Americans explain Preppers please?

>millions of americans>with millions of firearms>waiting their whole lives for the opportunity to start shooting people in the streets, murdering their neighbours and the people they grew up with>these people exist in online communities where they openly express their intent to murder other users if SHTF should occur>you're ngmi>no you're ngmi>dead in the streets>loot dropWhat possesses someone to think like this?

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>>430208340>please explain being prepared for the worst of times Fucking kill yourself faggot

>>430208340a lot of them are jews, op

People like to prepare for the worst, so what? Do you believe your government will protect you at its worst? because I know mine won't.

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>>430208340the only thing they prep is their wifes black bulls

>>430208340You and you're family will starve to death because you didn't stock up on $0.99 tuna like I did. What's to explain about that?

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>>430208817this guy gets it.

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>Think thing will happen>become readyWhat further explanation do you need you stupid nigger. Do you live in the past?

It’s like having extra food for times where there there are food shortages. But with violence. One day the police won’t be there to protect you.

You should stop worrying about clothing so'sDiaries

>>430208340It's basic disaster preparedness taken to the extreme. It's prudent to have some canned food and maybe water on hand, flashlights for when the power goes out, etc. It's even more prudent to have a 6-12 month emergency fund and proper insurance. But saving money and buying insurance are boring. It's a lot more fun to buy a bunch of consumer products like drinking straws and 5 gallon buckets of rice you don't even know how to cook.

>>430208426>>430208706>i-It's p-preparing for t-the w-worst broNo it isn't, it's preparing for literal mass murder the second the law isn't enforced. Explain the masses of guns and ammunition.>>430208817>>430209171>>430209295>imediately deflects and straw-mans to discussing canned foodExplain the fucking machineguns and night vision not the cans of beans.

Bill Gates Employed this vendor to make at least 35 dooms day bunkers around the world which are rated for all the most fashionable apocaylpse stories: Nuclear/EMP weapons knock out civilization for 3 years, biological weapons make the air unbreathable, Carrington event blows out all computers, Volcano blocks the sun for 3 to 10 years, etc attention to detail is second to done.1. Oxygen re-circulation, Sabiet process, CO2-air scrubbers, air cannot be mixed with outside for 3 years.2. Internal electricity generation with fuel and stabilizers.3. Water for 3 years. 4. Calories for 3 years.5. Weapons, Moped and old-school 6. Waste management. communication devices that would be used when all the others are broke.Much more you didn't think of to make life comfortable for 3 years where possibility of surface is not there.

>>430209607It’s preparation to defend yourself from mass murder perpetuated either by bad guys or the government.

>>430208340>every single one is obeseimagine the smell emanating from that forest

>>430209650$700 Drag and Drop dig a hole survival bunker that has the necessities for the top 10 most likely won't be in-style, and you'll have a hell of a cramp when you surface in 3 years, but it's cheap as hell, and you'll still have your life when the sun comes back out and it's time to rebuild from the stone age.

>>430208340I don't want to murder people, I just want to murder the politicians and other nonwhites that have reversibly fucked this country, so technically not people at all.


>>430208340based Secret Wars shirt

>>430208340>australia>opinions on freedomyeah ill file your post in the dumpster thanks

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>>430208340They are free people in a free country.It is something you wouldn't understand, convict.

>>430209607The Meek already inherited the earth, or so they believe. Then the Elite inherited the Meek. 'The Great Reset' will come one day as endless human greed barrels the world to annihilation. Time is a circle, Life is a circle. mass murder on the streets with .223 whizzing past the head of children is just as nature intended. It's just a different shaped stick.


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>>430208340>waiting their whole lives for the opportunity to start shooting people in the streets, murdering their neighbours and the people they grew up with>these people exist in online communities where they openly express their intent to murder other users if SHTF should occurNigger what?

>>430209607To shoot you and your family when you come for my $0.99 tuna.

>>430210364go and browse /k/ for 5 minutes, look at the /gq/ or /arg/ thread it's 99% anons literally stating that they intend to murder other users in SHTF

>>430208340>I'm gaythe post.

