>blacks can't read>blacks can't maththehill.com/opinion/education/579750-many-of-americas-black-youths-cannot-read-or-do-math-and-that-imperils-us/

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>>430191499Not my problem

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>>430191499>niggers are dumb, news at 11


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>>430191499Clearly the only way to fix this is to outlaw anyone from reading and doing math.


>>430191499>that imperils us alllol niggers have been retarded since the dawn of mankind.

if you capitalize black i stop reading


>>430191499I don’t care. They’ll get diversity quotas soon. It’s a better strategy then teaching sub-80 IQ people how to code anyway.

>>430191499Blacks are getting exactly what they wanted. Instead of actually learning anything they just get passed through the system and whites look the other way at their stupidity to avoid being labeled as racist.

>>430191499What else is new?

>>430191499how do redditors simultaneously think that all blacks are all powerful geniuses but also can't read even in adulthood because they're so oppressed

>>430191499>That imperails us all How? Why??

putting clothes on niggers and expecting them to be able to or to even want to participate in civilization is infinitely more cruel and racist than just calling them niggers and leaving them to be niggers

>>430192599Uh sweety, we have to diversity hire all these heckin niggerinos and them not actually being able to read or do math is going to cause a whole lot of issues!

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My parents read to me every night before bed. Even my super dyslexic father who struggles to read and write as it wasn't a diagnosis when he was a kid. (He started a construction company and became a multi-millionare and retired at 40, so no pity needed)I was reading chapter books like "the magic tree house" and "the boxcar kids" and others of that level before I entered kindergarten. Algebra was taught starting in 5th grade.Grew up in 98% white high trust rural Vermont. My experience is common among all the kids I grew up with. Imagine having 2 parents in the household that value education, and a homogenous high trust society that encourages children to become competent and productive members of the community.

>>430193170it's not that niggers don't want to read, it's that they literally can't. half of all coloreds have an IQ below 85

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>>430193722why does kanye west keep saying stupid shit? why is ja morant posing with a gun on instagram once a week despite being suspended over and over? it's because they are dumb niggers. as in, their brains don't work like whites do. they aren't reading books in kindergarten because they are too fucking stupid to do so

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>>430193722>it's not that niggers don't want to read, it's that they literally can't.the only way to solve that is to get rid of reading and math.some places are already starting with it. it's inevitable.

>>430192599Because their population keeps growing and these idiots keep feeding them


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>>430191499tear the paper ceiling, such bullshit

>>430191499How are blacks getting dumber than they used to be if liberals are in charge of all of academia???

>>430193147I took algebra when i was like 10 or 11

>>430193147I imagine basic reading writing tests for most jobs could solve this problem.

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>>430193722I honestly feel really bad for the 115iq+ Blacks. I went to an elite prep highschool and all the Black kids there openly vented about how much they hated growing up around other blacks who berated them for talking white and wanting to learn.

>And that imperils us allYes, niggers are a threat to anyone in their proximity.

>>43019372283 is the average black American IQ and it has been that for more than 100 years and no access to education has changed that.

>>430194404the US literally banned IQ tests for jobs because niggers fail them. now they have to be work sample tests, and if blacks fail them at a higher rate you can bet you'll have the ACLU up your ass trying to destroy your company

>>430194491It's because they know they will abandon them as soon as they are able. Black communities were somewhat functional when they had to stay amongst their own. The talented tenth were supposed to help them all rise up not leave them.

>>430194404That would be racist though and you don't want to be racist, do you? Time to hop on your flight and board the plane that was built by diversity hires and is being flown by pic related who can barely read!!

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>>430191499>that imperils us allwhat did xey mean by this??

>>430191499the only wsy to fix this is to steal all the nigger babies up to 2 yrs old. then sterilize all other blacks unless they pass certain tests and actually are decent people. if the kids are put into good environmrnts with parents who have even mediocre language skills and are morally decent and stable those nigger babies would become standup black people who are efucated and well balanced mentally,docially and spritually. have to stop the extreme negative cycle and start a posiyive one

>>430192411does it work?

