We finally get a gist of the answers we were looking for QRD:>user dying of liver cancer>fuck.it.french.the.departed...

We finally get a gist of the answers we were looking for QRD:>user dying of liver cancer>fuck.it.french.the.departed.exe>spills beans on his role in recovering ufo craft>aliens are real and look just like greys on tv>their reactions to humans interacting with them is exactly like prometheus>they're mission is solely to either protect us or planet from nuclear annihilation. >we're like baboons in the zoo enclosure of our planet and they are our zoo keepers >occasionally abducting us, probing us>bob lazar was right all this time. Element 115 is real and is the fuel source of the ships>their ships crash due to gravity distortion fields in different parts of the world fluctuating, mexico being one of the most crashes because of it>the aliens don't recover their downed craft or their own pilots, they just leave them to die>3 teams from US come to recover the craft, first team the ayys, second team the fuel (Element 115) and third team the craft itself>the real crazy part of the story is that there are multiple "burger" shaped construction sites in different parts of the world in the oceans. >they build the ufo craft inside these burgers>the burgers are very proximity alert obliterating to nothingness anything that comes close or can sense when bad niggas start to do bad shit yonow you know. you're welcome.

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>>430212648People can't afford homes anymore, yet we are talking about this shit?

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>>430212648>even aliens dont dare retrieve craft from mexico

>>430212648Ah, Bob "Headaches" Lazar. Bob knew something, that's why they fucked wuth him. But he filled in a few gaps.T. Grey/Human Hybrid Gen 2 Posted from Alice Springs, in New Zealand

>>430212648Why wouldn't they recover their people though? That doesn't make sense.

>>430212648>even are ayy hangers are burgers

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>>430212648>they just leave them to dieIf that were the case then why not any crashed alien pilots gone awol? Your analogy is a zoo, if I fell into the baboon cage and the zookeepers left me to die, I would appease the baboons however I could to not die.>inb4 they didYou can't hope to claim that every single crashed pilot has been immediately picked up by the government every single time across the world.

>>430212648Why do the people revealing all of this.sound as fake as a scripted "reality show?"Why are bots, shills, and glowists farting out these threads and puking all these corn ball articles?This is a PsyOp. The PsyOp is prbably Blue Beam. You guys are as fake as you are gay.

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>>430213063they dont view death in the same moral framework that we do


>>430212648>Element 115 is realYes. It is called Moscovium and it was synthesised in Russia in 2003

>>430213133nope, have seen it first hand. blue beans is what's fake and gay


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>>430212648>>the aliens don't recover their downed craft or their own pilots, they just leave them to dieIf they are this "compassionate" towards their own kind, why would they care about our "zoo"?

>>430213063Germs or contamination, or maybe these things are just drones, incapable of doing anything outside of their jobs

>>430213318They can’t keep getting away with it

>>430213131Assuming op is right and aliens are not extra dimensional demons sent to steal our bodies then we can assume that aliens have a different relationship with death than we do. Maybe they don't fear it or they just accept it when it comes like Buddhist or some shit.

>>430213131Sometimes they run around and cause chaos, look at the Brazil incident, until a government entity neutralizes them

>>430212648Are you just reading the manual to Xcom: Terror from the Deep?

>>430212648>look just like greys on tvstopped reading right there.fake and gay OP and has posted a fake and gay thread.mods, 404 this bitch.

>>430212648that was a great read, the descriptions of the ships and hammers was awesome reading>>tfw the warming of our oceans is actually due to an interstellar craft smelting made-to-order anti-gravity vehicles from elements not naturally present on earthI've been thinking about this since last night. Did he mention the scale of the construction vehicle?

>>430212648>>3 teams from US come to recover the craft, first team the ayys, second team the fuel (Element 115) and third team the craft itselfNow, I see that you are retelling the plot of the old X-COM: Enemy Unknown

>>430212648World economy is in hard timesCorruption in the US government 2nd US Civil War tension World War 3 tension Oil production cuts to hurt USInflation making the day to day impossible ESGs forcing companies to change society Sudden death syndrome of healthy people Population birth rates dropping AIAnd your focus on the glowies firing bluebeams and saying shit that Bob Lizard and Alex Jones said a decade ago. Fuck some of this shit was on ancient aliens. Fucking China made some ufo looking drones or balloons to spy on the US. Probably launched a few from their base in Cuba

>>430213198>has secret fuel that enables space dominance>takes over a year to capture Bakmutk

>>430213328They probably don't care about individuals but rather species as a whole. They know they got more Grey's so who cares if one or two die.

