The US will launch the first space factory on Monday

Varda space will launch its space manufacturing capsule into space on the SpaceX Transponder 8 mission on Monday (Its the second from the bottom on the left, with the gold color shielding)The capsule will manufacture pharmaceuticals for commercial companies. In the past space manufacturing was experimented with on the ISS but this is the first commercial application of the technology. are the implications of the commercialization of space?

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>>430199849jewsbut, space jews.again.

>>430199849Transporter 8*

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>>430199849How the fuck do you manufacture "Space"?

>>430200121It manufactures stuff in space

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>>430199849They’re going for a science victory this game aren’t they?

>>430199849If it works out, we’ll finally get pic related over 55 years after we should have had them.

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>>430200273This is the commercial space age now, private companies will be at the forefront of space innovation, not bloated NASA programs

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>>430200191they employ andromedans and zeta ridiculis?

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>>430199849>goyim: "Oh my science! I can't wait to inject the newest science juice that was made in space!!!

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>>430199849>>430199849>The capsule will manufacture pharmaceuticals for commercial companies.In space? Why?

>>430200394It'll be crazy in like 100-200 years when Mars hits a point in development to be self-sufficient and declares independence and we have our first interplanetary warHope they figure out immortality or consciousness downloading so i get to see it

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>>430201962that's what that means.

>>430201708There’s effectively no atmosphere, no magnetic field, the soil is heavily contaminated with nasty shit like perchlorates and is phosphorus deficient, the whole planet is energy deficient, and there’s not a single economic reason to bother colonizing it.

>>430202078Spoken like a true nigger being confused as to why whites climb mountains


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>>430199849>Space factoryBecause Earth is fucked.

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>>430202078You can produce methane rocket fuel on Mars and send it to earth orbit cheaply

>>430199849Seems like a bad idea.

>>430202078>perchloratesliterally just some water fixes this

>>430199849How do you manufacture space?

>>430199849>What are the implications of the commercialization of space?There are no age of consent laws in space

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>>430203187It doesn’t cost hundreds of billions of dollars to climb a mountain, user. More likely the actual cost would be in the trillions. All so you can live in an underground habitat with restrictions on water use and caloric intake and energy use, under a set of rules that would make serving on a nuclear submarine look like kindergarten.

>>430203999You can’t do it more cheaply than sending it directly to orbit from Earth.

>>430199849Op picrel is some of the dumbest fakest shot I have ever seen. He’s need to go to art school and get a degree in iIndustrial design from current era if the want to keep producing propaganda pics like this and expect normies to believe it

>>430200392>Nice space colony you've got there. Shame if we dropped it on an earth city

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>>430199849Sounds like it’ll just actualize the future corporate wars written about in works of fiction.

>>430203907think silk road but amazon style using space delivery for the 1%

>>430199849Can’t manufacture shit in America but we can afford to in space

>>430204155Really? In a water limited environment? And how do you decontaminate the water - that you need for drinking, irrigation, etc? Distill it? What are you using for power? Solar and wind aren’t feasible on Mars. There’s no fossil fuels, and Mars seems to be geophysically dead so geothermal is probably out. Nuclear? Then you’re never going to be independent from Earth, because refining uranium into nuclear fuel requires massive industry.

>>430204831It would burn up in the atmosphere. Does it look remotely aerodynamic?

>>430203944Dude had a chip on his shoulder. >>430199849That is a large quantity of unrelated satellites in there. What's the over/under on one of those landing in some spigger's back yard and he makes an "ayays landed" video about it?


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>>430200394Buy RKLB

>>430205172>Solar and wind aren’t feasible on Marssolar is feasiblemars has earthquakes so it probably has geothermal too

>>430205172Nuclear being what it is is largely political. If we stopped pussyfooting around muh nukes we could have breeder reactors out of our asses, manufacturing their own fissiles.

>>430205468Solar isn’t feasible. Mars gets about 45% of the sunlight that Earth does, and solar doesn’t break even here. Then you’ve got the little issue of planet-wide dust storms that last for months. And even without that, your panels would have to be able to handle a temperature differential from -150C to 20C without dying.

>>430202078NASA says these things, so by default Mars must have a dense atmosphere, a huge magnetic field, with extremely clean and fertile soil that's abundant in phosphorus, has enough energy for billions of people and there's every economic reason to go colonise it.

>>430205897Here it’s feasible, because all of the massive industry needed to mine and refine the uranium and build the plants is available. How are you going to get all of that to Mars? And what are they going to do for power until it’s in place?

