Why do white nats have a soft spot for the Japanese? It’s specifically them and not other East Asians; Koreans, Mongols etc go largely unnoticed and the Chinese are reviledWhat sets them apart? Is it the girls? Is it anime? Explain pol

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They're the white people of Asia and Jomon Japs look as white as the average Greek or Italian

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>>430198919Hitler was relatively ok with them. Sometimes their skin is white, even if they themselves are not racially white. Some of their women are attractive. They’re decently civilized on their own. Their still not white though, so if you like them, you’re a race traitor

>>430198919Mongols are super based.

>>430198919They are cute.

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>>430198919They are a noble people comparable with the Aryans so therefore they are honorary Aryans.

>>430198919Allies with Nazis. Only non-white nation that managed to be a colonial empire. They were more popular than the rest of the east asian nations, so now when people think all the good things about east asian culture, they think of japan. Korea is just for k-pop, plus koreans seem like a less interesting version of japs. China is the source of all of the above, but it's just a shithole now and has the most annoying asians in the world. Best Korea is so superior we don't even mention it.

>>430198919>Explain>Explain>Explain>Explain>Explain>ExplainFUCK OFF

They had a neat little civilization that we didn't have to thrust upon them kicking and screaming like so many other races. They were orderly and tidy, a rarity in a world filled with cannibal nomads. How could you not immediately fall in love with the little fellas.

>>430198919They have the balls to do what we want to do. They will rather see their people die then let shitskins in their country.


>>430199579Jump off a bridge, Nazi

>>430198919>Why do white nats have a soft spot for the Japanese?It's cause of us their empire failed.

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>>430198919I admire them because they’re very civilized, a good mix of the traditional and the modern, they love nature but also technological progress. Their poorest cities are much more beautiful than our richest globohomo hell holes. There is plenty to like about the Japanese, not just their women and anime

>>430199105boyzu wuvzu

>>430199525Aryans came from East Asia mountainous regions. White people are Aryans mixed with caveman. Hence why white people look exactly like a cro-magnon caveman.

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>>430198919They run a well structured, orderly society. They have honor.

>>430199902they shouldn't have picked a fight with us. they were smoked after midway.

>>430198919Because the new national socialist revival you see today started on 4chan a website created by and for weaboos. Its really that simple. Stages of weaboo1) Wow look at all these easily accesable free shit to watch on shady internet websites2) Japan is awesome I want to be Japanese3) god I fucking hate Japan4) actually Japan is pretty cool and I still like animeFor most it ends there but for some it continues5) I wish I lived in anime6a) I wish I was an anime girl6b) If only we killed all the niggers and kikes I could live in a real anime world

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>>430200217The only white people that are Aryan are the Scandanavians and Dutch. Regions which Cro-magnon did not reach. The East Asians are Aryans. The Cro-magnon caveman mixed with western Europe, and Eastern Europe.

>Japan should not let anyone in their country with the exception of me because I am the only foreigner who appreciates Japanese culture.This is what the average weeb thinks.

>>430199196but they are mongoloids


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Anime and video games.Axis power.

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>>430200469No, kill all foreigners in Japan. Extend 5 year study visas maximum. Non Japanese should never be citizens and should always be second class citizens and this includes any child of a non-Japanese even with a Japanese woman. If you have any foreign blood in you, you and your descendants should always be second class citizens. This is how it should be everywhere.

>>430200469>anyone not japanese is a drooling barbarianthat was hard

>>430198919Peasants are peasantsSamari are knightsShogun are LordsEmperor is king

>>43020063525% of Japan is Chinese origin. Whites are considered sub-human class.

>>430198919Loli, pedophilia, tranime etc.

>>430198919they actually had a civilization compared to all the other "savage" populations europeans encountered. The portughese used to import japanese slaves in their country, but it didn't last long due to hostility with japan officially, but unoffically women were just jelous of japanese women. So then portugal took slaves from africa.Moreover japonism was really diffused between the artists in europe when trade opened with the country and influenced a lot of artistic styles in the 1800-900..Japan has been a military power too and euros were really impressed that they resisted russia and were able to build an empire. And well after ww2 they were able to civilize even more, thanks to america too, and you got all the electronics, vidya, anime and other cultural dominance that made the country even more beloved in the eyes of forigners. The point is that japan was never seen as total barbarians with sticks, but as a proper civilization and this was interesting, since it was different than ours, but not inferior.