>>430213131You're basing you notions on human emotions. I've seen the theory that "alien" pilots may not even truly sentient, more or less biological drones performing tasks.

>>430213459quiet poo

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>>430213063because its like that scenario in jurassic park with the chained goat, for the humans to observe teh trex coming out from hiding to feed on it. it's to prevent human reconnaissance.

>>430213133The question is: are they really doing it for Hunter's cock?

>>430213557You helped them by the wayen.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscovium

>>430213328Because most of their vehicles are operated by biorobots. Imagine you're owning a zoo and have to clean the monkey shit from the cage each sunday or eventually go in to check they don't have any sharp sticks to kill each other with. You won't go there yourself, you will send a mexican or a nigger

>>430213581>>430213582Guys, guys, the more delusional among us are expecting that we will be able to upload our consciousness onto the internet soon. That's retarded, but who's to say that she same intelligence that is controlling those individuals isn't actually present at a different location? Or something even more exotic that our floppy disk minds aren't ready to speculate about? Such that when an avatar is lost another one is printed up as needed

>>430213234You are a bot.

>>430213582Then OPs analogy of zookeepers isn't a good one, especially if the pilots aren't the zookeepers.>>430213426On rare occasion yeah, but if it does happen then that's all they seem to do? Just run around wildly and scare people and cause chaos, like an animal or a child, rather than some ayyy pilot trying to survive.

Genuine question. After we have seen Greys(Sectoids), who will come next: Snakemen or Floaters?

>>430212956Most believable part of the story desu.

>their reactions to humans interacting with them is exactly like prometheuser didn't one of them just look at a robot, rip it's head off then decide to nuke everything ?

frijoles azules

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Oh wow, did you pick that turd up with your bare hands? Should've worn gloves, but you kikes suck baby dicks, so IIWII

>>430213328We've left pilots for dead behind enemy lines and we still keep zoos

>>430213736Can a Ukranian dream of electric sheep?

The big problem here is that you epxect me to believe ayyys would volunteraly come down to this aids infested nigger kike shithole.Its absurd, any thinking creature would run away.

can someone post that "form a 1 world government" meme with ufo and sojaks pointing

>>430213877Space niggers acting like erf niggers, checks out.

>>430213853boop beeep boop nigger>no verification required

>>430212648So the aliens are burger lovers?And they're mostly found in the US.

>>430213877dude mentions most of the ufo craft are unpiloted drones, and the only piloted craft was more prevalent decades ago but not as much as it is now. also just like in a zoo you have zoo keeprs, you'll also have tourists, who just come to explore. if those faggots crash, thats their bad, sort of like insectoid behavior. fuckin tourists.

>>430212648Egyptians had contact with them a long time ago.

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Wall of schizo text. Wow.

>>430213981Retarded analogy. You don't left zookeepers that were accidentally locked in a cage with animals to die there

>>430212648The grays lied.

>>430213877You're right zoo keeper isn't the right word. Gamewarden is a better one.


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>>430213328what you guys don't have a respawn chamber?all your video games show you having one.so you're playing on hardcore permadeath all the time? wow that sucks.

If you don't think so then why do they kidnap humans? Some don't return.They lied to you to protect the rest.

>>430214179>mfw no jetson cars, just beaners and niggers everywhere

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>>430214222OP is paraphrasing the plot of an old game.


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>>430214270They don't care about their own so by extension, they're lying to you about caring. They show no compassion because they're more selfish than we are.

>>430214272>why do they kidnap humans?To do what white women do with their dogs if you know what I mean

>>430212816have you considered not being poor?

>>430212648If they are "protecting" us, why are the letting advanced aircraft fall into the hands of warmongers? Fake and gay.

>>430213063I doubt they're actually aliens user. More likely they're a type of drone.

>>430214179As well as the Mayans. (Mayan Plaque Palenque)

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>>430213063They're just goyim.

>Ayy dies>Soul ceases to exist but quantumly entangled implants, on the spiritual side, relay information instantaneously down to neural precision>Clone is activated and a brand new soul is born with the old soul's memories believing it is the same being

>>430214601This was for you:>>430213784

>>430212648you guys are fucking idiots.

