PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP>President Trump>Liz Harrington (Trump Spox)>Donald J Trump Presidential @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom>b-but Trump hasnt done anything! LINKS TIMES>TrumpVideo: Wolves 6/6/>TrumpVideo: Honoring Patriots of D-Day 6/6/>TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - Addressing Rise of Chronic Childhood Illnesses 6/5/>TrumpVideo: Pres Trump Commemorates 75th Anniv Year of Is-ra-hell's Founding 6/2/>Pres Trump @Team Trump Volunteer Ldrshp Training in Des Moines IA 6/1/>TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - Ending Scourge of Drug Addiction in America 6/1/>TrumpVideo: Celebration of 250 Years of American Independence @IA State Fairgrounds 5/31/>TrumpVideo: Day 1 EO Ending Citizenship for Children of Illegals & Outlawing Birth Tourism 5/30/>TrumpVideo: Make America Great For Us Again! 4/26/>TrumpVideo: I'M BACK 3/18/>MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, AGAIN! 10/28/>God Bless the USA (Donald J Trump) 10/20/>NEVER COME DOWN (10hr ver) 8/11/ pastebin: >>430197836

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Other urls found in this thread:>A>>>


Nonsensical long posts should not be allowed in bee tee gee

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Ahem.Fuck niggersFuck kikes.Fuck troons.And watch Hercules.

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>>430209674>second onewait what


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>>430209714His wife would book meetings etc based on horoscopes and witchcraft.


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>>430209886what a whore

>>430209714From what I have heard that was Nancy not Ron.

>>430209714Yea. Nancy was deep into that shit and blew millions of dollars on it, especially after Regan got shot and started having health problems.

>>430209981The cool thing about her though, is she never let Ronny be alone with bush, after he tried to kill him.

perfect wife capable of killing pedos and starting a nationalism anti-zionist loving family to marry and love beyond death with.

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I love to shit on Lil Ronnie as much as the next guy, but bros this is kinda

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tom boy mother have sex w(...)

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>>430210197>Trumptards are now antisemiticYou faggots glow like the fucking sun

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Next edition

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>>430210277>Jeb Bush vibes

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>>430209602TRUMP FOR PRISON 2024hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

>>430210277This would be more funny if it was in Florida

>>430210277>Propped up establishment guy has no real backinglol how predictable>>430210402>He knew

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>>430209602Gen x is just mad other people are doing stuff but either way that is absolutely based.

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>>430210402comrade is one of the old school trump accounts that managed to never get b&. I like him, but this makes him sus. I was a nobody and got 4 accounts b&.

>>430210277>Jeb Bush vibes Makes sense since Jeb endorsed him

>>430210693He's the YCSTT guy.

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>>430210402I thought fags were just a bundle of sticks? Or is that only in Italian? As an American I refuse to learn any other language.

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>>430210693jon miller too. dude calls out jews left and right but never gets b&. they walk among us.

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>Be me, massive embarrassing autistic faggot>Go to Disney World and keep asking Cinderella for her phone number>She politely deflects>I give up and try to spit game at Elsa>I’m a fat autistic faggot and she politely tries to change the subject while staying in character>Discouraged, I go ask Belle if she’s tired of chumps like Beast and Gaston and if she wants a REAL man>she laughs but stays in character, it doesnt go anywhere >Security arrives and tells me there been numerous complaints and that if I continue to “harass” people I’ll get banned>I cry myself to sleep like the fat autistic hopeless loser cuck that I am

>>430211164wow nice bot

>>430211054>tfw you like meatballs but hate faggotsI need a button meme for this..

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>>430210277>there's at least 7 red hats in the crowd

>>430211247A chatbot is a software application that aims to mimic human conversation through text or voice interactions, typically online. The term "ChatterBot" was coined by Michael Mauldin in 1994 to describe conversational programs.

>>430209602CHUDS?!?!? CHUUUHHHDZ!!!!

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>>430210402>>430210863A 'fag' is a cigarette in Britain.

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fuck niggers

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>>430210277Checked and good but I don't understand Oklahoma. I drove through it today and it is a total shithole. The people there appear to be nigger as they perform absolutely no home maintenance whatsoever, God help your mechanic if you drive on their roads, you can't go 20 miles without seeing a speed trap and worst of all PEOPLE GO THE SPEED LIMIT IN THE LEFT LANE!But I do want to know more of their bathroom homo.

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This is Republican Diana Harshbarger (TN-1st). Diana represents East Tennessee and the Tri-Cities, as well as Gatlinburg and Sneedville, and she was endorsed by Trump for election in 2020 and for re-election in 2022.She's based as fuck because she represents Sneedville.

Attached: Diana_Harshbarger_official_photo_(cropped).jpg (668x800, 126.59K)

>>430211379fannie and willie mean something interesting in Britain as well

>>430211682I'd *endorse* her, if you catch my drift.


>>430211682>SneedvilleFEED AND SEED

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>>430210693He got banned just before Elon took over Twitter

>>430211342what is a chat nigger of boss nigger fame

>>430210673no we watched everything turn to garbage after the 80s in real time

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>This thread againHow many retarded boomers actually care about this failure

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>>430212922If Trump wins in 2024, will you return here and retract the "loser" statement?


your move chuds

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>>430213256>Let us molest your children

>>430213024>>430212572Absolutely not.