>>430191499>>430192599>imperialI guess Holla Forums can't read or write either. Maybe this place is overrun with non-whites?

>>430194847even blacks raised by whites are dumb and criminal. there have been plenty of studies.


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>>430194711she's flying that plane straight into the popeye's drive thru, killing everyone on board

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>>430194491> I honestly feel really bad for the 115iq+ Blacks.Both of them?


Just let them be doctors. That's what colleges do>asians to the back of the bus

So we 𝒶re not going to need cursive 𝒶nymore?


>>430191825>poc>tfw poor chink student trying to explain to his overbearing parents that there's no math homework or studies.

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>>430193170liars always give way too many irrelevant details like you just did, liar.

i like niggers to be in their place, dumb like monkeys

>>430191499>>430191624Homo erectus genes

>>430195258you won't need any writing anymore. you just scream what you want to say into tiktok and facetime.

>>430191825Keep lowering that bar until its an underground sewage pipe

>>430191499>OP is an illiterate monkey who doesn't know the difference between Imperial and Imperil


>>430194847What good do millions of 85 IQ>standup black people who are efucated and well balanced mentally,docially and sprituallydo us? They can’t contribute anything worthwhile, or participate in a meaningful way. They can’t really understand how our government works.Are you going to let them keep voting, even though they’re literally mentally retarded by the definition used only a couple of decades ago? Are you going to keep them as a permanent subclass that’s always going to be a net drain on society?It simply isn’t worth it.


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>>430192433what's with the antisemitism?

Their IQs already too low to integrate into modern economy, and now deprived of the basic tools for entry into it. I wonder what they'll do with their time instead?


>>430193147It's a good thing they don't teach Algebra to literal children....We're graduating some tardos from college, aren't we?

>>430195769You have NO idea, user. And you really don’t want to know.

>>430193869>that post kek every time

>>430195923>you really don’t want to knowI do now.


>majority of niggers retarded

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>>430195769I've passed classes I probably shouldn't have. Grade inflation is real, common and out of control.

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>>430191499How is that news?

What imperils us all is treating that species as if it's human.Human status should be stripped from niggers, they don't deserve it.Also all leftists should get a mandatory nigger doctor, especially if it's for a surgery or something important.>>430195680Not only that, during the Vietnam war US concluded that person with a sub 80 IQ is too stupid to be trained into any military role and 85 IQ was the limit for enlisting.Imagine how many niggers are on a level where you can't teach them even the most basic task in the fucking military, which is basically a system so simple even retards should be able to figure it out.They had the McNamara's morons program during Vietnam war where they lowered the IQ level to nothing and let all of these chucklefucks join.These may even have been the majority of the US losses, because the idiots had something like 3x or 5x higher death rate than normal people.Basically US weeded out a lot of the worst elements of society back in the day by sending them into the front lines, knowing they really won't be able to do shit.

>>430195739The tools they needed were a rock and a stick, but globohomo wanted them to fight wars with white man guns.

>>430191624It is when they get preferential treatment in leadership and political careers, regardless of how retarded they are.

>>430191499You have imperiled the Great Journey!

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>>430191499How will they use their phones?

>>430196067The coursework has been massively dumbed down to allow certain population groups to pass. Most incoming freshmen now are taking nothing but remedial stuff they never managed to learn in high school for the first 2-3 semesters. My father in law has been teaching college algebra for over 20 years. When he started they were creating their own class curriculum and the grades came out in a Bell Curve with a median at 70. Now they’re given a curriculum they have to use that is about the equivalent of algebra 1 from high school 30 years ago, the tests are multiple choice, and the curve has shifted so that the median grade is 85.And they’re graduating people with STEM degrees who could not actually do the work simply because they have to meet certain quotas. And those people are going to get hired by firms that need to meet their DEI quotas. There aren’t going to be enough people left who actually know how to do all of this shit left in 30 years to keep things running at a first world level. And there sure aren’t going to be enough qualified people to teach the ones who come after. The education degrees are essentially worthless already, and as faculty retire from the colleges and universities they’re cramming the positions with DEI hires.

