>I'm going to move to Japan and live in an Akiya to escape globohomoStop! Have you thought the reality of this plan out...

>I'm going to move to Japan and live in an Akiya to escape globohomoStop! Have you thought the reality of this plan out?These houses are often far from literally anything and have no plumbing. The ones that aren't already rotten and unlivable. There is no work in these areas. Especially for a gaijin like you.What will you do about your residence status? You're not getting a corporate job in Japan from overseas. No sane company would gamble on hiring a foreigner with no knowledge of the language. The only way you're getting in is through English teaching and you don't get to choose where to go 90% of the time. No Japanese woman would ever marry a weird foreigner who lives in a 200 year old haunted murder house.How about your car? You think busses run in these places? You'll be lucky if there's three in the morning and then zero after that. You'll need a car and I don't think you're prepared for the paperwork nightmare that is registering your parking and converting your foreign drivers licence to Japanese (I've seen people driven insane by this).How about internet at phone? No company will supply you with internet on anything less than a three year visa and you're all probably going to get here on a holiday visa.Hell, good luck even finding a real estate agent that will sell you an akiya. They won't touch them with a ten foot pole. Most of it's done through the city and they aren't going to do shit for a foreigner on a holiday visa who can't speak Japanese who suddenly walks into the city hall asking for someone to sell them a rust old shitbox house in a suburb they had to pull out an ancient map of the city to even look up.Ultimately, there's nothing stopping you from buying a shit house in the middle of nowhere in your own country for bargain prices, but you don't do it for some reason. Why it would be any different in Japan.-T freelance programmer and occasional translator for immigration lawyers in Japan.

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google.com/search?q=make a Discord server open to public

>>430202397But the haunted murder house is the second best part

I don't care, I'm going to fuck japos whether you like it or not

>>430202397Save yourself the breath mate, repeat after me."Fuck off, we're full"

>>430202525Yeah, they're really cool to work on as a hobby/summer house, but they're wildly impractical.>>430202568I'm not saying not to, you could have a new jap every week living somewhere more practical.>>430202622More or less.

>>430202397so 6'1" with blond hair and very light blue eyes and a big dick won't get me laid in japan?

>>430202397You dont have to go to japanYou can literally do that anywhereFamily farms went from 160acres to 16000 acresSo theres tons of rural communities that are empty all over the worldI bought a house and 5 additional lots for 14k

no one's going to your shithole worry not

>>430202799I'm not saying it won't, I'm saying that if you live in an akiya, the nearest woman to you will be pushing 90 years old

>>430202887Yep. I don't know why you would put yourself at a serious legal disadvantage by trying to do the exact same thing "In Japan."

>>430202397Stop being a jew and go home.

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>>430202397>hauntedInteresting you say that youtu.be/4fvUNAR_2-g?t=795

>>430203057I wasn't clearNo white people want to move to Japan These assumptions are likely made out if whole cloth You're talking horse feedWhite immigration to japan is in the single digitsIt's all chinks, Thais, pinos, and various other pan faced sub humans

>>430203526I used to run tours of a village like this. We even stopped at the well from the original ring movie in Gifu.>>430203644In reality yeah, I'm more directing this at the sizable number of weebs on Holla Forums who think they can just buy a plot of unusable land in Japan and somehow it will just work.I've seen multiple threads floating the idea.

>>430202397Don’t you DARE fucking ruin my dream.. I WILL have a Japanese waifu and I WILL find the Somali-nigger bulb head in pic rel on the streets of Japan and slap and spit on him.

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>>430205201He's free game in this country right now. If you see him and attack him you'll be granted permanent residency.

>>430202397>I'm going to move to Japan and live in an Akiya to escape globohomoBut Japan is a vassal state of Weimerica? Are people actually this delusional

>>430202397Do I get to fuck the Grudge girl if I purchase one of these domiciles?

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>>430206157It's just some turbo weeb who thinks he's one of the gang because he can speak riceinese when it reality Japs hate him more for being a tryhard

>>430202397I Already did that and the good akiya not on hazards map or 50kmaway to the nearest civilization are already sold. fuck off, how many times will you repost the same shit.

That's like where I live. people come to Alaska and think they'll live off the grid and then 20 years later you find any plastic in a wallet and when synthetic clothes decompose they turn into plastic. Then you just put it back and keep the mystery alive.

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>>430202397Only people that can make money on the whole "move to japan" ad money youtube shit bother.Despite Japan trying to make these houses cheap and easy to access for outsiders the redtape is through the fucking roof and it's all physical paper based redtape.Too much effort.

>>430206684>how many times will you repost the same shit.This is literally the first time I've ever brought up the subject.

>>430206318This man is asking the important questions.

>>430202397Just DON'T be a:weeb, a tranny, a nigger, arab, pajeet, SE Asian, Hispanic, proselytizing Christian.And you welcome to move.

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>>430207960I am all of those at once, and I am moving there soon.

>>430207960>it's bad to be socially withdrawnI hate normies so much, but not as much as fags

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>>430208941Clayton Sousa de Silva?

>>430202397I'd like to live at one of those places like in Kung Fu Hustle, that shit would be dope as fuck. Would no question bang landlady.

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I'm coming over there in four months and there's nothing you can do about itJust breathe easy because I plan on going home eventually because I'm only going to be there for a week

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>>430202397OK, fine. I'll learn the language first, save up for one, THEn come over. FFS, user. I might be a gaijin, but I'm not expecting you guys to learn English before I show up. I actually respect you bastards.

>>430211496>there's nothing you can do about itThis is correct, nor would I stop you if I could. I'm simply pointing out that buying an abandoned house in Japan with no further planning is a silly idea.If you're only there for a week, I recommend you visit some of the night clubs in Osaka and get your dick wet

>>430211708Your biggest problem will be the visa. Owning property does not entitle you to residency and you're unlikely to find cheap home they is also close to work.

