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>>430192887Single momsNot even once

>>430192887That's because white, college-educated women are the most intelligent out of all the listed groups of people.

Slaaneshis are undercutting us, where's the noise marines?

>>430193042>That's because white, college-educated women are the most indoctrinated out of all the listed groups of people.And you are a shitstain pedo shill

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>>430192887I'm surprised the dogs those White women are fucking aren't there.

>>430193042lol thanks for that, i needed a good laugh.

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>>430192887Curious indeedConservatives will have a problem with this

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Whites are going to have to start social distancing themselves from family members that are liberal. She is a racemixer, cut her off. He is a faggot, cut him off. That's the only way. They either need to learn to conform or they can just fuck off. Part of the problem is the lack of consequences for one's actions.

single mothers are the most evil group in societythey should all be exterminated and single motherhood made illegal, it's more harmful to the world than nuclear war

White women confirmed for being worse than niggers, chinks, beaners, and men.

anyone with two brain cells to rub together could see that the real perpetrators of this whole movement are the pedo parents who accept whatever crap is spewed in a nice tone to them taking their children to the drag shows, not the people literally just doing a gig where they have zero control over who is in the building.

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>>430193562Retard, the liberals are a significant part of the white population. Without them, you would be left with rednecks and conspiry theorists.

>AWFLs>Affluent white female liberalsWhy the fuck did this terminology disappear?

>>430194203The Karens aren't all affluent even if they have the attitude like they are.

>>430192887Search for men vs

>>430194467>not including the plandemic

>>430192887it's also libtard menif 80% or more men actually took a stand against this, women wouldn't be in support of this shit but since 50% of men are ok with drag story hour, women feel safe to voice their support openly.


>>430193042Women are incapable of intelligence, they merely emulate whoever they view as an authority. In the case of college-educated white women, they emulate their jew professors.

>>430193861>t. Kyke

>>430193142They do it for free

>>430193673kek good pic

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>>430193335All women enjoy rape

>>430192887How many jews though

>>430193042>white, college-educated women >intelligentlolindoctrinated =/= intelligent

>>430193673>>430196005calm down niggers

>>430196407only color that matters is green you dumb fuck. you're being played by your own "white people"

>>430196150The jew would be helpless without his golem the white devil.

>>430196407Stfu wigger. You listen and listen up good. Your time is over. Or No more bbc for you.

>>430193042>Intelligence makes me want to spend my free time bringing my children to see faggots taking their clothes offlol. Here's your (you)

>>430193673sure showed that nog whose boss

>>430194203It was coined by TRS in like 2014 wasnt it? No e-celeb stays critical of women for very long. The last thing women want to see is a guy who actually scrutinizes her behavior and words and actionsAWFL fell to the wayside because all e-celebs became nutless dorks like idubz

>>430192887jews aren't white

>>430193673Niggers, when will they learn.Never. They can’t.

>>430192887>Curiousmost likely benificiaries of no-fault-divorce too


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>>430193042"I got a BA degree in women's studies and fucked several different men of various colors and cultures from around the world. Also, I made a symbol for peace from a New Zealand Maori tribe in your latte. Hope you like."

>>430193673mad nigger disease


>>430192887white women are gabage

>>430193562Told my mom this today. “We have gay family members” well okay mom I don’t want to hang out with tranny enablers


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>>430201003Your mum sounds like a fag enabler.


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George Orwell called it.Insane how based he was.

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>>430192887why are there no groups of down syndrome who are trans? you would think with their enourmous population in the USA and UK that there would be some sort of group representation for them, but there isntonly thing you can find is like 5 downies who do drag.why does being trans or gay not affect people with down syndrome or cerebral palsy?why does this afflicion only seem to affect white people?

>>430192887SSRIs are a hell of a drug class.

>>430192887wtf kind of name is jebra?is she married to a guy named jabroni?

>>430193673can't believe john oliver said that

>>430193673third world cultures literally think like picrel

>>430193042>AsianDon't make me tap the bell curve


It's all of chicks in there. Do drag queens get pussy doing this shit?

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>>430193065>>430198426>tfw you realize niggers are cargo culting noise marines by blasting gibberish to keep the demons at bay

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>>430192887The problem is stupid white women and cucked white men. Everyone knows this, pol just copes like crazy. No one else listens to Jews, so that isn't even a credible excuse.

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Bait account

>>430193246>>430193283It really puzzles me that they even need to research this. It should be fucking common sense as to why. It's basic evolutionary biology. 99.9% of life on this planet for billions of years never took consent into consideration when it came to reproduction. Yes some species might have had some level of filtering like males fighting each other in the females mating with the mail that ended up being the alpha. But ultimately there was no sense of consent if a male just wanted to fuck a female regardless he would. With humans this is no different. If you can get past the emotions that prevents most men from raping, then the man's going to rape the female regardless of what she says. All a man has to do is call the bluff. The only reason why rape isn't as common as it used to be is simply because of the heavy stigma as a society replaced on it. Religions like Christianity helped spread a morality that promoted families and things like that.

>>430208844White liberal women get wrecked. You’ve got suppressed guilt from all those abortions and are using it to destroy western civilization. Actually, come to think of it, it’s not your fault. You’re just children. It’s cucked white men who are to blame. Cucked white man, get wrecked. No nice guy stamps, no blowies for you.

>>430212423Watch how the ducks do. We should be like the ducks. Women may not have had independence, power and authority under patriarchy but I guarantee you they were a hell of a lot happier getting shitfucked on the regular and having their sister wives to bitch to about it.

>>430196580>>430196678cant wait to kill you subhumansTOTAL NIGGER DEATH

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Lads don't get me wrong liberal white women are fucked in the head. The stats prove it too. But stats also prove negro and spic women whore their kids out to their brothers so they can be raped and be brought into the drug business. That is, perhaps, just a little bit worse.

>>430192887All women are a mistake.Never give a woman power.Women shouldn't make decisions.This is the result of women being let off the leash.

Shoulda listened when we introduced you to Islam

>>430193042>women>most intelligent group Kek

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>>430193042>>430192887>entertainingWhy would a toddler want to a see a half naked nigger attempt to read?


>>430193042LolLmao even