Ungreatful Renters

God they make me sick.Yes, I like the money I make off them, but at the same time they're subhuman beings living in one of my house'sSo I have upped the rent this year 20%. And the renters are complaining about it. Little do they know:I pay for:-Water-Sewer-Garbage-Basic cable tv-Property tax-Depreciation-Maintenence-Repairs-Code complianceNow all of those things were effected by inflation. And they're upset about 20%? A young couple -- new parents, I think, -- are telling me that $2300 a month is over the top.They were just paying a lowly $2000.That's $500 a week. Find any hotel that will let you stay there for $500 a week. Ok.Little did they know what kind of expenses come with being a landlord! For example:Toilet needs a new float or something. Gotta hire a plumber. That's already $500. Ok. Plumber tells you, you need a new toilet. A new toilet is $2000 at the very least. That's $2500 all by itself. Renters don't understand that they could be within 1 repair of sinking our ship!Lately I have been having them file formal repair requests by mailing them to my office. Say the air conditioner is broken. I have a handyman buddy of mine swap in a cheap old unit that works for a couple hundred bucks while the renters are at their day jobs. So I meet up with the renters on a Saturday and ask them to show me what the problem is. They say 'nevermind the air conditioner started working again.' A rusty trash air conditioner installed for $200 and a case of beer vs hiring an AC man ($1000 easy) and buying a new unit ($8-10k)? Let's be honest here.Oh and repairs count toward the security deposit. Don't like it? Don't use my appliances then.

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How do you guys like to handle your renters? Based landlords check in!

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>>430201441>hand delivers my rent in cash to escrow.Enjoy.

>>430201441>>430201765>>430201911>>430202035Sorry nobody likes your faggy thread, OP. You can go back to slurping cock.

Rentoids are so fucking entitled.

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>>430202035To all my landlord bros out thereNever never never never never never never rent to a male lawyer with more than 70 IQ points. You will get fucked.

>>430201441I didn't pay rent for two years, then all the "debt" just poofed away, almost 20k dollars.Even had half of one month rent in credit. Then I became a permanent NEET, I guess "retired" now since I'm in my forties.

>>430201441You know it's easy to remove the "redaction" stuff you've done on this pic, right? Next time use actual redaction software so you don't dox yourself.

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>>430201441> A new toilet is $2000 at the very leastA new toilet is $150. A toilet takes 2-3 hours to install properly. 1.5 if you know what you're doing.$15 minimum wage * 3 = $45New Toilet = $175 out the doorTotal replacement = $225Good thing landlords don't run any real businesses.

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>>430203090$2,000 is ridiculous, but you are retarded for responding to the troll OP, and also retarded for thinking plumbers work for $15 an hour.


>>430201441tell us the specs of the unit and how much the rent is... YOU WONT

It's okay to set landlords on fire. Especially if they're Jews.

>>430203515I have no idea what the unit specs are bub. Why should I care? If it can be installed and will stop my ungreatful renters from complaining?Rent at that property is $2300

>>430202712never ever rent to city workers more like.rent to laborer's as they are honest workers and don't got time to fck you over.

Stop replying to this faggot shit

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>>430203656>$2300is the unit one bedroom or what

>>430203989It's the 2nd floor of a duplex I own. 1150 sqft and its own central air unit (obviously).

Enjoy it while you can, Universal Basic Income is coming, landlords are going to have their guts pulled out and strung up like Christmas lights, there's going to be a fat pig barbecue, while all the little nigglets dance happily in the streets, it will be glorious.

>>430201441>they're subhuman beings living in one of my house'sPaying your mortage.You are the subhuman.

>>430203726Great advice. I always make sure to do a background check too. Usually the background check will get me what job's they work at.

>>430203938i still don't get it

>>430204566>1150>$2300you are a typical piece of shit landlord just as I suspected.

>>430205550How am I the subhuman? I am providing them a home they couldn't possibly afford. They're bad with money, but I'm here to rescue them from homelessness. Let me know of the last time a renter has ever had to pay property taxes or maintenence.......I'll wait.I'm practically living on minimum wage.

Do landlords have children like normal humans? I hope not, what they're going to do to your children would make any decent person vomit and cry uncontrollably.

