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Prev: >>427491266▶Day: 448 - Daily battlefield assessment: isw.pub/UkraineConflictUpdatesISW▶Latest>Great Britain and Norway spoke about the transfer of additional NASAMS air defense systems to Ukraine>Grain deal extended and expanded to Mykolaiv and Olvia ports>The head of EU diplomacy proposes to significantly increase the EU fund from which Ukraine is helped with weapons by another 3.5 billion €>Three developers of the Kinzhal missile were arrested in Russia>Minister of Defense of Ukraine: Ukraine has officially joined the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE)>The UK and the Netherlands have agreed to create a coalition to provide combat air capability including the purchase of F-16 fighter jets for Ukraine>The UK will send hundreds of air defence missiles and armed drones to Ukraine>Russian ministry of defense confirms the deaths of two commanding officers in Klishchiivka village south of Bakhmut on May 14th>Germany supports Ukraine's entry into NATO: the countries signed a common declaration>Three Russian Mi-8 helicopters, one Su-35 and one Su-34 jet crashed in Bryansk Oblast>Switzerland gives green light to arms deliveries to Ukraine>Zelensky will meet Pope Francis in Rome>Germany to announce a new weapon package for Ukraine - it will be the largest so far, worth 2.95 billion €>Ukraine launches several attacks on Wagner's flanks in Bakhmut>All Challenger 2 tanks promised to Kyiv have arrived in Ukraine - British Ministry of Defense▶Telegram Channelsrentry.org/telosinthttps://t.me/ukr_pics/▶INTELLIGENCEhttps://t.me/DeepStateENhttps://deepstatemap.live/en/https://odin.tradoc.army.mil/WEG (equipment explorer)oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html (RU)oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-ukrainian.html (UA)twitter.com/KofmanMichaelhttps://twitter.com/Osinttechnical

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Kill all ziggers

WHAT DO RUSSIAN TELEGRAMS TALK ABOUT?>>427480060>>427479819new Russian map, it shows Ukrainians advance in the south west of Klischivka, Russians advance in Bakhmut>>427481095New WarGonzo sit rep on the front>>427469662>>427469709Grey Zone Discusses how drastically different Russian and Ukrainian assaults and defences are

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the vyshyvanka dress stays ON during sex. No exceptions.

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Posting this here too. Which scenario is most likely for this war?1. NATO intervenes and ends the war2. Behind the scenes deal where America offers Eastern Ukraine to Russia in exchange for them being neutral with China3. America gets bogged down in another conflict, such as Taiwan or Iran and they leave Ukraine4. America continues supporting Ukraine and they win5. America continues supporting Ukraine and they lose6. Conflict gets frozen, Russia continues to hold on to Donbass while Ukraine holds on to the rest.7. The conflict spreads out of Ukraine into NATO territory8. Nuclear war

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So, how are hohols coping with losing Artemovsk? 30,000 NATO trained troops, millions of aid, best Ukrainian forces... BTFO by a bunch of convicts. I pity you.

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Guys tzd Tzd>tzd amiriteTzd my fellow hogsI said itTzdtzdtzdtzdtzdtzd

>>427495973>I'll say this, Ukraine's behavior since the patriot barrage is pretty suspect for someone who just shot down six kinzhals with only minor damage to part of a patriot system.What exactly is suspect about it

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>>427496035New Mari

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>>427488888>It's going to be funny to watch fagners be under operational encirclement after striving for 9 months>>427496007>Congratulations on Bhakmut. Hope you don't get encircled. 9 months and 5 figure casualties to capture some ruins. Can you fuck off from Ukraine now?

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>>427496035Kek at ops picture

>>427496241New beach episode

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>>427496035That picture is amazing.

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>>427496232Sure take it, enjoy getting encircled next week.

Under HOG supremacy, you WILL eat the burger and you WILL be happy

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>>427496226#4>May 2023 - August 2023Successful Ukrainian counter-offensive, directly threatening or even taking Crimea peninsula>August 2023 - October 2023Russia enters political crisis, defeat on the battlefield gives Patrushev reason to depose Putin. Likely a body double would be used to sneed Prime Minister role to Patrushev' son, Dmitry Patrushev, before "retiring" due to health, making Patrushev acting president until elections>October 2023 - January 2024Patrushev regime struggles to intensify combat operations in Ukraine in order to get better prospective peace deal negotiation position with Ukraine. Army Generals grow bolder and retreat more often, trying to preserve core of remaining professional soldiers.>February 2024 - March 2024Likely 2024 elections are held, or attempted to, by coupling them together with referendum voting that would solidify legal grounds for Patrushev presidency and FSB control over government and most importantly, entirety of economy. Street fighting in Moscow, Prigozhin making his play. Oligarchs & big money stack behind Prigozhin or hunker down with their own PMC and prepare to guard their assets during violent turmoil. Mass armed looting of elite districts and dachas.>April 2024 - August 2024Black Swans, new factors, new players, likely mass engineered protests fueled by fingerpointing to "traitors that stole Russia" now that battlefield defeat is cemented.>September 2024 - Provisional Russian Government (likely a committee) supported by the remaining military. Purges in FSB. Prigozhin survives to offer his support like a sleaze he is. Rollback of troops to 20th February 2022 if it didn't happen yet, start of peace negotiations with Ukraine. End of SMO.