>>430214601Notion of soul in this schema is redundant

>>430214502they like to keep their distance, but intervene when and only when world powers start thinking about using nukes. if india and pakistan were to use nukes against each other for example, they would allow it because its isolated region. If china/russia/us start ww3 they'll let off thousands of nukes, killing off the entire planet, so thats when they will step in. Other than that they give fuck all. They either care about the planet because they'll inhabit it, or they are like our baby sitters, waiting for us to get advanced because its a common fallacy for civs all over the universe to obliterate each other with wmd's and they are like our babysitters

So you're telling me an advanced civilization that supposedly has colonies on the planet is sending manned craft instead of drones to study us? Also, they're dumb enough to actually crash said craft?

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>>430214706No soul means it's a bio machine controlled by another then.

>>430214685And you, Austrians, are geniuses?

Though if it's living, it has a soul. Their souls aren't reincarnating. They just think they are.

They treat them like how some animal abusers treat their pets. As disposable pawns. However, it's worse because they do have implants with kill switches if they do something wrong

>>430214743Bodies doesn't equal "manned." Those are ust drones too. Disposable drones. Who cares?

>>430213010How do you do fellow pine gap glowie

>>430214173>you'll also have tourists, who just come to explore.This was a cool aspect for me: the "bus" UFO.. a craft that seemed to be designed solely as a touring vehicle to take a bunch of them around touring.There was an old report that I read, I believe it was a MUFON report on some ancient website. This was a report where a couple, out in the country some where, were parked in their truck and had an encounter with EXACTLY what he described. I have a vivid mental image of that report... this craft whirred overhead, and when it came near, they saw that it was filled with rows and rows of "people" seated in front of a large transparent viewing window. I think they might have said that the seating arrangement rotated within the craft to give all of the occupants a good look. I also seem to remember that they said that the craft looked as if it was designed for that purpose and not much else. Gave me goosebumps bros, that part did.

>>430214791Definition of soul?

>>430214424bob fell in the zoo. bob died. bob respawned at the base. bob is fine.what "care" do you think is missing?

>>430213582>>430213736According the guy, although take everything he said with a grain of salt, they show too much personality and curiosity for that. Some crafts seemed to just be full of aliens and little else, like they wanted to go out and see the planet for fun which doesn't sound like something a drone would do.

>>430214915What if it is not aliens, but tourists from the future?

>>430212648>the burgers are very proximity alert obliterating to nothingness anything that comes close or can sense when bad niggas start to do bad shit yo>the Armored Core timeline is realyoutube.com/watch?v=bJM8-65Zalc

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The grays basically use us as a farm generally and experimentation mats second. They extend their own lifespan by stealing life force. It's the only reason why they want us to not nuke one another. Because their very survival depends on it unless their body dies. Their master race also depends on life stealing for survival and are basically spiritually advanced psychics with even greater tech than the grays roaming the stars like some savage ravaging pirate gang because they fucked up their own evolution and planet. They're already dead but it won't stop them from trying to cling unto life, regardless of the costs and collateral damage. They nuked out planet once in the past because of our associations with different alien spices that looked like tall humans.


>>430213198In XCOM they call it Elerium.

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>>430214931It's a new soul who thinks it's bob because of the spiritual tech and its secrets they keep from the grays.

>>430213328Supposedly the planet is useful or something like that. user said it had been speculated they were holding the planet for a future takeover when their main force arrives but that's since been rule as highly unlikely because based on the speed the crafts show and how many more have arrived in the last several decades, if they had a "Big invasion fleet" it probably would have been here by now.

Though they nuked our planet as part of some multi-millennia plan to subvert us away from our true natures. To make us forget and to wipe us out near extinction so that the amount of time it'd take to recover would for all intents and purposes have our true past roots blotted out of our genome and memories.

Why would aliens ever come here in person? Why, if they are advanced enough to the point of interstellar travel, would they not send their version of AI to do things in potentially hostile alien environments? There is no risk to themselves doing all exploration and interaction with alien planets via AI technology remotely, but an endless possibility of risk if they do it themselves. If aliens come/have come to Earth, there's not going to be any alien bodies.

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Pretty funny that everyone is fixated on the grays. Those are the fucking gardener robots, while the real aliens running the show are not even on planet.

>>430215206Invasion on Earth can be done with a very limited force of interstellar spacecrafts. None of the current military tech can protect against orbital bombardment.

>>430215426They typically utilize humans connected to them. They only make an appearance if they believe they can control the situations with their presence.

>>430215426It stands to reason if they can breach the void the can build biological machines we crudely interpret as entities.