>>430205745That's a more then fair price for the area. It's an up and coming town. And the renters get some additional things I didn't have to do but felt nice, by putting in a new dishwasher, a new (used but new) fridge, a new garage door motor, and carbon monoxide detectorsWhat more do you want? Are you trying to rob me blind?

>>430205957now post the median wage for the area

>>430207089Median family income is $52,170, not sure of anything else.

>>430201441>-Basic cable tvFucking dumbass boomer

>>430202877You absolute winner you.

I put the rent up this year from 460 a week to 520 a week. I told the tenant it was because mortgage rates have gone up. I haven't got a mortgage. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>430207891L O L I say the same thing to my renters. I actually don't have a mortgage either, but I did take out a big HELOC on one of my SFH rentals for a couple of things around my house and a 2 week trip with the wife to Santorini

>>430201441>Toilet needs a new float or something. Gotta hire a plumber. That's already $500. Ok. Plumber tells you, you need a new toilet. A new toilet is $2000 at the very least. That's $2500 all by itself. Renters don't understand that they could be within 1 repair of sinking our ship!Replacing a toilet costs like $150 and an hour of your time from start to finish. As a landlord you can maximize your profits by learning basic repairs.

>>430205774>providing them a 3-bed for $2300>it's all they can afford

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>>430201441>Toilet needs a new float or something. Gotta hire a plumber. That's already $500Stopped there, you can't even change a toilet float.

>>430208859>>430208388You guys. When I say a plumber costs $500, that doesn't mean I am calling a plumber. That's what I bill the renter when I take it out of his security deposit. Of course I can change a toilet. I can repair anything. I know these properties because I own them. They just have long term guest's.

>>430205957Damn this is some good bait

>>430208388150? They're 20 bucks tops

>>430207891>>430208236I only just started so my house still has a mortgage on it. It may take me 10 more years to pay off.

>>430209000So you're not just a humble landlord, you're a parasitic Jew as well

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>>430205886Keep seething fag.I have 3 kids, all red pilled. Oldest just started working and is saving money to buy a property to add to the fucking empire I've started. My kids and my kids kids will be landlords and love off of you worthless wages. At least 75% of the world is retarded. They aren't smart enough or worthy enough to own anything. The elites are right. You all deserve slavery >In b4 this is baitMotherfucker, you know I'm right

>>430209000You don't deserve those digits cunt

>>430201441You seem like a pretty generic pos landlord. Property is an investment. Investments are not guaranteed to make money. Fuck off with your nonsense.

>>430201441>2000$ toiletWhere the fuck is this shitty third world?

>>430201441Wake me when my landlord replaces every single burnt out lightbulb, slow drain or other responsibility in a timely fashion.

>>430201441New Realtor here. How do secure clients?

I wish they paid you less in rent, in fact I wish they didn't pay you at all

>>430212972Just take nice pictures. One realtor I work with occasionally she hosts wine parties during her showings......it's been lucrative for her...

>>430213003You know 90% of people who get wealthy is through owning real estate. It's only getting harder to own land as time passes by unless you live in northern Rural States.

>>430212851Try showing a bit of gratitude and greatfulness for once. Replace a bulb once in a while. Maybe you can try to unclog a drain or replace a P-trap. Could it really inconvenience you? If so then you can move out and buy your own home right? I own the property remember that, you just live in it.

>>430213200Yeah I get that but where do I find buyers and sellers I kind of just managed to get the license and have no clue where to start.

>>430201441My landlord doesn't fix anything for us, our oven door handle fell off cabinets are off the hinges the sink is leaking you have to hold down the toilet flusher for a long time for it to flush. And he wants us to fix it even though it was busted since we moved in. Not to mention we have to pay $2 to use the washing machine and dryer. It is so fucking GAY.

>>430201441>Toilet needs a new float or something. Gotta hire a plumber. That's already $500. Ok. Plumber tells you, you need a new toilet. A new toilet is $2000 at the very least. That's $2500 all by itself.That's some grade A bullshit right there. If you don't already have a handyman on call, or have adeal worked out so you are subsiziding the living expenses of said handy man. You're in the wrong business.But then again kikel claws typed the OP.

>>430201441stopped at I

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>>430202712True. Avoid attorneys all together.

>>430201441Why do you pay for their utilities?Why don't they just leave the water running 24/7?

