CNN wants to interview me

I'm the user who lives in the university dorms for 15 years now and made a few threads here asking for help on how to survive the university trying to find a way to make me quit the room(they cant kick me out because the law when I entered uni in 2008 said I get to keep the room and student benefits until I graduate, yet I never bothered to study).I made a thread recently( and a CNN reporter asked me to give her my info which I didn't. However she did somehow find both my room number and academic email and told me she wants to interview me and going public with this would help me out and pressure the university into stepping back and letting me do whatever I want here.Should I trust her? The whole thing seems kinda fishy to me. Why the fuck would a CNN reporter try to help me out especially in this time and age? And how the fuck did she find out my info?

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>>430195691>Should I trust CNNAre you retarded?


>>430195691don't let them interview you for fuck's sake. if the reporter talks anything politically, say something along the lines of "if i speak, i am in big trouble."

>>430196138What can go wrong tho? And why me? What does she have to gain?

>>430195691She probably just called up your college and asked for the guy who has lived in the dorm for 15 years. Everyone knows your 40 year old NEET ass by now.

>>430195691half the money upfront and then run for it, ask for a couple thousands

>>430195691>going public with this would help me out and pressure the university into stepping back and letting me do whatever I want here.Why would that be true? Going public will embarrass the university and could prompt them to take action where they haven't before. As long as you're a private embarrassment you're easier to ignore.

>>430195691Just use a condom bud. Go ahead otherwise.

>>430196532What does CNN have to gain by this? Also what should I do in case she comes knocking or some shit? I'm really going to be homeless if I lose the dorm

>>430195691if you do be sure to record the whole interview yourself as well.

>>430195691Meanwhile in the west we pay 20k per year to be indoctrinated, live in a prison cell and eat from a selection of 4 fast food places on campus.

>>430195691>she did somehow find both my room number and academic email>how the fuck did she find out my info?user, if you didn’t already know, CNN has direct contact/help from glowniggers.

>>430196736American culture is based on imprisonment and prison. Srs. Military is the same. So is pre uni school. So is work. So are HOAs

>>430196532This. Loose lips sink ships, nigger

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>>430195691The lying media destroys everything they touch, will defame you in front of a national audience, attack NEETs and students in general.Who the fuck do you think pays these people? You're not paying them. Journalists are very venurable to stalking charges, file a restraining order. Journalists get one and fuck off.

>>430195691No. Don't trust her. She knows you post here on Holla Forums so here are the headlines you can expect from CNN: "Racist Nazi Chud NEET Squats in Dorm Room Intended for Students," or "White Supremacist Refuses to Study or Leave Dorm." That's what they're going to call you. And they'll get away with it too. I assume you have the reporter's name. Look up the articles she's written in the past.

Do you go to class, greekanon? How many credit hours do you have to take to keep your dorm room? Do you do just sign up for classes and then fail them? Do you have to share a room with a roommate?

>>430196369Remember when Fox interviewed Doreen Ford about r/antiwork and made their entire movement look like a bunch of spoiled millennials in a matter of minutes? Leading up to the interview, they were so excited, because they thought they had a national platform to spread their message. Then boom, completely gutted the whole thing in minutes.

>>430195691ok van wilder

>>430195691Do you honestly think a CNN reporter would accurately report the story with your side in a favorable way. Nope. You'll give a few hour interview that will be cut down to a few minutes. The segment will be about tapeworms in university dorms or something.

>>430196700>What does CNN have to gain by this?Nigga are you retarded? A story like yours would go viral instantly.

They're gonna use this to change the laws so you get kicked outDon't do it bro

>>430197285I don't go to class, it's not mandatory. I only used to sign up for class to get the textbooks and sell them(they cost a fucking fortune) but now I don't even sign up nor take any exams. I used to have a roommate but he left years ago and now I have it for myself >>430197402Who's Doreen ford bro?

The fact you are even considering wanting fame for being a 15 year long undergrad is pretty funny.

>>430195691You do know who works there now. Tell them only if they send Elle, the Kat Timpf of CNN.

