>“It doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s some extraterrestrial aliens that have come here and crashed…I think...

>“It doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s some extraterrestrial aliens that have come here and crashed…I think the actual origin of it could be much more complicated than that.”WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

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>>430201950>goyim, please stop talking about how the government is full of cannibalistic pedophiles.

>>430202466Exactly. They've been watching, planning, manipulating. Satan is Prince of the Air. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Endure these times. Stay on the narrow path, my friends. Demons have infiltrated governments and are pushing degeneracy to actively draw the faithful away, prevent youth from finding faith, and create a culture of normalizing sin and perversion. Remember the frantic caller on Art Bell warning of interdimensional beings taking over? This is what he was warning of

>>430201950Human chimera/CRISPR experiments. Basically humanoid beings twisted by mad scientists here on Earth, to be passed off as "aliens", so as to not implicate our leaders for crimes against humanity.

>>430201950what if an intelligent species lives at the bottom of the ocean or in antarctica? we discover new stone age tribes every year. Imagine how easy a civilization more advanced than us could hide if they wanted to?

>>430201950what are they trying to cover up this time????

>>430201950Interdimensional or time travelers. Possibly demonic- abductees claim the ayylmaos flip out and lose their shit if you invoke Christ.

>>430201950Stop listening to this bullshit it's an obvious distraction

>>430202466Ocean species around longer than us

>>430205432>what are they trying to cover up this time????Pedo Joe's corruption and bribery document.

>>430207118This... or Draconians, who originally lived here first. SO technically not aliens.

>>430202829The cannibalistic pedophiles might have ayy tech to kill us, retard. Thats the point. These people have not been talking to Congress, no one elected. They are rogue.

>>430201950What we call aliens are really AI androids that have been created to have vaguely humanoid proportions so they can act as an intermediary between us and the intelligence is behind the Matrix.

>the qt black girl isn't on this Hill clipNOT WATCHING

it is complicated you fucking idiots, you think existence is simple? you got it all figured out huh? fuck you


>>430203028>Remember the frantic caller on Art Bell warning of interdimensional beings takingYes, yes I do.

>>430201950It's the nazis. They're returning from the dark side of the moon.


>>430201950>Time travelers>Demons>Other interdimensional beings

>>430211989Brianna? I want to do nasty things to her then ghost her


>>430201950If they're not AliensThey better not be Bliens

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>>430207118or humans from the future.

>>430202466This, youtu.be/jK6xkOizAbU

>>430201950Aliens are humans from the future.

>>430201950Hollow earth Aryans or flat earth Hyperboreans

>>430201950It could be some piece of automated alien machinery like an automated asteroid mining robot that was mining somewhere in our solar system before becoming damaged and crashing here.

>>430201950There’s a much higher probability the craft originate from earth, an older civilisation that evolved millions of years before humans on earth is still here living in the deep oceans or in the solar system. Travelling from other stars just to fly around earth for a few hours doesn’t seem sensible when you think about it, but if this is their home too then it makes perfect sense

>>430201950I hope it's an Mechanicus Explorator fleet to bring us word of the God Emperor.

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>>430203028Interesting. What do you mean prince of the air? Never heard that before. >>430213092That's a cool idea, might be.

>>430202466>>430202829>>430203028These anons are right. Aliens don't exist, there is only one universe (ours) and it is between six and eight thousand years old. Bless.

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>>430207118the species that dolphins evolved into.

>>430213386He is the prince of the power of the airInterestingly a change in wind is what split the Red Sea for Moses and Co.

>>430213386>>430213515> Ephesians 2:2 Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:

>>430213515“And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.”Exodus 14:21 KJVThe Lord caused that wind, not Satan.

>>430213829I have a theory that the story of Exodus is really the Synagogue of Satan stealing the Jews from Egypt after poisoning Moses in the wilderness and convince him they are GodI probably should have added that part.

>>430201950>They found them by DIGGING INTO THE EARTH

>>430201950>Leslie KeanNotice anything?

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>>430201950Gnazis. Alderberran.

>>430201950How the fuck do aliens build craft advanced enough to travel gigantic distances through space no problom, but crash and breakdown at least somewhat regularly on earth?

>>430214192Doesn't explain why they're still around now unless it's glowies taking ancient ayy tech out for a ride.

>>430213515>>430213766Cool. I thought he was god of the morning or something. I really need to read the bible because I don't know much about this stuff and I wish I did.

>>430201950They live under the surface, see picrel

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>>430214737They didn’t, they live here and always lived here and their craft breakdown just like ours, better than ours for sure but still breakable

Inter dimensional entities. They don't travel 3D space in any sense. They materialize their crafts through thought and move on higher planes. Electromagnetism and radars fuck them up.

>>430206420As in they are laughing at you?

