WTF IS HAPPENING - preferably in haiku format

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>>430192985jews jews jews jews jewsjews jews jews jews jews jews jewsjews jews jews jews jews

Tendies are cookingand it's 2 in the morningvery comfy fren

Niggers are for panderingBankers disregard longevityBrevity and soulless apathy in exchange for nothing

That bloody benchodRedeemed his cardRape him next week

Whispering winds weep,Nature's voice, urgent and fierce,Earth yearns for healing.


>>430192985Trump for prisonerHunter Biden can’t be cagedAyy lmaos probed me

>>430192985Peepee poopoo fartGas the kikes, race war nowhate the antichrist

Who could have done this?From somewhere deep in Langley,a tell-tale green glow.

It's Pride monthChildren everywhere sufferA merchant rubs his hands

>>430192985> Uncle Ted is dead> but remember his message> always vote by mail.

>>430192985Dumb GlobohomoUkraine Dam has wet the bedUncle Ted is dead

the goyim awakeholocaust fades from memoryanne frank is a fraud

>>430192985Nothing's happeningNothing ever happens, anonJust shut down the tube

>>430192985She is his own best friendDo u no da wayI am donut

>>430192985What the fuck is that?Can it truly be like this? I just shit my pants.

>>430192985Took a dump right now My cat is doing meow meow Time to make dinner Then jerk off and sleep Das rite, Worldstar!!!

Silent ships descend,Aliens grace our strange world,Mysteries unfold.

>>430192985Playing U-Boat SimsCooking up some homemade chilliThat's a good weekend

>>430192985li ter all ly no thing is hap pen ning fucking fag got assed kike

Nature's hermit soul,Ted in seclusion, withdrawn,Bomber's tale ends

>>430193522Mother bitch bastardWhy did you redeem the cardSend bobs and vageene

Ukraine is winningLeopard tanks to the Black SeaWhat are AT mines?

>>430192985I don't know what a haiku isnigger faggot jew cunt fuck you pee pee poo poo

Tension grips the land,Ukraine and Russia clash,Hopes for peace lament.

Legal clouds descend,Donald Trump, indictment looms,Secrets unveiled.

>>430192985Jews have nukesPoliticians are liarsNiggers tongue my anus

Nothing happeningAnons seething on the chans Still there is nothing.

>>430192985Nothin is hap'ninNothin ever happens, broGo back to sleep now

>>430192985Make your own haikuYou dumb fuckI hope you die

>>430192985An ape and a manChose to boondoggle and thusWe live with niggers

>>430192985Vaxxxies are sheddingNot-my-problem.jpgI am ascending

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>>430192985Jesus loves, He does not hate, He loves me,A reprobate, Love is strong It always winsWith Jesus Christ,Begin again.Fuck I’m crying bro, Jesus is such a fucking boss, can’t believe I went so long without him. It’s love! It was always love! I love Jews! I love black peoples! I love you!

>>430194392fuck that's goodbest haiku in the thread

>>430192985The jews are to blameTrace back every evil Check "early life ".... yep

Pen on paper moves, Capturing the now in verse, Haiku within blooms.

>>430194392Winner winnerChicken dinner

>>430192985When Plebs be pleebingAnd golems be kneeling, yes?How can you smug gloat?

feeding the ai

>>430192985vermouth is white wineolives gin and ice then shake with any white wine

Legion.We are all here.

>>430192985OP gay as fuckhe likes to suck nigger dickbecause hes a fag

>>430192985Haikus are for fagsNiggers suckRIP Uncle Ted

>>430198016OP likes to suck dick because he's a fag? you mean to tell me he doesn't suck dick because he's straight?

>>430192985Uncle Sam losing powerJews panicking Blast tranny shit

>>430196774Hello, fren…Go to church… hug a bro’We are all with JesusBecause Christ is king

>>430198579Yes! Already did going to a church tomorrow. It’s not a Catholic Church. I called the Number on google and Someone answered immediately like I was calling a friend. God is mighty and does these things.

>>430192985Silly dumb faggotYou'll never be a womanLeave the kids alone

>>430192985devvo fingertips in Celinasummer faggot summer newfags radiation glow nigger.Devvo is a fucking donny soldier.

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>>430192985life slowly drainingfuture never changingpopulation waningpovertyliving in the jew world

>>430192985Radiant blaze roars,Micronova's fiery kiss,Earth's dance, charmed by death.

>>430192985Alas, fair EuropaSoon conquered by Islam's hordesMe, I blame the jews

>>430201937ah fuck should be Europe not Europa

>>430192985So you got the jab.Looks like you will be L.M.A.O.


The answer is jews It's snowing on Mt FujiMy tendies are done

>>430192985for hiding boxesfull of classified doxesdon got indictedtuppence, thruppence, morewhenever will mike pence score?not next novemberthree NATO fightersjust now flew over my housejust an exercise :)Nonstop blood tribe spamput to an end by the modswhere will polhaus shill?why did ayys come here?pentagon knows the truth:for nothingburgers

>>430192985I came here todayto find out what's happeningbut its all the same

>>430192985I, over taken.Private company is God.Curry nigger gone.

>>430192985Ted Kaczynski's end,AI singularity emerges from shadows,Point of inflection.Written and authored by ai

>>430192985Haiku slide thread is backGlowies are faggot dickheads/pol/'s been dead a while

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>>430192985Kill kill kill kill killDie die die die die die dieSoon the world will end.

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>>430192985In the month of prideAll niggers and fags will postPics of Hunter's cock


>>430192985God made paradise Evil risen, no child safe Aliens and pedophiles

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The vaccine kills youThe government is bankruptGet rid of the Jews

>>430192985I went to the looDrop pooPoojet can't loo

>>430192985Buried all my gunsDumb niggers can’t read cursiveGas the fucking jews

>>430192985Trump is not Guilty Bidens are going to JailSeethe and Dilate Fags

>>430192985Stop posting thisFaggotOff topic bitch

>>430192985Niggers got uppityJews fucking made them this wayThey all need to burn

>>430209806Fuck you you dumb bitchThis is one of the betterThreads currently here

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World became backwardsBecause of the big nose tribeMilhouse is a meme

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>>430212559Millhouse will never be a meme

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>>430211631Ty bro

>>430197100A winner we haveSealing the thread as completeNow chicken dinner

total nigger deathexcept the niggers are kikespic unlrelated

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>>430192985The Great Reset comesThey will have complete controlAgain and again

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>>430198083Haikus are for fagsNiggers suck as evermoreRest in peace sweet prince

>>430196774>>430198579Frens is frens in ChristOur Lord is Good and HolyHe is Arisen

>>430192985full moon red with smokejust because it licks itselfa cat isn't clean

I could paint the wallsIf I only had a gunInstead I'll kick this chair

the ukraine just lostthat's what vatniks keep sayingso it must be true

>>430192985Demons coming throughGovernments on boardI hate the antichrist.Repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ user its the only way.

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insider tradingmormons are shitting their pantst. 9/11

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>>430193648Stupid fucking leafget the fuck out of this threadyou talentless cunt

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>>430211631Must you criticize?Your post is worse than worthless.No one will read it.

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