Was the low-tech world a better place?

Was the low-tech world a better place?

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>>430203474Yes. I do not think all the tech advances are worth it

Life will always be cancer

>>430203474I've fucked single mothers that still live like thatThe answer is noWhat was better is that our culture hadn't yet fractured and people weren't completely atomized and isolated from one another

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>>430203474Yes. Technology has caused the global mental health crisis.

Its comforting to me. I would like to go back

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>>430203474I left my farm, drove three hours into town, went to Verizon, bought an iPhone just to reply to this stupid postPre technology was a way better age. Now BBL gotta return this stupid phone

>>430203697>I've fucked single mothers that still live like thatHow many single mothers existed before iPhones and modern racemixing propaganda?

>>430203818Don’t do this to me

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You get used to what you have. Grasp that.

>>430203885A lot; I rewatched some 1980s/90s movies, and noticed the normalisation of single parents in the making. Creepy. It’s been mainstream since the 2000s

>>430203984Sorry maybe these old ads will cheer you up

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>>430203474>Netflix>Spotify:(>Live TV>Stereo player:O


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>>430204166Kek, this. The whole “OMG ITS OLD THEREFORE ITS BETTER” phenomena of the 2010s/2020s.

idk but modern tech is being squandered faggot programmers and cloud technology


UndoubtedlyAnyone who disagrees was simply born after 1992. It's not a debate

>>430203818Yeah... me too.

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>>430203474Yes. Turns out it still is. Reject Modernity.

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>>430203474Yu want the cell phone free world. Like 2006.

>>430203474yes it absolutely was, there's no way in hell the government could run these endless psyops without the internet, cell phones, & social media. Imagine trying to sell trannies to the public in 1991 without the TikTok algorithm hive mind, fucking impossible.

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Finally,,, a good thread, ready to surf the kino

>>430204939>2006>cell phone freeShow flag

>>430204261Picture this ad in 25 years but instead of Tomb Raider it's an Amazon ad to get a loan for a fembot.

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>>430204794I like the pretty colors :) >>430205142:)

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>>430203474TVs were fucking heavy man and all that ugly shit cost a shit ton of money. Downloading shit at 14.4 kbps was excruciating. Funny, literaly EVERYTHING was dirt cheap in the 80s and 90s except tech. Computer scene was super based because only autismos knew how to use them. If your parents could afford to buy you one, you were probably the only person in the house who knew how to use it

>>430204993They sold interracial relationships, gay marriage, and a whole bunch of other socially dysgenic shit pre internet

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>>430203474If I didn't have internet rn I'd be so bored I'd find a way to socialize

>>430203474oh god those mega wall units take me back>>430204261this shit used to be abnormal, but these days it's celebrated on tiktok. More signs of decline

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>>430205799This old poster is eerily foreshadowing the bland but satanic posters of today. >basic text>basic font>people depicted in the front; no creative art of something phenomenal. >cheap and efficient to produce.


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>>430205799>>430206450>Written and directed by Stanley KramerHmmmm... there's something a little bit off about that name... I wonder what it could possibly be...?

>>430206299I have some posters but no anime ones. At least not framed. Thats not to say i havent been tempted to buy one that i think looks cool.

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>>430203818>>430206299we have to go back

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>>430203474That's not low tech. That's high tech that serves a basic, functional purpose. Everything is designed to do only one thing

I miss it so much.

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>>430203474CRTs are technically better than LCDs in almost every way. If you get a high def CRT it easily beats OLED panels.CRTs went out of fashion due to the bulkiness and because LCDs could perform adequately for what people wanted. But technically LCD panels have never been able to achieve the same performance of CRTs. So they are not really low-tech or bad. If HD CRT's became more mainstream CRTs would probably be more common still.

>>430203474Yes only because it was that way for everyone though

>>430207717Would probably just sell that saturn and n64 even if I did win it


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>>430203694for extreme negative people like you. Ya maybe never know


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>>430210068They're right, you stupid nigger. Modern TVs can even do the color black right.

>>430203474>tv is low tech

>>430204939Cell phones have been commonplace since the late 1990s


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>>430203474>Was the low-tech world a better place?That's not low tech.

>>430210245TVs will be 100 years old in 4 years.

>>430203474CRTs are not low tech

>>430203474>Was the low-tech world a better place?I read books but I didn't know how wicked the world was. Now I know how wicked the world is, and I play games to forget.

>>430203474Nice Gelsenkirchener Baroque you got there, buddy and fellow Fliesentisch bro.

>>430203474>Was the low-tech world a better place?Pre smart phone world was super comfy. When everyone had flip phones and mp3 players life was good. iphone fucked everything up.

