Kraut/pol/: Here Come Dat Boi Edition

>>English language>Every June is>Meme Collectionsibb(punkt)co/album/5WBRwR>Thead OP>What doCreate Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative.Get /fit/.Join the metapolitical phalanx!Spread flyers and stickers, physically remove leftist Agitprop!Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht.>Counter culture>Schwarze>Wir klären>EinProzent>Am Rande der>Rechtsausleger>Der>Krautzone>WolfPMS>Learn German script (Kurrent, Sütterlin)>Get>Flügel TV (german)>Maps >>430146271

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>>430196626oh shit whaddup

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>>430196491> so norse noble women sleep with subjugated people?Do Anglo women sleep with niggers? There always are some risk-seeking hybristophiliacs or bleeding heart people. Not the majority of the people but depending on the ethnicity and their proclivities there always will be such people.>>430196710Idk, there are some Nafris who really pass in the West. Not many but a few.>>430196543> It'll show up somewhere without giving proper credit (unfortunately, it has to be that way).I don't expect you to be a hero. Neither am I. Going to be the last one who shits on you for that.Take 2 in new thread

>>430196526>i took it tongue in cheekgood.glad we agree, man.

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what a fucking pseud

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>>430196610>qrd on picrelA huge set of policy letters and comments on "administrative technology." Called the "Organization Executive Course" and the "Management Series." There are more materials (like the FEBC [Flag Executive Briefing Course] or ESTO [Establishment Officer Course Lectures]).Scientology is known for being overly bureaucratic and lacking humor (see Chanology). Also for being a bit paranoid (for good reasons, though). It's one of the (negative) side effects of an otherwise useful approach.>>430197010Appreciated. In the end, success (or the lack of it) has to show what it's worth.

>>430197361Forget about Thiel and Musk, they are not "really" right-wing. They often try to appeal to the right but they are not. Elon only cares about worker bees and he is fine if it is Pajeets even if they will do their utmost to turn his children into 3rd class citizen. Thiel even bragged with preventing the Swedendemocrats. Pretty sure they both only have this immense popularity because they are using a few campaigns like Drumpf did with CambridgeAnalytica. It is grotesque that there are people who are liberals and right-wingers who like him. >>430197588Indeed + checked.

>>430197588>being a bit paranoidI have to say that this produced a set of useful policies and checks. The more I have to deal with establishment organizations/individuals, the more relevant it becomes.If you build/organize something that is disliked by the establishment, look at global "sects" like Scientology or Jehova's Witnesses and learn from them.

>>430197010pass as?

Elon is also super naïve about the deep state and allowed his son to one of the liberal schools which resulted in him to troon out. The guy is not some sort of genius. His father also owned some rare mineral mine so this is not a from rags to riches story he often attempts to depict himself as.

>>430198191Meds, Southern Slavs, Southern Balkanoid, Amerimutt in qt or Jewmutt, maybe even up to center one looks a lot like one of my are ultra-rare though so don't get it twisted. Any of them who want to make you believe it is common are lying to you. I met similar looking women from there in upper scale malls all over Europe a few years ago.

>>430197588>administrative technologyWhat this mean tho

>>430198201He has to tone it down, of course. The public admin (which is mostly Dem) wants to have more control over his companies (mostly SpaceX, then Tesla), which he tries to push back. There were various attempts in the (recent) past, which were really brutal.It's no proof, of course, but I follow this guy before it was cool (not sure, pre-2012 or so?). He's /one of us/. Sperglord and all that, before he got some PR training.He has to communicate his views/intentions carefully and often indirectly. And his actions are what count in the end.

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>>430198784A different term for business administration, but based on cybernetics and operations research mostly.

>>430199121Sorry but I disagree. He is 100% aligned with DeSantis tier conservatives. Maybe if he gets fucked over 5 more times by the system he will smarten up but who can wait for that? I get it he has systemic interest being the richest man in the world BUT nobody forced him to make these cucked statements about migration on twitter. He should have just shut the hell up.

>>430199121the man has never done a single "based" thing in his entire life.grade a grifter and you fell for it

I am not some great hero, I don't do bühmerlarps and frankly I am simply quite happy with my life. Most of all really I don't want to burden my family with my political convictions more than it is absolutely necessary for their best long-term self-interest. Especially given the fact how it hampers your ability to prepare and given how inescapable the inevitable demise already is. If you knew my name you would not find a single trace of such shit like what Musk posted connected to me. Nothing. Nada.

>>430199291Sounds interesting Where to start?