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>>430197666Can they tho? I signed up a paper when I came here. It specifically said I get to keep the room until I graduate

>>430195691Lmao I remember you Please do not talk to CNN

>I'm the user who lives in the university dorms for 15 years noware we supposed to know who you are? can i get a qrd? why would you live in a dorm for 15 years

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>>430197257Thanks for the heads up

>>430195691Only if they give you a million dollars otherwise you can tell them your time isn't free and stop talking to them

>Agree to CNN interview> The lights go on>The camera flicks on>"Ahem, the following people flew on Epstein's jet. . .

>>430197402i get so much joy from watching that tranny self own himself on a national level, showing just exactly how fucking retarded reddit and antiwork are>>

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>>430198009do it on zoom and fap for the camera CNN style

>>430197833Greek law is based fuck universities

>>430196700CNN wants to paint you as a psycho manchild who's squatting in a university and taking opportunities away from africans or whatever. never talk to the cops, never talk to reporters

One other thing I'll say about journalists is that they proxy publish. Regardless of who interviews you, they can simply sell that information to the highest bidder. Globohomo doesn't even do their own homework, they buy leads from local journalists to write hit pieces. You wouldn't even be informed if they published somthing online which named you and called you an incel terrorist. More likely they would rhetorically link you to Hitler or some misdeed you've got no connection to simply as a charecter attack. Journalist get the rope

>>430195691Dont you have a student legal advocate or equivalent of some free legal services to defend you? Let them do all the talking ala al nigger sharpton.>if he be a neet, you must aqueet

>>430196369CNN has nothing to gain, but she does.Reporters are parasitic swine.They are out for themselves, their careers, and their image.She is going to try to use your story as a stepping stone to greater things, and she will not give a god damn if that takes form by dragging your name through the mud, and causing a big shit fit at the university.As of right now you are a tolerated oddity.This would serve to piss everyone off and ostracize you further than you already are, if not outright lose you the property.DO NOT TALK TO REPORTERSIF you decide to, it should ONLY be after you have secured funds for legal counsel, and ONLY go to LOCAL media. Nothing more, nothing less.

>>430195691do they know you're an absolute faggot?

>>430196700Don't give out critical details on this forum, nigga. If you are getting a great deal and or a great location out of it, keep it up and don't antagonize anyone. I'm a little surprised you can't find a decent apartment that's good enough but whatever, you do you. You need to be tight lipped on any deals that allow you to stay put, get a cheap rate or stay in perpetuity. You don't want anyone coming to play dirty with you and thus you need to maintain good social relations with the other residents. Quiet and kind is the name of this game.Don't trust media in general. They want stories that are "man bites dog," tier to sell add time.

>>430195691do not EVER talk to pigs or journalists. also get a job you worthless nigger

>>430196369>What does she have to gain?Reporters are after notoriety and prestige. That's why so many of them are willing to work for pennies. Don't do it.

>>430195691Just make up some sob story about how you're the first in your family to go to college and even though you're not the smartest guy and have been there for 15 years, you are determined to persevere and be the first one in your family to earn a college degree. Maybe they'll just give you a free degree and kick you out. Maybe not.

>>430198203The main reason journalism is a form of attack is that they don't have to publish anything, can ignore 90% of what you say and take the remaining 10% out of context. This is also why you "no comment" the police, they will use what you say selectively when prosecuting you.

They want to humiliate you. For once, I support CNN!

>>430195691If you won what you wanted then you should keep a low profile and enjoy your reward.

>>430196138My thoughts exactly.

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>>430195691>Should I trust her?CNN = CIA|MOSSADThere is your answer dumbass

>>430195691The best thing to do is lure them in, then when the camera's rolling say FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK over and over, then get a call and tell them your mother died and leave

>>430195691No dont trust them. They will skew and manipulate everything you say, and probably find ways it can be legally used against you. They are in it for themselves and will do anything to get shock value.

We all seen the movie

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>>430198951They will take all the nasty things random people have to say about OP, and just get him on camera to give the image that the journalist has in some way verified the allegations. They wouldn't even tell you what others have accused you of, they would attempt to validate the accusations just to make a story.

>>430197748I don't see how you're technically a student if you don't sign up for classes. You're just some dude squatting in a dorm room.

>>430196700Nobody here has quite the imagination and acrobatics skill they have. Go on, poke the devil and see what it says.