>>430201950It means they're from here

>>430214737Who said they "crashed"?Exactly what I would do if I were a far superior civilisation.Drop some basic tech manned by clones or expendable folks on some backwater planet and see how they react.They do research, start to clone the tech - Good, maybe contact can be made once they opened their minds that they are not alone.They burn the witchcraft vessel and bodies and go on a retarded hunt for people that may have had contact like the Inquisition? Backwater planet, exterminate and repopulate.Else, there is always the chance that planets like ours are kinda rare (even in the endless universe) and could attract not so well meaning folks.Or, worst case. They drop us some tech so the future encounter is more "fun" for them and not a complete roflstomp.

>>430212106Didn’t he call back later and admit it was a prank?

>>430201950>WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?Simple, either they've always been here or from another dimension.If you've investigated the subject for a long time you would already know that. Obviously you haven't,

>>430201950>Veteran reporters opinionLol may as well ask the homeless guy down the street for his opinion, it would be just as valid.

>>430201950demons, user, demons.they're psyoping you into believing that extraterrestrial life exists, thus leading you astray from God.Demons are shapeshifters, magicians, they do all they can to drag you into hell.

>>430201950>any woman involved at all in any capacityCheat code to make me ignore anything news related

>>430201950/pol/ is going to owe some pretty big apologies if we are about to get Flat Earth disclosure.

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>that name>that phenotypepottery

>>430203028>Satan is Prince of the Air.I guess that's why they call George Floyd the Saint, resisting the devilish temptation

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>>430201950Demons, djinn, “entities.” Note that glowie/bad musician Tom DeLonge has said publicly that they are not space traveling aliens but inter-dimensional beings. He won’t call them demons or djinn either because he has a scientistic, materialistic worldview or because, like the old theosophists and anthroposophists, he is so excited by the prospect of experiencing supernatural phenomena that he has thrown caution to the wind. Unfortunately, some well meaning people can be easily co-opted by occult forces. He might be one such. Modern men in particular are easily fascinated by the supernatural when it produces phenomena, which is not entirely their fault but a result of being conditioned to accept that there is “nothing more.” When they finally see that there is indeed much more, they ignore obvious dangers. There are very good reasons that witchcraft and sorcery were illegal in every civilization at every period of history that we know of, excluding the modern era. The occult should only be handled by initiates and adepts and certain spiritually gifted individuals. But hey, we’re at the end of a grand cycle and at the end of a smaller cycle to boot. The end of this Yuga is going to be one for the record books. Strap in. Whether you’re Muslim or Christian or whatever authentic spiritual tradition you follow, it’s time to get serious about your beliefs.

Alright, here's a theory that's a bit better than they just want to distract people.MSM got tired of the Trump shit, they've been peddling Fed misinfo but they're still losing viewers, so now they're starting to publish what they want to publish but were refusing before: Hunter Biden stuff, the Biden investigation, Ukraine nazi insignias, Bud Light boycott, etc.So their glowie friends threw them a bone with this UFO story. Maybe select outlets like NYT get an exclusive, and they stick around for a bit longer. Their help will be needed in 2024.

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>>430202466The Fey

>>430201950Just a thought I've just had. But is it possible ayys are just Earth creatures from Antarctica? No, I'm not saying flat earth is real, but the Antarctica treaty seems to be real.

>>430201950They’re referring to Jacques Vallees theory that they are inter dimensional or humans from the future theory.

>>430201950They are jews. Those were intersteller jewish aircrafts. You should form a one world government and have them rule over you. Afterall they are intersteller bigbrains.

>>430201950Back in 1994, a group of physicist in a secret hidden research facility did what was an extremely foolish and reckless experiment.. They brought trillions of timelines together all at the same point in spacetime. The same stupid move that made the Bootes Void.. It was stopped, sort of and the damage repaired, somewhat. It's why the current timeline keeps shifting. The patches to reality aren't nearly as stable as having an intact timeline. Things are about to get extremely and disturbingly weird.

>>430214911Exactly what it is

The whole thing was just a stunt by the by the local news agency to generate buzz. And they got just that.

>>430201950They are us but from the future. It's what the transhumanist movement will turn humanity into. We are The grays.

>>430204184>antarcticaIt's about fucking time!

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>>430204184Imagine advanced white people envisioning a future where niggers twerk on white nations flags and imprison white people who defend themselves against niggers. Why I'd bet those advanced white people would segregate from the rest of the world, and never allow any kikes in.

