisis? What are you talking about?>LOOK HUNTER BIDENS COCK!


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>>430215520>the existence of aliensfeel free to prove it. I won't be waiting for you.

>>430220198what if they were retarded alien teenagers out for a joy ride while getting high on alien drugs and they accidentally crashed here.

>>430215681>ayylmaos exist>our governments are so powerful so incredible they can BTFO the ayylmaos and cover the whole thing upUh-huh

>>430215520OP is exxitedat the idea of being anally probed, that's all

>>430215520>ayys so smart they can literally bend rules of physics to a point where they distort the volume of an object>said object is a tachyon-level ship>never been caught until recently>somehow dumb enough to crash it on big rock populated by primates>don't have a killswitch that removes it from spacetime so lesser races don't unlock tech that's not for them>mutts of all people saying anything believablewhat's next? ayys blew up Northstream?

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>>430215992Based politics summary user

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>>430215520There's a bigger threat called niggers, you know

>>430215520>Distorted space timeIs this the reason why people in the west trooning out? Like in philadelphia experiment wreckage where bodies of mutts was fused with the body of the ship? Shhhhiiiieeeettt

>>430215635Biden was sent $10 million in two separate payments from the Ukrainian gas company Hunter Biden worked at. This is the very same company that was under investigation by thr investigator thay Biden demanded Ukraine fire.

>>430215520For someone so confident you seen sure angry and scatter brained. Aliens aren’t real, kid. Stop clinging to your Marvel movies and let go. Christ is King.

>>430215520it didn't get bigger he just got smaller, itty bitty inspecter in a itty bitty ship

>>430215520>govt covered up the existence of these things for 80 yearsi'm 18 and what is this?

>>430215520>didn't even evolve as meat-eatersall life starts as meat eaters, one smaller single celled organism gets eaten by a bigger one, and thus the evolutionary race begins, it is unavoidable

>>430216948"Historically" its been the "crazy people" who talk about aliens. And gangstalking. And voice of God technology. And microchips and govt spying and epsteins Island and mk ultra. So on and so forth. Cute that you think "right wingers" are the only ones who ever cared about that stuff. Or that only left wingers believed in aliens. Where the hell are you getting that from? Conspiritard spaces have been vaguely right-leaning since win98 at least. You want to know a "one sided" denial of reality? How bout muh gorillion valid genders? Otherkin? Oh oh how about the one where ""the people"" decide how wealth is distributed and its totally not done through an authoritarian govt and will totally abolish itself once ""the people"" control the means of production? I can't remember, user, what is a synonym for "means of production", again? Uh oh...it's people, isn't it? Aw jeez...

>>430215648aaand you give in on like the second question, I kinda agree with you on some things but that fact you can't keep up with even basic inquiries on possible alternate theories is just laughable and shows you aren't worth being taken seriously, it's one thing to think someone is crazy but it's another to openly broadcast your brain is so small you can't simulate that crazy and rationalize it

op seems derranged, ignore and stop bumping

>>430215520Aliens are a fantasy, a trick of the mind when being isolated is a fear instilled in social animals or beings like Humans.As much as I want to believe some brief anomaly I see may be fantastical, it never pans out that way. We need to focus on fixing our broken social cohesion and to simplify our overly complicated lives before we worry about anything else. I'm sick of the Woke/Marxist crap, so unless these Aliens come down here themselves to make their business ours, I don't fucking care about them whether they exist or not. Take your Reddit spacing and get the fuck out of here, your overly socialized kind aren't welcome here, you weak, overly emotional sissies.

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