Englishman informs London police officer that he is carrying a concealed firearm


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>>430196930Impossible. Guns are banned in the UK.

>>430196930whoever didn't pat him down killed that cop - probably the woman cop

>>430196930Huh... why did that engineer/doctor do that?Protecting himself vs white supremisticists?

>>430196930Probably should have been wearing your vest bruv


>>430197263Reminds me, same thing happened in Chicago in 2020 youtu.be/MMlGgZLe3sc

>>430197475British police vests aren't bulletproof; they are stabproof.>>430197569Really, you are posting implied racist words without a licence.

>>430196930webm or it didnt happen

>>4301975894:32 btw if you just wanna see the shootout.

>>430197569no, bo'o'wa'ah man

>>430196930no webm no washy


>>430197717>webm or it didnt happenthat doesn't mean it happened either anymore user.Try to keep up.

>>430196930jump cut. i clicked of a zero gore jumo cut.i have been cuckef it's over

mexicans are now invading england. part and parcel.

This happened a while a go.ACAB

>>430196930weren't his hands cuffed behind him? how did he manage to aim and pull the trigger?

>>430197700>can stop a bullet not a knifeBulletproof vests are also secured in stabproof holders retard, in addition to their primary function.

>>430196930>informsDude what? That paki literally tried to pull out the gun and shoot them when he stood up lolAlso that fucking BROAD screaming the back is insanely annoying. Women shouldn't be anywhere NEAR police duty. Also britbongs are still cucks but they did well hereAlso this >>430198050it's from 2020

gay video, crucial seconds omittedOP adds nothing new to this recycled storyno bump

>ACABcan u not just be normal?I've never talked to police in my life. It's easy as that. Don't be a nigger criminal.

>>430197911webm doesn't mean it happend. but no webm means it didn't happen.You need a white IQ to understand this distinction.

>>430196930Good, the king might find it amusing.

>>430197422Did you hear the way they spoke to him? Lol why not at that point? Who the fuck do they think they are? They obviously thought he was a peice of shit.

>>430198545the police treat poor people like garbage.

>>430197975theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/jun/07/man-handcuffed-in-london-police-cell-shot-and-killed-officer-court-toldThe video is cut because the police shot him in the head and leg with his own gun. He's alive but fucked up. He had an 'autistic meltdown'. He was carrying seven bullets and some weed, and the gun.

>>430198545the part to me that really stood out is the fact hes trying to construct a sentence allong the lines of i dont feel well, i dont feel good.please leave.thats a suicide. then in comes mr wannabe because this suspect is trying to be a pain.that has to be it right, the suspect is trying to annoy me?!ego tripping fucks all of em

>>430196930autistic meltdown lol as per the article

>>430199224I wonder how they surmised that

>>430198114>secured in stabproof holders Wrong

>>430198121>literally tried to pull out the gun and shoot them when he stood up lolThat's the best way to inform someone that you're carrying a concealed weapon.

>>430199089lmao they shot him intentionally?

>>430197717These niggers are fucking useless.

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>>430196930>rattanafucking hell even the officers are non white now

>>430199327right, most americans just dom't have stab protection.

LMAO based shitskin

>>430198545>Who the fuck do they think they are?State thugs and bully boys. They're paid mercenaries, and the job attracts psychopathic wife-beaters.

>>430199266they need an excuse no matter what

>>430196930>De Zoysa's barrister told the jury on Wednesday that he was suffering an autistic meltdown at the time of the shooting. He's using the Autism defense!This should be every Holla Forumstards first line of argument when arrested.

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>>430196930>theworldwatch.com/videos/1609565/officer-shot-and-killed-in-holding-cell-suspect-hid-a-gun-under-his-armpit/holy shit

>>430199407>You've been arrested on suspicion of possession of bulletsOh, so the cops deserved it. Got it.

>>430198339>>430199407Delivered.Doing Gods work FN'yAZ

>>430196930>kills a police officer in a 1v3 with hands literally tied behind his backand Holla Forums says brown people are useless

>De Zoysa's barrister told the jury on Wednesday that he was suffering an autistic meltdown at the time of the shooting.lol

>>430199777Completely justified. He should sue the police for discrimination

>>430199722It's over for him now thohe'll be deported. A fate worse than bongjail.

