Memory hole thread

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>>430214888That didn't happen. I don't even know what this is. What even is this picture of. What are you talking about. This thread is gay.

>>430214888I’m glad the border looks that way


>>430216012la raza my dude

I want to save some of the Korea crush webms.

>>430216012>>430216189Maybe don’t make other countries poor and mind your own business and this won’t happen If people were rich they would stay in their country but since they face poverty you really need to grow upPeople who have 10 20 years living in the USA with criminal records too deserve a green card amnesty.Your work permits that are hoping some people go back are racist, there is no reason anybody has to be a second class citizen

notice how there was no wednesday this week

>>430214888That's some mutt bridge built before the 80's isn't it?!

>>430214888Can't believe Trump allowed it to get this bad. Whatever happened to his wall?

>>430216604Fuck DACA and fuck TPS but you’re right though all those people who are your working class need to go backGod forbid someone interrupts Tyrone from fucking your wife oh that’s right you don’t have a wife you’re considering grooming out so you can get a black boyfriend

>>430216999The only reason nobody likes immigrants is white supremacy every other argument against the working class is bullshit

>>430216999Trooning out

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>>430216937These are all people that have hope in another amnesty We need another amnesty

>>430214888Swarthy tides.


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>>430216604There are plenty of reasons you bleeding heart faggot


>>430216604>>430216999>>430217149>>430217183What the fuck are you doing, nigger?

>>430214888Checked. We're supposed to talk about aliens not aliens

>>430217467>>430217576Grow up bitchIt’s not my fault you don’t have a white wife. You don’t need to do all that shit or join the army just get a job

>>430217467Name one that isn’t complete bullshit

>>430218039Lol my white wife is asleep next to me. Our 3 white children are asleep in their rooms. You'll never be a woman. Or a human.

>>430216604>>430216999is this a bot LARPing as a butthurt latino talking to itself

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>>430218352Either that or some tranny trash faggot that hates it's life and is trying to make others as miserable as he is

>>430218352>>430218429All those people deserve another amnesty and immigration reform

>>430218429Yes because negroes in cartoons are your biggest worry

>>430218488You deserve a bullet to your skull.

>>430216012The country is full of negros anyway dipshit

>>430218621Don't talk to me robot

>>4302184881. the only people who deserve American citizenship are people who get American citizenship2. Fuck off we're full

>>430218756Come to Mexico or Brazil with that attitude I guarantee you will get yourself kidnapped cuck

>>430216604Who said you get to be a citizen?You were brought here to be slaves.

>>430218895you are just validating this idea that Mexico and Brazil are shitholes

>>4302188301 People who have lived through your bullshit for years and years deserve a green card but deal with a bullshit broken immigration system2 nobody worth their salt wants to be part of your country and society that everybody hates and has compared to the biblical whore of Babylon and sodom Gomorrah, they want to earn enough money to live in their country This is about money and I am going back

>>430219170They are that’s besides the point I’m calling him a bitch on his threat. You really have no business talking that kind of shit


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>>430216659There most certainly was I have the porn history to prove it dumb schizo drag queen


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>>430218830I want some kind of reparations for you wasting my time Slave ? Deserve to be Americans? Lol lmao even


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>>430219393no context for that, unacceptable, that was not as it appears


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>>430219707How about how this appears, vaxfaggot?

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>>430217239what happened?

>>430214888Hispanics are white


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>just a normal school

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>>430219202the fun part is that the same political leaders who scream the loudest illegal immigrants also catastrophically slashed funding for immigration programs, thus ensuring OOPS ALL ILLEGALS

>>430219202>People who have lived through X deserve a green cardagain, the only people who "deserve" a green card are people who apply for, and meet the criteria for a green card. No amount of non-green card related work makes someone deserve a green card. This is a really simple concept. unrelated but 4chan thinks this post is spam. GOOKMOOT FIX YOUR SHIT

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>>430220261Oh I know Apparently even in Facebook it’s OK to discriminate against migrants by normal people and other Latinos with papersBut there WILL be an amnesty

>>430220388I’m not going to discuss immigration lawIt’s broken gringo fix it

>>430219928Not to be a Debbie downer but the roof is still just a shitty fake roof, you could literally just stand on a table and a chair pop your head up through the Panel and then all the kids would be like fish in a barrel

>>430220388If you have 5 years spent in this hellhole you deserve an amnesty and waiver. It’s just that simple Give the people a decent way to live

>>430220599Oh man, it's a makeshift bunker? I thought it was some kind of detention cell, kek. Yeah, that's hilariously ineffective, obviously someone grifting federal money by selling that shit.

>>430220388You gain nothing by having second class citizens and slaves, you are a dog and a pigNothing you miserable fuck

>>430220388Ok what the fuck is a significant misdemeanor? Someone pulled that out of their ass.Immigration is a bunch of miserable chicanos anyway

>>430219967your country has the right to enforce its borders with machine guns if it wants to. I dont give a fuck>>430220727working in some country =/= you should get to bypass the immigration process. There is a process in place for immigration, and if people choose to not go through that process, then they do not deserve citizenship. You can fantasize about easy, cheap citizenship all you want but the politicians are gonna cockblock you (and do worse to their citizens). If I start stripping in Mexico for the next 50 years I would not expect to get Mexican citizenship because I didnt do the fucking immigration paperwork

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>>430217372That shit STILL slays me, LOL.