>>430194711RETARD RETARD

>>430193722If they cant read how the fuck do they even respond to tweets?


>>430197659Follow up - I was working at Texas A&M in the late 90s when this first really became a thing. That was when the state mandated the first batch of those remedial courses. The reason behind that was they were basically forcing state universities to take more minority and female students, and they didn’t have SAT scores and GPAs to qualify for admission, they were let in anyway and shoved into the remedial classes. If the college or university took state money, they were required by law to follow these procedures.Of course there was no extra money for additional staff to go with this, which meant upper class and graduate courses had resources yanked from them instead. Management was pissed at first, until they figured out they made a lot more money teaching a class of 60 “quantitative reasoning” than they did teaching 12 people real analysis or combinatorics.

>>430194404Yes they weed out the ones who pass now.

>>430191499This is because you bigots won't let us teach them.

>>430191499>Niggers are still illiterate retards>And that's (not) a good thing

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>>430191499how they use them phones then.

>>430199346Post skin or you're a lying pasty faggot.

Bros I fucking hate niggers so much its unreal.

This is why we need a class based society. We cannot give equal rights to those who are incapable of doing their duty, and giving equal rights to those who cannot uphold them has fundamentally damaged the trust in our society. You don't give a medical degree to a blind person, leftards cry that somthing like that is unfair but a single blind doctor undermines trust in the degree of every doctor. The reason we don't trust niggers is not because they break the law, it's because they then plead incapacity as a defence. If niggers are incapable of following the law how can any nigger be trusted?This is textbook prejudice, which is both rational and just- because that prejudice only exists until blacks are in their own caste and have obligations they can actually meet. Everyone trusts a child, nobody trusts a child behind the wheel of a car. Trust is actually restored by the limiting of social rights.

>>430191796I was thinking the exact same thing. Kek

>>430191499why should Black children be forced to learn a racist language? and what makes white people think that math is the efficient way to calculate and do science? if anything, Blacks should be allowed to invent their own systems of science. a Black british teen literally invented a computer in his room with parts he bought online, so don't say that PoC don't have the creativity and intelligence to do incredible things. if anything Black youths not knowing how to do things the white man's way is good news, it means that newever Black generations don't fall for the unfair colonial systems anymore


>>430199346>blacks are smart with high impulse control

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>>430191499I thought math and reading was racist and shit. So is punctuality, having a car, and private property.

>>430200103Just threw the whole pole in with it, huh?

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>>430200103>pocyou mean "P"OB -- "people" of brown

>>430200839Black people are waking up and becoming more educated. soon they will no longer accept being forced to be around white people and there's nothing racists can do about it. they will build a wakanda and they will all move there and white people will know what it feels like to be excluded

>>430191499You cant force IQ onto a race of people. you are either born with it or youre not.Why are jews trying to pound a square block through a round hole?

>>430193147going to community college was my red pill. I became a TA and tutor for Math and Computer Science. I quickly realized that most Blacks cannot think abstractly, thus they are totally incapable of doing Algebra or programming. It was such a fucking shock, but at the same time explained so much.

>>430191499Why do we feed them? This was not part of Bismarck’s idea of social insurance.>Hard times are ahead.>They won’t be missed.

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>>430192000But only recently have we been forced to accept them as equals.

>>430191499They bred American blacks to be the stupidest strongest niggers.At least they got the stupid part right,

>>430194491Any black with an iq over 100 has a white ancestor.

>>430201997Because their end game is a 90IQ brown slave race. It’s why they’re dumbing things down and pushing miscegenation so hard.


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>>430191499Back in 2021, there was literally a debate among shitlibs as to whether it's racist to teach kids that 2+2=4.I'm not making this shit up.

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>>430202544The median IQ of American niggers is 85. Look at the numbers for Subsaharan Africa. American niggers have already been boosted over the African natives.

