>there are people on this board that still believe poland started ww2

>there are people on this board that still believe poland started ww2

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>>430205085well now that u brought it up im starting to think it too

>>430205085Let me teach you about your culture again.youtube.com/watch?v=dHSQAEam2ychttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uk_6vfqwTA

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>>430205085poland took a lot of clay before ww2zaolzie from czechoslovakiavilnius from lithuaniaeastern galicia from ukrainehitler even offered poland ukrainian clay in exchange for simple cooperation against subhuman bolsheviks, but poland declined because they wanted more german claythe eternal pole caused every war in europethey are violent subhumans and must be destroyed

>Who started world war 1.The Avalanche is started by a single snowflake landing/transitioning, however the people who purposefully created the problem by stoking people's natural tendencies successfully remains unseen and protected by layers of armor noone is able to get through.youtube.com/watch?v=4NVKE980EC0

>>430205760>but poland declined because they wanted more german claysource?

>>430205085poland was listening to jews like bernard baruch who was telling them they would be so cool of they picked a fight with germany

>>430205085ill go by what chamberlain said ..........world jewry and america forced england into this war


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>>430205085Search up Sanacja. Poland pre-ww2 was a literal fascist government that opressed non-Polish minorities, Germans included

>>430211059And?Look up Germany pre-WW2.What's the difference here?Meanwhile when it comes to our territory, why do you keep trying to destroy us? We've already survived 123 years of partitions and after WW1 we had to reaquire those lands that were stolen from us.And what changed about Germany invading us together with Soviets, they were supposedly so opposed against?Our entire military doctrine back then was to fight back the Soviets should that dirty filth ever decide to cross our border, sadly Germany made a pact with these.Hitler was the biggest catalyst to give victory to the Commies.

>>430211791He doesnt mention Hitler, you Polenigger


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>>430211791>If you fight commies, you are a commie.You will get thousand migrants from Africa and Asia. You already have pride marches in every big city. Poland is US prostitute.

>>430211791> What's the difference here?Germany did not rule over Polish territories at the time and was not persecuting Poles> Meanwhile when it comes to our territory, why do you keep trying to destroy us? Germany wasn’t trying to destroy you, they literally just wanted Danzig, a city of 99% ethnic Germans which in fact could be used as a pathway to attack Bolshevik Russia from. Hitler actually offered Poland an alliance to fight Bolshevism together but Poland refused, and only afterwards did they make a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union

>>430212990well said

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>>430212990One, that was not a non-aggression pactTwo, Hitler offered the same shit to us as they did to Czechoslovakia, we're not stupid.Three, Gdańsk has been a city of the Polish crown, just because a bunch of Germans decided to migrate there does not mean it is suddenly German now.The PLC had a lot of German migrants which came especially to the big cities.And also they were persecuting Slavs, which was enough. Especially, ironically, in Gdańsk, which was not in Polish hands at that time.>>430212328You literally went into an alliance with Commies, you didn't do shit in fighting them.

>>430205085Fuck pooland


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>>430205085yes please stop fucking the world for everyone elsesome of us are trying to live here


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>>430214959>One, that was not a non-aggression pactIt was called the anticomintern alliance>Two, Hitler offered the same shit to us as they did to Czechoslovakia, we're not stupid.You invaded Chekoslovakia too, because that state fell aprt, dont they teach that in polish school>Three, Gdańsk has been a city of the Polish crownCenturies earlier.The city was german and wanted to be part of Germany.>You literally went into an alliance with CommiesPoland literally send weapons to commies in Spain against Franco.Poland sided against fascist Europe wherever it could

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>>430205085what "start" are you talking about?the radiostation thing or refusal to give up Gdańsk?>1pbtidawwww

>>430215929>You invaded Chekoslovakia too>2 posts in and he's already whataboutingstay on topiche obviously meant that Hitler promised to stop territorial demands if he was given Sudetenland. He broke his promise and later invaded whole of Czechoslovakia just to annex it in his entirety.You'd be the dumbest man alive to think he wouldn't do the same after giving up Gdańsk.

