I went trout fishing in my hometown in western North Carolina. Me and my buddies caught our limits, we were at our trucks to filet our trout and split up the meat. During process of cutting and cleaning our trout a bus pulled up full of tubers, mostly ass yankees, yuppies and liberals obvious by their accents and how they acted, they were not native to North Carolina. These faggots literally started talking crap about how us cleaning the fish was disgusting and we are disgusting and shouldn’t do that around kids and that we shouldn’t kill innocent fish when we can just go the store, etc.My group of buddies and the yankee liberal tubers exchanged some words and they went on their way. This is the first time this has ever happened in my 20 years of fishing this river.Why do yankees and liberal faggots ruin everywhere they go and expect everyone to conform to their beliefs?How can we preserve our southern culture from being destroyed by these faggots?How can we make them leave and protect our culture for future generations.LONG LIVE DIXIE AND LONG LIVE THE SOUTH

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I’m native North Carolinian and my family has lived here since the 1700s. My moms family is native South Carolinian from Spartanburg. I see how much everything in North and South Carolina both are changing and i hate it. It is entirely different from just 20 years ago. Subdivisions and cookie cutter cardboard houses popping up everywhere and land and countryside being subdivided and the faggot out of staters moving in.We have to save dixie, they will move to other southern states and already are. The Carolinas especially North Carolina may be too far gone to save in 2023.

>>430203633Go find others who are just like you. There should be plenty of NC natives who feel the same way. Once that's done you can get to influencing the local town and city governments.

>>430203633Bump for dixieMississippi reporting inI’ll never accept our new flag.

>>430204383Then make a point of flying the old flag whenever possible, and convince others to do the same.

You have to start making them too afraid to visit. I remember a time when if you weren't from the south, you knew you wouldn't be welcomed. Not just that, outsiders were afraid of the space because wild hillbillies would shoot them from the ridge or some other variant. If you want them to stop coming, make them more afraid of what might happen to them than what they can buy for cheap. Also, quit letting them buy the fucking land.

>>430204781I fly our real flag on my porch and have for 10+ years

>>430203633>>430203978>>430204314NC is gone. It's over. You have blacks in power and you even had a poojeeta governess. Your top public university is the University of Negroes and Communists and has been for 50 years.

>>430203633New Englsmd needs to split in half. Most Mainers, New Hampshirians, and Vermonters are avid outdoorsmen. It's the Massholes, Connecticut faggots and Rhode Island yuppies that give us a bad name. Remember that when you hate on us yankees.

>>430204805Yanks were always welcome but only as tourists. Lots of money were made in plantation mansions, selling miniature confederate flags and raw cotton plant cuttings

>>430204962South Carolinas population has been growing faster than North Carolina past few years. Almost all North Carolina growth is in Charlotte/Raleigh/Asheville.South Carolina is the entire upstate, myrtle beach, columbia.

>>430204975But why does the entire north east vote democrat if thara the case? Even being overwhelmingly white compared to the south.

>>430203633A lot of yankees have moved to South Carolina lately. Most of them are Trump supporters (they haven’t figured out how kiked he is). Regardless, I don’t know if the north/south dichotomy means what it used to mean. Have you seen the “southerners” in Asheville, NC? Atlanta? I understand your point and agree with you in theory. I just don’t know if the current “war” is actually north vs. south.

>>430205115You in SC?

>>430204805Excellent point. Literally stop letting them buy land and ruining it. Don't even give carpetbaggers a chance to come. And yes be aggressive to them, make them uneasy, but don't get recorded and do something illegal. Also as a general rule of thumb, buddy up. Carpool with your family friends and members, even if it's something simple like getting groceries. With all these joggers and scallywags around you'll inevitably get into some deep shit. And ole bubba could be vital in scaring off would be thieves, or even be a witness in legal matters.

>>430203633i was born in New York. You should have kicked their faggot asses in front of their kids and sent them on their way with a friendly bud light

>>430205115And Wilmington too. This place is fucked except Greensboro and it's even filled with Negroes

>>430203633there are low-class rednecks throughout USA so I don't know what you're complaining about

>>430205063Yeah but that became a mistake. They wrecked my hometown that way. When the old farmers died, the northerners took the land and turned it into mini Jersey/New York, pricing out all natives at the same time. We're beyond that now. Time to shut it down before it gets any worse than it already is.

>>430205206>I just don’t know if the current “war” is actually north vs. south.No, it's not. West Virginians (a Union state) are most based than Georgians and Floridians (Confederate states). Most Yankees I know that have moved to Dixie, including Californians, are more conservative and politically active than your average Billy Bob.And the sheer amount of Southern Belles who are miscegenatin' is disgraceful. If there is another civil war, it will be between the rural areas and the cities - in all states (including California and New York). The suburbs are up for grabs since some suburbs are based, some are cvcked, while many are half-and-half.

Vermonters are not welcome in California. Especially the faggot with a Converse tatoo. Stay out.

>>430203633southern culture is deadImmigration, social media, and public education is killing it

>>430205808>When the old farmers died, the northerners took the land and turned it into mini Jersey/New York, pricing out all natives at the same time.Wrong. When the old farmers die, their heirs sold the land to Northerners. After Reconstruction ended, no Yankees have been "taking" land (except for military bases).

>>430203633checked and blessedreminder that lincoln was a sephardic kike from the caribbean

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>>430203633How many issues of Confederate Veteran do I have to read before I'm allowed in your ethnostate? t. Lives outside of Chicago on Wisconsin border

>>430206036Redpill me on Lincoln. I have never heard that.

>>430204962Bullshit, nothings ever over. Good folk still live in NC and they're not powerless. The Republicans (honestly the GOP should only ever be seen as a path to power nowadays) in the state legislature has been able to veto and override things, but yes more needs to be done. Power in the cities needs to be gained, Democrat tactics need to be used against them, district redrawn. There's still so much left to fight for.