>>430210581Cope and seethe Kangaroonigger

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>>430209607>Explain the masses of guns and ammunition.Some people are into guns. Just like some are into cars. Some people have 85 pairs of shoes. Some people have shelves full of Funko pops. The ammo is to shoot with the guns. It goes inside of the guns and goes boom. It's fun to shoot. It's (occasionally) hard to find - there were ammo shortages during COVID. Shooting at the range can use up a lot of ammo. Some people reload ammo or shotgun shells and things. I'm sorry you're from a pussy country where your authoritarian government doesn't let you play with big boy toys. Now run along and make sure those knives in your kitchen aren't too sharp.

>>430209697fuck off it is, go browse /k/ or watch gun youtubers for 10 minutes"WHY YOU NEED NIGHT VISION IN SHTF">when SHTF you need to be able to see in the dark for when you are shooting people at nighttime"WHY EVERYONE NEEDS A PLATE CARRIER">when SHTF you need ballistic protection for when you go and start randomly shooting everyone as soon as law breaks down"HOW MANY MAGAZINES SHOULD YOU HAVE FOR SHTF">a combat load of an infantryman is 7 mags>you need 200+ bullets for your killing spree or you're ngmi

>>430208340They're simply men being open about their actual desires in life. If you don't understand, you're either a woman or a bitch (same thing really).

>>430208340I got a buddy who is like this. His whole life is guns and sending me terrible memes about Justin Trudeau.

>>430210753it was clear you're a gun grabbler shill from your first post. you should have saved up the "intent to murder" bullshit til later

>>430209607>explain the masses of guns and ammunition Cuz niggers with guns exist.

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>>430208340How dumb are you cunt? Everyone in Aus more than two hours from a city is a prepper by your fucking retarded standards.Enjoy fighting chinks for toilet paper and getting locked in your fucking house for another 9 months on the whims of the government faggot.

>>430209607you would go kill a bunch of people if you had firearms. so you think that's what they'd do too. but it's not what they'd do. that's what you'd do.

>>430209607>literal mass murder>Typo? Did you mean liberal mass murder?

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>>430208340jesus that's who posts on here? a bunch of faggot bitch tit white boys that I myself saw getting their asses beat by blacks in high school? yea I see why these cucks love guns it's all the got.

>>430211963>arachnophobic huh? you must want to fuck spidersAsking why people amass AR15s, plate carriers and night vision, and spend decades on online forums discussing how they would kill their fellow americans if SHTF...............doesn't mean I would personally be a murderer in their shoes

>>430212088literally copied from this meme

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>>430208340Do you suffer from brain damage? Are you slow?

You got a loicense for that spread knife?We've deemed your kitchenware a public safety hazard turn it in to your nearest station

>>430208340why are americans so far and sexy

Do most preppers actually think one day the police and state will just vanish? It looks like a cool hobby, ngl collecting guns and larping in the woods is fun. But it's not reality.

who else here /far right extremist/?who else here /preparing for the prolapse/?who else here /caching shit across the country/?who else here /unregistered firearms/?

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>>430212880>Do most preppers actually think one day the police and state will just vanish?This can and does happen, and recently. During hurricane katrina some areas devolved into complete lawlessness for a time. Home invasions occur regularly even when the state is functioning perfectly. Murders happen. Rapes happen. Looting happens - we saw it on a mass scale during the BLM riots. They typically go for commercial targets in urban areas, but leftist mobs could easily turn their anger on a residence too.

>>430208340>What possesses someone to think like this?You tell me, since you're psychic and the person who invented this strawman.

>>430208426/threadOP faggot

>>430213165find me one single instance in the entire history of the US where civilians wearing dual tube night vision, plate carriers and AR15s have had to get in daily gunfights like The Purge

>>430208340Please explain why you think preppers want to kill their neighbors? What does murdering people have to do with preparing for hardship?

>>430208340kek, I would literally make traps for these retards.>look at all this loot>bang! >dead fat faggot>profit

>>430213537LA Riots?Fuck you really are dense.

>>430210581Likely just shitposting to trigger preppercucks. Pointing out the fact that they're absolutely powerless against a bunch of boys camping their cuckshed bunkers makes them seethe hard.

