You are now aware that US housing is no longer expensive

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there is literally cheap public transportation right out the front door

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>>430211998buy an add

>>430212209I started name fagging my posts so people can more easily find the deals, you mad gangstalker-kun?

>>430211998>cheapThat’s like 10,000 cheeseburgers

>>430211998Illinois taxes are insane

>>430211998Wow that's a nice house for that price. Is it in the middle of nowhere?

>>430213215No, it's in Danville (pop 34K) beside the bus stop. You literally don't need a car, which is a massive expense and liability.

>>430213215I wish. It’s in Danville. Danville is a trash city, falling apart under the weight of the negroid menace.

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>>430211998Yes but who the fuck would want to live in Illinois?

>>430213531shills always say this, but never name their state of preference

>>430211998>Literal 100 year old house.>White suburb surrounded by ocean of all black neighborhoods and crime infested hellhole.You are literally trying to get anons murdered aren't you? Admit it.

>>43021199833.8% NegroNon viableTry again


The house is somewhere in the red circle.

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>danville population White (Non-Hispanic) (56.5%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (32.3%), White (Hispanic) (5.45%), Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (2.44%), and Asian (Non-Hispanic) (1.38%).


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Now let's take a quick peak at the crime map

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>>430213949the important post itt

>>430213701I will never move out of the northeast. Midwesterners and southerners are soulless retards and I never feel comfortable around them.


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>>430213215danville is a bombed out shithole. all the industry left and theres nothing there but niggers now

>>430214094still waiting for you to name drop a state bro

>>430211998Danville is nigger haven. Go through there and they’ll try to sell you an 8ball or point a gun at you and force you. Went there in high school for a baseball game, got jumped by 4 niggers at a gas station with my best buddy.

>>430213701I hear California is nice

>>430214241lol, the highest income tax in the USAnice

>>430214094yuengling and wawa coffee sucks, bro. don't crabs in a bucket.

>>430214230Why so you could talk shit about my beautiful home state? Nah get fucked flyover retard. It's not a nigger infested shithole like yours I'll tell you that much.

I got you a better one where you don't have to deal with blacks, poverty, or worst of all, living in illinoisand it's cheaper

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>>430212781Get a trip code faggot teacher


>>430214013Peek*, sorry, phonefagging


>>430214412I hear Fukushima is pretty cheap

>>430214412my house was cheaper than that and has latest earthquake standardIs that even

>>430213443>is it in the middle of nowhere?>no>34k pop.All niggersFuck off

>>430214746yeah but I like that style of housemodern constructions are boring I like an older house with pretty architecture and history to it

>>430214013Most of foreign posters have no idea what real crime is like. They see "high crime" and they think their house is going to get TPed or they will see some graffiti on a wall.


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>integrate with the niggers, goyim>we even lowered the property values by promoting lawlessness in their communitiesno thanks, shlomo

>>430214928That's fine, but you're probably overpaying, that's all I'm saying here.

>>430215047yeah I'm sure there's better offerseven then that house is a way better deal then anything you'll find in the states

look at that, looks like I found another Holla Forums fren a

>>430214013lol is there a massive fence at swisher and nigger gilbert street? these maps are bullshit

That's been up for 5 hours... Don't you have a life? Get some grass or ho touch pussy

>>430213701I grew up in the PNW and the rest of America looks like a gangster rap music video. I wanted to move to Seattle, but it's kinda gone to shit since the BLM fags took over. Seattle was the safest city in America because it was super white. Amerimutts are straight up criminals. Hopefully i can muster up the courage to become a serial killer.

Then explain this:$4,750,000 4 bd3 ba 2,452 sqft20762 Rockpoint Way, Malibu, CA 90265

>>430215371Here you go, it's up 96 days nowWalking distance to Sam's club, grocery, Amtrak, and you can probably even make it to Canada on foot in a day... unless you're one of those walmart scooter

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>>430215577Anyone can ask any price for their property, that doesn't mean they will get it. :)

>>430212206US public transport is simply vector for Jews to spread drug addicts across otherwise healthy neighborhoods.

>>430211998>>430213443>40% niggers>has a violent crime rate 3.5 times the US average>has the sixth highest violent crime rate per capita in the country, just below inner city Detroit

Housing market is fucked forever

>>430215906Here, very white Port Huron, a second oneYou're even a short walk from the main strip in townNice big sun roomNice hardwoods too, would

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>>430216124You can get 10gbps fiber in Port Huron, did you know that?

>>430211998just entered this garbage thread to say. FUCK YOU OP eat a dick SAGE

>>430211998It’s a very reasonable price and the homeowners look like they took good care of it. Would be a good starter family home with all those bedrooms.

>>430214412But thats over 6,000 miles away from my job and I can't even keep guns in there

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Now I wonder what neighborhood that "house" is in

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>>430215664>walk to Sam'snigger, are you retarded?

>>430213701I live in Florida, and my father grew up in IL and spent a good chunk of his adult life in that stateIt's a massive shithole of a state and an embarrassment to the nation only superseded by California Parts of the state may look pretty but deep down it is corrupt as hell and under the thumb of the tyranny of Chicago politicsI could feel it even in the small towns, they're an oppressed, conquered people

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>>430216881You said California is niceOpinion discarded

>>430217029lurk moar, nipfag

>>430214094>Yankee>calling anyone a soulless retardThen tell your fellow Yankees to fuck off from Florida

>>430211998But Danville is a shithole with no jobs.t. Chambana master race

>>430217016they are. chicago sucks up all of the tax revenue, so downstate gets the lint in the governor's pockets. a few years ago chicago started exporting their niggers downstate in exchange for funds. crime went through the roof in otherwise peaceful towns. cops get dragged to court every time they put down a pavement ape, and so many quit, leading to even more crime.