>>430206187Do you hate coons and jews?If yes, congratulations…you’re in.

>>430203633We have to start slow. More minecraft outages on heavy yankee areas like Cary Fires in minecraft too

>>430204805This is the right answer. Make them afraid.

>>430206219Greensboro is turning into less of a shithole and more conservative so there's that. You wouldn't even be able to hold a GOP convention there 10 years ago


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>>430206219I agree. The majority of NC is quite beautiful. Charlotte and Asheville need to go.

>>430206355get v&, hillbilly

>>430206355Good grief. Just stop.

>>430206417Raleigh needs more conservative power and I don't know how we're going to attain it. I think it's a beautiful part of NC

>>430206036Lincoln deserved to die from the fact he let William Tecumseh Shitman lead an army.

>>430205378Yep in Gaffney

>>430203633if it takes that little to ruin your day, maybe your culture sucks. spoiled fags.

>>430203633UH OH! everybody watch out!>men in short shorts and oakleysTHESE GUYS MEAN BUSINESS!>fat dumb drunks, borderline retarded due to lack of education.Y'all are in trouble now...>backward, old boy system of justice that any freedom loving american would spit at.I have guns... ALLOT OF EM BUDDY.>will never fight, just cowards that talk shit.THIS HERE IS GODS COUNTRY>no it isn'tt. alabama.if you defend the south like its something to be cherished you're a fool or you don't live here.fuck you.rm22by

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>>430206549well the GOP have gerrymandered the fuck out of NC so they have thatwhen NC goes blue I'll say good riddance to the redneck scum that hold the state back

>>430206625I love it up that way. Horry County checking in (N Bike Week just ended).

>>430206187Stay out fix your own shithole

>>430206406A perfect example of power being gained and changing hearts and mind. >>430206417>>430206549Exactly those degenerate northerners will ruin NCs beautiful forests with shitty cities and immigrants. This is why we have to battle against their influence wherever possible.

>>430206818Horry county used to be great until all the foreigners started coming in and the restrictions on the beach got so intense

>>430206024Yeah because I didn't see what happened first hand. I also already made the point about not selling the land to them in the first place. That does not change anything of what I said. Once they had a few in, they started raping the land, chopping it up into sub acres and getting in position to pave everything and build shitty nonsense businesses. The land was pillaged because they never belonged there in the first place and had no interest in doing anything down in that "quaint" little town except spreading the shithole practices and ideas they claimed they wanted to escape. There is only so much you can do about greedy idiot relatives but you can make it so unappealing to the outside that only the right type of people will even consider it.

>>430206817Greensboro and Winston are becoming more conservative from all the rednecks moving that way. I'd like the state to remain slightly red or purple. Thank you. >T. Former Georgian

>>430206897I mean there's a way to make cities and highrises work but the Yankee way of doing things just makes a concrete jungle with no soul to it. Atlanta is not the way to go.

Aiken SC reporting in. What is up my southern brothers?

>>430207070They're trying to make Atlanta 2.0 out of Charlotte

>>430207182Hows the yankee situation down your way?Gaffney SC here, we are pretty well off. Too many niggers here for yankees to want to move here.

>>430206958I don’t love it, but there are fewer spooks here than where I’m originally from (near Aiken).

>>430207182Ha what’s the word on the Wal-Mart shooting? Is he a nig or not?

>>430207350Didn’t they get rid of black bike week?What happened for them to do that?

Aiken is a yankee hotbed. I am a market farmer and im seeing more and more yankees. They want me to grow arugula and kale. I unfortunately have grown both and arugula taste like ass. Kale is pretty good cooked like collards.

>>430206962What you described has nothing to do with Yankees. It happens in the South with Southern developers and in the North with Southern developers.

>>430206971I live in Raleigh and I'm never leaving and going down with the ship. Dixie is my home and no matter what I'm staying

>>430207460They still have it. I think it’s officially called something like the Atlantic Beach Festival?

Would you, Southern anons?

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>>430207070We need to start looking to older cities and plans for inspiration. Because all modern city planning results in packing people in buildings like sardines. Or it's a trap designed to put citizens under constant surveillance, like the 15 minute city plan.

>>430207434Damn you heard bout that. I have been to busy to get the scoop. I live 2 mins from that walmart.

>>430207467Hitchcock Woods is a hidden gem. I used to run/hike in there a few times a week.

>>430206193largest jewish community in the caribbean is in puerto rico, melange jews, some sort of nigger-sephardic mix and local, lincoln's physiognomy is closely related, the stories of lincoln's parentage are sketchy, particularly nancy

>>430207702Maybe a mix of actual real construction (Gothic and Old timey) and sometimes office buildings. But spamming highrises literally everywhere does not work.

>>430207716Yes, I still have family there. A mystery meat guy (30 something years old) randomly shot a 13 year old white girl.Initial reports said it was random; I haven’t checked today.

>>430207727Ha! My mom lives in Hitchcock Woods!

>>430207617That's very honorable, I hope you find people who share your views irl. Godspeed.

>>430203633I love old school southern accents like this.It should be mandatory in the south that kids in elementary school are taught how to talk like

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>>430203633Dear dixie niggers. You are flying a democratic flag

>>430207786He does look rather swarthy and merchant-like. Any books about this theory?

>>430207872Very small world! That’s crazy.

>>430207860Gas station clerk by Odell Weeks told me the dude is mental. She said he is,a regular.

>>430207609And what I'm telling you is that developers won't have much interest if they a) can't sell it to anybody and b) aren't so comfortable even moving around the area. These people are opportunists. Opportunists don't fight for shit. They take advantage of shit. And the yankees I mentioned were the ones who fucked up my town. These days, you are in as much danger from the west as you are from the north or the open spiggot on the border.

