The King Of Canada

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>>430211720Wannabe antichrist for the world.

>>430211720It that why the are burning it down?

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All hail the King

>>430213717Praise Jesus Christ, the only King.

>>430211720Based. I like him. Better than having Trudeau as head of state, that's for sure.

>>430213762>>430213762Praise dead jew on a stick who told white people to turn da udder cheek whenever jews rape kids.yeah, nah christcuck


>>430211895Yep.Somebody Fucked Up!I am Pissed.

>>430213838>who told white people to turn da udder cheek whenever jews rape kids.He said the opposite, liar. Your father is Satan.

>>430213762How can he be King of kings if he's the only king?

>>430211720Certainly the king they deserve,

>>430214023christcucks are pro-refugee because jesus was a refugeethey are also pro- race mixing because "we are all of one blood"your kiked religion will destroy your own peoples

he is short something.good job, rebbe snowman!

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>>430211720King PedoNowonder Canada is degrading like that

Pedo Kingbest friend of the Rthschilds and the biggest pedophile of england

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>>430211720he needs more powerover all governments

Canada, like the UK, is a fictitious legal entity that only exists on paper. There is no race of men that Chuck is the king of. I am the king of all the races, however; I am the king of kings and that's why none of the other kings, or even groups of them working together, are strong enough to kill me.

>>430214155>Jesus was a refugeeWhere was this in your classes? Fucking uneducated faggot.

>>430214155meme flag>has beliefs, too cowardly to stand behind them without a mask=>Faggot, disregard opinion.>weakling>no need to hear this idea because this guy is a faggot cowardNice flag faggot, kill yourself

>>430211895How fucking laughable. I doubt he cares about anything of the sort.Ultimately, all British citizens and commonwealthers are simple jesters for their king. It's your purpose. Embrace it, clown.

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>>430214536The King is a servant to GodThe people are servants to KingIn that orderToo much freedom leads to liberalismThe herd has to be culled

>>430211720I like the timeline where divorced, JUST'D Harry disappears.And then the great rebel war starts and patriots fight against the ZOGs and America is losing but Canada under the Dominion Flag and Maple Leaf Forever march shows up and saves us and Harry is leading it as Grand Duke of Canada.


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Long live King Charlie.

>>430213813Glownigger detected

>>430214711>>430214794im right tho, christcuck scum.jesus was a faggot too, who fucked all of his gay disciples

>>430215920What's gay about Canada is your patriotic song Maple Leaf Forever talks about beating the USA in two battles to maintain your precious rights.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What rights, then?Canada's existence cannot be, unless they have some sort of argument against the USA. For decades, it was about the USA being far too liberal and ungodly, about tradition and morality.Until Reagan, at which point the moral majority conservatism kind of made the USA the perfection of Canada's ideal while draft-dodgers, weed addicts and degenerate gimp swingers took over the country.So Canada decided to make its patriotism about how it was more liberal than the fascist and evil USA. Thanks in no small part to the USA's banking cartel promotion of Neomarxism from the 1970s.Pathetic "we deserve to exist because USA bad and we're not USA" Canada.

>>430214360easily rolls over and kiss their ass.

>>430216757Shut up American

>>430211720No way that man is human. Look at him...I'm just not buying it.

>>430216757The worst part is that the world's perception of Western values and ideas is defined by BBC propaganda, since the BBC is the copy and past newsdesk about global news and American news for 90% of the world outside of America.And the BBC interprets America, not through NPR, but through Canada's perspective, which by its very nature, defines its identity against whatever the USA is happening to be doing.This is why the world is obsessed with George Floyd and guns. It's the USA != Canada -> BBC -> 90% of the world's global news desks since outside of the Anglo world it's mostly lazy swarthies and Germans are captured by NATO.

>>430216855*scratch* *scratch**the rake day cometh*

>>430211720ANON INVENTED RAYCISS INSTAGRAM>>430216735>>430216735

well I didn't vote for him

>>430217021good you shouldnt get a votethere should be a threshold for voters

>>430211895He is the beast and his son is the antichrist.

>>430216757Holy smokes, eh? Did a fellow from Medicine Hat fuck your girlfriend or something?

>>430217101I thresheld you mom last night

>>430217134No you dumb carotenoid nigger, I just want to understand what the fuck your dumb lyrics mean other than you being butthurt faggots.

>>430217290keep researching Canada you'll find out cause guess what i dont research your shithole

>>430217392Yeah you just do what the jewish first families tell you idiot.

>>430217392Toronto is the anus of the Anglosphere and that's a fact.

>>430211720Does he have "2SLGBTQIA+" memorized?

>>430217290>I just want to understand what the fuck your dumb lyrics meanAh for just one time!I would take the North-West Passage!To find the hand of Franklin!Reaching for the Beaufort Sea!

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>>430217489No King?

>>430211720>Why yes I earned all of these medals, why do you ask?

>>430217611I preferred when Benedict Arnold invaded your ass. He *assumed* you would be happy about it, arrived a week late to lock down Montreal, and then learned the Canadians thought Americans were gay and he decided it was best to just leave.And look how the Jewmericans treated Arnold in the end.I get it.But look at Canada, now, eh? Even your good boys are faggots or gimps or simps or something.Something is very sexually wrong with you niggers.I think 75% of the witchcraft bitches from USA fled to Canada because goymasons took over and they weren't reliably degenerate in spite of being in service of the Olam Ha-Shem

>>430211720King Fag

>>430217711Prior to stolen elections, the American President was the effective equivalent to the old Anglo-Saxon King.The Constitutional Convention was a latter-day Witangamot.


>>430217436you sent those dirty fenian irishes raids onto us to usurp our cohesive identity for mick bastardswe know what you are subverter we were never american either since loyalists were executed by your freemason foundersregardless you're collapsing and we are laffing cause we were right you rebel kikes

>>430218731Wow, yeah "we" are freemasons and your Trudeau and climate change kike King are just regular old rights defenders.

>>430211720Time to raise the Queen Annes Revenge.

>>430220034frenchies worked with you to take us outboth republican faggotsthe maple leaf is french i fly the ensign instead cause its part of meyou were hostile from day 1 enjoy your mcdonalds identity mutt

>>430220262Hmm, so you elites in Ontario, by exploiting a sense of "we're at least not America" convinced your dumbass and frenchies to stay in the plantation, and exactly according to plan, you brag about it without questioning the scam.Oh wait, you're Canadian, which by definition means1) Low information2) Arrogant.Liberals in the USA are 1) Low information2) Over socialized.But you leaf niggers are defined by your utter arrogance. you're absolute confidence in your wrong opinions, and intense social persecution of dissidents, totally in line with your contempt for free speech.So how is THAT working out for you, you dumb failures to be Anglo-Saxon, Scotch-Jew-French-Redskin niggers?

>>430214910I serve noone.Literally.Fuck them all.

I still pay my taxes though! lol

>>430220445irishwogratsfrenchies wopmuttsis what your stock is The founders were Scots Anglos and Frenchies were a problem butwe had the frenchies under our boot until after ww2by proximity you spread disease

>>430220606then off with your headwe will form militas with the 6 million loyalist descendants we have just like the Oleevery rish frenchie and wopmutt will be on a list

>>430220711i can tell if you're irishy by looks and that ugly O at the beginning of their name they have

>>430211720OP you there? the americans ran away

>>430211720God Save The KingGod Save Canada

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>>430223567King charles visited my city in 1996 before i was bornWe even made a square park in the shape of a union jack for GB

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>>430216757Canada is the original America though. The USA is a failed reboot.

>>430223567I hope he leads a hohol charge against the Russians :3

>>430213762Hail christ