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>>430198919Anime provided a great alternative from degen Jewish pop cultureTheir cultural productions are heavily influenced by Europe so we find an affinity to it

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>>430199105>They're the white people of Asia is this a joke post? i've seen indians/arabs whiter than this

>>430200745>25% of Japan is ChineseSauce


>>430201009The Japanese had a mandate to rename everyone in Japan with a Japanese first name, and Japanese surname. It's well documented...

>>430198919Whiteness, much like niggerdom, is a mindset not a race.

>>430199902because they behave well and create a society worth living in.


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>>430200745>>430201009Japan became asianfied during the Yayoi period, aka koreans. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Japan#Yayoi_period


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>>430200981those people are of aryan descent they are actually white remnants of a larger preexisting population that has common ancestors with europeans

>>430202240Can you explain the context of thisI am fascinated

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>>430198919Cultural hegemony and practical competence /thread

>>430202399The fluffies are given a test. Tempted by sketties but told to resist it. They are sorted by those who listen, those who do not, and those that disobey fervently. It draws parallels to the story of Adam and Eve.

>>430199105Hiroshi Abe is a handsome dude and he's in a lot of great movies/tv shows - but he isn't remotely white.


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>>430202710>>430202814Man that's fucked upFair enough metaphor but I'm too white to abandon small animals to their own fate

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>>430202981ok nigga

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Don’t fall for the weeb rose tinted glasses shoot there are a lot of shitty things about Japan but at someone who has lived there, speaks Japanese, has many Japanese friends and enjoys a lot of their culture, there are a lot of admirable things about them. Japanese have this unique juxtaposition of being rigid in their customs but also super malleable. There is a saying in Japanese that sums this up well “Born Shinto, marry Christian, die Buddhist” as in they are great at taking things from other cultures and making into their own version while still retaining their core Japanese-ness. And as much as I love western culture, I love the Japanese as well.

>>430203157post ponytail you fucking weeb

>>430198919>Why do white nats have a soft spot for the Japanese?Whiter and smarter, on equal footing with aryans.>It’s specifically them and not other East Asians; Koreans, Mongols etc go largely unnoticed and the Chinese are reviledThe japanese are civilized, most of the others are barely above niggers.

>>430198919They’re the only race of people that recognized white ingenuity and, instead of resisting it, embraced western ideas and join the west instead.

>>430198919because "white nats" are not white

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>>430203340oh my sweet summer child. go ask your dad about the 70s and 80s.

>>430198919They’re the whitest of asia and also made the ethnostate hitler couldn’t dream of way sooner. Jewsa kinda ruined it. My grandpa was actually there after the war and aside from their addiction to cigrettes, which my grandpa swears he never sold to them (I doubt, all of the soldiers did and he smoked for a while) they were normal and he had way more respect for them then any nigger.

>>430198919They do some fucked up shit cultural wise, but for the most part they are civilized.

>>430199105Too bad for the Japs that most look like Yayoi

>>430198919closest IRL equivalent of a semi- functional ethnostate.that coupled with its massive porn and escapist-media industries. in my view they're honorary. they do fucked up shit to animals though

>>430198919>Why do white nats have a soft spot for the Japanese?You wouldn't get it.

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>>430203414I’m talking about before WW2. They did that back in the late 1800s unlike other East Asian nations.

>>430198919coz they're rational unlike koreans and feel shame unlike chinese

>>430200060you're confusing neanderthal with cro-magnon and just flat wrong about other stuff. cro-magnon replaced neanderthalensis and bred with their women which is why jewish lineage is maternal, their males didn't exist long after contact with bigger, stronger, smarter cro-magnoncaveman also references neanderthals, who lived in caves. cro-magnon was migrating around and then fucked all the jew bitches (who weren't actually jews at the time, they stole that history much later)

>>430203671at cannon-point, you fucking dolt.

>>430203671They are somewhat less collectivistic than other Asians

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>>430198919because we're full

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Traditional homogeneous high trust society Work ethicFrown upon degeneratesCar culture Technological innovation mixed with traditionalist architecture still doesn't venture into zog tier postmodern brutalism I wanna see it for myself

>>430203791isnt the letmost one WAY too old for schoolgirl cosplay?

>>430199939this.Japanese are proof-positive that it's ethnos/culture that determines success, not economic status.Poorest Japanese city is far superior to the richest Apefrican or Meximonkey city

Japanese unironically have aryan DNA, and inherited our sense of honor. They are slanty-eyed cousins.