>>430199909>he'll be deported.ahahahahahahhahahahno he wont

>>430196930I'd feel sorry for them if British cops weren't such pathetically incompetent and malicious janissaries.

>>430196930At least it wasn't a knoif like some sort of savage.

>>430198114>bulletproof vests are also secured in stabproof holders retardYou know one american cops got a darwin award for trying to prove this ? He asked one of his colleague to stab him to prove their bulletproof vests were also stab proof ? Mutts are that fucking dumb, even 3 decade later it seem.

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Finally someone shot one of those faggot brit cops. I wish this happened every fucking day.

>>430200075The funniest experiment is:>can noguns societies defeat Russialooking like no. a bunch of poor people from a shitty village were fed into the uke side of bakhmut, having next to zero training, even in basic arms use.Turns out, in war, experience matters. Also, having guns already in the city is smart amd cotizens are best at keeping them, governments are bad at developing a resistance.

>>430199630>agree not to break the law>proceed to break the law>law enforcers enforce the law>this makes them bad and deserve deathretard.

>>430200722checked. they have a big mouth for nogunz wankers

>>430201130>just following orders defenseIt's a bad law so the cops are bad for enforcing it.

>>430199407Arrested on suspicion of possession of bullets. Kek, fuck the UK.

>>430201130Ahahhaha, brits and aussies are such pathetic faggots.

>>430201130>>this makes them bad and deserve deathyes

>>430197263When Chris-chan was arrested, the officers had to check beneath his man tits for a concealed weapon.You don't get a police funeral to getting stabbed by Chris-chan's titter knife.

Why didn't he bin it?

>>430201130>>agree not to break the lawto be fair no one actually agrees to be born into a society. laws aren't inherently good but you are inherently forced to obey them

>>430196930Nig shoots pig. Nothing of value was lost.

>>430199407>Yep, I have bullets

>>430200007He's actually a New Zealand cop that became a British cop

>>430199371i presume they did it in the ensuing scuffle. the full video may be only ever viewed in court. very undemocratic

>>430199089>>430199371Probably shot himself trying to shoot the officers restraining him

>>430199089>Under arrest for possession of bulletsJesus Christ dudes, is the UK this cucked? I've got bullets all over the place, including scattered all around my truck floor.

>>430201421Did they arrest the dead bobby for possession of a single bullet?

>>430197263Who cares, and good. They let all those fucking savages in, they clearly wanted to see what would happen. This is just the tip.

>>430200075 Why wouldn't your bullet proof gear not also be stab proof?ballistic Kevlar and UHMPWE panels are stab proof? Even Nylon if you have enough of it. Even the lowest rated body armors have ceramic plating in there so if the knife makes it through via neglecting the expiration date it's going to get blocked by the plate, probably break it as well since that expiration date applies more to the ceramic than the plastic.

>>430198114Nice armpit you got there. Be a real shame if you knew what happens when 6" of kabar digs around that area for a second. Or maybe you drop your guard and it goes for the neck instead.

>>430201130>law enforcers enforce the lawWe know Anglos and Aussies are bootlicking cucks, no need to remind us.

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>>430196930goddamn white people. Too violent!

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What score is he at?How many points for pigs?

>>430196930nothing better than a dead kiwi

I dont even know how he did it. Firing a gun through your armpit like David Blaine. What an effort. Mike chitwood needs to watch this.

>>430203197Here’s what it’s like.Whilst stood in my garden talking to my friend police came and threatened to arrest me for littering.Once whilst spray painting graffiti on snow police came and threatened to arrest me for criminal damage (to snow).Police once told me off because my car wasn’t parked on my drive parallel to the side of the drive.Police once told me off for driving on my lawn. Once stopped and told off for driving with fog lights on. My car doesn’t have fog lights.Once stopped and told off for doing power slides. I wasn’t. I can’t my car isn’t rear wheel drive.Once stopped and told off for doing donuts. I’m wasn't. I can’t my car isn’t rear wheel drive.I hate cops they’re scum.The more die the better.

