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I fear the US Government may have woken a sleeping dragon.

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>>430200527but can they get 7 nano meter and below? No, I don't think they can

the US could win if we stick to our roots as a decentralized, bottom up society. Unfortunately, I think we're too interested in spying on everyone in the world. If the US wants to continue to compete to be the strongest centralized technocratic power, China will win, not the US.

>>430200527ASML is also not allowed to do business with China due to sanctions. China is completely locked out of nanotech.

>>430201007Most computer chips, especially military grade chips, don't need to be that small.

>>430201548China will just buy out the talent and steal the designs And if they really wanted to, they could just offer the Dutch a deal so good they switch from NATO to China.

>>430200527Sure thing. Everyone wants chink spyware shit, Uh huh

>>430202352Yeah I'm sure the EU will get right on that, they would just sign off the EUV tech to China while China is siding with Russia against them

>>430200527Oh Ro, Fat Sleeve Blobs say China Chip #1 HappyTime SuperFast Processor Beat Round Eye No break and Cause Fire like past Generation of Great Failure!!!

>>430201548What makes you think the Chinese can't forward engineer anything ASML has?

>>430200527>GPU is better nigger CPU and GPU have different purposes

>>430201007Who's doing 7? 22 is cutting edge.

>>430202352>>China will just buy out the talent and steal the designs To buy out talent, you actually have to want to have them live in China over their own country.And to steal designs you'd need to get in there. ASML only has 40k employees, with a much smaller 19k employee core doing the heavy lifting. And they are very well vetted. And not only get in their, but you need to have the knowledge needed to properly interface with the designs. That means the spys have to work there for a bit to get the hang of it. >>they could just offer the Dutch a deal so good they switch from NATO to China.The Dutch are actually one of Americas most loyal allies if you can believe it.They LOVE buying U.S. debt and are usually game for almost ANY burger shenanigans. It's why we had such an easy time getting them to do this. Being in the center of a continent wide conflagration twice in less than a century, along their royal family (when they still mattered) being accepted with open arms (to Canada, but we helped them get there, and helped them get back their country) will do that.

>>430203085you need to do a little more research in EUV systems.

>ITT, coping and seething gweilos

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>>430203341Wtf is white-Indian etc? Mixed?

>>430201007its useless tho

>>430203628How is faster processing power because you can fit more logic gates closer together useless?Literally the whole point of making that distance smaller is it makes the chips drastically faster.

Lol>Memoru chips very simple we make>GPU cards hard we try>CPU...maybe

>>430203261>twitter.com/MayaMajueran/status/1577125050851131392And you were saying?

>>430201007Virtual barons or virtuous computing uses gluon density as the bit stabilized inside of atoms in an array. Different atoms have different capacity to hold multiple virtual barons inside of them AND different types making a single atom like carbon capable of storing 5 bytes. He-4 hold's one virtuon in it nucleus build from there.

>>430204069Virtuon *

good luck. may the best chink win.

>>430204052>>China says they have somethingChina also said they've gotten signals from Aliens. Maybe that's who gave them the chips?

>>430200527>chinaNot my problem good luck on your future war glowniggers

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>>430201007They *have* produced 7nm semiconductors already but at low yield using DUV, nothing like TSMC yields though because right now they lack EUV.However keep in mind several things:1)They can achieve performance similar to maybe up to 5nm using 3D stacking and other techniques which are currently being worked on in China as a stop gap.2)EUV itself is not the be all end all of technology, EUV will reach a limit at about 1nm or maybe slightly lower, prices will increase too much and physics itself will make it so that current architecture is no longer able to be scaled downwards.That gives China a room to maybe figure out the new solution to solving the problem and be on an equal footing.I do also believe that China is on the back end developing the parts necessary for EUV machines just in case anyways, but it will take a couple years, it's not an impossible task but it is definitely not a walk in the park, however China is now investing so much money and pouring all the available talent into it that it's not a matter of if but when that happens.Additionally: Japan's Nikon almost solo achieved EUV as well, they stopped at the 2nd prototype, if Japan could do it (albeit with access to lenses and stuff from other countries which China might not have access to) then China can as well.China was just behind years because they didn't really think that the US would start a trade war, but they should have learned from Japan-US trade war in the late 80s.

>>430204369fucking this lol. i don't need a computer for anything

>>430200527We are behind in semiconductor manufacturing because we are not a meritocracyIf we didn’t have affirmative action we wouldn’t be suckin taiwans dick

>>430203217ASML has said previously that Chinese hackers have stolen documents from them.Regarding buying out talent, China bought out one of the biggest semiconductor guys from Taiwan's TSMC hence why they could start producing 7nm semiconductors, they have the architecture now, all they need is the EUV machines to start mass producing it.