>>430209607>No it isn't, it's preparing for literal mass murder the second the law isn't enforced. Explain the masses of guns and ammunition.Yes, it is preparing for mass murder the second the law isn't enforced. That's exactly what it is. Do you know what happened in Florida during Katrina?

>>430209607That's not deflection that's the truth. Why do we like guns? You're the one deflecting here, we like guns because we like guns.

>>430208340Sadly your grandpa is dead. If you could talk to him he would tell you that everyone thought the Japanese Empire was going to take over your island. Its kind of the same thing for America except we are the empire.

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>>430208340>Americans explain Preppers please?it's natural insctinct for men to not want to rely on anyone and be self-reliant instead, hence the prepper movementthe more the gov is in your business the less efficient your business is and this goes for everything the gov put its nose in

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>>430213730>LA Riots?>one guy got beaten up by the cops and then some windows got smashed and large chain businesses got some TVs stolenwhen exactly did millions of people get in gun battles on the streets?>>430214282>Do you know what happened in Florida during Katrina?yeah a hurricane damaged property and then services were rapidly restored. Literal direct quote>"Media speculation fueled a popular perception that the displaced New Orleans residents brought a wave of crime into the communities where they relocated, however, detailed studies of crime statistics in these communities did not reveal a significant increase in violent crime"yeah nothing happened

>>430215809Ah, so you're not only a hilariously privileged and sheltered faggot who's never known any sort of hardship or violence, you're a dishonest one as well.Best of luck.

some people are very scared of death and care a lot about their families and want them to be as safe as they can possibly make them be. this is a very rational behaviorwhats better is that these people radiate freedom which extends to their unarmed countrymen. in a well armed society, freedom from totalitarian oppression is not reserved only for those with the means to defend themselves, but is also enjoyed by those who exist in that deterrent-driven society.The reason you have to psyop americans into doing dumb shit against their interests is because you CANNOT force them. Why can you not force them? Because if you go door to door, you're gonna lose some folks in that process.

>>430208340>prepare for the worst>they're all fucking fat asses>"cardio and fitness? that's not prep"

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>>430208340USA is the only country on earth where you're actually allowed to fully exist as a prepper. Hence the reason why it is a thing in the US.

>>430216320stop making me feel patriotic swede, I hate the corpo US, but I love that damn piece of paper with the "10 ways to not trample your free citizens" guide to infinite prosperity...

>>430216568Take the /Americanapill/

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>>430216320Fuck off you can literally keep a fully automatic assault rifle in your own home if you're a reservist, and there are zero restrictions on owning semi automatic rifles in Sweden so long as you pass the background check.Funnily enough it's exclusively mutts who fantasise about killing people with guns

>>430217160Because people like you fantasize about the state doing the killing for you when people get uppity.

>>430208340>millions of Australians>pozzed beyond belief>apologizing for their racismWhat possesses someone to think like this?

>>430217160>Funnily enough it's exclusively mutts who fantasise about killing people with gunsI fantasize about shooting faggots like you all day. I daydream about having my own gun show like Kentucky Ballistics but instead of WATERMELON TIME it's shoot the Queer down the road.

>>430217397He fantasizes about sudanese home invaders running a train on him and his family whilst he waits an hour for the police to show up and arrest him for being racist.

>>430217056guy didn't even load bullets, its just blanks

>>430217160>if if if if if if if if if>as long as long as long as long as long as longIt is sad when you come across people who are incapable of grasping the higher values that USA holds to and its incomparability to anything else on this planet...Sad!

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>>430208340You have preppers in Australia too, faggot.>waiting their whole lives for the opportunity to start shooting people in the streets, murdering their neighbours and the people they grew up withWhat an absolutely cuk way to look at preparing for disaster, lmao. I assume when something bad happens you'll gleefully just wait in line for your biweekly rationed beans. What type of plan do you have, champ? You going to just sit in your bedroom with no food, water, electricity, plumbing, health services until you kys? Just waiting for a government that doesn't care (or possibly exist) to come and restock your local mart and tell you everythings gonna be ok?