>>430204124At least crossing the road before the signal tells you to and standing in the same place too long in public aren't illegal here unlike in the US

>>430204988-> littering I meant loitering

>>43020432425...to life.

>>430204988Now do you understand why we declared independence from you guys? The British Army was policing us and we didn't like it.

>>430205061>jaywalking is legal in the UKDoubtit.avi

>>430202527even worse

>>430201130Pathetic slave

>>430205367Behold! the burger is so indoctrinated into believing that crossing the road whenever you feel like it is a crime that he cannot comprehend it being legal in other countries>The term "jaywalking" is obscure. There is no law preventing such an act. Culturally, "jaywalking" often confuses British citizens abroad and visitors to the UK. British citizens, like citizens from other countries where it is not an offence, are more prone to infringe jaywalking laws abroad

>>430196930FAKE AI GENERATED VIDEO!everyone knows there are no guns in Bongland because they are illegal

>>430199407The primary justice that modern law took away from men, making them slaves. That pig thought he was the god there and was about to toss around that guy, but in a second he became a miserable screaming pig, dying on the floor, realizing he just lost everything, family, kids, life. How does it feel now?

>>430199089>the police shot him in the head and leg with his own gun.that's a serious offence and those cops will be charged! you can't grab another gun and shoot because that's intent since they no longer have a gun thus not a deadly threat

>>430203197if cops pull you over you'll be detained for a while.. I've seen enough COPS show to know how pigs react to bullets

>>430205717Someone getting in legal trouble for jaywalking is so rare here it's a ridiculous enough spectacle to land on national news.

>>430205994I got a jaywalking ticket in 2014

>>430205994But people have been killed by the police in altercations that were started because the person was standing in the same place for too long

>>430205300American history is fake, y’all think 0.1/% of the worlds population (native Americans) owned 14% of the planets land (one of seven continents) just cuz they camped here and there.

>>430206208Is loitering not an offense in the UK?

>>430203774Bullets and knifes are not even close when it come for hardness and shape user...Your smooth bullet will obviously not penetrate fabrics unlike the sharpe edge of a knife, why do you think we use hard steel penetrators to defeat bullet proof vests ?

>>430205717You realize jaywalking, regardless of where it occurs or what its called in other countries, is enforced for safety reasons, right? It's to prevent a pedestrian from getting hurt by a car or a car from hitting a pedestrian walking out into the road.It's a bit tedious as far as laws go, sure, but its made with both parties interests and continued safety and wellbeing in mind.

>>430206530No it isn't.It's honestly amazing that burgers call us bongs oppressed but when you mention that tiny insignificent things that are illegal in their country are completely legal here they are astounded.Just to add: Our police don't even use teargas, rubber bullets/baton rounds/bean bag rounds etc or watercannons because they are considered dangerous and cruel.

>>430206341>y’all think 0.1/% of the worlds population (native Americans) owned 14% of the planets land (one of seven continents) jNobody thinks that.

>>430206341valid points especially when all the pyramids and star forts seems older than what they tell us

>>430206792You are just advised to use common sense when crossing the road, jaywalking itself is not illegal and cars are expected to stop/slow and give right of way to pedestrians crossing the road outside of designated areas, there is no law against it, the police will only stop you if you are walking on a busy motorway/highway

>>430196930must have been an armpitlite minimi

>>430206902>>430204988>>430205098One bong says loitering is legal one says it's not.

>>430199407You got a loisense for them boolits?

>>430207405There's probably more to it than he's letting on, if he's had that many encounters with police then he's obviously doing something and people that get in trouble with the Police will always think they did nothing wrong, It's why Police stations always have 1 star ratings on Google reviews

>>430205994Black people in California were getting in trouble for jaywalking so much that it's not decriminalized.

>>430206341First of all, I've never heard of it and second...WTF does that have to do with anything?

>>430196930I hate the british, so I'm okay with this.

>>430199407He only got 1?

>>430207782Jaywalking and loitering laws were passed to arrest (since they all have warrants) or at least hassle niggers. Now that they're not enforced, this country has gone to absolute shit.

>>430207959pretty impressive with hands behind back and quickshot from under. he did warned them multiple times but these faggots were to busy flexing their codes

>>430196930you gotta hand it to the shooter: he asked politely for the cops to leave, and they refused.

