Why are there so few niggers in Symphony Orchestras?

case in point: Chicago (one of the blackest cities in the U.S.) Symphony Orchestra video shows all 100+ members and there are only 2 niggers.

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>>430202400>>430202400That's a man

not sure, but is coffee good for you?

>>430202400link: youtube.com/watch?v=rOjHhS5MtvA

they are too retarded to play complex instruments

How many of those members are whining about Jews on 4chan?

>>430202400hahah spooky handler is spooky. just tell me what you want.

niggers are retarded that's why

>>430202475lol i just listened to this whole thing and thought of the negro tenor when i read this thread

>>430202400Noticed by local Lowes hardware store started blasting classical music in the parking lot.>Natural nigger repellant

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>>430202400They melting that brass for they grill

>>430202400Good point user please bring that up at the next SJW Meeting on twitter why don't ya.>It's because they are niggers. and nigger music consists of nothing Gutteral primate yells

>>43020256135-40% most likely

>>430202400Because very few blacks bother to learn how to play an instrument these days, especially a classical instrument. On the other hand, there are lots of black women in opera.

>>430202631>>430202400God I wish a woman would look at me like that

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>>430202400CHicago Blackhawks would be hard pressed to find 2 niggers that could play at that level toothere are certain things you cant have affirmative action with, like gold medal cross country skiing

>>430202477No, there are some very impressive jazz musicians. Art Tatum had such spectacular technical ability that even Vladimir Horowitz was impressed by him. It's just that except for opera, blacks aren't interested in classical music.

>>4302024759/10Beethoven gave a great John Williams impression in the opening Allegro. He consistently maintains a balanced region with the bassoon and the clarinet.

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>>430202400Racism, clearly we need affirmative action

>>430202623It's a masterpiece.

>>430202765Doubtful. City orchestras are publicly funded clubs. You have to drink the koolaid to even get in. Most chicago blacks can't pretend to like gay people long enough to achieve that.

>>430202939Could be worse. You could be black.Also, every generation younger than boomers has the same experience with women. >Total shitHope women reap what they have sown. t.Oldfag

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>>430202400jfc this little slut needs to be stretched by a BWCalso black people can't play instruments except jazz pianos

>>430202986agreed, plenty of very talented blacks in jazz, but somehow they only rarely go for classical.

>>430202400high iq stuff.

Classical music is literally nigger repellent.

>>430202400Niggers aren't really good at music. They are just good at dumbing down music into beats that low IQ people can understand, hence rock and roll and rap.

>>430203132LOL. I know you're joking, but for other anons, understand that all auditions for symphony orchestras are blind auditions. The judges listen to you behind a curtain and do not know your name, race, sex, age, etc.

>>430203284Because Jazz is just western music that doesn't follow voice leading rules.


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>>430203284I think even most racists will agree that blacks excel at athletics and the performing arts. They just tend to suck at abstract thinking. Yeah, there are exceptions, but they're very rare.

>>430202631>blasting classical music in the parking lot.a lot of businesses have started doing that and it really does run off degenerates, like Raid on cockroaches. Wonder what the classical masters would think knowing how effective their music is being used this way today.

There's no chair for beatbox.

>>430203601>Jazz is just western music that doesn't follow voice leading rules. jazz has 1000s of chords, how many does western music have?


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>>430203089image being such an incredibly beautiful woman that the following was created for you: youtube.com/watch?v=e4d0LOuP4Uwwonder how big Elise's head got after that.

>>430204014My dude, it's called Tonal Harmony. Classical follows rules like no parallel 5ths, octaves, no doubling of 3rds, etc. Jazz just said, Fuck that, we're playing parallel everything. It uses the same chords. Everything else is the same.

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>>430202400that is a child

>>430204697Thank you for that education.I once heard a bitter jazz musician say "Play 3 chords for 30000 people or 3000 chords for 30 people"


>>430202400Niggers don’t even seem that musical anymore

>>430205326Jews have been targeting both Whites and blacks for cultural destruction. They're the ones who have been pushing rap on everyone for the last 30 years.

