Some mad lad tricked countless trannies into buying test pills

>side effects include>balding>feeling much better because men are supposed to get test instead of estrogen>buttmad trannies after they waste their live savings on a pill masquerading as estrogen pills>getting your personal info doxxed and stolen>many lulz to be had

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>>430205218>ranting on about safety>proceeds to promote a shitty sketchy site about diy meth-lab style dirty estrogen synthesiszero self awareness

>>430205709plastic bag troonshine is perfectly healthy for the majority of trannies

>>430205218I made bank back in the day selling tums that I ground down with a file as ecstasy, this seems like an even better racket. Then I can write anonymous letters to the addressees informing them that their children are trying to troon out because the parents are too busy chasing a cuckold lifestyle in dirty motels for upvotes

>>430205218>>430205709>we must be safe>if you want to mutilate yourself properly, here are some approved chink/brazilian websites, alternatively we can set you up for a weekend at a discord mods house

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If it were real test you couldn't buy it easilyIt's probably some grounded root bullshit they take in Asia for erectile disfunction because "tradition" says it should work

>>430205218Ashwaghanda is not a test pill, it's a goddamn toxin that kills test. Many people on /fit/ report dead boner syndrome while taking it. There's no benefit to taking it, it's just the current meme thing like tribulus terrestris was, and whatever before that. There's always some meme snake powder they sell you to rip you off. Don't buy it.

>>430206258Also it would be really funny if someone did sell test as estrogen. Just send then a vial of the wrong shit and watch them get fixed. It would literally fix them, especially if you catch it early and it's their first dose. Could you imagine taking a eunuch and showing them what it feels like to actually be a man? Ultimate benevolent troll potential...

>>430206407>hey kid I heard you wanted to gay out and become a chick>here’s a carbureted small block chevy engine and a straight razor

>>430205218that's literally not what that entire tweet thread says though low iq retard

>>430206407Someone needs to do this. You ultimate troll and doing God's work simultaneously

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>>430206258Never noticed anything bad with Ashwaghanda. Didn't feel my test got higher or lower desu. Now with Tonga Ali I immediately felt something. More boners, more aggression, even my voice felt deeper. The only downside was I was getting gyno like effects (itchy nipples) so I decided to use it sparingly.

>>430206642It wouldn't even be hard, there's a shit ton of sites you can buy roids and estrogen on. Just buy some and switch the vials (do not pour the estrogen down the drain goddamn it it's poison to humans, it's literally a shrinking/weakening agent designed to make dumb inept easy-to-rape humans). Then throw it up on a site and start shipping em out. Could last a while before the tranny community gets wise, then you could just switch up the sites.

>>430207155You probably got straight up fake shit. The entire supplement industry is suffering from counterfeiting due to ingredients being ordered in bulk from China. It even affects reputable brands, NOW supplements are now basically all inert powder. I got green tea extract from them which usually makes you feel fucking good, didn't do shit. Ashwaganda from them too didn't do shit. I got wise and stopped buying from them when I got a tub of "whey" that was full of flour and salt, maybe some fucking drywall dust thrown in for good measure. You can't trust chinks and it's all coming from China now and they just lie about it on the label. There's no FDA regulation of the supp industry, it's disgusting.

>>430206019You're a sad trash person. I used to be able to charge higher prices 23 years ago because I had a reputation of delivering the real goods. It wasn't that difficult to sniff out the authentic.

>>430209466I like how a drug dealer is calling someone else trash. Hookers are higher than you on the totem pole of scumbags, nigger.

>>430209586Says the guy talking about sampling multiple drugs. Keep taking that Tonga Ali and burst your heart open, dipshit.

How do I take things to the extreme

Congrats on killing people, hope you are proud of yourself.

>>430206407pimozide treats gender dysphoria. You can get it from Indian pharmacies. They take it and the dysphoria goes away. Its an old anti psychotic their handlers have suppressed.

>>430209743Trannies aren't people.

>>430209735>fabricate a fake estrogen scheme>Make a PSA>include a link to "legit" sources>make alters>leave comments about waiting weeks for an order, but customer service came through and fixed the problem.>others get their orders on time>always quality shit>10/10 product>it's just more Ashwaghanda

>>430205709The trannies are just going have to go back to the tried and true method of tampon tea.

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>>430209466I also charged extra, what are you talking about?