>>430196930That happens when you say the n word


>>430207782>>430208026>it's not decriminalized.Sorry, I mean "it's decriminalized".

>>430208102yup, they wanted it and they got it.

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>>430196930Damn, they need more gun control it seems

>>430200004Kosovo is Serbia

>>430208211Reminder that Port Arthur was 100% a government op


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>>430196930most based britbong to ever exist.hat off.ACAB

>>430199407But, it's a no shooting zone.How did this happen!?!?

>>430208624enjoy your taxes cunt.>i dont pay taxesenjoy prison cunt.

a nigger lover died, boohoo

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>>430208857i havent paid my taxes in two years and still owe owe over 10k i filed last time

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Anybody know a way to download the video from source without an account? I just tried 4 ways I know of and they didn't work.

>>430199407I guess diversity really is strength.

>>430199407Based as fuck

>>430197263why would you need to pat white man?

>>430198114That isn't some sort of universal standard.

>>430205980>if cops pull you over you'll be detained for a while.. I've seen enough COPS show to know how pigs react to bulletsIt depends greatly on which state you are in. If you are caught with bullets but no firearms license in New Jersey or New York, you'll be every bit as fucked as if you had been in England.If a cop sees bullets on the floor of your vehicle in Wyoming or Arizona, he won't even bother to pick them up and examine them, in fact he won't even mention them, unless he has reason to believe you are a previously convicted felon and therefore are possessing them illegally. Law-abiding citizens in most American states can carry as many guns and as much ammunition in their cars as they can fit through the doors.

>>430196930weird, I thought guns were banned in the UK

>>430196930wtf ban guns


I hate the ACAB bullshit in the USA. It's just an excuse to let niggers rob and murder with impunity. But in the UK it seems legit. They are just ignoring all the pakis raping 10 year olds and somalis murdering people but arrest white men for posting memes

>>430199407>middleeast migrant

>>430210394Dude there's a faggot ACAB poster on Holla Forums that keeps sharing webms of cops doing what they said they would do, as if it's police brutality. He's a nigger and he changes his story a lot.

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>>430196930dead bong - based

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>>430210996>>430210394That lying good for nothing antifa nigger changed it from bum to hitchhiker.

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>>430210066Put it in the large plastic jug and throw it in the ocean. Let them try to find it floating in the pacific.

>>430196930>OIVE GOT A TASER! Part and parcel, cunt

>>430211150They will know it's just tossed then. Let the companies that geo-mine and sell your gps location waste and sell bad info to other fags that track your location.

>>430211266Any stalker can tuck this into an envelope and try and mail it to youur former address, and see if it carries over via usps to your new address that you registered with them. The gov can send something smaller. So check your mail at the post office and send it elsewhere if you have one of these or a more covert model.

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>>430211757remember to remove the speaker

Funny, in a setting like that unchecked and yet oddly enough armed! Odd!Perhaps it was meant to go down another way, the accident... and it just went wrong.

>>430196930now where exactly was this mans license to carry that pistol?

>"De Zoysa's barrister told the jury on Wednesday that he was suffering an autistic meltdown at the time of the shooting"

>>430196930LIKE A FUCKING MOVIE SCENE WHIPS THAT SHIT OUT FLASHY.and ends that disgusting anglo.

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>>430199407Migrants truly do the jobs that white men won't.

>>430196930He just wanted to get rid of the contraband he still had on him.

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>>430198545Yeah zero sympathy for them. They spoke to him like shit because they thought they had the upper hand and he showed them otherwise.

>>430196930sounded like the guy was asking him to leave so he could shoot himself actuallyam i the only one thinking that?


>>430198545So it's interesting that no violence occurred until they attempted to violate his person.

Dude is one of the most based kings in the UK atm. That firing angle, that sheer style, killing a zogpig in one shot. That would be a S+ in Devil May Cry.