>>430203474if you considering that shrine to hedonism 'low tech', no.that was arguably the beginning of the end

>>430203885lots, i banged 3 in early 2000s

>>430203474You wouldn’t put a console television in an entertainment center. That’s a millennial mistake

>>430210551>console televisionWhat other kind is there?

>>430210363If you can't make it yourself it's not low tech

>>430210681Good argument, but the best measure of what is high tech is can you fix it yourself?I can fix a CRT TV, but modern stuff that breaks? Nope because modern TVs were made to break within five years and have ultra-fragile parts placed in such a way that unless you're a robot you can't fix it, to me, that's real high tech and real high tech is stupid.

>>430203474Once the wonder of a novelty wears off all you're left with is the addiction. There are more practical benefits and conveniences now, but I think people are less happy.

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>>430203474Technology should've stopped at the end of the 19th century, quite frankly. Nothing has given the usual suspects more power than communications technology, like the talmudvision. The telegram was sufficient.

>>430205799I don’t have a tv but at home with my parents every commercial I see on tv is interracial couples. White woman with a nigger and white man with a chink

>>430211129Telegram is even worse, it lets people conspire across continents.Its gotta be carrier pigeons or nothing. carrier pigeon introduces RNG to the communication and intercept potential which requires diplomacy. Also it employs birds. The bird economy is fucked.

>>430211129Nah, man, if tech stopped at 1989, that'd be perfect. You'd have the nice comfy tech, but the worst more invasive stuff not so much because miniaturization hadn't been even close to being perfected for the tyrants until at least 2006.

>>430207717mystery word is "power"


>>430204009not true, "movies" are not reality - historical "movies" are to change history. single mothers were rare and a big deal; looked down as the losers of society.

>>430203474in some ways yesin some ways nothank you for attending my ted talk>noooo you have to play into my strawman effort to polarize people emotionally about irrelevant shit so they remain agitated 24/7 and addicted to adrenaline and anger and are easier to control with stupid endless social media bullshit while bigdata harvests information so they can imprison us all in a giant human version of a global habitrail ratrace enclosure etc. etc.

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>memeflag>1pbtid>old faithful nostalgia topicthis is a slide thread and your bump serves the enemies of Holla Forums

>>430210068LCDs have been trying to mimic CRTs for the past 20+ years. It has only been recently that they have competed adequately as far as contrast and response time. Resolution and panel sizes are kind of irrelevant since we could make CRTs bigger, give them high resolution, widescreen, etc. but CRTs largely failed in the market due to their bulky size.

>>430211751Zoomers would never be able to carry a 300lb TV up or down stairs to save their lives either.

>>430203474Yes. Assembling a kick-ass stereo system was a right of passage.

>>430204166>>430204445Enjoy your nigger movies and electric cars faggots.

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>>430203474It all started when normies got their hands on smartphones and social media, the true catalyst

>>430212067We should stop telling zoomers about classic material. For one, they don't deserve any of it, secondly, the more they know about it, the more they will demand to have ti banned.

>>430203474I wanted one of those tv wall units when I was in my 20s. Now I don't watch TV.

floral decor was lit

>>430211852I used to have a 40" rear-projection CRT TV. Could only do 720p but that thing was a beast. It wasn't too bad to carry around since you could split it up into pieces.It was big but it also had way better speakers built into it than modern TVs.

>>430212497>Could only do 720pWhich is good enough most of then time if we're being honest.

>>430203474analog > digital

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>>430206716>Stanley Earl Kramer was an American film director and producer, responsible for making many of Hollywood's most famous "message films" ...

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>>430203474Why would they put flowers and pictures down low but the VCR way up high? Stupid niggers from the looks of it. They probably stole all that crap from white people.

>>430211407You'd still have everyone with their TV and radios turned on non-stop, which is never a good thing. The only post-pidgeon communication tech that could be argued as a good thing was web 1.0, when the internet was anonymous and by the people, for the people.

>>430212644>the VCR way up high?thats stereo equipment zoomie, and the plant in the bottom behind glass is decorative plastic

>>430212836>by the people, for the people.Just so you know, those words refer to Freemasons and their Jewish masters only.

You were probably not fat as a kid is all. Fat = sadness.

>>430203474it would be hellish now if the tv just had black people on it all the time and you had no other options

>>430203474>Less niggersYes, I would have to say

>>430203474My family had that exact furniture set growing up.

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>>430212879VCR top left.

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>>430203474Landline-to-landline phone call would blow your mind.

>>430212067I understand that nigger movies and nigger series are Bad, but.... What's wrong with electrical Cars?

>>430203474>low-tech>still has the living room jew

>>430203663Wtf those TVs were dogshit, this is why movie theaters were so popular.