>be chinese boss>i demand x by y date>now y date>no working product>announce success anyway

>>430204563It's because Americans are too spoiled, it's why intel can cope all they want but they will never catch up TSMC.fortune.com/2023/06/03/tsmc-arizona-plant-jobs-salary-culture-hiring/https://www.tomshardware.com/news/tsmc-village-arizona-repeatedly-targeted-by-hoodlumsAmerica was warned by the TSMC founder HIMSELF that it was a waste of money and anything produced from the AZ fab would cost 50% higher than market price, the only reason they are pouring money into a failed fab is because the US needs a "political" win, but it will die as soon as the money stops flowing into it.


>>430204596>>ASML has said previously that Chinese hackers have stolen documents from them.Stealing documents is far different than getting the whole picture, or even being able to understand it. >>Regarding buying out talent, China bought out one of the biggest semiconductor guys from Taiwan's TSMC hence why they could start producing 7nm semiconductors, they have the architecture now, all they need is the EUV machines to start mass producing it.I'll believe it when I see it. This is the same country that ranted about how they stole "f-35" design plans.In the end it ended up being assembly plans. Not metallurgy, not the programming or technology suite, the façade of how it looks... Exactly like how they say the "produce" the IPhone. The reality is far different.

>TSMCGuess why the Chinks are really all about invading Gaiwan.

>>430200527Did they give up on Taiwan then?

>>430204415I am skeptical on that based on the fact that you need a civilized country to do any advanced manufacture.Seems more like any plan by china to develop their own manufacturing will end up with cut corners where the project falls flat on its own face. Look at Russia, they have been longer in the game and they don't have an industry either.Chinese chips could also be marked for no entry into western markets.

>>430202501Majority of people happily buy Google, Amazon and the other ones spybots.

>>430201010chink shill talking point

>>430204415it's ok, we'll just send westoids in to their univeristies and companies to steal their tech.. oh wait

>>430201010Yup Jews self destruct always

>>430200527he's describing an attitude that western countries should've adopted. 2020, the supply chain gets disrupted because china shuts down and the western world had the great idea to consolidate manufacturing there.western countries talked about diversifying the supply chain, but as soon as china opened back up they consolidated more of the supply chain in China because its too difficult to diversify the supply chain and no one has the willpower to accept things will be temporarily difficult for longer lasting prosperity.

I kneel, China. Fuck these nigger lovers.

>>430205375Are you sure?>>bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-05-22/mexico-s-foreign-investment-surges-48-as-nearshoring-boomsTrump kicked all this off with NAFTA 2.This is fueling a solid third of the inflation in the western world right now (that is, dumping money to get these things built out).I don't know what Australia is doing, but Mexico is America's new little China.

>>430203085If they could have they’d have already done it by now lmao

>>430201548They're grabbing talent from taiwan, paying them, and re-creating all the necessary technologyit is absolutely delusional that any westerner believes China can't figure out modern semiconductorsWhen is it going to clue in for you dumbfucks that western leadership completely fucked the entire west and every single advantage has been undermined and eviscerated in only 30 years of overtly corrupt jewish criminal oligarchs and criminal mafioso intelligence agencies?We offshored all our manufacturing, imported millions of slave laborers and pursued DEI bullshit to push our bedrock of the economy - white people - into poverty, destroyed any possible future for everyone under the age of 60, annihilated birth rates, and we get fewer rights and freedoms on top of it all. Russia, China, Iran, the Middle East, India, South East Asia; everyone is rocketing forward because they aren't run by greedy scheming idiots and their slackjawed gullible lackeys.If you think, "any day now we'll show those chinks whose boss" You are the fucking problem in our society. You're one of the biggest reasons we are sitting in this position right now - because you're too fucking gullible, stupid, and short sighted, to see the enormous damage that was done to our society by western media, leadership, organizations, intelligence agencies, and governments. It's not CHINA that's the problem, it's the entire upper crust of the west that's got their collective heads up each others' fucking assholes taking deep whiffs of each others' delusional propaganda takes and listening and believing in the dumbest shit imaginable while actively pursuing measures to gain themselves billions at the cost of tanking the entire nation and losing trillions long termIf it weren't for the base of support that the scum at the top have because of unthinking NPC's amongst the bottom, we wouldn't be in the current shitshow we are today.

