Dawn of the Final Night

Gentlemen it's been a honor being alive with you all here on god's earth.......here 24 hours before discloser that will irrevocably change the course of human historyyoutube.com/watch?v=oli6Q6y14W8

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I'd just like to go on record as saying, the alien in OP's image is the blackest gorilla space nigger I've ever seen.

I will blow an aliens big head off with my sks rifle


tomorrow, we can pull this thread up in the archive and confirm that nothing will happen

>>430213917so should I skip work tomorrow because people will go crazy or what?

>>430214332Tomorrow is sunday you fucking idiot

>>430213917death to americano amount of blue beam will get me to pay taxesfuck youaliens are demonsi ironically will get rounded up w the flat earthers just becauar op is a kike nigger faggot

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Kill Aliens. Behead Aliens. Power armour kick an Alien into the concrete. Slam dunk a Little Green Man into the trashcan. Crucify filthy Xenos. Defecate in a Martian's food. Launch UFOs into the sun. Stir fry Greys in a wok. Toss Aliens into active volcanoes. Urinate into an Alien's fuel rod. Judo throw Aliens into a plasma cutter. Twist Greys heads off. Report Aliens to XCOM. Karate chop Aliens in half. Step on disgusting Alien eggs. Trap Aliens in quicksand. Crush Aliens in the trash compactor. Liquefy Aliens in a vat of acid. Probe Aliens. Dissect Aliens. Exterminate Aliens in the gas chamber. Stomp Alien skulls with mech-powered boots. Cremate Aliens in the oven. Lobotomize Aliens. Mandatory abortions for Aliens. Grind Facehuggers in the garbage disposal. Drown Aliens in fried chicken grease. Vaporize Aliens with their own ray guns. Kick Reptilians down the stairs. Feed Aliens to alligators. Slice Aliens with lightsabers.

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>>430213917>Aliens are not real, theyre demons>Project blue beam is real>It's the weekend, the government is out of office so nothing will happen>You're retarded

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>>430213917goodbye earth i loved you

>>430214500some people work on sundays you fuckin mouthbreather, how the hell do you think you get your burgers and shakes after church?

>>430214500heh funny one rabbi

>>430213917If it is real or not does not matter - it is the next distraction like covid, like Ukraine, like trans now it will be aliunz... lol. Do you feel distracted yet?..

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It's been an honor shitposting with you all.

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we're about to learn aliens are real and they are frens

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>>430213917>it's been a honor being alive with youThe feeling's not mutual


>>430214968>frensif they were "friendly" why scamper away & hide?tiktok.com/@_eve.1_/video/7242700021261503787?_op=1&_r=1&_t=8d3Q1m2uCDu

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>>430214808>cgi clown world>homefuck off

I cant believe 4chan is finally going to go down to prevent us from talking about the fake gay alienso7 soldiers, its been a hell of a war. dont get on the ships.

>>430213917>That vidWhy does all this shit happen in Nevada?

>>430215403Any more videos

>>430213917I AM READY.

>Didn't fall for 9/11 Mossad false-flag>Didn't fall for the Covid psy-op>Didn't fall for the Climate change hoaxAin't falling for your gay bluebeam bullshit, glownigger. Simple as.

>>430213917Also, why is tonight the final night before they disclose the existence of ayys?

>>430213917Who cares? For some reason ayylmaos always seem to stick to burgerland so I don't think they're interested in the rest of us.

>>4302139176/11 is a catchy date for an alien invasion.

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OP is a spamming faggot

jewish aliens confirmed

>>430216207They know America is the only place that matters. These are advanced beings


>>430214808I wonder if they'll tell us more about the "true" nature of our planets

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Wow! Words! Can't wait! It's real because the heckin' whistleblower said so!

>>430216207>>430216624Apparently according to the government wrestleblower it's because of gravitation distortion on the planet caused the crafts to crash because of how they operate by warping and distorting gravity themselves. Apparently there are gravity fields on the planet that are wonky and it's fine for us because They are not strong enough to feel but for how sensitive these crafts are because of how they operate it can cause them to crashMeaning that the areas that have the most common sightings are probably areas that have gravity fields that are a bit wonky like Nevada apparently could be one or the skin rocker ranch and Utah.

>>430216207>alwaysthat's not quite right though user,you need to read more history & legends about so called "monsters"

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>>430216291Good point.Sunday, too.

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>>430217480Looks like an anus

>>430217480Ayylmaos tounge punch my anus

>>430213917Wont change anything except how the politicians and media will use it to manipulate us with liesWas the light that "fell" from the sky in the same direction as the callers house?Why did it take 1 hour to get there?Why is it a dumb question to ask someone if they saw something fall out of the sky?

>>430214968I was visited by one in 2016 when I figured out there must be more to this universe. They are interdimensional


>>430217480I wonder if it hurts when it goes back in..

>>430213917He cute. >>430214505Rude.

>>430213917Can't wait for literally nothing to happen

>>430217480So thats the anal probing i heard so much about

>>430215403Because of faggots like this >>430214260

I wish this was how life workedI don't want to be alonebut its always a lie, and you need to stab anybody who doesn't back off when told I'm sorry but its just us and we're fucked

What if the family were the aliens, and the real family were all dead?

>>430213917Why do you idiots think anything is getting disclosed tomorrow? 2 more weeks, as always.

>>430213917What's the source on this supposed "disclosure" you've been speaking about all week?

can someone gimme a tldr qrd on what the fuck is going on and why everyone's talking about aliens suddenly

>>430220326Either a glow op or 1-2 really bored anons

>>430220326government whistleblower alleged there has been an illegal coverup of a US program which has retrieved UFOsis the main reason the topic has explodedthen the next day there was a UFO sighting in Las Vegas.

I just hope we get a chance to hang out with some ayyyy frens

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>>430213917I won't believe in aliens until we get sightings from outside the USA.

>>430213917cant be worse then jews niggers and women

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>>430220890the jews jursidiction go way farther than the us goyim

>>430217480BRCC literally

>>430220560The Vegas copcam video(s) was from first week of May but only released online this week. Sus. >>430220326NewsNation did an "exclusive" interview with an alleged former federal employee "whistleblower" who said the US possesses alien craft and alien bodies. The notable part was the alien bodies. It wasn't the typical JRE UAP scrambled radar shit. Note the outlet though. NewsNation. This allowed MSM outlets plausible deniability when recirculating these wild claims. The next day, copcam footage of a 911 call regarding 8-9' tall ayys in backyard of Las Vegas taconig family is splashed all over socmed. Footage turns out to be a month old. Holla Forums eats it up. Boards are hit with ayy insider larps. One promises paradigm shattering disclosure in the New York Times Sunday edition. Apparently the article dropped today, but it's nothing bigly. Regardless this ayy shit is a glowop. And it aligns with an expected internet or grid blackout this summer. The Fed also said to expect CBDCs to be distributed this summer, back in November. Ayy shit is likely fog of war for China, Ukraine, CBDC replacing dollar/EBT, and a reset of domestic Internet to forbid anonymity.

I hope it's real, that way we can go to an alien totalitarian monarchy instead of a false democracy shrouded in a veil of lies and jewish indoctrinationbased ayybros

>>430222427zip hope we get a cute alien queen

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>>430222637are people ignoring you so you go away or do they just not that care enough about your faggy furry shit. beat it

>>430217555How do you think?From where, name "wormhole", came from?

>>430215403because they're scared of our asses. we're aggressive, unpredictable and ugly so i don't blame them.

>>430221474>>430220560the las vegas thing happened may 1st