>>430202466This. Aliums are demons. >>430217001Also this. Extra-terrestrials = from extra territories … some ayyyyys come from the land beyond Antartica or you could say the “extra terrestrials come from the extra territories” …Also, earth is provably flat and stationary. space is fake and gay, the magical spinning cartoon ball earth is fake and gay. we literally live in God's snow globe and every decision you make has immense meaning and significance. change your ways and start living correctly. dont fall for the nihilism meme and dont fall for any of the religion memes. you can look at life as either a test or a game but whatever you do , dont look at it as meaningless. BE A GOOD PERSON AND LIVE BY THE GOLDEN RULE ALWAYS! also stop jerking off you pathetic littel squirtboys. fapping to porn is literally a demonic ritual you are partaking in.any answer to any question you may have about flat earth can be found in this pastebin:pastebin.com/MwaRqfMMshills will cope and Seethe.Flat Earth user has already exposed them:archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/34872097/#34892563************PSA***************EVERY RESOURCE YOU NEED TO FIND ANY FLATEARTH RELATED ANSWER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR HAS BEEN POSTED BY FLAT EARTH user (AKA EDUCATE YOURSELF) IN A PREVIOUS THREAD ON /X/ AND Holla Forums WITHIN THE PAST 6 MONTHS AND CAN BE FOUND IN THE 4PLEBS ARCHIVE WHICH HAS A SEARCH FUNCTION THAT YOU SHOULD LEARN TO USE, AS IT WILL LET YOU BYPASS THE (((MAINSTREAM))) SEARCH ENGINES' ALGO'S AND GET TO LEGIT FE CONTENT.FOR EXAMPLE:archive.4plebs.org/x/search/text/flat earth optical horizon educate/

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>>430201950That Alex Jones was right.

>>430218026Do not blindly believe this post or anyone else about the shape of the earth. only trust that which can be verified and makes sense according to your God-given common sense, logic and reason.Above all else BE A GOOD PERSON AND SET YOUR HIGHEST VALUES TO TRUTH AND LOVE. if you dedicate your life to seeking truth and turning away from fear and sin in all of its forms The Creator will bless you and give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Access to Heaven can be attained IN THIS LIFE. You just have to show The Creator that you are deserving of being let in. Prove to The Creator you deserve to be let into the kingdom of heaven by being a good person always, abiding by the golden rule always, and being the living embodiment of love and truth.Your life literally becomes The kingdom of heaven when you live in love and truth and turn away from sin and fear. Dont believe me; Try it for yourself. And dont just claim that youve been a good person either. Dont lie to yourself; you and The Creator know whether you are truly good and pure.Do that thing that you know in your heart that you should, or stop doing that thing that you know you shouldn’t be doing, and just watch your life start to improve. Eventually you will realize you have been granted access to the kingdom of heaven and life has become better than you ever thought possible.It only seems unbelievable that I’m telling the truth about how to attain access to heaven bc you have been brainwashed to believe that heaven is only attainable after you die or in another life or some bs. There are VERY VERY VERY FEW people alive who actually have dedicated their life to being a good person. Most people only pretend, but they hold on to something that is not part of love/truth and it bleeds into every area of their life and they are not granted access to heaven. The kingdom of heaven is only for those who have cleansed their life of sin and fear. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it, I promise.

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Honestly Blue Beans has been kind of a disappointment so far.

>>430214095Please elaborate because from what I remember, this kind of makes sense. What chapters and verses do you have to support your thoughts?

>>430201950It means the Devil tries to sow lies and doubts. Even if it's total bullshit it will use the few seeds of lies that bear fruit.

>>430201950Nazis.Break away civilisation from hundreds / thousands of years ago.Beings from this planet.Interdimensional.

>>430218107I feel kind of insulted that they bothered at all with this.Like if you're going to blue beam me, at least do a half-decent job.

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>>430202466This. Fallen angels

>>430216525Are you aware of a man whose name is a number multiplied by itself?

You ever heard the story about the break away civilisation from the 19th century, supposedly elite German scientists developed flying machines long before everyone else did. There’s stories of farmers in Texas where they landed on their farms spoke with a German accent and offered them a ride in their machines in exchange for some supplies

>>430207092That's rich coming from a bugman, you yourselves look like aliens lmao

>>430201950Are you people retarded?"UFO" just refers to anything flying that that has been detected but hasn't been identified.It could be a fucking bird, it could be a private weather balloon, it could be an aircraft of a foreign nation. It could be anything.That's all they're referring to when they say "UFO".When they say "UFO's are real" they are admitting to not knowing everything that occupies US skies. This is an admission of military weakness and why they would deny UFO's in the past. They don't care about being perceived as weak now, of course, as they're actively making trannies the face of the military.They do enjoy retards assuming UFO = aliens from another planet, it's a good distraction so good going on that.

>>430218181Admins from the matrix.No one source at all, a variety of continuously retconned origins as causality gets fucked with.Actual instantiated egregores.Chaff. The real players are keeping us busy with pure nonsense so we don't notice the significant bits.


>>430218441I'm sure there's a nigger somewhere named One, but I don't know him personally.