>>430206157Check out the military laws and alliances. They actually pulled a Roman auxiliary and are rebuilding their military.

>>430202397desu I'm an overqualified english teacher and they will let me pick where I want, because where I want to be is Akita and almost no one wants to be there. I'll be there next august. Not getting a fucking akiya though, you can get an actual good house for 20k. I just have 1 question for you. In your experience, are there as many virgin women there as the headlines claim?

>>430211799I come from a family of farmers, not suits. Give me an acre of land and I'll sell the veggies that go into your ramen dishes after the first harvest.

>>430202397>I don't think you're prepared for the paperwork nightmare that is registering your parking and converting your foreign drivers licence to Japanese (I've seen people driven insane by this)It truly is maddening. Five times I've been to try and convert my license but none of the evidence I present to prove I didn't leave the country for three months after I got it is good enough for them

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>>430212437>I'm an overqualified english teacher and they will let me pick where I wantNo, they won't lmao. Can someone else in Japan back me up here? I've seen these types too many times. Nobody cares if you're overqualified to be an English teacher when a fillipino can do exact same job.>>430214119What did you present so far? Can you contact your old bank for statement regarding transaction? University transcripts? They should be able to provide that evidence.

>>430214529They took my university transcripts ok but they said that my bank statements weren't enough proof. They also wouldn't accept medical records. I'm this weird situation because I graduated last year and I had a job offer to move here before I left university. I moved back in with my parents because of the lockdowns so between my graduation and when I moved to Japan I didn't pay any tax or bills because I wasn't working or living by myself so I don't have nay of the documents that they were asking for.Gonna see if I can get proof of my immigration history because I think that'll be the only thing they'll take.

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I went to Japan last month and I saw Africans. I didn’t go to a conservative Asian island country with a monarch to see AFRICANS.

>>430202397>learn japanese? >Live in a city with plumbing?>Do the driver exam, you still would need it expecially if you are a burger since the signs are different there and they guide like bongs>have a bachelor degree or a master so you can be a good corporate slave instead of teaching english?>look for job there overseas, maybe some company that has to do with japan and can relocate you, or go there with an holiday visa and look for jobs like that idk.it's not as easy as a somali that wants to move to germany, but you need a good plan and solid skills (and 20k available any moment for visa stuff)

>>430214866Well, without knowing your situation personally and the officer who handles your documents check, I can't give you much advice. In these situations I'll usually phone ahead with the documents I have and confirm if they are acceptable. It also heavily depends on the office handling it. Shiga and Osaka were pretty easygoing, but I found Gifu to be pretty strict with their requirements.Immigration history is probably your safest bet, did you use an electronic passport to get in? I'm assuming you'd have stamps on your passport otherwise.>>430214999Unfortunately, you can't go anywhere without seeing Africans these days. The plane should have never been invented.

im rich. im gonna live 30 minute outside of tokyo and have a 5 car carage for all my skylines. and never stay during the hot summer.dont worry about it.

>>430215142You could take the skills needed to scrape by in Japan on your own and take them to the USA or Australia and be earning over 100k.Japan is a nice place to live, but you'll be criminally underpaid compared to most other first world countries.

>>430202397Best friends wife is Japanese and lives right on the countryside edge of a city, so I've visited a few times and asked about these. Can vouch for what you're saying.Biggest problem is that the neighborhood, city, and possibly the surviving family, all have absolute say in what you can, and will, do with remodeling it to live in. All of these houses need major repair that it's to the point which it normally it would be torn down and rebuilt to better standards, however, city, family, or neighbors, will insist you repair it as it is and with similar materials and in the same style. You've actually just signed yourself into a contract for a rehab home project in the most strict boomer HOA imaginable, and they can arbitrarily take it from you even after you cover the repairs, taxes, and years of labor to fix it. There was one I saw that had an old prayer shrine in a room with family photos or keepsakes and you were required to refurbish it completely and then leave the room as a unusable memorial shrine inside the house. There was also a small corner of the land as a nearly unmarked cemetery that you had to clean up and regularly maintain or immediately lose the house. Consider this, most of these houses do have extended relatives that inherited them and even they couldn't sell them.Imagine buying one of those $2 homes in Detroit to repair. Then you find out it needs major repair, and they insist you keep the classic 1920's looks it had, and you have to cover years of missing taxes, keep garden as a memorial to respect the deceased previous owner buried out back, and then you've got old racist boomer neighbors who own the HOA and will be the judge of if you've revived it to what they remember and if they even like you there. Imagine black Betty next door didn't like the way you changed something to look better than hers, or you forgot to dust the St. Floyd memorabilia room in time for regular inspection, or she just decides you ain't black enough.

>>430215462>you'll be criminally underpaid compared to most other first world countries.Can the deficit be made up for in Nihon poon and all the mukade you can eat (if you are willing to crawl under your haunted house and catch them)?

>>430202779i will leave you the retarded looking ones

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>>430215142yeah that's true, but you know what is funny? That illegal immigration is way fucking easier in first world countries than llegal one, if I want to move legally in the us or japan, I need to get a good job, this requires a lot of years spent on studying to get the papers, mastering the language and then luck on top of that. Instead your random mexican passes the border and is in, with the only sentence he knows in english being "the cat is on the table"

>>430202397>No Japanese woman would ever marry a weird foreigner who lives in a 200 year old haunted murder house.Kek

>>430215692>>430215462ops, wrong tag

>>430212437enjoy your 20k a year

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>>430215627The value of non- monetary things is something on you can decide whether it is worth it or not.Does the fact it's perfectly legal to walk down the street while drinking a beer worth much to me? Honestly yeah. But I've got a wife and kids now, so I can't really enjoy the little things as much.