>>430214918the unquantifiable essence of being?the answer to the hard question of consiousness? just spitballing>>430215206this doesnt hold up much with how much everything is everywhere if you can get to it in space. Why come here unless maybe humans are useful? We don't have much in the way of unique shit they couldnt get from other places in our own solar system

>>430215452Exactly. Soon Mutons, Floaters, and Snakemen will arrive

>>430215483>>430215426That and if they think nobody else is around to steal humans and livestock. Their psychic powers aren't the best though because they still keep getting caught on cameras.

>>430212816We can’t walk and crew bubble-gum. Hurr de-hurr hurr. Fuck off.

>>430215472That's coming from the mindset that the planet is ours in the first place. We're the aliens compared to the underwater species that has lived here since long before us. Inner earth is 100x more advanced than us - to the point of our irrelevance.

>>430213063> Why wouldn't they recover their people though?because the greys aren’t their true corporeal form. these are clones that are 1 dimension lower than their source, they have technology to swap your consciousness into another body as a kamikaze or drone of sorts and if it dies they wake up as themselves.they have done the same thing with humans because we are also 1d lower than them. that’s what a “walk in” is, in /x/ - speak.That’s also why they keep us from attaining enlightenment or 5d gaia, because they can’t do that anymore if it happens. and no I’m not entirely sure “how” a walk in works, I gather it’s sort of like the show “quantum leap.” Though I knew what a walk-in was, about 20 years ago and before I knew about that show.t. Don’t own or watch a tv but 4chan references it sometimes. Dolores cannon and others wrote about “volunteers” incarnating as babies, a walk-in trades places with someone who’s already been born. Not sure the reason maybe things are so screwed up they don’t have time to wait 20-30 years and see how you turn out, they snatch people mid-NDE or who tried to commit suicide or overdosed or whatever. Lot of similarities in those stories, most were near death or thought they were dying and had an unlikely resuscitation, that’s one of the points a walk in may come into play

>>430212648digits and we get full disclosure

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>>430212648We found Element 115 (Bob picked a random number higher than what we'd discovered at the time, hoping we wouldn't discover it any time soon, but we did) and it isn't even fucking stable


>>430212648>americans discover alien manufacturing facilities>name them "burgers"every time

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>>430213551Digits Area 51 end truth

>>430215559>the unquantifiable essence of being?How do you it exist?>consciousness Function of the brain.

>>430213318Holy shit is that real

>>430215684>it isn't even fucking stableso it breaks down asap emitting energy that can be used to power a flying craft

Another point no one realises is that faster than light travel is synonymous with time travel. If you can instantaneously jump in space, it must be true across time as well. There's no separating the two.So viewing Earth from a non-temporal temporal locality is important to understanding motivations and visitations. They might experience the growth of our civilization (their crop) in the span of a few weeks. They may only nudge a few variables here and there over the centuries to ensure an otimal yield.

>>430215736>Solar jet manNice moves space marine

>>430215801so they really don't need to crash a saucer on earth every few decades or so.

>>430215801Most of the crop maintenence is automated via the grays, so there's little need for direct intervention. I suspect they might show up for harvest.Crashed UFOs are irrelevant to them on their timescale - especially if they are currating the outcome.

>>430213582This. Everyone knows that the greys are nothing more than biological robots sent by the mi-go to trick us.

>>430212648That's a picture of a cloud ffs. Dumbass

To solve the war in the heavens you basically got to shoot the lizard looking ones.

>>430213736>You won't go there yourself, you will send a mexican or a niggerAre you self-aware, hohol?

>>430215601So, you are implying the space aliens are going to fight with the underwater ones?Elder Things vs Star Spawn, right?

>>430216082That's exactly what I'm saying

>>430216047>shoot the lizardand greysthe more human they look, the less you shoot at them

>>430212816Now you understand the psyop

>>430213903Hopefully snek girls so we can get aggressive cuddles.

>>430215206Maybe it is... now

>>430213063From seeing what's going on with our own species with the transhumanist movement they're probably not the actual alien themselves. They're probably purely synthetic drones. Or another way to state it synthetic robots that mimic an actual organic being.Honestly if they're advance enough to zip around the universe and a practical manner the aliens are probably no longer truly organic They probably are completely a synthetic species at this point but the ones that do reconnaissance and and stuff like that are probably built to be essentially workers. Only intelligent enough to take care of the task that they're designed to do. Like a robot.