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>>430216423Read Pat Buchanan, instead of the usual Anglo nigger shit. Checkoslovakia was a failed state. Totally difffernet from Poland. Every Pollack is a propagandized monkey

>>430205085Fuck them for not allowing Germany to close the corridor to Eastern Prussia. It's all Poland's fault for doing so

>>430212990>they literally just wanted DanzigGdańsk wasn't polish to give in the first place. Poland couldn't give away a city that wasn't hers - because it was a free city. So this argument is absurd. The problem was exterritorial highway that would cut off Poland from the sea. Poland COULDN'T agree to that for obvious reasons.

>why didn’t you just spread your asshole to the invaders who stated they want to murder your entire race lol?that this board still considerers itself pro-nationalist is a pure mockery at this point

>>430218205It was very much about Danzig. That it wasnt even polish was the icing on the cake. As usual Poles dont know thier own history or lie their asses off. Usually the last oneAlso sse: >>430212223

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Doesn't matter, centuries of being preyed upon, persecuted, exterminated and to this day my (((country))) doesn't allow me to own a weapon for self defense.This shithole and it's subhuman population got exactly what they deserve. Deserves nothing less than permanent partition. Not that it's run by Poles anyways.

>>430205085They did.

>>430205085Yea because they did

>>430205085they did>The Munich Agreement effectively meant the end of the multinational Czechoslovakia that had emerged in 1918, as the neighboring states of Poland and Hungary also took advantage of the opportunity to occupy territory, but unlike Germany, without the consent of the signatory powers Great Britain and France.

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>>430218490Yes we did, my little subhuman slav(e)shitThat is why now we are siding with Muslims ms and their conquest of yurotrash.Lets see you (((heroes))) take them on.Yurope is indeed a festering cancer.Islam is ut's final answer.

>>430217867>read marx>read kaczynsky>read now this dudefuck offif you can't present his arguments yourself, Im not going to waste time reading his shitbesides, "its a failed state" doesnt mean jack shit. Hitler gave his word and then broke it, proving he's unreliable.

>>430205085They did. They should have accepted their fate, lay back, and take it

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>>430218607Do you even know what the fuck happened to Chechoslovakia, you stupid polish nigger?Where the fuck was their army when we "invaded" them? Or you for that matter, right?Holy shit, your a literall nigger race, that does nothing but talk out of its ass, with spoonfed Anglo talking points. Exactly like hat nigger race Ukraine

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>>430218414That's a lie. First of all - general Kutrzeba was a commander of "Poznań Army", not "Pomeranian Army" (of which the commander was general Władysław Bornowski - and his army NEVER entered Gdańsk) - so he couldn't cross the border with Gdańsk. Second - we know exactly what polish forces were there, since we had two battles in Gdańsk - one against polist post-office and second against polish (legal) military base in Westerplatte.As for your pic - which part of plebiscite in so called pomeranian corridor don't you understand? III Reich was known for rigging such plebiscites. And that would end up with Poland being cut off from Baltic See. That would be a catastrophy for Poland. Like I said.

>>430218929Agreed, just like you need to chill the fuck out and let Reconquista take effect. Not like you dumb mutts can stop it now anyways.

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>>430219034>reeee reeeereeeecalm down, lmao>Where the fuck was their army when we "invaded" them?Most of them, like 90% mutinied.Majority of Czechoslovak defensive fortifications were located in Sudetenland, as well large part of industrial base. Hitler knew this which is why it's a big reason why he wanted it handed over first; so he could have easier time invading. Czechoslovaks knew there was no point in fighting being disarmed like that.Also, Hitler was counting on same thing in Poland but was prepared for denial too, which is why battleship Schleswig Holstein was already docked in Gdańsk port, under the guise of courtesy visit to assist another german ship, Königsberg light cruiser which supposedly broke down and was in need of repairs. Mind you, Schleswig Holstein battleship had whole assault company of kriegsmarine under the deck, very eager to assist repairing Konigsberg cruiser in Westerplatte. You're not bullshitting anyone. The war would have kicked off sooner or later and the only amount of appeasement that would satisfy Hitler would to be just lay down the arms and concede entirely.

