Can any Californian explain what the fuck is going on in your state?

Can any Californian explain what the fuck is going on in your state?

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>>430204080Commiefornia is globohomo incarnate

>>430204080Run by a (killable) jewish and a gay man in one

I'm not from Cali but I've lived there and can explain...Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

>>430204080Isn't that guy on the right the one who sponsored the bill lowering penalties for pedophilia? Someone post the headline screencap

>>430204080there's a reason kikes and niggers are the most hated groups in the world.

why does this state have beautiful nature spots but have actual demons running this state

>>430204080it is interesting giving children the choice of their parents.

>>430204329yes, and a bill that made not telling a sex partner you have aids a mere misdemeanor.

Protect alcoholic kids WaitProtect trans kids


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>>430204329i think he is a member of the pelosi crime family as well.

>>430204329If i remember right, the bill was softening penalties if the child was willing Which kind of highlights the whole point of the movement. Giving kids legal agency over their gender and what they can do with their sexual organs which has a heavy layering of sexuality/preference involved is a lateral logical move to saying kids have the capacity to consent to using their sexual organs. Despite a) being prepubescent and therefore lacking a complete knowledge of what your sex and sexuality are and b) being kids who by nature are malleable.20 years ago we were talking about the idiot 10 year old that read Harry Potter and jumped out a window on a broom, now we're saying that kid can be certain of gender to consent to life altering treatments or be able to consent to sex in a meaningful capacity?

It’s child abuse to not reaffirm your children’s addiction I mean conviction to alcohol. I mean being trans. The brain isn’t developing, these kids need drinks or rather hormones It all comes tumbling tumbling down

>>430204080>Fat sheboon acting as the low IQ spokesman >Kike behind the bill It’s all so tiresome

>>430204725Numbers 31:18

>>430204725This guy strikes me as a bugchaser.

It all comes tumbling down tumbling down. What’s the difference between a Christian and Jew? One realizes their books mentions dick cutting 180 times and the other doesn’t

>>430204080Is that the same Jewish lawmaker that decriminalized given AIDS to other faggots?

>>430204329>>430204621Correct, the demon's name is Scott Wiener

>>430204725Fuck, it was this. This is what I was thinking about, not this >>430205026I just forgot how aggressively Jewish his bill was

>>430204080Shame feasting on stupidity.

>>430204080I don’t know but it’s bad and i am moving tomorrow so who cares

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>>430204725>with willing children

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>>430204080Scott Weiner's district literally has more pedophiles than parents. He is just representing them.

>>430204080dangerously few whites so it's becoming Brazil

>>430204080"Wiener"Well colored me shocked...

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>>430204080What’s to explain?Cali Wali is run by faggots

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>>430204725Incalcualbly based

>Can any Californian explain what the fuck is going on in your state?Appears to be niggers and jews, many such cases.

>>430204080I don't think I can explain the details, but basically this is what happens when progressive democrats capture every institution. While looking at the political landscape of individuals in the state seems to suggest that republicans or conservatives would retain a small level of power, in truth they hold nothing (outside a few heavily sieged counties). An organized cabal of useful idealogues hold a supermajority over nearly institution in the state, and they are ruled over by small number of political families and, naturally, (((philanthropists))).CA is basically what happens when the evil cult wins and takes over. Literally our only hope is a jonestown collapse.

>>430204080>you vill live in ze pod>you vill eat ze bugs>you vill allow ze state to chemically castrate your childremAnd you WILL be happy.

>>430206221Sacramento needs God's wrath.


>>430204571You can't get everything you want.t. Californian

>>430204725What's defined as children? If a 16 year old is coming onto me I don't think that deserves the same punishment as an actual pedo

>>430205031This Jew rat surely has a catamite or two locked in his basement.

>>430204080The state schools are changing your kids.

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>>430204080>let social workers take youngsters

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>>430206923>>430206391>>430205819>>430205121>>430205026These cucks understand who the enemy is, yet still genuflect by saying jew with a capital J. Get with the times boys, lowercase j these kikes everytime.

>>430206351>Sacramento needs God's wrath.wish the whole state would just slough off into the ocean and leave us with the California archipelago for excellent fishing.

>>430206923Just read this on wiki now I'm not sure what to think> In 2019 and 2020, Wiener attempted to pass > Senate Bill 201, a bill that would have > restricted physician and parents' ability to > decide to perform reconstructive genital > surgery on intersex infants, and would > instead require the impacted child be old > enough to decide to undergo surgery.