>>430215801>faster than light travel is synonymous with time travel.No, if you are folding space

>Scared of lizards that don't even show themselves. A people so cowardly that they need a front man clone army race to do anythingThey might be more powerful but they're not gods or immortal. A simple gun would do the trick and it's why our governments disarming us is a mistake. Humans already get kidnapped by ayys for food, experimentation, or who knows what else and only a small portion of them are let go, usually after they did something to them like how we let go of animals in captivity and continue to monitor them once they're free. If an actual ayy invasion happened and our dumbass governments managed to disarm the world, the ayys would treat us like how we treat our livestock. Taking lives at a whim for their own pleasures, sustenance or experimentation like lab rats.

>>430212648CHAD ALIENSvsbeta zoo animal human mutts


>>430216274Please join UFO Twitter because so many of the alien community on Twitter and YouTube are just either retarded centrist I don't even realize their default leftist and then the rest are just leftist.

>>430213784The Culture….

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>>430216274>for food>can grow a clone army>can't grow cultivated meat

If aliens touched down right now, KKK would still do marches and rallies.Palestinian kids would still be strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up ISDF soldiers.Crips would still be fighting bloods.This BlueBean project is asinine because the elites expect the general population to just come together and hold hands during an alien invasion and that's just not gonna happen.

>>430212648fuck off, yahudi shaitan, aliens aren't real, they're your overlords - demons.

You will not die before witnessing retarded malevolent vagabond aliens getting their asses vaporized by benevolent god-tier super aliens.

>>430216418>Can't grow lifeforce to prevent their souls from withering away into non-existenceLike I said, they're already dead.


>>430212648i allready knew this... these things are nothing new in "ufology" and its all psy-op bullshit.

Friendly reminder any post calling aliens "demons" is well poisoning

>>430215801If the rumors, claims, and hypothesis are correct about how these crafts operate than they don't endure any time dilation affects at all. They are able to fly around in real time.>>430216455If you go by what the retarded alien community on Twitter believe it's rather the elites are protecting the aliens from us. The retards on Twitter essentially treat aliens as gods and we are brutes unworthy of their grace

>>430216483>soulsNo such thing

>>430212816Von Braun allready said it; the final lie will be alien invasion. It's literally another invented global "crisis" that would justify globohomo world government.


>>430212648I've closely studied distortionigoogie fields and can say with confidence that Element 115 is burger sauce bro.

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>>430216534Aliens are demons, you’re just a plebbitor who needs to go back

>>430216203Think of space as an addressable matrix. Instead of an IP address, ( you might have (galactic core.star.planet.time)When you warp, you have to specify the location in time. The state of the entire universe relative to your desired position includes temporality.

>>430214034theyve been here for thousands of years. they were originally aliens, but based on how long theyve lived here, they are earthlings now. just not human

Friendly reminder any post that dismissed you as a ribbitor after calling them out is most likely a paid shill

>>430215204this is how a singleborn thinks

>>430216494I’m ready for my custom organ to feed me cannabinoids and Test 36/12 all day

>>430212956>crash land in Mexico.>stagger out of space ship.>wew lad I'm still alive!>4ft goblin scampers up.>h-hello, w-we come in pea-ack.>goblin peals your face off.>cuts all your limbs off.>uploads it to liveleak.

>>430216534It's just christ fags. You'd know if it was an allah ackbar if they called them jinn or whatever their equivalent is. I guess I'd be a Shaitan since I choose not to believe in Islam.>>430216581That's what they want you to think because when you're so spiritually closed off they can just siphon your soul away whilst you're alive with just machine like precision that when you die, you just cease to exist. It goes black and then nothingness for there is no more soul to sense.>>430216730>SinglebornSure.

>>430216833Then stuffs your corpse were fentanyl and uses your corpse to smuggle it across the border into America to sell it to niggers.

>>430216630Demons are just gnomes from the underground network of tunnels known as Hell

>>430216812They had much cooler stuff like Sharp Blue


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>>430213480Welp, they're gearing up for some serious action then.

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>>430216630Do you have a source on that which is Satanism? All sources backing it up are always pointing to Satanists like Crowley and I don't trust Satanists. It seems odd that the don't trust aliens because they are demon claims stem from the very people that say you should trust demons.


>>430212648>omega advanced aliens crash because of 'gravity distortion fields'>shitty human satellites with no propulsion dontwhy is it that sciencelets are the ones coming up with schizorp all the time, do some thinking before you click POST

>>430217316Is he related to Biden?