>>430199456Idk how the system works there but here once in you're a student until you're out

>>430199345Good. I hope they make up all kinds of great tales about me in the process of trying to villainize me

>>430196700>What does CNN have to gain by this?Views, ad revenue. You also have to understand that most people will hate you just for existing as soon as they find out what you're up to.>Also what should I do in case she comes knocking or some shit?Ignore her. She has no ability to force you to talk to her.

>>430195691Do it if they pay you enough to find a new apartment, 6 month's rent, plus extra money for bills. Do this in case it ends up getting you kicked out. You actually intend on graduating and aren't just a lazy freeloader. It sounds comfy and it would be a shame if it got screwed up for you

>>430196138he's been at university for 15 years. what do you think?

>>430195691What will happen is you’ll be asked baited questions where your answers can then be used against you by the university to expel you for violating student conduct.It is a way for the university to get you out of the dorms.

>>430199638Here you have to take a certain number of credit hours each semester to count as a full time student otherwise they don't have to let you live in a dorm, also you pay for the dorm because banks will give 18 year olds 200k in loans for college, you may notice its incredible jewish

>>430199873There's no student's conduct

>>430195691>Should I trust her?No. Never, ever talk to reporters.

>>430199873This. They're literally calling in the media as a favor to get you to talk so you incriminate yourself.

>>430195691Would you trust a naked man with a huge erection that told you he was there to help?? This is somehow worse

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>>430199955The student manual has no student conduct policy?

>>430195691Get a restraining order against the reporter immediately. You've been warned.

>>430196369Dude, you post here. You are her natural enemy. She Iikely has zero morals or ability to feel shame or remorse. Respond accordingly.

>>430198958>they will use what you say selectively when prosecuting you.Can’t you supoena the full context? Or is it really that jewish now where they can mix and match whatever they want you to have said?


>>430199999checked after its the most logical explanation for how the reporter has your details

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>>430199638Well greekanon, you're based as fuck. I hope you live at university the rest of your life. How many years until you get your old age pension? Or any possibility or going on disability by faking a mental illness?

>>430199663Why would you want that? Everyone, including almost everyone on pol/, would believe them.

>>430195691I don't understand why you would have any reason to talk to this woman. You have free lodging for life. There's no reason to provoke any change in the situation

>>430199999CHECKED. /thread

>>430200265I have a friend on mental illness welfare but he's a legit schizophrenic so idk. You need to fake the whole thing i guess

>>430196369Anon, I'm going to have to agree with the other anons, especially >>430198748. If you do this you'll get your fifteen minutes of fame but they will fuck you up the ass afterwards. Ask yourself if it's worth it.

>>430195691Why not get a part-time job working at a grocery or convenience store, even a gas station two or three days a week? You mentioned in a previous thread that only manual labor type of jobs are available in your area, but even being a construction working isn't that bad if you do it for two days a week. CNN isn't to be trusted but I feel like you could improve your life. Go to church more.

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>>430200204They will use the interview and sell it for a profit. Only agree if they pay you a decent amount, it's only fair.

>>430200296Is there a Guinness Book of world records record for longest stay in a college dorm? I would look it up and become #1. You're probably it already.

>>430195691Do it. It's another chance to expose what's like to live as a Greek.


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>>430200559>To move a muscle for a Greek is an unspeakable tragedy, unless it's to stuff a piece of food in his mouth. But we can't fault you this is just general Balkans stuff.

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>>430195691You’ve gone this far without their help, why do you need them now? Do NOT trust the media. EVER.

>>430195691dont talk to media without a lawyer, don't lose your home.

>>430195691Unless you’re getting cunny and money, tell that bitch to tongue anus. 1) she makes you look like an idiot, which you probably are, despite the basedness off taking advantage of kike rules. 2) she fucks up your gig and everyone after and you’re used as an example as to why neets are evil. 3) it’s cnn.

>>430196138fpbpyou're being set up

>>430195691Of course not. Ghost her. She'll get you kicked out of your college. You are literally a target she wants to destroy.