>>430217330When will we get this UNCUT

>>430201130>agree not to break the lawI never agreed to any of these laws, bootlicker. In fact, most of these laws were never voted on at all, the public had no say in whether they wanted to be subjected to them. Fag marriage was never voted on anywhere, not even in California. Neither was mass immigration, or mass amnesty, or diversity quotas. All of this shit is simply forced upon us.>be born into society that's shit>kikes and parasites screw you over and change the rules to make it even worse>refuse to complyThe very notion of tyranny collapses when no one complies. They literally can't arrest everyone. They literally can't stop even 10% of their own population if they become disobedient. Tyranny needs people who are broken and willing to be terrorized.Here's an idea. You agree to not break the law, and I change the law so now the lawful location for all of my knives is straight up your ass. You cool with that? Spread those cheeks, rule-follower.


>>430209576I've always considered moving to New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine, but I would have to wade through an ocean of cringe gun laws where cops look for any reason to power trip and fill in their quotas in order to do so.

>>430199407>alright your detention has not been authorisedhuh?

>>430199089your reading comprehension is shit. i estimate your IQ at no more than 1004 shots were fired:3 to custody seargeant (2 chest 1 leg)1 to de zoysas neck

>>430217509UK police is infested with masons, always has been

>>430217647Damn I thought that last show went off into the wall. Poor guy.

>>430196930>Dear hero imprisoned with all the new crimes that you are perfecting>I can’t help quoting you


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>>430217448People have absolutely no idea that power truly does come from the consent of the People, but the People are neurotic, terrified, distracted faggots who are easily controlled and thus, something as simple as fair elections are impossible in this country because People believe whatever they're told to believe and have no balls to call bullshit and moreover ACT when bullshit is presented to them. I calmly say what the solution is, but am then looked upon in horror by people for which the very implicit notion of responding with violence against our "elected" representatives when they are gleefully violent against us in return causes them to recoil in terror like good little brainwashed cattle.

>>430217916Im excited for rossi to release new traditional revolvers with the old school hammers.

>>430198545>they obviously thought i was a piece of shit>so i decided to prove them rightnigger moment

>>430199407>"Sure officer, I'll give you those bullets right away."

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>>430196930That was truly glorious, perhaps the most justified violence against police ever. This man should be offered US citizenship immediately. The second amendment is a natural right, it cannot be infringed and it is a characteristic of a free man.

>>430197263During the stop and search outside on the street the female officer was overly nice and over explaining everything to him while he was clearly shitting it. He shot himself in the neck aswell lmao.

>>430200007imagine citing "section 54 of PACE" to a man you are depriving of his natural right to bare arms, that was an act so glorious and well timed that it may have been an act of god.

Never forget that the founding fathers knew that guns and technology evolve over time. That liberals are retards.

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>>430218099I think I hear your wife being raped by some pakis, oh wait you don't have a wife. It's probably your mother then.

>>430218201>>430218401You're alright. I think about moving the states all the time. Just saving up right now. Finding work out there isn't hard but I always get cockblocked because I don't have a US work visa. Probably need to do a thread to get ideas. >>430217448>>430217961I'm glad you anons are still here, this kind of sentiment is often dismissed as "you glow" or Fedposting but this is the original Holla Forums sentiment I want people to know that.

>>430196930What's that brand of accent the victim here exhibits?

>>430218606Brit user, do you have any screencaps of the coke poster?

>>430198078you can see in the vid just before it "cuts, that he he brings the pistol around from behind his wais, and fires from the hip.

>>430218677No idea who that is

>>430197700>they are stabproof.Doubt

>>430218592>police are overbearing and need to be stopped>police are ignoring crimepick one retard

>>430219230I'm sorry can you quote what post I said that in?

>>430219102The brit/pol/ cokeposter is a legend unlike any other brit/pol/ poster.

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>>430219400>quite unironically admitting he has no clue what hes talking aboutoh alright then kek

>>430219230Try both, fucktard, and also a course in basic logic. They are not mutually exclusive. The police here are cunts who ignore actual crime but are also complete cunts and go after people for minor crap like racist tweets. Fuck off you little bootlicking faggot.


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>>430219442>screencaps himself being autistic>legendif this guy is a legend then 90% of posters are

>>430219568>this paper is blue but this paper is redno i dont think so sorry about that

>>430219442>The brit/pol/ cokeposter is a legend unlike any other brit/pol/ poster.Brit/pol/ like all other country generals was a mistake, I was there the day it began to form here and I called it out even then, this was around 2013. I don't go there much now except to 1pbtid shitpost and then leave.

