What kind of crisis will America face if this trend of sexless young men continues?

What kind of crisis will America face if this trend of sexless young men continues?

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>>430199246Mexicans will run America, oof. Truly a tragedy.

>>430199246>culture no longer instills motivation or a sense of drive in men>masculinity is frowned upon>women are more aggressive than ever before>nooo why are men retreating online and being so sexless and lonely?

I dunno I'll probably be a bum with bad teeth and have a stroke

>>430199246Too many men will check out of society and it will collapse, although the elites might have AI doing all the work by then so it might not matter

>>430199246>extremely onlinewhat the fuck

>>430199246Most guys are just ugly to women thats it if you were attractive to women, women would actually be molesting you in public

>>430199552Good luck finding an AI to maintain the sewer systems or any of the other myriad tasks nessesary to uphold society.

>>430199246Writing 10 articles a week about it isn't gonna fix anything. How do journalists still have jobs?

>>430199636That sounds awful.

>>430199246>no linkYou had one job OP

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>>430199246These articles never hit the nail on the head because their writers seem totally oblivious to the Chad-only phenomenon that twenty minutes of Chadfishing would show them, empirically and irrefutably. Literally all they have to do is A/B test an obnoxious Chad vs. a "wonderful" average-looking guy.

>>430199744Maybe to Chads but to us losers that sounds like heaven

>>430199246Meanwhile Russia and China incentivize Male participation and make sure women don't get out of control. that's why they'll ultimately win.The seeds of our demise were sewn almost from the very beginning, they've taken hundreds of years to sprout. chickens coming home to roost. stqrm is here.

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>>430199861No need for Chad to be douchey, Chads can have any possibly personality and still get instant vagina in other words his personality doesnt matter it really is NOTHING BUT FUCKING LOOKS.

>>430199838He also has one post

>>430200008>us losersSpeak for yourself, glownigger

>>430200177If you dont get vagina by doing nothing you are a loser to women

>>430200040Posts like these are just boring st this point...

>>430199246All I see are tons of "experts", women, journalists, etc.. telling me why I am lonely, sexless and online but never talk to me or even ask.

These are the things they are writing about FYI. Normal people are doing just fine.

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>>430199246Imagine being an average straight man in 2023. Couldn't be me.

>>430200079That's the point of making the Chad obnoxious and the average-looking guy "wonderful" -- to show that looks are overpowered and personality doesn't compensate and to destroy any excuses about the Chad getting interest because of his personality.

>>430199427Their fathers and grandfathers viciously attacked them for showing any masculine behavior. Their mothers wanted them to be queers. The Jews wanted them to disappear. The virtual world was the only place they weren't attacked 24/7. Their only safe space.

>>430200226You know nothing about me, I have been with every girl I ever crushed on in my younger years and in ways you would not believe if I told you

>>430200079Spoken like a true simp chink. It's at least 50% height.

>>430199427“We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”--C. S. LewisAlso, the social contract has been completely ripped up, pissed on, and destroyed. Our society now goes out of its way to cuck its men.

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>>430199246Let me guess. It's because of misogyny and white supremacy, and women are the biggest victims?

>>430199246Everything is going to have cum and Dorito stains on it.

>>430199246There will be no crisis because nothing will happen.90% of men are obsolete at this point.The feminists are right, the future is female, women will step in where men are no longer needed.The only men left will be giga chads who will be sex workers for women.

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>>430200555And thats cool but women do really think non Chads including the ones who do have sex casually are still losers compared to Chad

>>430199838post once then back to the void?Don't forget to season yo posts

>>430200079>Be me>5'6' chad>women love me>women love to touch my fat cock>i'm autistic>i don't fuck them>I teach them to play battle for wesnoth. The world is healing.

>>430200079A swing and a miss. Chad doesn't "need" to be douchey in the TV understanding of the word. It's just that he can get away with acting like that so he does it as he feels. That's different from the fights and posturing contests he gets in during the course of his sexual conquests. A quip or ten, an agile and strong body and a slick look can all combine to make him "That Asshole Who Gets All The Pretty Girls!"