>>430199751Ur a hero m8Ur the Führer of catagang

>be faustian>sell your virtues, principles and soul in the pursuit of progress>become monstrosity resembling nothing you were like before selling everything and everyone out>atrophy and diebased mindset

>>430200101you just described english people.

>>430199444I think he got people both in the alt-right and among the liberals through targeted techniques like Trump did with CambridgeAnalytica. Hippieflag is smarter than myself in raw brainpower but he also is more naïve and trusting. Also he wants to believe Musk is on his side because he is somewhat on the edge being were deep in technology while the online right is largely anti-technology. I am not and open to ideas but this positions him poorly in regards to targeted narratives.

>>430200101You couldn’t envy us more if you tried

>>430200175exactly>>430200274>Hippieflag is smarter than myself in raw brainpowerhe is a self admitted midwit, are you a midwit?

>>430198006I like thiel and musk

>>430199391>DeSantisTrump didn't deliver. He even offered support to him various times, but Trump followed his own ideas.Other candidates? Andrew Yang didn't deliver. The Democrats attack him since 2017. Only RFK could be viable, but he still has to make it.>>430199444I'm a happy customer. (Not Tesla.)>>430199816For the general idea, link below. Later the book series I mentioned above (Organization Executive Course (HOW) and Management Series (WHY) [start with that]). But they're verbose, complex, and sometimes conflicting. So only if you have need for that To Live Though An Executive HTLTE.pdf

>>430200429germans and most of europe had a big faustian moment but then americans and english people intervened and told em to cut it out because hte jews didnt like it.

>>430200274* being deeply involved in tech while the online right is largely anti-technology. >>430200429He is just humble man. People with actual skills don't run through the world yelling "I AM THE SMARTEST MAN ON EARTH" "MASTER RACE" etc. It is called understatement. >>430200489DeSantis will not deliver either.

>>430200175>>430200429Yet here you are Speaking English On an anglo American website

>>430200690want me to tell you in german? oh right, you are too retarded to speak it.


>>430200434Fuck them. Thiel bragged about having prevented even better Swedendemocrats.

>>430200352nah m8, the great amerimutt is the final expression of the faustian spirit. it'll be easy for the hibernating classical spirit to BTFO you, considering the greco-roman crime syndicate already has soft control on the continent.>>430200489idk what else you could've bought from the grifter, a vacuum train tunnel?

>>430196549>Here come dat fag!OH SHIT, WHADDAP???

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>>430200962He is a chadcuck. Or a cuckchad?

>>430200910What do you mean>>430200924You’ll have to go through me I am the ultimate expression

>>430198006Elon sucks left wing cock. Elon sucks right wing cock. Elon sucks Chinese cock. Elon sucks jewish cock. Elon sucks any cock that hands him a government contract.

>>430200690>anglo American websiteJapanese website.

Trudeau is really a special breed of man.>>430201039He claims to have influenced their electoral outcome to the detriment of the right.>>430201077Honestly, I see it differently. He plays all sides.

>>430200634>DeSantis will not deliver either.Likely. But then there's only so much Musk can do about it. It's not up to him.>>430200924>what else you could've boughtLurk more.

>>430201178Certain. Have you read up on him?

>>430200489Alright seems based. Will read it today.

>>430201039king merimutt.>>430200626define faustian.>>430201178kek, enjoy your blu3 checkmark

>>430201241Somewhat. But I only care to some extent, because what's important for me is what's going in the public admin. POTUS and WH have only moderate and rather general influence there. The details are what count.>>430201419I have no checkmark.

>>430201510kek, enjoy your overpriced firework.

>>430201419Faustian is just Spengler’s term for it because he was a GoethebooI’m Frankish

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>>430201610Works for me.

>>430201510He worked with the professional torturers as a lawyer back in the war against terrorism. The guy is scum.>>


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>>430201639you're identity fluid.soon to be 56%'d


>>430202162What’s the qrdI’m guessing it’s through Palantir which he isn’t involved with day to day operationsCan’t imagine Thiel would care about Swedish election enough to meddle personally That said, that’s kinda based to have such power


>>430202302I’m a noble Don’t care about your peasantly ethnic groups Go till the field for me

>>430202372My father made a lot of money with the Palantir stockIt is not based if he fucks you up with it.

>>430202162He told us not to trust him (because he's potentially compromised). We can use what he offers us though (that's what we should do).

>>430202629see >>430200634>People with actual skills don't run through the world yelling "I AM THE SMARTEST MAN ON EARTH" "MASTER RACE" etc.

