This meal cost $8 to make

The ingredients for just this plate were $8. That’s almost as much as some goyslop meal and McGoldburgs. Traditionally, eating out is significantly more, however that’s less and less true by the day. How have they been able to get away with this?

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>>430203930Is that parsley in the bodados? How is that?Hope you loaded them with butter and a bit of garlic.

>>430203930Nigger, why are you eating off a cardboard plate, you literal nigger monkey? What are you, a fucking nigger?Nigger.

$8 for that 300 calorie baby meal is robbery

>>430203930Eggs at my local Aldi went from $4/dozen a few months ago to 98 cents today.

$8? are those veal sausages or somethingthat wouldn’t cost more than $4.50 even here in hell

>>430203930do you just buy enough for one meal? strange way to live boyo

>>430204109Is the great reset cancelled?

>>430204083That's like 800 calories my dude. Two sausages are probably 400 calories, same for the pile of potatoes

>>430203930>That’s almost as much as some goyslop meal and McGoldburgswithout a drink

>>430203930Why not make your own sausages

What type of retard are you? Is that some overpriced vegan horseshit sausage? Potatoes and sausage are crazy cheap

OP is telling everyone how bad he is with money.

>>430203930Use real plates. And that looks like store bought ready made mashed potatoes from a package, the kind you heat and add water. Make your own, its not hard, also comes without all the soi ingredients and preservatives.

looks like someone took a dump on your party plate

>>430204109>flag>AldiTotal German victory.

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>>430204330Probably just postponed

>>430204496He included the cost of a big jar of mustard in that $8.

>>430204055dude do you mean potatos by bodados? what the fuck kind of canuck shit is this???

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>>430203930Learn how to shop you literal nigger monkey

>>430203930Why is there poo next to the sausage and potatoes?

>>430203930you need to be more clever with your choices OP

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>>430204917Maggot loaf, my favorite


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>>430204748my grandma would say it that wayshe lived in Tilbury and they would often to shopping in Detroyit

>>430203930My wife is making some chicken and vegi soup as I watch some heems.

>>430203930Looks like turd and turd if you have diarrhea.

>>430203930Looks like george floyd 2bh

>>430203930Pizza is one of the highest profit margin foods ever. To make an entire pizza from scratch at home costs about $2, and most of that is just the cheese. The base costs about 20 cents to make. And all the other ingredients are just a handful of thin sliced cheap meats and vegetables, it's a poverty food yet you lunatics pay $20+ each for these italian struggle breads. Madness

>>430203930Instead of mashed potatoes, roast them. Saves on cream and butter. Really though you should be able to make the meal pictured for 4-6$ if you are a smart shopper. Maybe even cheaper. I have a pack of sausages in my freezer right now that I got for like 3$.

>>430205248Yeah, but pizza tastes like shit anyway. The NPC brownoid slop par excellence.

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>>430203930>1pbtidWhy do they push this shit, and who does it work on? A bag of potatoes is a few dollars. You should be able to mke that meal for basically the cost of the meat, like all meals. Once you stock up on the basics, milk, eggs, flour, butter, onions, carrots, potatoes, oil, salt, pepper, garlic, you just buy the meat and fresh veggies and that's the cost of your meal.

>>430204320No I’m capable of basic math and can deduce based off of the price of the whole packages I bought how much this particular plate costed me (roughly of course). And American education is the meme somehow you “petrol” huffing kiwinigger

>>430204748you have to be 18+ to post here and lurk at least 2 more yearsthank you and have a nice dayyou're here forever btw.

>>430205737>costed meglass houses

>>430205248KekItalian struggle breads

>>430204083This. The price to calorie ratio is insane. I can make the same meal for probably $4.50.

>>4302039301. Processed meat causes cancer. 2. Who shit on the plate?3. You need greens bro. Lots of greens, not a few peas.

