Aus/pol/>"It was massive, that croc. It would've been over five metres," Rodney told Yahoo News Australia.whats for dindins?

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>>430212263Shut the fuck up Bradley

>>430212263Ordered some Indian over Ubereats for dinner. Hopefully I don't get Hep A.

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>>430212263Roastie complains about having to live with shitskins after she voted for it. >"I don't think I want to be living with randoms just to be able to afford a house."Enjoy your rape.

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>>430212489Brown town comin

>>430212716Still crying that no one cares about your LGBT faggot threads? >>430212756kek, stupid whore.

>>430212756As some Polack user said in some other post ages ago: you made your bed, now get raped in it

>$80 left until my next cenno paymentAt least I'm getting some free clothes from charity on tuesday, but still it's gonna be hard not getting goyslop delivered at least 3 times this week

>>430212756what phenotype is thisknew an olivia that looked exactly like her

>>430212783youre the only one crying


>>430212928Was thinking about that. Very mystery meat. She's definitely got some wog in her.

>>430213006what about that post

>>430212928>what phenotype is thisI can't actually pinpoint a good lineage. She looks a bit like whatever Meghan Markle is.

>>430213009the olivia i knew was jewish

>>430213009Yeh wog and white hybrid for sure. Many such cases.

where floof

>>430213257>caturday thread failure still seething

>>430212913>At least I'm getting some free clothes from charityHow did you get that?

Broo..Why is this Aussie hapa cuck always posting naked pics of his gf?

>>430213341thats not me

>>430213301>where floof caturday cringelord posting with a fresh ID after an abo porn post to throw the scent>it is the same faggot

>>430213009>She's definitely got some wog in her.She's a mutt, like Bradley.


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>>430213079That was me. You can catch a bus and get stabbed too.

>>430212263Suspiciously masculine looking "woman" warns people about Pajeet tax scammers pretending to be the ATO>"I spoke to one person, and they said the FBI was going to come after them and that the ATO was going to, 'Come and arrest me'," Ms Kneller

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>>430213555Checked.Tax returns before the financial year has even finished. My fucking god how retarded can you be. Seriously.

shittiest fucking thread everyouse can all neck yourselves

Aussies are definitely cucksSeething about Americans and ignoring us makes your women disrespect you

>>430213648you can prepare for it beforehand though. most peoples weekly wage doesn't change. i do like to project how much money i am getting well ahead of time.


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>>430213733Yeh this is true. I retract the 'seriously' from my post.

>>430213648Do you reckon thats a troon? Has a real Dame Edna look about "her">>430213656Keep calm and drink piss.

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>>430213848Quite possibly. After menopause kicks in though the amount of testosterone a womans body produces increases significantly. Why old nannas sometimes grow whiskers. But those features are angular and masculine as fuck so troon factor is fkn high.

>>430213738>be scrolling down Holla Forums to look for memes to steal>see thiswhy are you doing this, its disgusting and the thought that your ancestors, otherwise pretty normal, decided to inseminate this makes it doubly so.

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>>430213975>After menopause kicks in though the amount of testosterone a womans body produces increases significantly.Well they're on HRT too. Hard to tell with "Ms Kneller" though.

Hello sar you will be arrested in two days please give me your bank account password or we will give arrest warrant by fbi sar plase comply

>>430213975woops forgot ssThe receding hairline is a bit of a tell.

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>>430213363Just a local place where I know one of the volunteers


>>430212756>the coal faceI think you mean the coalfaxroastie won't have a choice soon enough.$250 per week with a side of rape

>>430213555>Her assuming she'll be getting a tax return anywaySorry my dear but you didn't over pay your tax, in fact you owe the tax man money.The tax man is willing to have you pay with your ass if you don't have the cash on hand.

>>430214251"she" obviously only puts on the makeup and lippy for "special occasions.

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>>430212263It's freezing.