>>430206389based take

>>430199849>What are the implications of the commercialization of space?Ayyylmao face reveal next week.

>>430206389Kek. The Martian gave people completely delusional ideas about the reality.>We’ll just plant potatoes!If people understood the reality, funding for Mars missions would dry up overnight.Orbital manufacturing is a reasonable next step with Elon knocking the price of a pound to orbit down to a fraction of what NASA ever managed. Once that gets a foothold, other things will become possible.

>>430206467I browse for the sensible anons with engineering backgrounds and common sense.

>>430207116That's the field I'm pioneering; Orbital manufacturing and logistics.

>>430206310>Solar isn’t feasibleit is feasible>Mars gets about 45% of the sunlight that Earth doesplenty of surface areait doubles as radiation shielding too>Then you’ve got the little issue of planet-wide dust storms that last for months.LITERALLY just a mexican with a mop

>>430207336The cost of a pound to orbit has made it uneconomical to do more than play around with government grants until now. But it’s at a point where enough research can be done cheaply enough on microgravity pharmaceuticals and materials science to have a good chance at discovering things that could be produced in LEO at high enough profits to get real investors to pony up to do real development.

>>430207685When you’ve got next to zero sunlight reaching the surface for months at a time because of the dust storms, then what do you do memeflaggot? These don’t just die down in an hour or two like on Earth.

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>>430199849>le shoebox space factoryWhat payload can this thing "fabricate"?We need Starship to build a large space station to make any serious fabrication. This is just a gimmick.> implicationsOf gimmicks, nothing.Of real space fabrication... essential component for creating an orbital empire that will subjugate terrestrials.

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>>430208396He real question is what the fuck could possibly be produced in space but not on earth that is so important yet only millionaires could afford it?

>>430207252I started reading Heinlein in elementary school and I’ve been studying this since I went to college in 87 and had access to a library with stacks full of NASA publications. The problem is that way too many people confuse science fiction with science, and they completely ignore the economics that will have to drive further exploration and development of the solar system. It’s intensely frustrating.>We’ll just colonize Mars because we can>We’ll just mine the asteroid beltWell, no we won’t, because economics say there’s no percentage in it without technical paradigm changes happening first.

>>430208599Space cocaineSeriously though, microgravity environment can allow for novel material and biological processes that can't take place on earth. To make innovative substances like space cocaine.

>>430208160>When you’ve got next to zero sunlight reaching the surface for months at a time because of the dust storms, then what do you do memeflaggot?stop listening to jpl propaganda

>>430199849Commercialization of space will incentivize exploration, discovery, and resource control. It is absolutely an essential part of humanity leaving the Earth and surviving long after the Earth dies.

>>430201708>>430202078Humans will have sufficiently powerful computers to transfer our minds to computers. There will be no need for biological resources, biomes, planetary habitats. Planets will become resource acquisition and manufacturing sites, nothing else.

>>430199849Oh so that launches a bunch of different sattelites that are stuck to one main body? I always figured each company had their own satellites.

>>430208021That's what the future is. I am in the process of building up my company's financials to do exactly that. It just takes time to get everything set up right.

>>430208396this pepe reminds me of my AI santa pepe

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>>430208396This particular one is looking at creating pharmaceuticals in microgravity that aren’t possible at 1g. With the Space Shuttle and Ariadne, the cost of putting payloads like this into orbit were too prohibitive for small companies operating at the bleeding edge to even think of, and missions had to be scheduled years in advance. SpaceX is opening up whole new areas of research.

>>430201659In space, No one can hear you scream.

>>430208616>Well, no we won’t, because economics say there’s no percentage in it without technical paradigm changes happening first.That's definitely right. Though, there is a possibility of developing earth-based zero gravity manufacturing. It would be a lot cheaper than using rockets.

>>430199849How’s this profitable

>>430203187When was the last time you climbed a mountain?

>>430202078>and there’s not a single economic reason to bother colonizing it.Mars has a tax rate of zero


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>>430209237O interesting

>>430208778Really? You’re going to argue in this thread and you don’t even have a telescope you can use to see that for yourself? Maybe you should move your meme ass to a flat Earth thread. You’d do better there.

>>430209381Some things, supposedly, can only be created, or created efficiently, in zero G environments.A few things that supposed can only be made or is best made in zero G environments:Synthetic organs, organs that are lab grown and may benefit from zero G so that the tissues don't tear before being fully made.Various chemicals including pharamceutics.New forms of extreme high speed fiber optics that need zero G because the cooling process under normal G environments leads to imperfection.Various atomic products and services may benefit from eliminating gravitational interference.Etc.

