Schizos btfo Thread

The fact jannies leave up conspiracytard and theist garbage, demonstrable shows we have been infiltrated.

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>>430203676You feeling ok vaxxie?

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>>430203676You're just one of those idiots that think everything happens instantaneouslywell, it doesn'tthe red deer is a slow boilif you can't see the deer through the current statistics you're TRYING not to see itit's already here nigger, and by decade's end no one will be able to deny it.

>>430203676I took the vax and I'm getting melanoma at age 25.Easy come easy go, I expect the doctors will find a way to fuck this up and kill me.

>>430203676>The Last Centurion is a memoir of one possible future, a world that is a darkling mirror of our own.>DEDICATION:>To everyone who has ever felt they were looking out over Hadrian's Wall while Rome crumbled behind them.the author is an ex-paratrooper with a biology degree and in this 2008 published book of his he tells a story which main plot points include a pandemic spreading out from China in 2019 as well as the protagonist properly destroying an equipment depot hes in charge of on pullout from middle-east to prevent weapons from falling into enemy hands>John Ringo is considered the originator of the anti-political correctness slogan "get woke, go broke"

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>>430203676do you feel alive, op?kek

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>>430204154>I don't want to have Alzheimers at 40! Besides, most flu vaccines don't even work!

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>>430203676>Earth's Final War was the last great armed conflict fought by humans on their home planet of Earth.>In the late first millennium of the Diaspora of Man, the Slav Supremacists of Ukraine decided to create a superior human. Their genetic laboratories produced a line of "super soldiers" with enhanced strength, better reflexes, faster healing, and (allegedly) enhanced intelligence. These soldiers were then used to attack other nations in an attempt to gain dominion over the planet.>At this point, the Confederacy was in the process of defeating the Ukrainians, but the chaos and political infighting after the coup turned the war in Europe around. The Western European nations had been busy genetically modifying diseases such as anthrax, botulism, bubonic plague, meningitis, typhus, cholera, and the Ebola virus. Having integrated "kill switches" and stockpiled disease-specific vaccines, they believed themselves to be safe and employed the weaponized diseases against the Asians. Initially, they had almost exactly the desired effect, but after three T-years the pathogens started spreading and mutating among the civilian population, and eventually found their way back to Europe, largely immune to the vaccines their creators expected to protect them.

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>>430203676>Posts one Pic "btfo" LOL are you Okay Vaxxie ?? No you're not -- So what did they inject you with then Vaxxie ? It wasn't a vaccine since it never worked and they covered up all the people who died from it . Every vaxxie I know got Covid again in May , Three years after they got 4 or five shots of the "vaccine" .I have never got covid and never got the shot(s) and don't have to wonder what mystery juice they lied to me to inject me with and what it is doing to my DNA . >>Are you Okay Vaxxie ?? no no you're not.

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>>430204001>>430206076>>430204275These three posts are proof that being an Antivaxxer means you're a schizo making incoherent rants nobody understands

>>430206076Its fucking holarious that because biology/biochemistry is so complex that it cant be formulated in the way Newton turned philosophy into physics; we have a bunch of retards whom think biology and human anatomy has barely begun as a science and think "scientists" whom werent smart enough (not high enough math grades) to become physcists or engineers know jacks shit when it comes to something as complex as the human brain which is barely understood by people who study it their whole lives.

>>430209176correction has more* than barely begun

>>430203676meanwhile climate change is killing billions every

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>>430203676yet another stupid lowIQ who do not know what "long term" means, lmao good riddance


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>>430209792This, is so fucking tiring how the elites brainwashed people in to thinking that if it doesn't happen at the speed of a movie it isn't related. These fucking overlords could give a fuck if it took 10 years for ever last vaxxie to die off. They are super patient. I pray for acceleration but their tactics are to move slow and undetected by retards.

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I got two Pfizer jabs in '21, When?

>>430204105That cancer is one of the most common in under 30 year olds. I'm not a vaxxie but it didn't have anything to do with it. I'm glad you caught it. You'll be fine when it's removed

>>430210084Her vagina stinks so much it caught on fire

>>430203676All people are liars. The right lied about how deadly the jab was. The left lied that the jab was fit for human use. >The fact jannies leave up conspiracytard and theist garbage, demonstrable shows we have been infiltrated.There is considerable variation in the quality of moderation between the different "jannies". Some clearly have a hidden agenda, as do you, Op.

>>430203676Retarded OP STFU, schizo posts here are 100% more interesting than the usual WFBM/tranny/"Redpill me on ..." bullshit threads that make up most of Holla Forums these days

>>430203676Fun fact: Intelligence & pro-social personality traits correlate with status & economic success.

>>430203676Kek, when you are dying of Idiopathic Myocarditis we will be laughing while you terror piss and die. "But muh conspiracy's are never real!" Tell that to blue collar biker gangs.

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>>430203676TIK TOK OP. You only got probably less than 10 years to live(optimistically speaking) your immune system is dying, a freak cancer tumor is probably growing inside you as you are reading this and you choose to spend your remaining days shitposting here.