>>430198919Because they are, as a whole, a clean and intelligent race who care about their society.If you pick some random ass small town in America, you would think it's a developing shithole.

Personally? The book "shogun" I read in middle school. Also I don't like chinks. youtu.be/7cufG2Dlxvk

they fought for us in world war 2

Also Japanese philosophy. I was always a big fan of Alan Watts.

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>>430203974i live in a random ass small town in burgerland. it's not the town i grew up in. the whites left and spics moved in. im out soon as well, before i end up like clint eastwood in gran torino.japs have a jap society. their small towns are jap. they don't have to deal with niggers and spics and leafs.

>>430198919Civilised, Culture of Politeness and Traditions, Contributions to both Science and Art, Sided with Hitler.Also they don't eat dogs or cats like the other east asian peoples.

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>>430202240this comic gives me both a combination of feeling bad and not feeling bad. why? what is this strange phenomenon? hmmmmm..

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>>430203967thisThey are the Aryans of Asia

>>430198919If you don't know the difference your an uneducated plebian faggot.

>>430198919What side did they fight on in WW2? If they're based enough for Hitler...

>>430203967If aryans have a sense of honor, then why are there so many aryan traitors who join organisations like freemasonry.Arabs seem to have more honor when it comes to sticking by their own peoples to fight ZOG.White people have a lot to be proud of, but I don't think they stand above other races as an "honorable" race. Whites are also the second most likely to be gay.

>>430203789Yes, but they still did. I promise you, we pointed the cannon at everyone else, and the only ones who wisened up were the japs, so they have my respect there.

>>430198919clean.jews don't like them.

>>430198919Hitler preferred Islam and Japanese religion to Christianity. If he were alive today he'd probably be following Andrew Tate and converting to Islam.

>>430198919They most based and unique among first world nations.

>>430198919Because Japan is bad ass. The land of legendary ninjas, samurai, daimyos and shoguns. Japan developed practically the same feudal system Europe did as well as cultivating a rich history of customs, traditions, music and arts.They might not be white but their race is highly spirited and blessed.

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>>430200936The Slice of Life anime is literally the blueprint for modern National Socialism. It’s why Jews are trying their hardest to tamper with anime.

>>430203769You are a deluded buffoon if you think Cro-Magnon Man was "bigger, stronger, smarter" than Homo neanderthalensis.And btw it's more like Neanderthals bred with Homo sapien females - because they were literally better suited to birthing the large-skulled hybrids through the birth canal than Neanderthal females were.

>>430198919because pigskins are pedophilespigskins view asian women like childrenkys

>>430204956I’d rather it be Shinto. That’s closer to native European religion than Islam

>>430203226post rank and serial number

>>430198919The Japanese are the actual Aryans, the portal to Agartha and Hyperborea are located in Mount Fuji.

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>>430198919because most white nats are ugly incels who cant talk to women and they see asian woman as submissive and more approachable and kinder and think they could actually have a chance with them

>>430198919Japanese are the noble Aryans of East Asia. Chinese are Jewish, disgusting people, Koreans are ?

>>430206149first spear of the 9th legion.

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>>430198919Probably cause they have a ethnostate and are civilized

they're the most culturally influential nation outside of europe and USthats it

>>430204956>he'd probably be following Andrew Tatemixed race. nope

>>430198919google Ainu

>>430200469Exactly, you got it.And been living, working, fucked for almost 20 years with my bwc while spitting on other foreigners on whatever they do in Japan.The sooner they re, the better.

>>430198919Because most of them grew up watching anime during 90s-00s, and it was allied with Germany. And the msm has been feeding positive images of Japan largely due to Japan's lobbying, its effort to "contribute" to the liberal world order and its relations with the States and the EU.Nobody really openly talks about Japan's worse sides: Whaling, overfishing, degenerate culture, releasing radioactives into the Pacific, plummeting birthrate, shitty work culture, general lack of innovation and initiative among the entrenched "leaders", whitewashing its imperialist history into being a nuclear victim, etc.Maybe Netherlands, South Korea, Australia, Italy, a handful of critical scholars but who else? China NK and Russia? Only South Korea is considered semi-relevant because they had enough power to constantly fuck over American effort to complete the US-JP-SK triple alliance.Surely, the grass is greener on the otherside, but other than being crime/immigrant free, it has all the problems a typical globohomo nation has.

