Is there any hope for America anymore?

Is there any hope for America anymore?

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HAHAHA get fucked traitor. Made your bed now lie in it.


>>430184401Quite. "Americans" really think the revolution was a war against tyrants and not one simply over greedy British colonial land owners fighting against their KANG.

>>430184401I honestly think we would've been better off under colonial rule for another few decades.

>>430184816>>430185355What's quite interesting is that when you look into it almost all anti-monarchist pro-democracy movements were primarily engineered by wealthy elites and/or non-monarch nobles.Why?Because in the 'old' system there were three levels. Commoners -> Nobility -> Monarch.One can include wealthy landowners, rich merchants etc. amongst the 'nobility' even if the nation has no true aristocracy.The biggest threat to the monarchy was the nobility.The biggest threat to the nobility was the commoners.Because of this, in disputes between the commoners and the nobility, the monarch would usually fall upon the side of the commoners out of sheer political expedience.Nobility would love to flood the realm with foreign labour. More farmers on their land, more crafters, more taxes levied to adorn his cozy castle with fancy silks.But the monarch wouldn't want his nation flooded with a foreign culture that has no loyalty to his flag. That's *his* country. *His* culture. *His* legacy. Those things are worth more than money.After hundreds of years of scattered attempted coups and rebellions by random nobles all across europe the nobility finally realised the best way to get rid of the monarch was to convince the commoners that he was their enemy.They convinced the commoners to dethrone their own champion (either literally or effectively) and now we have the wonders of universal suffrage democracy, where there are only two levels. Commoners and Nobility. And the Nobility run roughshod all over the commoners however they please with virtually no pushback whatsoever.And they're doing all the things they wanted to do for a thousand years but never could because the King would stop them. Things which effectively amount to selling the literal future of the nation itself for profit now.

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>>430184239If I was that truck driver, I would have driven the longest winding route to my destination as if parading him through the streets while blasting run nigger run.

>>430184239Literally no.

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>>430184816you owe us for the seven year war, you insufferable bankrupt bum.ameripoor mutts not paying bills since 1776.

>>430184239>Is there any hope for America anymore?absolutely not

>>430184239No way, Jose.

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Thomas Jefferson and Revolutionary heroes this week, George Washington next week. Thank the gods. Let's end this gay republic.

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>>430188181imagine the smell

>>430189872you think this fat boomer faggot is happy knowing he played his part in deleting his race's culture and history from the world? or he prolly cant think past what hes getting for lunch huh?


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Then there's this

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>>430184239That's a cool statue too

>>430188181>gay trans flag in the centerCan this country get any more pathetic?

>>430191548I always wondered how old people don't get depressed looking at the modern world, especially if they grew up way back then. They just can't realise that the world has gotten astronomically worse in many ways, yet they don't really bat an eye at much of it. They probably just mutter something slightly unpleasant under their breath when they see ENTIRE youths looking down at their phones, unaware of their own lives around themselves, I bet.Hell, the ones that are still living are probably either could never recognize how shit the world was becoming over the decades, or were just content with it, I guess. All the people who weren't fine with it are either dead (like Ted K now), in prison, or in a mental hospital.It really is fucking over for our world, isn't it?

>>430197810No they did this, and they’re never wrong. Boomers consider themselves faultless in all aspects of their lives

Mutts and their statues

>>430184239This shit will turn in a shithole full of savages

>>430184239Egypt was huge on slavery. Why is the Smithsonian glorifying them by displaying their artifacts? Meme away, lads.

>born 11/20/1733aristocrat freemason glowie who helped fellow aristocrats washington and co. set up the current "NWO". good riddance

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>>430201208I'm preparing to leave this sinking ship of a nation. It's fucked, this country is on its way to becoming Brazil + South Africa. I know some other white people who are thinking the same, as well. Let this country burn.

>>430197655Yes it can and it outdoes itself every time

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>>430201655Where though

>>430184239>Is there any hope for America anymore?Imagine asking this question in 2023

>>430201802Honestly the future of white people appears to be similar to how Jews were for the last few thousand years. We're just going to end up as a semi-nomadic people, finding refuge in various countries. Once we settle and the society starts to improve, the brown and black hordes will follow. Things will turn to shit, and rinse and repeat. Until someone discovers a means for long distance space travel. Even then though, you just KNOW idealistic, kumbaya boomer tier white retards will want to bring blacks and brown with us to whatever new star we find. To show off how not-racist they are. This ride literally never ends.