Average men would rather jerk off than pursue average women. Average women would rather get an occasional one night stand with a Chad than be pursued by average men. These are myopic and unsustainable lifestyles that will fracture society, but not for another 10-20 years. There really is no point to pursuing relationships because there is no social shame in being single and/or fucking around, and the cost of living essentially punishes you for having a family, because food/shelter/medical care/education have all become for-profit industries demanding increasing margins at the expense of our collective quality of life. The only people who should really get married are those who are truly in love, which is and always has been rare, because you really have to "want it" when your life is financially precarious after that point. Having children could literally be the thing that sends you spiraling into poverty. A collection of atomized individuals on depression medication who measure their lives in dollars obviously don't constitute a society, and that's why we are doomed, but They won't stop squeezing these stones until everything falls apart. Nobody has any interest or responsibility in keeping civilization running. We think of existence itself in the way that a Private Equity firm would. Just chipping away at it until there's nothing left.

>go out for groceries>be 6/10 guy>see 2/10 sweaty fatass with 8/10 blondeWhat the fuck? I feel like stabbing myself.

>I'm not certifiably mentally ill>it's perfectly sane behaviour to make the same sick thread over and over for months and years>there's nothing wrong with me and i'm not advertising that constantlybased

>>430200766Whatever you say, I know some real ugly fat retards who get a lot of pussy just because they make a lot of money. Women are attracted to power, I guess you have just always had a will on par or weaker than the average woman.

>>430199246>chemically castrate men with the shit they put in our food>socially make them subservient to women or they’re “problematic”>make all schools favor women and any boys who get annoyed have ADHD and are given amphetamines>Oh no, how could men be retreating from the wonderful society we made?Such a fucking joke.

>>430200718>The feminists are right, the future is female, women will step in where men are no longer needed.He's going all out with this one

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>>430200972Deal drugs.

>>430200252>>430201017Feds trying to reign in the narrative now that it's going terminal, get the goyim buttered up for another slaughter.

>>430200972>What the fuck?Money.


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>>430199246Real life is boring, sex is boring, relationships are just status systems I don't even have a care or fear if I got cheated on I would just leave. But the issue is I use to be very social. Go to parties get along with many people been in and out of relationships since I was 11 (23m) growing up I was promised hopes and dreams now I'd be lucky to make a car payment at this point I'm thinking I'd rather just be homeless on a motorcycle and be a gypsy. Going to work won't move me to a house I don't care for some vapid whore with no personality that wants to just lay at home all week besides work or once a week hang out that took birth control so I have retarded children. Life in the US sucks especially if you don't use drugs anymore

>>430200955Good post. Sad but good. World is a fuck

>>430200568height is part of your looks retard

>>430199246>Extremely online.It's so helpful when they answer their own question right in the headline.

>>430199246Women kind of became borderline schizophrenic or they are so shallow there just isn’t anything to them.The amount of women that actually chose to approach me or agree to try an relationship and then immediately melted down the second thing actually got romantic to then spend months flip flopping between “we should keep distance.” “Why are you being so distant to me” on me and then never commit one way or the other was insufferable.


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just give us our AI fantasy women already

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>430200338>Normal people are doing just fine.OK jew

>>430203798This has been one of my main uses for image generation to.You should try text generation. Shit gets good.

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>>430200628>it's the gubment's job to get me laidFucking clowns

>>430205124The government does whatever we decides it does, it's an artificial construct made by people. Yes, an industrial-age machine.

Can I see the data?No? Just made it up? Is it fun owning the media?

Here's the article, fuck you OPtheringer.com/2023/6/6/23750435/why-so-many-young-men-are-lonely-sexless-extremely-online-richard-reeves-of-boys-and-men

>>430199246>ifYou're approaching the fall of Rome 2: Electric boogaloo. There is no stopping now.

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>>430200955Great stuff

>>430205394>Is it fun owning the media?yeah man, goys are pretty stupid

>>430199861They can't admit it because that would expose female nature.

>>430200040Women’s suffrage and feminism was a communist revolution in this country from the men’s perspective. Men consciously or subconsciously know this and are demoralized by this. Men are right to boycott society until it collapses because we are currently ruled by our inferiors via democracy and it’s unnatural.

>>430205124It is, hence Marriage as an enforced institution was created as a basic cornerstone of Civilization.I thought Finns were supposed to be well educated?