>>430207918Dear American niggers, you are flying a jewish flag.Inb4 muh Judah P. Benjamin

>>430207901Generally this problem can be solved by encouraging parents and family member to speak freely with their accents. As well as taking pressure off children to speak "proper" at school and at home.

>>430203633I'm a yankee and i agree. You gotta deliverance a few of these carpetbaggers, no one will even care.

>>430208098I don't fly shit faggot and you ARE an american whether you like it or not.

>>430207956>The ruler Abraham Lincoln, head of government of the Lands of the North (president [transliterated]) in America, during a recent visit of the learned rabbis, Messrs. Wise and Lilienthal from Cincinnati, and attorney (advocat) Martin Ligur [sic: the man’s name was Bijur] from Louisville, who had come to vent their spleen upon General Grant (see Ha-Magid No. 7), and ask him to reverse the evil decree issued by the general upon all the Jews in the territory of Tennessee, told them in the course of conversation, after promising to reverse the decree, that he (the president) sprang from the belly [lit. “bowels”] of Judah, and his forefathers were Jews; and these emissaries indeed report that the facial features of the president are evidence of his descent from the loins of the Hebrews.Lincoln and the Jews: A History by Jonathan D. Sarna and Benjamin Shapell goes deep into the jewish ties

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>>430208006A friend’s mom was wounded (minor wound) in the South Aiken High shooting a few years back. Whiskey Road is getting bad (but not as bad as Disgusta).


>>430203633WTF do you do for work in eastern NC?

>>430207649Oh i got it. I accidentally went to beach on nigger bike week once, it was terrible.

>>430203633Breaks my heart to see NC get yankified just like VA. Here in FL the panhandle still holds strong but the the yanks are climbing up the peninsula. Since the beginning of this nation the South has been the cultural powerhouse of the USA. Can we reclaim what's been lost?

>>430203633>Why do yankees and liberal faggots ruin everywhere they go and expect everyone to conform to their beliefs?They are imperialists. Point blank.They talk a big game about "freedom" and "diversity" and all that bullshit but at the end of the day they expect you to conform to their way of life and will literally kill you if you don't.

>>430208280Yup. You were born in america, you live in america, you pay american taxes, you eat american food. You are american. Cope and seethe mutt

>>43020822 I work in Augusta. It is multicultural hell now. Homeless drug addicts and encampments. There are so many Mexicans here now from the rich horse assholes. Our country has been given away to brown subhumans. I

>>430203633Fly the rebel flag proudly and liberals will get scared off. Simple. If you’re too chicken then at least fly a MIGA flag

Which are the best states/areas for young White men balancing demographics, politics, job market, and dating market? It feels like I am shoehorned into living around niggers if I want to eat.

>>430208316I’m sorry that happened. I took my wife to Disney World for her birthday in 2016 or so. Do you know what happens at Disney World in June?

>>430208335>Since the beginning of this nation the South has been the cultural powerhouse of the USA. Can we reclaim what's been lost?Of course we can. We just need to have the grit and ferocity our forefathers had, as well as doing whatever it takes.

I get to watch Colorado getting ruined in real time by these people.The social pressures are against masculinity.You can dress and play "masculine" but you can't actually be masculine or else Liberal bitches will shame you.They're all brow beaten suburbanites with cunt wives.

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>>430208370Feel better, kike?

>>430208455Oh man, Augusta is really bad, especially South Augusta.

>>430208220Oy vey!>now i have to add prez lincoln face into picrel…

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>>430208526finally someone gets it.

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>>430208621Yea man. Georgia is gone dude. Fuck all of Georgia. Isnt even southern hardly anymore. South Carolina is holding on.

>>430203633I'll come down there like my ancestors did and slap ya momma.

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>>430208520No, what happens in June?

>>430206297Yes. Yes I do. I denounce the Talmud; nigger.>>430206831It's impossible without ethnic cleansing. It took a miracle and the literal entire state sans Cook to vote in a Republican. The demographics are just too bad. And to make it worse we just passed a bill that you can't sue the state except in Cook or Sangamon county, which is to say any objections to the bullshit is immediately a non-starter because of blue judges.

>>430208758If I have to drive to Tennessee, I don’t even go through Georgia anymore. I cut across North Carolina.

Move to Geneva county, Alabama Bro’s

>>430204383Hello fellow MS fag. I hate our new flag also. I also hate our stupid dumb tater tot head governor. Though he has done some "good" things, he is overall a dumbass that continues to make us all look like a bunch of 2 IQ morons.

>>430204962Also Bush country reelecting Lady G time after time.

>>430208813All the gays go to Disney for pride month. I had no idea. I won’t go back any month now.

>>430206818Richland here. Went down and visited mb during White Bike Week, got shitfaced at suck bang blow. Good times.

>>430208840Welcome to Dixie, brother!

>>430207786>melange jewsFremen? Kek

>>430208936I’m not sure how it keeps happening.Also…Nikki Haley

>>430208855Ha, base! My wife is from Jekyll Island, so i have to visit Brunswick once a year. Yep good old Jekyll we are all based here and know about that place. My wife had a jew wike dad. Lucky i found her.

>>430205879The race mixing is horrible. My parents nor grandparents raised any of my family to like that. They both despised blacks. I am the only one out of my 12 total cousins that has a white offspring. The rest of them all got with Tyrone and have niglets. My Dad and I can't even go back to his parents house to visit my aunt because she's too busy raising her stupid mudshark where ass granddaughters abominations - and last time he attempted to go, one of the Tyrones walked right up to the front door. I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack right then and there. It's fucking horrible.

>>430208975I hope you didn’t end up in the Doll House while you were wasted.

>>430209175Why the hell can't I type tonight :(

>>430208764The fuck are you gonna do? Northern states can't even wrangle those feral niggers living in the garbage dumps they call cities.

>>430209256Me either. Gonna watch some tv with the wife. Nice to talk with some good old boys.

>>430209165I have to admit Jekyll is pretty cool. It’s laid back and clean.