>>430203930>sausageliterally goyslop that will give you cancer

>>430206093>1. Processed meat causes cancer.Kek, I'm sure stone age niggers all got cancer from smoking meats or curing them in salt to preserve them

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>>430203930>$8.I believe it. Sausage is stupid expensive for some reason now.Maybe Walmart is cheaper and it's not bad for some but I only shop at Albertsons and the farmers market

>>430205412Got these from a local farmer so they were a little bit pricey ($7 for 8 and they’re slightly small). However, unlike every other retard nigger in this thread, I’m not consuming trash quality “meat” filled with preservatives, fillers, and endocrine disrupters (Euros may be exempt as food quality is generally higher there but I can’t say for sure bc it’s still sausages)

>>430203930most people don't go out to mcdonalds for every meal you fucking jackass. you're literally no different than anyone else. USA is filled with grocery stores you aren't on to any breakthrough. ffs.

>>430203930>sausageI approve

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>>430203930Damn user what a well-balanced homecooked meal, that must have taken you hours to make.

>>430205676But user, he said he bought the potatoes for more than 1 dollar each for small potatoes from a local farmer in june, cut him some slack!>>430206305

>>430206332Red pill me on Spanish food

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>>430206321Anon you 100% missed the point of the post. Well done.

I don't understand why OP is acting like he has discovered some secret hack. people go to mcdonalds OCCASIONALLY. it's almost like he is used to going to mcdonalds regularly and is acting like he has hacked the code of life because he learned that cooking at home is cheaper than getting fast food. we all know it is, it is no great discovery its something basically every family does.

>>430206093You are a pathetic retard. Quality sausages from a local farm with mustard is a quality fucking meal. Sorry you’re brown and can’t handle the taste of mustard. It is true that there should be more green on the plate I’ll give you that but this isn’t typical

>>430203930What is that diarrhea looking stuff on the left side of the plate?

>>430206622>>430206728you're right i did.

>>430206728Reread it nigger. If anything my calculation was off it’s more like $6 but he fact still remains. You could get two double cheeseburgers and a basket of fries from mcgoldburgs for that price

>>430204274I was a little off it’s more like $6 but the point is still true. For that money you could get two double cheeseburgers and a basket of fries

>>430206566proteinsmutton, beef, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, especially pork, all manner of sausages, dried meatbeans and fruits come closely, loads of stews; a lot of nuts

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>>430203930It should be cheaper. An average meal for me, to not binge eat which I've historically been prone to, but to feel content, would be one potato and a sausage. You should come in well under $8

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>>430206770It’s called brown mustard you global south native

>>430207006>a sausagetell me you're under 6' without telling me you're under 6'

>>430203930Fuck your Jimmy Dean sausages and your Dijon nigger

>>430204948Ahhahaaaa fuck eating whatever the fuck that is

>>430207062Wait.. where is the catsup?


>>430204576Instant mash is like 1 dollar and a Russet is 1.83. I'll go with the instant cause it's good shit. Fuck you. Nigger.

Also, I drove 3 hours to pick up something on Craigslist the other day and was enticed by the Golden Arches jew on the way home. So I went through the drive through and their prices are way more than I remember. Who the fuck would pay to eat that garbage?

>>430206566>>430206997personally I am a turkey addict but you need to eat the common meatstocino (panceta) which is like bacon; salchichon is perfect for snacks with bread and cheese; butifarra is a personal favourite, it is very common with stews here in catalonia, jamon is a staple everywhere, fuet is also really good for snacks in general; I'm not a fan of chistorra but it is renowned for being spicier and tasty

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>>430207123>ketchupOnly spics and Arabs like ketchup

>>4302070666' 3" and 240lbs... I am trying to diet. Liked myself better when I was hitting the gym getting down to 205ish. It was a drag with a diet, gym, and 4hrs of sleep and job that made me want to jump.

>>430207179>instant mashYou are the blackest most retarded nigger ape I’ve ever seen on this board

>>430203930Instacart has less and less order everyday

>>430204055A shit ton of butter and cream fren. From a local dairy farmer no less

>>430207291kek you're 5'? God damn.