>>430204940You understand that they have gone through several design iterations and are already basically finalized with the J35 production design right?They are basically waiting for two things:1) Type 003 that has EMALS to be commisioned2)WS19 engines to be entirely testedThey had issue with production of the alloys because most factories in China do lower grade steel to cut cost hence engines were presenting failures but according to the guys who make the engines both the WS15 and the WS19 should be entering production or already have entered (ws15) soon. So yes, if you want to assume that the J35 had a lot of F35 technology into it, they did indeed steal it and by late next year we might see the J35 on deck in the type 003

>>430203529You gotta hand it to them the aesthetics are absolutely lit tho

>>430201007I bet sub-sahara Africa could.

>>430200527Did this poxy little chink die his hair grey?

>>430204994China didn't officially announce they were producing 7nm, they were caught cause some bitcoin miner hardware was found out to have 7nm semiconductors from China, TSMC complained because they said that the architecture was very similar to theirs (obviously since China got it by buying out one of the Taiwanese TSMC semiconductor big guys) techinsights.com/blog/disruptive-technology-7nm-smic-minerva-bitcoin-miner

>>430203529And... Intel also had those, even though they've had decades of experience with integrated graphics... means nothing.Bugs can be solved, software is literally the least of the issues.

>>430200527oh please. Whatever chips they produce are going to be as second-rate as their country is.Sure, the chips will sell cheap af, but only because you're gonna have to buy new ones every six months.The Chinese are shitty manufacturers, I thought you people knew this already.

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>>430205735>>You understand that they have gone through several design iterations and are already basically finalized with the J35 production design right?That's fine, but they didn't actually get what was valuable. But they said they did. That's my key point.They are working off their own ideas about how to produce the components and the software. But, again, they said they had EVERYTHING. So them saying they have some magic chip is vaguely interesting, I'll admit that, but I've heard this song and dance before.The aerodynamics of the "flying toilet" (again, what china stole, the body and how to put it together, not what makes up the body) are not exactly great if you've read about it. The supposed "strength" of the F-35 is elsewhere. So them having something that looks like it doesn't worry me. It's like you admit in your post. The engines are far different, the metals aren't the same. The core technologies definitely aren't. And those are the most important parts of a plane. Especially if you've copied a design that purposefully sacrificed it's mobility for a laundry list of other things.

>>430203795We haven't really seen a dramatic increase in clock speeds from 22nm Haswell over a decade ago to zen-9 or whatever intel shit currently is. The chip architecture is what the newer architecture that makes up for anything raw clock speed would of done these days. Along with the chiplett design. If we were to transfer over to ASIC I could see where 3nm would have an edge but the same rules apply there.

>>430200527but everything he says is a total lie. They've been trying to break into the chip market for decades and failing miserably. This is like anything out of China : pointless bluster.

>>430206439And how small you can make the transistors drastically influences chip architecture too doesn't it?

>>430204596>all they need is the EUV machines to start mass producing it.yeah and all I need is a trillion dollars and I can be the next elon muskthat's a huge ask

>>430200527Yeah yeah and Chinese concrete, steal, and literally everything else. I’m sure they’ll wow the world with the horrific videos from their chip factories. If anyone can figure out how to take several lives in something as safe as chip manufacturing, it’s the fucking chinks. Not to mention that famous chink quality

>>430201007>but can they get 7 nano meter and below?Already done, as stipulated by a third party forensic analysis back in January.Believe what you want.

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>>430200527Someone already got ahold of one of these and cracked it open and it was literally just an intel chip lmao

>>430201007That for production volume. When your making one offs for special projects it’s possible go down smaller.

>>430206206The Chinese are scammers, so are the people who buy from them as vendors to sell you something for way more than they paid. If you have reputable long term business and are paying for Quality, quality will be provided. If you are paying something that's too good to be true expect it to be garbage, but we Just think China makes shit when it was really the jewish middleman who was stealing from you.youtube.com/watch?v=GPAbUZABcu0>>430206665No, it affects things like Die size, Thermals, and TPW. Domestic Chinese CPU's and GPU's are probably going to be toasters, until this embargo crap ends, or Europe finally says Fuck you to America here soon after applying to BRICS, and sells those lithography machines to China.

>>430207399>>Europe finally says Fuck you to America here soon after applying to BRICS, and sells those lithography machines to China.So a vague hope then?I don't want to seem dismissive but the Netherlands is quite literally one of America's closest and oldest allies (in the "UK tier")To the point they literally have special credit lines to buy American debt (just like Japan and the UK).It's going to take quite a bit for that to happen. >>No, it affects things like Die size, Thermals, and TPW. Domestic Chinese CPU's and GPU's are probably going to be toasters, until this embargo crap endsThank you for answering this part. It's always interesting to learn.