>>430218500You have to be over 18 to post here.

>>430201950There is so much well poisoning going on right now over this topic that it's virtually impossible to tell what to take seriously. Just use some common sense. You'll realize that the ruling class and their sycophants have no clue about this phenomenon, they're just as puzzled and afraid and as most people are. You ever see one of these crafts for yourself and you'll understand that whatever they are, they aren't human made. Beyond that everything you see as and hear right now is full of static.

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>>430201950Nazis from Antarctica

>>430218332This. It's too huge for them to let out. It'd completely confirm and destroy religions. It's time for the Anunnaki to come back and start kicking some ass.

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>>430218500I love how retards like you always assume that flag = nationality of posterWhat’s it like to have an IQ lower than your body temperature?

>>430201950Probes looking for buttholes.

>>430217566In about two weeks I think.

In every paradigm shift there are always masses of people who refuse to accept that things can change, and they cling to what they have always known and believed in. And there are also people who understand this and actively take advantage of it for their own purposes. This is what is happening right now.

>>430201950The current narrative is too perfect.> No actual evidence presented> Exactly matches ufology and Hollywood.> Messengers are not direct eye witnesses but rather hearsay delivery men.The powerful want the 1950s mythos to come back.> to Replace failing religion> to End the rampant social media nihilism contagion> to Create a need for a one world gov

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>>430202466Based and Blessed pilled

Hollow Earth. Hell is opening up. Get ready. Repent now!

>>430201950Extradimensional, not extraterrestrial. It is quite possible that traveling faster than the speed of light is not possible (warp is possible in theory, but there is no energy source strong enough to provide the needed power) and that there is no intelligent life close enough to ever realistically make it here.So, maybe, these crafts are either from another dimension or from a different time, most likely the future.Since going back in time is physically possible, maybe these are just drones from the future? Still, this would open up the question of why there are more and more of them now. Is something interesting going to happen? Or have they always been around?We don‘t know, they won‘t tell. I don‘t think that we would be retarded enough to send back object through time and thus eventually fuck up a timeline. So the only thing left would be extradimensional, which would explain why those objects seem to struggle operating in our dimension, or why we can‘t meaningfully engage with them.just my two cents

>>430201950What event are they even talking about?

>>430219972I hope there's a dimension where WW1 didn't happen and that Europe remained a white monarchy and they come visit us and take over.

>>430201950>The Hill Anons noticing this outlet getting pushed a lot here on YT, pleddit, here, etc for this ayy shit? Did The Hill get new owners? Also some racial pandering for Trumpfags too. New limited hangout glow outlet?

>>430220195Modified limited hangout.

>>430201950Means they're some other advanced human civilization in this vast flat earth.

>>430204184spoiler>the movie wakanda forever is a soft disclosure/spoiler

>>430214362>John Podesta Kek. Admittedly I read Annie Jacobsen's (sic?) ayy and Paperclip books. She's the one who told JRE that Roswell's crash was a psyop using malformed Soviet children. She's similar to Kean? Also implied that Uri Gellar was a legit spoon bender. What happened to the Blink 182 fag? Seems like he was chosen for this glowop several years back. But when Joe Rogan dissed him on air, the glowies re coordinated their optics and roster. Blink 182 fag really took a backseat. Yet everything he told Rogan about coming disclosure and recovered craft, all that glow narrative, is now happening. Strange that Rogan pushes all that shit now, with a splash of "skepticism" yet never brings up Blink 182fag's interview.

>>430203669We wuz alyums n shit?

>>430220078war is in our nature. we only ever had modern science since newton, and look how far we‘ve come in such a short time. and a different timeline would also be a different dimension.my point is: why would they care about us? what‘s so special about our timeline/dimension? why would they chose US to study/visit/look at? maybe we are just the most dystopian of them all. i can‘t seem to understand why we would be interesting to someone capable of visiting us in such a way. we would be like monkeys to them.maybe they just laugh at us. the once dominant species on this world, the white man, bound and caught in destroying itself. maybe they are here for the aftershow for when we are gone and the world goes back to the middle ages.

>>430201950what could be more complicated than FTL space travel?

Dimensional.Probably demonic.

>>430220550I never saw it, give me the full rundown.

>>430201950It means they were archeological digs and that these were our ancestors before the flood

>>430207118Isn't this the plot of seaQuest? I swear that shit was soft disclosure like stargate

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>>430219181Who pissed in your tisane, Poirot?

>>430201950>>430202466Glowniggers leave this board

>>430212680Humans know not to interact with us. We have uplifted many different animals to sentience. It could be one of their offshoots who can't observe our universe from a frequency below ours yet. But this is all a glownigg psyop


>>430220406Yo you believe if flat earf theory? You think 911 wasn’t a bunch of loan woofs n shit?

>>430213487what I've been thinking