>>430207249>Lomo, Sobrasada, and Morcilla take the very center of the poster.Based.

>>430206984>two double cheeseburgers and a "basket" of fries at mcdonalds>$6Not even remotely true sir. What exactly are you trying to do here (as if I didn't already know).

>>430207456>>eating this much before bedamerimutt detected

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>>430207530That is quite literally the sign right outside the mcgoldburgs right down the street from my house. Not sure what to tell you niggerboy

>>430203930>>430204058I'm strongly considering switching to paper plates. I never did the dishes and I'm really living alone for first time>move out at 18 have two older female flatmates that mother me>move back home a year after cause poor>find amazing gf and move out with her>now 8 years later she broke up with cuz i cheated>biggest mistake of my life, she was smart and amazing and i broke her hymen>i can't live alone at all. i can't cope with both work and doing chores. i'm a 28 year old little baby and the trash is piling up. i hate myselfsuicide is for faggots but i remember thinking how anyone can consider it. i think about it so much now.

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>>430207744You don't know when I go to bed you're not the boss of me!

>>430206231Nitrates. They will fuck you sideways.

>>430203930you are either a liar or a retard OP

>>430208513>nitrates>not a Jewish goyslop promotion tacticI don’t give a fuck what you bring up, you’re a faggot and you’re “science” is meaningless epidemiological studies and kike propaganda

>>430208786You’re right nigger. There is no problem with food prices anywhere, nothing is wrong, and we should just relax and let the experts do their jobs. Right?

>>430208199this is not made up btw. i didnt fuck my female flatmates. my ex-gf is somewhat autistic, her father is too (steam locomotive freak), she is pretty, modeled next to uni (canceled her philosophy studies) and despite that remained a virgin until 25 when I met her (I was 20).Now I have been a fuckup in life browsing imageboards since I was 14. I never thought I could attain that in the first place. You can imagine how happy I was.But I forgot what I had over the years. I fumbled the love of my life. Guys if you have a good girl, treat her right.

>>430203930I am in Hawaii. "Cheap" beef is about $5 a pound. Bread is about $7 a loaf minimum. $3.50 lb. broccoli.I can make that for less than $3.>Organic sausage, 1/2 pack of 1 - $2.50>Demolished oblong lazy underground Irish cauliflower - .50>Peanut butter and green sprinkes - almost free

>>430208966how are you not an alcoholic?

>>430203930>$8 I can eat substantially more than that for $3

>>430203930I assume the majority of the price is in the sausages, because that seems steep

>>430205248>Not using hamburger with Italian seasoning and sesame seeds instead of dough as crust

>>430206231Why do you have such a hateful and baseless meme on your computer? Italians are a good enough people. Average IQ in Italy is 102, and Austria it's 100.

>>430209039I have been addicted to weed since I was 15, my dad died around that time and my mother started smoking it openly around the house so I thought I might as well too. I've had breaks of up to a year but always come back.


>>430203930I pay 3€ for decent cooked meals at the supermarket here, 1.8€ for sandwiches with meat/tuna, vegetables, egg, etc... I don't even cook anymore.

>>430206566>mouse eats bird>bird eat cat>cat eat dogWhat?

It does still cost more to eat out but it takes forever to cook and do dishes. If you factor in labor its way cheaper just to go get some goyslop somewhere. I mean if those couple of hours of your life are at all important to you

>>430203930You are definitely single and ready to mingle

>>430203930the potato was a buck something, the mustard and the brats are the ones draining your account.Time to elevate your diet, faggot. Being obese in this country is getting more and more expensive.

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>>430203930I made a short rib lasagna last night. It cost about $70 to make (45 of it was the meat from Costco).