>>430206411Read the specifications of the WS19, the J35 will be dual engine, no go read the specifications of the P&W F135

>>430201007is that sort of thing one of China's goals? i think creating the world's biggest internet-of-things surveillance botnet inside bigdata & gov firewalls is probably their main goal?archive DOT ph SLASH gYGaRand everyone has gone along with it!something something big club you ain't innitHEREHAVE A CARROTAND A STICKBON APPETIT

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>>430200527Then why are the Chinks repackaging Intel chips and trying to pass them off as Chinese?

>>430203216TSMC is at 3nm

just build euv machine lol.> just LMAO>you got this tjina.>just make them as good as your elevators lmaoalmost same tech lmaomao

>>430203341>white>no deviation whatsoever>white beaner>white pooAsk me how I know this chart is bullshit

>>430208063>>the J35 will be dual engineAlready a significant departure from the design.See my point? They didn't build an F-35 with their stolen documents, mostly because they couldn't. I wonder what they did with the open space in the F-35A and C models? I bet they just put a bigger fuel tank. But for some hilariously stupid reason, they did copy the F-35s look, and somewhat the name....The exterior is blatantly the worst part because of design compromises between the services and allies.... That's what China chose to ape....

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>>430200527lol LMAO even

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none of the niggers that remain in this shit hole of a website know and understand even remotely what the fuck they are talking about.Chinese will need to buy euv machine ,and even then they need the trained experts from asml to even be able to get it running within years.Then need to copy complete tsmc infra and the supplier network that is a global network lol.Even then they will fail.

>>430202352They tried stealing one of the ASML machines. Took it apart and put it back together and then they couldn't get it working anymore, lmao.

>>430209442it took people with creativity and brains 60+ years to get there btw.Good luck tjina.lmao at you pol. maybe stick to simple Stuff like dick pick analysisin the future.

>>430208669those aren't even the same color OH MY GOD

>>430205692ok changnow build a safe concrete bridge ok.Almost same difficulty.you already failed that was quick.But expected.

>>430200527genuinely getting the same exact vibe from op's webm as that webm with those russian news anchors claiming russia would defeat ukraine in three days if they took it easy

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>>430205692All true. Effeminate western leaders spend their time hectoring people about pregnant men and anal fisting while squandering every competitive advantage their nation has for pennies and good goy points; many of them are secret homosexuals like Obama. Meanwhile China is run by men who play to win despite their small penises. We could beat them easily if more men stopped allowing themselves to be dominated by women and homosexuals but thus seems increasingly unlikely.

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>>430201007They’re already at 7 nm you ignorant faggot.

>>430201548Wrong. ASML is going to build lithography machines without US components not subject to US sanctions.

>>430203216Intel, Samsung, TSMC

china is number 1

>>430203341>filipinos smarter than whites

>>430201007Only a tiny fraction of the chip market needs those specs. Besides they'll eventually catch up too.

>>430205692This is the best post I've seen today.All terrifyingly accurate.

Chinese people

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Chinese ethnicity

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Chinese history

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Chinese slavery

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>>430201007can intel? no I DONT THINK THEY CAN

>>430201007EUV is just specialized lenses, which chinks can easily just steal.it was never the wunderwaff of chip making

>>430200527>angriest Down's Syndrome sufferer China 2023

>>430205692>>430215027flag checks out, ok chang

>>430205692You could give china all the blueprints and specs to an f-16 and they still wouldn’t be able to produce one themselves.

>>430200527No one would buy chinese chip outside china.

>>430200527Unless they can take the Taiwanese engineers and the fabs in Taiwan, China can't make anything.

>>430201007Neither does Intel.

>>430204994the old classic chinese problem

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>>430201007chinese cannot even figure out ball penthey cannot copy what wasn't already discovered and created

>>430203341this represents 10-year old Americans with coward rat-Jew genetics. Yes, their cowardly parents/grandparents abandoned their homelands and families. They fled to a place where they could live more comfortably and easily. They are the bug-type who seeks a warm area to nest and quickly forgets the old nest. Once safe in a nest, the bug type becomes fiercely competitive against what it perceives as other bugs. Thus, the children of coward immigrants who come to America will trend toward pathways to social dominance, eg school. The greed of their parents pushes them.The average, common Asian is a dumb farmer. I have spent years in SEA and China. The amount of disability, stupidity, etc is amazing. Here is a great test: send some White 10 year old wealthy students to America, and let them take IQ tests against a countryside school or three.

The chineses recently "released" a Chinese built CPU that is literally just a retail Intel i3.