>>430203633did everyone clap too?

>>430209342Aye, my wife is old south money. Im out bro. Have a good one.

>>430209235sbb bartenders were good enough. Maybe next time

>>430209269You said that last time. FAFO.

>>430209471Take care man!

>>430203633You’d have a better time convincing people you’re just supporting your heritage and culture if you ditched the confederate flag. The confederacy lasted less time than Obama was in office, and no one sees it and thinks “oh, those guys just like fishing, hunting, farming, commerce, etc”.

>>430209484Doll House will try to trick you into renting a back room.

>>430209569The more they tell me not to fly the confederate flag the more i want to fly it. It isn’t really about the flag, its about not conforming to political correctness and letting the liberals decide what we should change and not. We will change what we want, but what we don’t want to we won’t.

>>430209569Ditch your filthy flag first.

>>430209036Thanks! I'll keep reading my collection of the Confederate Veteran (and Southern Historical Society Papers) so I'm well versed in the Southern gestalt.

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>>430209569Imagine being an optics cuck in 2023 ADLmao

>>430209891Are you a history scholar?

>>430203633I wear cowboy boots, pantera tshirt, and sometimes shaved head. I'm polite and friendly to white people and do my best to ignore minorities or give them a bad vibe.What are you doing for the south?

>>430209992Yep. And imagine thinking that American aesthetics is good optics in 2023.

>>430204962hiya there Gary how are you doing this evening

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>>430209891It's also detailing a play-by-play of the erection of Confederate monuments. I'm hesitant to spoil the ending for myself what with this never ending wave of tearing down monuments.I actually found out Chicago had one because I read the January 1893 article about the collection of money for a monument on the grounds of a mass grave from a Federal pow camp

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Does anyone else enjoy old confederate battle music?

>>430210275Yes, I love that stuff.

>>430210032It's a hobby. I love first hand sources. I've got an entire set of the Official Records of the War of Rebellion. Not to mention Confederate Veteran Magazine, Southern Historical Society Papers, and the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States.My vocation though is a hopeful Lutheran pastor. I'm finishing up a two month stint at my local church leading service while we looked for an interim. Need to finish school so I can become ordained though.

>>430210275Saw these guys play at a reenactment once

>>430203633Sounds like a self defense situation to me user.

>>430209504Black joggers fucked around during all of 2020, and northern states like Illinois or New York didn't do shit. Not to mention all branches of the military have consistently failed to reach their recruitment quotas for years now.


>>430204383I thought the new MS flag was pretty good actually. I'm from TN though and our flag is way better.

>>430209175How did it happen? Public school brainwashing? Church brainwashing? TV brainwashing? College brainwashing? Social media?I don't understand how Southern society went from being White supremacist and segregated to accepting coal burning in a space of 60 years.Vid related is from the South, judging by her accent in the version with audio.

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>>430203633You lost the war get over it lmao We own you now

>>430209569>just ditch your flag, broNice try, Schlomo

>>430210444That’s a very worthy goal. I wish you the best.Are there right-leaning Lutheran branches that I should look into? I’m between churches.

>>430203633>>430203978>things that never happenedThis is a divide and conquer / infighting threads.

>>430203633You never win with freemasonry

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>>430210685And you’re proud of defeating us and dooming whites in this country? Retard

>>4302106852:1 often 3:1 k/d ratio, jew (with zero industry) Also, if Lee wouldn’t have pussed out, we could have turned the war into a guerrilla conflict that lasted decades.

Ah yes... the American South.

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>>430210847Proud of killing traitors lol

>>430203978Every body is moving here from NY California and Illinois. They are fleeing the consequences of far left politics and none of them learned that lesson. They will just do pull the "true leftism has never been tried before" and try to ruin us next.

>>430210849Maybe don't start a war with a 10:1 manpower deficit then. It's so shrimple

>>430205879This is true. I'm from TN and the people moving in are insane Trump culture war assholes. The locals can't stand 'em except the ones that only watch Fox News. Real Southerners find them rude and repugnant. Most Southerners are not rednecks, we're just southern.

>>430210939Fuck off, kike

>>430210885Blacks live in the south, so they search for black porn. Is this hard to understand.

ayy lmao

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>>430211005Typical southerner can't face his own retardation

>>430203978Virginia here. My family has lived here since the early 1700s. Northern Virginia and the tidewater are cesspools of the left. They carry the state in voting blue up until Youngkin got elected.

>>430210907The yankees were the traitors. Chose defending niggers and kikes over your fellow white countrymen.

>>430211095Let’s hear some of your core beliefs, Einstein.

>>430210700Thank you, the experience I've had these last weeks has reaffirmed that this is the calling for me. So I'll trust in the Lord to help me with achieving it in His perfect timing.Unfortunately I can't off the cuff recommend a branch of Lutheranism that's good, but I can warm you to stay away from the ELCA. The church I'm currently at broke away from them some years back well before I came to the church because of doctrinal issues. We're currently under the LCMC, which is fine enough. And a metaorganization only tells you so much, you will never know for sure what each particular congregation is like until you go a couple times. There are pockets of purity mixed amongst the rot.


>>430211193I appreciate the advice!

>>430211165My family came over on the mayflower buddy. I'm probably more American than you'll ever be.It was the southerners who decided to start shooting at a federal fort even though Lincoln didn't want to end slavery. Don't start a boogaloo unless you're prepared to fight to the last man

>>430210114Reminds me of a scene from 'The Postman'>The United States of America is an abomination!>*torches post office*General Bethlehem did nothing wrong

>>430211326I haven’t seen it, but that sounds great! Isn’t it based on a novel?

>>430210907So you're proud that your forefathers went and fought in a war so decades later their descendents could be terrorized and raped by niggers? Alright then

>>430211296I don’t give a fuck faggot, my ancestors came around the same time, some of the original southern settlers. You northern faggots fucked up this country by invading the south the civil war. All the nigger rights and degeneracy these days is what you faggots carved the path for.