>>430202397>i'm against immigration and race mixing, so what i want to do is immigrate into another country and race mix with their women!

>>430215927can i have your line?i will drink beer in the streets with you.

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>>430215895This desu. Looking at English teachers here depresses me. They literally cannot earn enough to escape their current standard of living. They're perpetually stuck between having just enough for rent and not having enough money to move to a better job. And usually there are no better jobs because the English teacher foolishly squanders his learning years getting poked in the ass by school kids when he should have been learning marketable skills.They will never own a home and they will retire broke and bitter, spending their weekends drinking and getting less and less poon as they rapidly age and degenerate until they're just husks.

>>430216165Are you coming to Osaka? I can hang but I'm pretty wary to share my line.

>>430202397Why is there such a strong trend towards urbanization in developed asian nations?I heard it's the same in SK.Why do companies exclusively chose the already crowded cities?Why does the state not push the development of the countryside?Why is there no tourism to these areas - at least they should offer some peace and quiet to the stressed out city dwellers?

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>>430216260>Why is there no tourism to these areasThere is lots, but it's predominantly aimed at Japanese people unless you're in a larger rural area.As for all the urbanisation? I don't know for sure. Anything I say would just be a wild guess.

>>430216241i'm thinking about bikepacking through the country next year if I save up enough after fire season.What prefectures do you recommend and not recommend?

>>430202397>empty shack in the middle of nowhere>empty shack in the middle of nowhere, Japan

>>430216395I recommend Gifu (Hida region)100%. Nowhere I really don't recommend.

>>430202397I am going to nippon and fuck OP's ass.

>>430202397I find kind of Funny OP how many people think that Japan is the one showed in the Animes, i know lots of Japanese engineers who come to work in my factory and they tell you nightmare stories about how fucked up is Japan to the point that many of them learn spanish and get lost in mexico, Many of them get in love with the rural mexico.

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>>430202397I've had 2 job offers in japan and know nothing about their language. I doubt it is even hard to learn. Japan head hunts US whites fairly often, especially for entertainment jobs. Pretty much anything that has to do with creativity is open for whites. I've heard of psychologists and anthropologists getting some play too.

>>430216351It's just strange.Urbanization happens here as well, but I guess the main driver is immigration and people from the countryside going to the city to study and stay there for a job and family.But there is a lot of industry in the more accessible rural areas.And it's actively encouraged by politics.

>>430216540Based but his sphincter is probably hidden under a stack of red tape

>>430216464>Gifuhow come?is this the place where japanese did not vax?

>>430216725Sounds cool, you should take it.>>430216805It's just pretty. You'll still have snow capped mountains in early spring and and mid autumn and literally everyone is happy to see you.

>>430216725it's the hardest language to learn next to korean and chinese. look up kanji. look up us diplomats language difficulty and it is at the hardest.i'd only move there with a remote job from america. i'd still learn the language if you live there, but not work.

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I grew up eating rice and seafood. So the Jap cuisine is nothing to me. The only interest I'd have in traveling to Japan is to go out into the countryside and live in absolute silence and isolation for a week, then go home.A strange vacation. But only because I've seen pictures of the Japan outside of the cities, and like much of Asia where it isn't destroyed by pollution and human development, it is gorgeous.

>>430217014Being paid in USD is amazing right now in Japan. I've basically 1.5X'd my salary in the last year and nothing has changed.

>>430211723My focus is mainly around Tokyo and a single day trip to KyotoDepending on how impressive Kyoto is, I may do a second trip with a heavier emphasis on the Kansai region.I'm actually really looking forward to Kyoto

>>430217209I hear Ageha in Tokyo is a pretty cool club then. I couldn't get in because the line was too long last time. But Kyoto is cool. You can see Kiyomizu and Kinkakuji/Ginkakuji in the space of a day. Shame you'll miss Osaka though. Then again, my idea of a good night out is getting piss drunk and going to places I shouldn't.

>>430202397okay, so im a 20 year old college student about to get my bachelors in electrical engineering from a decent college and have taken some college courses in japanese language. is there any hope for me moving overseas? i heard that engineers get paid pennies in japan

>>430216241I live in Kyoto. Do you have a discord account?

>>430217338>Then again, my idea of a good night out is getting piss drunk and going to places I shouldn't.Do tell.

>>430202397There are Akiyas in the center of Tokyo. You can google it.

>>430216967thanks man. I will probably stay around that area the most.is everyone in japan vaxxmaxxed?can you wild camp easily?

>>430217338storytimethis thread is getting comfy

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>>430217385I don't really use discord that much, but my handle is "_funzo". Not sure if I'll regret sharing that.>>430217446The hospital, once. >>430217456If you can get your hands on one, power to you.>>430217460It's a lot of fun, and as far as I know yeah, people pitch a tent by the river outside of town all the time. Probably not legal, but nobody stops them.

>>430217338my general ideas are the following>Nijo Castle>Inari Shrine>Kiyomizu-Derafuck there's so much I would want to do but I dont have the time so I have to narrow it down

>>430217700Some of it's not strictly legal, but the good ones end in the park at 3AM chatting with my boys over a cooldown beer.

I am a Japanese polster. If you want to move over to Japan and need some local information, you can join this Discord group and ask me.discord.com/channels/1090946373274308688/1112695305490681968

>>430214999>I went to Japan last month and I saw Africans.I woke up early last week, like 6:30 AM, to take my garbage out. I got to the end of my driveway, and saw a pajeet ride by on his bicycle. See Africans and Muslims in my local supermarket - and I'm not even in Tokyo. Keeps getting worse every year.

>>430202397Now that's what I call Jap Scrap!