Vaxxie, vaxxie pay the taxxieBlood clots flowing through your veins. Hearts inflamed and face half lame. Since the shot your not the same. Pharma put your ass in chains. All for their own private gain. Vaxxie, vaxxie pay the taxxie.

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>>430210084god shes disgusting

>>430208551I understood it. Maybe you're just retarded


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>>430203973>Why did deaths spike during global pandemicIt's readily apparent but Reality and the schizo are worlds apart.

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>>430214178Took 2 doses, nothing happened.Many such cases

>>430203676Wow she was right. Make sure to neck yourself when you succumb to the vaids. I don't want my tax dollar wasted on you

>>430214646Oh wow deaths spiked inline the the vax rollout. Who could have seen that coming, crazy


>>430203676the children are infertile

>>430208551>everything I don't understand means >you're all stupid hurrdurr btfo schizosYou sound vaccinated.

>>430203973>2 more vaxxies>>430204001>2 more decades>>430204105>2 more melanoma>>430204154>2 more books>>430204164>2 more keks>>430204204>2 more Alzheimers>>430204275>2 more armed conflicts>>430206076>2 more okeys>>430208551>2 more incoherencies>>430209176>2 more Newtons>>430209260>2 more benigging>>430209792>2 more long terms>>430209964>2 more David Webers>>430210084>2 more brainbaths>>430210270>2 more jabs>>430210446>2 more cancers>>430210467>2 more vaginas>>430210660>2 more liars>>430211090>2 more schizos>>430211169>2 more fun facts>>430211257>2 more myocarditises>>430212405>2 more tiks>>430214178>2 more recitations>>430214369>2 more disgusts>>430214475>2 more retards>>430214578>2 more lulz>>430214646>2 more realities>>430215028>2 more cases>>430216182>2 more dollars>>430216432>2 more rollouts>>430216502>2 more aussies>>430216736>2 more childrens>>430216915>2 more memeflags

>>430203676is this a fat faggot thread?allow me to deploy the fat faggot scatterer

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>>430208551>is retarded>vax fucked his brain up>can't comprehend perfectly understandable sentencesyou might have creutzfeldt-jakob

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consider switching your radio station frens>gif related

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>>430210084It will take longer than 10 years.The vaxxies are not the target, it's their unborn children that are the target for sterility.It will literally take 18 years.

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>>430203676This Turkish girl yesterday was telling me about her roommate getting 2 ovaries tumors AND a stroke in the last year, she's 23.

>>430203676I will be dead in 2 weeks


>>430203676>will start workingvs>everyone ded

>>430218208OMG you guys are idiots.

>>430216915He's right though. Antivaxer= schizoEvery thread you make confirms it. This is why i never rent to antivaxers.

Retard Norman npc, Dr. Malone detailed it rationally and didn’t fear monger.Anyone who lays out a prediction is foolish, and no one with a critical mind thought the vax would be a kill shot, just sketchy shit.

>>430220422SChizo isn’t an insult when society is mad.

>>430221176Oh can you please tell me a word that is an insult then.

>> jab does not stay where it is suppose to - says covid-19 jab can cause MS - fixes:Pure CBD Oil - - upsets RNA virus replication mechanismVitamin D - - helps to get rid of unwanted cellsVitamin D (Take 10k IU per day!) - a little resistive exercise and you can also lose weight, gain

>>430203676AIDS kills you in 2 years nigger. Unfortunately the shedding is fucking us all up so im praying every day to make sure im healthy and protected from this sodomic colon popping world.>>430216735

>>430203973This >>430214646Use a memeflag next time holy shit this is embarrassing.All you skitzo retards want us to forget how you were all adamant that vaccinated people would drop dead all at once piling up the street with body's. Now, 2 - 3 years on you all cope by saying it damages your heart or shorterns our life. You're fucking retarded, I know it, you know it, everyone with 2 braincells knows it

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>deaths up 10-20%

actually all of the vaxxed people will die, we just have to waitle jews exposedt. unvaxxed

I've got astrazeneca, How fucked am I?

>>430209408Are you kidding? Climate change is killing TRILLIONS every day!

Oh right covid happened

>>430221453Daft cunt

>>430221780more females death

Everyone who took the vax will not be able to have kids who will be able to have kids of their own.

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>>430222089On a scale of 1 out of ten I'd say you're a dumbass

>>430214646>pandemic began 2020>no increase in deaths untill vaxx rollouthhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm

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>>4302169746 million jews

who cares what the vax did or didnt do we’ll have to start going through all this pandemic shut down lockdown bullshit again in a couple or few months from now and it’ll be even more bullshit and strict with someone like Uncle Joe in control. You know we won't get a single goddamn stimulus check for our troubles this time, right? I know someone (as in real life) who’s a nurse and he’s lately been telling me things about how at the hospital he works and other hospitals he’s talked to they are working overtime and then some in a major way getting ready for the recent bullshit in China to spill over here.hey remember around December or November 2019 some people were saying start stocking up on toilet paper and canned goods because shit is going to hit the fan soon? Right now is late 2019 again.

>>430208551Young athletes are dying for lulz