>>430201441You're a shitty landlord. Why even bother if you don't know basic plumbing and electrical? Your entire operation is a money sink. I bet the home isn't even that nice. You should be glad you found people dumb enough to rent it. You didn't need to raise the rent. You just had to live within your means like the rest of us do. You're not entitled to more money because of inflation.

>>430213844My duplex's have 1 water meter and 2 electric meters. No choice.

>>430201441Pest control and appliances are renters responsibility,, it's in my lease.No way I would pay someone $2k to install a toilet... But maintenance is required and I do it myself... So long as I don't have to dig up the street.

>>430201441Finally, someone that's actually using their head.

>>430213978Again, I'm not saying I pay anyone $2k for a toilet install. I do the work myself but for tax purposes and the security deposit (repairs are funded this way) I send invoices to the renters. I did my research and these are more then fair rates for the area.

>>430213510But you saw the yes, right. That was the most important part. Kek'd at your captcha

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>>430214177Why are you installing toilets? Porcelain lasts forever, are the breaking them?

>>430201441I rent my house to a friend well living with parents. I'm gone for work most of the time so it makes since to give cheap rent to someone I trust well I'm away.


>>430214254Renters break everything so yes. If I need to fix parts in a toilet, I swap it out for another one. Guess what? It goes in another one of my properties I use as storage and I keep it there until another renter needs a toilet fixed. I know they can be fixed with a $10 part, but the renters are billed for a new toilet. Why should my labor be free?


>>430214342It's a kike, playing off the landlord hate, when COVID was a thing. Nigger is installing 2000 dollar toilets, and I bet the twat doesn't even know what Johnni Bolts are

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>>430201441>That's $500 a week. Find any hotel that will let you stay there for $500 a week. Ok.Back in 2007 I lived in a hotel that was $600/ month for everything. Granted, it was quite dingy and the other full time inhabitants were pretty creepy, but at the same time it was in SF.

>>430214525Hotels in some areas have gotten expensive because of high demand plus gov contracts to house migrants. Gov gives them like 10k a month cash plus pays for their room and board in hotels. It's fucking insane.

>>430201441>I pay for:>-Water>-Sewer>-Garbage>-Basic cable tv>-Property tax>-Depreciation>-Maintenence>-RepairsI know landlords assume they do, but they use rent money for it, so they really don't.

>>430214416How? I've pulled toilets and rodded waste lines for a decade and 2 times I accidentally broke one. Once dropping a smooth grip wrench into the toilet itself, another time accidentally tightening the top of my toilet to the bowl. Explain how they are just breaking toilets. What's a flange what are the bolts called that secure the toilet to said flange. Also, why not evict these assholes, simplify the solution.

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>>430201441>I pay for:>-Water>-Sewer>-Garbage>-Basic cable tvI don't understand why you wouldn't just include these in the rental agreement to get the tenants to pay for them themselves.

>>430214881It's more convenient for the renters, and they usually don't have probably good enough credit for their utilities to be turned on in their name too. They get a minor surcharge for my services -- corrspondence with utilities companies and paying the bill -- and in turn they don't have to do it themselves.

>>430201441Just convert your units to Airbnbs or Vrbo so you don't have to deal with the bullshit of permanent tenants. If you are in a warm climate or near a major city, you will make money hand over fist.

>>430214996That's their problem. I'm looking for some rental properties right now and I plan to have the tenants to pay for as much as possible.

>>430201441>Toilet needs a new float or something. Gotta hire a plumber. That's already $500. OkYou are a moron and a LARP

>>430214996Lol, more convenient for renters, FYI here's 2g to live in my shit hole, and another 2g for breaking my toilet. Dude stop larping.

>>430201441honest question would you lower the rent if the renters did sexual favours for you

>>430207664Is that sarcasm.

>>430215159This only becomes profitable for places that are "desirable". Mountains of Appalachia, big cities, places off the coasts of oceans/lakes.

>>430201441time to clean the places up and sell. the world hates landlords. the tide turned. you got left holding the bag for 2 years during covid! still hated! yeah just invest some money in other shit. way less hate and hassle. join the people screaming landlords are shit! it's the majority!