>>430195691you should tell her to fuck off or you'll track her down and rape her

>>430195691>reporteddude i bet shes hotyou should do it

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>>430196369>Why would someone from a capitalist system want to make me look bad and encourage younger people to wagie their lives away and stay away from problematic right-wing websites that encourage living a simple life???

>>430195691No lmfao. Not only did she illegally find your information from 4chan of all places she wants to expose you. Once exposed normalfags will be angry and the school will be more brazen in breaking their contract.


>>430200423If you read enough about the disease you could do it.

>>430195691If you actually wanted, you could interview yourself and put it on jewtube.I would avoid attention until they manage to change the meaning of words to break your contract.


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>>43019999999999>digits don't lie, not like this they don't brother.don't talk to the kike shill!!

>>430196369>What does she have to gain?she would not have contacted you otherwise.>>430196138FPBP

>>430201040He should respond using neet:1. Thanks for the offer. While it would be neet to talk to you about my difficult living situation, the dishonest reputation of your organization forbids it. Take care. 2. I abide by the neet rulebook. Something you couldn’t understand or appreciate. Your dishonest toil, desperately clawing for the next story, indifferent to the suffering you leave in your wake, is abhorrent to the neet consciousness, and therefore I desire no exposure to your existence. Take care.

>>430195691>Should I trust her>herAre you this retarded? To be clear, no, do not trust her

>>430195691Friggin' sweet. (If not a larp). I would get some psychedelics or speed and spend a couple of nights divising various schemes in order to fuck with them and keep em hooked. And if they ever approach you in person just simply ask them "what are you talking about" and just keep walking and go about your day

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>be me>12th year senior >really cute girl in my astronomy 101 class>walking back from class>approach to see if she maybe wants to hang out>OH MY GOD GET AWAY FROM MY CAR>get tasedWhy does this keep happening bros

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>>430201874Yeah, the best thing is to bring them out and then waste their time. When they ask baiting questions, mention that the speed of light was discovered in the 17th century. Then walk away. CNN loses $10000 just sending them out there.

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>>430198819doesnt take sy hersh to break that story

>>430202013Approach her in class. And definitely wait a least until couple weeks into the semester

>>430197833If they really want you gone they'll give you a degree, keep holding out until then at least.

>>430201751Saying anything at all is giving them ammo. They can publish that if they want.

>>430202422KEK an hororary doctoral diploma

>>430195691>Should I trust her?Should you trust me?I don't know why you think this might be a good idea.I'd try to leave that dorm gracefully and on your terms before some other force compels you to leave. I had no idea you even existed, it's better if you keep it that way for most. If I were the university and wanted you out, I'd try to tap into your paranoia and subtly convey that, one day, all of a sudden, you could be headline news and have a really difficult time with everything thereafter. Landlords would be afraid to touch you unless you're paying rent consistently without fail for 15 years.

Lol no they're going to make you look as bad as that one antiwork plebbitor if not worse, that being said maybe you can get movie rights or find some other way to monetize this

>>430196369They gain attention which translates to ad revenue.She isn't doing it specifically to harm you, but CNN also doesn't give a fuck about you. So even if they knew for a fact that this would harm you they would not tell you that. In that scenario they are in fact motivated by profit to lie to you.

>>430195691Do the interview and secretly record the entire thing on your phone and then post a link here and you'll be sure to get more upvotes than you could ever imagine :^)

>>430195691>going public with this would help me out and pressure the university into stepping back and letting me do whatever I want here.Not necessarily, it could very well have the opposite effect.>Should I trust her?Not even a little, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't do the interview.>Why the fuck would a CNN reporter try to help me out especially in this time and age? She doesn't. She wants to capitalize on your situation for whatever quota she need to meet for her job.>And how the fuck did she find out my info?Probably just asked the university administration. If they don't like you being there and want you out then I don't see why they wouldn't give out your information if they think it will help.Anyway, I say do the interview. But get as much information as you can first (though don't necessarily trust it to be the truth) and prepare your words carefully beforehand.

>>430195691Sending you some power user. Keep up the good fight!


>>430202545I'm surprised his Uni doesn't have a clause that says when you fail so many classes in a row, you get kicked out of the dorms. I'm also suspicious of his story because even crappy apartment life is soooo much comfier than dorm life. You don't have live in babysitters, for starters. The only exception is if he is in a city where apartments and houses are out of sight on the price and the dorm has grandfathered him in at a much better rate, in which case he needs to shut his mouth and be a very good boy.