>>430212263G’day cunts

>>430215962Sup mayne


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What will it take for the Australian Landlord Party to realise absolutely nobody voted for a million pajeets to be imported year after year? Society is unironically going to collapse

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>>430216458Thankfully Pajeets are so fucking obnoxious and such rapey scammers that even the dumbest of normie can't help but collapse into racism when dealing with them.

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>>430214858Not really. She's a cunt. I'm absolutely taking advantage of her by using this service when I'm not all that poor or needful. She deserves it and worse though

I'm thugging.

>>430215829weak faggot.


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>>430217135Based chad dabbing on shitskin fisherman.

>>430217135>restorative justice to familyyou mean he knocked up the families daughter before he got deported this way she and her family can now be a tickaboxabo when the voice gets passed.

>>430216802a few weeks ago i saw a pajeet at a petrol station try and steal money from a customer, was hoping customer couldn't add numbers together to get right change. tried to short change customer by $30. and the customer lost his mind at him. nothing racist but customer was going to kill him. a lot of these pajeets they import are literally thieving cunts.

>>430216876It's still nice to get some free clothes. Even if you don't need them.

>>430217259paid something around $20k to settle everything and be allowed to leave the country. he really got off lightly.

>>430217307Like I don't get how every fucking scammer has an indian accent and every time they encounter a Pajeet he's trying to grift them for money and they can't put two and two together. If I answer the phone and there's a Pajeet voice on the other end of the line I instantly call them a nigger.

>>430217307Imagine how many paypass totals get rung in a little bit above the actual total. No cunt checks, i fkn don't just tap the cunt and leave. Especially with the totally jeet owned businesses, harder to skim from a big company, but one family of jeets all skimming to add to the jeet savings pool.


>>430217534>>430217687a lot of these faggots from lower castes of indian society are all like this. if they can try and scheme or steal money from someone then that's their idea of getting ahead.

>post a job ad on linkedin>hundreds of jeets send messages asking to be relocated


Canada legalized all drugs

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>>430218295And no doubt Modi was over here promising his best and brightest jeets meanwhile they're rounding up all the untouchables and sending them here. Just like when the Cubans emptied their gaols and sent them all to the US back in the late 70s/80s

>>430218355Checked. With a block of export or 4L goon bag.

Utmost radically increase the white birthrateVia genetic modification we can achieve anything Imagine via genetic modification girls having 8 babies per pregnancy with most of them female. And then via UBI the state supports the children.99% of jobs are useless.Farmers, doctors, and scientists should be paid via equity UBI

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VGH I choose bio punk and drugpunk instead of war

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>>430212263>whats for dindins?Barbeque.>>430212489>ubereatsCunt you ARE Hep A.

>>430218409The best and brightest jeets move to the US, the second best and second brightest move to Canada, and then Modi takes a giant shit all over the other western countries to get rid of people who have fake credentials, lie on their CVs and see nothing ethically or morally wrong with raping the mentally ill, children or animalsJust wait until our hospitals and courts are primarily staffed by nepotistic, soulless pajeets

Divinity NOW

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>>430218409>And no doubt Modi was over here promising his best and brightest jeets meanwhile they're rounding up all the untouchables and sending them can guarantee that will be the case and any 'skilled labour' would mean people to operate cash registers at a BP service station or seven eleven.

>>430213555>and they said the FBI was going to come after themThe kind of faggot who dials 911.

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>>430218295Well why do they call the cops if they get caught out then? If it's "ok" for them to steal money surely it's ok to bash them for it.

>>430218409>I told them I was in sanitation No one's going to belive that, coming from a street shitter.

just ate a raw garlic clove and fuck that burnedwas for experiments sake, going to fry the rest make chips out of it

>>430219098Kek, swallow the cunt whole don't need to chew it.

>>430218529Won't matter.roasties like abortions.abortions don't get gibs thoughroasties prefer to be knocked up then get the abortion rather than get the gibs.

>be me>house sitting my parent's place while they're away on their boomer caravan trip>go outside to collect mail>neighbour says hello to me>tell him to fuck off>excuse me what did you say>fuck off, I tell him>mfw I'm making enemies with everyone in the neighbourhood

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I can't stop smoking /unregistered pork/

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Early dinner with snack chick and the almost 40 chick. I'm tired. I want to meet other chicks. Sick of these normie+ women.