No pussy no work.It's a statement of fact. If men don't get pussy, they don't work.When women are broke necessarily, can't hold a bank account, can't participate in society, can't hold a job except for very niche fields, every single man is a step up. Of course there will still be discrepancies. This didn't work out so well for the ugly ones. So they got rallied under banners saying "Votes for Women." What should have been allowed to happen was to allow men to marry more than one woman so long as they pick up the ugly ones as well. Anyway too late for that. Women now built polygamy when set to the own devices except it's wildly out of control. My choices are - fat whore or fat whore. Great, thanks, I'll take secret option C which is not to participate. Pay as little into the tax pool as possible. Better yourself at the expense of society if possible. Have a plan for when things go to shit, because they are going to shit, because men not getting what they need is going to guarantee that outcome. It would take a God given miracle to turn this ship around. Too many women are valueless and too many men haven't been getting vitamin ass for too long. It's every man for himself, to be sure. Sucks to live in an active demolition.

>>430206408He's just a simp. Probably voated for that drunken whore whatever her name was

>>430199246my name is john and i hate every single one of you

>>430199246you'll find out when the collapse happens.

>>430201338you *WILL* kneel for vagina touches from hormonally distorted sexomaniac psychopaths who will only offer it as a reward for conformity.

I will remain extremely online until real waifus are invented.

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>>430207597You're never have a loving caring waifu, neither become one. Enjoy our company, fellow netizen

>>430209502how's life in Egypt user ?

>>430207388hi john!

How can you not be extremely online when you have supercomputers always connected with cheap data plans wherever you go? You can shitpost from school, work, the gym, airports, buses, trains, the toilet, etc.

>>430199246america will be a latin amerian banana republic.China will rule the world

>>430207325>No pussy no work.Pussy is the prime mover, no man in history would have ever moved out of his lean-to shelter unless it made him more likely to attract a mate. This society is fundamentally flawed and unsustainable.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of women actually like me, I just don’t want to talk to them

>>430199246This is a demoralization thread.

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>>430200338>most of pol is against abortion>see this picture>Why is pol against abortions?

>>430211619sup faggot i hate you

>>430200870>wesnothOk patrician taste

>>430210355shit just like in philippines unless you are rich


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>>430212104Real life is a demoralization thread

When women aren't given a choice they aren't happy but men are.When women are given choice they are happy but men aren't.It's a conundrum.

>>430215141Women are happier when they have no agency, they don't know what they want and end up doing stupid shit and get hurt in the process.

>>430215309That's a lowkey appropriate view to take, though wahminoids are FAR more malicious than you're giving them credit for. If they fuck a relationshit they've entered into up they're usually absolutely ruthless about it and have no second thoughts about backstabbing/divorce-raping their partner. There's nothing innocent about that.

>>430213168Thanks, john, that means a lot.>>430211948What's coming is aging women learning the hard way that they were lied to and they have to Settle. At the rate men are checking out, the floor is going to be very, very low.


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>>430217305That chick probably has about 10 men’s trying to talk to her and she ignores them all.

Who the fuck cares Nobody that’ll start crying about it once they cant ignore it any longer will deserve any sympathy

>>430199246Mass killings of Democrats and Leftists

>>430217613She's an idiot like all incels. It happens to women to such a degree they came up with a name for it.

>>430215141Women have all the choices and they're in a more miserable state than ever. These women are sick both mentally and physically, any happiness is fleeting or faked to make themselves look better on the surface like with their makeup.

None of this shit matters. My ex reached out to me and wants to meetup and fly me on a vacation now that she has money. She’s soon to be 39 and advised how bad the dating scene sucks or how much she sucks at dating now (she’s 39 lol). Life gets easier for men with age if men do sports, workout, eat right, make decent money, etc. This is literally the first generation where most 20-40s are not married. Women are in for a rude awakening when guys like me are happy to bang but no way will we marry a western woman.

>>430207388Checked and fuck you for tarnishing my name

>>430199246Young men aren't necessarily lonely. They may prefer to spend time alone, which is not the same thing.

>>430219640fuck you john

>>430199246war will take care of it and give them something that makes them feel that their life has worth

>>430199246always with the questions, never with a solution.

>>430200870kek I love you user

>>430217613Female incel just means Chad doesn't want to take her serious.

>>430205124Yes, it unironically is. What do you think the purpose of the government is? Does social collectivization just emerge the aether, fully formed. The purpose of the nest we built is to provide an environment that helps secure and protect my offspring, and if it is not stable I am not going to have them.

>>430205124At the very least it is the government's job to help their own.They have failed.Time to get a new one.

>>430200628>We laugh at honorWell said CS. This is what I hate the most about our present society (American)....being kind, honest, intelligent and virtuous is seen as a weakness and it is shunned.(t burger on vacation)

>>430199246>"Why is X so bad and retarded now!?">The government is entirely JEWISH >"Nah that can't be it!"