>>430207536Yeah but thats to be expected from East Asian peoples. New paradigms will always come from the west

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>>430207536>crime free>immigrant free

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>>430198919Nothing, you’re all just horny coomposting incels so you favor us more because you watch too much porn.

>>430205748lmao this nigger is defending a literally subhuman extinct specie just bc he got a dna test saying he's part neanderthal hahahahahahahaha LMAO

>>430199757hahaha deluded fagsearch "nigerians" japan in YouTube to see how cucked they are hahaha kys

>>430209119i also like koreans and mongols though, i think yall have a noble spirit. i don't know how i feel about chinese.

>>430198919I like Chinese girls more but I hate the sound of Mandarin, Japanese is much more pleasant to the ears.

>>430200433>Scandanavians and Dutch.you know these ppl have been migrating to Italy, france, spain, uk and many other eu countries since like forever?

>>430209368>koreans noble.

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>>430203917literally rent free

>>430203790>50% collectivist>50% individualistbased

>>430198919because they are the only admirable chinkoid race. based values built into their culture for millennia. cool history. the rest are savage bugs.


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>>430209748yup. hitler would have cleaned up europe of its trash and japan would have cleaned asia.

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>>430209882The Jews would have killed you then as they’d kill you now.

>>430209368>thinking its an actual jap and not some faggot posting from a us base over therekek retard

>>430198919They're industrious and lawful. Generally nice to each other and animals. They're smart and bring a lot of good to the world. The purpose of any ideology is to make the world better. Racialists think the way to do that is to fill it with more good people.

>>430209882commie was a mistake of humankind

>>430199853Go eat some bugs you faggot poofter lmao

>>430198919Culture of Honor.

>>430199105>white as the average Greek or ItalianAnon...

>>430200505Pure blood mongols are based. Mongoloids are mongols mixed with slavshits.

>>430198919fuck off. I'm tired of explaining this to newfags.

>>430198919Only redditors give a shit about japan

>>430210527you're country is like polandkys

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>>430210254>le honor xD>>430210087>le nice xD>>430209882>le hitler xD>>430207408>le abbos xD

>>430210507makes em stand out like a sore thumb

>>430198919It is propaganda.I thought (when i was a noob) that they were some kind of genoma rarity (like spanish and germans with RH-), in the end they dont differ much from koreans or chinese or mongomian people.Asians should join in some supra nation or federation or something and fuck poos and abos.Also we should do the same (whites) after, of course, england is nuked, and finally ally with asians in a supra supra mega cosmo mega alliance.We are desti ed to rule the world, not the kikes.

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>>430198919Its that theyre not billion people, that they created Nintendo, that they were until currently an ethnostate unlike Chyyyna, that theyre allies unlike the commie choinese, that theyre cleaner than Chinks, that they face the same issues than the west ...

Japanese are the best civilized asians.Mongols are the best barbaric asians.Chinese are the worst combination of civilized and barbaric culture ever conceived.

Weeb shit is cringe anime all that demasculates boys. Back in the day every country was more warrior-like and "hated degenerates" more, not just japan

>>430198919Japanese are warriors, and so were we. Chinese, not so much.

It's just a meme, faggot.Japan is full of degenerated people.

>>430198919Anime and all that crap aside, Japanese have presented their history to westerners with a huge emphasis on parallels between medieval Europe and Japan under the shoguns in order to be treated as equals.

>>430211383>chyna is le worst xDStraight out of reddit

>>430198919>HOMOGENOUS CULTURE>PERSONAL/FAMILY HONOR IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT>EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY GOODS & SERVICESJaps are great, I love 'em. Can't stand chinks & their cheap bullshit though.

>>430198919reminder to white nationalists that the japs genocided the indigenous white people of the islands

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>>430200635>If you have any foreign blood in you, you and your descendants should always be second class citizens.>This is how it should be everywhere.By that logic anyone that has any kind of mixed ancestry including the majority of Canada, America and the UK has no place to belong through no fault of their own.Including you most likely user since you have a US location

>>430200469I will populate Japan with a legion of green-eyed fair-skinned children.

>>430211745>>HOMOGENOUS CULTURELess homogenous than china and korea>>PERSONAL/FAMILY HONOR IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANTNo it's not everyone lies to save face>>EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY GOODS & SERVICESLe funkopops xD

>>430203789It would have happened at some point either way.

