Why do you idolize him? He literally killed people

Why do you idolize him? He literally killed people.

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>>430194190so did hitler

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>>430194190I will always remember Luke Smith as the perfect example of what happens when you fall for every single /g/ meme at once, without carefully analyzing them first. He owns four ThinkPads at least. While I see nothing wrong with them in themselves, as they are admittedly pretty good value for the price, four is just mindless consumerism, contradictory to his "philosophy". He started using every single shitty pseudominimalist, ncurses-based program, used a shitty riced out i3 setup of dubious actual productivity (like all tiling wms), then fell for the full Suckless meme and went in even deeper. Then he started making videos shitting on Python and praising C, which is ironic considering he is not even a programmer by his own admission. He effectively spent years trying out, configuring and hopelessly trying to integrate tens of meme programs to build what is, combined, effectively a shittier Emacs, just like most of /g/ was doing in their "productive" desktop threads a year or two ago. Then he read the Unabomber manifesto and blindly accepted it without constructively analyzing it first, same with the anarcho-primitivist ideology that was all the rage about a year and a half ago on 4chan and 8ch. While he stated on his website that he "didn't browse 4chan much anymore" it was obvious this wasn't the case.Then he went and took the memes way too far, and unironically went to live in isolation. While I see nothing wrong in itself, the actual reason he did it is massive cringe. He has the mentality of someone 10 years younger than he is, yet he acts like a literal boomer jokingly criticizing "zoomers" despite he himself being the worst example of a millennial. He attacks "nerds" when it't painfully obvious he's deeply unhappy with himself, as it was obviously self-directed criticism thinly veiled as an edgy dabbing video. He is a perfect example of someone you should avoid becoming at all costs.

I don’t. Infact I find him retarded. >I use technology and so does my followers to make a point we need to evolve, which I’m doing by living in forest and that’s all humans have been doing to evolve and get us here?

>>430194190Two of whom were Jews.Anyway, he should have read Mein Kampf because Hitler solved everything he complained about.

>>430194190> He literally killed people.americans arent people

>>430194190>can’t hold more than one thought in your head at time.He was a terrorist. But he also had some deep and interesting thoughts as well. Had he been born a decade later, he’d probably would have had YouTube channel.

>>430194190Noone gives a fuck about this niggerThis is some astroturfed shit

>>430194190reminder that all ted posters are feds

>>430194190>Why do you idolize him? He literally killed people.But pic rel is a fucking hero?

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>>430194190So does the government but people still pay taxes.

>>430194190he was smart but flawed

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>>430194190He's the king of the incels.

>>430194190>He literally killed peopleLike Obama?

and? most great men in history killed someone

>>430194190I can't believe the only thread on this topic is a shitty (You) farm. Go fuck yourself. Rest In Peace, Ted.

>>430194190Good. People have to die to change things.

RIP uncle T put me on another list faggots

>>430194190>Why do you idolize him? He literally killed people.Yes, that's the only reason why

>>430194190He killed NPCs

>>430195566well, its because he killed people creatively with purpose and intent (for quite a long time) and was a victim of the CIA, but yeah.

>>430194190>Why do you idolize him?The academic jargon makes his manifesto hard to follow, which in turn makes the feelings expressed in it feel more intellectual.Since the underlying feelings are "Society has mistreated me", "people (especially girls) don't respect me enough", and "work sucks build a cabin innawoods instead", the result is that reading his manifesto makes edgy emo midwits feel smart.As you may guess from my dismissal, I don't idolize him.>>430194275>so did hitlerAnd? I don't idolize Hitler either.

>>430194275So did obama

>someone has a good point>its automatically invalidated because he also did some bad stuffYes. He should not have resorted to violence. But his writings were still correct. May he rest in power now regardless.

>>430194554Then don't send your fat ass whores to our schools helmut.This man was tortured by everyone for being smarter. Something you're not accustomed to.

Either way, the lesson is clear: stay away from psychiatrists.

Imagine showing support ON THE INTERNET for someone who was anti technology this is the kind of retard that idolizes this nutcase

>>430196929There is no academic jargon. Its simplicity is part of its power.

>>430194190He wasn't even good at doing that. Best ever college killer was a gook. Best ever domestic terrorist was Timothy McVeigh. This kike was a shitty killer.

>>430194190Sometimes killing is necessary, especially these days. Nothing can get done peacefully when the dollar speaks louder than words

>>430196929You never read it. Its so short. You are a fraud.

Read his manifesto

>>430199714Firstly I am not even idolizing him and secondly who says I am terminally online unlike retards like you who come here just to feel smart and validated over puking on a pile of shit?He is gone now. Let him rest in peace. You should have no problem with this. You should rejoice. Yet why do you seem so distressed?

>>430199801He wasn't a jew.

>>430199801Mail bombing is way less precise than putting a fucking truck full of explosives outside a building man. A mail bomb has RNG depending on who picks it up and where it is opened.

>>430194190I don’t idolize him I simply have read ISAIF and Anti Tech Revolution and I agree with some of his ideas. I do not agree with the actions he took to draw attention to his ideas but it is undeniable that the Industrial Revolution has been a disaster for humanity and we are on a very dangerous road.

>>430194190he hasn't said the n-word so really more white people should follow in his footsteps

>>430194190So did most of the people idolised by most people. Wtf are you so low for. Who are you fooling do you think?

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>>430199714If you actually read any of his work such as Anti Tech Revolution he specifically says that those who are anti tech must be familiar with modern/new technology for a number of reasons including critiquing it and using it to draw attention to anti tech ideas.

>He literally killed people.as opposed to "he figuratively killed people"? moron

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>>430200485Bascially. The internet has always been a double edged sword to dissidents. It can be used against the system as much as the system can use it against you. AI might now turn into another case of that eventually.

>>430194190so did joe biden

>>430199408>Then don't send your fat ass whores to our schools helmut.Are you malfunctioning you stupid american nigger?