>>430204582>Trillionsso half what we sent to Israel?

>>430209237Yes, but still this does not seem to have any solid economics behind it.How many grams of material can this thing even produce? At what price? The thing is single-use. So what will be the cost of the experiments on this thing?Why can't these things just be manufactured in the space station? With more volume, more power, more return payload? You know exactly how science experiments have been done...I'd rather partner with axiom space and add a real fab lab module to their private station plans than make single use "factory" sat...

>>430199849Boom prophecy

>>430209210Good for you, user. We need people like you helping to drive this. It’s going to take time and it’s going t be frustrating for a lot of people, because it’s not like colonizing the New World like all the old science fiction made it out to be. But it’s the necessary next steps.

>>430209381It probably won't be, but investors are just throwing money to any "new space" company these days trying to get in on the next big thing. A lot of these will end up bankrupt in a few years.

>>430209963Yeah man. Thanks.

>>430199849I mean getting set up would be a bitch but being able to move large amounts of mass in zero gravity would be theoretically allow you to build massive structures if you had the proper thrust mechanisms and raw material

>>430209180Those are all satellites from different companies, it’s a rideshare mission

>>430209863That’s the thing. SpaceX has reduced the cost of lifting mass to orbit to the point where small companies can afford to do it to try new techniques that simply aren’t possible in a gravity field. We don’t know what all is possible because the opportunities to test until know have been severely limited.Take something like the turbine blades of a high performance jet engine. Getting that right on Earth is extremely difficult. But it might be much easier in microgravity because you don’t have gravity trying to deform crystal growth.It might be possible to create new alloys that simply aren’t possible under gravity. We just don’t know, but now the barrier to entry has been reduced to the point where we can experiment.

>>430210301I hate to ask and don’t answer if it’s too proprietary, but I’m the Elephant’s Child. What are you working on (in a general sense)?

>>430209741the dust clouds don't block all sunlightfuel cells are a thing too

>>430200121ISM is the future. If you can conduct in situ mining, build shit in space, then you can have 10x, 100x, 1,000x or more the size of the entire Earth's economy. We can populated asteroids, planets, and beyond.

>>430210328IF -and it’s very much an IF - we can make a go of profitable manufacturing in LEO, then we open up the possibilities of mining operations on the Moon (because of the even lower cost of getting stuff into orbit from there). When we’ve had another 100-200 years of working on AI and robotics the asteroid belt becomes a possibility. We aren’t sending people that far unless there’s some major paradigm shift in propulsion technologies, but we could do it with machines if the economics work out.

>>430199849yeah right. I bet none of that shit does anything at all and will never leave that room. Then they will use CGI to fake its "missions", then they'll all jerk each other of into their mouths and worship Satan some more.

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>>430205172in a water limited environment you'd be using lots of microbes, there's some that reduce and feed on prechlorates. apart from that there's probably some smart chemistry to get rid of it. i'd imagine you'd tailor a whole host of bacteria with information from a sample return mission.right about power, you'd need to use thorium which is pretty poor in the crust, or suddenly figure not only fusion, but either d-d reactions, very small breeders, or even proton-boron.though transporting fuel wouldn't be such a bad idea if you have a tumbler between earth and mars. you'd need one anyway.

>>430211032Who is going to want to live there? Who is going to give up life on Earth where you can go out and smell the air, feel the sun on your face, and see trees and lakes and oceans - for a strike, hostile environment where you can literally die at any second from a micrometeorite strike? Who is going to want to live where the Al water is rationed and the air isn’t free and every single thing you do is hit with micro transactions like the most annoying vidya games? And on top of that the environment is so fucking hostile that the discipline on a nuclear submarine looks like kindergarten compared to what you have to deal with?

>>430211349>smell the air, feel the sun on your face, and see trees and lakes and oceans99% of humans don't do thisall you will smell is smog, and see buildings and roads

>>430200392And it will be filled with tranny niggers.

>>430211349Don't underestimate the spirit of manifest destiny user. With all of the no direction individuals out there the idea of adventure no matter the dangers is titillating.

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>>430209407Today, you lazy tub of lard.