You guys keep buying these places as fast as I post them, I must be doing something

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>>430213061And despite being far from Chicago, Danville has bad demographics The racial makeup of the city was 70.19% White, 24.37% African American, 0.21% Native American, 1.20% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 2.09% from other races, and 1.92% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 4.57% of the population.

>>430217144why aren't you at the bars, illinifren?

>>430217291old census data.

>>430212206kekkedit's WALKABLE**stabbable

>>430217276bravo lmao doing the work biden won't. getting the gayniggers into housing

>>430217276>so cheap even a nigger can afford them!That's the problem, nigger.You still have to be rich to afford a house in an area without niggers

>I can't afford a hou-ACK!No, you just want to live in a rich area despite being fucking broke

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>>430217320Because I graduated years ago and left. With downstate Illinois cities you always need to check the demographics. Also don't go north of University Avenue unless you're in downtown Champaign

>>430217672>4000sqftthe lot, maybe

>>430217831fuck, its down to university now? it was bradley when I was there 10 years ago

>>430211998Try Salem, IL

imagine buying a house that you found on a 4chan thread. there's literally bodies out back im sure.

>>430211998>Houses are relatively cheaper in places nobody wants to live.Wow, what a brilliant observation. You found a $40,000 house that is selling for $75,000 and think it is a deal.

>>430217921University is ok to drive on, but there's seriously no reason to be north of it. Bradley is to be avoided especially because that train crossing near the Canadian National yard makes you a sitting duck

>>430211998I bought my house 11 years ago and it's worth 2.5x what I paid for. There was a minimal dip in the last year. It's fucking expensive you're just a retarded zoomer who's never known a good buyer's market.

why is a jewish real estate agent posting on the chans with a Japanese IP address


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>>430211998Jap man doesn't understand nobody wants to live in Illinois with that weirdo governess that looks like a cesspit

>>430216124Violent crime rate is 2.5 times the national average and the interior is fucking decrepit - shit peeling off the walls and ceilings most of the wood floors are ruined, lots of indications of mold, at least one window and frame is just straight up gone and replaced with a piece of screen, graffiti carved into the walls, electrics look like they need a broad updating, there appear to be a few parts in images where wiring has been pulled out of places where outlets or fixtures used to be - I guarantee the repairs and replacements you'd have to do to make that house no longer crack den tier would be at least $100-150K

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>>430218061what are houses worth when the money is worthless

>>430213215No but the area is 30% niggers, they aren't like normal humans either who hang out at work and home, they wonder the streets like wild animals so makes it seem like they make up the majority.

>>430213701>>430214013BahahahaHope you like getting to know all of the cops on a first name basis. If you have children don't let them play at the playground...ever, they WILL get struck by needles and or die from fentanyl candy/chalk someone left around

So how many niggers are around the place and is there any highspeed interwebs siince I am elite haxor php guy? there's always niggers around, also no bumpo cause ESL-kun is a cuck.

>>430217672>live with the niggers, goyim!

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>>430215424Same 'cept I never wanted to move to Seattle, too many faggots there. Stay away from king and pierce county though and it's pretty great

>>430215664Michigan. Did you not hear everyone's plea to avoid Niggers and negresses? Have you ever heard of Detroit? Yeah sure sounds like a lot of fun how bout you nove there

>>430213708tbf he's rocking a japanon flag, they have shitloads of cheap housing and a well-contained nigger population so the nuances of american social engineering are probably beyond him

>>430218840I just wanted to move somewhere with an economy. My shitty town barely has any jobs. Also all the hot chicks talked about running away their.

>>430212206In the middle of a schizo nexus. For the square footage that is still too expensive to live next to the nightmares that crawl out of the busses.

>>430216124Port Huron is pretty good bait for white trash housing, but you should pick Bay City, it's even better.

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>>430214412Floor sizes dictated by tatami mats are super efficient.

>>430211998Why would i want to live in a nog neighborhood. Raycis instagram told me to buy land then put an electric fence around my house to shock the niggers>>430216735

Why americans aren't putting proper fences around their houses?

>>430211998this is literally cheaper than in poland, wtf is wrong with my country

>>430219263zoning laws. the price of materials.

>>430211998Slow chew a bag of bricks you dumb fucking nigger.

>>430215424> Hopefully i can muster up the courage to become a serial killer.

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Are you the same nip who is trying to keep Americans from coming to Japan and stealing all the women with bwc?

>>430219487>zoning lawsfair I guess>the price of materialsaren't you supposed to be richHell we can afford it. we can't make it without it

>>430220000nice digits, america is rich on paper bud our heavy industry and manufacturing are a paper tiger joke. a 40 year old cardboard shitbox in a safe neighborhood with good school system and high paying jobs available nearby is gonna be 500k-1m on average. will probably also have a HOA run by neoliberal boomerwaffen who will terrorize you.

>>430219775Mutts will make you psycho. 90 IQ retards that all have criminal families. IDGAF anymore.

>>430211998>illinoisFuck that noise. Goddamn yankees

>>430220409Apparently, there are tutorials online on how to be a serial killer

>>430213949Why does every race have a hispanic version? Fuck niggers. We (mexicans) disavow niggers as “hispanics”. That would be like calling niggers in america “white” because they were slaves in white countries like some hispanic countries have slave niggers.

>>430215664Whats the cheapest in saugatuck mi, harisville,lake city, or au gres. All Mi. If something affordable is there ill downsize from where im at in this state.

>>430216430One of the big things keeping me from moving overseas. I can't stand the thought of being disarmed.

>>430217672That's Flint MI