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>>427496295New celebration

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bakhmut sirs... kindly revert..

>>427496241Very neat

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>>427496171Griftovich is a narcissistic fuck, it's too dangerous to keep him unchecked

Why do russhits love wars so much when they keep losing them?

Globohomo on suicidial watch"muh counteroffesive""muh tipping point"twitter.com/Spriter99880/status/1659271790370201609


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>>427496232files.catbox.moe/0h80x4.mp4>unfortunately the MORF forces have moved 570 meters north of bakhkut>bypassing our flanks >I appeal to the supreme head of the ministry of defence publicly because my letters are not read >I have a request for you, Valeriy vasilivich sergey kozhugtovich,>please do not give up the flanks>do not give up the settlement of saka-ivanseti>for a few more days, be as stubborn as you can be, do everything that you can >so that the flanks do not fall apart -prigozhyn

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>>427496333trips don't lie

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>>427496158twitter.com/Gerashchenko_en/status/1659142207046131712this morning Prigozhin's sit rep on the Bakhmut status, translated webm relatedthis evening's Prigozhin's status report, saying that Bakhmut has not yet been takent.me/Prigozhin_hat/3374

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Explosions reported in Chernigiv oblastt.me/lachentyt/29419

>>427496333Zisters i don't feel so good...

ACK!>>427496333Two more weeks?

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>>427496295>>427496348Neat, good job.

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>>427496457Idk who or what made this but it looks like mari

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>>427496232This is the might of the 'white nationalists' losing to junkies, churkas, snow chinks and convicts. Pathetic lmao.>Muh flanksCope

>>427389407>>427386671>>427384184>>427383257>>427383219>>427344718>>427336669>>427336702>>427336759>>427336788>>427336877>>427336923>>427340280yesterdays rekt>>427336548>>427337271>>427340527>>427352035new friend


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Why couldn't we hold it nafosisters?

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>>427496445russians are some of the most suicidal people on the planet besides greenlanders and balts. they love any excuse to die en masse.

>>427496348zoomer pinup girls hit different

>>427496226He looks like russian version of Stephen Root lmao


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>>427496440sir you bloody basterd bitch do the needful and revert bakhmut you bloody!!! i lost family savings on bet you basterd madarchod!!!!

>>427496455>>427496263files.catbox.moe/9cawkp.mp4>Regret those territories which PMC Wagner for months fought off the enemy >including the area of klescheevka which were lost today by the units of the ministry of defence >”this is the most profitable frontier” >when you give the enemy huge territories filled with the blood of our comrades, it is called not “fucked off while shitting yourself” up but “a more profitable frontier”

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>>427496232>The take of Bakhmut started the 1th of August 2023>Close to one year later they still have not actually got 100%When you do something so retarded, after claiming to be so strong, it doesn't matter how you paint it, you are still retarded.

>>Muh flanks>Cope

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>>427496333Checked, wagner genocide next month

>>427496621kekbased globerhomer poster


>>427496603Russian Deputy Vasilyi Vlasov even acknowledged that Wagner is in a better state over all than the main army so the "convicts with shovels" shtick doesnt fitt.me/ASupersharij/19262if what you describe is what Wagner is, then Russian regulars are far worse

>>427496445>>427496636russians just value their lives too littlethat's a vicious circle that gives government shitty ideas to try bank millions on them for some gains like a lottery

>>427496035>>427496099>FRESHLY BAKEDThank you, user,I am baked too.

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How is this cope general still going?It must be fucking humiliating to wake up everyday knowing that Ukraine is still losing with all the western support against prisoners with shovels that don't have ammunition

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Can I fight ziggers without getting jabbed?

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>>427496587>>427496582To their respective artists, that is. I take credit for this shit though

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>>427496226It's between 4 and 6 or some combination of the two.


>>427496606todays rekt

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>>427496636Balts? All we ever wanted was for russians and germans to fuck off with their replacement plans. That's opposite of suicide.

