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>>430195938The Nephilim looked like clowns/jesters

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>>430195938What if he said transjewsters

>>430195938HONK HONK

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>>430196127transjewsisters... we fucking lost...

>>430195938Jesus tapdancing Christ I love this timeline.

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The most coherent thing Biden has said during his term. Transjesters is what we call these freaks now.

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We got to make this stick, meme it to death

>>430195938>Biden ends the ban>Mass troon sign up>Just in time for zog wars against Russia, Iran, Best Korea and ChinaWhat a time to be alive

Sometimes I wonder if he doesn't have some consciousness that randomly pushes through and screams like this

>>430196156the honkler is now mainstream

>>430195938New meme word just dropped, and from none other than hairy legs man.

>>430196127>>430196237right on point

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>>430195938That is a win. Meme it.

>>430196420No. Jester is a noble profession.

YFW the word transjester ruins his presidential run for 2024

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>>430195938>transjestersnew meme is born, cant believe someone didnt come up with it



>>430195938Fuck no. Faggots stole the rainbow, they can't steal jesters next

>>430195938Biden better be careful with all these fruedian slips of his real beleifs or his masters are going to have to beat him again.


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>>430196525selection biasstop attacking my witch gf

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>>430196684only on accident


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hahaha, that's actually a great meme. Transjesters is probably even better than troon.

>>430196684I talked to someone last night from the left who could meme. I should have seen it as an omen.

I was assigned clown at birth but deep down I always knew I was a transjester

>>430195938Based transjesters


>>430195938>biden is better at making slurs than Holla Forums

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>>430195938Based pedo pete

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>>430195938Oh shit, new slur just dropped

>>430197112That must also mean there are transclowns

>>430195938And a new slur was born...

isn’t there a paramasonic order of jesters? shriners also dress up like clowns. clowns are actually pretty rad i hate how they have to associate them with evil in the media

>>430197270It's true. All of our autism combined has been defeated by Joe Biden's dementia. Time to pack it up boys.

>It's MA'AM

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>>430195938It's funnier that he only caught himself after saying Americans.

>>430197347>>430197347They're all clowns retard, that was the entire point of the thread. He just compared them to jesters in a Freudian slip and told the truth

>>430196577Not to trannies it isnt

>Biden BTFOyoutube.com/watch?v=iSSCOw47qKo

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>>430195938Toppest of keks. You can't write this shit. cap;pn888

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>>430196279cute couple

I wanted "genderclowns" to take off as a term but Biden made a better term.

>>430195938>allow transjesters into military>recruitment at an all time lowhahaha

>>430195938Based pedophile. He’s winning again.

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>>430196124You’ve been saying this a lot but have no source, spic,

>>430197311this character cuts its dick off and sticks the clown pepe hotn in ijts place then honks

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>>430197270it's over for Holla Forumshow will we ever recover?

>>430197270Dementia, the final shitposting frontier.

>>430196279>Jesus tapdancing Christ I love this timeline.

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>>430198863Oh that's just the perfect reply.My work is done here, and by done I mean hopeless by compare.adieu mes amis adieugonna go light a bonfire in the yard for Uncle Ted

>>430195938calling all troons transjesters from this point forth

>>430195938Wow, he really said that shit. As a fucking democrat.

>>430196279Hello Cameron.

>>430195938Wtf, how did none of you come up with transjesters before?

>>430197311Nice digits and saved.

>>430198996>My work is done here, and by done I mean hopeless by compare.No, that's good AI, I saved it

>>430195938Fucking lmao. I love and hate this clown timeline. You just know he says “transjesters” and the N word in private probably when he’s having a cigarette and whiskey after he’s done raping kids for the day.


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>>430195938>>430197270>>430198824>>430199005kek. this is too much for me to handle. this timeline is fucking wild.

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>>430195938>transjestersI can't stop laughing/pol/ BTFO. Biden wins again

>>430199257tptb tried to seed the term in 2017 but failed. 4chan just got lazy. can't even make the obvious wordplay.

>>430195938The quiet part out loud.LGBTQIA people are entertainment for the elite, nothing more. It's the source for the rumors about the elite watching snuff-murder porn. The elite love nothing more than to watch people self destruct, so of course they encourage it everywhere.