>>430202397>nothing stopping you from buying a shit house in the middle of nowhere in your own country for bargain prices, but you don't do it for some reason.Killedem

>>430215462>You could take the skills needed to scrape by in Japan on your own and take them to the USA or Australia and be earning over 100k.>Japan is a nice place to live, but you'll be criminally underpaid compared to most other first world countries.I agree about higher salaries in the West, but the cost of living is probably cheaper in Japan.

>thread about Japan>it isn't the hourly ooga booga race mix memeflag OP with a porn star/idol/AI generated woman image encouraging to go be a nigger invaderFinally

>>430205201>>430205855who is this nigger?

>>430202397Japan is embracing ESG. Which means you will soon embrace trannies and open borders.

>>430215288>30 minute outside of tokyoThat's still Tokyo

>>430217933>discord.com/channels/1090946373274308688/1112695305490681968does that link work? i have to run my connection through a hotspot, so may be on me.>>430217908sounds like a good time. I friended you on discord.I have tried to speak to Japanese on vrchat, but everyone is always dead silent. They don't even talk to one another. I have met a few through HelloTalk and Tandem though.

>>430202397Homestead. Eat American tourists.

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>>430218212Shhh don't tell him about the greater Tokyo area

>>430218276I honestly know nothing about greater Toyko aside from that one time I drove through Saitama to get to a hotel.

>>430217779>_funzoI sent friend request.

>>430202955How much do they pay us for hot dickings?

>>430218176Johnny Somali.he harassed people on the bus asking them about the nukes and asking them why they did pearl harbor.I think some korean stood him up.And a week ago some guy slapped him calling him a fucking nigga


>>430216725>I doubt it is even hard to learn

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>>430218334I'm just joking about how Tokyo itself is actually more massive than what people think it is

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>>430218128Japan seems pretty chill if you're single and working in the service industry. But i couldn't imagine a worse hell than being a white collar worker there. I could deal with living in a 400 sq ft shoebox with no shower if I could hit up a decent public bath. But there's no way in hell I could do that if I also had to be at work at 8 in the morning. Not to mention everyone smelling like bonito flakes and it just sounds fucking gross. I could probably do your version of "hick" life, but the bugs and shit you guys deal with seems like hell. Your island ain't very for me, but i still respect it.

>>430202397or you could just show up and live in the house for free

>>430218369youtu.be/hBRkpeBxSoY?t=170Here's him getting grabbed from behind.

>>430218128>Cost of Living is cheaper in JapanI'm a Florida man, shits so fucked over here you have no idea

>>430217362even any skills you have, you must know the japanese language to work. At least the basic level.

>>430218675it's the first consequence he has to face in life.

>>430218815youtu.be/MLgoVelbClM?t=39Second time actually.

>>430218244>does that link work?I think so. I'm new to Discord and not 100% sure though

>>430217779I sent one too. Feel free to accept or reject.

>>430202397you are an incel english teacher and dont speak for japanese womnen. they crave white cock. its that simple.

>>430218910>jap tranny teacher>I think so. I'm new to Discord and not 100% sure thoughlol

>>430218815>>430218856That will just make worse. He will stay in Japan for a long time to gain attention

>>430217933>discord.com/channels/1090946373274308688/1112695305490681968Says it is to a server or channel that I have no access to.

>>430219005maybe yakuza will make a life raft for him.

>>430217362>engineers get paid penniesDepends mostly on location. Tokyo wages are significantly higher than other locations, but so is the cost of living. I'm taking out of my ass here, but maybe 60-75k USD for a decent engineering job in Tokyo down to 40k anywhere else, assuming there were foreigner friendly engineering jobs outside of Tokyo. I'm talking USD of course.It's just you'll be fighting a bit of an uphill battle to secure any jobs that weren't meant for a Japanese person in the same job. I have JLPT N1 and have been living here for 10 years now and still can only go at maybe a third of the speed a native speaker would reading and deciphering texts.

>>430202397Matamoto seams scared i will buy all his real estate and steal all his womenMatamoto need not worry i make lots of money and will treat his sister and his crush with utmost respect as i creampie them both, matamoto need not worry

>>430219006Do you know or does anybody know how I can make a Discord server open to public?

>>430218993Actually I think he's the only real Japanese person on Holla Forums.

>>430202397vgh, soul

i like to see japan on tv but i dont plan to go there (ever) but thanks for the heads up OP

>>430219269google user google.com/search?q=make a Discord server open to public

>>430219178Anon, if an American nigger gets murdered for being black in any countries, news and mass immigrants will flood that place

>>430219274alright trooner

>>430202397I'm a hapa. My plan is to stay in Japan for a bit, then eventually try alaska. I wouldn't want to live in these "free" houses because they truly are isolated. But honestly op i wouldn't even worry because the language barrier will keep out 80% of them.

>>430219293It's a cool place to visit. Just don't buy a rotten house and expect it to work out in your favor.

>>430219269i'm a retard with discord. i just use it to talk to irl friends in game or join game servers like turtle wow or vrchat

>>430219541why alaska? i'd go for idaho, montana, or wyoming first. alaska is expensive due to its distance from everything.

>>430219574Stop being a fag and tell us more stories about your adventures as a drunk in nippon.

>>430202397> No sane company would gamble on hiring a foreigner with no knowledge of the language. Lot of people work with only knowledge of english thereChing chongs are changing

>>430219006This seems to be the invitation linkdiscord.com/channels/1090946373274308688/1112695305490681968

>>430219739Okay here's one.>Drinking>Getting late>Go to bar that stays open until sunrise >Meet girl>Talk for a bit then suggest we go back to her place>Getting hot and steamy>Get to her house>Carry her up stairs>Start tearing piles of clothes off her bed>One pile of clothes feels heaver than the rest>Realize I just threw her 8 year old son off the bed>Son is now crying>No sexy time>Had to ask her to drive me back the next morning with her daughter>She tries to set me up with her daughter>No longer drunk enough to entertain the ideaIt's less interesting after I type it out.

