Project blue bean attack areas

If you live in any of these places get the fuck out It won’t just be a hologram show, they will inflict real damage Notice New Zealand is not on the list

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>New Zealand is not on the listBy that point, it's already gone.

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In the 2nd wave so let's see how the 1sr wave goes.

>mfw im idahoan

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>>430208221and Australia only has a intercepted wave

>>430208221Adding to my cringe schizo threads that come true later. member when we got the fauci emails and instructions how to cook up covid? lmao I member

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>>430208221>toronto and vancouver thank you blue beam ayys

>>430209017oh shit missed perth disregard this


>>430208221DFW fag here looks like I'm safe!

>>430208221>Helsinki, FinlandThank God, what's the attack? Is it enough to wipe out fags, niggers and their enablers?

>>430208221Aliens use spreadsheets?

>>430208221holy FUCK a spreadsheet just flew over my house!!!

>>430208221>tel avivI'm ok with this

>>430208221I've got blue balls waiting for blue beans

>>430208221The unvaccinated are immune to this propaganda.

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>>430208221Will they nuke RJ? If so, I will be here 'shivering' of actually excitement.Maybe not SP since is our main hub, etc. And would fuck our economy big time.

>>430209482they will probably blow up the dome of rock for the 3rd temple

>>430208221Imagine falling for the martian or project blue beam psyop

>>430209572I was thinking this exactly. It's hella cover. Unfortunately there's no way in fuck there's a real blue beans. It would take thousands of people dedicated to coordinate such a show... and years of prep. Two people can keep a secret. Three or more cannot. A thousand or more?? Nah man.

>>430208221>NZ not on the list>Neither is Canada

>>430209841I disagree They’ve got thousands of people who work on unrelated black projects and tech in places like Area 51 and god knows where else Yet we never get leaks or nobdoy ever gets a photo out

>>430209150OPs cumstained ass. Now if it is true..>Denvergood.

>>430209550Rwanda was the first test run for this. Related thread

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why is Belgrade in Yugoslavia?

Belgrade Yugoslavia. American education made this list

>>430208221What are they going to do to Detroit?

>>430210151So the unvaccinated are safe ?

>>430209117No one cares about Perth, anyway.

>>430210366smoke crack and take a shit on the floor in an abandoned house?

>>430208221>If you live in an metropolitan area in the world gtfoIncredibly helpful as usual

>>430208221TAKE ME TO YOUR TOP

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>>430209550they already do everything in that second paragraph without needing to create a demon entity to possess humanity on earth or whatever

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>>430210423Probably not. Most people will be going insane and slaughtering each other, unvaccinated will just be fully conscious of it and not raging out when it happens. That's if the unvaccinated aren't already affected by self spreading vaccination.

>>430208221Stfu zoomer and stop poisoning the well with bluebeam. Bluebeam was a holographic show projecting religious messiah's worldwide. Then you fags made into aliens just a few years ago even tho Sergey monast had nothing to do with it. We're being psyoped by someone.

>>430208221>It won’t just be a hologram show, they will inflict real damage>Toronto >Vancouver Oh please- not the biggest junkie tranny shitholes in Canada! That would be terrible.

whew, my town isn't listed. Dodged a bullet there

>>430209967Look again.

I know its a shitty lap but...what kind of damage are we talking about?Millions of dead?

>>430209117Perf doesn't count

>>430208221Jews mistake is that people hate these cities. I was looking at the picture before reading the op text, and was thinking if aliens make a friendly visit to nigger infested shitholes, we should kill them all. Once reading the op text, and looking at op pic with the context, I'd say good, nuke those cities, and this won't create unity between people. Most capitals are kike hives, urbanite hellscape, filled with shitskin migrants. Those who may raise an eyebrow at some european cities, those are filled with migrants now, and nuking them would improve that countries white percentage in demographics. Blue beam will be a failure, no matter how much fireworks they back up their show with.

ŁorsałFucking based

>>430208221Nothing of value was lostOnly shame I see on that list are Vienna, Helsinki, and PragueAt least in the US context, we may have half the country cheering

>>430211064Millions of goyim will experience nothing. It'll be terrifying.

>>430208221>Third Wave>Detroit LOL! Hey, Enjoy your Detroit invasion, Alien bros!

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Why is it always big cities and not small cities.Like why is the Quad Cities, Grand Rapids, Gary, etc on the list? Notable mid-west cities with great infrastructure such as Medicine, Factories, Military Factories.It's always the same old Hollywood cities.I will never believe a real alien invasion until small towns or small cities are named.BORING>nothingburger

>>430208221Sorry to ruin the schizo post. But OPs pic is a list of all the cities destroyed according to the independence day film lore. Source is a reddit post circa 2015: project blue beam really did happen, I am not sure if they would do any real damage, to infastructure at least. They would probably just try and scare us to vote democrat or whatever retarded gay shit of the week they want to push.

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>>430208221>Hong Kong - United KingdomTopkek

>>430209100>>toronto and vancouver >thank you blue beam ayysChecked/thread

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>>430208221why dont they like the cold?

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>>430213074Maybe this place isn't so bad after all...