My dad used to say nigger a lot back in the 90s growing up down south, but even then it was something I only ever heard the word in private. I do not recall any of his friends saying that word. My mother still calls them colored and she told me never to bring a black girl home. To this day she is way more racist than my father. I say nigger now but mostly just jokingly to my very close friends. The South used to be racist as fuck but it's not really anymore, just your basic bias that most peoole have. Anybody telling people different is just a nigger or white liberal with an axe to grind or a goddam neo Nazi faggot that can go to hell.

>>430211256Of course, anytime Johnny Reb. I've got to turn in for the night and get some sleep for service tomorrow, I'm preaching on Soteriology. Nothing too fancy, just about faith as the means through which Christ's righteousness is imputed to us rather than good works. There's only so much you can say in 20 minutes.Have a goodnight, user

>>430211296>My family came over on the MayflowerBull fucking shit. Do you know how many pilgrims survived the first winter?

>>430203633whites have no culture

>>430205115ya you are being replaced by immigrants

>>430210885Based Alaska

>>430206355Cary… mean Containment Area for Relocated Yankees? It has worse suburban sprawl than anywhere in the state. Imagine the strip malls and fast food all coming to a halt.

>>430211495Truth, the civil war is the direct starting point for American imperialism, getting involved in China and southeast Asia, as well as modern day interventionism in the middle east. All of which has hurt U.S. citizenry.

>>430203633I'll take things that never happened for $500.

>>430211165Actually the yankees didnt give a fuck about blacks, that's why reconstruction was abandoned in 1876 once the Federal army realized the South wasn't gonna take up arms against the north again, they were just gonna terrorize blacks, which we did for another 100 years. The South has a really fucked up history

>>430211620>white have no culture>>Shakespeare>>Plato>>Bach>>Dostoevsky>>Michelangelo>>Homer>>FaulknerI could go on. If you’re saying that jews want to separate us from and erase our culture, then I would agree.

>>430211475Idk desu I only got 3/4ths the way through it, there was globohomo racemixing shit all through it and it's kinda longEnjoyed the villain a lot, he's basically every Holla Forums meme distilled into one angry Napoleonic manlet

>>430211889I’ll probably pass then. It’s hard to find a decent movie. The Revenant was one of the last ones I really enjoyed.

If you want a great movie about the South, watch Mississippi Burning. Great fuckin movie.

>>430211588Would you like me to send you my Mayflower society membership ID?What about my society of the Cincinnati ID? Sons of the American Revolution ID?I can hook you up bro.You are correct though. My ancestors who came on the mayflower actually died in the first winter lol. However they had children in England who also came over later.Edward Fuller is my ancestors name. His wife's name is not known.

>>430203633There's a goddamned reason you fucking lost. And you Confederate faggots will lose again.

>>430204314this. mcmansion subdivision construction is directly under the purview of local municipal governments, which should be easy to influence

>>430212110Say it again king


>>430212107If that’s true, then I don’t blame you for being proud.But why are you proud of your country forcefully making us be a part of a country that despised us then and still despises us? Give me a straight answer. Not 4chan bullshit.

>>430212322I love you

>>430212322Lolt. PhD (you?)

We are the only White people in this entire damn country that held on to our culture and these liberal parasites are coming in and destroying it all. I hate you mother fuckers. You are a plague worse than any nigger.

Attached: 1a_023814.jpg (442x549, 31.16K)

>>430212418>PhD from Trump University School of Dipshitdom

>>430212484Try again, jew.

>>430212418Also>45pbtidWhat a pissed off rednecked faggot.

>>430203633>These faggots literally started talking crap about how us cleaning the fish was disgusting and we are disgustingThings that didn't happen, KEK.

Evening, gentlemen. Southern Virginia reporting in. How goes the evening?>>430210907>Proud of killing traitors lolThe War of Northern Aggression was so unpopular that the citizens of New York City refused to fight, and when Lincoln's government insisted and tried to strong arm young men into going, New Yorkers physically fought back. This resulted in the United States Army firing upon New York City, an event which still exists in recorded Civil War history today.There was treason in that war, yes. But it wasn't ours. New Yorkers thought you were full of shit. New Yorkers. They sided with us over you.That's the reason Lincoln had to throw open the gates of immigration to the Irish. They needed bodies to throw at the South. Generally speaking, when a government has to resort to bulk importing foreign cannon fodder to fight a civil war on their behalf, it's because they're the ones in trouble. If Lincoln's war had been some great patriotic endeavor, then why weren't the young men of New York City chomping at the bit to sign up and fight for what's right and good?

>>430212484And I despise Trump, so just omit that tidbit from your weak arguments.

>>430212441The drugs and the yankees moving in have drastically changed the place the last 25 years.

>>430212543If you need a PhD, you're honestly a fucking moron. I'm an APRN. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. To be more specific, I'm a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Your PhD doesn't mean shit in my world, dude.

>>430212338My actual answer? All of our ancestors bled together during the revolution. Men of Virginia put just as much into the issue of independence as men of New York and Massachusetts.It's fun to dunk on the south, it's a culture thing. I'm from New Jersey so I'm used to my home being the butt of every joke too.Family arent always going to get along but by and large our values, history and culture are the same. North and south are not at issue in the modern day. It's all rural vs urban. The damage during the civil war was self inflicted. Anyone who tells themselves that the south didn't start it are kidding themselves. It was Carolinian troops that fired onto a federal fort. We can't say what Lincoln would have done in his first term but without that act by south Carolina it is very unlikely that the war would have developed at all.

>>430203633>fileting troutyea.... anyway.Should have just started eating some of the raw trout in front of them.That's probably pretty hard to do when your a 4chins spam bot tho

>>430212110>>430212221>>430212322>>430212370You damn Northerners can't even help yourselves. Good luck moving to a red state, when mystery meats make the streets unsafe.