>>430202718>Do the interview and secretly record the entire thing on your phoneThis.Also, to any CNN kikels in this thread I hope you get ravaged by black savages ransacking your offices again.

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>>430199999Damn, impressive digits!

Tell her to come in person and wear something sexyThen have sex with her

>>430195691mainstream journalists are in the business of doxxing you. Their article will be the #1 search result for years to come anyone on your name. Don't do it.

>>430195691fuck i was wondering when i would see you again did you ever figure out that issue with the virign girl?

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>>430197833>Can they tho?Yes, they can blow up the story way out of proportion to try and get the public and politicians to demand that the law be changed. She will be a moralizing judgmental cunt the whole interview and try to make you look like a freeloading incel white supremacist racist antisemite. They do this regularly. The interviewer will not be sympathetic.

>>430199243This is moronic advice.

>>430199999Checkem Danno!

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>>430196369She will immediately bring up this website and label you every name in the book. Assuming you aren’t using a vpn then you probably have hate speech laws out there.

>>430196369They obviously think they'll get something out of it, theres an angle you're not seeing. You should be asking "what do I have to gain?" Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt and so on.

>>430195691if you think anything positive is going to come out of agreeing to the interview you're actually so fucking retarded you should an hero for the sake of everyone else

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>>430197257>She knows you post here on Holla Forums so here are the headlines you can expect from CNN: "Racist Nazi Chud NEET Squats in Dorm Room Intended for Students," or "White Supremacist Refuses to Study or Leave Dorm."Exactly. The first half of the segment will lay the ideological framework for viewers about 4chan and how it's where all the racists and antisemites go to spread hate to the rest of the internet. Then cut to your interview, which will take everything you say out of context or just flat out clip your answer for one question to seem like you answered another.

>>430203045And I give you permission to use this comment in the interview.

>>430199638I always heard Greek Universities are like fortresses because of old protests and the government is too scared to enter them. They want to use you as a pawn to make them less autonomous and subject to EU homo

>>430196369i have nothing to add except fuck cnn and every piece of shit that works there. poison. stupid agents of death. true enemies of the people. these people deserve to be crushed by stones

>>430196138/threadYou have nothing to gaim talking to the media

>>430196138You will never be Japaneseoh and japs hate weebs like you.

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>>430196306This. In fact you should make some massive conspiracy on your life that is keeping you there. Don’t give any details but basically pretend that’s the story.

>>430195691>Asks Holla Forums for helpUr fucked

She's going to paint you as an exploitative fat useless far right parasite which wouldn't be wrong but still.

If you're not going to rape and kill her then you have no business being heard

>>430195691You need to realize that you will look extremely BAD if your story gets publicized and that it could lead to the national government intervening to get you kicked out, or even so many Greeks hating you that you'll be unsafe

>>430196700they want to make polchuds look like retards. thats what the richard golden shit was about but it made shitwood clear to everyone for the asshole he is, no thanks to desantis for signing off on those three arrests thanks to patriot fusion center bullshit. 4th amendment is dead

>>430211899patriot act*

>>430196700If you go on cnn you might never be able to find a new home.

>CNN>contacting you off Holla ForumsThis is like a foreign spy wanting to ask you about your time in Area 51. No, don't be stupid. Don't do the interview. Deny that thread was you.

>>430195691I stopped reading at "I'm the user". What's the first rule of Holla Forums?

>>430197833They should be able to terminate you for lack of progress toward a degree

>>430212071Nobody watches cable news. A few million out of 340 million in the US?

>>430196369>What can go wrong tho?>And why me?>What does she have to gain?Man you are fucking in for it. Some people really just have to learn the hard way.

>>430195691holy shit a quality thread- i got a lot of reading to catch up on. in the mean time- godspeed you fucking loser.i am genuinely cheering for you

>>430196369It's like you think mosquitoes land on you because they like you. Tell them to fuck off and instigate a university audit to find out how they got your phone number.

>>430195691>"racist greek nazi incel freeloads on college campus dorm rooms!"Gee, what could go wrong. But ask yourself, what do you have to gain from it?

