You faggots told me the obama girls weren't really his

Y u lie?

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>>430205287So where are the photos of a pregnant Michelle?

people on Holla Forums have no good agency and majority of them are psychopath's who enjoy lying and tearing others apartNotice all famous influencers NEVER talk about this place and NEVER go here?

all pictures are AI generated until proven otherwise now, sonit's 2023.


Never underestimate a paedophiles ability to acquire children

>>430205287they aren't! show photos of Michael pregnant! you can't because he never was

Is this behavior common among sisters?

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>>430205287Breddy sure everyone here said where are the photos of pregnant michael and them through the years. You know, like every other famous person has out there. These niggers were unknown before his election.

>>430205287That’s clearly a juvenile chimpanzee in a dress, get your eyes checked.

>>430205287AI image

>>430205287Ai is here now, photos mean nothing

>>430205287Imagine these stupid glowniggers using AI to create photos of a younger Barry holding a child... you got us guys, he's not a fudge pumper at all.

>>430205287I am a father, Millenial and it gives me shivvers how the fuck people can put shit like that into internet and think it is cute or valid? Call your daughter personally. Print the picture, frame it and give it as a gift. And you do what? Spam internet with unimportant bullshit, because if you have time to put in on twitter it means it is not important.


>>430205287>dozens of photos of Melania Trump pregnant can be found on the internet>not a single photo of Michelle Obama pregnant exists anywhere

>>430205398They literally admit that 'she' did IVF now. That's their official story at this point.

>>430205287right wingers lie about all sorts of shit because it's the best way to sucker people into giving up their lives to their belief system.

>>430205287>ayo obama my nigga want to take a pic with my kid?>aight, let me use the pic when i become ex president some day?>fo sho fo sho nigga


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>>430205287>It's impossible to hold your friend's childGet a load of this retard

forever a shitstain in american high office historywew


>>430205287>You faggots told me the obama girls weren't really his.That could be anybody's dozy faggot!



>>430205398/threadtry to search jewgle images from before 2008that's why shitbama destroyed the internet during his time

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>>430205287I feel like this is bait.

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>>430205702LMFAO that cameraman knew what was important

>>430209986Was looking for this. Thank, user. Frankly, it's amazing how much bullshit they were able to cram into Obama's presidency.

>>430205398Take your meds schizo

>>430205458They have no lives of their own. Shit or no job. No education. No woman. No property. No savings. No prospects and no hope. They are truly the biggest losers in the world.

>>430205521You dumb ignorant like nigger costa rican fucking shitnozzle. You have no idea how motherfucking stupid you sound saying stupid shit like "Michael" inferring that Michelle is a dude. God damn you're a fucking nigger for sure.

>>430205287Is he talking about his dirty daughter that goes around with her arse hanging out and gets Blacked every weekend? Wow great job Dad.

>>430205501100% LEGIT

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>>430205702Either these girls have discussed sucking dick or they've sucked dick together.

Reminder that the tranny michelle conspiracy theory is a fake theory to cover up the sinpler one that he is gay / bi and she is his beard.

>>430205287I'm 75% convinced that Michelle is a tranny. Until I see pictures of him/her pregnant, I won't be convinced otherwise

>>430205702I have young daughters and I can't imagine them doing this in their teens. That video is definitely weird.

>>430210479they sucked of Michael obango and osama watched.

>>430210787Even that can be faked, many tranny celebrities like Cardi B have faked it. They sell silicone bellies that look very realistic

>>430205287Yes, that’s a real picture. The media said so.Also, he’s not a muslim but a devout christian.And I saw that birth certificate with my own eyes i tell you.

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>>430205287based barry. happy bday sasha.

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>>430205702sheltered girls always turn out to be the biggest sluts.

>>430205287>everyone questioning they are your kids>post a family photolmao thata sus as fuck why would he post this now?

>>430210248Fuck you glowfaggot


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>>430212032It's impressive how far ai has come over the last year

>>430205287Soetoro is a gay half jew with a partner called Michael that can speak well with a teleprompter and cocaine. Have you heard of photoshop?

>>430205398Why is he blurry? They're making it look like a photo from the early 80's when it would have been the mid 2000's. They had high quality cameras in the mid 2000's.