>>430203930If thata homemade thats NOT goyslop. People ate that and was not fat. Thats nirmal6food still eating here,we calló that pork sausage longaniza. However,thats real food not processed one. That males you healthy,strong,tastes good(sugestión: bit of pepper,just a bit,over potatoe mash)Any mcdonalds burguer fill less yet makes you more fat.

>>430204394Try 600-800. The potato is another 200, and that wimpy mustard is another 40-70. The fucked part is that this plate pretty much wasted OP's cholesterol DV for the day.

>>430203930*Oh and its always cheaper at home,more even today. You need yo learn to buy groceries: price per KG,is it real food or proceses etc.That mash if done by youn10/10 and healthy. If procesed,bad. Just boil potatoes without skins. Add milk. Salto. Crush it. There you have home made mashed poyatos without the estrogenites etc processed food has.

>>430206566Peak human food. Relying on where there are some dishes as typical or some others

>>430203930>no gravy>no sauteed onionswhat type of 2bit bangers n mash is this suppose to be lad

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>>430210474I went to Sevilla in January and have to agree. How come not everyone does Tapas and Raciones? And your red vermouth is the bomb.

>>430203930Those are luxury potatoes.

>>430203930$8 in parts$50 in labor


>>430203930Not a very good combination heh

>>430205737>American>petrolPress X to doubt.

>>430208199Why don't white people season they plates with soap and water?

>>430216282To be fair it's only been a month since I'm alone but I haven't done the dishes once, only a cup here or a bowl cause I really needed it. Keep pushing it to the next day.

>>430208199>frogposter is an autistic faggot who cant take care of themself and wants to commit suicidewhat are you waiting for exactly

>>430203930that is goysloppotatos are full of starch and sausages are full of cornstarch highfructos fillers

>>430203930>1.50 for 8 sausages>1.50 for 25 potatos>??? for pile of poo>1.50 / 4 = 32.5p>1.50 / 25 x 3 = 18pfor 50p you are more than halfway there for the pictured meal in a 1st world country

>>430217553>that is goyslopNo, it's good, hearty, German meal,


>>430203930>potatoes>sausage>mustard>8$nah you just suck ass>$1.75 in bratwurst>$1 tops in potato butter and herbs>like 15c in mustardThat's at most a $2.50 meal depending on taxes. Unless you suck ass at shopping.If you're poor you have to learn to buy properly.As a poor person your main concerns are cheap calories and protein. Secondary concerns are vitamins/minerals. Your protein will be mainly chicken and beans. Always get meat with bones it's cheaper and more nutritious. Your calories will be rice and starch IE potatoes and squash. >Freeze the bones after you eat the meat. Boil for soup when you have enough.>Learn to make bread, its super cheap calories and can be a nice change of pace.Big packs of Dumbsticks and thighs can be under 3$ on special. Freeze it immediately. Worry about freezer burn when you're not poor as shit.Pink salt has important minerals. Its worth the extra price and will keep you healthy. Try to get some fruit, bananas and apples are usually the cheapest.Poor people eat like shit because they suck at planning and spend money on stupid shit. A bag of chips and a 2l is more than a jumbo pack of drumsticks or eggs. >Plan ahead, always buy bulk and DON'T BUY STUPID SHIT like soda, candy, chips exc.The most important thing is being able to prepare things in different ways, After only eating rice and beans for weeks you reach a point where its physically hard to swallow (I've been there). You'd rather starve than eat the same bland shit. But cheap seasonings and learn how to cook.>Onions are cheap af and great for flavor>Garlic powder>Limes are super cheap and great on rice plus vit C>Crystal or Lousiana hot-sauce is like $1.>Seasoning mixes are generally way cheaper than trying to buy various spices. As a poor person you don't buy things you want. You buy whatever is on sale. You are eating for fuel. If you want lavish meals get out of poverty you broke ass bitch.

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>>430203930To make that in Europe would be literally £2 or less in the UK, or around 3 euros. Ameripoors lose once again.

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>>430219201It's around that here.OP is just a faggot.