>>430201441It’s why I’m selling my complex yo whichever kike pays me the most for it.I spent 3 years and $150k of my money fixing g up a shitty complex to make it better, and Al, the white niggers are playing games every time. “OH, I FORGOT TO TELL YOU MY TOILET HAS BEEN BROKEN FOR WEEKS” or “OH, LET ME TELL YOU WHY I DON’T OWE YOU BECUZ MY KIFE IS ALL FUCKED UP THESE DAYS’ shit.I’m sorry, but as a gentile, I wasn’t ready to deal with the Jewish games poor people play trying to prevent themselves from being evicted because they’re too fucking dumb to get their lives figured out. So, I a, currently spending another $65k of my savings to finish renovations, and then, you can pay some Jew another $100+ more than I charge to stay in your apartment because you were acting like niggers when I tried to work with you and make things okay.It’s your fault and your problem, I’ll make $500k on the sale and you’ll still be white trash niggers dodging your responsibilities and obligations. Not my problem for long, and you fucked yourselves by acting like black fags dodging rent. Fuck all of you, I’m out.

>>430215546No, you’re just a poor faggot angry that I spent my 25 years of savings trying to outjew the Jew only to find that poor whites are nothing more than cannon fodder to be used and disposed of because you’ll be broke and stupid until you die (hopefully sooner than later).Poor whites are actually worse than niggers because you KNOW BETTER and still act ,Ike niggers regardless.I hope you all freeze to death in your cars this winter, the world is better off without you.

>>430201441>effected Can't even spell right and calls other subhumans, typical landleech

>>430216158Seething rentoid seethes hard

>>430201441What is your profit margin.That will tell us whether you are a niggertier jewshit.

>>430203258He might find someone to do it for $15 an hour, but it will be some kid who's never done it before, will incorrectly clamp the toilet, wax ring leaks, floorboards swell up, and a few months down the road he'll have a floor replacement to add to the list

>>430209000>I am calling a plumber. That's what I bill the renter when I take it out of his security deposit.This is incorrect use of security deposit, and you will hopefully get sued for 3x the total value of the deposit back.

>>430216281Not OP, but profit is something I haven’t seen. I spend about $2-3k out of pocket every month to fix what the Jews I bought the complex from didn’t fix, and all I get is more shit for trying to make things better.So, ow I hate poor whites as much as I hate givers because I rea

>>430201441get a therapist, faggot.

>>430214845Notice how this fucking faggot kike hasn't responded to this shit.

>>430213317My renters rights put the onus on you for all of those things. Try to remember that changberg.

>>430201441Dude if is June 2023, if you are not yet charging $3000 a month for rent you are losing the plot.

>>430208388Because of the way rentoids have rigged the system against landlords there is literally no reason for us to attempt to minimize the costs of replacing the toilet you broke. If we DIY the toilet we only get to expense the materials, if we hire a plumber to replace it we get to expense the whole thing. Either way it is your security deposit paying for it.

>>430201441a toilet is 100 bucks you shit head. im sure you rent a dump too. a float is 20 bucks and takes a screwdriver to put in. 500 dollars for a plumber is completely retarded. retards shouldn't have money

>>430207293Fucking boomer.That's way too much to charge in an area where the median FAMILY income is in the 50,000s. They are paying you over $27,000 a year that you will get to keep the value of and sell eventually. That gives them 20 something thousand a year for bills, gas, food and living expenses. Tell me boomer, did you go out to eat sometime this week? I bet you don't fuck'n tip do ya?>>430207293

>>430201441shut up parasite, obey the law>B-BUT MUH MONEY

>>430215546One of the best features of being an independent landlord in 2023 is when the city tries to do things to me I threaten to sell the whole building to Blackrock (whom i have on speed dial) and hold all the rentoids hostage.

>>430209000Security deposit is meant for damages they left UNREPAIRED after leaving. Not for regular maintenance break downs of basic things like toilets. Scum bag

>>430217562I have never returned a security deposit...

>>430209413Imagine someone else paying off your mortgage in ten years and complaining about it to the internet. Oh no I had to pay for maintenance bills!!!

>>430217638You're also a faggot LARP like OP

>>430217648LOL, my property taxes and (govt required) business insurance come to about $100k a year. It is rentoid cope thinking that we have a say what rents will be. You voted for higher rents when you voted for higher taxes on "rich people."

>>430201441>Jew trying to rationalize his parasitic and worthless existenceFuck off scumbag.

>>430216574What you learn as a landlord is to buy quality property. They appreciate more, and you get quality tenants.