>>430202741I don’t enough about Swedish Democrats but I doubt they are based. I’m guessing they are AfD-ishThus, stomping them out is net positive in the long run

>>430202853>they don't go "i am the master race!!" because they are busy being masters.


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>be retarded commie faggot>start a pissing match>>430200903>prove me right soon after >>430202231 by not being able to tell what it communicates

>>430201910honestly, fuck musk for being one of those "AGI IS THE TERMINATOR YOU MUST KEK IT" retards

>>430203074Okay pseud

>>430203147>the retard is not just anyone but the doggoAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAoh wow.

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>>430203019>be humble cata: networth 6 million >be dago: networth 4k

>>430203098Influenced by Nick Bostrom. I disagree with that as well, but then I don't have to agree with everything and still can agree with other parts and use what Musk offers, right?

>>430203295no, because the richest man holding such an imbelic position is incredibly dangerous. the only way to avert any real danger from ML technology is FOSS and uncucked, unrestricted access for all.

>>430203609You know that he tried that with OpenAI, but (((Sam Altman et al.))) had different plans?

fuuuuuck what a strange day

>>430202761Agreed, but know what you can expect. If you are interest I recommend the video from Alexander Benesch about him.>>430203242> 6 million > Switzerland> Not workingGood one>>430202908It is not good and he is working with other billionaires to undermine us.

>>430204059like you know. i made so many polish people mad.

>>430204339I get so paranoidI thought I fixed this problem but I can never fix my curiosity

>>430203882he didn't decouple from (((OAI))) because it went closed, he left because they started focusing more on making better models and less on ""alignment"" aka policing the ai mentally. ironically, zuck has been the only based bigtech fucker on this issue >'leak' your model on 4chan>a bunch of autists hyper optimise it for free>profit

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>>430204429today is fun.flea market is today.

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>>430204633Ted died I agreed with him on most things

>>430204220>recommend the video from Alexander BeneschPlease do. I look for such info (if they're not the usual moaning), since I need to manage my relevant relationships well and with caution.Re the Sweden Democrats, what was their position regarding EVs? That could explain something, if they were anti (for whatever reasons).>>430204492Noted. Can't comment.

>>430204220>Swedish Democratsmost nationalist parties are pretty cringe IMO

>>430204838wasn't he nearly turned into a tranny?if i was that down on the ground that i would consider that an option i would go a bit coo-coo crazy too.

>>4302042206 gorillion then>>430204838süttistein has been celebrating the death all day, you should send him some mail.

>>430200489what are some useful technical skills to complement this stuff?

>>430203242he's 8 figures gang m8cmon show him some respect

once im rich im gonna fund Bernd's adventures in the Middle East

>>430205190>If i get money, i will send bernd into fucking mordor.absolutely supported.

people here seethe against pferndian islam, but tbqh, I don't think he's gone far enoughI'll fund him once he can read/write/speak arabic

>>430205243you're going with him, Süttwise Gamgee

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>>430205309nah, i don't like the sun and it doesn't like me.we invented the black sun for a reason.

>>43020514060 million?? oy vey!>>430205309we were unironically thinking of going together. he really wanted to revert me.

>>430205077>wasn't he nearly turned into a tranny?I wouldn't know>>430205243>mordorIt's bad over here but not that bad>>430205088kek

>>430205451Why didn’t you

>>430205451>we were unironically thinking of going togetherYou gonna come here?

>>430205089The "Red Volumes" which contain the philosophical and "technical" parts. But they're huge, like all the rest of the stuff.Start with the Management Series and see whether you like it. You'll encounter sometimes strange remarks and ideas that need context, just dismiss them for the time being if a simple google search doesn't deliver.Or ask me after 19Jun2023.

>>430204880> Please do. I look for such info (if they're not the usual moaning), since I need to manage my relevant relationships well and with is a bit slow in the videos (just put them on 1.75) and has cringe takes on the vaccine but give him a chance. He is digging through all the online newspapers for you if you let him.> what was their position regarding EVsNo idea but I get where you are coming from. Thiel also works with Andreesen Horowitz who are shady too.>>430205011I take what I can get for the moment in time. Would recommend anybody else the same. Regardless of that it is important one is honest about the parties. I said it before if AfD will ever achieve any meaningful size and there are people who actually could do something they will pull of some psyop and the people from the former CDU or luke warm conservatives will rip the party apart in an effort to make it votable again.. >>430205088kek but seriously if you don't intend to work and intend to live comfortably in a very good area you need around 10 at least because of the darn house price. Every idiot here is a millionaire. 1/7 people are. Often just from high salaries and saving. This creates enormous upward and downward pressures. Plenty kids here due to the low birth rate will inherit several millions due to being sole heirs.>>430205451Nope, less than that.