>>430212667Sad how all of Virginia is niggers and feds now

>>430212575No, we were having a conversation among gentlemen. Do you know what that means?

>>430206958>foreignersWe're all part of the same country pal

>>430208350good post. The loyalists who founded Canada were the original refugees from the bloodthirsty Yankees

>>430212666Do you do Tik-Tok dances when you give the clot shot, Nurse Nancy?

>>430212704My streets are just fine. Why is that? Because I'm an educated white man who makes a lot of fucking money, unlike you. Enjoy your Cubans and Ukrainians, ya fucking redneck

>>430212418>phdwhat exactly is that supposed to mean according to you?

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>>430212801>thinks nurses in advanced practice give shots.Did you get your fucking degree from SNHU or something, pal?

>>430203633Since when losers can have demand?

>>430212667only like 10% of the pop actually fought the brits.80% of the pop will always be subservient cucks that will kneel to whoever wins.

>>430203633My family to the US via North Carolina after the Revolution and eventually made their way to East Texas where I sit now. Not one ancestor; not one! has ever been born north of the mason-dixon. I am a true Southerner. I am so proud of that fact and I will die in Dixie

>>430212667I can agree with 90% of this. Have a good evening. It’s clear that you come from good stock.Just remember what we were trying to avoid.

>>430203633KekHavent been called a yank in awhile

>>430212838I don’t give two shits about my PhD. I was responding to someone about my “lack of education.”

>>430212858Touchy, nurse boy?

>>430204805>Not just that, outsiders were afraid of the space because wild hillbillies would shoot them from the ridge or some other variant.Yes, I saw Deliverance also. Southerners (especially those who love muh Dixie), with their extreme stubbornness and simpery, are some of the biggest larping fags there are. They are a shadow of their grandparents, who were truly great men and women. I know this because I was born and raised in the south. A lot of that southern hospitality is a bunch of BS as well..... it's just nigger-tier sizing people up games. (t burger on vacation)

>>430212906Im not cut out for the military but I'm very lucky to have a family history of soldiers. One of my ancestors was a green mountain boy. They were the Vermont militia regiment that dragged the cannons from fort Ticonderoga in New York to Boston

>>430208455God i hate how those rich fucks always import mexicans for their slave labor. It aint right at all, its so fucked up

>>430210656> I don't understand howthe government made it illegal to be racist in the 1960s, simple as

>>430203633white man come home

Attached: 1686448788976332.jpg (800x562, 65.9K)

>>430207901I don't have such a hard R. He sounds like he's from the upland South. Compared to him, I sound like Shelby Foote.

>>430212918>I'm so proud to be a fucking hick>>430213033You ever prescribe a treatment plan with that "PhD", redneck? Do you know the difference between an anxiolytic and an SNRI?

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>>430213033but you qualified your "education" by saying you have your phd.

Attached: jg.png (1498x924, 1.9M)

>>430213105The irony of your bringing up Deliverance to shit on the South is pretty rich. Deliverance was written by a great SOUTHERN novelist and poet, James Dickey.

>>430209725This dumb shit is why you’ll be swirled around the toilet bowl of culture war until you drown. Just leave it, man.

>>430203978Virginian in the same situation. Shit is seriously fucked.

>>430213208Why so angsty, Nancy? Is it because you didn’t have the right stuff for med school?

>>430213329Actually, disregard this.

>>430213208You don't even know what a hick is.

>>430213356So you don't know the answer? Didn't think so. Only pussies hide their flags on here. Fucking kike. You're most likely not even American. Just some fat faggot ass Euroshit wanting to suck Southern dick

>>430213254It was because he said all southerners are uneducated (or something to that effect).Look, I’m aware that most people in academia are useless faggots. Let’s not do this.

54pbtidFucking LOL

and stop letting your fruity ass dog shit on people's property. I'm going to release my hunting dogs on your scrawny effeminate ass if I see you and your fruity fucking dogs near my property.

>>430213208There is infinitely more pride being raised in a rural area then being raised in the cage that is a city.

>>430203633I’m in South Carolina, we’re overrun by Washington DC lesbians. Always one fat slob and one skinny psycho

>>430203633I am a yankee born and raised but I have family from down south and politically, spiritually and culturally my heart aligns with Dixie. I would move there but to be honest I would feel like too much a carpetbagger and would essentially just be part of the problem if I did. So instead I just stay up here and make my stand against the libfag freaks that populate this Godforsaken corner of the country. I always have felt more at peace when visiting my southern relatives and sadly they have all either passed on or moved to the North where I am for various reasons. I'm sorry you had to deal with those ignorant pussies but I won't apologize on their behalf because I don't associate or identify with those faggots. Long live Dixie, OP.

>>430213449You’re calling me a kike? If you understand the JQ, then you should stop attacking white people and focus on the enemy. Ffs

>>430213111kekI did a school presentation on that when I was 10I'm related to Lewis but I think most of the original Oregonians are as the Lewis family was one of the first to move out here.

>>430213638That fascinatingIt's really interesting to me how embedded in American history my family actually is. I'm also a direct descendant of the Putnam family of Salem, Massachusetts.They were the ones that started the witch trials lmao

>>430213763Someone's got to do it.Thots aren't going to police themselves

>>430212667>The damage during the civil war was self inflicted. Anyone who tells themselves that the south didn't start it are kidding themselves. It was Carolinian troops that fired onto a federal fort. We can't say what Lincoln would have done in his first term but without that act by south Carolina it is very unlikely that the war would have developed at all.Your "stock" doesn't matter when you clearly come from a long and distinguished line of dumbasses. War in the New World was inevitable, not only did the other Old World powers want it, but the North was functionally anglos and the South was a mixture of Scots and the French. And we all know how well the English get along with the French and the Scots. America was a powder keg waiting to explode, and if you think there would have been no war over the South making money hand-over-fist in European trade and not paying taxes to the fed, you're on some next level yankoid cope. Your "lineage" is irrelevant. Go the fuck back to Jersey with the rest of the guido beach retards. You're not intelligent enough to understand history, which means you'll never be able to understand the morality surrounding it's events. I bet you think the secceeding plebs of Rome were a bunch of ungrateful anarchists.