>>430211745youtube.com/shorts/Ezu7hLCPWKI>NPC BAD>NPC JAPAN GOOD

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>>430198919In 1853 when Admiral Perry Arrived with the Navy to Japan, they were a feudal backwater. In less than 100 years they became an industrial power house and had a more advanced and better Navy/Air Corp than the USA. They were the Super Power of Asia when WWII broke out and China was a commie shit hole.The Japs are truly descended from Europeans.

>>430203569That's one of the hardest things I've heard in a minute.>"Verily, I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws.”

>>430198919>2 postsBait

>>430212174>China was a commie shit hole.China descended from Europe confirmed

>>430204778aren't Arabs famous for fucking goats and little boys?

>>4302003486a only happens to people who were already faggots and didn't know it.

>>430200575Jews fear the samurai.


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>>430212422Based. Sex only for wife in marriage.

>Civilized and mindful. High trust society. This is setting the bar low, they respect personal space, not loud raucous or bodacious, they'll make stand on one side of an escalator so others can pass. Really simple stuff that other countries fail at>Maintained culture and history>Remained racially homogenous longer than most other countries>Small country with little natural exports other than fishing industry (that they have to share with less civilized nearby nations). Became experts at creating goods with precision and meticulous detail>Country is a small island where anyone can visit eachother, further amplified by their efficient public transport (Civilized countries can actually utilize public transport properly). It's a beautiful island with a good combination of simple living and sophisticationThat's an entry level description of why Japan is one of the best. It's a shame globalhomo wants to poison something so pure

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Japs > whites > chinks/koreans

>a long, storied history that was very convergent and analogous with Europe despite the sheer distance between the two>a warrior culture that continues to this day in different forms>managed to vastly improve themselves within a century>they dont demonize or destroy their past>very forward thinking in the technological senseAnd yes, anime and manga, suck it newfags>>430200469Yes and?I dont see the issue? Visiting is one thing, living is another

>>430212847>le civil xDReddit

>>430212916slavs and spics are the last ones

>>430198919there's a lot of reasons and they're mostly obvious>Chinafirst geopolitical conflict (kinda needless) but also the quantity of them in some western countrieshistorically they have been known as scammers, plus gommunism>KoreaI don't know why, it might be a kind of exponential curve thing. Their country is run by f*males though. The men are ok

>>430198919They respect work and duty and their country and all of them hate niggers (see Johnny Somali). Also Japanese women do anything to please a White man

>>430200348This will change as Japan is embracing ESG and you going to see a lot of globohomo and tranny shit soon

>>430198919>Highly innovative>Orderly people>Low crime>Homogeneous>Vehemently nationalistic>AutisticWhat's not to like?

>>430209119The country that invented 'grass eaters' and hikikomori calls us incels....

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>>430213268Same applies to Germans (real Germans)

>>430213320dibs on the tits

>>430210663>you'reyour the reason why white people want to move to japan, faggot.

>>430198919They are more white than mutts

>>430199105but that's wrong retard. jomon in japanese means cord patterned. jeulmun in korean means cord pattern. jomon culture is the same culture as the jeulmun culture which are both korean.

>>430199105>Japs look as white as the average Greek or Italian

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>>430212422idk about that, but they stand for what they believe in more than whites. white people drank the LGBT cool aid as soon as it was pushed.

Also indigenous Japs look like Caucasoids

>>430198919They aren't uber kiked

>>430210988>korean wife before plastic surgery

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>>430213655It's probably convergent evolution. Just like Negritos look like Africans but they're the farthest from Africans in terms of genetic distance and closer to east asians.

>>430213883Idk what it is, im a simple man, I see white features and I like

>>430213883its not.mongolian looking people are the newest race which evolved from proto-mongolians, who weren't caucasian but didn't look mongolian.

Also Japs never got cucked by judeo bullshit religions


>>430212422do you have evidence to back that claim up?

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>>430198919Western imperialist foothold in East Asia since the 15th century. Ofc glowies love that and North Korea. Kim Jong Un went to shool in Swiss. Everything the west has done for the past 70 years has been to break apart East Asian ethnocentrism - Ai is most harmful to asians, attack against introverts, rampant and open lookism, extreme individualism etc. It’s been working until great leaders of the world noticing. The magic is waning because our oriental kingn Bin Salman is waking up to how this game is played.


>>430200981Yes, the problem is you can also smell them from 50ft away

>>430214278>Ai is most harmful to asiansHow

>>430214607because it lacks a soul like most bugmen

>>430198919Japanese are quality people. That is why. Chinese are not, especially culturally. South Koreans are a bit better but Japanese just are a better add mixture overall. Japanese is the only other race I would settle down with.