>>430219098Lol, you don't chew it Nimrod

>>430219939That's a grill. You're grilling.

>>430219939Isn't that rack at the top supposed to be silver?

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>>430219939You got a liocense for that there gas powered carbon emitter?

Why do 400 asylum seekers housed at an ex-British Army camp (Napier Barracks, Folkestone) complain about conditions when they were acceptable for British troops stationed there up to barely a year ago?

>>430220304yeah. top rack you're supposed to try and keep clean. doesn't look like anyone has cleaned this bbq in years but is perfectly fine.

>>430220215A grill is a smoker. It's all about technique

>>430220859Are they actually complaining or are the journalists complaining? Did the journalists actually speak to anyone there? Did the journalists even go there?

>>430220859> be soldier> complain about accommodation> get reprimandednot difficult to understand this problem, user.

>>430220117i don't have to but i believe

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>>430220304Not if you season it properly. When you get a grill you gotta coat everything in oil and burn it off at a high heat. Stops everything rusting, makes it no stick and improves flavor

>>430220793It's a charcoal powered carbon emitter

I can't stop going to interviews and smoking bongs, wish me luck in an hour and what's for dinner?

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>>430219939love a good roast myself, pic rel tonights dindins

Attached: roasticookedtonightfordinner.jpg (1024x768, 204.55K)

>>430221077Oy vey thats even worse goy

Attached: literally burning the coal.jpg (1600x1128, 908.85K)

>>4302210832x pasties and 2x custard tarts.>>430221156very nice

>>430212263when will the recession be over boys


>>430219939I can't stop taking /unregistered dumps/

>>430221077> he doesn't have a gas bbqgay>>430221250few years. prices won't go back down in any hurry. they'll continue climbing. some businesses are hitting the wall.

>>430221250when you have 45 cousins to share a house and income with.

>>430221388Digits. Cousins Rajesh, cousin Prahan, cousin Chandrakhant, cousin Nilesh, cousin . . .

>>430221156That's my roast, and you also posted my Christmas ham the other night

>>430221371> he doesn't have a gas bbqLol, imagine using a gas BBQ in 2023. Who are you anyway, Hank Hill?

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>>430221592i'm sorry that you're homosexual. it's not my fault.

>>430221493how can it be your roast when I clearly cooked it you fucking idiot?

>>430221716it's mine now. i'm taking it and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

>>430221592how do i marry a woman like that

>>430221592Most cunts use gas. It is le ebin smoked meats bro have a coupla IPAs bro and chill bro lemme just oil my beard hipster faggots that switched over to OMG so tender charcoal

>>430221250>tfw lifelong mate and i are talking about buying a property together in the hills so we dont have buy in the suburbs indepentlytimes are changing so we must change with them

>>430221757need to be able to leave the house more than once a month, possibly shower a few times a month while you're at it. not difficult, user.

>>430221757the same way you marry Ava.Fail the exams and just stick it in.

>>430221757You get a charcoal grill and make her smoked meats

>>430221826good stuff user. i will probably start a property fund with some friends and family next year. the system is stacked against you but you can beat it with collective groups. jews do it, so why can't i? >>430221848i shower often and leave my house to the local iga. i think i'd rather an 85 IQ bogan White woman anyway, can mould her better.

>>430221250>whennever>it's the new normal.Just wait for it to slip into a depression.roasties will be hurling themselves off bridges and tall buildings.

>>430221811Yeah and most people BBQs are shit. Charcoal tastes better, ever had charcoal chicken? It's the charcoal that makes it good. People like gas because it's low effort and it's reflected in the results too.

Circular Quay, Sydney 1873. No chinks or nogggers.

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>>430222008i have generational wog wealth and he has the work ethic and business smarts. we are just starting a venture together (both electricians) and the potential is huge.goodluck fren

>>430222149Yeh, i have had charcoal delights many times and they do taste way better.