>>430204582You can't even grasp simple metaphors


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>>430211302> in a water limited environment you'd be using lots of microbesYou’re on MARS. Where are these microbes going to come from? You’re not producing them yourself - that takes carbohydrates, water, and energy, all of which have to come from SOMEWHERE.>apart from that there's probably some smart chemistry to get rid of it. >Oh, OK. There’s probably some chemistry somewhere. Good enough for me. Somebody pony up a few hundred billion dollars because there’s probably something…>i'd imagine you'd tailor a whole host of bacteria with information from a sample return mission.We don’t need a sample return mission. We’ve had rivers there for decades. We know exactly what the local chemistry looks like. You’d have better luck growing plants in bleach than Martian soil.>right about power, you'd need to use thorium which is pretty poor in the crust, >How do you plan on doing this? You have to mine and refine the thorium. You have to build the plants to use the thorium. How are you doing all of this? All of that equipment has to come fromEarth. All the power to run that equipment has to come from Earth. Do you have any idea how expensive that shit is to do here, and how many people it takes? How do you plan to set that up on a completely hostile environment like Mars, 18 months away from Earth?>fusionA minimum of 100 years off, if it’s possible at all. Honest plasma physicists won’t give you better than 50% odds on that.

Remember shart, if Kim Jung Il has a bad day, that thing will be just another space junk debries amongst hundreds of others.

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>>430207116I think lunar is better than orbital for pretty much everything that doesn’t require zero g. Orbital industry has a lot of problems for the moment. Some easy to identify problems are heat, radiation, and accessibility. Heat is probably one of the biggest problems for orbital refining/manufacturing since there is no relatively cooler place to dump it into and no atmosphere to absorb it. The only way to get rid of heat in orbit is large radiators and heat sinks. The moon gives you a massive heat sink, which makes it ideal for heavier industrial processes. Radiation isn’t a huge problem since it can be solved with shielding and orbiting below the Van Allen belts, but it’s still a concern in near term because that’s a lot of extra mass to put up in the first place. The moon lets you just dig into it for radiation shielding, meaning you can do a lot more with less launch mass. Material accessibility is another concern, for orbital, everything has to be either launched up through earth’s atmosphere and gravity well or processed from asteroids or the moon, while we have the ability to do so it would be extremely expensive over the projects life time. The moon is good again here because it has a very similar mineral composition to earth, meaning most things you can mine on earth are minable there as well. Additionally, the moon is better for asteroid mining due to heat concerns as mentioned above, you can controlled-crash them down onto the moon then mine and refine them there or bring down molten materials from certain other proposed methods of asteroid mining to dump their heat into the moon before processing. It’s much easier to get things back from the surface of the moon than to bring them up from earth because the moon is good for ground to orbit mass drivers, a much cheaper option than chemical rockets, since there is no atmosphere providing air resistance.

>>430211349Humans will have the technology is less than 100 years to transfer their minds to computers. But lets say, somehow, this never happens. Our AI technology will be extremely powerful and space has vast, practically infinite resources. There are tens of thousands of large asteroids in our solar system that each contain more metals of every kind, in extremely high concentrations, than humans have mined throughout all human history.You could theoretically construct gigantic tropical biodomes in space with absolutely perfect habitats, or have these same domes covering the entirety of the moon, Mars, etc. With practically unlimited material and energy resources and the ample amounts of labour from powerful AI, robotics, etc. humanity will be able to do just about anything.From the first flight by the Wright brothers, it only took us 60 years to land a human on the moon. And during this time we went from textile factories being the most cutting edge technology industry to textiles being so common place that people literally give away their used cloths to homeless people in VAST quantities. The kinds of technological leaps humanity is taking are going to lead to outcomes that are currently unimaginable.

>>430200070>world's first>space factoryWhich is it globeheads

>>430205395Underrated carlos joke

>>430211701The people who settled the New World took less time to get here than a trip to Mars, there was breathable atmosphere the whole way, and drinkable water and available food supplies when they got here. There were trees to build houses from, soil that would grow the plants they brought, grass to feed the cows/pigs/horses, and so on.There were new plants, spices, and natives to tell them what not to do to fuck up. Absolutely none of that is true for Mars. The entire planet is going to be doing it’s very best to kill you.You would have 10000% better chance of setting up a successful colony in the middle of the Sahara Desert or Antarctica than you would on Mars. No one does this because it isn’t economical. There’s no reason to do it. It’s silly. So is colonizing Mars.