>>430209017Perth is in Australia fuckstick. Third wave

>>430209841They’re doing a good job with 9/11

>>430209100Sweet check, thanks for Montreal too, fuck that shit hole full of rats

>>430210777Check ma dude

>>430208221not even on the list, fucking shitshow

Nice, I'm gonna inherit all of Manhattan when the vaxoids get on the ships. 1st wave king, based af.

>>430208221>Denver >2nd waveI get to watch the 1st wave at least!

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>>430209299Turns out they make them with Apple Numbers (TM).

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>>430208221Why the fuck is Houston highlighted?

Fake listFuck the glowieblewsI promise I will hyperdimensionally raep you if my physical form perishes due to glownig shenanigans. I don’t need more karma so leave it be>t. Third wave


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>>430216121yeah, but poltards will still fall for it.

>>430209841But people HAVE been blowing the whistle on Bluebeam for decades, you just haven't been listening

>>430212109>>430215977>>430216121>>430216524Yeah not subliminal messaging at all. They basically tell you which cities are going down and when you notice..."its just a movie"

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>>430208221>the elite/aliens will nuke the worst libshit cities with all the useless eater lumpenprolesguys I'll buy into this NWO shit if this is real, seems too good to be true.

>>430216606clearly not

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>>430208221>NaplesOh wait. Oh no... Gennariell, prepar o' pandin...

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>>430209841There are 100s of 1000s mkultra victims who will do whatever crazy shit they’re programmed to do

>>430216524lmao this was my first thought

>>430217734Yeah all the vaxxies mate look around

>>430215977Apple is alien derivative. An advanced operating system and platform that windows and gates can’t match today.Gates stole Steve’s work to begin with to create windows and to this day windows is a less efficient, chunky, leaky piece of shit glowware that I’m surprised it’s even around.Even with chink support, apple is more secure, goddamn i will never go back to windows. >inb4 ubuntu Osx has a high level of intuitiveness, it just flows. It also utilizes ram and processing memory in a much more efficient mannerBut the may because of the installed spyware and glow malware that eats resources.It’s inexcusable today.

>>430209189The attack is dropping that kind of stuff, but only in Finland, for the others is nuclear Armageddon, who has it worst?

>>430208221Fake and gay.Ft Worth and San Antonio didn't make the list even tho big chair force presence in those towns?Hmmm

>>430208221So what really happens during a project blue beam attack? People just get kidnapped and killed? Nukes? Give me the QRD.

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>>430208221>Notice New Zealand is not on the listI've been seeing weird lights in the sky lately, they're doing something fucky over here unless it's actual ayys, which i doubt.

>>430209299Spreadsheets are alien technology.

>>430211850I hope the niggers gangrape the aliems

>>430218164>So what really happens during a project blue beam attack? People just get kidnapped and killed? Nukes? Give me the QRD.They are going to hide bombers in the holographic alien ships and carpet bomb the city targets. The the governments of the world come together to create a one world government.The normies fell for coivd. Think they wont fall for this?FBI

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>>430219668> is this guy?Was he really in the FBI?Seems spot on, despite abysmal execution of the actual event we are seemingly experiencing.

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>>430208221Warsaw to get btfoed? Thank you souch.

>>430208221mfw first wave

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>>430208221Australia utterly irrelevant as usual. I will go about my day as usual. When the mark of the beast comes I'll either starve to death or walk into the fire itself so I can de-clench my ego from the mind localisation and rejoin my Frens in the mercury stream.

>Canada >It's Montreal and VancouverIdk what this is but let it flow in abundance, send another wave for Ontario thanks

>>430208221are there any dates known?at least the year? i dont want to wait another fucking year

>>430208221You are not anonymous. Stop.

>London>Birmingham >Liverpool >BelfastOh no.

>>430208221What's the intercepted wave?

>>430208221>Hong Kong - United KingdomIncredibly based

>>430208221We already had Blue beans here in rotterdam. The only effect it had was kids say Hi more often

>>430208221do you have a single sauce to drizzle over that?

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>>430221233A wave that was already intercepted, some may release their payload earlier. Generally it was a weak mass psychogenic ilness that made the sky brighter and everyone go outside. Nothing else really happpened. Much later I got a dream that featured a metal ufo right above my house

>>430208221>Not attacking Military sites>Attacking places with only significance being lots of peopleAre you saying Americans are smarter than alien?

>>430210770Why not both?

>>430208221>Perth and Sydney gets hit, Melbourne and Canberra don'tFucking aliens have shit taste

>>430209550The fake wildfires are spraying airborne graphene oxide nano machines into their air. It’s in your food and water. mRNA technology is in your body if you’ve eaten a single bite of food from a grocery store in the last few years or drank a single sip of tap water. And now it’s in the air you’re breathing.

>they will nuke homo cityGod bless

>>430208221>berlin>hamburg>frankfurtbased ngl

>>430223825They cancelled the attack on my city, I gues they saw the state i'm in nowCaptcha:DANNKR

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>>430208221>warsawPolskibros, we are on porject-blue-balls listI wonder what Duda will say in TV, will be there tinfoil hat mandates?

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>>430217220> fucking pajeet larping as a leaf its nothing new......