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>>430202894Cargo cults. They not only don’t understand, they literally can’t.

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>>430203111>Walker has a bootyI bet the APC is like 2-wheel drive


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>>430203289Same technology the Brits and Chinese use on their carriers! Amazing!

I work in a medical office with like 8 other people. We're all white except one Indian woman and a nigger woman. How much stupider the sheboon is than the rest of us is breathtaking. She doesn't understand anything. It takes her longer to do everything. She doesn't know what's going on half the time. She just isn't with it. She somehow has a master's degree. I'm sure the college just passed her because she's a nigger.


>>430197659>>430199363Good. Globohomo needs to choke to death on its retards.>BUT DEY WANT US DUM AN SHEEEEIIIIIIIT IT BE DEY DEM JEWS!Anyone who looks at Retardworld and thinks it's acceptable deserves their retards.Should have fought back. You didn't. Enjoy the tardnado.

seeing shit like this literally drives leftists insane, like Lovecraftian horrorthey can't fathom that some people are worse than others, and they will burn down their own civilization trying to hide from the terrifying reality

>>430191499>She told me that 84 percent of Black students in eighth grade lack the ability to do math, and 85 percent are functionally illiterate.new meaning of blackpilled dropped

>>430191499yeah, we know. we can see the effects firsthand. the average phd educated in a desegregated system is roughly as smart as an 8th grader in a segregated system

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>>430191624it is your problemwho pays for niggers to be educated? you dowho suffers from niggers being educated? your children do

2014>diversity is our strength2023>diversity is our peril that was fast

Ironically white liberals are non-white inferiorists while white conservatives are white supremacists.

>>430193869the future is here

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>>430202435I had a calculus class in university. Though I was retarded because I got 97% in an easy exam. Found out latter that the average is 37%. Somehow most of the class passed.

>>430195015They don't need to know how to read. It's like trying to force your dog to... well fucking read.The problem is that too many people still think that everyone is a blank slate and have the exact same capabilities as everyone else.

>>430194914yes! it destroys the country

>>430202894This would be endearing if we were simply observing them at a distance. But instead we're bringing them into our countries as much as possible.

>>430191499Lets make them math teachers and writters,problema solved.Also,place as good rol for them getto losers who will end up jailed. Glorify jail.And adding trans why not? That always help


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>>430194491So no different than every single white kid forced to grow up with niggers who prevented us from learning while they absorbed all the gibs that could have been spent on textbooks and science labs

>>430191499checkedi could've told you that 30 yrs ago>t. retired HS teach

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>>430191499if child support is $500 and you steal $300 how much do white people owe you?



>>430207487give this nigga his phd

>>430207553dafuq uh phd

>>430207652its a crown for a true pharo


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They just don't care for abstraction for the sake of abstraction.

>>430193869Damn bro every time I did something dumb I always said "Welp the Wayne in the future will have to deal with that, not me". I see now. I've got to be more accountable.

>>430203289sweet jump bro

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>>430191499americans should ask the bongs for reparations because they killed their country with niggers

>>430208088filled*killed may also apply tho

I love Algebra. Fuck blacks.

>>430191499OK, so we need to stop placing so much importance on reading and math for pilots and surgeons. Everyone can agree there are far too few black pilots & surgeons. But this study tells me perhaps it's not the people hiring the pilots and surgeons who are racist, but the system itself. We must do better, we can't let things like math and reading hold back POC.

>>430191825Pic related to how I feel about pic related to what was said.

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>>430191499>niggers are stupid.I am so shocked and surprised

>>430191624>Not my problemIt will be when niggers who think 1x1=2 are put in charge of your areas water treatment facility.Terrence Howard was in College to become a chemical engineer, if he didn't become an actor he would be deciding how much chlorine and fluoride to put in the water you drink

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>>430191499I know this is a bait thread, but I just have to mention the black people I met when I was in the military operating nuclear power plants. The black people were a large percentage, and honestly very intelligent.Some of these people were like ex-gang crack dealing 250lb dudes from Chicago.They proved that perhaps the prejudices some hold aren’t really a good measure of a human being.