>>430222159prossie's who show the leg and get coomed on.

>>430222247But they white.

>>430222008Jews do it, jeets do it, chinks do it, most countries in the world other than western ones do it.

>>430222159I want to go on a big wooden sail ship how do I do this?

>>430222198>goodluck frenyou too user.>>430222289It's funny isn't it. The Whites are pitted against each other meanwhile these others work together. I raise these points with the people around me and they agree. Recently seeing a family member I mentioned buying a home with them and they laughed as if I was joking. I told them we need not be in competition, we should work together to achieve these things. The attitude is crazy.

>>430222329get on board yourself the captain of "insert ship name"it's now yours to sail away with.

>>430222438where do I find one?

>>430222505still there at circular quay.

>>430222329when i was backping europe i somehow hitchiked from a small island in denmark to kiel on a small sailing ship. they were using a motor cause the wind wasnt right and it was such a small trip anywaythey were all weekend warriors who were paying to be a part of the crew and just loved sailing. i assume they had a small professional crew holding the whole thing together.I doubt we have such a thing cause who would wanna sail in our mad as fuck oceans

>>430222605sounds fun, same thing here is probably pretty pricey as well, if it exists.

I just quit my job cunts. It's only a second income stream. Fuck this shit cunts. Working 2 jobs 7 days a week cunt to keep things going. Whole job is an On Call After Hours situation where I spend my weekends cleaning up after cunts from Friday night to Monday morning. I'm going insane. Mrs. harping at me about it because she overheard my phone call and I told her to "shut up" out of frustration and now she's seething at me. Fuck this shit cunts. Rang the fucking regional coordinator and told the cunt I'm done with this mess of an organisation. Such a meme all this shit.

>>430222893does your woman not work?

>>430222961No. She looks after the baby. I still need 2 incomes. I'm going to go deliver pizzas on an e-bikes. Way healthier for me and happier I am sure.

>>430223040how can you not function on 1 full time wage? are you unskilled? or you fell for the new 4wd meme?

>>430222893>>430223040learn to be less decadent so you can get by with lessthen learn how hollow modern life is without the constant consooomingthen slowly turn into a bitter old cunt

>>430216458Grafitti fuck off we're full and the afp will come knocking. They won't even check the cameras for this cunt.

>>43022314990k is my 9-5. I have a car loan, only 30k but, still I regret it but my second hand I owned got totalled. Trying to save for a house so I'm currently jobmaxxing for a chunky deposit.

Life as a sub-8 male is a like there may be hope for us incels after all. Seeya later virgins I'm going to start an Ostrich farm and arouse chicks.

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>>430222423The phrase ((Never do business with friends or family)) is burnt into the white brain for some ((reason))

>>430223342>but my second hand I owned got totalledso you went and purchased a new car? why not buy the same 2nd hand car? >>430223490yeah I wonder (((who))) made them have that mentality. there are even Sharia banks here now for Muslims.

>>430223369Have you ever stood next to an ostrich? Dearth by snu-snu

>>430222329join shackletons expedition

Attached: shackle.jpg (500x335, 24.43K)

>>430223571A scarcity or lack of something by snu-snu?

>>430223369kek have fun mate

>>430223719Nah they'd swallow your entire head in their throbbing cloaca and you'd suffocate to death. He died by ostrich cloaca asphyxiation sex

>>430223719>>430223791But yes, dearth

>>430223791i heard that asphyxiation is orgasmic

>>430223791truly the best timeline

>>430223699i wish i wasn't born too young for safe return doubtful.

>>430223768You too.>>430223791>Nah they'd swallow your entire head in their throbbing cloaca and you'd suffocate to death.Gif rel holy shit. I bet Michael Hutchence is seeing our conversation from the afterlife and going "bugger I should've done that with an Ostrich instead of a rope".

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>>430223910>born too young

>>430224191Yes. I am a fucking spastic. Born too late.