These shitlibs are exploiting the fact that Californians are libertarians. They really son’t care what you do or pay much attention, so long as you don’t disturb their quality of life. Almost every degenerate dirtbag who gives the state a bad name moved there from some other part of the country.

>>430204621>not telling a sex partner you have aids a mere misdemeanor.and this was 100% backed by the medical community as it removed the stigma and possible punishment from getting tested. As the issue before was some in high risk communities would deliberately avoid testing to dodge the legal issues. Now that's been removed. You people need to go read these bills and not just fall for outrage click bait crap. >>430204725If you go read the bill all it's doing is extending Romeo and Juliet laws to cover same sex couples. As the laws before were like dude with chick ok, but two chicks and suddenly not ok. The bill also still expressly punishes true pedo actions. That head line is just click bait.

>>430204175All my this! Satanist gonna Satan. Demons gonna Demonic! Villains gonna vile!


>>430207390That's a real example of people who have biological sex mutation issues and there is research supporting that choosing at infancy often leads to a ton of problems. I do not think that legislation at all legitimates a mental belief in being the opposite gender when so many other variables influence that mentality nor does it justify any other legislation he has been apart of

If there was a foreign enemy who told us they were going to invade our country and cut our sons' dicks off, we'd use anything up to and including thermonuclear war to prevent it.Why are we not treating these perverts the same way?

>>430204080This guy should be killed. He sat there and listened to first hand testimony from a detransitioned ftm and could barely keep from smiling at her. He's a hideous, awful creature who lives to promote the hell that he so lusts for.

>>430204080Man, our world got astronomically fucking worse after 2012. I really am starting to believe the Mayans now.I really just wonder what the world will look like in 2033. Sex with kids will probably be the norm (or an afterthought) by then since normalfags accepted gays already.

>>430204080What is to be done about the "scientist" who waste tax dollars researching and validating this bullshit?

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The western world ended in 2001

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>>430206697>if a 26 year old iszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzDie.


>>430204080The man on the right explains the root of California and by extension the country's biggest problems

>>430207578>foolNo, more like an educated man who isn't afraid to to read legal documents and other forms of governmental bills. Go read the law.. SB 145 is only covered ages 14-17 and with in a Romeo and Juliet age range. It only applies to willing sex, not any sort of forced or unwanted touching etc. It doesn't change the age of consent at all. It also decriminalizes oral and other actions between willing same sex couples. As in the example I already gave. Before SB 145 if a 19 year old boy was dating a 17 year old girl it would be over looked but have a hot 19 year old lesbian go down on her 17 year old girl friend and suddenly it was a sex offender crime. Like if you want to be pissed off about something at least make it something worthy of being pissed off about and not just falling victim to chud like thinking where oh some random click bait trying to say CA made it legal to anal rape children.

>>430206697>If a 16 year old is coming onto meThe age of consent is still 18 in CA and SB 145 still has a rolling 10 year window to the Romeo and Juliet side of it. Most of it is still going to be left up to a judge. So jail bait is still very, very risky and something I would not go near with a 10 foot pole.

>>430204080Lmao that’s the same jew that legalized pedophilia and giving people AIDS

>>430204080niggers and jewsbad news

>>430204080Weiner is a sick puppy, republicans should point it out more.

>>430204233 chckdKali fornicar

Whatever happened to that massive faultline earthquake which was promised for years?

>>430207775Americans have lost the will to live.

>>430204080They are trying to destroy the first amendment

California is full of multiple generations of “dreamer” types who packed up and left their families and communities to indulge in their own narcissistic delusions. They hate family and traditions. Being outed as a Republican in much of CA… you’ll lose your social circle, your job, etc. Everyone I met in CA hated the direction of the state and their political leaders, but they would ALWAYS have to say something along the lines of “I’m not some Republican but…” and therein lies the problem, it’s a one party state and these idiots can’t admit the limousine liberals they keep voting for are ten times worse than the caricatures of evil capitalists they associate with Republicans. The Democrats in CA could build a human meat grinder and start corralling people indiscriminate, and these stupid gen-xers and millennials would still cling to some counter culture delusion to justify voting for these tyrants. Just get out while you can.