>>430205458Oh mi I'm so wounded. People on Holla Forums talking about stuff are so much worse than the terrible people actually doing the things people talk about here, right? Faggot

>>430205458>influencersholy shit, you have to be kidding me

The amount of retard in this thread... americans always go on and on about how the other side makes america look bad but its just really fucking stupid people like you that does.

>>430205287>>430205398We live in the age of AI, advanced photo editing software and the best make up technology to have ever existed.If they wanted they could fake as many Big Mike pregnancy pics as they wanted.

>>430205287I've never heard this one before, but it looks plausible.

>>430211608They all look the same to me

>>430205287Uncle Barack was visiting the Nesbits in that pic.

>>430212032The AI forgot his dong.

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>>430205501I genuinely pity your terminal retardation

>>430205458Why would "influencers" ever advertise a place they can't earn off of that actively detracts from their revenue stream? Why would they want anything to do with a place that has no censorship to protect them?

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>>430205287>You faggots told me the obama girls weren't really his.Post pic of Michelle pregnant.

>>430205287>He's holding her as a babyOkay. That's what happens when you adopt.>>430205458Influencer is a fake job funded by political action committees and NGOs for the explicit purpose of guiding people away from thinking for themselves.

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>>430211608And the other Obama daughter looks exactly like her real mother. Crazy how 1 looks like the real father, tall and thin, and the other looks like the real mother, short and round

>>430212195Cheap point and click camera probably. A lot of my pictures from the early-mid 2000s look like that.

>>430212032Nice hands, AI. nice balloon knee too. but why couldn't the AI decide on whether the wicked witch of the west's eyebrows are pencil thin or normal?

>>430205458no! not the famous influencers!!

>>430210398The Canadians are not sending their best.

>>430205287>not a babysadopted?

>>430210893Yeah and remember the Obamas are portrayed as a clean wholesome family.

>>430205287- flash shadow doesn't match reality- hand over the child arm lacks contact shadow and shadow on the child's clothes- soetoro's arm is not casting the flash shadow over his shirt- the books / LPs in the lower left doesn't match the defocus of the photograph- soetoro's right hand is in an unnatural position that doesn't make sense holding a child- right hand is missing contact shadows and flash shadowsnot amateur, but not very professional either

Mike? BIG mike?>there he is!Who has the ellen show gender reveal dance starring BIG mike?

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>>430205702Based cameraman.

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>>430214927I hate schizo autist shit, like with that fake DoD girl or whatever (poor image analysis).But this shit is a bit weird.

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>>430205501that's his friend's daughter and he's hanging with her at their house

>>430215401>4 fingers

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>>430214132it's right here

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>>43021203250 yr old face on a supposedly 20 something body.... What an absolute failure.

>>430205287Most liked comment underneath…Nigger

>>430215401I dont see the issues you are pointing out

>>430205287why don't his kids look like him or michelle?

>>4302120322023 picture when they were born in like 2000

>>430212032The fact that you have to find a picture of Mike Obama pregnant you have to AI generate it ends this debate


>>430205287What’s happening here, shooped objects into the picture?

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>>430205702I have tried coming up with a plausible, reasonable explanation. But I can't. Normal sisters don't share food like that.

>>430215401>like with that fake DoD girl or whateverThis one? 4plebs blocks this file by the way lel

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>>430205287>You faggots told me the obama girls weren't really his.Find me a picture of Michelle pregnant with either of them. Just one picture, surely there must be lots of them on the internet right? I'll wait.

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>>430205287How does this disprove anything?

>>430210248nigger faggot. PROVE that she's a woman then. Where are the receipts (pregnant photos). You telling me Big Mike birthed two kids and have NO pregnant photos? That's 2 years of """""her"""""" life memory holed.

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>>430210248>how about some proof>opff ha!>i dont have to prove shit!>just because there's no proof>doesn't mean you're rightu r of ur father the devilwho was a liarand a nigger

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>>430223700Show a picture of Michael Robinson then, from HS, College, Army, wherever, and let’s compare. Not just pics of her looking androgynous, we already know blacks have very low sexual dimorphism. Fucking well-poisoning losers.

>>430205702The way both look means they're oversexualized. They want a dick badly, but would you fuck rich niggers for money and fame? shit, most would fuck Obama in the ass for fun. No homo.

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>>430205458>InfluencersKill yourself. No one gives a fuck about influencers. Your bitch ass is shilling here because influencers dont sell you bullshit agenda.