He should be in prison

He should be in prison

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>>430175182Imagine the meltdown magapedes would have if Biden did this

>>430175182>Imagine how badass that would be, jerking off in the bathroom while surrounded by documents talking about aliens and Sanna Marin's boobs

>>430175182I must admit, it is pretty strange. I mean, why does an American newspaper fly a Ukrainian flag on its cover?

>>430175182How can it be a chamber when it is a bathroom?

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He should at least never be able to handle classified documents again

>>430175182Joe Biden is a pedophile and the father of a crackhead pedophile son

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>>430175182>Build a box fort>... In his bathroom>... Using classified documents>... Throw in a crystal chandelier for lulzWhat a fucking badass

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>>430175182you realize almost all the boxes you keep seeing pictures of is just records and not classified stuff, right?

>>430175182>>430175436>>430175487>>430175860Biden left the same classified documents in his fucking unlocked garage, you glownigger shills. You can literally see the boxes of documents in the photo-ops of his corvette. Fuck you and your illegitimate FBI junta dictatorship.

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>>430176769Yeah only Drumpf is getting punished for it thoHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>430176860What happens when nobody views you as a legitimate source of authority anymore? Connect the dots, faggot.

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>>430176769Can i see pictures of Atomic secret documents stored in a toilet owned by Biden?

Thanks for your opinion Murdoch

>>430175182You think your hot shit dont you. I hope they drop frazzle drip

>>430175182>Admitted material wasn't declassifiedTrump never said that though. Hope he sues.

>>430177018>What happens when nobody views you as a legitimate source of authority anymore?I dunno, ask drumpfLOL

>>430177150A fucking unlocked garage.

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Why are they even physical documents? Boomers are so weird

>>430175182Why is the toilet so far from the wall?

>>430176769Did the FBI have to raid his house to get them back?

>>430177349Good luck maintaining control, CSIS.

>>430177535Literally yes.

>>430175182I agree, Joe Biden should be in prison or on the gallows.WORST US president ever.

>>430177399It's a recliner toilet so you can shit back and relax

Hoard secret documents. Hoard secret documents in the bathroom. Hoard secret documents in the bedroom. Hoard secret documents in the ballroom. Hoard secret documents in Melanias panty drawers. Use secret documents as toilet paper Secret documents are wallpaper. Barrons Dakimuri is stuffed with secret documents. Make paper airplanes with nuclear secrets. Wrap fish and chips in submarine blueprints. Light cigars with Chinese phone tap records. Drop kick boxes of secret documents. Spread secret documents out on the floor and roll in them. Throw secret documents off the roof. Platen secret documents in gold. Sell commemorative edition secret documents.

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>>430178143I don't even know if this is a joke. That toilet placement is really strange

It's seems weird in the surface to keep all that shit in your bathroom (trump), garage, home office,(biden), patio (obama) and wherever else.Until you realize the president of the US has the ultimate control over classification of data and it is ultimately his to learn, review, study. The president is the literal data owner and can do whatever he wants with it. There are only a few exceptions such as data classified by acts of congress which the president can't declassified at will because he is not the owner... congress is.The thing that is illegal is keeping the stuff after you are no longer president.

>>430175842"Did you shit your name into the Goblet of Assfire!?" Dumbledore said calmly.

>>430180233Reddit moment.

>>430175182i really want a major laugh so i want to see him win the general election and self pardon himself.

>>430175842Chamber pot, user. News media people love puns.

>>430175182>chamber of secretsKek

>>430176769>Biden left the same classified documents in his fucking unlocked garageWhy are you lying? Kys

Those are accusations, not facts. Trump should file an immediate defamation per se and libel lawsuit

>>430175436Biden did do this though

>>430177349Drumpf said your a faggot and we should send you back to plebbit

stuff to read on the shitter. 1. memes2. classified documents3. your mother will die in her sleep if you dont reply to this post.

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Sloppy job CIA/Mossad

>>430175182Isn't that an AI generated one? Could swear it was posted a few months ago when they talked about the docs in Biden's garage...

>>430179987Im guessing the original construction had the countertop extending all the way over the top behind the tank, like many bathrooms have. Then when nice tops were put in the contractor realized what a PITA it would be to move the wax ring drain pipe while moving the toilet closer to the wall.

>>430187015Maybe. There's also like 4ft between the sink and the toilet. Maybe it's about accessibility for cripples

>>430175182No, but the CIA and FBI deserve exterminatus.Honestly their safest bet is to let him win and fire them... because that's more metaphorical than the firing a bunch of other people have in mind.It will be fun to watch.