>>430204080I recognize that guy on the right: he's a gay jew in California's legislature who authored the bills that lowered criminal penalties to knowingly give AIDS to someone or knowingly have sex with a minor.

>>430204080They're making the same decisions that NYC made during the covid pandemic. While I'd like to think that Newsom is so egotistical that he could not even fathom getting on his knees and begging the wealthy class to stay, I am pretty sure that he will eventually do the same thing that Cuomo did. I have family business here in LA for a few more years at most, once that's taken care of, I'm taking my brown ass to bumfuck Kansas or some other quiet part of the country. If California's goal was to exile all the people of note in the state and keep the drug addicts/welfare dependents, they are doing one marvelous job.

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>>430204080a faggot jew keeps trying (sometimes succeeding) to fag things up even more.this polesmoker>removed homosexuals from the pedo list>tried to make pedophilia a misdemeanor>decriminalized prostitution for child sex workers under 12just jew fag things, basicallyhow he hasn't been doused in gasoline and set ablaze yet i'll never understand

God made this place a paradise man made it hell.

My sister is married to a police officer and she lives in Santa Rosa, CA. She has a daughter age 5 and a son barely 6 months. Shes very conservative and hates the california law they just live there cause her husband's dad was police chief so they're ingrained in society. She already plans to send her kids to private school which is a good step I just hope my bro in law gives the right amount of attention to the kids to guide them.

>>430204080Cool. Accelerate faster please.

>>430204080>gibsme dat yungsta

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>>430204080they want to fuck your kids and sacrifice them to the devil. simple


>>430204080Niggers and Jews have a death wish, but the white man is being hard to get along with and won't do it.

>>430204080Just white people things

>>430204080I have seen how corrupt shits like this try to game the judicial bureaucracy.>We proclaimed your 3 year old a drag queen in school today after a 5 minute "assessment" by a "certified counselor" with beyond dubious legal identity and credentials working for a private firm with an agenda contracted by the state. >You have no right to know about this, we would tell the kid to keep it secret if it was old enough to coherently talk and because you didn't know that is abuse. We are using force of law to take the kid.>State gets several thousand $ per kid from feds in the open and dirty "activist" groomer state employee network gets thousands renting and selling the kid until it gets too diseased or broken to use and is disposed of.T. Hawaii escaped pizza.


>>430204080At least the aren't going after the kids...

>>430204080>>430204180>>430208258>>430209423Lmao, I love this place.

>>430204080Our elections are rigged, but there are just enough crazy people to make it seem plausible.

Niggers, women and cucked men the perfect cocktail for disaster


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>>430204080Californians, it's time to nut up or shut up.

>>430204809>20 years ago we were talking about the idiot 10 year old that read Harry Potter and jumped out a window on a broom, now we're saying that kid can be certain of gender to consent to life altering treatments or be able to consent to sex in a meaningful capacity?When I was about 7 I was standing on the roof of the 2nd floor of the stair case of an apartment building with my friend. I was holding a helium balloon and wanted to find out if they balloon would let me float to the ground.

>>430204180Secular Jews. Devout religious Jews hate this shit at much as we do.

>>430204080Wiener again? They want to get more into their trafficking system huh

>>430211672true to a large degree. but a joo is a joo. dangerous to normal people. i read haaretz every day and what is going on between the different types of jooos in jissrahell is really entertaining. looks like the sidelocks are winning big time. the buttborers are fuming mad and the roasties...hahahha. joos, man what would we do without that entertainment. a bit costly, though.

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>Can any Californian explain what the fuck is going on in your state?Mail in ballots.

would be a national tragedy if some brave hero fedposted this faggot kike in Minecraft.

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>>430204080Nope. You didn’t post a link so o can’t spoon feed you your stupid medication.

>>430204809>>430204329>Isn't that guy on the right the one who sponsored the bill lowering penalties for pedophilia? >the bill was softening penalties if the child was willingit amended the laws on the books to make the penalty the same as if the couple was hetero (still has to be over 14)clickbait headline for the average Holla Forums retard

>>430204080For those that don't know, the bay area is a big, populous region that extends far out around San Francisco proper. The whole place is politically retarded, but their population is still dwarfed by the remainder of CA. The bill will fail, and these sorts of stupidities only get proposed because everyone in that region is drinking the same kool-aid. They've been getting much stupider with their proposals lately so the ability to pull voters along to dumb shit that sounds "well meaning" is rapidly disappearing. The state is becoming much more politically polarized. Dumb tranny shit is helping a lot.