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>>430196577It's not. Who told you this? It's a step above prostitute.

>>430197989Idk user, I was actually told today that there is a difference between clowns and jesters.

>>430195938There he goes again accidentally being based. Add it to the lexicon

He horseshoed so hard into retardation that he came up with something brilliant.Outstanding.

>>430196124no they where cone heads

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Joe Biden voted Holla Forums's Memer of the Year

>>430196577There were a handful of jesters in history that were treated as nobles.

>>430195938You guys aren't going to believe me, but... he did it on purpose.

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>>430197922Some handler probably screamed in his earpiece, otherwise he would have just kept going.

>>430197270you joke but it does bother me that I never thought of that

>>430195938It's Joever.

>>430198582There’s a channel called understandingConspiracy on YouTube, and he made an entire series of investigative videos based on this concept. It’s actually very compelling, go see for yourself fag.

>>430195938But there wasn't a ban on trannies>yea there was! Trump totally banned tranniesTrannies in the military were not forced out. There were still *plenty* of trannies.

>>430195938Meme it. Kings jesters were retards, baffoons. Watch the troons defend the jester as something noble. The cope will be delicious.

>>430201074Who knew Joe Biden was the next series of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures?


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>>430201125You got me listed 5 times. I think you're trying to fuck me in the ass faggot


>>430196525How many of those LGBT Buddhists are actually jewish as well?

>>430201179The jester was a noble spirit, we can't let the troops steal the jester. They've already stolen the rainbow. How much more are you going to cuck and cede to them?

>>430196394>The most coherent thing Biden has said during his term. Transjesters is what we call these freaks now.

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>>430195938Imagine my surprise.

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>>430196279ai is activating parts of my brain i didnt know i had>i want to coom to orange frank now

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>>430197270i made this up over a year ago. posted it at least 3-4 times. no one cared until joe said it

>>430195938>TransjesterHow's this not been coined til now?

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>>430201897The only previous time anyone used transjester was when some other politician said it.

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>>430201202Everything you believe is an obvious lie.

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>>430195938Yep, we're Ridin' with Biden.


>>430195938KEKLMAO even this dementia ridden pedo realizes that they are a total joke and should never be taken seriouslyvoca.ro/1lc2TEoGEFjJ

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>>430195938>I was proud to have weakened our nation's military even furtherOf course you were, Joe

>>430202131oh yeah, it was >transjeeter i was making fun of some yankees fan boy


>>430200482That would make transjesters a lower tier than hooker mimes. Seems legit.

>>430201125Ya see when it comes to asses and fucking it will be my dick in your ass that will be doing the fucking. You WILL be eating my dookie chaarayunks.

>>430195938This is too fumy to be true. I THINK CLOWN WORLD IS HERE TO BE REVEALED.

>Biden unironically gives the greatest nickname to tranniesusing transjesters from now on

>>430196237NOPE. THE OPOSIT.


>>430195938>Biden secretly visits Holla Forums but he can't let his masters know itwho woulda guessed

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>>430201125fuck off mass reply nigger faggot

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>>430195938Holy shit hahahaha

good job honkler

>>430209028which one


>>430201399YOU TRANSJESTER ?

>>430195938>BIDEN'S ENTIRE PRESIDENCYyoutube.com/watch?v=Lm29Wc227iM&ab_channel=AKA



>>430196279there's a universe where picrel happened

>>430209731THIS ONE.

>>430196481Mother of God. The suicide rate for trannies is already over 41% if you couple that with military service those numbers could be much higher. Can any math anons help me out?


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>>430201156>There’s a channel called understandingConspiracy on YouTube, and he made an entire series of investigative videos based on this concept. It’s actually very compelling, go see for yourself fag.Do you just believe videos like that?I usually use them as impetus to look into their sources and the topic myself, its crazy just to believe someone on youtube.


>>430195938Freudian slip?

>>430195938It's a factually accurate and rather positive description of them thoWe all know they're mentally ill abominations of God's perfection

suddenly the horns trannies wear to larp as satan figures makes sensetheyre just jester hats..

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>>430195938Kek I'm using Transjester a fuck ton now.