>>430213558Not all cities are cages and not all rural areas are something to call home about. Most rural areas don't even have high speed internet access. They're shitholes. I've worked in many, lived in a few. >>430213610You don't have a degree at all, you angry little edgelord cretin.

>>430214014I do have degrees, but who gives a shit. You stated that all southerners are uneducated. Anyway, if you’re a white man, I hope you and your family have a lovely weekend.

>>430213984>not only did the other Old World powers want it, This sentence alone tells me that you are retarded. The UK and France needed the war over as quickly as humanely possible. The American south was the largest exporter of cotton on the planet in the 19th century and that cotton was crucial to the management of their empires.The only empires who actively liked the war were the Ottomans (2nd biggest cotton exporter in the world) and Russia (idk why but they hated the south lmao)

>>430214305>I do have degrees, but who gives a shit. You stated that all southerners are uneducated.And you've proven me to be correct in that statement. Ciao

>>430214366Night Nancy. Try not to do too many TikTok routines tomorrow when you should be working.

>>430212798the loyalists just wanted to live under the Empire it was too much to ask forwe were allied with the confederates in the war but not involved directly

>>430214314>This sentence alone tells me that you are retarded.And your focus on that sentence is what tells me you're a worthless mulatto from Jersey that's not worth talking to. Everyone in Europe wanted a colony, and they were salivating at the thought of war in the New World giving them a chance to grab more of the absolutely massive amounts of unclaimed land. There are hundreds of books and papers written about the politics of that time period. Not only are you stupid, you're flat-out wrong.Imagine believing wars start because somebody shoots bullets at a fort somewhere. No nigger. Wars start because of politics and economics. Go shoot at your local military base, and see if it starts a war or if you just end up getting arrested and killed. Fool. Go deepthroat a footlong from a beachside food cart in your hometown, and leave history to the people with more than three braincells to rub together. We all already knew you were stupid for posthumously siding with Lincoln. Shoving your arm up your own ass in public and digging around to try and front about the world politics of the era isn't doing you any favors.I bet you don't have a single explanation for why the Union had to besiege New York City when they refused to be conscripted to fight in the war. Wow, crazy, New York City sided with the South? The Civil War was definitely a patriotic conflict, and not a desperate hail mary from panicking tyrants. Bootlickers are eternal. They exist in every era."Hurr, I'm from the Mayflower, I'm more American than you," sure thing wop. You a papist, too? I'll bet you are. Fuck out of here.

>>430214314I remember reading some place that Russia even blockaded the Brits at some point during the American revolution for the same reason the French helped us, but it seems to have been washed from the internet.Non of the European powers wanted the others to get too powerful. even Savanna Georgia was built in a grid pattern to help defend against a possible invasion by the Spanish from the south west.

>>430211869that is not white culture. that is stuff some white people accomplished.

>>430203633Yankee (NJ) moving to NC in 6 months. Job offer is in Charlotte. What's a good spot? We have a mixed race kid if that is an issue.

Attached: 1637789966458.png (248x158, 2.95K)

Fucking feds trying to normalize "yankee" vs South.Eat shit


>>430215438Stay out but if you absolutely have to move here i recommend you move to Asheville, Charlotte or Raleigh with the other yankee faggots and stay out of the country where you’re not welcome and you’ll be ok. Leave the little mutt kid behind in New Jersey.

>>430215604yank isn't anything new.the fact that so many people seem to have forgotten where the term even originated from would be more of a fed op to me.No one has ever really cared about north vs south where I live due to my state not even existing during the American civil war.The few times I visited the south everyone just seemed chill, other than the niggers. First time ever being around them and they are clearly not compatible.

It's obvious. The Carolinas must first set aside their differences and unite, West Florida and Greater Louisiana must be reclaimed, and you guys really have to learn how to measure a man by the merit of his character rather than the color of his skin, or perceived social value of their alleged political affiliations and/or spiritual beliefs.If The South could figure out these three key issues we could actually get somewhere but we all both know that simply won't happen just because there are black and red native populations that are being scapegoated as the problem.Hell, even me posting and lurking in Holla Forums is just a meme, as a black person who loves Dixie, mudding, fishing, daisy dukin, and barbecue as much as the next semi-rural Florida man, and it's even worse in real life.Just getting invited to the fishing trip to the lake house is a small ordeal because of the delicate nature of race relations and intersectional identity politic linear aggression.

East Tennessee here. Yankee moved in beside me, i put up a rebel flag. He has seethed about it and i love it. He asked me to take it down he find it offensive and i took it down for a week or so and let him think he won. LOL, order a even bigger one put it up when i got it in mail. He was outside taking pictures and was pissed as hell. I love it, hope he moves if he doesn’t want to see it. Should have moved somewhere with a homeowners association, NOT SHIT HE CAN DO.Also why do all “white” yankees that move down here have mutt features? Dark hair, brown eyes, tanner olive skin. These fuckers are extremely mutted compared to us southern whites who decent from anglos and irish.

>>430203633Wish my family never left the south for trannifornia, currently live in Hawaii but my great great grandfather was an adjutant for the third Texas cavalry and became a tactician later in the war. Lived quite a based life, and I would gladly die to do the same. Sorry I'm coming back to Dixie with my fag accent. It'll go away in a generation though.

>>430214480Lol I'm a guy but you're probably cute as fuck. How old are you?