>>430217397>people like you fantasize about the state doing the killing for you>german flagpottery

>>430208340Look at all those fat loser rednecks.

>>430217724Dumb fuck I live in the middle of one of the largest cities in Australia we were locked down during COVID for over 1 year.ZERO people were shot with AR15s over grocery store items, people just consumed less and conserved more and now EVERYTHING IS FUCKING BACK TO NORMAL

>>430217775>potterycunt everyone is giving you their time and all you have is this low effort reddit tone. Fucking try. Just try.

>>430217905Ahahahaha of course it's a melbourne cuck.

>>430217905>EVERYTHING IS FUCKING BACK TO NORMALit's worse than its ever been and we all want guns now

>>430209607>mass murder the second the law isn't enforcedSounds like I'll need to get a gun to protect myself from mass murderers.

>>430208340>>waiting their whole lives for the opportunity to start shooting people in the streetsthe jew doesn't understand the reasoning. he thinks that everyone with a gun wants to kill people. this is a kike thread made a retards(jews)

>>430217905Case and point, a fucking virus with a mortality rate less than .1% had you locked down for over a year by your government. Covid would not be considered a disaster to most preppers and your country flipped its shit to the point that things are still not back to normal ~4 years later. I can say this with 100% certainty, user - if shit actually did hit the fan you would have your throat cut in your sleep. You are not a strong person and you've made it clear to everyone how dumb you actually are.

>>430208340>other usersWhat the fuck perspective do you have?

>>430208340You wouldn’t understand Corky

>>430212998Pretty sure Ian is

>>430208340The same thing that possesses trannies and faggots to play their games and larp the way they do, then scream that their lives are being threatened when people laugh at them and tell them to shut the fuck up. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST. Yes you do, but do it fucking SILENTLY please. And since this culture we're in teaches that apologizing is automatically an admission of guilt that they can use to pile on you harder, they have to commit literally to the death. And they amp themselves up so much that they actually start to believe their bullshit and really start to hate people and want them dead. It's called a ready made frame of mind. Goes hand in hand with confirmation bias and ends with murder and/or war.

>>430208340>What possesses someone to think like this?Knowledge, experience, foresight.

>>430208340American hyper individualism leads to a society where everyone hates everyone else. That's America. That's why they have dozens of mass shootings every year.

>>430218371more people in the USA have died from guns than COVID

>>430219165So why shouldn't I have guns to shoot niggers with guns?

>>430219165cool, then what's the fucking issue? You are acting like a bitch about preppers owning guns but you're also saying gun violence is high. So then why wouldn't I own a gun when preparing for disaster?Like I said in >>430218697, you sound like you are just not a smart or logical person. I see why you are so adverse to prepping - it's cope because in the event of an actual disaster there's 0 chance you are making past a week.

>>430219776because if no one had guns then no one would be afraid of each other and no one would shoot each other

>>430219165the #3 killer of all time is. medical mistakes.1 and 2 are medical conditions.

>>430220042Lmao you have to be either a child or some sheltered faggot.

They should prep by getting in shape too.

>>430220042Wow, golly gee, if we can just all stop owning guns - if all those mean gang and cartel members can just hand in their weapons out of the goodness of their heart then maybe we can all just hug it out. And dang, maybe if we are all unarmed our government will shit in our mouth so we can have food when bad things happen. Did you come up with that idea on your own or did your wife's buck bring it up during the session?

>>430220042Good old fashioned australian shitposting.

>>430209171>One day the police won’t be there to protect you.The concept of the police protecting you right now, is merely an illusion.

>>430217651Unfortunately, Swedeanon, due to decades of demographic replacement and brainwashing social engineering projects, many of my fellow countrymen do not share this view and indeed believe that the government is there for our benefit (lol, lmao even). So much so that the need to personally defend oneself or one's family is unthinkable. This country had a solid 80 years of true liberty, but then the feds won an illegal war against their own (former) citizens and we have been circling the drain ever since, with every few decades thereafter bringing with it a trampling of rights and further consolidation of (((power))).