>>430219677You don't understand. He is.

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>>430219711>Get a course in logic>I don't understand logic Yes exactly

>>430219746ok turn off the vpn sweetie no one cares about your 'legend'

>>430219478Are you the dead pigs son or something?

>>430219836You're either a newfag or an angry oldfag. Kys.

>>430219811>making shit up is logicnigger acts like a nigger and gets taken downthats it, sorry you like cleaning nigger foreskin with your tongue

>>430219869ok ''legend''

>>430219994Yeah you're a faggot either way. You don't know what a legend is even if you read the story of King Arthur. Nigger.

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>possession of bulletssweet irony

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>>430220077>doing coke makes you a legendwhy would you just admit to never going to a single party in your life like that

>>430196930the funniest antigun argument is>uk banned guns and look how great they turned outlike yyyyeeah i'm not giving up my guns thank you very much

>>430220148>it's not the coke that made him a legend faggot.

>>430201130>agree not to break the lawI don't remember ever doing that.

>>430220243>newfag cant greentextif schizoposting makes him a legend and not the coke, then everyone here is a legend

>>430205717Do bongs actually think cops enforce jay walking?

>>430220356>crazy cringe nigger calls me a coke chuggerListen faggot, if you got no sense of humor for what happened.It's because you're a feminist on Holla Forums That's the explanation. You're a nigger lover of a dike. That is all there is to say. Now go fuck off and rub your nob to /x/ succugen.

>>430210394What do you think happened to uppity niggers before police even existed?

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>>430220443>schizoposts immediately after being accused of being a self-fellating schizosorry i saw through your vpn so quickly, you will never be relevant

Brit/pol/ cokeposter had more common sense than a faggot in this thread.picrel proves it.

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>>430220512I don't use a vpn faggot. You're obviously a butthurt slag that mistakes everyone who browses Holla Forums for the cokeposter that shagged her and never called her back.

The Term "Forgot to Shake him" comes into mind

>>430220587>dont use a vpn>uses exclusively english words now hes getting more and more angrylol cant make this shit up

>>430198114Nah. Most soft armor inserts are just kevlar still. The vests themselves are overwhelmingly nylon.Hard armor is stabproof in the sense that most people aren't stabbing hard enough to shatter the plate, but they can be defeated too.t. wear both for work frequently

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>>430220669You niGGER! You pretended you don't nkow the cokeposter but keep replying back as if you got a grudge against him. That is incrimination itself. You know who he was and he rubbed you the wrong way. The cokeposter lives, and you are scared of him for your life. There is nothing you can tell me about a vpn or anything else. A fucking chink can copy your lingo by browsing brit/pol/ every day. They probably do to as they do /ptg/. There is no shame in admitting that the cokeposter surpassed brit/pol/.

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>>430220851>laugh at retard for screencapping his own posts>retard accidently reveals himself>continue to laugh at retardno one cares who you are other than to make fun of your existanceplease keep embarrasing yourself and schizoposting

>>430199588Autists aren't allowed to own guns, so they'll get you on weapon charges which are also 20 years like murder.

>>430199777checked and kekkedautism > statism


>>430198957police officers are on average the worst society has to offer. soullless power tripping faggots who would suck off any random small time politician and lick the shit off his shoes clean just for a raise or "recognition of his work in ensuring a high quality and safe environment for everyone". anarchists are right about acab

>>430205061And that is partially why we have those insufferable cunts blocking roads on government orders.Although the police could move them if they didn't support their cause.

>>430219594Is this video by that red head whos in jail now for tax evasion?

>>430210066You need government ID to open a PO box, because bongland.

>>430220512There is no vpn you coocoo for coacoapuffs nigger.

>>430220669You're a dumb cunt even a chink can copy your slang about slags you retard.>>430222400I'm talking to Americans. Yeah they still need a state ID but the usps only checks the paperwork for 2.2 seconds.

>>430199407All i can see is that he tried to give rest of the bullets to the police aswell.He a gudboi, no education, he did his best.