>>430212972Join community things like churches.Once you get listings you are in control. Do all the work yourself or just co broke.I started at 22 years old and made my first million by 25. I'm 35 now and I'm retired and fully time landlord and /pol poster. Most my clients are non-white because their standards are too high and they think they can live like Hollywood stars with the little money they have.

>>430219041>I started at 22 years old and made my first million by 25. I'm 35 now and I'm retired and fully time landlord and /pol posterNope

>>430201441>>430201765>>430202453>>430202712reminder that landlords are spiritual jews who belong in an oven with the other subhuman parasites

>>430201441IS rent raycisst?>>430216735

>>430207891>HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAI started printing out real nice promissory notes on my cheap $75 walmart printerRent is due? Ok, I hereby tender payment per UCC 3-603.>We can't accept this. It's not money.What do you mean you can't accept it? It's a note that complies with UCC § 3, and is payable to order on demand. It is considered money or its equivalent in the UNITED STATES.If you don't agree, send it back.>Uhh... *keeps the "worthless paper"*About a year later after the "moratorium" on evictions was lifted....>IMMA GONNA EVICT YOU FER NON PAYMENTRespond to eviction lawsuit with a detailed statement showing each payment sent, date, amount, and a sworn statement that each payment has been accepted.>Court: case dismissedLiving rent-free in the USA, using the jew statutes against the jew. Feels good man.

>>430205550actually a lot of the people who own houses "non corpos" lets say in the midwest for instance own their homes outright for the last 20 years cuz they are boomersu kids don't understand how long 70 years actually is, imagine ur pa with a decent job in the salary range buys a starter home, keeps the starter home, then buys another better home and fixes it up then repeats until death until his final estate is a "home" according to boomersso the tldr here is that they got it good and we rent from them because land in America in a city center is expensiveget fukt they were born first rip

Rent cucks are retarded. They make society way worse.

>>430217187>Either way it is your security deposit paying for it.No, it isn't. Unless you want to hand it all back plus another month.An actual landlord would know not to try this.

>>430207891based and landlord pilledi upped the rent on the single mother in one of my units just because i hate dirty roasties

>>430201441are you allowed out of your room while mum has "friends" over in hour blocks?this place has gone to shit, even the attempted shitposts are shit

>>430205774Every time they pay you rent they are paying your taxes and cost to maintain shit you stupid mother fucker.

I got sick of dealing with tenants so I lease my properties to local housing associations now. They pay me every month even if they buildings are empty and they take responsibility for any damage caused to my properties by the scum bags they put in them.

>>430201441Dom the following: Tell them you will lower it back to 2000 with the condition that they pay for:-Water-Sewer-Garbage-Basic cable tv-Property tax-Depreciation-Maintenance-Repairs-Code complianceSimple.

>>430201441Then get a new job. You suck at being a Landlord.

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>>430201441>I pay for:>-Water>-Sewer>-Garbage>-Basic cable tv>-Property tax>-Depreciation>-Maintenence>-Repairs>-Code complianceThen don't. Just sell the property, get it off your hand and then even some of these renters might become property owners themselves. But you won't, because you're making a profit off these "subhumans".

Damnit i wish i had a screenshot of Greatest Landlord Steve.TLDR Steve was the greatest landlord and the only credit to his race>hated foreign communists>hated domestic communists>painted surfers, sun with sunglasses, and a beach on our dumpster in Alaska as a fuck you to the communist government forcing all dumpsters to be beige, like a commy block>gave us all free everything sat tv when he learned I didnt have it because he has it and didnt want anyone left out>what do you think this is? the soviet union?>Put a yard over the pavement for part of the parking lot, installed grills and tables, because this is america damnit and everyone needs a yard>saw my wife washing dishes, told us it was machine work, bought us a washing machine>watered the tobbaco i was growing around the property because he thought the tax collector would hate it>gave me and my wife an envelop when we moved out that we werent supposed to open until we were out of the state, was $2000 cash as a gift No security deposit, no first/last ahead of time, first few months we only paid half if we helped to paint it. Sat tv, water, elec, gas, trash all included>650/mo

>>430223865Lmao. Someone else will buy it and rent it out. Never sell property, you will always regret it next year when it's value will be 50% above what you sold it for.

>>430207891Haven't the renters signed a contract with an agreed-upon weekly fee for the whole period they are staying? Don't the old contract have to expire and they have to sign a new one before a new rent can come into effect?

Tenant? More like TYRANT!