>>430208582can you shills make it less obvious please

>>430208582I have a white friend who is in the military and I asked him how Korea was and he said it was cool but every single altercation he witnessed was started by a black guy.

>>430194847>Didn't pick our own cotton>Here's how living with niggers will work this time>Just ignore almost two hundred years of this insane bullshit okYou people make me roll my eyes so hard and so fast they could power a wind turbine.

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>>430208459>picTell me this shit is not real

>>430191499>that imperils us allWell, he isn't wrong. The nigger being this dumb just results in the nigger murdering, raping, and robbing.

>>430208582There’s an asvab requirement to be there you stupid cuck squid, it isn’t a representative sample

Open borders for israel

>>430208806archive.vn/zGVXn>Howard studied chemical engineering at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn until he fell out with one of his professors over the answer to the 1x1=1 conundrum.

>>430208773I got attacked by a black person, on the street. I don’t really blame people that were abused for any length of times it’s cultural and they need help.I’m not an apologist, but if you follow the sequence of events it’s pretty obvious that their reasoning is product of their environmentIt’s not good or bad, it’s cause and effect.Do the math yourself if you’re so fucking smart. Count on YOUR fingers, figure out how finite systems work you fuck wits.

>>430208459I remember seeing some teacher try to force 2+2=5 using squares. It was something like pic rel

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>>430191499>nor do they want to.


>>430208814The North American nigger is between a rock and a hard place. On one side, his own people are a bunch of violent, impulsive animals that can only destroy. On the other side, you have condescending, idiotic, and evil middle and upper class White shitlibs who believe state indoctrination centers (schools) and dindugeld (social programs) can fix them. I would be sympathetic, but it's a two way street. There's a significant percentage of niggers that wouldn't piss on me if I were on fire, so fuck niggers.

>>430203095What’s so funny? He’s pushing as hard as the others!

>>430191499"America is supposed to be a place where people around the globe wish to come in order to educate their children and build better futures. If we cannot educate ourselves,"The nations that are better than us have brain drain. Their best minds come here, get educated, often stay and start families. Then when their kids grow up to be even brighter and more educated than their parents, the best schools won't admit them because "too many asians" lol. And then we get to read editorials like this where people worry that not every black kid is as smart as the asians. They don't have to be! They can get into Harvard much more easily than the asian kids can.America is already lost, but if we could roll back the clock a few decades and get another shot at it, maybe a good idea would be to not optimize all educational resource focusing on the lowest end of the educational spectrum and instead focus on the bright kids that will shape the future, whatever their race happens to be.

>>430209503Also keep in mind that the North American niggers are descendants of the ones who weren't smart enough not to be captured by the other nigger tribes.

>>430209551What's so attractive? She's walking like the others. Mostly.

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>>430205645Tabula rasa. A myth. Not everyone has the same starting point and genetics does play a role, not just finances or social influences.

>>430191499Oh, won't someone please think of the poor niggers?!?!

>>430209952That's racist to say so we can't look into it and if you do you will be charged with researching hate.

>>430210163Use a VPN. I'm sorry I really can't discuss this with you further. I am tired and need to restore one last firearm and make a late night snack. Busy schedule.

>>430191499The rightful place of the black is in the field, not the classroom.

>>430210452From the cotton fields to the football fields. Now that people aren't watching the NFL, maybe we can sell them to the kick-ball leagues in Europe.


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>>430191499Given the recent shit storm in Burgerland, this is not a surprise. Also, not my problem.

>>430203095I choose to believe this dude knows what he's doing and the others don't

>>430206263I kind of refuse to believe these are the IQ levels depicted with these problems. You'd believe it were true if you move it down one standard deviation, but someone at an 85 IQ genuinely can't realize why there's a problem with laptop usage during WWII?

>>430210817Either he's smart and lazy, while the others are dumb, or he's just as stupid as the others and thinks he's helping.