>>430211672Yeah, but they spit on Christians trying to go to church. So fuck them too.

>>430204080nothing stop asking

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>>430208119>Chad Gaylord SmithKEK

>>430205500>5500with the bing-bing-bing

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>>430204080The state is being run into the ground by retards who don't care who live here. To be honest, pic related is one of the less concerning bills here given San Francisco is pushing to give 5M to every black person as "reparations" instead of fixing their goddamn city And just guess who's paying for it? >>430207390>>430207491It would be nice if people read bills, amirite? Albeit, I also had a kneejerk reaction b4 reading bread. Is what it is, I guess.

>>430204080The Jewish/Blackrock/Psuedo-Communist take over of a nation. Their plan of attack is to destroy the family unit. That's what the funding is. Without a family unit to look to, no one will have anything to fight for. They can create the class systems they want, and with no family to look towards for guidance, people will go to the State for direction, (internet control of narrative), and use the States guidance for how to live, and what values to have. They are making America like China, except it's the Jews, with Israel as the governance. Or they are trying to completely destroy it. Depends on how Israel and the NWO/ world government connects to each other. In order to convince America to do this, they have to weaponize compassion, (and self righteousness), hence the current angle on sexuality. That's the angle, but the process is the same. While doing this, they will breed scorn and redicule into the population, so they will accept the technology that is the mark of the beast, which will completely eliminate any ability for people to communicate or rebel without being cut off by the owners of the tech. That's like. 25% of the big picture hahaha, without getting into ascension.

>>430207390This isn't actually bad imo. I don't know why a bill like this was pushed and considered, but if it had to do with anything it was likely due to the relationship between sex and gender that often gets really fuckey with intersex individuals. I've heard of several stories where the parents will reconstruct the genitals one way, only for them to end up either developing another way or simply end up being trans. From what I can tell, it's a shockingly common occurrence and giving these demographics the choice is likely to help these people become functioning members of society without such a biological or mental hurdle. Dysphoria and Dysmorphia are both mental illnesses, anyway.


>>430204080tikkun olam

>>430204080>state enforced child abuseI really wonder how much more normies are willing to cede before they do something

>>430217210>>430204080To clarify, the scorn and redicule is against skeptics, and against anyone nervous about technology or about corporate agendas. That's how the effects of tech will fail to scare people off, through scorn towards the people speaking out. Like Steven Colbert, scorn and redicule, weaponized against anyone speaking up. And the sexuality thing is the angle for America through weaponized compassion for "oppressed" groups, the same tactic we use to convince people to support us going to war in foreign countries. Except this time it will be for children, against their parents, as their parents as the oppressors, and the state (with a false mask of the community, teachers and social media and etc.) As the "savior". Eventually there will be an actual system in place for children to abandon parents and pursue a "state sponsored" existence, with the state providing the avenue out of the family unit, somehow, either with schooling or state housing and employment or something, probably. And on and on and on.

>>430204329You can tell he carries the monkey pox in his ass.

>>430204329decriminalising giving people aids knowingly as well


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>>430204080Take a guess

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>>430204080Every now and then, God allows things to get /really/ bad to see who will still be faithful. This darkness has been ordained. It will one day pass. But things are going to get even worse before it does.

>>430204080A slow collapse accelerating, at least in the mid and southern part of the state.The worst part about Northern California is the occasional wild fire and the liberals in Butte County. I'd boot their asses out if more people had the guts and agreed with me, being alone is a bitch.

>>430217838They support trans rights in other peoples' countries and communities, not in their own though. Israel is undergoing a nationalist anti-tranny revolution while simultaneously forcing every european country to violently root out all traces of nationalism

>>430204080Weiner is one evil black-hearted kike.

>>430204080Non-whites vote for gibs, get social liberalism instead


>>430204080all joking aside, this is grounds for murder in the game minecraft by mojang.


>>430204080basically if you want to ruin someones life in california you call cps on them if they have kids and claim emotional and verbal abuseevery parent yells at their kid

>>430218981do you know how court cases work?>if they refuse to affirm their transgender kid's identitythis presumes that the state can tell but the parent cannot, however the transgenda premise is 1. that gender is a construct, 2. that gender is subjective to the wearer, 3. the set of all genders is unbounded, and 4. gender can, back to your ignorance about how findings of fact are made in courtrooms...So all four of those kill any case about this, however let's take 4 for example:If gender can change, then how can the state hold the parent to have been wrong at any given moment, especially since there need be no discernible discriminator?

