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>>430200259this is why you knock them out then drag them over


Not a webm but if you've ever seen that animated gif of that ultra-hideous Kike smiling, this is his backstory

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>>430200259Pretty good metaphor for America, just missing a shot of a hand-rubbing jew watching it all from a yacht.

>>430200259Oh my God I remember this story, both of them jumped in the water to grab a piece of driftwood

>>430201210You really think people are gonna click that shit? Its probably some gay ass safety instructional video.

>>430203068Wrong, dipshit. They were trying out for adult boy scouts and this was the water portion

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>>430203530please tell me this is real

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>>430203279its a good movie the Guardian

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>>430204193Shane Gillis looks like THAT

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>>430203772Ran up hill too.That's olympic class.

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>>430200975Kek, imagine their thought process. "He's supposed to be rescuing me and now he's punching me"

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>>430209254It's a tv commercial.

>>430211254elephant walk

>>430203751>>430208077Not real. Movie called The Reef

>>430202789>>430202831Funny how they manage to not once say that he was a Democrat.

>>430204193I'm down if she's down

>>430203530this is from a movie


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>>430211401how has the pool not overflowed

>>430203606Please tell me this is real


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>>430212181there was another one where the animals were friends, was it a bear and wolf? cannot remember

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>>430212108it was a chapoteadero

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>>430200259Never save a drowning "victim". It's not worth it. Even if they are unconscious by the time you get them to shore and do CPR they are brain-dead or severally affected by lack of oxygen.They almost always try to use you as a floatation device. Similar happened where I live. The guy drowned 2 people trying to save him only to eventually die himself. Imagine you can't even paddle yourself a couple feet, get fucked.

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China numba wan!

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>>430212447no me di cuenta de eso

>>430204333Man what a stupid thing to drown over. Looks like it wasn't from anyone not knowing how to swim though, just ignorance of what an eddy is and how dangerous underwater currents can be inside of man made structures like that. They probably ignored the "DO NOT SWIM" signs they plaster all over places like that

>>430211401I'll give you fifty bucks to drink a shot glass of that pool water

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>>430211401Oh lawd, imagine the smell

>>430203606We're living in a simulation

>>430212519See him huff that shit?

>>430212296Did she simply trip-over so he grabbed her throat?

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>>430211401Imagine the smell


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>>430211401First bath in months

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>>430212519Fucking creeper, dirty old man

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>>430214024police man chockes the chick

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>>430213682it's just editing

>>430212519Joe Biden is literally Grandpa Sawyer from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2:youtube.com/watch?v=CqHyrmbiD1Ehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVyDlsS3L6s

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>>430214191Is she now dead?

>>430214336such a great scene

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>>430203772american joggers are so fucking cool.

>>430214624it took me one nanosecond to realize that's a man, its hilarious to think troons truly belive they "pass"

>>430203530looks fake afk. There was a real video of a shark attack in egypt 2-3 days ago that was fucking brutal. Unironically worse than cartel videos

>>430203675too late witeboi

>>430214741Not only is it a man, but he looks like he's fucking sixty. Looks like the principal of somebody's fucking school. How old is that troon? Did the drugs fuck him up that badly?

Anyone got the webm of a coalburner paying the toll, the one where the bf is standing over her drilling her with uppercuts?

>>430215566that's half of the worldstar archive

>>430200259I can't see a preview on my phone so this is some russian roulette webm posting.

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>>430214624Based Finland making troons humiliate themselves before the world.


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>>430216338oh, wow, 12 destroyed Leopards and ATVs, the war is over!>kys the war will never end


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>>430216561Please tell me these assholes were charged


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>>430200975They were stuck in an Eddy, they were both fucked either way

>>430200259ANON INVENTED RAYCISS INSTAGRAM>>430216735>>430216735

>>430212353I think you are referring to the honey badger and the coyote. They were tackling through a water tunnel. I really liked that video because you can clearly see the coyote enjoyed the badgers company

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>>430216799The dude getting smacked down was bullshitting with the cops outside the store. They started driving away and he lit them up with his own pistol. This is what he got immediately following the shooting. The cop with the pistol was only like six or so months into the job. They were both investigated but I don't know the outcome. The news article wasn't too hard to find.

>>430203675whats that bigger fish?



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>>430216799They were placed on paid leave, then moved to different departments after the victim got a settlement outside court


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>>430217312should've just let him die, wtf


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>>430217502I wish I could have joined them on their adventure...

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>>430203675looked like a grouper



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>>430204193wtf is wrong with her face? Is she wearing a mask or something?


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>>430214191He broke a pumpkin. Hope the mf is dead by now.


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>>430216717flares, they light some off here in colorado every 4th of July, they stay lit a long time and float down in an irregular manner

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>>430217538I want a webm of the asian chick here, she just gives a stupid look and turns and walks away...

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>>430217564same coyotes and badger are legit. crows and wolf also have bonds.

>>430218048so was that thing ever explained?


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>>430217814lost, holy shit why did he react that way?


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>>430218310ya it was swamp gas reflecting off Venus

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How do people not know how to swim? Literally not that hard

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>>430216561Police are on par with niggers, a tool from the Jew's box.

>>430218400My guess is he was boning the dude's wife. Or he wasn't about to just sit like a bitch and watch our Lord and Saviour get punked again.


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>>430217312Why is the train the Apex predator of India?

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>>430203606Beastars if they real


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>>430216561cops have become cunts these days. this is crazy as fuck. I'd sue the fuck out of them.