>>430191499Niggers don't need to be able to read and use numbers. They can just rap and play basketball and get rich.

>>430201595Good. Get lost already.

>>430203095He's obviously instructing the others in the form of pushing the truck, so they don't injure themselves.

>>430191499What a surprise

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>>430191499Just keep lowering standards, that will fix everything

I posted it to a teacher subreddit, surprisingly there is a lot of agreement that black culture sucks and holds them back.. but no talk of IQ.. a good bit of copium reddit.com/r/Teachers/comments/146hjbj/thoughts_on_the_hill_article_titled_many_of/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1

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>>430193722Imagine being Thomas Sowell, so high up literally none are your equal, and having to look upon your people and know they are lesser

>>430203095Knowing how dumb niggers are, I think he genuinely is trying to push from on top of it. Jaw dropping.

>>430211513>I CAN TEACH HIM

>>430211429We live in jewish feudalism and pleb supposed to be stupid in it. It's all planned.

>>430193869Ive read this post ab9ut 10 times. And everytime i want to believe its not true but then i realize that it explains everything.

>>430191499I make 64k a year and I never use math, except adding and subtracting that google does for me. "but muh sciences and technology" really nigger? Did Uncle Ted (RIP) teach you anything?

>>430191499>Black youths imperil us allHeadline fixed

>>430203378Brotherhood of Steal

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>>430209551Ackshually, every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an EXTERNAL force(Newton's first law). Colored folk was applying INTERNAL force up there, which is a direct result of systemic racism.

>>430203378>When you can't have comic conventions in your shithole country but you still want to cosplay

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>>430191499Yet somehow it's white people's fault. Niggers are fucking retarded

>>430206263I believe this. I used to not. But being 41 years old now I have met people like this. I literally identify them and get the fuck away. Their stupidity is dangerous and boring and sad.


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>>430209283Wow, you think they need help? Help themselves

>>430212613Niggers are dangerous. If you focus on their stupidity and their tragic cycles of behavior you will forget this if you are White.Around blacks NEVER relax.

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>>430211513Niggers are dumb and shouldnt be here. News at 11

shhiiiieeet math an readin be white folk stuff

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>>430202879They won't get a 90IQ brown slave race though. AT absolute best with what they've done, they'll get a 65IQ abomination.More likely they'll get actual return to monke.

>>430191825I think the people of Oregon should stop paying taxes, as most of it goes to not educating ANY students because blacks can't be educated.

>>430209503>There's a significant percentage of niggers that wouldn't piss on me if I were on fire, so fuck niggers.to be fair putting out a fire that they themselves started would be counterproductive to the only work they have ever done in their life.

>>430212877pic related seems more like those fucked up cases where the parents lock up their kids in the house.

Every time I encounter a blacl person I ask them what their favorite book is. You should try it.

>>430192000Yes. They don't belong here, they belong in their own cultures back in Africa.

>>430191499>nigger parents act like retarded animals>teach their kids to act the same way>do everything possible to drag any of their smart counterparts back down to their level>have the highest crime rate out of any other race on the planet>surprised pikachu when people don't like you and don't want to be around you except for a few racist holes that use you as an accessory to piss off their dads

>>430213070to be fair books are ancient scrolls or stone tablets compared to the phones and computers we have now. imagine sitting and reading when you could be browsing all available human knowledge indexed and search engined, which includes the book you could have been reading

>>4302126554-9/2 = -1/2but sqrt(sqr(x)) = | x | > 0

>>430203111Is this supposed to be... battletech cosplay?If so, respect. I think.

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>>430194251Because their dads are in jail/in the ground, and their mothers are useless, stupid, abusive, narcissistic, criminal retards too busy chasing clout to give a fuck about their kids.School is just a daycare to them, and their parents come in and lose their shit if their kid gets disciplined for their behaviour.


>>430194914Works until you get an all black crew running the nuclear power plant at Indian Point, just upwind of New York City.Actually, that would work perfectly.