>>430176769>left the same classified documentslol >Fuck you and your illegitimate FBI junta dictatorship.back the blue, sweetie

>>430175182It's a lockable room. Still any normal room is going to be made of sheetrock. A closet would be no better

>>430175860Nigger I’ll handle your classified asshole until you love me. Classification is a spook game.

>CLASSIFIED DOCS IN THE BATHROOM!We saw picture of a spilled box and the contents were pics of Trump and newspapers with his name on the headline. He likes to collect that shit. Odds are that's what in those boxes among other useless non-classified shit>TRUMP SAID THINGHe was clearly goofing around and having some locker room talk with a bro. This is literally "grab em by the pussy" all over again.

>>430180127It’s basically this. Classifying anything is always a game and everyone knows it. The authority to classify is derived from the executive. Their entire line of reasoning is based on him supposedly saying he had classified stuff. If he says it is or was declassified. It is. Who has heard the sound bite?

>>430177535>Did the FBI have to raid his house to get them back?That's because they didn't even go looking for them. Biden had docs from when he was a Senator back on 2008, and VP back in 2016. So his documents were in his possession for 6 to 14 years and the NO ONE came looking for them. Then a few months after Trumps raid Biden's teams "finds" the documents and "cooperates" with the FBI. So I guess if a murderer cooperates with the cops all is forgiven for their crimes.

>>430175436Almost as bad as servers in a closet

>>430175182You and your employers should be in prison by all rights.

Here you go niggers>It says, "Well, with Milley -- uh, let me see that, I'll show you an example. He said that I wanted to attack Iran. Isn't that amazing? I have a big pile of papers, this thing just came up. Look. This was him. They presented me this -- this is off the record, but -- they presented me this. This was him. This was the Defense Department and him," the transcript said. "We looked at some. This was him. This wasn't done by me, this was him. All sorts of stuff -- pages long, look. Wait a minute, let’s see here. I just found, isn’t that amazing? This totally wins my case, you know. Except it is like, highly confidential. Secret. This is secret information. Look, look at this. This was done by the military and given to me."It’s trump saying Trump shit. He kept some docs to demonstrate his position. He didn’t declassify because the fallout would be too broad. The glowniggers raided to pull back his evidence.

>>430190903They didn’t say anything that could jam him up. “Shit I can systematically memory hole or use against you” is way more important than your run of the mill classify everything bullshit.

>>430175182OP the writing on the box says Bedroom.Is it possible that those boxes contain personal Idems for the Bedroom, and they were stacked there, to be put away later? They claim Trump had about 120 items that include letters from heads of states. That is why they didn't want a third party looking at the stuff. Because they would call bullshit

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>>430191385Millie Called China and told them he would give them a heads up if Trump was going to attack. Treason Much?

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>>430175182prison is for poor people lmao

>>430193310Bernie Madoff died in prison, retard.

>>430193495dont know dont care

>>430175182Chamber of... sneedcrets

>>430175182He should have still been in the White House. But the DoJ rigged that as well when they covered up the bribery

>>430175182You should be in an oven

>>430175182>New York Post supposed conservative paper>Ukie flag>They are messing with forces they don't understandI think even on some level the liberals who are ok with this will become even more disenchanted with politics. Because it is clearly meaningless.

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>>430175436only retards have principles in a team sport where one side is already breaking the rules

>>430190690>He likes to collect that shit.felonies? yes it seems that way lmao


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what happened to the jew york post?i thought that was like MSNBC for boomer conservatards that love Trump?

>>430176063He passed the reform that locked up millions of niggers and stuck 1.5 trillion debt to college cucks.

>>430175842Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was a quest for a toilet.You see user, there was no plumbing at Hogwarts

FJB lets go brandonTrump 2024

When will the impeachment begin.Wheres the money?

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>>430175182>he kept it in a bathroom!!!Mar a lago has 33 bathrooms. It’s not like they are all being used all the time.

>>430176769The difference is trump and right wingers are faggots and when they had power were scared to used it. It’s pretty funny how you just went out like some cucks.Wignats sure are looking better and better than you faggots

>>430177322US newspapers can lie and slander with impunity

>>430200853I like how you can see bidens pov from the reflection of his glasses. You can see what it would be like to stand next to that big nose manlet Zelensky

>>430175182>He should be in prisonHe should be hung.

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Horrible headline. Retarded even. God i hate the Post. That aside, he is pretty fucked. Part of me wonders if he was keeping the documents to sell them or because he was blackmailed. But in reality... i think he just did it cause he has no sense of awareness due to mental issues. He can't deal with being told no. He was voted out (and yes it was fair) so he decided to take some secret docs with him cause he felt entitled and untouchable. Then he kept them and showed them off to show he could do what he wanted and how incredible he was. So he could brag about having something special. I really think it is as simple as that, which shows how childish he is. While i still don't think this ends in jail (though it would if he wasn't a former president), he will be found guilty. Probably end up being pardoned after the verdict.