>>430205475see >>430153293>today is a good day>>430205543>why didn't a NEET and a permapoor wagie travel to petrawhy do you think? plus it was before I explicitly knew he was serious about being a Muslim.

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>>430205475you don't understand man.i am fucking pale.put sunlight against me and i can blind people.i enjoy the sun but i cant enjoy it long because if i go beyond the threshhold, i immediately develope a burn (20 minutes direct sunlight), my hair will self-destroy and my skin will peel off in sheets. summer is not fun to me.this summer is relatively mild, though.

>>430205815For context AfD took in some former CDU and FDP members which in my opinion was one of the worst decisions.

>>430205687okay this is quite interesting and relevant to my /biz/ pursuits AND philosophical pursuitshad no idea L Ronny wrote about this kind of stuff>Or ask me after 19Jun2023.alright, I am tied up for next two weeks anyways for deeper readingsit's FINRA exam season again

>>430206194it's like a weird intersection of Nick Land, Guenon's Reign of Quantity, and Nietzsche's master morality (how to executive = how to command)and i'm all about it

>>430205672he wanted to go via turky>syria(yeah, really)>lebanon>israel>jordanI wanted to go via North Africa (to petra)so only on the berndian caravan

>>430205872>why didn't youI was talking more about the conversion aspect rather than the travels

>>430205815>give him a chanceThanks, will do.>Thiel also works with Andreesen Horowitz who are shady too.Think that's one of the important aspects: they're not talking TO US but FROM their specific context, with all the liabilities and threats and interests involved that we know little or nothing about. Every statement has to be evaluated individually, but still considering who said it.>>430206194But be careful, he can be quite a time sink. If you have to deliver next month, don't dive into his works. Or wait until I can answer questions.>FINRA exam seasonWish ya all the best, fren.

>>430206544...I don't have a local mosque.

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>>430206547im gonna read it all!!seems incredibly relevant to being an effective CEO of a remote-based company

>>430207229Agreed. But don't underestimate the amount of stuff that needs to be processed and the sometimes unique ideas and terminology. That being said, Happy Journey.

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>>430205984Well, I am truly blessed in regards to my skin Black in SummerWhite in WinterTruly the med dream of switching races to win in different situations>>430206447>to petradespite living in Jordan, never been there.Blame my parents

>>430206544I disagree with the cultural aspects, not the metaphysics, it's a visceral reaction tbdesu.maybe could've overlooked it if he wasn't constantly sucking off arabic most imams have a really low IQ way of articulating the truth.>>430208210where in the middle east have you lived?

Nighty night, frens. See ya next weekend.

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>>430208477Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Lebanon.>>430208691gn


>>430208477>I disagree with the cultural aspects,such as?

>>430209163child or arranged marriage, circumcision, prudery (nudity is based,)basically all the backwards shit that remains from 600AD and has never been reconsidered. the quran in the context of "God's conversations and advice giving to an arab 1400 years ago" makes perfect sense. taking that ancient advice and living to it word-by-word in the modern day (and as a huwhite) does not make sense.

>>430210309what does that have to do with sharia tho

>>430201419>define faustian.jewish

>>430210619>what does sharia have to do with shariawhat?

>>430212315Goethe was not a kike.

Das Institut der deutschen Staatssicherheit will die AFD verbieten?

>>430208691alright I finished, good stuff. definitely will take a crack at the full management series and maybe more.I also got some questions and comments about the Tone Scale - remind me about it next time pls

>be me>wake up>go to PC to check Kratompol>it's shit>go back to bed


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Morning coffee is good for me!

>>430196549oh shit waddap


>>430197361Turns out you don't need to read hindoo fanfic to build rockets.

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>>430221196you do for nukes THO

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worst krautpolfuck summerfagsban me, jannies

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>>430222399It's really hard to decide who is the more entertaining comedian - Biden or Trump.

Anyone have some nice lefty Twitter salt about the demo in Erding?

>>430222103peak körst

>>430223310>1000km East of as a huge war with already 100ks of death soldiers is in progress>hippies: peace and love, bros

why did no one lure picrel to the 'raut, and instead we have to deal with the daggo

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>>430221283Nigger nukes work because of nuclear fission.Something that shouldn't even be possible according to you because ''atomic theory is the greatest fraud of modernity''

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>>430224459>My years of studying the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads are the primary reason for the success of the Manhattan Project-Robert J. OppenheimerYou may begin to COPE now

>>430224910Citation needed.