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>>430211786Metaphors don’t mean much when someone is going to have to pony up at the very least hundreds of billions of dollars to make it happen. You’re going to put a “colony” on Mars. This money sink is going to require absolutely everything from Earth - from the smallest rubber O-ring to food to nuclear power sources to keep them from freezing to death when the temps hit -150C. This “colony” has no hope of ever being self-sufficient without the investment of trillions of dollars, because of the environment and lack of resources, and at the end what do you get?A colony one step away from a foster that wipes it out, which can’t pay for itself because there’s absolutely nothing there that can’t be obtained far more cheaply right here.Who is going to pay for this boondoggle?

>>430212215Lunar is far, far better for any number of reasons, including the fact that you can make use of cheap solar power and 1/6g to leverage the hell out of any investment. It’s also close, so you’re talking about at most a few days to go back and forth, rather than a minimum of 18 months for Mars.But everyone has latched onto fucking Mars like there’s something special about it, instead of it being a toxic radiation bath.

>>430202078>>430201708Nonsense, there's oil on Mars. We can go to war now.

>>430199849>Varda space will launch its space manufacturing capsule into space on the SpaceX Transponder 8 mission on MondayWhy do they want to blow their shit up ? Is this an insurance scam ?

>Space is fake>Nukes are not real>Evolution is a lie>Earth is flat>Dinosaurs never existed>Aliens are just demons

>>430212669> The people who settled the New World took less time to get here than a trip to MarsIt took travelers from Europe to North America about 2-3 months. Mars, in the shortest orbital range, just takes 4 months. So, it's not that big of a difference.> there was breathable atmosphere the whole way.Space ships come with their own air.> and drinkable water and available food supplies when they got here.Colonies can also be resupplied, possibly even have facilities to produce food, water, air, shelter, fuel, etc, etc. before colonists arrive.> There were trees to build houses from, soil that would grow the plants they brought, grass to feed the cows/pigs/horses, and so on.Just build farms. We have the ability to farm things in zero G hydroponics in freaking satellites. Installing a farm on Mars and converting Martian soil is probably easily doable.Also, we can build homes in Mars by going underground or using printers and Martian regolith, etc. Not to mention mines that can extract metals from Mars and fabric homes on site.> There were new plants, spices, and natives to tell them what not to do to fuck up.Just do your research BEFORE going, experiment with technology BEFORE making a settlement.> The entire planet is going to be doing it’s very best to kill you.We'd still be living in Africa if we were all afraid of a new environment being harder to adapt to. Despite being a tropical species, we have managed to thrive in every single climate on Earth.> You would have 10000% better chance of setting up a successful colony in the middle of the Sahara Desert or Antarctica than you would on Mars.Agreed. Mining using AI and robots would make more sense, provided we get mineral sources and efficient and effective tech. That said, our AI and robots could build and self sustain gigantic biodomes and we could live in tropical paradises on Mars.

>>430213850BASED & SNEEDaPILLEDearth is provably flat and stationary. space is fake and gay, the magical spinning cartoon ball earth is fake and gay. we literally live in God's snow globe and every decision you make has immense meaning and significance. change your ways and start living correctly. dont fall for the nihilism meme and dont fall for any of the religion memes. you can look at life as either a test or a game but whatever you do , dont look at it as meaningless. BE A GOOD PERSON AND LIVE BY THE GOLDEN RULE ALWAYS! also stop jerking off you pathetic littel squirtboys. fapping to porn is literally a demonic ritual you are partaking in.any answer to any question you may have about flat earth can be found in this will cope and Seethe.Flat Earth user has already exposed************PSA***************EVERY RESOURCE YOU NEED TO FIND ANY FLATEARTH RELATED ANSWER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR HAS BEEN POSTED BY FLAT EARTH user (AKA EDUCATE YOURSELF) IN A PREVIOUS THREAD ON /X/ AND Holla Forums WITHIN THE PAST 6 MONTHS AND CAN BE FOUND IN THE 4PLEBS ARCHIVE WHICH HAS A SEARCH FUNCTION THAT YOU SHOULD LEARN TO USE, AS IT WILL LET YOU BYPASS THE (((MAINSTREAM))) SEARCH ENGINES' ALGO'S AND GET TO LEGIT FE CONTENT.FOR earth optical horizon educate/