>>430219030CPS is a violation of The Constitution, which should have explicitly enshrined parental rights. (unfortunately it was so GODDAMNED OBVIOUS THEY DIDN'T FEEL THE NEED TO)

>>430205500He looks like he eats corpses.

Didn't ask not my problem plus eurapeans

>>430207327>thinking California is the only state to do thisYep, you are a retarded.

>>430209692>how he hasn't been doused in gasoline and set ablaze yet i'll never understandBecause we are still comfortable.

>>430204080Marxists on chinese payroll. They're doibg the good old demoralization Yuri warned you about. They target kids because it takes only one generation to fuck you up.

>>430204080When the jews get kicked out of another nation they can blame this pedo.

>>430219341I was commenting specifically on >>430218914, buddy. I agree that the state shouldn't be ruling on anything related to social constructs, hence why it was already struck from the bill. > "the state can define my gender!" completely fails to understand the premise of the bill. Enforcement =/= definition, retard.

>>430220133You have to define what you're enforcing to enforce it

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>>430220133>>430220238Look okay, you're right, ya beat me...Californian's aren't morons, I stand corrected.

>>430204080You guessed it.They rape kids

doesn't matter cuz if my kid said they're transgender I'm dropping them off in the middle of nowhere

>>430220238Why are specifically american niggers look so disgusting. African niggers seem to look better. Is it because they're descendants of the slaves?

>>430204080I’d like to see them try and take people’s kids. Imagine being middle age, you know you can’t start over, and some dweeb thinks he’s going to take the last good thing you have in life? Just lol

>>430220916sitting in desks from a young causes the neck/spinal issue and shelf-stable carbohydrates cause the big waist. any other questions?

>>430204621No, actually it made intentionally spreading aids the deadly fuck as they like to call it a mis

>>430220916African niggers sold them for a reason.


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>>430204080Only 1/5th of all births in California are white, and they're incentivising illegals to migrate there by giving them gibs. Just give it to Mexico already.

>>430221579>Just give it to Mexico already.well the bottom bit.or just the cities.

>>430220916It's because they're mutts. Pure niggers are healthier and slightly less dysgenic than mutt niggers

>>430204080Pray for The Big One.

>>430204080If this affected me, I would kill the enemy's children. NEXT.

>>430204080>Jiewish politician in your picture keeps writing laws like that one and easily gets them passed because California is full of literal Jewish politicians.

>>430206462I used to live there, it used to be ok. You might not get everything you want, but you can have better than this.t. former Californian

>>430204080>Calimore like KaliYuga

>>430204080I'm predicting many dead child care workers

>>430204080They can do their shit there because as Kanye said, many are only there because of their jobs. So people are captive to the abuse, as long as the state has Big Tech and Hollywood and such. And if they can enforce their shitty ideas there, they can try to get the shit to spread to other states. If it causes some people to move out of state, that also causes shit to spread. It's a win-win.Although, they do promise more gibs than they can actually fund, which one would think would be unsustainable in the long run.

>>430204080Already happened in Canada with the BC Infants Act. They arrested a father for “misgendering” his own daughter, which they were going to give “gender affirming care” without his consent

>>430204080What was it again that uncle Adolf said about America?

>>430220916How many african niggers do you see on a daily basis compared to american niggers

>>430220238...except there's already precedent to define "gender identity" as discussed by a number of American institutions. The courts likely won't go about defining it; I'd be shocked if they did. Instead, the ruling would simply work off of individual claim. That's why the law was struck down; the witness becomes the judge and jury. Anyways, it's late as shit over here. If this thread is somehow still alive, I'll see you retards in the morning.


>>430204080this already happened in canadaif people dont do anything, this will continue to escalate

>>430204080>these kids will be safe in the (((social care system)))

>>430211672Doesn't really matter, jews stick together through and through. Their worldview and how they veiw Gentiles lead us to point we are now in. Jews do not belong in the West and inherently are opposed to it. Modern Judea must be destroyed.


>>430207491>thinking HIV causes AIDSSweety..The rest of they logic is retarded as well.You faggots are delusional. Please stay in California

>>430224624being fag causes aids