>>430219727Is Utah any good? I also considered Wyoming but I don't know about work. I figured alaska because it seems distant and away from all the bullshit problems in the us- mainly niggers.

>>430219986>discord.com/channels/1090946373274308688/1112695305490681968same issue.you don't have access to this link.

>>430219995>>She tries to set me up with her daughterHang on if her son was 8 how old was her daughter?


>>430220020The people that I have spoken to from wildland fire really like Salt Lake City.You have to realize it is a mormon ethnostate. That and SE Idaho are ultra mormon. A lot of these conservative cities though attract a lot of interesting people though.For example, Sandpoint, ID is considered super racist but just has a lot of open and interesting people in it.

>>430220020freedominthe50states.orgIs a good site too if you are weighing options on what freedoms you want in a state.I work in Eastern Oregon, which is trying to join Idaho right now. It will never happen, but...The main problem the west coast faces right now is hordes of Californians fleeing.

>>430220094My user account. Case-K#8443

>>430219995I have wanted to drink outside all my life with buddies, but everyone is too chicken shit to do it.With wildland fire, we would immediately get fired for making gov look bad because there is always one firefighter with a liberal arts major.Our area has a bunch of landmarks named after squads, jews, and nigger too.

>>430218568Looks like a malfunctioning chatgpt bot.

>>430219995Goddamn. If you'd done that in America, you'd have been facing down hyperaggressive male relatives and have made enemies for life. In Asia, throwing male child like a ragdoll gets you semi-loli pussy invites.

>>430202397>What will you do about your residence status?Just get a few thousand followers on youtube, and Tokyo Creative will give you a working visa. Altrnatively, just marry a christmas cake. It's very easy if you're white and relatively normal.>I don't think you're prepared for the paperwork nightmare that is registering your parking and converting your foreign drivers licence to Japanese (I've seen people driven insane by this)Lmao, just get international documentation for the license you already have. It's dead easy. My wife did it last time we went. Learning to drive on the wrong side of the road is the hard bit.>How about internet at phone? Complete bullshit. Softbank is usually the easiest to deal with, but should you have troubles getting internet all the phone companies also sell "pocket wifi". At 100 USD a month it's a bit expensive, but with that you get internet pretty much anywhere.>Hell, good luck even finding a real estate agent that will sell you an akiya.Lying bastard. "Akiya" is literally a category to choose from on most of the usual home losting sites. There are additional akiya to find in the local books of the municipal bumfucks, but you'll never have trouble finding akiya.I agree that you'll struggle with finding real work in Japan though. Your best bet is one of the smaller foreign-owned tech startups, if you can program. If you can figure out how to survive on freelance work or find a permanent WFH job, that's also a great option.諦めんなよ~!.jpg

>>430211723>I recommend you visit some of the night clubs in Osaka and get your dick wetAssuming you're versed in 420 and all the shitholes you can find it in: I had to stick around Roppongi for decent weed (and the qt's into that). If you don't adhere to EVERY single tribute requirement from the shady doctors larping as Walter Waitu, they toss you to their police handlers as a warning shot. Have things improved or worsened on that front since 2015? At least to where I don't have to stick around fucking Roppongi? The #1 place for it at one point looks like it got vanned, along with several others that were recommended. They weren't exactly subtleyoutube.com/watch?v=LqQn8NrFKyo

Attached: 1444842406497.gif (280x210, 372.24K)

Globalhomo is the worst thing to have ever been thought of any human in the history of the universe.. I'll take my chances at any location in the world to escape their globalhomo grasp even if I have to craft my own tools from items I find in a remote forest..Fuck globalhomo!Even a run down "haunted house" is a great start compared to what I am ready to have with me as I leave globalhomo society and their dictatorship!

>>430220301sentI am guessing the channel your invite is connected to is private.

>>430220179I would probably be ok with Mormons although I can't say I've ever met any before. Are there lots of blacks in Salt lake? I'm more Americanized and I grew up shooting guns so I should be fine with conservatives. I lived in Tacoma WA for a few years and i hated every second of it.. but in the mid west would I be looked down on being half white half Japanese?>>430220289Thanks user, will check out the site. I just want gun rights and a place that will stop giving freedoms away. So anywhere other than cali, Oregon, and washington.

>>430220436Jesus christ, just stop being degenerate for five consecutive seconds.

>all these reasonsDon't care didn't read, all I'm planning to do is put my penis in a few Japanese loli wives

I thrive for the run down kino aesthetic.

>>430220430I don't think there was a male figure in any of their lives. Honestly pretty weird family looking back on it. There wasn't a surface in the entire house that didn't have a half full ash tray on it.


Attached: African_Americans_by_state.svg.png (1920x950, 283.23K)

>>430220671are you an ugly manlet? if no, why lie?

>>430215576>with similar materials and in the same styleGive me a chisel, a nokogiri and a hinoki forest. And a few decades.

>>430202397Well written OP. Don’t forget the hissing weird fucking bugs.

>>430220584Florida is full, fuck off

>>430220584Mormons are split between crazy prepper types, and glownigger-types. Blacks are almost everywhere now. Nobody conservative will care that you are half-asian. If anything, they'll consider it a conversational piece and ask about it. Only liberal/leftwing types are offended by this, but conservatives will just be genuinely curious. They may be slightly ignorant, or even sometimes stupid, but they're trying, and want to be accommodating. So long as you understand that America is pretty isolated both geographically, and politically from t he rest of the world in terms of it's population, then you should be fine. They're ignorant, but they mean well.