>>430223910back when the boats were made of wood and the men were made of steel

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Evacuate From These Cities:1) New York City2) Los Angeles3) Chicago4) Philadelphia5) Washington DC6) Houston7) Nashville8) New Orleans9) Charlotte10) San Francisco11) Detroit12) Seattle13) Atlanta14) Las Vegas15) Baltimore16) Boston17) Miami


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I just raped someone and it felt good

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>>430224531whats happening in miami

Attached: floofinator.jpg (637x358, 42.38K)

>>430224531Niggers or something else user?


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I worked out the solution to the economic crisis.We just need to burn down our local masonic lodge.Seriously, it's that simple.Our common enemy is religious in nature so how do you defeat a religion when you cannot be sure of killing everyone involved as well as destroying all their works?The answer is you drive them underground to the point that any actions taken by them in the open expose them which allows us to deal with them again.Think of it like putting faggots back in the closet. The second you saw someone in drag or even just waving a pride flag you hospitalise them, destroy their property, etc. In short make it known that their existence is entirely intolerable to us and that should they not remove themselves from our presence we'll happily see them die a slow and painful death.Why masons when their religion is judaism for the goyim?Well for starters it's literally Satan worshiping which includes every sin because "do what thou wilt" and the heinous practice of witchcraft both of which they believe in and consider you nigger tier retards for being non believing atheists.More importantly though the kikes are powerless without their yes men beneath them. They're parasitical and if we all just told them to fuck off they wouldn't be able to do a goddamn thing to us or our nations. The masons are their way into the goyim so deeply that they actually have us thinking being a mason is above all else. Don't believe me checkout George Washington's memorial, pic related.Every cop is a masonEvery judge is a masonMost doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc. are all masons too.Every last politician and non jewish banker is also a mason though.This means from top to bottom you're gonna see jimmies rustled and the goyim talk. The only solution to make it stop is to make things infinitely worse or better and I'm sure every satanist outing themselves in those days might want to go back into hiding.Obviously I joke ASIO, only in minecraft and all that...

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>>430224612you dog cunt

>>430224531is this more ChatGPT rubbish?fuck off

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>>430224725Or you could become a mason

>>430224342We all make mistakes. You're alright.

>>430224725this is something i can get behind, in minecraft ofcoursewhat do you know about rotary parks, why are there so many

Attached: rotary.jpg (739x415, 47.75K)

>>430224843Yeah but I'm not a satan worshiper or homosexual so I think I'll pass hey.>>430224878>rotary parksonly ever heard good things but let's be real here it's old cunts that fought brother wars trying to even their karma at best.

Attached: freemason shake.jpg (1024x899, 249.43K)

>>430224878Some shit to do with the rotary club(s) everywhere

>>430223040Despite what you may believe your wife actually wants to spend time with you. A second job may not be the solution

>>430224725I've been inside a Masonic lodge, some junior let me in.Quite disappointing, actually. The lower rung Masons are just an old boy's club for the local, like an RSL. Occasionally some young blood.

>>430224878If you wanna look into something suss that shouldn't exist I give you rosco.I wonder what their logo means?

Attached: rosco.jpg (1848x1258, 689.86K)

>>430225001what have you heard

Attached: rotated.jpg (420x427, 81.45K)

>>430225057are they safe after dark?

>>430225146did he tell you about riding the billy goats?


>>430225146You're falling for the Christianity traps user.>>430225189All I'd heard was their good deeds like funding social events, gardens in parks, etc. The masons do similar things too though. It's one of those christianity traps I mentioned just above. They blind the lower level goyim with good deeds and only initiate those with eyes to see.>>430225341Maybe we could give them the benefit of the doubt like it's saying yeah we're a nudist camp and as much as you want to touch the kids we have a hands off policy?

Attached: 1541045494516.gif (402x637, 52.73K)

You what has made me a little less shitty lately? Realising I can actually just steal things I want\need as long as I don't get greedy. I don't understand why it took until I was 30 to realise this. Being a nigger bust be wild.

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>>430224531Are they part of the strong cities network?