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>>430214455Do not blindly believe this post or anyone else about the shape of the earth. only trust that which can be verified and makes sense according to your God-given common sense, logic and reason.Above all else BE A GOOD PERSON AND SET YOUR HIGHEST VALUES TO TRUTH AND LOVE. if you dedicate your life to seeking truth and turning away from fear and sin in all of its forms The Creator will bless you and give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Access to Heaven can be attained IN THIS LIFE. You just have to show The Creator that you are deserving of being let in. Prove to The Creator you deserve to be let into the kingdom of heaven by being a good person always, abiding by the golden rule always, and being the living embodiment of love and truth.Your life literally becomes The kingdom of heaven when you live in love and truth and turn away from sin and fear. Dont believe me; Try it for yourself. And dont just claim that youve been a good person either. Dont lie to yourself; you and The Creator know whether you are truly good and pure.Do that thing that you know in your heart that you should, or stop doing that thing that you know you shouldn’t be doing, and just watch your life start to improve. Eventually you will realize you have been granted access to the kingdom of heaven and life has become better than you ever thought possible.It only seems unbelievable that I’m telling the truth about how to attain access to heaven bc you have been brainwashed to believe that heaven is only attainable after you die or in another life or some bs. There are VERY VERY VERY FEW people alive who actually have dedicated their life to being a good person. Most people only pretend, but they hold on to something that is not part of love/truth and it bleeds into every area of their life and they are not granted access to heaven. The kingdom of heaven is only for those who have cleansed their life of sin and fear. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it, I promise.

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>>430199849>this is the first commercial application of the technology.What is the specific commercial motivation for manufacturing pharmaceuticals in space?Or anything, really?I can understand the need to experiment, but I don't see any business sense here.I see (((Lux))) is in on this one.

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>>430214082At best, if everything is lined up it’s a 9 month trip, round trip 21 months. Average is 18 months.>hand wavey “just do X”Hundreds of billions of dollars to ship everything necessary to Mars. And then all you’ve got is a “colony” still 100% dependent on imports from Earth to keep you going. While you’ve got nothing at all that you can ship back. And the smallest little disaster leaves you with a year between you and replacement parts between you and breathing the next best thing to vacuum.

>>430200392We don't (officially) have the means to get that much material in orbit for a massive structure like that.Not that massive structures much larger than the ISS haven't been spotted.

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>>430213400Elon wants mats for a propaganda point for space travel. I can understand that goal. I expect he will land there, set up some temp stuff to say he did it then go do other things closer to earth.

>>430215241We wouldn't truck it all up there. We just build a proper orbital mine to manufacturing infrastructure. Asteroids are chock full of useful shit.

>>430204582>putting a price on a new planetjew

>>430214813Some chemicals are much easier(actually possible to make at scale) to make in 0 g, especially when it comes to crystals. They actually do have a good reason for it.

>>430204582I don't believe the mainstream narrative that Mars is a dead planet.The fact they use a red filter to get rid of the blue sky says it all.

>>430199849> insane globe cult's (((globe myth))) is shit.

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>>430214817> At best, if everything is lined up it’s a 9 month tripThat depends on the technology used to travel. Solar sail ships and sling shot methods, etc. are very fast.> Hundreds of billions of dollars to ship everything necessary to Mars.What? No. Lol. Just some supplies. Robots can do the rest. Most plans intend to use advanced 3D printing technology to build everything from homes, to vehicles, to rockets, etc.> And then all you’ve got is a “colony” still 100% dependent on imports from Earth to keep you going. Why do you think such things? Every plan intends to source materials and energy from Martian sources after initial development.> While you’ve got nothing at all that you can ship back. I've already agreed that the economics would make such ventures more reasonable. But lets just say the ability to be an interplanetary species may be a benefit in itself.> And the smallest little disaster leaves you with a year between you and replacement parts between you and breathing the next best thing to vacuum.On site printers, manufacturing facilities, etc. Every time you say X could happen, it's very easy to give a reasonable Y solution.


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>>430215561Not putting a price on things is dangerous, if you don’t understand what you are getting into and how to make it an efficient and useful course of action, people won’t support it. Columbus came to America because he was looking for trade routes, not for shits and giggles. I do agree that the value of a new planet is immeasurable but to grasp it we need to take measured and reasonable actions lest we find ourselves falling tragically short.

>>430215605Oh ok, thanks.I'm not a chemist.

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>>430199849>The capsule will manufacture pharmaceuticals for commercial companies.Will it make HRT pills for space trannies?

>>430214817See comment below>>430215780Australia is a barely habitable Hell hole that the British used as a penal colony to ship the most retarded and criminal elements to. Yet, we see here that an Austardian has the internet.I think Mars colonists will make it, we just need to create the technology and methods.