>>430202397We have fought them off. Doing a good job every day to clean up the kiketanic ritual anal masturbation mess crime scene is all that's left. Expert Tells EU Parliament “COVID-19 Was An Act Of Biological Warfare”madmaxworld.tv/watch?id=6470def41cd98dc354c2a94ahttps://files.catbox.moe/vdg0rf.jpghttps://files.catbox.moe/yhwd8n.jpgThe True Evil Behind America's Mass School Shootingsbanned.video/watch?id=62977d805ce0a2355898d9c5https://banned.video/watch?id=63da96c6f246b125edf726e6

Attached: Coup Enemy Jew.png (512x487, 312.94K)

>>430220584i am guessing montana and north dakota are only high because of reservations. I have a county map on my phone and it strongly correlates to black people. So just avoid the south and rust belt areas.I don't think the Midwest is too judgemental. I grew up in Kansas. I had a friend from the phillipines there.But the rocky mountain states will be more open minded with that just because more exposure.

Attached: Intentional_Homicide_Rate_by_U.S._State.svg.png (675x334, 69.41K)

>>430219995>>430220671this is one thing i hate about whites in any country, they just come here and coom. fucking degenerates. Well, if its Japan, that place is where things happen worse inside the places. And whatever user encountered with that family is fucked

>>430220794Perfect. I think I just really hate niggers. >>430220857Florida is nice, but so damn far. >>430220862Insightful, thank you.

I wanted to move to Japan to learn wood working but my Japanese wasn’t good enough and by the time I as good enough I was rejected because I was too old. I just wanted the skill, I didn’t care about anything else. Been working as a carpenter and a wood worker my whole working life. Fuck

>>430221099Jackasses do jackass things>>430221114Florida is a fucking trap because it may seem nice but then you deal with the housing prices, shit wages, hurricanes, fucked up insurance, fraud everywhere, and yankee scum flooding the state along with spicsWe dont even have open carry despite being "based"

>>430220431I've never heard of Tokyo creative so I can't comment on this.>Lmao, just get international documentation for the license you already haveI'm not sure if you're referring to an international driver's license or a full Japanese license. An IDP is easy to get, but only lasts for a year before you have to either convert to a Japanese license or not drive. Converting can be as simple as providing documentation to a license officer (if you're from one of the preapproved countries) or having to take a very formal and dramatic test where you are require to point at your mirrors in a very deliberate fashion and check under your car then perfectly complete a series of basic maneuvers. Most people do not pass this test the first time.>Complete bullshit. Softbank is usually the easiest to deal with, but should you have troubles getting internet all the phone companies also sell "pocket wifi". At 100 USD a month it's a bit expensive, but with that you get internet pretty much anywhere.Not really no. Softbank bumped me back once for the reasons I stated. You can get shitty wifi with a lesser visa, but you'll also want to shoot yourself after the first week. It's also obscene expensive. I'll stick my 10GB internet thanks.>Lying bastard.I'm sure some real estate agents deal with them, but I don't think they're as common as you describe. The process isn't usually as simple as just buying it either. I'm pretty sure (don't quote me on this) a priority waitlist on some properties.

>>430221099Aren't you ultimately the product of white men cooming in fertile savage island dwellers?

>>430221114Yeah, what he said. Mormons are interesting. Their system is very strange. I had a friend that was telling me about how his priest would always ask him if he masturbated. They try to keep their culture in check, but don't really know how to do it, so they have this weird cuck thing going on hence the glownigger appeal.culturally, I think Idaho is the best state in the nation but the ethos of most the rocky mountain states is fairly hands off

>>430221099>they just come here and coom.well user, cooming is one of the main drives in life if not the only drive in life. Since you are from the philippines, I think you are extremely affected by this, but from the point of view of the average white, going there is only worth it for the cheap pussy

>>430221099Cooming is not a crime. Your parents coomed to make you. People are biologically driven to coom. I am not a bad person or a stereotype for cooming several at points in my live.>>430221215I actually know an Australian guy who is a carpenter in Japan. I'm not in contact with him any more, but it's definitely something you can do. His Japanese was shit as well, but if you're good at the job, you can easily find a carpentry job with a construction company if you know the right people.

>>430220431thanks for the tip.

>>430221281you never heard of whores/sluts/easy greencard bitches before? We may admire your physical traits, but if you treat some of us like coom products, boy, prepare to a get a lawyer for a lawsuit. There was a german who made tiktok/youtube/insta video where he used a filipina, but he titled the video where she was used as a whore. He got in jail for rape and harrassment. Enjoy the jail in the philippines, its like a slum inside

>>430202397This is literally the first I've heard of this

>>430221402>extremely affectedyes, especially we have terrible education and banned abortion. So we have filipina mothers who have children with white foreigners who acted like niggers that they leave when she gets pregnant. Whites are lowkey niggers in asian countries

also niggers only stick to cities, with the only exception being in the south.if it is a gun heavy state, especially outside the city, people tend not to fuck around and find out. The worst is probably meth heads stealing.

>>430203057House :IHouse, Japan :O

>>430221751Nice potatoes you got there, be a damn shame if someone soiled them


>>430220590>Jesus christ, just stop being degenerate for five consecutive secondsNo way, Norway, everyone ITT wants to go to Japan for one reason only

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>>430206712Can anyone translate this subhuman gibberish into English?

can you explain, why people order an obese person for a day?youtube.com/watch?v=e1pU3jkXSgw>>430221114how come you want to leave japan too? Are you already married? Women in America are all landwhales or are covered in ink unless you want to visit Amish communities in Indiana or Ohio.