>>430215970Russia will, every central Asian country will, much of Africa will, parts of SE Asia might unless the State Dept is able to move quickly in their project to make them our proxies. Vietnam is on side, Thailand is in progress. Really if China can get Indonesia locked down they're good in terms of having a chip market.

>>430203529> China's $200 GPU can't compete with Tseng's $1200 RTX GPUsMore news at 11Also, the moment I can build a complete PC with Chipset, CPU and GPU made in China with Chinese design, I will do so. Literally don't care about performance. Most demanding stuff I play is Insurgency Sandstorm and Wargame AB. But the true benefit is that on such system, five eye glows will have more issues to automatically spying on me, which is a selling point of its own. And don't care about chink backdoors either since I don't live under their jurisdiction.

>>430201007>but can they get 7 nano meter and belowPointless and irrelevant as your precious AMD talking point has failed to manifest itself as any kind of meaningful competitive advantage over Intel's 14 nm counterparts. That, and the yield of 7 nm is far lower than that of 14 or 22, such that the costs are going to be much higher.

>>430200527can i finally get orange pi for 15 bux again?


>>430203341What's your IQ if you were dumb enough to think this chart was in any way legit? LOL

>>430205692Totally sad and completely true. I guess we're about to experience the bitter taste the soviets did when they collapsed.

>>430200527>china coping and seething

>>430203529>Bugmen's first gaming GPU killed by bugs

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>>430205692Well said

>>430203795>How is faster processing power because you can fit more logic gates closer together useless?That's not what happens bro. They die of the chip is also reduced so the net result is a similar number of transistors per unit...the only real benefit is stacking more cores per die, but that does not benefit gaming/desktop performance. Diminishing returns on cores hit hard after 4 for desktop, and for gaming is even less because these are not programs that benefit from parallelization.

>>430200527what a scatter brain nigger

>>430203341>self submitted data is accuratekek

>>430200527China is all style no substance, they talk big but can't design a sponge and not fuck it up, it's strength in numbers but where no one is capable, the West literally humiliates them 10 to 1.

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America could cut China off completely and focus entirely on a domestic manufacturing market that would dominate the world. ZOG is the reason this does not happen. It does not want this because it would benefit White people.

>>430203341>Korean and JapaneseDelete this. Koreadogs are retarded and cheat

>>430217897Yeah fuckhead. The performance of your gaming rig is the metric everyone is concerned about. Fucking retard.

>>430218988Whoever makes a chip and board with no wifi and no Bluetooth will win. These fucking niggers have kneecapped the entire world.

>>430201007>but can they get 7 nano meter and below?yes it's the chinese nanopenis

>>430203529well, bugs appear cuz this cards firstly was developed as server oriented, not for Direct X. but honestly, they shouldn't have been releasing this accelerator as gaming gpu into market before polishing to, at least, level of the intel gpu

>>430200527Why do chinks have British teeth?

>>430201007we talkng about chips or penis because they got the 7 nm penis covered

>>430217396>five eye glows will have more issues to automatically spying on meThey probably won't. In addition, you'll have a billion chinks in your shit too

>>430200527Does this mean I will be able to order cheap custom semiconductors in the near future?

>>430202980Average Wish dot com product name and description

Based chinks hope they can make it so I can get shit cheaper.

>>430206206do you understand undermining and underestimating your enemy is exactly what happened with the US Navy when the Japs invaded Pearl Harbor? They wouldnt stand a chance against the military might on the United States Navy. Talk about severly underestimating intelligence on foreign adversaries.

>>430203216Everyone. Have you been living under a rock?

>>430219762good point. basically, either have glow niggers spying on you. or glow chinks

>>430216469I read the pic, but, it seems like the poster has no idea how the local market worked, and was mediocre talent. He stated there was only international 201 grade, and no 201 China grade steel, but then stated later there was 201 grade China, and 201 Russian grade. The guy just had no clue how to operate in a dynamic environment. Typical.

>>430201007Yes for small batches and ultra low defect rate using electron-beam lithography at a size of 2nm, which is just a modified electron-beam microscopeGood enough for military but not for consumer levels of production

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>>430200527This guy effectively just said that Taiwan is not part of China. He'll be spending some time in reeducation.

>>430200527See all they have to do is copy and improve, it's not like that doesn't take skill but thanks to good penetration by chinese handlers they can just suck most of the technology out of us. Unless we start quarantining all future chip tech, which might not even be possible, they will be able to keep up.Soviet Union used this strategy, just steal or copy everything they need and then clone it taking into account local technologies. It worked well. Many would be surprised to hear that Soviet computer technology even into the mid '80s was at parity with the west for critical applications such as military and space applications.