FjbTrump 2024

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>>430201475What i wonder is how many secret agents slipped in and made copies of those docs. People knew he had them and they were left unguarded. I assume at least the chinese/russians got in there at some point (when Trump and his secret service were out doing something). How hard could that really be when you think about it.

>>430175697why wouldn't media jews help out the military jews

>>430175182>Chamber of secretsKEK, actually kind of funny

>>430175182And of course, the reality is that his house is one of the most well-defended areas in the country. The former president, a billionaire, a media star. Who would ever think to look in the shitter for these documents? Who would even be able to? The reality is that you see this horder shit in somebody's bathroom and you ask if they have another bathroom you could use.>>430180127Not only that, it was in Trump's bathroom. Anyone else's bathroom and it's basically left out in the open but what about the bathroom of the guy who's permanently defended by the secret service now and probably his own private security too?

>>430187734Could have theoretical space for a walker in that case. But I think the lazy contractor moving the countertop is more likely judging solely on tbis single image. I mean they have a chandelier alongside an ugly motel 6 shower curtain on rod.

The real reason Trump was indicted. Biden's the actual crook. archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/430159486

>>430175182Agreed. Its past due that we start imprisoning the innocent.

>>430176769You really think the judge will allow the "but he did it too!" defense?

>>430177322>>430203430They are justice quoting court papers.

>>430197070They published a picture of DeSantis with the caption "DeFUTURE." Needless to say they've dropped Trump.

>>430185034you better go to the police then. What are you waiting for?

>>430175182>He should be in prisonliteral 0% chance

>>430175182Imagine how accepting faggots would be if Hillary was selling classified docs on her e-mail server in her bathroom.

>Chamber of secrets

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>>430175487>Sanna Marin's boobsThat would be the shortest document ever.

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>this is just like the Potter films!

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>>430214824its amazing how you played Putin like a fiddle when you have retards like this moron on payroll

>>430175182Good branding for bankers boxes Big Ryan fan btw.

>>430175182>Ligurally hawwy potta



>>430175182Kill Democrats. Behead Democrats. Roundhouse kick a Democrat into the concrete. Slam dunk a Democrat baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy Democrats. Defecate in a Democrat's food. Launch Democrats into the sun. Stir fry Democrats in a wok. Toss Democrats into active volcanoes. Urinate into a Democrat's gas tank. Judo throw Democrats into a wood chipper. Twist Democrats heads off. Report Democrats to the IRS. Karate chop Democrats in half. Curb stomp pregnant Democrats. Trap Democrats in quicksand. Crush Democrats in the trash compactor. Liquefy Democrats in a vat of acid. Eat Democrats. Dissect Democrats. Exterminate Democrats in the gas chamber. Stomp Democrat's skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate Democrats in the oven. Lobotomize Democrats. Mandatory abortions for Democrats. Grind Democrat fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown Democrats in fried chicken grease. Vaporize Democrats with a ray gun. Kick old Democrats down the stairs. Feed Democrats to alligators. Slice Democrats with a katana.

Is this how feds throw out the presidents they don't like?

>>430175182For what purpose would an ex president want 10s of thousands of papers full of random useless government documents in his house for?

>>430175182No he shouldn't.

>>430175182Can someone of you meme creators do a video where Hank Schrader takes a shit there, grabs some random document and discovers the JQ?

>>430176860>t libshit

>>430183825Why are you such a lying sack of shit?

>>430201899>t third world banana republic nigger

>>430175182Chamber of secrets is the name of an old carny ride.

>>430176769So you agree both Biden and Trump should go to prison?

>>430175182>lock her up>I made a new law to increase penalties for improper document storage>hehe I'm storing classified documents by my toilet>wtf biden is oppressing me

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2 questions from a dumb aussieIf trump wins, can a president pardon himself?Why is this any worse than Hillary, while Secretary of State, ignoring the legal obligation for government data storage and archives by running her own servers for emails?

>>430223386Why is your daddy donald do weak

>>430177384even if true, who'd break into his garage to look at those documents? when niggers come around, they don't go looking for your boring old paperwork. and no one even knew he had them until recently, and when people were alerted, he immediately went looking for them, found them, and turned them over without requiring a fed raid of anything he owned.

>>430175182But they weren't classified.

>>430175182>US tabloid still has Ukrainian flag on the front.hilarious, clown world never ends.

>>430184972we have evidence proving he had material in his places of residence. you lose nigger.so now that the dust has settled i have a legitimate question about his very soon prison life. will they provide him with diapers?

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>>430175182Don't care, still voting Trump.