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>>43020508599 LUFTBALOON

>>430205085Why can't butthurtniggers be human.

>>430219692You already had the port in Gdynia. But, you absolutely wanted Danzig. Overall Hitler was very forthcoming, making proposal after proposal, but Poland rejected everything without even attempting to make an attempt to reseolve it.

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>>430205085Poland is the Christ of nations

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>>430205085I just learned the Wojak was a Polish invention so I kinda get it.


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>>430220337>poland is the comunist homeless jew of nations What did he mean by this?

>>430220337Not anymore, now we are the Muhammad of nation.Start learning Turkish, yurogarbage mothafucka.

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>>430220001The chekoslovakian state was in total dissolution. Slovakia had seceeded from the state. This was nothing like Poland. And what the fuck are you comparing some ship being stationed somewhere to the checkoslolavkian state falling apart?

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>>430220898Should have exterminated more slav(e)shitsThose uppity subhumans need to learn their place (under a muslim's truck of peace)

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>>430208128And they received 40 years of soviet occupation for their stupidity. They seriously fell victim for the classic blunder

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>>430208618Is this fake? They couldn't even spell Gdynia.

>>430212990>a city of 99% ethnic GermansPomeranians and Kashubians were never Germans, even Prussians who ruled Germany before WW1 didn't see themselves as Germans.

>>430220898>The chekoslovakian state was in total dissolution.>that means we can take it mysterious hun mindand before you go>y-yuo did it too!!1compare Polish gains to Reich gains and take in mind that ultimately Hitler took entirety of Czech part>And what the fuck are you comparing some ship being stationed somewhere to the checkoslolavkian state falling apart?Just wanted to show you how Hitler was prepared for every situation when something doesn't go his way, which almost always meant violence or at the very least threat of it.

>>430211791>stolen from us>Lithuania that was Russian since 1700s as result of victory in northern war>part of Ukraine that was part of Russian empire for 100s years too befor poles again chipped out like Jews about muh IsraelYou see nigger - there are 2 chairs - (1) I am innocent tranny jew and (2) Polska stronk and we would fight offensive wars and get our teeth shovled by Russian boot again and again. You start learning chimp, but probably you can’t genetically being a subhuman you are that can’t into logic.

>>430221336forgot my pic related

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>>430205760This. Poland started ww2

>>430205085Danzig is rightful German clay stolen by Jews after WWI.So yes.


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>>430220515We never lost a war besides ww2, Germany never won one

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It's always the Krauts.Auto manufacturing while getting pumped with massive amounts of money put themin a good lightfor a whilebut their recent stream of utter failures at everything - especially tech - is a showcase of a cultural and linguistic (Slavs all call them "mutes" (Nemci)) framework simply incapable of massive failure and subsequent sperg out.History repeats itself because some cultures are just set in their way.

>>430221958>We never lost a war besides ww2

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>>430223055*simply incapable of anything other than massive failureI don't hate Germanics (even though they hate me) but just try to see them as they are.

>>430220337a semitic plague?

>>430205085But we will start WWIII, screencap this

>>430205085I thought poles are a threat, since they the biggest american lapdog, but I checked and their population is actually less than urkraine, lmao.

>>430205085I heard Poland started WW2 because they were killing Germans in Danzig

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>>430221602I see you're still salty about that one time one "rebellious" division managed to BTFO your entire country.I'd like to remind everyone Lithuania sucked Lenin's cock back then.


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>>430214452Pilshitski was warmongering to start ww2 in the mid 30s with a joint alliance from france and britain as a pre emptive strike against Hitler all while Hitler did the groveling in your picture the polacks yearned for German blood. Hitler should've symbolically pissed on pilshitskis coffin instead of attending his mock funeral.>>430205760You forgot that poland stole Germanys east well after the end of the first war like vultures and have the gall to complain of Germany taking it back.

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>>430223804Yeah man we slaughtered 10 gorillion innocent dindu nuffin germans in danzig which was 95% german, had a NSDAP administration, was under the League of Nations oversight and it looked like this:>poles waltz into danzig>kill bajillion germans>leave>nobody reports on it until after the war starts, the only reports come from the propaganda ministerium of the reichdamn we were such ninjas there are literally no sources on that supposed genocide, shiet japan move over we be sneaky now.