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>>430211682I don't care

Massive Trump rally in Georgia. This is just the over flow crowd. We are so back boys

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>Ivanka ignoring Trump amidst his indictment>Ivanka Trump is snubbing the former president, as her association with his candidacy has “ruined her social life”

>>430213256>leave my child alone>no, i won't leave your child aloneand these are the people cheering the indictment...?

>>430213256COD is getting ratio'd into the ground, the move has bene made

All shills should be responded with an image of a jester hat. MAGA!

>>430213835It's funnier to just ignore them


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>>430210402The best part if anyone calls out Trump on this he can reply with saying that there's nothing wrong with that. He should be very proud of it.

>>430210402FAGGOT RON

>>430213256>i won`t leave them alonereport for threats against children.

>>430213593why is there a meatball at the mic?

you know it already past time we need giving up on trump. we need vote on desantas pleas just voting desantas he can not lose and he gona make america better not pardon more black niger

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Goed morning magamen

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>>430215234She made that milk?

This is the kind of shit Elon should be going after.

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NYT reporting Uncle Ted offed himself, I'd say death by feds, if he wanted to kill himself he would have done so years ago.

They got shitposted so hard they turned off the comments

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>>430215265She's my milkmaid waifu, she milks cows

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>>430215234It's not even 2 AM, go back to bed.

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>>430215267Zoophilia is apparently a legitimately activism in Europe and therefore allowed public discussions. Wonderful

>>430215234good morning!

>>430215380Not with that attitude

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>>430214524>were killed when Soviet fighters, under the command of Gen. Anatoly Kornukov, shot down KAL 007 near Moneron Island after the plane entered Soviet airspace.did it ever come out why they were over soviet airspace?or were they?

>>430215626dunno never even heard of the guy until an hour ago, remember paul wellstone well enough though and that certainly was no accident

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>>430215267fucking dog fuckers need to be [redacted]still i hate slatzism



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>>430215322I like how there's a gay hand and a nigger tranny hand.


>>430215582>Not with that attitude

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>>430213594Good, Jew cunt deserves it. Can't believe people were simping for her.

Retards are still shilling this criminal

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>>430215267Not that just that, zoophiles that engage in hurtcore, aka the act of extreme physical harm against small animals. The fact these demons are allowed to post about their sickness yet anyone who dares say they'd want to fuck a cartoon character on a piece of paper is potentially ban worthy is obnoxious. Musk needs to get his shit together.

>>430216131odd they didn’t mention how a sitting us congressman was on board, really makes you think

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>>430216784>Congressman that wanted to leave the UN>They send a missile on his jetI think, after that, the other congressmen got the idea who they were dealing with.

Attached: stealth.webm (480x856, 2.22M)

>>430216608no one here is shilling for that pedo cop on the left.disgusting, and Trump was right to go after him.

>>430216933He also wanted to audit the Federal Reserve so that's already two reasons why they would hit his airplane with a missile.

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>>430216933a missile does send a strong message.kinda like a bullet to the head when in a motorcade.

>>430217089that’s what i can’t get over about rfk jr>uncle‘s murder covered up >father’s murder covered up >cousin’s murder (also by plane) covered upyet according to him climate change and Trump are the biggest threats to america, doesn’t make any sense unless they have serious dirt on him and his family

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>>430217420or he just does not want to be #4 on the wiki page.

>>430217111Checked>>430217420By the looks of it they will still give him the Bernie Sanders treatment.

>>430217770>>430217802looks like jewtube took this down recently + all but 1 version on bitchute is gone, not

why cant we be more like those socialist european countries with free healthcare ack>The NHS says it intends to ban puberty blockers outside of the use of clinical trials and to enhance regulation of treatment for gender dysphoria in children.

>>430218432it’ll happen

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>>430218432I had a collection of articles from the UK with people going to public docs and getting misdiagnosed, a woman that went multiple times, they told her she was fine and after the 16th time they found she had a brain tumor, then, some others where it happened as well, the latest has been the guy that was diagnosed with "anxiety", and told to breathe on a paper bag, turns out he had brain cancer.

>>430218432Searched the archive and found my post.>>A 19-year-old woman in the UK claims that despite 15 trips to the doctor for “crippling headaches” it took an emergency visit to the hospital for her pain to be diagnosed as a cancerous brain tumor. Beckie Hiley, who has since had the tumor removed, said going through “a year of suffering and nobody listening is the worst bit,” of her ordeal.Pic unrelated but you get the gist.

Attached: NHS.png (495x858, 565.3K)

>>430218986> version of the brain tumor woman, in case you don't want to give NYP clicks.

>>430211275Fucking hilarious.

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Joe Biden is a faggot

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>>430209602i know WHO you got this graphic from

Attached: 1658575293238471.jpg (1304x1669, 513.48K)

>>430220293One might even say he's a.....NIGGERFAGGOT. HE'S A GOD DAMN FUCKTARDED NIGGERFAGGOT.