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>>430188202You wouldn't let us use the land from the french and indian war you rotten toothed niggers

>>430184239Damn that was actually a cool statue too, dude looking /fa/ as fuck with the trench coat hanging off his shoulders

>>430188202>what is the Marshal planWe could pay you again and you’d be back next week asking for more, lazy limey git

>>430191548they don't carethey aren't even human

>>430184239>be U.S. military>literally begging anyone to join>can’t meet recruitment goals>remove statue of great Revolutionary War iconThis country is fucking retarded. It gets what it deserves.

I hate jews and niggers like you wouldn't believe

>>430186626>a free man is most free when he lives in a free land>but a slave is most free when his master too is enslavedNobles are more slavelike than their serfs.

>>430195903>Jap AI wishes to enslave humanityThey define humanity as jews and they define slavery as having a jobAI just wanted to make jews equal.

I am so sick of the pandering to whiny fucking niggers

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>>430184239That statue is badass. What are they going to do to it?

>>430184239america needs knesset statues so our real leaders are represented

>>430184239Can't wait for the Great Satan to be eradicated.

>>430184401you shouldnt laugh you do realize destroyed a worldwide empire because your leader was in debt to roosevelts jews right?

>>430186626The elite were both the nobility and the monarchy. They orchestrated conflicts to get normies to slaughter each other. Maximum chaos was always the aim and the results were predetermined

>>430184239Can Xi launch the nukes already god damn

>>430205724Yeah, I hope those niggers and faggots get their shit caved in hard when in combat, hopefully on home soil.

>>430184401Indeed, the niggers and trannies got him

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>>430184239>destroy history>keep people ignorant>make your city more boringGreat job, kikes. Another reason why I try to avoid cities.

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>>430184239They'll replace it with a statue of a tranny. I bet 10 bucks.

>>430184401Democrats would unironically support Redcoats.>give up your guns>you cannot fight the mighty governmentYep. Checks out.

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>>430188202How much equipment did that traitor Roosevelt give you guys for free again? Hundreds of destroyers alone. And no, a few useless military bases didn't make it a fair trade, that was just the only way Roosevelt and his stooge Marshal could give you ungrateful scum equipment for free without getting hung for treason.

>>430207482A fat Negress.

>>430207304>>make your city more boringI'd say that's really a matter of personal opinion. I'm sure they're bound to find a more diverse and inclusive replacement for that evil slave owning whitey. Like maybe some sort of african voodoo doll statue or something really eye catching like that.

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>>430208101Oh yeah I’m sure they’ll find something obscene to replace it with, like this 28 foot afro hair pick

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>>430184401based as fuck, but you wont reconquer us back into the fold. No matter how weak we get, you'll always be weaker.

>>430184401How's that loyalty to the king working out for you Brits?

>>430184239The Founding Fathers owned slaves themselves too including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson fathered children with some negress he owned.

>>430188202We financially bailed-out the UK out in or around 1916, 1940, 1946, and 1976.


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>>430208101>>430208931Cities are AIDS.Yes I live in a suburb. No it doesn't count as a city because the real part of my city is far away and has almost as pozzed "art" everywhere.

>>430209378I live in Washington State and I honestly can't wait for when the libshits here work up their nerve to change our state's name and flag. They'll probably rename the state Martin Luther Kingston or something. I'm sure I'll need the laughs as I pay 35 dollars a gallon for gas.

>>430206017Genuinely yes the nobility had FAR more obligations and expectations placed upon them by the monarch than commoners did. They were expected to pay a price for their privilege by the person above them. Now they pay nothing for it.

>>430210607>Now they pay nothing for it.They also don't get any privileges, thanks to the Queen's Royal Assents.

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>>430184239remove all the historical structures you can so in three or four more generations history is whatever you tell everyone it is

>>430184239That man who removed it, treason

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>>430184239>Century OldSo like built in 1923? lol. That's not historic. I've eaten cheeses older than that.

>>430184239One day they will remove Abe and Americucks won't do shit.>400 millions guns>not a single shot firedlmao!

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>>430197810I'm not even 40 and I already get depressed looking at the modern world. I wonder if the boomer's "don't care, got mine" is actually a cope they had to develop later in life.

>>430184239Now anons, don't forget the history of the usa>the democrat party was born form the loosers of the civil war, the pro slavery side.

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Will they replace it with a 300lb nigga woman

>>430184239pure evil

>>430184239Based. Conservative states should also stand for human rights and not for their white heroes.