>>430221483>Cooming is not a crime.no, shit, nigger, but cooming to every whore/slut woman is degenerate and making a bad face to the people. Imagine calling your country a place to coom.>Your parents coomed to make you.yes, they were married and raised me. What about your situation? did you coom to that woman who was your wife?>People are biologically driven to coom.and civilized people know how to control when and who to coom inside. > I am not a bad person or a stereotype for cooming several at points in my live.nigger, you are a bad person. And the fact that you cant see that inside yourself means youre a terrible person

>>430221660Yeah when I was in WA there was so many homeless and crime. Majority were nigs, but I think it truly was just the methheads of every race too. I think US cities especially big ones are done for. Rural places like what I'm looking at would be best to raise a family now

>>430202397Alright, I'll bite since I feel spoken to.>What will you do about your residence status?Already have a long term investor visa>registering your parkingNot needed for your K-truck. For your futsu it is needed, but I've done it before, it's a short trip to the police station and filling out a single paper.>No company will supply you with internet on anything less than a three year visa Not true. The bigger problem here would be if your area has good mobile reception, and if you can get high speed fiber internet.>good luck even finding a real estate agent that will sell you an akiya. I know several people who have bought their Akiya through a local real estate agent.>I'm more directing this at the sizable number of weebs on Holla Forums who think they can just buy a plot of unusable land in Japan and somehow it will just work.Who is this post for then? Why are you worried about weebs' unrealistic dreams? The most they can ever hope for is earning up enough at Walmart to afford a 2 week vacation and wander through Akihabara with their dakimakura to get cringed at.

Attached: VISLOWKWA.jpg (366x360, 15.74K)

>>430202397>Oy vey goyim! It's impossible to live out here! I'm retreating back to Israel because my tribe has never managed to build or fix anything by ourselves! Kevetch!White people can build houses and plumbing just fine, rat kike.

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>>430206952Anyone who has ever dealt with Japanese bureaucracy know its the real reason they lost the war.

>>430221846ABBOS could be here" he thought, "I've never been in this neighborhood before. There could be ABBOS anywhere." The cool wind felt good against his bare chest. "I HATE ABBOS" he thought. Sweet Dreams are Made of These reverberated his Holden Ute, making it pulsate even as the $9 goon circulated through his powerful thick veins and washed away his (merited) fear of abbos after dark. "With a Ute, you can go anywhere you want" he said to himself, out loud.

>>430221526Good luck getting the lawyer to unrape you or even getting an extradition.

>>430221910anon, you can rent anyone in japan. What you should be asking is why did that guy hired a fat dude

>>430202397No one wants to go there you fuckin retard shit. Only complete retarded faggots would move anywhere in asia

>>430222061its no biggie, we have public lawyers from the government.

>>430221951I was just frustrated with how they were trivializing the whole thing.

>>430221910I dont want to leave japan, because it is safe and I have family here. However i think the work opportunities seem better in the states, along with the gun rights. Im lucky to be a Duel citizen. im not married. Im merely considering my options from fellow pols

Id just marry a Japanese woman here then move over there if I wanted any of that shite.You know how easy it is to get asian women? If you thought white women were sluts.. pshhhh.

>>430202397gonna do it just because you told me not tofuck you fatass yank

>>430221948Last weekend I went home from work, there was a naked man sleeping on the side of the highway. As a cop approached him, ready to taser him, he just started waving at the cop like nothing was happening.Whatever state you move to has to have a reason to keep degenerates out. A lot of the rocky mountain states are cold as fuck in the winter, so have your winter gear in order.Pick up some eva boots (russian ones are best) and thermals.make sure you can drive in snow or prepared to be home all winter.

>>430222199the choice of nip is either a gaijin hunter or a normal woman if you learn japanese well

>>430202397Didn’t a huge tribe of Mormons do this in MexicoJust as a huge tribe get up and set up a camp in another country to depend on themselvesWhat’s to stop Mormons from doing this in japan?

>>430222053na theres fuck all there.mostly old pissed euros and tanned Aussies.fun place.just dont walk around at night without a light.

Attached: andamooka.jpg (640x480, 61.62K)

>>430222199>>430222261Does have a point. Gaijin hunters are not pleasant to be around once they have their claws in you.

>>430222305Do they still use cash there? Last time I went to Sydney it was all credit cards. Don't like the idea of having my assets dictated by the status of my card

>>430220431I think OP is just really butthurt because he could't figure out how to convert his license to a Japanese one desu

Attached: 4chan_news.png (786x441, 547.91K)

>>430222299passive aggressive Asian males

>>430222397>Do they still use cash there?how else ya gonna buy opals.....

>>430202397>but you don't do it for some reason.I feel like it. Does that PISS YOU OFF?suck my dick I don't care.

>>430222221I saw plenty of this too in WA, and it made me truly hate the states. Now I realize that it was merely the US cities and degenerates that I hated. Japan has crazies and homeless too, but they are not as dangerous and are put in check by the police/city

>>430221483No I’m talking about the craft of Japanese wood working, not carpentry. To learn you have to goto school but these schools are only open to people that speak Japanese and are under the age of 30. Covid fucked me m8, Japanese wood working is beautiful.

>>430222511Do it then, faggot, I can't stop you.

>>430222196unless someone opens up the book of machiavelli and starts to boot out migrants, the US is in trouble. I don't know how long some of the better states (midwest, rockies, new england) will last with what is going on.Our last dark ages was a bunch of migrating groups of foreigners and I think we are heading back in that direction unless something changes in the near future.Maybe in 100 years the amish will repopulate america, but we will both be long gone then.I'd try to find a remote job in America to work in Japan.Also, if you need to look, make a dating profile on bumble or tinder. You have to pay the app to move your location to the US from where you are, but the women here look like they drank transgender chemicals. They don't look right, most of them.