>>430220842>You gain nothing by having second class citizens and slavesyou're right, they can fuck off back to their home countries. We do not need more workers diluting the workforce, decreasing wageswe need fewer Americans, not more. Have you ever been around Americans? Theres way too fucking many of us

>>430221097A eso se le llama ser un burócrata mamon a mí no me apantallasEs bien fácil facilitar un documento There were no roadblocks when your ancestors immigrated what happened to THAT

>>430221373I can say fuck your country all I want but I don’t have MONEY If you don’t like me you can grow up or get fucked

>>430221432>There were no roadblocks when your ancestors immigrated what happened to THATThey were people that produced railroads and nuclear powerplants, not meth labs and burrito stands ese.

>>430221373You’re lazyYou don’t work the fields and your economy goes down the toilet the day you get rid of my community We deserve a decent living not to go back eventually to live in poverty in a much harsher cold world Like I said it’s home of the negro anyway dipshit nobody is replacing or white genociding you

>>430221713You’re too stupid to google translate the part in Spanish to be talking that kind of shit

>>430221969Why would I jewgle translate something written in Spanish?

Cool, let that entire country, that doesn't have a 2nd ammendment, fuck it's shit up. Why should I care?

>>430221713I can see the idea you’re trying to convey and I reject it entirely They still were people who had it easy surviving on Mexican potatoes and corn

>>430222170Can you really though? There's a reason why your home country is still a borderline stone age backwater and you have to go grift some pity bucks from the amerifats and it's not because someone is holding you down.

>>430221783>and your economy goes down the toilet the day you get rid of my communityi thought we gain nothing by having second class citizens and slaves. Make up your mind dude, this is the second time you've contradicted yourself in this thread

>>430222067Went right over your head, are you sure you’re the master race?I bet you’re some curry with a mouth that has nothing to do in Europe

>>430222380No, it's just that nothing of note has been written in Spanish since the late 1600s, so again... why would I jewgle translate something written in Spanish today?

Remember when antifa murdered two black youths at the CHAZ (one was an execution with a handgun at point blank range), bragged about it on twitter, and nobody did anything? Man, that was crazy. If only the american gestapo got their brownshirts to do more of that.

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>>430222318It’s simple racism the idea I reject I’m not going to sit here and argue about how we invented color tv and that you ate and survived on crops from the new world or all the gold and oil you stole

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>>430222495Arabs sure are loudmouth bitches that need to be elbowed in the teeth

>>430222746>>430222902Time to go home, ese. Remember, if you collapse the US, where are your grandchildren going to go for money when they've grown up?

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>>430219318That's beside the point hurr. Your homeland is a shithole and so is your mother's mouth. Fuck you shit skin. My children will hate you too.

>>430223042Niggerlover please go to bed you have to get up early for drag queen story

>>430222746I didn't steal any gold or oil and you didn't have any gold or oil stolen from you. Stop attributing things that neither of us had any hand in. Your skin is the color of poop. Mine isn't. Therefore you're a lesser lifeform. All the gold and oil in the world won't make you any less of a nigger.

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>>430223016I’m still going to eat pork in delicious Mexican dishes on Ramadan I guess you win the conversation I don’t want to see you in Europe

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>>430223280That's cool, I'm frying up some bacon and eggs for breakfast right now.

>>430223193Said the freak

>>430223016If he could plan ahead he wouldn’t be a shitskin. You’re wasting your breath.

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>>430223336Go back to Arabia

>>430223355Said the seething shitskin.

>>430216659oh shit you're right

>>430223360Chino cochinoYou will never be respected in Mexico

>>430223406I'll just stay right here in my native country and not go begging for money in someone else's country.

>>430223406"I'm not a shitskin, you are!!!"Your butthurt all over this thread. Go pick my berries. Who am kidding, you're on government assistance and don't even work.

>>430216604>Make other countries poorlolol latin-american countries are poor because they're filled with latin americans. The only thing they know how to do is pick avocados and clean toilets

>>430223411Suppose you’re whitePic related I added the mom because she looks like Peggy hill

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>>430214888WHY HAVEN'T YOU JOINED RAYCISS INSTAGRAM YET?/?>>430216735>>430216735

>>430216604Seriously. We can’t let Trump get his hands on the nuclear codes.

>>430219894Then invite them into your country and let them consume all of your resources

>>430214888The fuck is that, the gayest pride parade in history?Also check'd.

>>430223505Easiest money you’ll ever make. Gringos don’t deserve to be richYou have to be a retard not to cross that border for easy money But I digress, I have a thing for wanting to become president of Mexico and changing the country for the better

>>430223770Kek, you're ok, ese.

>>430223534Eres un chicano perro Puto indio cagado con el nopal en la frente


>>430214888>Memory hole threadYou mean fast food news thread. Your pic related has been happening non stop since 2018, but it was only a news story then because of the upcoming midterm elections. But in the spirit of the thread, I'll give a memory holed news story from the very same era as your pic that has been recently rehashed: faggot promised to do this before election in 2016, never did it, then again promised he'd do it in 2018 right before the midterms. Taking advantage of the outrage of the day "migrant caravan" election media story in the OP. Now he's making the same promise again to shore up his competitiveness in the '24 race against zion ron. Trump thinks you're retarded. Trump KNOWS his base is retarded. Don't fall for it again. Put White people first. Make Whites your only issue. That's the only way to cut through the fast food daily news bullshit.

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>>430223681Our work and taxes more than pays for everything You have a trillion dollar debt to china

>>430214888The quantum computer at Foxconn that runs on water and has the ability to harvest human souls.

>>430214888Those digits, weird

>>430223478> You will never be respected in Mexicowhy would I ever want to go to mexico? lmao

>>430214937yoku aru koto da

>>430224787For ass puto!Chino cochino

>>430224221I literally don't know what you mean. Your flag says USA so if you're using a VPN to respond to men then you just prove my point about non-western countries being shitholes

>>430217576Glownigger doesn't know how tripcode works, more at 4.

>>430224896plenty of ass here

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