>>430202400because classical music is The White Man's musicyoutube.com/watch?v=qYAv8iiYLG4

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>>430205191"Kanneh-Mason grew up in Nottingham, England. He was born to Stuart Mason, from London, a LUXURY hotel business manager of Antiguan descent,[3][4] and DOCTOR Kadiatu Kanneh, from Sierra Leone, a former lecturer at the University of Birmingham and author of the 2020 book House of Music: Raising the Kanneh-Masons."imagine that, a wealthy black family who speaks formal British English are actually successful classical musicians.

>>430202400Racism if anyone prefers anything but rap, very few can comprehend that there are genres and preferences beyond the "ooks" and "eeks"

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>>430206582When you look behind the scenes to see who's pushing that pernicious idea, you find guys like (((Lyor Cohen))). What a cohencidence.

>>430202400Purely socioeconomic reasons

>>430207444Lack of dem programz.

>>430202400Because, niggers play bongo drums and rap.

>>430203610Olivia Casta

>>430202400i will now masturbate

>>430206192Imagine that. What schools do you think the people in the Chicago Orchestra went to? Being a musician is a "career" for the children of rich people who don't need to work.

>>430202400Twofold, symphony is cracker shit to niggers and many niggers can't into it

before someone asks, tsukasa kanzaki, you're welcome

>>430208471There's easily over 100000 wealthy black families in Chicago and yet only 2 in the symphony.

>>430202986>>430203284>>430203601Every prominent jazz player has a background in classical and most of them have played in orchestras. Musicians like Louis Armstrong used to do orchestral shows at theatres during the day and then play jazz at cafes at night. Jazz is a direct extension of classical music mixed with other forms of both cultural and popular music. There's even an entire genre early in the history of jazz called symphonic jazz. Big band is also an extension of orchestra.

>>430202400Because symphony orchestras are full of grooming fags.youtube.com/watch?v=ArOQF4kadHA&ab_channel=SFGMCTV

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>>430202400They have Jazz and Jazz is as complex as cracker music like Bach.

>>430208627>There's easily over 100000 wealthy black families in ChicagoI doubt it. Show me pictures from Chicago private schools.

>>430202400Blacks literally only listen to rap. Go look on youtube and search for any extremely popular song that every single white adult has heard before, and you'll find reaction videos from blacks listening to it for the first time. Bohemian Rhapsody? Your average black has never listened to it.

>>430203089I met her father once in Boston. Sad.

>>430203243They are reaping the whirlwind, with antidepressants being used more than ever before while their eggs dry up with the white race facing oblivion.

>>430202400Wasn't one of the Bogdanoffs ancestors like the greatest black musician in America at a time where you could still call niggers nigger? Roland Hayes if I remember correctly. Most blacks can't really wrap their heads around music theory I bet nor have the discipline to really learn. Also rap culture probably plays a small part. They seem pretty knowledgeable on how fl studio works lol.

>>430209547The feminist chicks I knew that were against marriage and children all got old AF. >Scramble to find any man they can lock down>Shit out a kid>Man bails because who TF is going to sign up for a lifetime of a shitty attitude, ungrateful AF, and hit the wall HARD. Stereotypical single white mother. Hates men, etc. Raising the male children to be incels and/or Supreme Gentlemen. Daughters will be whores and will follow the same path as their mother.

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>>430202400Don’t orchestra pay peanuts?I think it’s like £20 an hour for most of them

>>430209927Kids on iFunny and Holla Forums seem to be increasingly outraged with the world and single moms, who are almost universally awful, are on the rise as well. Everything is getting hideously expensive and every outlet becoming so censored, every woman having the most ridiculous standards, the difference between life in prison and life outside prison is blurring.

>>430210271I keep bars on my windows because I'm the one in prison. Only total degenerates actually go out to socialise with bottom rung of society other degenerates. Everyone else stays home.