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>>430195938Deal with it

>>430200772We should actually do this. Tell CNN or some other media that the racist chuds of 4chan love Biden, and have awarded him the "Memer of the year" award, which comes with a prize of Bofa.

>>430209049Its unlikely, but if Biden were to suddenly come out and say "I am compeltely sane, I played the senile fool to disarm my opponents" I would buy it.

>>430195938Well they are pedophiles and clowns.

>>430196124Gonna need a source on that good buddy.

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First person to use "transjesters" on this board was an Australian in 2017:archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/106462459/#q106463926Because of course it was.What would you mutts say you do here?

>>430195938Transjester xisters ... WE GOT TOO COCKY


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>>430212192It's an interesting rabbit hole.youtube.com/watch?v=NYbJNdxyu5Y

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Yeah, I’m thinking it’s Dark Brandon time.

>>430196279what an eldritch and forbidden imageyou will live to see machine made memes beyond your kekrehension

>S4 troops now have to ensure that tranny troops are provided with dilators and HRT in the fieldI'm so glad I left when I did. The other thing is that the US military is nothing more than a house of cards. All their bravado is a load of shit. Nothing but simps, alcoholics, and trannies. Uncle Sam can kys. 3%.

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>>430200723why did they write on the skulls? who thought that was a good idea?

>>430195938Transjester rights are human rights

>>430197691One of my favorite movies The 80s made some gems

Biden knows exactly what he's doing. I will vote for him again in 2024 and 2028.

>>430195938Literally a clownshow.


>>430197270a swede already said that some time ago>>106463917


>>430212536>suddenly the horns trannies wear to larp as satan figures makes sense>theyre just jester hats..here is a tranny wearing just that.

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>>430216572>trump hasn't even been sworn in yetnot bad


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>>430217669Satanic Transjester.

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>>430195938Maybe all his “mistakes” are just his way of signaling for help? After all, we know he hates niggers and fags, but he is being told what to do and say.

>>430195938My president! Biden has my vote. We're all Americans right now.

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>>430197311There should be bloodstains on his crouch

>>430197270the jews literally won

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>>430195938Based Plague Father Joe, dropping us new slur for a new joy.

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I hate jews, joggers, n' jesters.

How did we miss this one

>>430195938>HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHADont forget to spread the Transjester emoji on social media.

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>>430195938cant tell if freudian slippage or old

>>430199494Oh, he almost definitely says nigger in private. He had that slip a while back and it rolled off his tongue way too easily for it not to be well worn.

>>430209555I denounce the talmud

>>430218288>new slurc-span.org/video/?c4541990/user-clip-transjester


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>>430210786If they die getting shot by a Chinese or Russian bullet, then the suicide numbers go down. I know the military is desperate for warm bodies but will they actually stick them on the frontlines or put them doing shit jobs nobody else wants to apply for?

>>430196495Its literally thisThats why we expected him to say nigger at least once from the Cornpop-moment onward, not happened yet sadly

>>430196124Clowns are symbolic of trans-racial people. A painted face and a wig. But the real ones pass as white people.

>>430195938make sure you spread the new slur as far as you can, twitter, other boards, etc.we have to make this the new slur to mock trannies


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>>430198128Dude fell down the stairs, took one pic in the hospital and gets meme'd to infinity. Also use an accurate after in the future.

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>>430198824I like to imagine it as God slipping in lines like these through the gap in his brain

>>430201202KEK>relax guys, I was just kidding


I am literally honking rite now.

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>>430218505It’s literally over They have the emoji


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>>430201202>>430221576Jesus, facebook tier posts. Embarrassing

>>430201002True.But many people, specially the libtards, don't realize that most of the older democrat establishment comes from what would be considered a far right ideology nowadays.Joe Biden, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Pelosi, Al Gore not only never gave a shit about their precious minorities, but openly ridiculed them. Plenty of videos from the 90s or earlier.Biden's dementia reveals his true nature.Those people grew up with KKK and traditional catholic mentors. Those people hate niggers and fags much more than we do and only tolerate them for the precious votes.

>>430196124Damn this pic goes hard. Thats a clownworld i could livd with

>>430197339I miss the /President Biden General/

>>430196495the collective unconsciousit's how all meme magic worksmagic is real. praise kek

>>430196520>nowhenlo fren 2019 departement calling pick up or pick up