>>430212488Farming in Japan is heavily subsidized, otherwise t won't return profit. Doing farming in Japan is extremely difficult, at least for the time being you will have to work in the city with 60-80 minutes commute by car.

>>430222710yeah, what he said. the only thing I prefer about the states is the prospect of raising livestock.where I work, we sell our hay to Japan and Chinese horses.

>>430221114You're welcome. I might suggest coming to Louisiana, though. You may find it more natural to your genetics.

>>430222710I think Tomato farming turns a pretty good profit if you have the land for it.

>>430215927You don't have to be in Japan to drink a beer in public... just about anywhere outside jewmerica allows it.

>>430223001>highest murder state>tons of niggershe won't move there.heat means niggers and spics.

>>430223083as if that would matter in japan, You can get drunk in the public in japan, and the cops wont do anything to you.

>>430223027Interesting. Tomatoes are a crop that translates well to just about anything. Hydroponic, aeroponic, vertical. You can fit a lot in a small area. Wonder if it's regulations keeping prices high.

>>430223253I'm not a farmer, so I don't know, but it's probably because you can grow a lot in a small area that it's profitable. That and the places you would generally grow them have a fairly low cost of living.

>>430202397> -T freelance programmer and occasional translator for immigration lawyers in Japan.In other words, you’re unemployed and living off your wife. Anyway, OP is right, don’t come here.

Attached: IMG_4906.jpg (1280x960, 375.97K)

>>430223659Actually I make about 4k a month, it's not bad money. It does jump from month to month though based on workload.

>>430202955You have only made me more interested.

>>430212488You could hobby farm. It’s subsidized like others have mentioned, and I believe there are weird tax implications for people selling farmland so you can sometimes farm others’ fields if they aren’t into it. I wouldn’t do it as my main source of income, but like you said it’s useful for making dishes with friends etc (local restaurants grow all their vegetables, just ate at an event where the old lady grew the vegetables for everyone’s curry, etc)

Attached: IMG_4762.jpg (1280x960, 362.52K)

>>4302237434k after taxes? This is very good money in Japan, you can get a nice house, no need for akiya.

I'd go in a heartbeat if I had the money and body.I love living in the countryside and enjoy handyman work around the house and even familiar with the language. If at least there is internet, I'd manage.

i love japan from afar but i'd never want to move there

>>430214119This is easy. Kei cars don’t require proof of parking and you just take the Japanese driver’s exam. If you want to drive a normal car, just take your parking spot rental contract to the local police station if you’re a poorfag and can’t afford a house. You can even get parking spots included with your apartment rent if you want to live in the city.

>>430224058Before taxes of course. I was surprised too. I thought I'd be in severe financial stress when I left my last job, but it turns out I was right, my boss was underpaying me. That was only 2.8k before taxes.

>>430214866also, some niggers, er.. english teachers, just drive on an international driver’s license for a year and then re-new it every time they go home. I believe only the first year is legal but apparently the police don’t really care.

>>430224284This is true. I don't think they actually care. But I wouldn't risk being caught driving without a valid license.

>>430224284You going to join our japanese pol army disco server too?

>>430223083This. I would advise any american take time out of their japan holiday to share a few drinks on a park bench in grimsby.

>>430224555no, I’m not a faggot so I don’t use discord.

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>>430202397Who are you talking to? Literally no one wants to do this anyway.

Anyway UKfag going off to japan for a month for the first time in a few weeks before I give myself up to the goy meat grinder of NHS work for 2k a month.Any places or things japanons recommend that I'd unlikely read about elsewhere?

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>>430224697You're telling me the thought of buying a fixer upper in idyllic rural Japan isn't something people want to do?

>>430224697it gets brought up quite often by others posting real estate. there is also jewtube ecelebs.>>430224666we are majority stakeholders in discord, so it is okay.555 to 666, too by the way.

>>430224765>2k a month.lol

>>430224765syonyudo.com/en/A lime stone cave with a whacky museum attached to it with artifacts from all over the world, including a massive (and I mean huge) block of solid gold.It also has a giant noodle bowl use to set a world record for a giant bowl of noodles.Just a really cool little attraction literally in the middle of nowhere.

>>430224893Yeah. UK wages are awful and that's a doc wage as well. I plan to leave as soon as I can, don't care if I have to drop medicine to do so.

>>430225056I thought my wages sucked and I am making twice that.Where does all the wealth go? To subsidize London?

>>430224923Perfect, thanks

>>430224765>weeb shit:Tokyo. Dunno if the rockabillies are still in Yoyogi park but stuff like that can be fun too.>culture, templesKyoto, Nara>foodKyoto (traditional food), Osaka (sushi, okonomiyaki, etc) >drinking/nightlifeOsaka, Tokyo (roppongi/amemura if you want slags)I would get the 21 day rail pass and go all over. That’s what I did my first trip and even though I didn’t travel all that much, it still saved me money. It also lets you be very flexible with travel plans (ie. you meet a businesswoman and hit it off, but she’s going back to her office in Osaka tomorrow after her trip; you can head there too and get a tour from a local all of a sudden).

>>430225173US wages are typically well over double UK wages, with a lower cost of living as well Your homes are a quarter of the price per square foot.The only jobs that earn anything in the UK are finance roles in london. Otherwise you will never see 100k at any point in your career. My first doctor salary is £27k pre tax.

>>430225314that is awful. I would leave the country if I got paid that as a doctor.

>>430225313Where are you from originally? What prefecture do you live in?

>>430225313I'll definitely look into yoyogi park. Im travelling with my gf so not looking for any women and I heard roppongi is where the blacks are too.>>430225403I will, but I cucked myself by doing medicine as it's a very hard career to transfer. Im very inclined to move abroad and just do anything else.