>>430212816You will own nothing is the mantra of the Galactic Federation. We will become the serfs to literal bugmen from planet 9

>>430212816kek @ the image

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>>430218260I’m with u bro. Everything he said was a re-hashed version of bob lazar and fun fan fic shit that’s been around forever. I think bob lazar is telling the truth, and I think a Wizard wanted his 15 mins of fame across x and pol after boiling down just about every ayelmao post into a “disclosure” post. I think it’s fake and gay, but I think the source material is legit. I think MJ12 is a “history” lesson at this point (one about how disinfo is their only option of obscuring the truth) They’ve already come out and said most of the activity is drones. There was hella videos of ayelmaos around Fukushima and dr Steven greer’s witnesses are almost 100% on military nuclear test missile sites. Is this a good QRD for people uninformed? Ofc. There’s a lot of legit bits in it. Do I believe him? Not without some form of proof. But I do think they don’t rescue their own because it’s a quazi military op; and “bodies attract bodies”


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>>430215966So you think Vax was a try to block harvest ?

>>430213131Why wouldn't they have auto self destruction. You wouldn't want a bunch half apes to jack your shit. Shit even science fiction from 60 plus years ago understood the dangers of contamination. Especially if they are time travelers.

>>430219462personally, I think it means the harvest was sold, and now we know whot the buyer is.

>>430219809Depends. If the tech is ultra advanced then we can do nothing to make it work.

>>430220185I think that I'm posting from a device that would be considered science fiction even 30 years ago.

>>430220283the basic fundamentals going into it are quite old howeveryou're talking about supposed gravity defying and reality warping tech we don't even have concepts of beyond theoretical papers.

>>430212648wayne lambright and his anti grav tech have been srangely absent from 4chan as of late

>>430213410>>430213131alternate idea; what do you do when the dumbass intern or disposable clone falls into the pig pen?

>>430214228>>430213626would you care that much about a purpose-grown clone with bare minimal imprintings? Especially as a gamewarden?

>>430215736i could watch him hammer that thing all day. also, how did he know he dropped a thing?

>>430217316>from the trannie brosascending to heights no man could ever woman

>>430213328It's the equivalent of asking why people don't take care of their disposable straws. They are literally disposable by design. Just because they seem "alive" doesn't change that.

>>430212648Would sure be nice if they would provide some competition to our fucked up medical industry. I mean fuck it, probe away, just fix my fucked up body.


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>>430212648Ayy lmaos are interdemtional extraterrestrial faggots

>>430212648>bob lazar was right all this time.Correct, since day one.

>>430213736If that's the case then who's controlling the biorobots. Is it the big aliens? The Jews?

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>>430214179I hope you know this picture is fake.

>>430220970. twitter.com/Lambright24/status/1667796594140516355

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>>430213063You assume they view death the same way as us? That they burry the dead the same way as us?

>>430216583Post the meme with the jew saying oy goyim we should form a one-world government when the 'aliens' come and ask who your leader is

>>430212648Can the government just blue beam us already ?These alien ufo threads are autism tier trash.

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>>430222557anon wayne's free energy is plugging a cord into his battery backup and then plugging the battery backup into the other end.


>>430222818/x/ must be a fucking nightmare right now kek

>>430214743They could be crashing on purpose. Gathering intel after being captured

>>430222869the caller later admitted it was a jokehow uninformed and new are you?

>>430217410>aleister crowley>satanistevery single time

>>430212648This is all happening because of me. The more interested I've become and the more I've learned, the more it's talked about around the world. I am, the nobody. All of you anons who have been bored, like myself, you're welcome. The coming times will no longer be boring. The owls have been speaking to me, and it's definitely here.

>>430222959The call was a joke, but the government still felt threatened enough to do something about it.

>>430212648more fag larp shit about fake&gaylmaos? you glowniggers are dense

>>430223039this wasn't a joke thoughyoutube.com/watch?v=g_UdpSNccfI

>>430223039fair enoughbut this is the problem with all this shit, it's a never ending explaining and coming up with counter pointsI have to see it with my own eyes and touch it with my own hand, this era of fabricating media is fucked

>>430216833>goblin scraps the space ship and sells the materials


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>>430213010At least put Alice Springs in the right spot.

>>430212648You retards are still larping? Sad.

>>430212648>>the aliens don't recover their downed craft or their own pilots, they just leave them to dieWhat is wrong with alliens?Are they Space Russkies or what?

>>430224056The grays are biological machines, either controlled remotely or soulless AI.

>>430212956>short >large eyed>act strangely >like abducting people >likes cutting people upI can see why aliens avoid mexicans.

>>430222959How do you know that? How do you know it was "just a joke"? Of all the people who called Art over the years, I can't remember any calling to say it was a joke, or getting him zapped off the air.

>>430213063They're probably drones. If a drone crashes on mars we dont care to recover it