>>430213883We didn't evolve, our ancestors weren't fish and apes. Im not a monkey thanks.

>>430214607Makes rote memorization less useful. Renders iq less useful. Superior relationonal thinking than any human. Ai is basically a weapon most effective at replacing collectivist work culture.

>>430215213>we didn't evolve>weWho? Niggers?

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The Japanese are one of the most nationalistic people and maintain tradition and honour. There’s a reason Japan allied with German and Italy. The Empire of the Rising Sun.The Sun rises in n the east.The Sun never sets on the empire.Euromutts wont get it.

>>430198919because they are white

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>>430215445AI effectively supplants human memory and rote skill. No need to remember when you can save anything or search it. Problem is the modern internet has been nuked and finding specific topics and old sources is more difficult, it is MGS GW AI censorship

>>430198919>Why do white nats have a soft spot for the Japanese?user Mexico was the first country to have a nice relation ship with Japan and we are not white

>>430198919Because they’ve never been there and they think it’s some monolithic trad culture, which it isn’t.

>>430203352False, the Nazi Germans held the one drop rule - if you had ONE drop of German/Aryan ancestry, you were part of it. Even Russians. The racial hatred is a myth, Hitler writes this himself in relation to what or who is Aryan? He writes; European.No more brother wars.

>>430215784I’ve met whit nat Mexicans tho And Mexicans tend to have prideI’ve also met black Aryan brohers so what the fuck even are the rules?

>>430212608Ok, I concede.You fixed it!

>>430198919they are quite literally, built different than the rest of other asians, Japan in quality is 1st world country, now probably the best 1st world country in the world due to nigger problem, the rest of asia is epitome of 3rd world (worst korea is literally a state of america on tier with california except for the money probably), also culturally, in Japan cats and dogs and all other pets ARE PETS, just over the sea for them these are national cuisine of most asian countries and make industrial farms for it

>>430215877>>430214806>bros I have a confession.my geneology is 99.8% euro. mostly german.but I am .2% korean. it's like a horcrux of my soul was trapped in a bug before I was born.wat do?

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White "men" are subhuman cuckolds that worship those who rape them and satisfy white women. As such they worship Japanese samurai soldiers who raped white women and killed white "men". That's why they don't worship Koreans or Chinese, because they never raped or conquered European cucks.

>>430216588Just shut up angloid servitron!>built different than the rest of other asiansKek they are the insular asian niggers nothing more. And dont come with feudalism shit, the mongols were tough fighters.I am a mountain nigger spaniard from the north, and when i go to the meseta (castilla) without mountains arround, i feel like a tiny littel winky miserable human. I tell you this becuase mountain people and insular peolple tend to think they are special and above plain place living retards, and that is not the case.>Japan in quality is 1st world country, now probably the best 1st world country in the world due to nigger problem,the rest of asia is epitome of 3rd world (worst korea is literally a state of america on tier with california except for the money probably), Because you like to do shekerinos with your goy and let them do their things, but this could be happening in other places that werent "constricted" by international bank mafia.>in Japan cats and dogs and all other pets ARE PETS, Kek Maaaassive KEKMuh caterinoooss muh dogerinoooss.We here kill the bulls and also eat rabbits Fuck you pussy piece of shit.I shit in your shity world order.

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British, Australian and American POWs treatment by Japan.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bataan_Death_Marchhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burma_Railway#Prisoners_of_warhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell_shiphttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_SingaporeWhite "men" being killed like the subhumans they are by based Japan! Not like inferior China and Korea that did not kill white "men" for fun!

>>430198919they are a model societywhite people are considered far right for wanting a country that's pretty similar to japan.I do not revile the chinese personally, I think there is a lot that can be learned from them and I admire their history and their ability to completely overthrow their government when things go sour.

>>430217500I mean using your logic we should be hanging scots for invading our ancestors landsright now japanese are a model and admirable society in many ways, aren't even remotely our enemies, and we are surrounded by other enemies. do you have the brain of a monkey?