>>430194711Good Christ.... this picture is haunting.

As if avoiding globohomo propaganda wasn't enough reason to homeschool your kids. No your kids won't even be taught in school kek

>>430191825What is happening to America? I remember when this kind of thing would be considered racist in your country. Now even if black kid could learn to read and to do maths ho won't because he doesn't need to. Your politicians literally are doing everything they can to make black people as burden to society and for them to not make it in life. This should be unacceptable to anyone no matter of political affiliation

>>430208459There's something to this>you have 1>you multiply that 1 by 1>now you have 2

>>430213904They said man was not meant to fly. Soon he will not want to.

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Say what you want about Niggers but they beat the ever living shit out of every other race on the "vaccine" psyop.Just saying.

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>>430213473No, this is one of Kwabo Abado Safo's Kantanka Co.'s inventions in Ghana. Imagine a black Tony Stark who is a religious figurehead and all his inventions flawed in hilarious ways like Wiley E. Coyote's ACME stuff. The problem is the very real money wasted on these stuff.

>>430214107The U.S.A. has fallen. Technological tyrants want to enslave us and the rest of humanity. Either a portion of the American nation will carve out its own state in North America or it will all fall to complete darkness and barbarism. We'll be lucky to even have indoor plumbing ten to twenty years from now.


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>>430214367Why did you capitalize niggers? Did they stop killing their gay lovers and abusing their children? Is that winning, Diego?

Attached: argentinian banter.jpg (2740x3430, 968.9K)

>>430191499>Blacks imperil us allNoo...but yea.

>>430214895>Did they stop killing their gay lovers and abusing their children?The fuck are you talking about?Are you retarded?

First mall opened in ghetto.

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>>430201595nooooooo! no, please! I cant live without them niggers! I cant! I'll simply die without niggers!


>>430214107It's done. We've entered into the collapse phase. Barbarians are here, living amongst us. Fighting our wars. Taking our bribes to not riot and attack us. We have a hostile national religion that hates the nation's founding ideals. A runaway military industrial complex. A long succession of bad leaders. A feckless senate. Every election is a civil war. Bread and circuses. Money has been devalued to nothing. We fought Syria and lost. Our leaders fuck children. Jews get special treatment, and laws of protection.It's over. We repeated all of Rome's failures in real time. Witness this failure and refuse to repeat it.

>>430203289he's lucky that thing didn't take off and he only crashed from a height of couple of meters

>>430191499How can I make money off this down the line, pay day loans? Sports gambling apps?

>>430191624>Not my problemHow about when they start making them into pilots due to affirmative action?admiralcloudberg.medium.com/legacy-of-a-lie-the-crash-of-atlas-air-flight-3591-519a3a7bd6ec

we've been imperiled by negros since the white women brought them here, regardless of if they can read or not

Why it matter? We don't need to read to operate and do surgeries.

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>>430214367ya but you really can't credit them for "thinking" about it then making a decision, that was much more of an inherent ganglion response based on fear of any shit whipepo trying to get them to do, so its more like dumb luck

>>430191499It's time for them to leave.


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>>430205105I don't understand Arithmetic 2, 6 and 8. Someone please explain

>>430194711>flown by pic relatedThey can fly planes and drive cars, but they have no understanding of the advanced workings of either. Seventy five percent of those dials and gauges aren't used unless a major problem occurs, in that case, RIP to everyone onboard because it's likely they don't have the IQ to fix the situation. Just like how when their cars break down, they have no clue about how to fix it or even change a tire. All they can do is push a pedal and turn a wheel which even a monkey could realistically do. Fuck, a dolphin could even do it if they had hands and feet.

>>430191499Niggers are worthless.

>>430194711Also, sharing is caring

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>>430216911>kike acting like hes blackAnon the pic make its clear that nigger cant read or write. Now go kike it up at your local water fountain.