>>430214133>this is why movie theaters were so popular.No, zoomy. They were popular because prices weren't insane, the teens working there were clean and polite and nearly every movie was a smash hit destined to be remembered. And cable TV was super expensive until the early 90s. So if you missed Star Wars on network TV, you had to catch the re-release in a theater. Your last option would be to pay a hundred bucks for a "rental copy", so yeah, you'd get your ass to a theater.

>>430203474I lived through the end of it and it was boring as shit to me. If theres nothing on tv and your friends are far away theres literally nothing to do. Also the weather is hotter for some reason. The few bit of technology I would have destroyed if I had the chance is smartphones. Social media ruined humanities socialness.

>>430203474shit just werked

>>430203474Not for movies it wasn’t. If that was the shitbox I had I’d probably still go to movie theaters.

>>430203984how old is this pic

Lmao, I rmemeber that entertaiment unit.Everyone was nuts about the wall cabinet thing with tv compartment, dvd compartment and stereo... I always thought it was odd, usless, ugly... but it was everywhere!

>>430203694Yes.For some of us anyway!

>>430210217Lmao, good memories!

>>430203885Not counting divorcees? There were a good number of single mothers in the 90's and 2000s, but their kids were usually white.

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>>430203474yes, CRT TV's are based

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>>430216231wow, new halo looks even shittier than i thought.

>>430203474It was pretty awful in terms of information and technology. If you wanted to entertain yourself or learn something you were limited to a few shitty books in the library or ads in the paper. Hanging out with your friends basically meant setting fire to ants or playing rpgs, not anything actually cool.The big positives was obviously fewer non-whites, low tolerance for fags and a much higher proportion of young white women.

>>430203474Virtually everything would be fixed if we banned all mobile phones and wireless internet. Anything else would be tweaking it. This would virtually eliminate social media garbage like Facebook overnight, saving the internet and greatly strangling a lot of forced culture like tranny crap. People would be forced to interact with people in real life as you would be cut off from internet and phone calls unless you were home or at work and in a designated spot like in front of a desktop computer. A significant chunk of the population wold not have access at all as they would not be able to understand or afford computers. Going lower tech than that isn't necessary unless you just have a thing from some particular retro techs for nostalgia.

>>430205799>>430206450>>430206716>>430211306Fun fact that TrumpTards ignore When Palm Beach denied Trump's repeated requests to allow Js to become official PB country club members after he bought Mar-a-Lago, Trump's lawyers mailed every board member copies of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and threatened to dox them to the press. The board finally gave in. Trump's club was literally the FIRST in Palm Beach to accept and recruit Js as members. But TrumpTards ignore this lol.

>>430210246Cell phones in 2006 are barely what they are today. Iphone isn't out for another year or so. Also, not everybody would have one like they do today, and anyone that did have one probably wasn't using it as much as we use our smartphones.

>>430214576We came up with stuff to do as kids. I miss analog TV, most, I think. I have fond memories of breaking out the old "rabbit ear" TV when we had severe weather because satellite would always go out.

>>430219832>reddit spacing

>>430221485good job outing yourself as 14, look at any post on this website from 2005 (ie before you were born) and you will see line breaks as has been standard in English writing since the 1400's

>>430203474YesBut also no

>>430221735And? Nobody on this site spends the time to put another "line break" when a single new line will do. Reddit faggots have built a habit of it. No need to be upset we called you out on it, we just don't want your kind here.

>>430203474hamy granparents had that TV

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>>430222248>Reddit faggots have built a habit of itReddit is the site where you have to press enter ONCE to make a line break; 4chan requires TWO returns. Come back once you graduate high school

>>430203474>CRTThat's a particle accelerator in your lounge room


>>430222614>he knows how reddit spacing works>unironically makes a point to point out me being wrongGood job outing yourself again faggot.

>>430222708>you are x>no, here's why>huh, you sure know a suspicious amount about xFuckwit, shouldn't you be learned one if you're making the accusations? Do you know what I actually have demonstrated? That the REAL REDDIT SPACING is when you have NO line breaks because Reddit users are used to pressing enter ONLY ONCE.

Definitely. Watch films from 1990, the year humanity peaked technologically and socially.

>>430222788>spending time learning about redditStay mad aussie. You're lucky your government even lets you on this site.


>>430204939Try mid 90sNo cell phones, no internet

>>430203474>TV>low-techHow in the fuck do you come to this conclusion?

>>430222966Compared to today they are definitely low tech. Most CRT TV's didn't even have hardware to regulate their own refresh rate, and instead the actual frequency of the AC from the wall would determine it

>>430219832I did not know this.