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>>430200693Toxic masculinity user. Men suffer from patriarchy almost as much as women! Turns out all we need is a feminist reeducation session and to open up to a therapist. And if you’re still not happy after that, maybe some drug will do it

Social media is driving everyone to stay indoors has made everyone atomized and less likely to make new friends and meet people of the opposite sex naturally. 20 years ago average and even ugly people would still find love simply by being around each other long enough, with stuff like tinder that opportunity for bonding is shattered and all that matters is looks.

>>430201017en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth-generation_warfareGlowniggers consider US citizens to be enemy combatants.Glowniggers are traitors to these United States.What happens to traitors, anons?

>>430199246You think it's only happening in America?

>>430200040>Meanwhile China incentivizes Male participationWrong. Having taught in China over a decade at least 80% of the best students are women, and to my knowledge nothing within their system has been done to address this

>>430217613>10 menAfter she posted that video I can guarantee its in the 100's. Likely even before she posted the video , in fact

>>430199246It’s hard to know for sure if it’s just an overstatement, or life differs this significantly in societies.Here in Eastern Europe things are largely better. I have 0 friends without serious partners. Only two without children. Half of them with two already. Sure it’s under replacement level on average, but there is no loneliness epidemic here, let’s see what will happen with the younger generation.

>>430200628Spainanon gets it.

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>>430220952How do i access this alternate reality that you live in?

>>430199246The ones who think they are "in charge" will loose their cannon fodder.

Also, I think many people in the west have this fantasy view of the world and they only want the best for themselves. The hottest partner, the coolest friends, the best job. Reality is disappointing them and they can't deal with it. The amount of drama and dead relationships over the smallest of things.

>>430200555Then you woke up larper, KEK

>>430221130I don’t know, maybe Hungary is really special due to the stubbornness and grit? But again, I’m old, approaching 40, my kid is playing with sand castles, so I don’t have the best knowledge about what goes on with the Zoomers. For all I know, chicks in their 20s are pretty weird, guys in their 20s are same but different. But mostly they are in relationships as I know. Don’t even know anyone who is not straight, maybe one girl who is lesbian, but she has a lot of mental issues, I’m sad for her. And I openly ridicule feminists, no one gives a fuck. Maybe it really is an alternative universe, god bless this place.

>>430217979>She's an idiot like all incels>involuntary

>>430218788i reached out to my first ex, im also her first ex, after she invested 11 yrs into some douchebag that ended up cheating on her, now she lives back at her parents. 95% of people either of us know is a boozebag and/or cokehead with 1-5 bastard children. neither of us are this.she tells me im not her type and nothing is good about me. despite not knowing me for years now.im 35 shes 33.


>>430199246Total obliteration.Men participate in civilization for access to wombs. If there are no wombs, there are no rules.Total self preservation isn't ingrained in men, high risk high reward behavior, is.2+2 you're getting nailed to a crossI'm not even joking. We are in danger

>>430215141>When women are given choice they are happyKEK, no

>>430222240You did it wrong. She’s supposed to reach out to you. Your life is supposed to be going so amazing they feel compelled to find you. I’m a manlet but I have a large thick cock so that probably helps too, if you’re small that could be why

>>430200718>they really named her taqiyyaKek these niggers are incredible

>>4302228025'8 but shes 5'2 the other guy was like 5'5 at best kek. hard i hang a solid 7 1/2 + thick.i do see what you mean though.that is the next logical step. inheriting a house myself by end of summer. going to tell everyone i purchased it.

>>430199246Because I don't want to be around WOMEN

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>>430222802what compelled yours to reach out to you and how did she? also did you actually go on the trip?

My extremeness is not only reduced to my online activities?

>>430217305>>430217613>>430220896Dunno, a "female incel" in the Current Year is a pretty massive red flag, and I would stay away at all costs.

>>430199246i m just not going to lift my pussyfree fingers for this society, thats all. You will have to import more pajeets and mohamedans to keep this shitshow running.

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Enough with the concern trolling threads. Nobody cares about who is fucking and who isn't. Stop pretending promiscuity has ever been normal. It hasn't and never will be unless you are actually a degenerate. In which case, diseases usually solve the problem.

>>430205124enforcing monogamy and punishing adulterers is the governments job if it reserve the right to tax and draft men

>>430223484This is at least more political than the usual religious spam.

>>430199427You SOB. You'll work hard, and fight for your own demographic replacement. And you'll bloody well like it.