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>>430203930I had bacon eggs sausage pancakes and coffee this morning for 10.

>>430208199Get a fucking dishwasher, krebsneger

>>430206231That's because they died in their 20s if they were lucky from other shit you retard.

>>430203930Bruh how did you spend $8 on that?

>>430203930what is on the left? looks like it has literal shit consistency and shape.

>>430203930You eat raw ginger with mash potatoes and sausages? And it costs 8 dollars?

>>430206231stone age niggers died from being retarded stone age niggers before getting cancers

>Transluscent, anaemic potatoes>Lumps in mash - obviously not fully cooked>Sausages an absolute travesty. Zero caramelisation, might as well have boiled them>Mysterious dollop of dog shit on the side. Looks like it could be mustard, but also looks like the worst, most unnatural mustard ever to have been created by mankind.Honestly I would rather starve than disrespect my palate with that pile of garbage.

>>430203930white people will eat that for dinner and see no issue with it


>>430218333i personally dont need any of this advice as a none retard but heres some basic appreciation for the large postalso checked trips

>>430220496Mustard, retard

>>430204330No the bird flu lockdowns are going to come next fall but this time people are actually going to start dropping dead

/ck/ here. Mfs will literally cook ONE(1) meanl and think they've solved the code of budgeting food costs, meal prep, and the gastronomic understanding of how to maximize yield, minimize waste, and preserve product without compromising flavor. Did you pay $8 total for the Potatoes, sausage, and Dijon mustard? Or did you divide each purchase of ingredients by the serving sizes to get a truer number of $x/meal? No vegetables, too expensive? How many times a week could you eat bangers and mash before you loathe feeding time because you're tired of eating the same thing over and over again?Let's just accept when it comes to "life skills" how to feed oneself is easier said than done nowadays with hyper inflation of generically modified overly processed foods.Im willing to bet if we were to take a look in your fridge rn, and provided it's not empty, there's at least one(1) rotting thing in there.

>>430204748Fugg!! Ged a load of this redard :DD

>>430203930In Vampire country this is about $3, $3 fiddy

>>430203930>Starch>Low quality meatIf you are going to post something cheap make it healthier. Chicken, beef, or salmon with broccoli or some good vegetable. Setting the bar with McDonald's is too low.

>>430221254to be fair mustard doesnt usually look like an actual pile of shit with undigested bits ini too had to double take to be sure

>>430218333checked and good advice.

I became a headchef at a nice ass restaurant so that I can cook myself a fresh steak every night while the owner brings me a double shot of whiskey

>>430209361>What?Nothing to aee here, just dyslexic stoner retardation

>>430208199Are you just a lazy sack of shit? Cook, eat, clean up its so simple and takes another minute

>>430203930Too sossidjiz mashed spuds and a bucket full of mustard..........$8 bucks?FFFFFFFFFFFFFF

>>430222311Go for it lad, how much does a heart transplant cost in the USA?

>>430203930This costs 8$ to make for 4-5 people.

>>430209361>>430222704first reply is following the arrows wrong, look at the chinese man, the arrows point to him because he eats everythingso the arrow going from cat to dog means that the dog eats the catvery complicated brainwave logic moves i know

>>430204917looks ghastly

>>430207449Yum, dude.


>>430203930rice is the answer. >1 part rice>2 parts boiling water>put in nonstick lidded saucepan>put on low>start 20 minute timer>add some peas/corn/carrots/whatever>when its done add meat of choice meals like this cost about $3-4 and are good for you. the main cost is the serving of meat/protein. frozen veges and rice is cheap as. I dont know about the USA but in new zealand a sausage can have only 50% actual meat to be considered a sausage.

>>430203930Good on you, OP. Don't let the autists bring you down, you made something tasty without some brown nigger spitting in it so you're better off than the vast majority of Americans.

food prices have gone insane recently

>>430224145jesus christ the minimum in the USA is 32% lean meat. so the rest is fat and breadcrumbs