Japanese forced Dutch women in the Dutch East Indies to become comfort women and slaughtered Gurkha guards at hospitals so they could force English nurses and Australian nurses to become comfort women.trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/76017527https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/127249104/13971388https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Ruff_O'Herne>The soldiers picked the girls they wanted from the photographs. The girls were all given Japanese names; all were names of flowers.[4] Over the following three months, the women were repeatedly raped and beaten.[3]>O'Herne fought against the soldiers every night and even cut her hair to make herself ugly to the Japanese soldiers. Cutting her hair short had the opposite effect, however, making her a curiosity.[4]White "men" actually prefer when white women are raped and kidnapped by East Asian men! That's why they like Japanese and hate Korean and Chinese! Chinese and Korean men must learn to rape and eat white women if they are to be respected by white "men".


>Jan Ruff O’Herne (born January 18, 1923) is a Dutch Australian human rights activist known for her vocal campaigns and speeches against war rape. During World War II, O’Herne was among young women enslaved into prostitution by the Japanese Imperial Army.>Studio portrait of Jan Ruff O'Herne, taken shortly before she, her mother and sisters, as well as thousands of other Dutch women and children were interned by the Japanese Imperial Army in Ambarawa. Over the following months, O'Herne, along with six other Dutch women, were repeatedly raped, day and night, by Japanese military personnel>"Many stories have been told about the horrors, brutalities, suffering and starvation of Dutch women in Japanese prison camps. But one story was never told, the most shameful story of the worst human rights abuse committed by the Japanese during World War II: The story of the “Comfort Women”, the jugun ianfu, and how these women were forcibly seized against their will, to provide sexual services for the Japanese Imperial Army. In the “comfort station” I was systematically beaten and raped day and night. Even the Japanese doctor raped me each time he visited the brothel to examine us for venereal disease.This is what earns white "men" respect! If you want to be respected like the Japanese by white "men" you should copy their model and admirable customs of slaughtering white "men" and raping white women! Take note Xi!

>>430198919>rich history that remains relevant in culture>strong ties to tradition>fairly traditional gender roles in society>polite society>strong family emphasis>strong fighting spirit (ww2 Imperial Japan)>dabbed on Chinese>reinvented itself into a technological powerhouse and one of the biggest economies>entertainment industry still tells meaningful stories with soul>racially homogeneous countryThere's a lot of reasons.

>>430198919Because Japs beat back the jews and christcucks and thus retained their culture.Chinks have no (unified) culture Han Chinese don't exist, meme communist term.Worst Korea became the USA's feminism testing ground and Holla Forums loves Best Korea.Mongols... do they even do anything in the modern day? They just have no relevance.

>>430198919if you visit japan you will see whyunbelievably clean and orderlylooks too good to be realthey have been like that for 1000s of yearsrest of the world looks like a garbage heap to themi almost wrote "toilet" but even the mcdonalds toilet you could eat off of

>>430217260>I am a mountain nigger spaniard from the northall I need to discredit your entire post already here you're a nigger that is trying to look "good" >>430211025 while writing like a nigger would, >Because you like to do shekerinos with your goy and let them do their things, but this could be happening in other places that werent "constricted" by international bank mafia.they were literally buckbroken by mutts, culturally THEY SHOULD be like worst korea but they didn't allow that >Muh caterinoooss muh dogerinoooss.shitskin savage ape, I will make a decoration out of your skull when the society breaks

japanese men give too many pajeet sexual emergency vibes it even shows through their mediajap women are even more degenerate honestly

I like anime and hate Kpoop, simple as.

>>430198919They're a racially homogenous society with tight borders. They're a good role model.

>>430202240>>430202814Your shitty knockoff chink theft clone of Yukkuri will always be inferior and soulless, you barneyfag nigger.I hope Russia curbstomps your shitty country in WW3

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>>430199164>decently civilized. They are the best version of civilized we have on Earth. White people can be civilized at times but we always end up creating countries where civil society is impossible to exist. Japs are based for a lot of reasons though, main thing for me is just having a top tier comfy country. Even their cities are comfy af. Eating noodles in a side alley next to the train station at 11pm in Tokyo in a restaurant that’s vibing is probably the best feeling on earth. But I suppose there’s a grass is greener thing going on too, but I’m not sure what we in the west have that japs don’t. And plz burgers don’t come in with muh guns or muh speech, you never use either of those things when it matters anyways.

>>430217500In terms of gauging how we should relate to any individual nation, I'm relatively unconcerned with historical atrocities. "Distant past actions performed by people no longer in power are more important than current actions performed by people currently in power" is pure nigger logic, be above it.

>>430201418>>430202171So no actual sauce. Jamon being white is a retarded cope theory created by retarded faggots who don't want to admit the possibility of other civilized races existing in the universe.