>>430215561What makes a planet worth anything? If you don’t get more out of it than you put into it, it’s nothing but a resource sink. All of the planets in this solar system are total shit. They don’t have anything to offer. There’s nothing on them you can’t get cheaper here or in the belt. This isn’t 1950s science fiction. If there’s not an economical reason to do it, it’s not going to happen.


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>It is ridiculous to think earth is a testicle-shaped cartoon ball and that Australia is upside down in real life.Anyone who believes the fake news jewish (((globe myth))) is a retard.Keep alert!>

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>>430199849>We're gonna spend billions to make a factory in space to make things we already make on earth for no reason, which means that anything that goes wrong such as a mechanical fault, will cost additional millions to repair>this does not factor in the cost of bringing the manufactured goods to earth which will require delivery systems to keep being sent up>Delivery systems will be delivered to deliver manufactured goods before being delivered back up to deliver the next batch of goods>Repeat; these are goods already manufactured on EarthThis is quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

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>>430215480I don't think we've lasso'd the first asteroid yet.

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>>430215973You replies only further prove my point. If Austardians can colonise Austardia then Martians can colonise Mars.

>>430215937Australia has a breathable atmosphere, liquid water, and arable farmland. Yet it’s so hostile that only small fractions are considered habitable. And it takes hours, not months, to travel from there to outside civilizations.

>>430199849Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun would be proud.

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>>430216178> Australia has a breathable atmosphereIt's also scorching hot and you hear the incessant noises of Austardians.> liquid water> arable farmlandAustardia is mostly inhospitable desert. Everything you said doesn't negate what I said. Being hard hasn't stopped humanity from colonising new places before. We can almost certainly make the technology.The only question is whether we have the will to do so with the absence of an economic incentive. So far, it seems we do.

>>430210698Generally speaking: Building an AI-based metosphere that surrounds the globe and allows inter-galactic operations to commence.


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>>430216178If our government weren't corrupt faggot cocksuckers pissing away money on garbage we could have terraformed this cunt half a century ago, neck yourself.

>>430212047you bring the microbes from earth, good thing about those is they can be light. dormant bacteria on a substrate like wheat bran. a juice if needed.wont address the chemistry bit, don't know anything about it. i expect something like putting niggers on mars to cost to thorium, you only need mine and process it a bit. molten salt reactors while relatively light and compact also don't need their thorium fuel refined like fuel grade uranium. can be extracted as fluorine and reacted with would need regolith harvesters to drive around though. big problem on mars, mainly the wheels. though that's been partly solved.and fusion, yeah i don't expect it to ever happen. maybe in 100 years if iter and its power generating successor go ok.

>>430218021flouride can be extracted as flourine*

>>430217421And this goes back to what I’ve been saying all along, if it isn’t economically viable, it isn’t going to happen.CAN it be done? Sure. Is it going to cost far more than any possible benefit from it? Oopsie.

>>430199849>The capsule will manufacture pharmaceuticals for commercial companiesIt'd probably be more valuable to society as a metal working shop. Lot's of cool and nearly impossible feats can be done in space due to Total Oxidation Layer Death.

>>430199849>into space on the SpaceX>SpaceXaaaand I stopped reading.

>>430215739>build (...) vehicles, to rockets, etc.What you will print those out of? Fucking martian regolith, like the houses?>>430215739>On site printers, manufacturing facilitiesAgain, where will you get resources for that? Pick few stray iron meteors and then what? Sift through regolith? Try building mines? Doesn't sound like something that would become feasible for long decades. Also, you underestimate how much of a technological miracle is cheap steel or aluminium - you can't just 3D print everything and Mars won't have enough power for smelting without nuclear.I like space colonisation as much as any other person, but I don't think it's gonna be as simple as you want.

>>430201708Lords Bogdanoff are already there waiting for Elon to activate the ARC.Currently our new master on Earth is Lord Breen. It's why when everyone takes the "bog pill" now always ends up looking like him instead of our true lords.

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>>430202078Something tells me you don't dig a hole when taking a poop out in the wilderness.

>>430215668Was wondering when one of these faggots would show up.