>>430217128GayyyyyLay off the corn syrup faggot

>>430217368Nah, I'm trying to get some Dr Bussy


>>430208758It's just the cities like everywhere elseDeep in rural south Georgia, it's all Red. A lot of my cousins still live down dirt roads, on farms and fly the Confederate flag. As deep south as it gets. The cities are all kiked.

yanks buttmad as per usual

>>430203633your culture is fucking your siblings, the KKK aka special ed nazis, and losing a war that happened well over 100 years ago. KILL. YOUR. SELF.

>>430217571Cities and the countryside need to be separated for deciding policy.People writing laws and regulations for things they have zero understanding of is suicidal.never going to happen tho.

>>430218318Yep. One day it's going to bust one way or another.We know how to live on our own. Citifags barely know how to tie their shoes.I pray for a major disaster every day.Citfiags would all die, while we would continue life as normal.

>>430215153>Imagine believing wars start because somebody shoots bullets at a fort somewhere. No nigger.Bingo. Jersey nigger has no brains. An idiot yank with dogshit lineage.

>>430218629I would say the symbiotic relationship would be their manufacturing, but most of that is done overseas.What exactly do cityfags produce other than faggots?

>>430203633cool story

>>430203633so wait a minute lemme get this straightyou faggots just stood there, fillet knives in handand let some city slickers shit talk your culture without any repercussions?you are weak and cowardly and a disgrace to all true southernersthose carpetbaggers should have been swinging from the trees

Goys>kikesThat means all goys and all kikes.understand?

>>430219105Nothing. Just a voting block of zombies who would eat themselves at the first sign of a struggle. The average citifag is so weak it's almost beyond my comprehension.

the least of the goys are better than the entierty of every kike

>>430203633What were facing from them is cultural genocide. In order to save our culture we have to secede and terrorize the yankees in minecraft until they leave, or just kill them. They are a sinking ship, no question about it. Why sink with them? Why stick to their capitalist kike loving system? We could have a New Nation with a better life.

Attached: Quotation-Fidel-Castro-I-began-revolution-with-82-men-If-I-had-to-5-10-07.jpg (1200x640, 143.82K)

My forefather wrestled against God and won for his peopleHe did not do this to let some long nosed imposter step in and try to claim our victory on behalf of his evil own nature. The long noses are from Satan.

Attached: look out for long noses.jpg (1024x819, 215.68K)

Shabbos Goys>KIKES


A Goys ingrown tonail>KIKES



We dont need money to fight this war faggot. I can not die twice.OOOOOOH but you can

>>430203633>Why do yankees and liberal faggots ruin everywhere they go and expect everyone to conform to their beliefs?Degenerate city slickers they are. >How can we preserve our southern culture from being destroyed by these faggots?Stop letting them settle your land. They can start voting after some time and the first thing they do is always try to erase any remnants of the Confederacy, they'll say "muh museums and history books" but they always start there with their black holing campaign before going after what's out in the public that they manage to stumble upon (yes stumble upon they're never aware of what's actually in the location they decided to move into).>How can we make them leave and protect our culture for future generations Keep living your best life since they find it so repulsive. If one moves to your local area what you do is gossip with your neighbors and if they too don't appreciate their behavior you keep doing the things they don't like all together to push them out of the area (worked for me). How they truly settle your place is by infecting public institutions. How that happens is first a rush of civilians enter the place and then the politically motivated follow after and they pander to the nu-citizens since they know they outnumber the locals and congratulations you're now California (this strategy works 100% of the time with nation scale conquests as well, killing off unarmed foreign invaders just causes the collapse of your nation to speed up 10x since everyone now views them as the underdog and as victims).

>>430222083 Also watch your middle aged single Woman population. When they feel like the city slickers outnumber you they'll quickly flip flop to their side and become their social norm enforcer (always look out for middle aged single women they're the normiest of all normies). They may have been "devout Christians" their whole lives but now they join the cult of Child rape because that's what's popular now, being the cringe retard that never read the bible that just crazily enforced what the priest said is soooo two thousand and late, it's all about enforcing what the social care worker says. They'll go back to being "Christian" and take the trad pill when the city slickers infect the local churches and replace everyone Catholic with protestants while continuing to pretend to be Catholic.

Attached: eretbgfb.png (960x640, 1.04M)

>>430213139You guys are the Lolcow capital of the world. Even long before Canada was a nation your Injuns we're doing all the lolcow behavior and God bless you decided to cleanse them of the place but now you're the lolcows. Must be something in the land. You should test it for Element 115.

>>430203633If you live near the research triangle you will get a bunch of faggots every now and then. Hold the line. When they come tubing that’s your country, tell ‘em to fuck of back to their failed lab experiments T. Research Triangle transplant (from Missourah - I’ll let you in on a secret - literally 3/4ths of these bozos have no actual skill and are just lumped in here because they didn’t know what else to do besides go to grad school. Yell at them all you want) However… there are an unironically class of untouchables. Usually the quiet (yet dominant ones)Ie: the old Hindu guy watching over his gaggle. The scrawny loner at the park, etc. some of those fucks are worth infinite money in technology and you will be hunted down and literally crucified by international private security agencies if you fuck with them They are more important than you simple as

>>430203633> then everyone clapped

>>430203633NC user here. This state is basically New England/NJ South at this point. Eastern NC is still based aside from the coastal cities and southeastern portion. All these Yankees want bike lanes, sidewalks, streetlights, etc everywhere. They’re also coming here and running for local office and getting involved in civic societies and school boards. Plus the massive influx of illegals who speak no English. NC has completely lost its soul.

>>430205115Coastal NC is exploding with Yankees moving in. They can’t build the new developments fast enough.

>>430206406Greensboro and Winston Salem always seemed very soulless to me. Just roads, some buildings, and worker bee NPC type people.

>>430206818Always interesting to me how most MB businesses close for black bike week. Some literally board up the windows like they do for a hurricane.

>>430203633anything from atlanta up is no longer the south, along with any major cities below.the northerners must hang.