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Who do you guys think is the most trustworthy House GOP rep? I used to think Matt Gaetz was trustworthy until his comment about January 6 prisoners. MTG is shady because she decided to make Milo her intern. As for Jim Jordan, it is always disappointing how he seems to be like a cuck whenever he is in front of Kevin McCarthy and he did not even attempt to enter the race to be Speaker of the House. However, out of everyone I mentioned, Jim Jordan is the most tolerable even though I wished he be more aggressive instead of having such a passive personality.

>>430215337Are Dutch women usually this beautiful, toothpaste?

Where the fuck is Hiki, I need a long post.


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Attached: _methode_times_prodmigration_web_bin_01b81adf-9fa5-3703-9f60-ea13a3322849.jpg (780x520, 44.09K)

>>430221121Matt Gaetz. MTG is a two faced bitch


>>430221327bee nice

>>430221368I am being nice, that's me being nice on MTG. I used to like her but now I hate her.

Attached: 1668514977487857.gif (381x509, 76.69K)

>>430221368being nice is gay


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Attached: 1642624538069.png (600x827, 297.75K)

It all makes sense now.

Attached: 1756236402354.png (593x870, 252.82K)

>>430218432>>430218812>>430218986British man most famous for his tragic never ending hiccups that his British doctors never managed to diagnose. Japanese TV show becomes interested and invites him onto the show where they pay to have a Japanese hospital figure out why he can't stop hiccuping. After a full body MRI scan, the Japanese doctor discovers the British man has a brain tumor and speculates the tumor may be the reason why he has hiccups that never stop. British boy immediately flies back to Britain to remove the tumor from his brain and ends up curing his hiccups.If only the British boy's doctor just referred him to a hospital for a MRI scan much sooner in his life, the British man could have enjoyed his middle school and high school years hiccup free. Unfortunately, in this timeline, the British boy became a social recluse in school due to his hiccups and only started enjoying life after his brain tumor was removed.Unfortunately, the full length BBC documentary about Christopher Sands' hiccups was hit with a copyright claim but his YouTube channel is still up

>>430222000ahead of his time.

Attached: 1594507404967.gif (1000x700, 277.25K)

>>430222000>Why not kill the psychiatrist and anyone else whom I hateBased

>>430222458sounds like hiki

>>430220964yes someone from sweden


Attached: 1646284437008.png (428x510, 175.66K)

>>430222000At least he was spared of trooning out.

Attached: FxUWr_SacAAjXMv.jpg (1000x1389, 941.9K)

Trump let Hillary off. Now he's getting fucked. Lmao

Attached: media_FySfNlXaYAURBS0.jpg (827x1382, 106.96K)

>>430223828Sad, but true

>>430223828Why are you screenshotting your own tweets?

>>430223828>>430223985most of the evidence was destroyed + it would have been a huge distraction portrayed by the media as political persecution, too bad demolishing her political career and keeping her out of power wasn’t enough for some (((anons)))

Attached: 07BFC17C-DD36-4A6C-B3AA-B6F34DC7E41B.jpg (1076x1028, 215.28K)

>>430224196Maybe they're a narcissist

Attached: 1641093879165.jpg (300x300, 93.05K)

>>430213593>>430223828Everyone in this thread. We found an actual DeSantis shill reposting her own tweets in this

>>430224347>most of the evidence was destroyed Sounds like cope >would have been a huge distraction portrayed by the media as political persecutionMuh optics, meanwhile they had no problem launching the bullshit Russia investigation against him. He showed weakness and they pounced.

>>430224505Around a month later, Sessions would abandon his post and hand over the DOJ to Rod Rosenstein. Rod Rosenstein would never investigate Hillary Clinton. Instead, he appointed Mueller to target Trump.No matter the timeline, Sessions would still recuse himself and mysteriously leave Rosenstein in charge.

>>430224441>reposting her own tweets in this threadthat user hasn't posted any tweets in this thread tho

>>430224441>Jenn What a basic bitch

>>430223828Looks like this DeSantis shill stopped responding after everyone found out she was spamming her off topic Twitter timeline in this thread

>>430224597Never fucking understood why he picked that faggot for AG

>>430224644She first uploaded her browser screenshots onto her Twitter feed and then saved the image to repost on Holla Forums

>>430224818Sessions used to be the anti-illegal immigrant senator and Trump campaigned on building the wall and severely cutting down on illegal immigration. Trump therefore though he would make a good AG. The biggest question is why Sessions made Rosenstein his Deputy Attorney General despite Rosenstein having no relationship with the state of Alabama. Usually, AGs pick a friend or coworker from their home state as Deputy Attorney General yet Sessions mysteriously picked Rosenstein to be his right hand man. Even now, nobody can figure out the relationship between Sessions and Rosenstein.

>>430225108>runs on draining the swamp >appoints a faggot who was a senator for like 20 years It was retarded.

>>430224505at least it’s fun seeing you lot backtracking on the jan 6th narrative >b-but why didn’t he grab a rifle and go commando when he had the chance!good times

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>>430225320Think you replied to the wrong person