>>430199246>AmericaThere are no nations, there are no peoples. youtu.be/V9XeyBd_IuA

>>430199427>masculinity is frowned uponAggressiveness, shit talking and over the top egomania has never been masculine, you americans are trying to turn everything upside down.If you go in any country outside of america, all traditionally masculine men just stare you emotionless and judgementally.Best comparision i can give you; Ja Morant vs. Nikola JokicApelike impulsiveness is feminine and animalistic trait.

>>430222571Tee hee, that means things will get really fun. Dont you wanna have fun?

>>430199246there are gonna be more people in the future, and and increasing number of brown people per capita, regardless of how many dudes arent having sex

Ask modern women, since they've made relationships a worse gamble than any game at the casino.

>>430199246Considering 63% between 18-29 are already not in relationships, there's increasingly no reason to believe anything will happen. Like South Korea.

>>430223785Men of action are necessary. You don’t know what you’re talking about, icegook.

>>430223785Best post on this board right nowt. lived in America for decades

>>430199246None, because these men are dopamine fiend porn addicts. The primitive part of the brain is responsible for the violent drives of revolt, and theirs is content because it makes no difference between porn or real woman. Unless chuds magically decide to go nofap en masse or porn gets banned you will do fucking nothing

>>430224281>american>men of action>2016 + 7>still hasn't done shitYou aren't gonna do shit, pussy.

>>430224383You don't get to say "chuds" when it's nearly two-thirds of young men and one-third of young women.

>>430223785>Aggressiveness, shit talking and over the top egomania has never been masculinebeing able to outright crush psychopaths, sociopaths and politicians -- physically if necessary -- is an absolute necessity to functional society

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>>430199246The US empire is dying, there is no way to stop it dying. They are just slowly it, so it doesn't die before the people in power are dead.One of the strategies the US uses is to try make sure the rest of the world is suffering the same issues they have, so they are promoting immigration and woke culture in the EU and other nations too.If a nuke fell on the US a lot of the worlds problems would end overnight.

>>430223785It’s not the same thing. Capability of violence is required to change anything. Most (or even every) problem in modern societies could have been prevented if the majority of men would have just fucked up anyone pushing inhumane ideas. We are long past the point where staring would solve anything. Modern men are domesticated harmless slaves.

>>430224565>"chuds"Russian memes are everywhere, why are americans calling everyone finnish?


>>430200718Shut the fuck up you nigger.

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>>430200628That C.S. Lewis quote is from "The Abolition of Man". The book is full of redpills, he even mentions how advancements in technology just serve to enslave us further.

>>430224415Again, jelly bean brain, Americans are not a people. America is an economic zone open to the detritus of the world. Technocracy and maritime finance capital are alchemical systems, and failing to understand this you are relegated to comparing apples and oranges. Fitting for a member of a group of useless eaters who sell them beside our interstate onramps.

>>430224737Not sure what you mean, and chud is not strictly a term for Americans. Burgers, Amerilards, mutts, etc. I've not seen anyone call anyone "finnish" unduly.

>>430199246essential stuff slowly dies as no one replaces them

>>430221413>replying to a 6-hour old postPathetic.

>>430224792>he even mentions how advancements in technology just serve to enslave us further.I recommend image related for reading, having read it long time before Snowden revelations, nothing that was released surprised me, I already had heads up warning>"Surely the programs have taken effect. The humans are controllable.">"So thought the Rintar group.">"Those humans were half formed, brutish. They were unrefined and wild. The new races are much more malleable and well adjusted to technological controls. They are minimally dangerous and after the invasion the few that remain will be grateful for any bone we toss them."

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>>430224861>Not sure what you mean, and chud is not strictly a term for Americans.Chuds are ethnic Finns/estonians, the ethnic group Russians use in their stories to scare their children to behave

>>430224792Lewis also believed that dueling was preferable to just holding a grudge and making each other miserable.

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>>430225054I could not possibly know that.

>>430225125Russians are living rent free in half of the boards heads

>>430224807The only nobility left in this world are those useless eaters, selling oranges and apples beside Mammon's arteries. Why would you be proud of your energy being harvested by the very same industries and financial systems you despise?

>>430225231>Her Majesty waits at the back of the busOk, Monke.

>>430224281I can assure you that, there is absolutely no need to be aggressive and egomaniacal at all to take action. There is reason why first the first thing special force training aims to do is breaking ones ego and after teach them selfcontrol.t. 20 years of experience as mercenary in conflict zones