>>430198919I don’t know but I find the transferred nationalism of white people who live in Japan against the Chinese to be incredibly bizarre. I like Japan but to act like they’re some sort of superior race compared to Chinese and Koreans is incredibly odd. Japan was inferior to china for basically its entire history until they adopted western weapons and military methods more rapidly than the rest of east Asia. Credit to them for doing so but there is zero chance they could have accomplished their military conquests without relying on western inventions. Were the Māori superior when they got guns first and slaughtered the moriori? Were the Indians in Alaska superior when they got guns first and starting beating the eskimos who had previously bested them? Just a weird phenomenon. I liked the orderliness of Japan but it’s absolutely not some sort of society from the future and I liked the people but most women there are not that attractive. Porn does not represent the average

>>430211916True and if this policies was implemented sooner it would have not been an issue in the first place.

>>430198919Because they're Nationalists too. /thread


>>430218758Shut up gook

>>430219015Do something. Oh wait you won’t, because as mentioned you only use your guns for going to the target practice range to prepare for muh revolution. Bitch ass.

The Japanese vivisected and experimented on American pilots who were shot down over Japan.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3028694/U-S-POWs-shot-Japan-70-years-ago-dissected-ALIVE-macabre-experiments-controversial-new-exhibition-shows.html>A Japanese university has opened a museum acknowledging that its staff dissected downed American airmen while they were still alive during World War Two.>General Douglas MacArthur later commuted all death sentences when he was military governor of Japan and all the perpetrators were released.theguardian.com/world/2015/aug/13/japan-revisits-its-darkest-moments-where-american-pows-became-human-experiments>Medical staff preserved the POWs’ corpses in formaldehyde for future use by students, but at the end of the war the remains were quickly cremated, as doctors attempted to hide evidence of their crimes.>When later questioned by US authorities, they claimed the airmen had been transferred to camps in Hiroshima and had died in the atomic bombing on 6 August.>On the afternoon of 15 August, hours after the emperor had announced Japan’s surrender, more than a dozen other American POWs held in Fukuoka camps were taken to a mountainside execution site and beheaded.China must copy the Japanese model and culture to gain respect from white "men".

>>430202777Yeah, that photo has very flat lighting, see him under a variety of lighting conditions and he's Japanese as all the rest.

>>4302003486b literally happend to me after watching K-On

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>>430219117Based and pursuit of knowledge pilled.


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>>430198919anime + honrary aryans

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>>430200348>6a) I wish I was an anime girl>6b) If only we killed all the niggers and kikes I could live in a real anime worldWhich way western man

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>>430198919Two reasons:Japanese are indo-aryans. They have that DNA. That's why they have more European facial features than other Asians. And why their culture developed similarly, they had European style feudalism. Same reason indians look like black skinned white people. The other reason is because it's an ethnostate.Me personally idc about things like that so it means nothing to me but you asked. That's the reason why.

>>430218470>all I need to discredit your entire post>already here you're a nigger that is trying to look "good" >>430211025 while writing like a nigger would,I talk like a nigger because i find it funny, it is my way to type english, so if you have a problem with that, you will have to swallow your shit and keep going fucker.>they were literally buckbroken by mutts, culturally THEY SHOULD be like worst korea but they didn't allow that Nigger, YOU DO really HAVE a PROBLEM with READING COMPRENHENSION. I know you are a shill nafo tranny also and an anglo bootlicker.How is the war going? Is Russia losing hard in the coping nafo simulator?kek>shitskin savage ape, I will make a decoration out of your skull when the society breaksCalls me savage for following ancient spanish tradition of killing the demonic image of a beast with my bare hands....Follows to say that he will remove my head, a put it as a trophy when society breaks... kekEven when society have years broken....KekOk i know now that i am dealing with a low leve anglo nafo tranny servirtron.

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>First-world nation>Hasn't fallen for the immigration trapThat's enough. That's what all Western nations should aspire to be. The only other that comes close is China and China is... China.

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>>430198919>Why do white nats have a soft spot for the Japanese?Because they still have girls that want to be girls? Or is it because we murdered 20k infants?

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>>430198919I love the cleanliness of Japanese Cities, their orderliness and that the villages are racist. It really evokes a sense of nature, how it should be.

>>430200981Japanese people are spiritually white, while even the palest muslim will never be white.

>>430220471underrated german poet

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