>>430205085Anyone with a brain sees it was Germany

>>430223932Hey cunt user, take a wiiiiiiild guess who germans got these "stolen" lands from in the first place :^)

>>430205085This place is full of unironic 70iq retards. What do you expect.Here are some examples:>>430208128>>430205760>>430218490>>430218550>>430223932>>430221602>>430221649>>430205153>>430211059>>430212990here are the seething germcucks that always flood these threads: >>430214452>>430212328>>430212223>>430218414>>430218573>>430218975These threads always have the exact same type of discussion, retarded western niggers who believe themselves to be le enlightened based thinkers by expressing pure contrarianism and then there are the seething assblasted germcucks who have my country in their head rent free 24/7

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>>430224071> These threads always have the exact same type of discussion, retarded western niggers who believe themselves to be le enlightened based thinkers by expressing pure contrarianism and then there are the seething assblasted germcucks who have my country in their head rent free 24/7kek


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>>430223851I just took a massive shit, its time to clean polack

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>>430224186I am from Toulouse and there right now, fuck you bitch

>>430224071no, the only people who are retards are the poled>we wuzz everything like vandals n shiiiiietlmao

>>430215929>fascist EuropeNever existed such a thing. Fascist was only Italy.

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>>430205085it's slightly more complicated than thatbut yeah, just don't slaughter ethnic Germans in Posen and don't try to starve out Danzig, and we probably wouldn't be in the same world that we are today


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>>430224356Okay source me on these supposed slaughters and supposed starvation.Go on you can do it :^)

>>430223818>hussars>toughlol>we wuzz hussars n shiiiiet>lets slice the german tanks in two>german tankcrew: haha autocannon goes pap-pap-pappoooland is bad tier

>>430224240nice, greetings from SIEGburg in Germany :)

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>>430224463It never happened and you know it.>be germans>declare to be "aryan" "superhuman">declare everyone around you to be subhumans>start the biggest war in the history of this planet for no other reason than to prove it>lose, to supposed subhumans>thus, proving to the entire world, you've been the actual subhumans the whole time>get raped so hard you become the most asiatic nation in Europe on the genetic levelAAHHAHAHHAHAHA

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>>430224530Poles are literally worse than niggers. So its actually a loss for negroe race nkt for whites

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>>430208618Gdańsk was always polish. Everything east of Odra river is Poland, some of the cutrently german administration should also be polish or Czech because its slavic Germans all belong to denmark, go there and never come back

>>430205085Your jewish pals did, under your protection, the jewish pals who tried to take over germany in 1918 after it was defeated.

>>430224808>we wuz aryanz n shieeetyeah we claim to be sarmatians but that one actually has basis in reality instead of you larping as "iranians", yeah thats what aryan means and you have nothing to do with iranians

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>>430224038>>>600000000 GORRILLION YEARS AGOOOOOO DANZIGSKYISÍZZ WAZZZ POOOOOLISHI dont give a fuck retard. Hitler and 70% of the German nation still remembered their eastern land and had every right to take it back since their loss was in living memory. Point me towards the 200+ year old polish plumber who remembers that land as ever being polish?>>430224071Polish mass replying dogs like you make me hate all polacks. Hitler didn't plan on genociding polacks but he definitely should've.


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>>430224980>Germans all belong to denmarkVery rude to the Danes. >>430225033You're a funny guy, but you show clear signs of debilitating mental health issues.

>>430224793you are literal pole rapebaby

>>430225033>the land was rightfully german!>for some reason there were a lot of poles living there, I just don't know whystop being stupid abo

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>>430224638>look how i just made shit uppost source you cockfag :^)

>>430225022you didnt read it.

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>>430225136You're on 4chan Holla Forums specifically you fucking nigger. If you're not debilitatingly mentally ill than you're just a fuckin spastic.>>430225151>>the land was rightfully polish!>>for some reason there were a lot of Germans living there, I just don't know whystop being stupid skidzisky