>>430218336> What you will print those out of? Fucking martian regolith, like the houses?In some cases, yes. Martian soil contains a lot of metal. But mines will also be made. Some companies are already designing 3D printers with Martian material usage.>> On site printers, manufacturing facilities> Again, where will you get resources for that? From Mars. > Pick few stray iron meteors and then what? Sift through regolith?> What are mines?Also, Mars, unlike Earth, likely has extremely high concentrations of minerals near its surface because there is no tectonic plate movement and little erosion. > Try building mines? Doesn't sound like something that would become feasible for long decades.Decades is really not that long in the grand scheme of things. It took humans from the Wright brothers first flight to the moon 60 years. Technology moves fast, and it moves faster exponentially. There are companies, right now, automating almost every job there is, there will be, probably in the next 10-20 years fully automated mines.> Also, you underestimate how much of a technological miracle is cheap steel or aluminium??? Okay? Explain why we can't have cheap steel or aluminum for Martian given our advances in technology.> you can't just 3D print everything and Mars won't have enough power for smelting without nuclear.3D printers are going to print a LOT of stuff. And even stuff we don't print it's all very doable. In terms of energy, we can just use nuclear, solar, geothermal, etc. > I like space colonisation as much as any other person, but I don't think it's gonna be as simple as you want.I never said it as simple, nor did I say it's something I want. In fact I think colonizing Mars is a bit senseless. I just think it's within humanity's ability to do so if it has the will to do so. Eventually our technology will get to a point where we can construct super massive biodomes on Mars that contain tropic habitats, done with powerful AI and robots.

>>430218122Turning the whole country into a verdant paradise would certainly be economically viable and massively profitable, just not in the short term election cycle to election cycle timeline you imbecile. You should be a politician.

>>430202078There's not a single economic reason for you to continue living, and yet here you are.

>>430219406Fleeing bullshit to settle new land is why we're so prevalent as a species on this Planet. Easier to build a new civilization and BTFO the faggot you fled from trying to reconstitute you back into their micromanaged shithole they've managed to create from the fruits of the ancestors.

>>430199849>space manufacturing capsuleThey manufactured space?

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>>430200191Out of?

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>>430219050Yeah, I'm not saying that you can't print some things, but not everything - if you need rolled steel for whatever reason you're hosed. Or if you need something that raw materials are not easy to come by on Mars - I'd imagine you'll be hard pressed to print out that o-ring when spares run out.>What are mines?Mines are something that's already not so easy and often dangerous in a place where you don't have to sit in a goddamn space suit because you have abundant oxygen. Also requires non-trivial energy expenditure to build and maintain. It's going to be much harder to do on Mars until we have drones that can do that for us and that's multiple decades away, not convinced that it's only 10-20 years like you say. Technological progress is not necessarily linear - sometimes you pick all low-hanging fruits and going further requires a paradigm shift, which you can't really tell a priori when will happen.>According to Alcoa, the world’s largest producer of aluminium, the best smelters use about 13 kilowatt hours (46.8 megajoules) of electrical energy to produce one kilogram of aluminium; the worldwide average is closer to 15 kWh/kg (54 MJ/kg).Steel seems to require bit less than that at roughly 9 kWh, from what I can Google, but it's a complex, multi-step process (see picrel). Now, this is all terrestrial industry which doesn't have to care about trivial resources like coal/coke (there are apparently ideas to substitute that with hydrogen, but that will also be scarce on Mars) and more importantly, oxygen. So Martian steelmaking will necessarily look different (such as direct reduction and then putting that into an arc furnace), but I don't imagine it will change energy expenditure calculus much. And feasibility of cheap steel also because you have economy of scale and an industrial pipeline supporting it and Mars won't have any of that - steel spoon is cheap on Earth, on Mars it will be a luxury for a long while.

>>430219050>>430223855> In terms of energy, we can just use nuclear, solar, geothermal, etc.With solar you'd have to wait for days to smelt a kilo of steel - NASA says their rovers produced about 1 kWh of energy per sol _at best_. Sure, you can have more and bigger panels, but it doesn't sound like good energy density for efficient smelting. Geothermal is still a hypothetical there, as afar as I know. That leaves you with either fission (where you're bound to Earth for supplies, though at least they last long) or fusion, which doesn't exist yet.I guess we're just maybe talking about different time horizons - I'm saying that I think it will be hard to bootstrap a Mars colony to something approaching self-sufficiency and you handwave problems with "well in a few decades it will probably get solved" - which is probably true, but means neither of us will see a self-sufficient Martian colony in our lifetimes. Also, I might be wrong - I'm no materials engineer, this is is just random bits of knowledge I picked up along the way.

>>430223855It always comes down to processing power and power storage/bandwidth

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>>430201659>In space? Why?Lack of gravity allows to arrange molecules in easier way

>>430224207>arrange molecules

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