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Most based book ever written, literally they fried a mk ultra with god knows what an he got totally blackpilled living innawoods, really scary to see how accuarte his predictions were in 1995, he painted the big pic of how big brother will end up fucking the whole human races throgh tech, leete el libro pelutodo jajaja >>430194190

>>430194190First, idolising people is polytheism and a major sin Second, any rational man can separate a person’s ideas into boxes and analyse which ones make sense (are God’s will) and which ones don’t make sense (are against God’s will). Third, if you want a role model you should look into God’s prophets

>>430200096Who gives a fuck? Killed 3 and wounded like 9.

I don't idolize him. I view him as a man worthy of love, recognition, empathy, and study. He was robbed of his life well before he ever went to prison. He was targeted with consecutive years of abusive mind control experiments, really egregiously inhumane stuff. He was spiritually mutilated for no reason other that he was bright, inquisitive, and intelligent; and that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.That he ended up committing murder is to be lamented. That he elected to cope with the abuse done to him by diving deeply into philosophy and unrestrained critical thought is, for one, to be noted, but primarily, to be celebrated and admired. He did succumb to the temptation of violent dehumanization, but before that, he fought the grittiest battle. He both won and lost.Dehumanization is only ever a mistake. He was deprived of his need. He was viciously brainwashed and abandoned. He deserved better. The masses and its individuals deserve better. He is a poignant reminder, and he has been long since before his death.He pursued the Truth to the greatest extent that he could. He did it all alone, but he went far. May he rest in peace, and God bless him. Likewise to his victims. They did not deserve it. May they rest in peace, and God bless them.

>>430196929>i idolize him because its edgy therefore funny, but he's also rightwasn't that hard bozo and you ended up being wrong anyway lmao

Why do you idolize him? He literally killed people.

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>>430194190>He literally killed peopleMao and Stalin collectively killed over 70 million but does that stop hordes of leftie retards across the planet from praising them?

Why do you respond to OP? He literally made one post.

>ITT a bunch of retards who never read about the industrial revolution and its consequencesthe absolute state of 4chan

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>>430202133So what is his great idea? Going back to living like Neanderthals?

>>430194190>Why do you idolize him?the news is calling him an "eco-terrorist".i guess if you believe ted's manifesto, he was.

>>430194190I don't and he also didn't even really accomplish anything with his murders, nothing changed and even more countries have industrialized since then.


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>>430194190>Why do you idolize him? He literally killed people.my government drops bombs on little kids as a matter of routine.

>>430202133The worst consequence of the industrial revolution by far was when op made this thread

>>430200882>Most based book ever written, literally they fried a mk ultra with god knows what an he got totally blackpilled living innawoods, really scary to see how accuarte his predictions were in 1995, he painted the big pic of how big brother will end up fucking the whole human races throgh tech, leete el libro pelutodo jajajathey dosed him with so much acid and mescaline he basically saw the future lol

>>430194190>>430202497Also most of the things he critized have been a thing long before the Industrial Revolution.Ever heard of serfdom?

>>430202812I suspect this is astroturfed, dont think anyone really gives a fuck about his ramblings

>>430194554holy cope what does your country have again? a failed artist?

>>430202958>I suspect this is astroturfed, dont think anyone really gives a fuck about his ramblingsyoutube.com/watch?v=GSQn59kLhFo

>>430196929>The academic jargon makes his manifesto hard to followFalse.

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>>430194190a man who is willing to act on his beliefs is rare in modern society, especially in academia which is filled with armchair sophists

>>430196929>The academic jargon makes his manifesto hard to followdid you even read it? it's filled with plain english. ted uses a few phrases but he makes sure to properly define them first.

>>430194190Because he was literally right, I'm just sad he couldn't make it to at least 2030 to see the culmination of where all this goy tech leads as people become more mentally derange and eventually full on tech slaves. Also I'd recommend reading an excerpt from his anti tech revolution book "techies wet dream".>>430194298He sucks off Jewlon and phalates digital tech. That being said there are far worse than him out tthere

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>>430202381Just read the manifesto it's not long. What most people remember is the stuff he borrowed fromen.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Technological_SocietyHe also foresaw much of today's clown world and has various theories for about the over socialized liberal. IMO that part is a bit weaker. He talks about a revolution as well as some sort of fix but this part of the book is pretty much the worst and is what got him in trouble.

>>430196929Its only hard to follow because you're nonwhite.

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>>430196929If you've seen images of him when he was young then you're aware that he was attractive enough to get as much pussy as he would have wanted. Dude was a literal "Chad". I don't much care for what he did but what he wrote makes perfect sense.>>430198169Correct. There is only one justified end for the retarded human cancer called civilization and that's extinction. Seems like we're headed that way anyway. Global warming and famines will cut down the population drastically. Wars and other conflicts over resources will then take care of the rest. Whatever is left at the end of it all will be no more than a few million and they'll have to live exactly as Ted outlined in non-industrial tribal communities. The industrial world doesn't really have much time left and the question is when and not if it will collapse.

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>>430194190He wrote plainly, clearly and intelligently about problems in society. It's pretty much impossible to solve a problem without doing this first and it's why leftists and jews should not be allowed to have any power in society because they love to muddy the waters and simply sling shit. What is not to admire? Yes, he killed people, but nothing will change without violence. In your heart, user, you know this to be true.

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>>430196929>Since the underlying feelings are "Society has mistreated me", "people (especially girls) don't respect me enough", and "work sucks build a cabin innawoods instead", the result is that reading his manifesto makes edgy emo midwits feel smart.That's a piss take par excellence and you know it - nowhere does he say bitches don't respect him nor are any of these three strawmen the core foci of his writings

>>430203731This is just a reflection of the jewish mindset that won the war

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>>430194190You all should become degrowth Marxists but you're too pussy so you jerk off to the edgy society is bad man

>>430194190Collaborators aren't people.

>>430194190Killing people to get your message across happens every day and has since the dawn of man.

>>430203807Did he name the Jews?leftists are just a reflection of that not of "industrail society"

>>430194190oh no he killed peoplestake your boosters.

>>430194190He's a saint in a world where those that kill millions like Kissinger walk as free men and heroes to the true monsters.

No he didn't.It was a false flag to cover up the Clinton's Whitewater Scandal. The building he "bombed" contained all the information and backups for the investigation.

>>430203868Technology won't save, technology is the tool the elites use to keep the cattle in their pens before the slaughter and since industrial pollution is accelerating global warming it is also inexorably leading to one inevitable outcome: collapse and extinction of techno-industrial societies.

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>>430203977We get it. You're a butt hurt leftist with an aching asshole because Ted pegged you as the self-loathing piece of shit scumbag even harder than your tranny AIDS ridden "girl"friend pegs your asshole. Faggot.

>>430204127He followed Christ's actual teachings more than the vast majority of christians do:>in the kingdom of satan, the only righteous path is the path of resistance, the path of self-sacrifice; if the antichrist wishes to reason, be unreasonable, for he who accepts gold and comfort while their neighbor suffers is no neighbor in the world to come

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>>430204366The metabolic output of the system is poison for the biosphere and just like yeast drown in their own metabolic byproducts so will the techno-industrial man drown in the poison of his own making.

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>>430204366The elites are jewishThis is all trash self-destructive nonsenseWe are destined to reach the stars not live like Neanderthals

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>>430204554I don't think you realize how bad things really are. Industrial pollution leads to dysgenic outcomes. Your grandparents and parents were better stock than you and you will be better stock than your children. There is no way out of this other than extinction. Techno-industrial humans are the worst kind of cancer and all cancer eventually snuffs itself out by killing the host.

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>>430194190The vaccines killed more people.

>>430204782>all cancer eventually snuffs itself out by killing the host.too soon

>>430203977I tend to agree with you, but he did kill jews so he was on the right track anyway. I'm not sure he ever looked into the JQ.

>>430194190I don't idolize him, but I'll never forget what they did to him at Harvard during MKULTRA.

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>>430203731they fucked him up with MK Ultra and gave him chemical autism

>>430194190I don't idolize him but I think he was correct about the state of the current system

>>430204982I think he was just too smart for his own good. Most geniuses are mentally unstable and eventually develop disdain for all the retards around them. If he had better parents and mentors then he might have made something of himself but given the circumstances lone-wolf terrorism was probably inevitable. He wouldn't have survived among normies and retards so would have ended up in prison one way or another

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>>430205348>I think he was just too smart for his own good. Most geniuses are mentally unstable and eventually develop disdain for all the retards around them. If he had better parents and mentors then he might have made something of himself but given the circumstances lone-wolf terrorism was probably inevitable. He wouldn't have survived among normies and retards so would have ended up in prison one way or anotherI feel so fucking attacked by this post user god damn

>>430204990He was a genius so it's hard to find anything wrong with what he wrote and all critiques are just ad hominems about being a lone wolf. It's hard to comprehend why geniuses do what they do so character assassination is the only thing normie and retard minds can conceive as a counter-argument

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>>430205584He was a shizo who raged against cvilization

>>430194190Because he was sociopathic robot, so other sociopathic robots see themselves in him.

>>430205406There is no way out of the system. There are too many retards and they like being treated like cattle so it sucks that Ted didn't realize this sooner. It would have been nice to hang out with him in different circumstances.

>>430194641Do people pay taxes because they idolize the government or fear the consequences of not paying taxes?

>>430205678This is a common ad hominem. He solved unsolved problems in complex geometry. What have you done with your mind other than shit posting on 4chan? He is beyond your reach, you will never understand him.

>>430200816Did you go to harvard or standford psychology you stupid fat ass wipe?

>>430205693He wasn't and that was his problem. Normies and retards commit uncountable atrocities on a daily basis for their own comfort and pleasure. Ted wouldn't have survived in normies society and he knew it. Too many contradictions for a genius to not notice.

>>430205906Holy shit, what the fuck are you even babbling about?

>>430205678No you don't give him enough credit because you are a proud German and all proud Germans are industrialists so you get offended by his anti-industrialist idea instead of simply disagreeing without emotion.Ted didn't have the luxury of browsing /pol for years and hearing different ideas about the problems of the world. He saw what he saw and came to some rational conclusions. If you were more charitable you would understand that he grew up in post ww2 era engulfed in anti-Hitler propaganda with jewish nonsense everywhere. He would have to have somebody in his life tell guide him to the truth to see through kike propaganda and consider that maybe it's just jews that are the problem and that a healthy industrial society is possible with proper leadership.

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>>430204851We're all going to die from either cancer or turbo Alzheimer's. The biosphere is fucked, there are too many carcinogens in food and water and it's getting worse every day.

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>>430206575the shift from libertarian silicon valley to progressive silicon valley was noticeable, to say the least.

>>430194190Well, due to glownigger interference and general assfaggotry: I think you all deserve it.

are you making him proud?

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>>430202960Hitler was technically Austrian. The greatest German of all time is probably David Hasselhoff or Peter Gabriel

>>430194359you understanding uncle ted is like my cat understanding a nigger. it can't happen and isn't supposed to happen. you can opine but it doesn't mean anything if it's retarded

>>430201197Any sources that prove those are real prophets that isn't their own quotes?

So did stalin and mao but you guys love them

>>430194190He was kind of a shitbag, but had some clear opinions on some things.

Killing villains is heroic. Also its Ted's words that spoke to me, it felt like a bible to people like me who are crushed down by modern society

>>430194190Yeah so has Joe Biden and Clinton. Not going to answer you, you must live above the equator for me to converse with you.

>>430194298except, his OS doesn't send a hash of every file on your computer, including all the naughty images and videos you totally have never saved from here, back to HQ. And his OS doesn't have agreements with certain agencies to turn on your mic and camera without alerting you, because you once attended a latin mass. But yeah I'm sure whatever else you have going is so much better. Who needs to upgrade their ram or recover data off a soldered ssd anyway? He fucked around with a field that isn't his profession, probably learned some things and had fun, even if it wasn't economically the most optimal use of his time, and it offends you. You sound like the kind of cuck who pays a mechanic to change your wipers or a dead turn signal bulb and pretends anyone who knows how to work on their own car is wasting their time. His lifestyle is not practical, and it's inconvenient, sure. But that's the funny thing about wage slave life -- make defiance inconvenient enough and the niggercattle (you) will "choose" slavery and will actually resent those self made men who defy anyway (which you clearly are not).

Ted got me to realize I need money to afford an out of society, which is somewhat ironic considering his overall message is very anti wage slaving>>430196929maybe if you don't speak english

>>430194190He is our father. He spoke the Truth.

>>430207932>need money to escape societyJust be a monk, unless you can't live without internet porn in which case just go be a gay digital nomad


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>>430207742>his OS doesn't send a hash of every file on your computer, including all the naughty images and videos you totally have never saved from here, back to HQ. And his OS doesn't have agreements with certain agencies to turn on your mic and camera without alerting you, because you once attended a latin massWindows, MacOS, and Linux are all nearly equally cucked at this point so I have no idea which one you're throwing shade on.

>>430194190>He literally killed peopleLmao yes that is generally how one has gained notoriety for the entirety of human history. Absolutely stellar thread user.>F

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>>430194190> Why do you idolize him? He literally killed people.Fauci and bill gates killed millions but Reddit sends bill Christmas gifts and target wells fauci dolls and children’s books . Aunty Ted killed 3 people and that’s not cool but he never tortured puppies

>>430194190Someone has to, all authority is predicated on violence in a large multi-ethnic society. Which we were even before we set the coons loose and imported trillions of mexicans

>>430194190He was highly intelligent he was a victim of mk ultra his writings were interesting etc etc

>>430204782>He neglected the /k/ube

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>>430194190Sometimes it's good to kill evil.

>>430194190Idolize is such a strong word.

>>430207932Money just makes you more embedded, money is of and for the system.

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>>430208431So he vents about leftists. Thousands of people have done that. What has he brought to the table to solve that?Rage against the industrial revolution? Go back to living like Neanderthals?

>>430196929women don’t have agency

>>430209048>Go back to living like Neanderthals?Are you suggesting that leftists could survive under those conditions?

>>430209161>lets destroy civilization to solve leftismNice nigger way of thinking

>>430203611If you heard the way I said it as an Estonian Finnish Mutt you would kill yourself immediately :^)

>>430209048>there is no level of society between stone age and information eraHow about we stop trying to break down the units and organs of healthy society for increased productivity at lining kike pockets? And no, the nuclear family isn't good either its an early step at destroying social cohesion by separating extended families.

>>430209286>niggers could survive without infinite gibs and a cucked government to protect them from normal people>jews could survive without a civilization to parasitize

Goodnight uncle Ted

>>430209286Do you see another way? Immigrants amd niggers are raping our countries and nobody is doing anything about it, cause most have all gotten comfortable in this "modern" way of life.

>>430206956thats the joke. they dont have anyone

>>430209464Yeah, no shit go ahaed and do that

>>430194190>Why do you idolize him? I never idolized him. I figured he was a pitiful soul with mental health problems who made the lives of a few people filled with sorrow and pain. >He literally killed people.And he killed the wrong people given his reasons for murder. Nuts and stupid are terrible.

>>430209464Depends on what tradition you want to RETVRN to, but germanics and anglos are so nuclear that we didn't even have a word for "cousin" until we borrowed it from the French.

>>430209048>What has he brought to the table to solve that?You mean aside from mailing bombs to the sort of people he complained about?

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>>430209900I must have missed when he bombed the ADL

>>430194190You just answered your own question. Now someone else has to do it.


>>430209951Oh I thought you were a German arguing in good faith. My mistake.

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>>430210302He doesnt mention jews, why is that?

>>430195060Worse because Obama is a queer "married" allegedly to a man,and he used drones to murder straight people. A Wedding That Became a Funeral US Drone Attack on Marriage Procession in Yemen hrw.org/report/2014/02/19/wedding-became-funeral/us-drone-attack-marriage-procession-yemen

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>>4302103431. Anti-Semitism as such has never had much mainstream appeal in the US, and he was writing for a general audience2. He genuinely believed that technology itself was the problem and—to the extent that he had an opinion one way or the other—that Jewish subversion and infiltration was a symptim, not the problem itself.

>>430194190Pic rel is brother after donating the reward money to victims families.He would be surpised to learn he goes down in history as the pussy snitch, not the nice guy who cares about innocent people. Why didnt he go to Montana to talk his brother out of it? Money talks.

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>>430194592>top fed's shirt>THERE ARE RULES GUYSOn the bodies of dead kids, fuck these guys

>>430194190>Why do you idolize him? He literally killed people.So what? That one bitch whose name I forget literally mailed bombs to people with the Weather Underground. She's a literal, explicit terrorist, and now she's a congressman or something. Normie shitlibs idolize her Jewish ass. She killed white Americans who opposed Communism in cold blood, and was rewarded with wealth and political power. The Weather Underground has a bigger bodycount than Ted ever got. How about you go hang all of their former members from lampposts, and then we can talk about how bad "literally killing people" is.There are no greater mass murderers in history than the Jews.

>>430199801>McVeighPlease niggaOKC bombing hoaxbitchute.com/video/rEGrICZLhz97/

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>>430195233>Rest In Peace, Ted.They killed the sticky after only 3000 posts

>>430195390>Good. People have to die to change things.He admitted to terrorism and didnt resist capture. He knew his brother was the only way he would ever get caught.

>>430194359Your "followers"? Pretty sad. I killed my twitter because having followers made me uncomfortable. I actually "followed" others and I hated pressing that button. Technology is pretty good because you have lemmings. These people are followed every day. They can be punished for not being good niggers.

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>>430194190>Why do you idolize him? He literally killed people.So did Stalin.

>>430211618Like cattle

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>>430211683OP needs to learn what Ted said.youtube.com/watch?v=IIcGyMwKgqQ

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>>430194190Uncle Ted did nothing wrong.

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>>430194190en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Gelernterhere was one of his victims. he seems like a poltardyoutube.com/watch?v=kuWUizSPviI

Attached: tzuyu pulp fiction TWICE TV "What is Love?" EP.04 [5DwX8OZ3ngw]-[01.00.827-01.09.069].webm (1920x1080, 3.63M)

>>430199793Exactly. But you responded to a female, who cannot tell the difference.

>>430211933>In 1993 Gelernter was sent a mail bomb by Ted Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber. He opened it and the resulting explosion almost killed him, leaving him with permanent loss of use of his right hand as it destroyed 4 fingers, and permanent damage to his right eye

>>430194190There is literally nothing wrong with killing “people”.

>>430210957>MUH HOAX

>>430211933>en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Gelernter Herbert Gelernter was a physicist who, in the late 1950s and 1960s, became a pioneer in artificial intelligence and taught computer science at State University of New York at Stony Brook.[3][4] Gelernter's grandfather was a rabbi, and Gelernter grew up as a Reform Jew; he later became a follower of Orthodox Judaism.[5]

Attached: Chinas-AI-Dominance-A-Dire-Warning-for-Americas-Future.jpg (1920x1080, 1.93M)

>>430211933here's his right hand. missing a hand because of the blast

Attached: Screenshot from 2023-06-10 22-04-14.png (1366x768, 551.86K)

>>430199801>Best ever college killer was a gook. Source?>Best ever domestic terrorist was Timothy McVeigh. It's a toss up between Mcveigh and the FBI indiscriminate murder is being evaluated.>This kike was a shitty killer.He wasn't after a body count nor notoriety, hence his essay being published anonymously.

>>430200261Nuclear weapons are certainly one result. But so is the internet.

>>430210957I choose to believe in Real American Heroes.

Attached: fighting fire with fire.jpg (1078x1078, 176.75K)

>>430194190Why do people worship god? He literally ended all life that ever existed yet is revered beyond all.

>>430200828Now this is a picture worth a thousand words.

>>430212043Look at his ears. OKC Bombing False Flag - Timothy McVeigh Is Really FBI Agent Paul Wysopal bitchute.com/video/JZZMzKf8hxjc/

Attached: janet-reno-600x473.jpg (600x473, 67.31K)


Attached: twice sharks.webm (1188x720, 2.76M)

>>430201481>collectively killed over 70 millionWhen it's done collectively it isn't murder. Didn't you get the memo?

>>430203611How do I filter Finnish flags?

>>430194190>Why do you idolize him? He literally killed people.Are you talking about Dr. Fauci ? Who is your picture OP ? Yeah Fauci killed untold number of people, financing the development of the virus, shutting down testing to let it get a foothold here, enacting measures that in no way contained (and frequently amplified) the virus, then lying about and shilling the vaccine he knew only had any benefit to high risk people and only danger to everyone else. But people still idolize him. I don't know why, maybe because they are faggots or something.

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>>430194190The vast majority of histories hero's killed people.

>>430201481You mean kinda like how you guys worship hitler?

>>4302128661-10 people is a tragedy. 70 mil is a statistic.

Attached: stalin statistics.png (275x354, 177.76K)

>>430202381>neandertalslol, you don't even know how funny this is

>>430212931Uncle Ted was a piker compared to that ass whole.

Attached: Dr-fauci-beagle-dogs-8rPrEZ-1024x595.jpg (1024x595, 93.18K)

>>430213095Hitler allegedly killed 6 million while making Germany better; Stalin and Mao killed 10× as many while making their countries worse.


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ted kaczinski lived to be 81. proof you don't need to be a social fag to live a long life. you can live a long life as a schizoidhe would have lived longer if he hadn't been killed

Attached: mina red.webm (752x1440, 3.54M)

>>430194190killing people is coolyoutube.com/watch?v=5L3BKVaMMz0

>>430213444Mao made it better because Mao was a Yale graduate and had good mentors johnkaminski.org/index.php/john-kaminski-american-writer-and-critic-2/262-chairman-mao-was-a-yale-man

Attached: Mao and Company.jpg (611x408, 54.86K)

>>430203731>Dude was a literal "Chad"A fit white male student who enters harvard at 16 with good genes couldn't get a girlfriend? What are they smoking.

>>430203868Goebbles was a turbonerd.

>>430194190I know nothing about him. Killing people isn't inherently good or bad though, I need to know the context.

>>430204945>what they did to him at Harvard during MKULTRA.Nobody knows what "they did," since they destroyed the evidence, Ted never talked about it, and all we have is south park "drugs are bad, MMMK"

>>430194190>He literally killed people.Every government and political body of power kills people. They kill far more, and for far more materialistic and ideological reasons. This guy was another victim/killer crafted by our decaying society. It's what you get when marxist/communists take control of a constitutional republic and slowly usurp it while destroying it in every sense that it can be destroyed. It's the jews stupid.

Attached: 1684877321681601.jpg (836x950, 88.42K)

>>430214277I like the way Billy does it.

Attached: Bill Gates TITTIES.jpg (1200x630, 31.81K)

>>430194190He killed the exact kind of people who created COVID-19. Pathogen genetic researchers.

>>430205678>He was a shizo who raged against cvilizationId like to see Ted vs. Morello's "rage against the machine" faggots

Attached: Tom_Morello_-_MuseBristol_050619-17_(48035846733)_(cropped).jpg (800x1017, 183.33K)

>>430205851>Do people pay taxes because they idolize the government or fear the consequences of not paying taxes?Taxes should be part of being "us," the wise kings knew this, the tyrannical didn't care.

>>430194190not as many as the US government glownigger

found out today he wanted to be a tranny at one point. no longer my idol.

>>430194190I dont idolize him but I don't condemn him. He saw a real problem and chose the wrong solution. It happens to many people. I'll pray for his soul and that God has mercy upon him.

>>430194190People have been killing people since there were people.It's human nature. Can't argue with nature.

>>430214980>He saw a real problem and chose the wrong solution.His letters were being posted here, he was getting ready to publish something.

>>430214621more like Rage On Behalf Of The Machine

>>430208452>Windows, MacOS, and Linux are all nearly equally cucked at this point so I have no idea which one you're throwing shade on.They want a "too big to be hacked" O/SI thought BSD was "rage against AT&T, but the congress was wrong. Even Gates sold out.

>>430215132Well I hope he realized before he died that killing people wasn't the solution and that he repented for it so he could have peace in his soul. He was very bright and was correct about 99% of things, but that did him in.

Never killed anyone.

Attached: bourla.jpg (1280x640, 69.73K)

2051, no later than at least. Watch

>>430194190I think he was a midwit, but I idolize people like brevik and tarrant.

>>430194190So did Obama people still workship that nigger.

>>430194592Was going to post this. Because the alternative is FED's that go around shooting unarmed children and then pose for pictures celebrating murdering literal unarmed children.

>>430213095there is a difference between getting rid of invasive jewish parasites and slaying your own countrymen and blood.

>>430194190People idolize him for reasons other than that he killed people.Unlike you, people here endeavour to understand all the different sides in people whom they consider extraordinary.Sure, he killed people, but there was a lot more to this man than his criminal history.

>>430215796Its still no reason to idolize him. I recognize where he was right and where he went wrong. Idk why that should ever translate into idolatry.

>>430194190He didn't deserve to be locked away. Lots of people get less for more. He did not deserve to be deprived from nature. And some of his writings gave me a new view of things.

>>430215347>>430215834killing enemies is necessary to maintain quality of life for your people. it's unfortunate but it's also reality. it's not something women such as yourself understand, there's a reason women don't fight in wars.

He preached against technology and the people who worship him and addicted to technology. To normal person, this is illogical. The rightoid, hypocrisy is logic.

>>430216019There are no enemies. Just your brothers and sisters. When you kill them, you kill yourself. Ask anyone who's actually killed someone instead of fantasizing about it online.

>>430216254>Ask anyone who's actually killed someone instead of fantasizing about it online.OK

Attached: ganowicz.png (541x500, 196.89K)

>>430194190The Industrial society kill people too you know.> 50. The conservatives are fools: They whine about the decay of traditional values, yet they enthusiastically support technological progress and economic growth. Apparently it never occurs to them that you can't make rapid, drastic changes in the technology and the economy of a society without causing rapid changes in all other aspects of the society as well, and that such rapid changes inevitably break down traditional values.

Attached: EJ. Ted's Drawings Free Download Borrow and Streaming Internet Archive.png (1006x818, 339.99K)

>>430216186A. We've already established that retreating to a cabin innawoods doesn't work—technological society will continue expanding until you find it at your doorstep, no matter how far you runB. >to a normal person, buying a rope from a capitalist so you can hang him with it is hypocritcal—to the leftoid, hypocrisy *is* logic

>>430216254I'm almost forty, I've talked to plenty of people who've killed people. I've met veterans that actually enjoy killing people, it's fairly common among armed forces especially with people who stay for long periods or who join merc groups. want to know who's trying to kill them? religious fanatics that want the invading army that's killing their people and causing widespread corruption issues and cultural decay out of the country. they are completely right to shoot at ZOGbots and it WORKED. the taliban WON by SHOOTING AT ZOGBOTS. VIOLENCE WORKS.


Attached: pol USMC girlies.webm (854x480, 2.35M)

>>430194275notice how there are a bunch of jews lying about the nature of his writing, sort of like how Hitler's Mein Kampf had an english translation made while Hitler was still alive (commissioned by the brits). Yet, a dozen new copies of the book are released each year.Everybaum. Singleberg. Timeowitz.

>>430210892>The Weather Underground has a bigger bodycount than Ted ever got.True. But that's not what he wanted, unlike them.>BABY KILLERS BABY KILLERS


Attached: 2+2 is 4.jpg (1116x791, 154.02K)


>>430216910Cool. I lived with a veteran. If I ask him about it he says he doesn't regret it. He also spends literally all of his time in fits of rate playing video games, screaming at his computer. He screams in traffic. He's in a living nightmare. Watch how they act not what they say. People lie.


Attached: 48-abortions.png (612x567, 488.93K)

>>430216254>noooo you can't kill the jews anonfuck you faggot, the holohoax was an instruction manual. Every jew's wildest fear will be brought to life.

>>430194190>Why do you idolize him? He literally killed people

>>430218081It depends on how the media spins the killing.

Attached: Albright.jpg (283x227, 14.66K)

>>430196929>The academic jargon makes his manifesto hard to follow,You didn't read it lmao. At least listen to the audio book.youtube.com/watch?v=IIcGyMwKgqQ

>>430194190>Why do you idolize him? >He literally killed people.is this a trick question?

Attached: pepemath5.png (1307x888, 671.07K)

>>4302132023 people is a terrorist. 70 million is a math problem.

>>430216186I never had a smarty pants phone. SMART means Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology. I never had LifeLog Facebook.I have no apps. I avoid technology like the plague.

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>>430218006Yeah what strange people they are for fearing systematic genocide


Attached: They Burned Books ! .jpg (793x500, 176.66K)

>>430219072You're on 4chan. What're you talking about.

>>430219289Be careful.

>>430219143>live in constant fear of genocide>do everything you can to aggravate the people you're worried about doing it"Strange" is right.

>>430219350Maybe they're not content with the deal being "don't piss me off or I kill you," either. Neither am I, frankly, never have been.

>>430219305It's about as far as I go. I don't have my real name attached to this shit.

>>430194190>He literally killed people.>peoplelol

>>430217661Man, female, or "doctor?" Abortions Who kills the baby.Fuck you guysDOES THE FETUS RIGHT TRUMP THE WOMAN OR NOT

>>430219419Funny that that's what you believe

>>430219346>Be careful.Thats what Trump said about libertarians. Yet he also said, "Ron Paul has zero chance." Hypocrite

>>430219549Gotta keep that puss wa clear for more tube steak fun. Planned Parenthood will take the leftovers for "science" research.

Attached: women Twerkos .webm (484x720, 1.27M)


>>430219737You got a self monitoring and reporting technology phone? What kind of apps you got? How's the EULA?youtube.com/watch?v=wUW1wjlKvmY

>>430204782>no magazine>no magwell>no selector>no charging handle>ejection port is square and over the front pistol grip for some reason>gas tube is below barrel like it's a mounted MG or somethingA jewgle search for a reference photo would have taken two seconds. Seems like if you're trying to mock something you should at least put in the bare minimum effort to make it accurate.

Ok and?

>>430219827Thats so fucking gross. Imagine all the grains of salt in that asscheek sweat. I struggle with lust, I've cleared most of the sin out of my soul, but lust is my weak point. I have had a lot of sex, im with a very kind and meek woman now, and we are abstaining. Its hard but worth it, but every so often I still jerk it to visions of strange pussy, or once in a while, look at very softcore porno. But women might be accomplishing the job for me because I think they've forgotten what sexy even is. I like asses...but do you guys find sweaty baboon convulsing ass meat sexy?If I go look at any porn site it's, like hardcore bestial violence and vulgarity, like spitting in mouths and shit...does anyone find it sexy?At this rate the lust is gonna clear itself out of me. Jesus Christ, peace be upon him.

>>430219938No you're right man you use the internet but they have no clue who you are and you're safe. Its just everyone else who's fucked. You get to ride off into the sunset while everyone else is screwed.It'd be nice if life worked that way wouldn't it be

>>430220064>boo hoooo I'm a whore-moid and now the world is giving me what my cock has desired, only to not desire it any longeryour kind brought this upon the world you whoremay you be treated like a whore in the worst way possible and your "kind" woman leave you for someone who isn't a faggot

>>430220118You have a smart phone ....because everyone else does.I have a very very small footprint.


>>430220237Doesn't matter how small. God sees all >>430220233Let the man who has no sin cast the first stone

>>430220064>I struggle with lustFemale myth. There is faggotry. There is no "lust." There is also idolatry.

>>430203611why post this image while replying to a finnish faggot

>>430194190This dude is admired by schizos for breaking away from the grid and living freely in a cabin in the woods. In reality, he lived right on the outskirts of a small town. Not only he went to the town to get stuff he needed, his family also helped him and checked in on him. The Amish collectivist peasant mentality is way more based than this individualist "go live alone in a cabin in the woods" antisocial faggotry.

>>430194190RIP UNCLE TED put me in the screnshot.

Attached: unabomber3.png (1280x1183, 1.41M)

>>430220282Got apps? Does your phone have a front facing and rear facing camera? It has a pupilometer in in,an accelerometer in it,tracks everywhere you go. Sees and keeps every picture you take with it.It can read your heartbeat. You can be geofenced. It knows all your friends and all your messages. It tells you it can turn on the camera any time it wants. It tells you for a better "experience" it has to sift the shit out of everything you do. McDonalds and TacoBell goyslop give you a discount if you use the app so they also have access to your activities. If you mention you are thinking about buying dog food you will get ads for dog fod. In China you are required to have a smarty pants phone. I don't get any of that shit.

Attached: cat 1.jpg (735x657, 39.89K)

>>430220064Women are just sex objects. They were only designed to make you reach climax due to how gross and pathetic they are. Just get a pair of their used shoes and use that. You won't even need the woman, honestly. lolI was happy and content to do that for many years until a woman who was above average gave herself to me.

Attached: 1684817240923805.jpg (996x996, 176.1K)

>>430196929>>430194190I have his manifesto and the language is barely intellectual or obscure. The language is upper high school at most. There are even typos in it.The whole sthick is about industrial society is cancerous. He mentions about how both Republican and Democrats are cancerous. The former only holds back industrial society and the latter progresses it even faster. Because industrial society causes unbridled suffering and meaninglessness, he advocated a total reset. The happiness you feel is manufactured because your primitive brain is just getting its basic needs met. You ignore all the other detriments to your health and pain you are in because of that.It has nothing to do with being a virgin, because intercourse is outside of industrial society and the industrial revolution. He also was hardly ugly and was above average height for his day at 5'9''-5'10''Kaczynski was a clinical genius and tenured for UC Berkeley. He completed a bachelors degree from Harvard and possessed a Ph.D in theoretical mathematicsHe particularly hated leftists, and considered them weak herd animals. It is been a couple years since I read it, but it's on my shelf. I have the small brown pamphlet one on Amazon for like five dollars. Inflation likely has made it 10I obviously do not support bombing people, but I encourage people to at least read what he has to say, if you are so confident in your own position

Attached: 6262cd129ec14.jpg (900x644, 180.98K)

>>430194190That's the reason. You wouldn't understand

>>430221181TIMOTHY 2 >Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. >But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. >For Adam was first formed, then Eve. >And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. >Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety. CORINTHIANS 11 >For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man. >For the man is not of the woman: but the woman of the man. >Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man. PETER 3 >Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives; >While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear. >Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; >But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. >For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands: >Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement. EPHESIANS 5 >Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. >For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. >Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

Attached: girls alcohol is not consent Female MTGOW not invitation to touch my body.jpg (625x418, 120.93K)

>>430221252Oh please...fat just means there's more of them to enjoy. That's the consensus today.

Attached: Fat and HOT.jpg (483x679, 66.04K)

>>430220725Tell yourself whatever lies you need to in order to feel safeThe truth is that you cannot hide on New Earth

>>430221895I look smaller than you.

>>430221181Nah. I don't believe that. Women are creations of God. This is just what women look like when confused and corrupted.

>>430221924Even you dont believe that, that's why you insist upon it.

>>430220375There is indeed lust. Misuse of the sexual energies, reserved for a wife unto a husband, or a husband unto his wife.

>>430222002I've been working on computers since 1976 before the internet. I bet you weren't even born yet.I steal my connection.Nothing is in my name.Smaller than you for sure. Think wut you want!

Attached: No Undies dog.png (467x542, 244.78K)

>>430202497>Didn't accomplish anything

>>430194190So did Ned Kelly and he was a hero...

Attached: Ned_Kelly_in_1880.png (613x882, 823.89K)

I have no TV it's amazing how many ass wholes think they are only entertaining themselves with them.Samsung Warning: Do Not Discuss Personal Information In Front Of Smart TVs stillnessinthestorm.com/2019/06/samsung-warning-do-not-discuss-personal-information-in-front-of-smart-tvs/

Attached: Smart TV.png (795x509, 467.32K)

>>430194190Oh no! Those 3 people you never met died! Better deploy the full resources of the federal government!

>>430222293The Electric Eye exists beyond the confines of your computer, and it can see you.

>>430194190The jews and the US Gov does too, literally killing people

>>430223419Women fight for the right to kill their babies. It's a human right!amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2022/02/colombia-decriminalization-abortion-triumph-human-rights/

Attached: colombia aborto .png (937x389, 531.61K)

>>430194190>Le very contrarian and nerdy terroristSounds like Holla Forums wetdream if you ask me.

>>430194190He died. I don't idolize dead people. Nice try guy

>>430194190>He literally killed people.that is why he is based

>>430224076He killed less people than AI killer robots. More than 30 countries call for international legal controls on killer robots Reacting to the signing of a communiqué by more than 30 countries in Costa Rica today calling for international law including prohibitions and regulations in relation to the development and use of autonomous weapons systems, Amnesty International’s Secretary General Agnès Callamard said: “The development of autonomy in weapons is accelerating, and the growing application of new Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies is a deeply worrying development. These machines risk automating killing, treating it as a technical undertaking which raises human rights risks as well as humanitarian, legal and ethical concerns. Autonomous machines will make life and death decisions without empathy or compassion. The development of autonomy in weapons is accelerating, and the growing application of new Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies is a deeply worrying development. amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2023/02/more-than-30-countries-call-for-international-legal-controls-on-killer-robots/

Attached: killer robots.jpg (1444x710, 588.15K)

>>430194190>literally killed peopleyes. might is right. the end. every law is backed by state force. even the majority of religions are force based. don't sin or go to hell. don't sin or fuck up your karma and come back as a shit rating maggot. might is right.


Attached: God Please Not Greece or Turkey.jpg (1080x990, 95.2K)

>>430194190I don't think he killed anybody. He was a genius who could have changed the world if he had resorted to violence, because he wouldn't have killed random nobodies. Also there are artifacts from his college yearbook photo in the sketch authorities published when they supposedly didn't know who he was.

>>430194190First Pentti, now Ted...

Attached: 1491976746324.gif (500x500, 2.68M)

>>430219394All they had to do was not print money and not flood the west with 18 quintillion brown people, and not a single jew would face harm for 1000 years

Why do you idolize him? He literally killed people.

Attached: ILUAW7BFTZLBRGBF5MX3QQBUI4.jpg (1920x2400, 423.97K)

>>430194190rip teddy

>>430194190Every person who has ever mattered, has killed someone at some point. Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Caesar, Hitler, Stalin, Putin, Obama, Trump, etc, etc, etc. If you’ve never killed anyone, you’re an irrelevant loser. Killing someone usually isn’t even a bad thing anyway since most people deserve to be killed.

>30. . We certainly do not claim that leftists, even of the oversocialized type, NEVER rebel against the fundamental values of our society. Clearly they sometimes do. Some oversocialized leftists have gone so far as to rebel against one of modern society’s most important principles by engaging in physical violence.

Attached: Vladimir_Lenin.jpg (800x1087, 108.29K)

>33. Human beings have a need (probably based in biology) for something that we will call the “power process.” This is closely related to the need for power (which is widely recognized) but is not quite the same thing. The power process has four elements. The three most clear-cut of these we call goal, effort and attainment of goal.

Attached: adolf-hitler-gettyimages-119505258.jpg (750x500, 57.93K)

>>430212545Does anyone have a link to the Can’t Corner the Dorner game?

He's dead now

>34. Consider the hypothetical case of a man who can have anything he wants just by wishing for it. Such a man has power, but he will develop serious psychological problems. At first he will have a lot of fun, but by and by he will become acutely bored and demoralized. Eventually he may become clinically depressed. History shows that leisured aristocracies tend to become decadent. This is not true of fighting aristocracies that have to struggle to maintain their power. But leisured, secure aristocracies that have no need to exert themselves usually become bored, hedonistic and demoralized, even though they have power. This shows that power is not enough. One must have goals toward which to exercise one’s power.

Attached: 575379ae-95a8-11ed-a130-baced48eb788.jpg (860x483, 84.41K)

>>430224953And how many you have killed swede twink? Kill yourself fucking internet tough guy bitch boy.

Ted was a chud and probably is transphobe ... he didn't cry when George died either. It's good he's gone.

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