>>430196138ThisIf you do the interview just be incredibly autistic and shit on camera

>>430195691Never ever ever trust an msm reporter. They are universally spiteful and shit people. If they weren't, they wouldn't have been hired as an msm reporter.

>>430195691KekYou neet faggotU should do it just to troll them

>>430195691don't talk to CNN full stop>i like to think that murder is bad>*edit*>i like.... murder...

>>430196369"This Alt-Right Neo-Nazi incel refuses to leave his room after 15 years. We spoke to local students who claim they fear for their safety. Some stated they felt it was unfair that this White male continued to have accommodations that other students desperately need. We spoke to Nova Washington of the local BLM Chapter for her opinion.""Yo, so it's like dis. This white boi been in hes room for like 15 years. Don't be tellin' us that a black man could get away wid dat. It's clear cut white privilege, you feel me?""We contacted user through the notorious website 4chan, a site known for promoting White Supremacy, and linked to acclaimed far-right terrorists.""user, why do you feel it's okay for you to be here when other students need these accommodations?""How much time do you spend in the room?""Does the age gap bother the other students who live near by?""Have you had any relationships with young students while remaining here despite being asked to leave?""How would you feel if you were a student looking for accommodation?"""CNN spoke to University Dean Shane Horowitz on the matter.""Despite many requests, user refuses to leave. We often don't have enough spaces for students, and it leaves many students feeling unwelcome. I have only just become aware of anons presence on this 4chan, and this worries many of us in the faculty who feel that students of color may feel unwelcome or perhaps threatened by his continued presence."

>>430195691you should trust her. she's your friend!

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>>430195691Follow rule one, never talk to media, ask jstark what happened when he did, media is just cia posing as reporters, that's how they found you

>>430198246why didnt the dumbass just say,. go back to 70's pay and give us more money and quit giving it to CEO's whats their purpose and questeion him back. what a total retard

Don't fucking do it user, the media is not your friend

For the cnn intern here taking screen grabs, may I just say nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Heil Hitler nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Heil Hitler nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Heil Hitler nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Heil Hitler nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Heil Hitler nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Heil Hitler kys ywnbaw


>>430205462I'm on board with real-life shitposting to CNN's face.

Why don't you camp lying in wait for them with the Spanker.Expert Tells EU Parliament “COVID-19 Was An Act Of Biological Warfare”>>430195691

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>>430195691>lives in uni dorm for 15 yearsHow is that even possible?

>>430215965fuck off cnn we all know the background story check the archives dumb gorilla mutt

>>430216275No, thats too much work

Πάρε πτυχίο ρε γαμημενε

>>430196138He's been in college 15 years without graduating so obviously he is retarded.He's gonna be in his mid 30s never knowing the real world.It's like a real life bubble boy.He even was stupid enough to openly admit what a leech he is and then thinks it would be a good idea to talk to a reporter who is frothing at the mouth to get that low hanging fruit.

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>>430195691If you are failing to see that you are going to be labeled as the "extremist 4chan user who takes advantage of the uni dorms for 15 years" for the whole world to see, including your family and friends, you are truly retarded.And I thought you were based uni user.

>everyone telling him not to do itthis sucks, I wanted to see the interview

>>430196138Never trust CNN. Your life will be over the moment you trust them. They hate anons and want to silence everyone here and have the ADL remove this site. You are not worth anything if you communicate with CNN.

>>430195691Its true, bros! There is a technicality that states students get to keep their room until they graduate. There are students that died, dropped out, went to jail for life etc and now their rooms remain empty because it still belongs to them for ever!

>>430221517>Meanwhile in Greece

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>>430196138Lmao this.If anything it will help the university kick you out without hassle from the public.Fuckin naive retard.

>>430196138>Are you retarded?The dude is in his 40's living in a college dorm and nobody wants him there.I think we can forego the psyche testing.

>>430197257This. Correct response is> "No, I do not consent to you using my name, likeness, or story and will file suit for any defamatory statements published by your organization. Have a nice day."

>>430196369Don't give her any content. Just ignore her.>How can CNN get my info?They are a propaganda arm of the US Government.

>>430196138Fpbp /thread