>>430205218Warning to anons who take ashwaganda. It damages dopamine responses in your brain. A common side effect especially among long term users is apathy, emotional dullness, and eventually depression. Used it on and off, took me a while to notice the pattern and do research but I lost interest in hobbies, working out, reading, eating, would barely smile, humor died down, even the wind didn't feel as good. Symptoms improved a week after I stopped taking it, significantly improved after a few months and after around a year full recovery. Ashwaganda does increase dopamine initially yes, but the damage catches up. I'm not the only one who experienced this, nor are these side effects uncommon in long term users. There have been no studies regarding these specific symptoms yet, but there's enough proof in the pudding for it to not be worth the risk when the test increase be achieved in other safer more effective ways. Plenty of testimonies of this commonly reported, I reccomend staying away from ashwaganda. Or not and take it, I know poltards can be hard headed

>>430209688That guy literally only posted once you fermented sack of shit.

>>430211087>when the test increase be achieved in other safer more effectiveLike what

I'm a trans individual who has been on Holla Forums for months. I've yet to see any definitive proof that anything which is largely accepted by the trans community is bad for them, and I'm here to address these issues.Let's get a hot topic out of the way first: gender reassignment surgery is as necessary for individuals experiencing severe gender dysphoria as chemo would be for a cancer patient. Yes, some people still unfortunately kill themselves. But, every single person who undergoes surgery who doesnt is a person whose life is saved. It is not cosmetic, it is life saving.Secondly, estrogen is not bad for your mind or body in any way as an assigned-at-birth male. There is zero scientific evidence that it is. This is baseless and only serves to scare people away from taking the medicine they needThird: it can be "too late to change". I am 37 and I only began hrt 5 years ago. Within two years I was visually passing and now my voice sounds indistinguishable from any other woman's.Finally, that it is bad for children to transition. Most children have no issue with this and think it's cool to know a trans individual. And giving children estrogen does in fact make it easier on them psychologically to go through their lives as a woman. There is zero evidence that any child has experienced adverse effects growing up compared to non-trans children.I will talk to anyone about any of these things. I'm just sick of seeing baseless bullshit spewed about us on this board. Seeing that stuff early on in my transition made me think about some things I never want to think about again. And anyone who posts pictures of girls who are having trouble passing is participating in psychological abuse.

>>430205218Why don't we sell drugs to trannies?

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>>430210092This and some ivermectin for their ass-worms.Kek.


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>>430206252Nah, ashwaganda and stinging nettle actually do raise your testosterone to normal levels. It won't elevate them but my T went from 300s to 600s after taking as directed. I confirmed this with blood work. It's not all bullshit, just most of it

>>430209340you dumb fucks still dont understand you are at war and they laugh at you while you send them money for fake garbage and poison.

>>430206258Ashwaganda has been used for hundreds of years and has several proven health benefits. It isn't dangerous but instead is highly beneficial.

>>430205218I have been saying people should do this for ages. You're actually fixing the problem

>>430211087Thanks bro, been trying to find some supplements to help boost mood and focus. I'll stop taking this stuff.

>>430211467Note, this is not a pornographic image. It cannot elicit sexual arousal. It is also not gore, because this procedure has been completed and the surgery site is fully healed. This is just a purely informative image of a totally necessary procedure that has perfected transformed a man's female genitalia into a fully functional penis that can impregnate women

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>>430211467Nice b8.

>>430207155That longjack stuff is potent. The first time I took it was one night around 9 PM and within 2 hours I was horny as fuck so I jerked off and had the most intense coom of my life.

>>430211467Nice bait, but anyone taking test even knows that a high E2 level is dangerous and terrible for the heart. Source:I'm from/fraud/

>>430205218>Ashwagandha>FatalRetard - Dosages9:50 - Side effectsConclusion: Mostly safe, a few interactions with other supplements/drugs. Dangerous for pregnant woman (could cause miscarriage).

>>430212133Jesus fucking Christ, my stomach just turned.

>>430206252>>430206258It works and achieves the documented effects. Whether or not it works for you specifically is dependent upon your personal biology. You should be able to tell pretty quickly, and switch to trying something else.

>>430211467>life savingThank goodness their flames have been extinguished so that ours can shine and burn brighter, what i mean by that is killing themselves makes our lives better! the more of them gone the better, keep advertising gender reassignment surgery i want you to.

>>430211087What is even the benefit? People keep shilling it saying "it makes you feel better" but wtf, are you so depressed you need to take something to make you feel 10% better? The shit comes from India. You take a high risk with every supplement you take that you might actually be poisoning yourself. The supposed benefit isn't worth the risk. This is just the flavor of thr year snake oil.

>>430209340>The entire supplement industry is suffering from counterfeiting due to ingredients being ordered in bulk from China. It even affects reputable brandsI've heard of this. Really concerning. We need to demand quality assurance. We need to demand that we are getting what we are paying for. There needs to be easy ways to test for what we are buying, and the strength of it. The same issue exists in the essential oil industry as well apparently. Quality tests will remove most of the concern and fraud.