>there's no such thing as perfect black gir-Dear god she's beautiful

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>>427496818Yes, the lock down is over afaik

>>427496629I don't get it. /chug/ stole a /uhg/ meme?>Putin some weightShouldn't it say Putin *on* some weight?

>>427496891never mind, this one is already on the list

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>>427496335W-wait, your supposed to eat the US burger, not the other way around.

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>>427496335Based.An occasional bacon cheeseburger is legit one of the keys to a happy life.>>427496333Checked.I wonder if you could get mobiks to surrender en masse by promising visas to western countries?Not that we should, but it would be funny to see 100k+ conscripts suddenly defect.

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>>427496606where is your newsletter with vatniks texts?

>>427496232>30,000 NATO trained troopshow is simultaneously NATO both a bunch of lgbtq tranny faggots to be mocked and a serious professional army that makes the fight unfair?also you have no clue what "NATO trained" even means

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>>4274962264+ 99 being >Why contain it?

>>427496226According to my models:1. 0%2. 20%3. 40%4. 5%5. 20%6. 15%7. 0%8. 0%

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>>427496957sorry bro but it's true, it's russians lithuanians and zulus on top, other maps show greenland as especially suicidal too.

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>>427496241Very cute too.>>427496861>To their respective artists, that is.Oh ok. I guess we haven't yet redirected the world supply of Mari images directly here.>I take credit for this shit thoughWhat even is that even in the middle?

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>>427496997so is this one, whole folder order got fucked up>>427497086scroll up

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What's the final verdict on this guy?

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>>427496818Why do you guys cry about vaccines so much when Russia is the way it is? I mean how is this meant to make me support Russia?

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youtu.be/8Ijn7-on82E?t=297made me chuckle, cant wait for Ukrainian generation kill

>>427496969W...we need more to evaluate if you are right

>brapmutt 100% taken>Yidgozhin calls it a day and hands it over to RuMoD/Kekdyrov What happens next?


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>>427497133Your models are trained on goyslop

>>427497225More like a Generation Killed lmao

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>>427497221wasnt even popular before the 2022 war until russia memed him into massive popularity with their propaganda

>>427496694>bb-but we finally captured Bakhmut though.... j-just 0.0001% left... pinky swear

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>>427497221irrelevant meme/10If not for Wolyn and massacres I'd consider him based for resisting both the nazis and the soviets however I don't even know who's actually responsible for Wolyn so take it as you wish

>>427496892>>427496957Can't you guys get new flags ? Like why not having Livonian flag for Latvia ? Austria can use Hitler flag. There really needs to be final unprecedented solution for this issue. Especially now that Austria is getting into hockey big time.


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god damnit i cannot hope for a breakthrough moregive ukraine nukesdoes chug think their mobiks in the first and second line are just training? many will be immolated. they will watch the map with the world, and create brand new elements of copium. unknown to science, spectacular alchemy

>>427497108who do Ukrainians hate more, Russians or Ukrainians

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>>427497221He is a boogeyman of russian propagamda

>>427496241>>427496295>>427496348she's so cute bros. I want to hug her and feel her abs

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>>427496241very nice

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>>427497282If he fucks off after his contract is finished and the RUAF takes over the place is going to fall back into Ukranian hands within a week to weeks.

>>427497167Oh i see. I didn't take you literally the first time. You're right.

Russian bombs and missiles striking Ukrainian nuclear power plants will be entertaining to watch

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>>427497359For me it's soviet jews, like griftovich

>>427497443new friends

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>>427497302the burgerless masses are often jealous of their charbroiled brethren


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>>427497221I am yet to meet a single ukrainian that cares about this guy. He wasn't even mentioned in school books. Russians are obsessed with him while ukrainians only talk about Khmelnytsky, Shevchenko and other actually relevant patriots.

depleted uranium cloud status?

>>427497477>this time it'll work

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>>427497477>fallout will fuck up Belarus and half of rossia tooyeah, really smart

>>427497474no bother. I'd be suicidal if I lived next to russia as well.

>>427497585wrong webmwebm related, apparently part of Russian mobik flew into ukie positions

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>>427497610memoryholed, update your script


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>>427497221Overhyped. Shukhevich was the goat

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>>427497719for me? it's konovalets

>>427497630How many more weeks until Russia destroys a Patriot? Two, right?

>>427497596This, sort ofI do love the "Batko nash Bandera, Ukraina maty" song though, it has hign testosterone energy to it

>>427497596Russians really don't like the fact that we are working together and really want to do something to break that

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>>427497630Lmao at all of these faggots coming over from /chug/ to celebrate their imaginary victory while prigozhyn begs the Russian MoD to stop retreating by kilometres ever day

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