>based kot

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>>430218942loli brothel?

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>>430219224get your filthy nigger arse down

>>430219285I'm still not sure but it reeks of evil shit. Breaks my heart.


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>>430204347Anything after Revelations isn't Assassins Creed with the exception of Black Flag, which was fun.


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>>430219374seems to me that they were born into slavery, considering how cool they went on their "duties"

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>>430219444checkedwhy is there a 40 year old men in school slapping bitches?

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>>430203772There was a vid of a guy clinging onto one of these raising bridges. Apparently he was stuck on it when it went up. Anyone have a link?

>>430219224ARRESS MEI'M RIGHT HEREI'M JU-psh ah fuckokayokayaightI see how it isaightgyat damn that shits hotaight we got dis i'm goodnah i'm goin down

>>430204193That really makes me smile

>>430217003>The news article wasn't too hard to find.>doesn't post linksfuck you too, cunt.


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>>430200259>Sittin' in mah boat when....

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>>430217502Gives me Pinky and the Brain vibes.

>>430219759yea that looks goofy as fuck but imagine seeing this guy barrelling towards you down the sidewalk like this. what the fuck do you do?

>>430219868This webm has existed for longer than you've been visiting Holla Forums. I'm not your link-getter.

>>430219444Niggers are the worst, sending your kid to a nigger infested school is a form of child abuse.

>>430220012> still no linkshello, 2016 election tourist.

>>430200259>Teaching negroes how to use the slide....

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>>430219567ironic how all the tiktok people dance just like this, isnt it.

>>430220115>part 2

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>>430211782"He is a member of the Democratic party" 2nd image

>>430211401when they all get out of that pool there will be an inch of water left

>>430203606Like Todd and Copper

>>430220115>>430220173Children, white children, can navigate the challenge. But grown niggers?

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>>430212870i swear these chinks dont know what fucking brakes are.Born to die i guess

>>430217890>the global warming hoax is entirely to keep these from thawing

>>430214624Dang good for her. Old lady still ice skating that’s very impressive

>>430216755Laugh mofo, decades of western propaganda telling us those things are invincible completely erased on a 12 second video.

>>430220173This isn't a slide, a genius designed this as a weapon that gives niggers spinal injuries.


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>>430211401Who is building and maintaining the sewage system in America?

>>430200259>Probably my scariest explosion, from Rus/Ukr war I assume

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>>430220518Please tell me she's just peeling gum or dog shit off her foot and that wasnt what I thought it was

>>430211401I can only imagine how many shoes were stolen

>>430211401>Yo wife favorite truck driver

>>430212739throw him a rope

>>430219374>>430219285Thats the video that surfaced sfter Kappy's (((suicide))), if i rember correctly

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>>430214624Did this faggot just identify as an ice skater?

>>430220697Oh my dude it is SO totally what you think it is. I've actually seen a couple of women do this IRL. IDK why but a significant portion of women have these sorts of compulsions. It's why the zit poppoing channels on YouTube have so many subscribers. Picture (probably) unrelated.

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>>430218942Hunters secret room?Pretty fugged

>>430218859The jewess is pretty cute.

>>430214624has this person never been on the ice before? just had some lessons that morning?

>>430219157deployment where?

>>430219912Markings look like an anaconda.So that would be an ah hell no from me.

>>430219285hit by a Jap in Japan

>>430220399>OldThat's a middle-aged>ladyman>still ice skatingWho picked up ice skating two weeks ago

>>430200259>gotta make that perfect shot for the 'gram!

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>>430220677Yeah, there a ton of good explosions came from there.

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>>430218942The kids are sourced from Ukraine orphanages

>>430219423i don't get it. what's it that this gif is trying to convey

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>>430212870why does "lit"erally anything in China turn into flames by the slightest contact?

>>430219206I didn't know corgis could be that vicious

>>430216717That's a flair! Nothing special about except that a civilian got a hold of one>>430218041i always loved this one

>>430203675What the hell kind of fish is that? Doesn't appear to be a shark.

>>430218859I like the sequel where he works in a pencil factory

>>430222456China has a space station. Nafo tranny

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>>430220697What are you, some vegan faggot?

>>430219949The answer, regardless of the threat, is almost always pocket-sand.

>>430222670Watch out we got Mr sandman here

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>>430218310It's a rocket. It might have been a failure or some weird test, hence the spiral. That shit's way higher up in the atmosphere than it looks and gasses and things do all kinds of pretty stuff under the right lighting conditions.

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>>430219900that kid's got swag beyond normal human comprehension


>>430212099What game is this? I assume it's an old flash game but you can still use a standalone player.

>>430211996They party different.

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>>430223044im confused at the layout of this toilet cubicle?is the down kid crawling out from one?

>>430219490Based Atari enjoyer

>>430213845Seems to be in reverse.

>>430217857> Sofia Isabel Jirau González (born 1997) is a Puerto Rican model with Down syndrome

>>430223116>Summer Olympics>Germanylmao, what a bunch of faggots!!

>>430223128I always assumed the guy filming was in a handicapped toilet stall, himself, and filmed the downsie kid climbing into his from an adjoining one.

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>>430217632Chevy is going hard on their marketing.

>>430216417Im not joking. First ufo sets down in my neighborhood I am lighting them up like christmas trees and nothing anyone can do about it.

>>430217471Take this midget!

>>430218759The cheeky fucking smile on this dude as he bowls over that ham planet, lmao.>>430218997The hell am I seeing?