>>430191499the only thing niggers can't steal in knowledge

>>430213242its not learned, its dey genes n culture

>>430213253I still read plenty of physical books and have a small library for physical backups you moron.Have fun when whatever niggerified corpo who's cock you so clearly suck on decides to lockdown your shitphone so it can only run approved media and renders it little more than a tool for government propaganda along you dipshit.

>>430211417and yet ukraine average wage prior to the war was less than 200 euro per month

>>430191499They can't math even with the metric system.

>>430191499Why do you think they're pushing inbreeding with niggers so much? They are trying to get idiot white people to breed the stupid out of niggers. Imagine that. People dumb enough to fall for the nonsense are smart enough to help increase nigglet IQ.

>>430217963With a mental leap like that, you are clearly of French origin

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>>430214135no stupid you don't "have" anything in multiplication as in you do in addition. one(1) (uno), one (1) (uno) time is one (1) (uno)>Addition (Finding the Sum; '+')Subtraction (Finding the difference; '-')Multiplication (Finding the product; '×' )Division (Finding the quotient; '÷')kys

I truly hope in the future liberalism and democracy are remembered with the same disdain communism and (for normalfags) Nazism are.

>>430218121>They are trying to get idiot white people to breed the stupid out of niggers.It's not working, and I'm pretty sure the US is never getting back into the 100 Club

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>>430193147This is actually an issue in the commercial nuclear industry and a huge reason why I retired a second time. The last outage I contracted, the RP house techs had 7 people for night shift; undermanned by 13. Of the 7 they had, 3 were black. One was off on his phone selling some shitcoin ponzi scheme to contractors and would not work and he was also on a custom schedule, the other two claimed they weren't allowed to work because they hadn't met site qualifications to work yet. Because of the way the schedule was written for 10 CFR requirements I had maybe 2 techs for support on any given day the outage. All 3 steam generators? Single RP tech in containment, single tech remote monitoring and they were wearing 2 seperate headsets because the workers couldn't communicate directly to the guy they had with them in containment because they were too retarded to configure the radios properly. It'd take 2 hours to start work, the entire time handwringing boomers were crying about how much money they were losing because they tried to save some hiring less and worse than they needed, and the containment coolers were off the entire time as "punishment" so work crews were leaving after maybe 30 minutes of work because of the heat. Everything was in doubles because their containment had standing water and hot particles. No drinking station inside containment either.Every meeting I peeked in on was at least 70% women and niggers. The few white dudes there looked either completely buckbroken or just didn't give a fuck anymore and were enjoying the shitshow.While this all was the worst one I've seen, the couple I've worked in the last few years weren't much better. We're maybe 5 years away from another major nuclear disaster and I don't want my name in the industry anymore.

>>430194404EEO made this illegal

>>430195769I recently got my Master's (useless, but required for a useful certification I'm pursuing) and I haven't learned anything new. It's a chore and a money sink.

>>430191499>>430217258At least do it right.

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>>430213008Oregon is intentionally destroying anything they had left in order to worship blacks. Not minorities, mind you. Blacks. I live in Oregon. It's the strangest shit to watch go down. I've been all over the country and a few places overseas. I've never seen a place with white people this trashy.

>>430191825why not give them a degree with a birth certificate so you don't have to lower the standards for the rest of your population?


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>>430214107It's kikes. It's always been kikes.

>>430195300>all of a sudden you hear the familiar sound of sheboons laughing and going WOOP WOOP PULL UP who think it's some kind of new song, as you look out your window and see you are indeed about to crash.

>>430208582Our obnob torqued the charging isolation yokes off, so...

>>430212877That's just really fucking sad

>>430213068If you lived in Georgia you would wish they locked their kid up inside.

>>430191825help should be in quotations there

>>430219735There you go, final version

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>>430203095that is not going to help push the truck.

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>>430203289It's like seeing a chimp picking termites with a stick, so we made them our equals and wonder why our civilization collapsed.



>>430216673>How about when they start making them into pilots due to affirmative action?I stopped flying years ago.

>>430193722IQ was invented by a kike, it's not real.