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>>430204014jazz is western music, but whatever

>>430208627>t. chicongoan

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>>430209214>Blacks literally only listen to rapthe words rap and rape are very similar, coincidence?

>>430202400this is a sad post because American orchestra's suck at playing traditionally European music. The blacks that were good used to go play in Jazz bands, blues bands, funk bands etc. Very few people care to play jazz, funk, blue rock etc.. anymore even among whites. Nobody goes and watches local bands play much anymore. Infinite entertainment on devices has ruined alot of places to hang out and play live music. Just sit at home and produce music on software then have people find it on the internet is the extent of how music is being consumed.This internet bullshit has really ruined alot about the organized communities of music used to have.I have played music with old blacks that are killer players on sax trumpet etc.. its just the newer generation doesnt have alot of places to play and grow in America. Alot of it is in schools now which has its pros and cons.

>>430202631Damn imagining throatfucking her in that position while she looks up at you. Diamonds.

>>430202400the interesting thing to me is how over-represented black people are in music in general. like spotify must be 50% black people when it presents music.


>>430211492>spotifyHeadquarters: Stockholm, SwedenSwedes are fascinated by niggersyoutube.com/watch?v=FiS0Fh2F3CU

>>430210174Yeah the pay is shit but the majority of them don't even need to work for a living, they are mostly upper crust.

>>430210771I believe the woman was a coal burner in that. So no harm done

>>430202631Her nipples point in opposite directions. I don't usually have problems with fake tits, but it's BAD.


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>>430213226Yes, her black boyfriend was right next to her,


>>430202400I've had Japanese girlfriends like her many times.


>>430202400Niggers can only play triplets

>>430202400Why is this saved on your device?

>>430202400Can any autists help me find this exact swimsuit?

>>430202400Simple.It's called STRUCTURENiggers can't fo anything that has or requires structure.I remember the show So You Think You can Dance...Niggers were good at spazzing out.... any dance with structure they couldn't do it.Same with music... they were good at Jazz cause Jazz has no structureSame with writing

>>430208607>tsukasa kanzaki for the 2 massive faggots in this thread saying she's a child:Tsukasa Kanzaki - JAV ProfileAge: 27 - DOB: 1995-10-01 - Birthplace: Kanagawa - Sign: Libra - Blood: OMeasurements: 83-59-86 - Cup: E - Height: 156 cm - Shoe Size: UnknownHair Length(s): Unknown - Hair Color(s): UnknownTags:JP: 神前つかさ

>>430210771Toll status: partially paid

>>430212351Not as much as mutts but it's getting there.

I'm gonna say it, Jazz, in particular Jazz Fusion is better than classical music.

>>430215761There isn't a single jazz song in the world without structure. Even random improvised jam sessions. You don't know the first thing about any form of music, much less jazz.


blackpill me on Jazz

>>430202400Because blacks only care about the symphony of violence, robbery, riotsBut it's the whites' fault. Don't forget about it.

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>>430208665Modern day niggers are way more retarded than these old school niggers, which did their best to fit into white societies.

>>430202400In Thomas Jefferson’s book he points out in his observations of his slaves that they can get on beat quick but they can’t make Melodies. It’s something you notice in black music a lot they always have to remake other songs Melodies

>>430209927I’d like to have white kids but then I remember how white woman traumatized me baka

>>430215811Mikasa, Tsukasa

>>430211331>this is a sad post because American orchestra's suck at playing traditionally European musicUh, no, they don't. The Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, NYPO, Philadelphia, and even Atlanta, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle can stand with the best orchestras in Europe.

>>430210174If you're a member of one of the big ones (e.g. Chicago or Boston), you'll be making at least $100K a year. If you're the concertmaster, you'll make 2x or 3x that much.


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>>430223206Yeah, it's Idiocracy in action. Thanks to LBJ's Great Society welfare state ("I'll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years"), ghetto mommas get paid for cranking out bastard children from different fathers.