>>430219165That's not fair, roofag. Of course more people die from guns in the US compared to a made-up virus rebranded from the flu.

>>430220042>violence is only inherent to a specific tool and is not an intrinsic part of nature and the human condition Ah, you're trolling. Gotcha. Well played.

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>>430208340You can only be a prepper if you are heavier than the car you drive and your body is above 90% lard.

>>430220656when was the last time a cartel member of us criminal gang member shot 10+ people at a school?It's exclusively 'law-abiding' Americans who amass stockpiles of guns then go on shooting rampages. The rest of them are preppers who have just as many guns but are waiting for SHTF to carry out their fantasies

>>430222135You live in the armed nigger home invasion capital of Australia.

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>>430209892Three years in that, you're avvin a giraffe lad? You'd be madder than a box of frogs by then.

>>430221608There will pretty much always be based parts of the US though. Even in thoroughly blue states like Virginia most of the counties are based, and because of the glory that was the founding fathers and how they set up the political system those counties pretty much have more independence than even individual countries in places like the EU. Move from the east part of an individual state in the US to the western part of that very same state and you're basically in a different country almost. Move from eastern France to western France and the only thing that have changed is the geography.

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>>430208340You stupid emu-fucking boong, listen here.In the 20th century, governments killed at least 150 million of THEIR OWN CITIZENS. Maybe as many as 250 million; the Chinese stats are incomplete.All of the terrorists and madmen and criminals who ever lived are much less dangerous than government. Government always draws the most evil people in any society into its orbit. Everywhere and always, the #1 enemy of humanity is government.A constant effort to pass our hatred and fear and contempt of government on to our family and friends, especially our children, is the bare minimum required to maintain even a vestige of our ancient liberties. But lately it is not working, and the monster enemy occupation governments all over the formerly free countries of the West grow ever more arrogant and tyrannical. Their cancerous growth is unsustainable. Their encroachment on our freedoms is intolerable. Our ancestors would have exterminated them ten times over by now, and rebuilt from the ground up.We will soon have another opportunity to start afresh. Financial collapse, the complete breakdown of law and order, civil war, and the starvation of many millions are now baked into the cake.It will be a great tragedy, but it will also be a once-in-a-millenium opportunity to rise up and seize back our freedoms from the enemy government scum and secure them for generations to come.We who are prepared, with supplies, weapons, organization, and determination, will shape the new world order. We will not kill recklessly or mindlessly, but deliberately, punishing only those who tyrannized us and those whose obvious intent is to try to tyrannize us again. Those who are not myrmidons of the DC Uniparty, peddlers of socialist/communist poison in our schools, or attempting to mutilate and sterilize mentally-ill children have nothing to fear. Join us in the bright future where the monster State has been reduced by 95% and never allowed to forget that they are our hired help.

>>430209607>Explain the masses of guns and ammunition.No.

>>430208340What do you mean? It's uniquely American, we've always been preppers. It's not even unusual but ever since Bill Clinton they don't like it. Before then, the government used to encourage prepping. You could write to to government, some place in Colorado, and get information on hunting, canning, how to build a bomb shelter, etc.

>>430208817>You and you're family will starve to death because you didn't stock up on $0.99 tuna like I did. What's to explain about that?I know you still got grandpas Webley

>>430208340>What possesses someone to think like this?Why do you care about this. If Someone chooses to be prepared what do you care. They are helping the economy by purchasing supplies that might have gone to waste otherwise. You're a typical leftist shithead.

>>430208340They don't care about the cities. They're waiting for the cities to get nuked, collapse, and then seceding from the non-existent USA and forming their own countries with their buddies when the shit hits the fan.I've hung out online with them during COVID and the Floyd riots. They'll never go into the cities to save "based and redpilled" urban and blue state Republicans or conservatives from hood people when anarchy hits. They'll turtle. They'll probably shoot or turn away blue state Republican refugees that think they'll be taken in during the end times.It's probably the best reason to move to a solid red state, buy guns, and fit in. When shit collapses, your fate will be decided by which line on a map you're behind when the SHTF.They sure as hell ain't building armies to go free New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland.