How come this isn't illegal in USA?

it should be

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>>430193069Why should it be? Does it hurt your feelings? Don't look.

>>430193069Faggots fly their flags by the same right Nazis can fly theirs

>>430193069Because the USA has free speech.You can think and express any thoughts that you want.

Memeflag eurofag detected. Thread irrelevant

>>430193069Why would Natsocs rally for a guy that just passed an antisemitism law in Israel

>>430193069Not my problem. Doesn't mean it should be illegal.

>>430193069>hellooooooo is this the butt fucker rally :3

>>430193069>le happy merchant>butt fucker captionI smell feds. Totally inorganic fake meme.

>>430193069First Amendment protects the freedom of speech.

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>>430193069Even glowies need to take walks outside occasionally user

>>430193069Cops organize these things. Freemasons love the race hate. They stoke it from both sides

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What is democrats' obsession with people denouncing things? They also push the whole "silence is violence" shit.

>>430193069>politicians should apologize and denounce every single thing people that might like them doThis is just like that cuck idubbbz apologizing cause his fans say mean words :(

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>Conservative >National Socialist Sure why don't we denounce all the ideologies that have nothing to do with one another?

>>430193864you are the problem jew

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>>430193962>This is just like that cuck idubbbz apologizing cause his fans say mean words :(Unlike icuccckz though, they just ignore it

Jews should be illegal

>>430193341Reminder that the traditional American way of handling Nazis was the M1 Garand

>>430194413Now do commies!


>>430194413No, the traditional way was to sell weapons to the allies until Japan attacked them. The US didn't care enough to get involved directly until 2 years after WWII started. And the people fighting the Nazis back then would be considered Nazis by modern standards.

Because first amendment you commie phagget. If you and your boyfriend don’t like it then move somewhere else where you have no rights outside of poppin eachother’s pozzed asses.


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>>430193527At least they took the pictures from far enough away that you can't see the packaging fold lines.

>>430193069free speech, nigger. if you don't like it, then go back to whatever shithole you crawled out of (eg: your mom's nasty pussy).

>>430193391no you can't, that's never been true, they were literally locking journalists up in the late 1700s for digging up dirt on politicians, they'd do it under the guise of national securityUSA has never been free, just better than most other places in terms of quality of life for the worthless, but not the worthless are the only ones who benefit anymore

>>430193069Fed operation and fed saturated thread here, try again and if that fails you should seek a better employer maybe learn to code

>>430193069This is so fake and gay it's not even funny anymore.

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>>430194830>he thinks japan attackedpearl harbour was a false flag

>>430194413The traditional American way of handling niggers is a rope.

If you are a Fed and really believe in outlawing speech then do the world a favor and eat a round from your service pistol because you are a coward and a traitor to your nation and your people. Your suicide will have more dignity than your useless life in service to Globohomo and ZOG.

>>430193069Just have them burn a 2SLGBTQIA+ flag there and they'll all go to jail for 20 years

>>430193069Will any Democrat denounce BLM, flag burning and kneeling for the anthem?

>>430195219It was a false flag by Japan because they wanted the US to free them from cooperating with Nazis.

>>430193069>it should beOP is a fascist POS who wants to ban free speech

>>430193740The Burger King crown did it for me.

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>>430194967>>430195096>will be a woman status: never

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>>430193069This is what Wakd Disney would have wanted

>>430193069Because free speech and feds don't care about laws either way.

>>430193069kek the merchant is on a poster

>>430195505cool it with the antisemitism

>>430193069Why if you believe in democracy do you wish to see this illegal, if noone votes for them then no worries, if they do its the voice of the people.

>>430193069It’s amazing how much money leftists spend on Nazi paraphernalia so they can show up to conservative demonstrations.


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>>430193069The Amendment I to the Constitution:>Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.This has been incorporated against the states, so "Congress shall make no law" also means "State, county, city, and town legislatures shall make no law".You'll learn about it during Senior year.


>>430193069is this an attempt at getting us to support desantis? no one believed azog was right wing and they put a lot more into looking the part

>>430193069Any time you go into a thread about IRL shit happening it's all castrated fat fuck unwashed Americans crying about glowniggers. Even in threads about foreign activism it's primarily Trannymericans bleeding out their axewounds screeching into the void about muh glowniggers. Yeah, you fat pussy feeling personally attacked by this post, I'm a glownigger. You won't do shit. Get a new cope.


You know what? Go let the glowniggers have their own glowniggery ethnostate - yet full of kikes and mostly fucking larping.

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>>430196808If democrats don't win elections it's gerrymandering.

>>430193069>Will any Republican presidential contenders will denounce this?DeSantis will. He loves Butt Fuckers.

It is fucking hilarious to me how every US politican sucks israels cock so much, yet they still somehow think that nazis run the country

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>>430193069Feds and undercover cops tend not to arrest themselves.

>>430195054SCOTUS has ruled in our favor in some instances. Like this for

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>>430193864Kys schizo freak.

>>430193069Why dont you faggot plebbitors just neck yourselves?

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preddit pinching (((memeflag))) threadyou're all retards

>>430193069It would’ve been hilarious to see actual AB and skinheads drive up and fuck these glowies up forcing them to reveal themselves. >the confusion of the media trying to make sense of hardcore nazis coming around to get rid of the glowies acting like nigs

>>430193069Lmao, cuck. Did someone hurt your feefees with a flag? Holy shit, grow a pair.

>>430200381AB is a joke now, they just dominate the drug trade in prisons and are all friends with niggers and shit, they're not the AB of even 20 years ago but still a lot of them. skinheads are just white trash who wanna fit in and they're always low quality human beings, they don't stand for shit and a lot aren't white anyway

>>430193069nationalist socialists, ergo nazis are left wing economically, which is what the american left/right split is about.

>>430200381There are no trannies in the AB so I don't think they spend their time driving around misidentifying bad optics goys as feds.

>>430193069>Denounce this!Fuck off.

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>>430193889Ask Clinton or Biden about their relationship with Robert Byrd.

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>>430193069>how come this isn't illegal in USA?Cause we're not faggots like Russia

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>>430194830>The US didn't care enoughAmerica didn't care at all. FDR used the Japanese attack (which he provoked) as an excuse to invade Europe, like 9/11 and Iraq.

>>430193069How come this isn’t illegal in America?

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>>430195054We also had nigger slaves in the 1700s. If you want to go back to those rules, then women can't vote, jews aren't considered people, gays will be killed, niggers will be slaves, literally everyone can have any weapons they want, and prairie niggers are kept to reservations.Yep, you convinced me, I'm in

>>430193069You can not have a democracy without freedom of speech.

>>430193069Like it or not it is part of free speech.

>>430193069because feds are doing it and why the fuck should it be illegal? trannies should be illegal so are fags as OP

>>430193069Denounce this now!

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>>430200663Came here to post this. Like the left has never done a psyop before

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>>430193069Why are you posting a bunch of feds trying to stir up controversy?

>>430200906There were also rich free black people in the 1700s. Rich free black slaveowners. Only land owners could vote, if the people at large were even allowed to vote at all. There were no Indian reservations. Homosexuality is a bourgeoisie vice that only exists in societies that are prosperous enough to have an idle class, so it wasn't common enough to be noticed.

>>430193069It's called free speech and the USA is the only country that has it in the world.

>>430200906>women can't vote, jews aren't considered people, gays will be killed, niggers will be slaves, literally everyone can have any weapons they want, and prairie niggers are kept to reservations.homesick for a place I've never been

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>>430193069Apparently they stand with Ukraine.

>>430193069It's not illegal to support Ukraine, user.

>>430194413That's how you know they are all some shill group>>430194830>And the people fighting the Nazis back then would be considered Nazis by modern standards.Lol'd

>>430193527To shit on him by association because he's a jew puppet and they hate him for it?

>>430200663lmao I completely forgot about these faggots

>>430193069This is why I’m voting desantis

Laws:Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

>>430193069how come pride should be illegal?

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>>430197195via the 14th Amendment's 'liberty" clause

>>430200906Don't threaten me with a good time.

>>430200663>Adding a black guy and woman to the mixWas this amateur hour? The fact it was memory-holed within a couple days shows how shit their psyop was

>>430193069does anyone have a source on that image? where did it happen and when? I'm smelling bullshit

>>430193069>how come this isn't illegal?The law does not apply to federal agents

>>430201670White pride is overpowered and can’t be allowed.>>430201730

>>430193069Why would conservatives have anything to say about a liberal smear campaign?

Americans are allowed to be nazi since it isn't a threat to the system. The KKK wanted Hillary to win by the way.

>>430193069There's a lot going on here.

>>430193069Gas the kikes, race war now.


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>>430193069looks like they're protesting Desantis? No one is holding that flag?

>disneyIt's a fed psyop. everyone should fucking know this by now

>>430193069Inoffensive speech does not need to be protected.>Swastikas and a Desantis flag>Totally not ruse de guerre

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>>430194413Lol, lmao

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>>430193341Say the same thing about drag queens

>>430203206Yeah but the nazi protestors aren't butt fucking children and chopping off their dicks.

>>430203206Weird how you think displaying ancient Indian symbols in public is equivalent to crossdressing men trying to rape kids.

>>430193069this one doesn't look like feds, won't get enough attention

>>430203206Las time I took my eyes off the drag queens they went straight for the children.

>>430203206I'd like to, but I can't.

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>>430198374If you served kikes for a livinb who would you blame for everything to make them happy?

>>430195172Funny how the nazis with flags only show up during the election period

>>430201736Not amateur at all. Proud Boys had black and gay guys. So they think ahead and do a diverse group of nazis lol

>>430193069fuck the stars (of david) and stripes the blood flag is the only one i salute

>>430194413they also used those to force farmers who fled stalin onto trains and shipped them to their death because thats what good goys do

>>430193069If you don't like it, don't look at it. Nobody is making you look at it, you bigot. Take your hatred elsewhere.Also, those are all glowniggers.

>>430201736It wasn't intended to be a 'psyop' shit for brains. The Lincoln Project openly admitted to sending them there on the day it happened and said they sent them because it was a Charlottesville campaign stop and Youngkin was Trump adjacent. They were playing the 'remember what happened in 2017?' angle. The average poster here is dumber than a fucking nigger and is completely incapable of independent thought or research.

>>430206606>It wasn't intended to be a 'psyop' shit for brains. The Lincoln Project openly admitted to sending them there on the day it happened and said they sent them because it was a Charlottesville campaign stop and Youngkin was Trump adjacent. They were playing the 'remember what happened in 2017?' angle. The average poster here is dumber than a fucking nigger and is completely incapable of independent thought or research.>I was only pretending to be retardedI'm impressed I've never seen someone attempt a "I was only pretending" of that scale and actually persuade someone.

>>430207131They didn't even try to fucking hide. Buck broken niggers need everything to be some spoopy 6 million dimensional glownigger parcheesi game for some reason.

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>>430193069Wow these are definitely real National Socialists and not literal actors

>>430193069DNC shitting bricks with republican winning election, hired ANTIFA or FEDS to display nazi flag on a pole without any cops showing up to deal with it, have DESANTIS flag to show image of being his supporters. Republicans should do the same but with pedo + trans + flag of their nominee

>>430207593>6 million dimensional parcheesikek'd. i had never actually looked in to that incident, but you're right the way anons here talk about it like it was some ominous event>remember when those glowboys (look mom, i said glow again!) showed up to make us look bad and then nobody ever spoke of it again? Crazy!

> we want to expose children to more ideologies when they're young so that they can...>NO, NOT THAT ONE

>>430201442That was my thought.

>>430193069Of course its a German....

>>430193069Should this be illegal?

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>>430193069I believe everyone should have the equal right to piss anybody else off. Whether that's homos flying their flags or nazis flying theirs. Don't give a fuck.

>>430193069Why are the glownazis shilling for (((desantis)))?

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>>430202806>Posts picture>Picture stops right before Pearl HarborCherry picking.

>>430193069Good culture jamming.

>>430209596>Should anyone tell him?

>>430193527Because they're probably lefties or lefty feds dressed as neo-nazis to make the right look bad.

>>430210004>>430209357>>430207997fuck off kike buttfuckers

>>430193740As you sit behind a screen doing nothing. Pathetic cope

>>430194413Yes let's return to how we treated people in the 1940's, 100% agree.

>>430209755This user gets it. A shekel for a good goy!

>>430207997Lol the trans flag is hanging from the White House right now

>>430194830>The US didn't care enough to get involved directly until 2 years after WWII startedWhat is the invasion of Iceland, what is the USS Greer incident, what is economic warfare preceding Pearl Harbor (they knew an attack was incoming) just to name a few.


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>>430193069>happy merchant on mouse ears with the text “butt fucker” Haha awesome.

>>430194413Reminder that those traditional americans would be nazis today.

>>430193069>wow come this isn't illegal in USA?Because we have rights from birth given to us by God that the government cannot alter or retract.

>>430193069Because this isn't Europe, faggot.

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>>430206606>>430207593>The Lincoln Project openly admitted to sending them there on the day it happenedYes, after they were like immediately caught on twitter. Fuck off, Wilson.

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>>430210540>being this mad that it was the Lincoln Project and not the EFF BEE EYE like you originally thought YWNBAW

>>430195523Wrong, WW2 was planned long before and Japan was used by the Jews

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>>430193069it should be, nazis are not welcome in a civil society, we just made it illegal in australia, but thats not enough, hopefully all you nazis in here posting from australia get arrested for white nationalist terrorism too


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>>430213180because nationalism is bad unless youre an israeli

>>430195523WW2 was planned long before it happened

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>>430195523The BIS

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>>430201204>Homosexuality is a bourgeoisie vicelmao

>>430195523Setting up the IMFBut yes, splitting Japan from Germany was part of it. "fascists" being leaders of these countries against Jewish globalism.

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>>430193069>>430210004nazis need to fuck off forever, they're doing more damage to the right than the left could ever hope to accomplish what the fuck do they even think is gonna happen? they will NEVER get any amount of political power in the US

>>430193351>>430193341These people are so stupid they fly the Hakenkreuz and a desantis flag...lmao it's fucking hopeless.


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>>430193069Why would 11 federal agents working together to add division to regular people be illegal?

>>430214221Hitler was a jewHe killed most whites of anyone else

>>430193527why would they rally behind a guy who immediately replaced his cabinet with jews?it is almost like they aren't really "natsocs" and are instead fucking glowniggers.

>>430193069why isn't this

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>>430210283From Wikipedia>In time, some of the British garrison was replaced by Canadian and later American forces, despite the fact that the United States was not yet in the war.Only America has the hubris to invade a foreign nation to blockade a third country and fire upon that country's ships, but still declare that you aren't "in the war" officially.

>>430195523Harry Dexter White, the jewish communist was instrumental in provoking the Japanese. He was also central to the formulation of the current economic system that was created after ww2.

>>430193740It's on a mickey mouse cutout.

>>430214345>t. Turkroach

>>430195523Albert Pike was a 33 degree Jew mason

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>>430193069Why do you hate the Ukraine?

>>430195523Hitler getting a secret handshake

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>>430193069What's that got to do with republicans.

>>430193069>how come this isnt illegal

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>>430193069So that the government can't tell you what to say, believe or think.

>Desantis 2024No organic NatSoc is going to fly a DeSantis 2024 flag.These aren't 'feds' either. It's likely prog activists.No one likes DeSantis.

>>430214085>nazis need to fuck off forever, they're doing more damage to the rightlol. Imagine claiming that Nazi's are the ones hurting Conservatism. You're legitimacy is so bad, you can't win elections without us because our overwhelming influence among Whites.Don't worry, dipshit, no Nazi is supporting DeSantis. Neither is anyone else lol.

>>430215165>No one likes DeSantis.I like him a fuck lot better as governor than I have any other option since I've been able to vote in state elections.Those glowniggers don't like anyone but the jews who paid them to "protest" though. Guessing its more of those faggot tv guys since they are trying their best to make anyone who isn't in the left/right system look like a fool.

>>430215375Nazism and conservatism are both fake things


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>>430193069I like it when people express opinions I don't share. The more, the better. What I hate is when everyone has the same opinion they got from TV.

>>430194413Go away.

>>430193069oh no. how were you harmed by this? grow up.

>>430193069It's not illegal because it would be awkward to arrest Antifa and Feds for doing what they're paid for.

>>430215551Just wait for apples mixed reality headset they're starting to roll outToo expensive rn for the regular person but costs will come down and tech will improveSame as with our phonesAnd eventually they'll subsidize it and give it awayStep-by-step is how it works, there's a reason everyone in Mexico has dirt floors and sheet metal roofs; but a working television set. Its vital for the operation. The VR is really when the gates of Hell get unleashed though.

>>430193069Nah. Ban fag flags first. Thats much worse.

>>430215469>I like him a fuck lot better as governor than I have any other option since I've been able to vote in state elections.And he valued your vote by... signing a bill banning anti-semetic speech in Florida.... from Israel.Are you dumb?This protest is likely prog activists. They aren't feds.>>430215488And do tell us, what is real? This should be good.>>430215500Yes, us. This is a Nazi board, conservitard. Always has been. Always will be. Why are you on a Nazi board if you're a conservative? How would DeSantis feel about you being here?

>>430215727God is real

>>430215727You missed the point eternally but I shouldn't be surprised someone like (((you))) would.>This is a nazi board, you're a conservativeAs always you jews are awful with labels.

>>430193069that fucked up ESL grammar is triggering me more than the roleplaying

Take note everyone, this "Nazi" demonstration was held on the private property of the Walt Disney Co., who took no action to prevent it. It's at the NW corner of Route 535 and Hotel Plaza Dr. Here's a link:• ID/282422000000019On Google Maps, plug in these GPS coordinates to see this location: 28.382103, -81.505639This is OBVIOUSLY a false flag operation. Disney wants revenge on DeSantis. The Democrats fear DeSantis and want to tar him as a white supremacist.Of the 20 people there, you have maybe 3 dim bulbs that are "real" Nazis. You have another 6 or 7 that were picked up for some unrelated crime and were flipped by the FBI into becoming snitches and provocateurs in exchange for leniency. The rest are actual Feds or perhaps Antifa actors. It's all underwritten by the Democratic Party's lavish dirty-tricks slush fund. They've been doing this for a long time. Scott Foval and Robert Creamer were the masters of it before they were caught by Project Veritas. The Lincoln Project is picking up where they left off.Do not be fooled. The Democratic Party is so craven, so evil, so corrupt, so obsessed with seizing power and enslaving us that they will do ANYTHING, even wave Nazi flags to terrorize the public.

>>430215871Don't you find it strange to pin the darkness in this world on a political party?

>>430215789That's really nice, fake christian that doesn't go to Church, but this is the material realm, and it's very much up to us to engage in in political activism in order to achieve our societal goals, okay, retard?>>430215795>You missed the point eternallyNo, I heard your 'lesser of evils' argument loud and clear. It's been a GOP talking point for 70+ years as a method of making us eat a shit sandwich.>lavbelsYes, conservitard. We're not afraid of labels here. We have moral confidence, and you have moral anxiety, which is why we will always BTFO you in any debate or argument. You can't even say what you are.This is a Nazi board. Why are you on a Nazi board? Would the GOP approve? Would your 'BASED' DeSantis approve of you being here?

>>430193069The us constitution is very strict about protecting freedom of expression, if retards want to fly the glorious nsdap flag in support of their brand new ultra zionist political figure who's definitely not gonna do the exact same thing as all other us presidents since the dawn of time then it is their absolute right to do so

>>430200813To start a new war, as far as we can attest, You'd neeed a new kitty Pearl Harbor, and we all know the rest!

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>>430216079There's no such thing as political activism. I don't go to church, but I also don't claim to be a Christian.

>>430215828>ESLyou have no idea how hard ESL glows, note that all of the "interpreters" popped up at the exact same time.

>430216079>lesser of evilsThank you for proving you didn't understand shit.>no no I swear its a "nazi board" you must believe me!nope, also no more (you)s for you either.

>>430193527*yawn* guys I think it’s nap time for me, isn’t anyone else feeling sleepy? Come on guys let’s go to bed it’s night time, but day tomorrow

>>430193069this is some of the most jewish crap I've ever seenit's like when journalists would ask Trump "Some guy on Stormfront going by HermannGoering69 said he's going to vote for you. Do you disavow?"

>>430193069I can spot that nose from over here.

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>>430195299Checked, based, hilariously underrated. Closing the browser, this is what I want to end tonight on. Thanks for the keks user.

(((cdTU7o50)))Go back

>>430216199>politics is fake>God is the only thing that is real>but don't be a christian or go to churchYou can fuck off now. Don't (You) me ever again.>>430216256>gets btfo so hard, has so little moral anxiety, he refuses to evne reply properlyYeah, retard, you're done. You can fuck off too.Complete and utter pussy, like all conservatives.

>>430193069Why is there a desantis flag?

>>430193069all democrats playing dress up and hiding their faces. They know how optics work.

>>430216462>Why is there a desantis flag?It's a pretty dead giveaway, isn't it? There are alot of small organic pro-natsoc groups protesting often now. A lot are kinda clownish but their heart is in the right place, but this is clear prog activists LARP'ing as Nazi's. No NatSoc or White Nationalist would EVER support DeSantis.

>>430193069Based artist at Ed’s a,I g you mad. You du,b niggerkike.


>>430216503>progs>giving a single fuck about opticsYou conservitards never learn. If you protest without covering your face, you're either very brave or very foolish. You should have learned that from Jan 6th, retard.

>>430193069lol, glowing like the sun.

>>430215727Post screen cap where it bans antisemitic speech. Your either a dumb nigger or a shill. Only two types that invent shit to find fault. The bill ads a hate crime modifier to graffiti on religious buildings and preventing people from entering religious buildings. Nothing more.

>>430216457Where's the connection between going to church and saying God is real?Is God a church?

>>430216934It bans flyers under the context of 'ethnic intimidation'. The bill is aimed to criminalize the actions of BDS and the activities of people like the GDL.Imagine being on Holla Forums and supporting or engaging in apologism for a bill whose context remains entirely open to interpretation.Stop posting. GTFO of Holla Forums.

>>430194413you mean joining the war extremely late after ignoring several requests and then sending millions of children to die in france to pump your numbers so you can claim you had an impact?

>>430217526Ask me how I know you're a jannie :)

>flying a flag is terrorism

>>430216457Oh yeah, what're you going to do about it? I'll (you) til the thread dies and you won't do anything about it.

>>430215375the only influence you have is to make white people allergic to caring about each other

>>430217526Hey look I'm replying to another one your posts. what are you going to do about it

>>430193069Pride flags are gay supremacy. It's blatant in your face hatred of heterosexuals. How is their flags any different? Cry baby. Where is Bidens big bad 100 point plan? Was that just useless propaganda after all? lol

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>americans stay up till 2-3am on a saturday whining on Holla Forums about how cucked their country isyou cunts should actually do something about it instead of circlejerking in the darkdont let chitwood scare you, shoot him in the head

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>>430220090What're they supposed to do?What're you doing?

>>430220236>what are you doingliving in the 1st world instead>what are they supposed to dolift, gun range, organised crime, organised revolution, whatever reallyhunching over a screen at 3am isnt dunking on anyone and infact is exactly what theyre hoping for

>>430193069Leave it to blame-deflecting homos to try to hold one group of people responsible for another group's actions. This one has frankly been done to death.

>>430220844>to try to hold one group of people responsible for another group's actions.thats literally american culture lad, dont be so antisemetic

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>>430193069How would glow niggers try to justify their funding if they can't go larp and make up something that doesn't exist?

>>430220421Its the exact same thing you're doing

>>430193740>>430195172>>430197015>its the feds

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>>430221776>american finds out about timezoneswaking up in the morning to laugh at americans is not the same as staying up all night crying about my own country

>>430203206the nazi's are grooming kid to molest and mutilate.

>>430221922Oh my apologiesYou're crying and doing nothing except it's daytime when you do it

>>430223341>30 minutes for no u after his previous no u got btfo because he didnt know how timezones workedamerican education firing on all cylinders i see

>>430213530So it's all a bait and switch leading to getting all the people of the world to worship the Antichrist and see him as a savior?