>>430211940Every fucking food and supplement has a toxin profile/benefit profile. Some random root from an Indian plant? Yeah it might not be entirely safe to ingest the isolated extract of it. You have to do cost-benefit analysis for everything you put in you.

>>430209586Retard. The only thing you got right was disliking drug dealers. He is focusing on providing a quality product. If some addict can't get it from one person, they'll turn to someone else. This is a societal problem and the help they need must be provided by family/society/government.

>>430211467Your biggest opponents in society are:-the large percentage of humans who have a disgust response, which highly correlates to dislike of faggots and trannies-the fact that you literally can't breed if you get the surgeries you think are necessary for you to liveThe whole tranny topic is ultimately pointless because the majority of people are just going to be disgusted by you no matter what, and you're biological deadends. Radically altering society to make things slightly better for you is a waste of resources and ultimately futile.

>>430212133Is this an AI meme?

>>430212637Don't be disturbed. This is a life saving medical procedure that men elect to have their totally unnatural and useless vaginas transformed into a functional penis. You see, gender is a social construct that is totally malleable and does not require you to have the genitalia of your chosen sex, so it can be necessary to medically alter those incorrect genitals into the right ones so that the individual can then conform to the anatomic norms of their chosen gender. But it's also not a choice which is why they were born needing this surgery

>>430213231It was very recently on a bill in thr US or some FDA regulation release that they were going to regulate everything. Each and every single vitamin and mineral was spelled out meticulously, I feel bad for the person who had to compile that list. Not sure what happened with it, kind of a necessity that it go through now that China has fully entered the supplement market.

Just found

>>430213454Why would you question the veracity of a textbook medical procedure?. A majority of the male genitalia I see on any day look exactly like this man's very plump and suckable penis. He should be careful so that he doesn't inadvertently impregnate a woman with this virile sexual organ

>>430209340>There's no FDA regulation of the supp industryAh yes FDA and their regulations are going to help us.

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>>430211467the fact that you actively post here proves trannies MUST be the victim and actively enjoy victimising themselves. You know you’re gonna get insulted and you don’t agree with anybody’s views here, why do you actually come here? it’d be great if you left.

>>430212133Holy fuck that's disgusting.

It's so weird that this thread came up.I just started supplementing with Bacopa. I think I have noticed a

>>430205218>AshwagandhaLiterally a god gift to treat any kind of inflammation; internal or external.

>>430206252>India men are the horniest.>Spanish men are likely to follow altruism and cuckold lifestyle

>>430205709>Jessy... we need to cook.


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>>430212571You are such a disingenuous tranny. The science says you'll die and you're telling straight people to take it too in solidarity with your kind.Fuck you

>>430215881If you're a pregnant man it should be safe to take.

>>430212133>>430213584>>430213792youyou are based

>>430205218Why the fuck the retards go diy in the place? Can't they buy that shit from a legit pharmacy?

>>430216167Tranny sees tranny in everythingTake your meds, schizo

>>430216386a lot of the diy hrt is targeted at minors, and it goes behind their parents' backs

>>430213792What is up with the vgina behind the balls, the vagina in the balls, the dick in the clit, and the fake dick? What gender is this person I don't even understand. Thats why I thought it was AI. It is incomprihensibly nonsensical.

>>430212133>fully functionaleven the fake cocks are circumcisedlol, lmfao

>>430211467Solid bait, 8/10.


>>430205218When is this fad gonna end?

>>430217294Two weeks.

>>430213407drug dealers and addicts should be helped into a tight noose

>>430211467 Lol

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>>430211087Hm I used to take it and had/have much of that. Thanks buddy!

>>430207155Just use pine pollen

Just do DMT I feel fantastic

>>430206407It would be better if it was fent

>>430209340What's a more reliable brand?

>>430218204Why not cocaine?

>>430209340That's what happens when TPTB forced reputable places like PowderCity to shut down. Also, everyone should be submitting the link mentioned in that tweet to various federal agencies for selling and importing controlled substances without a license.

>>430212133Checked. I understand the frankenweiner, but why are there fake testicles with a clitoris in the middle and wtf does the hole in the nutsack do? >Man-made horrors

>>430213842Your solution? Truth be told white people are a greedy piece of shit race and will keep putting Chinese cancer powder in their products unless you force them not to.

>>430218894Never had an issue going into my local shop, they seem to stand by their stuff and vet it to some extent but it's more expensive. The internet is just a free for all though. I'd recommend a specific product but every time I do the price goes up for it because everyone is a Jew now so sorry.

>>430218204Same user. Dmt light doses of 2-CE