>>430219230It is very simple. We have a three tier society.If you are a white male, then they will go after you for any minor infraction. You can minimise the odds by looking like you have money (and can therefore afford decent legal representation), but it doesn't fully protect you.You could be an enemy of the state (Tommy Robinson and others), where the police will spend all their available time harassing you and your family, at the same time digging through your entire life history to find any reason to arrest you, no matter how weak the reason. The point being, to destroy your morale and bankrupt you with the constant arrests and court appearances.Or you could be one of the privileged classes (non-whites, Prince Andrew, BBC employees) where you can do anything you like.

>>430222998>>430223076>did a line of coke and forgot which posts he replied to alreadycouldnt have asked for a more perfect schizo reply, thank you

>>430199407Makes them look just like the useless glowniggers they most absolutely all are. They must be the present illumenaughty line.banned.video/watch?id=63da96c6f246b125edf726e6

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>>430197985Thanks to a new law in spain that authorises latinos a right to "return" and get spanish citizenship. Lots of mexicans going to Spain and then move all over Europe.

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>>430223205Seriously, do you think I'm the coke poster you drunken retard? I know it's Saturday but come on you fucking prick. The coke poster is a cunt that shat on brit/pol/ for months. It's the bants that make it a legend not the retardation in actuality.

>>430223352but there was no bants in your screenshotthere would be literally no reason for you to whine for an HOUR over me laughing at the fact that the guy took the screencaps himself unless you were also that guyliterally any other human would go 'ikr what a faggot, its hilarious aint it'if you arent this specific schizo you are a schizo of similar calibre

>>430223520Listen here you deformed inbred nigger. You're a cunt who is pissed off at the coke poster forever. You're pissed off there are anons who saved this shitshow and laugh at your attempt at having culture. No go get fucked at having a TV license while mudshits stab your people on bridges. Get klonked faggot. And don't respond again, you tasteless nigger eating shit and shit or w/e you island niggers call it.

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>>430223803>You're pissed off there are anons who saved this shitshow and laugh at your attempt at having culture.you can literally see the (You)s in the image newfag, no one else saved this shitshow except the schizo himselfyou are once again lashing out because you are powerless and easy to detect even while anonymous on 4chan, thats how immense your autism is

>>430223999Nice trips but you wouldn't know the coke poster if he slapped your grimy fish oil stained face with his 2 foot nob, you Jekyll and Hyde wannabe.You new fag those (you's) are literally from google image search and the only links to any coke poster screencaps available online. There used to be tons more so I asked a brit if he had any of the originals!"Now do you have any or not?

>>430201130I never agreed to not break the law or live in a society. I was simply born into this system of slavery I dont give a fuck about what a bunch of politicians wrote on a piece of paper.

>>430196930Jeez, why don't they just ban guns?

>>430224198>Nice trips but you wouldn't know the coke poster if hethats my point really, no one gives a fuck about schizo #769394>those you's are from google image searchyou are understanding the idea that if the (you)s are visible, that means that it is the person themself that took the screenshot in the first place right? no matter where you got the image from, the fact is that the image was created by the guy himselfsurely you wouldnt call people newfags without knowing how (You)s worked

>>430219230Many parts of the US (mostly Dem-controlled cities and states) are in a state of anarcho-tyranny. I'll let you look up what that word means.

>>430224794i dont care what 3rd world countries are doing though

>>430224786Listen here you fucking emotiaonal king george the 3rd wanna be.>muh schizo posters are bad to meYeah nobody cares they only care about screen caps and laughs>but a coke poster did coke rightExactly he had all of /brit/pol/ hunting for him which is pretty funny>but he hurt my feelings how dare you mention himYou're just an emotional faggot and you keep responding to this showing your need for appraisal that your father never gave you. Sad.

>>430224576If they do that how will I shoot clays and pheasants?

>>430224996>everytime he gets exposed on something, for example not knowing how screencaps/(you)'s work, he starts to schizoposthow long are you planning on being my personal emotional plaything? is this the stuff of legends?


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>>430224786>"I am emotional and I am oppressed"As you deserve to be, no colonies in the USA will ever support your faggotry you fukaire wanna be.

>>430225214I'll show you what a legend is in the next life nigger, ask for it, pray to God to know.

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