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>>427495787▶NEW CLIPS>Happy little mortar (gigacomfy)files.catbox.moe/i5ce04.mp4>FAB'd mykorolas. Bakhmut (NOT COMFY)files.catbox.moe/0u0uy2.mp4>Wagner fights for the last few blocks in Artemovskfiles.catbox.moe/m5466l.mp4>Join KGBfiles.catbox.moe/9r9zbu.mp4>That one CoD mission with shelling IRLfiles.catbox.moe/m9xmg4.mp4>Hohol plays terminatorfiles.catbox.moe/wd8ufr.mp4>Wagner shelling "Domino" blockfiles.catbox.moe/ekuwi4.mp4>Hohol AA works as intendedfiles.catbox.moe/4gset0.mp4>Tulips blooming in Bakhmutfiles.catbox.moe/muqe17.mp4>Recent fireworks in Kievfiles.catbox.moe/er5j34.mp4>Wagner dismantling the last hohol fortifications in the high-rises of Bakhmutfiles.catbox.moe/2jl3j4.mp4>Wagner Best in Hell - Hiringfiles.catbox.moe/6xf94h.mp4>Wagner lancet compilation (not comfy,burning hohol)files.catbox.moe/310arw.mp4>M55S (T-55 woonderwaffen) destruction. Svatovo direction.files.catbox.moe/xw0znc.mp4>Airstrike in Ternopolfiles.catbox.moe/wgm3jh.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/g7dipa.MP4>MOAR from Khmelnitsky ammo dumpfiles.catbox.moe/wpjiku.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/d0krqj.mp4>One Mi-8 shot down over Klintsy in Bryansk regionfiles.catbox.moe/h6tidf.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/149xm9.mp4>Second Mi-8 helicopter crashing in Unecha district, near the village of Volkustichi in Bryansk region.files.catbox.moe/7kdl0p.mp4>Su-34 crash in Klintsy district of the Bryansk regionfiles.catbox.moe/jqas4y.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/9igg0k.mp4>Russian arrivals at ammo depot in Khmelnitskyfiles.catbox.moe/frsc6b.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/5ygerf.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/xqqe3u.mp4>Fighting at Spronoefiles.catbox.moe/v1haj6.MP4https://files.catbox.moe/t2ey5v.MP4▶Archivehttps://rentry.org/7rspn

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Congratulations on Bhakmut. Hope you don't get encircled. 9 months and 5 figure casualties to capture some ruins. Can you fuck off from Ukraine now?

>>427488888>It's going to be funny to watch fagners be under operational encirclement after striving for 9 months

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prigozhin said some part of backmutt called samolyot (airplane) isn't taken yet and they need *2 more days* and asked everyone to shut up

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>>427496007Bakhmut folds!

>>427495742Counteroffensyiv bros...is it yvir?

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>>427495742Any more Kalibar attacks on Kiev?

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>>427495742>video I saved a year ago of a DPR militia man talking about how he looks forward to liberating his homeland soon

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bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-05-18/us-treasury-hires-economists-to-study-consequences-of-sanctions?in_source=embedded-checkout-bannerSanction bros…

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Long live PMC Wagner, the best PMC in the world.Z

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>427496007can (you) fuck off from Syria?

>>427496048>Airplaneguess its the destroyed mig-17 monument

>>427496104>1 year laterExplain yourselves cumchuggers

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>okay fine you took fucking bakhmut can you please leave the ukraine now you stupid ziggers

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>>427496007>9 months You lost to the Taliban lol.>5 figure casualties>it's real in my mind>some ruinsKind of rude to call piggerland's impregnable fortress just some ruins.>Can you fuck offTo the last ukrainian.

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>>427496048He said at least two more days.But less than two more weeks.

>>427496132The effeminate tone of the post is unreal

Зaпoвядaй, дpyгap. Cлaдoлeд зa тeб и пpиятeли.

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>427496007>Can you fuck off from Ukraine now?

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>>427496107The interesting this is that this conflict basically demonstrated how ineffectual sanctions are

>>427495942>bahkmut is a major logistic center thats why it was importantbahkmut aint shit right now

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>>427496107It turns out, if you start to lose hegemonic power, everyone switches off your currency and banking system, and you've also sanctioned too many others, it starts being you who is being sanctioned by your sanctions rather than everyone else.who could have possibly foreseen this?Not the most intelligent and educated doctorates in the united states, that's for sure.

>>427496211>You lost to the Taliban lol.So did the Soviet Union?

>>427496048best i can do is 35h, 25 min and 40 sec

Austrian twitter is funny today.Not only are we not sending any soldier to the Hrukraine for """"""""civilian demining""""""""" like Zelensky kvetches for (And our , figurehead no power, President wants), we aparently also didnt offer any air-escort to Agent Z while crossing our airspace, lmao.The neolib and neocon twitter bubble is super buttmad + a shitload of always assblasted Germans. Funniest to me are the guys calling for new elections because of it, as if the FPÖ wouldnt win that in a landslide

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Artjomovsk feed and seed (formerly Bakhmut)

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>>427496382You armed and trained the Taliban back then, they didn't.

>leopardI am forgotten. I remember all the spam and hype 2 or more months ago, so where the fuck are they? I haven't heard a single peep about that glorified piece of shit in over a month kek

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>>427496319massive "you're a white male" energy

U.S. Wunderwaffe Status - 2023Zumwalt - CancelledF-22 - CancelledARRW - CancelledF-35 - "Temporarily paused"F-21 - "Asking For Funds To Modernize B-21 Before It Has Even Flown">B-52 service life extended to 2050sUSA can't build new shit to save their lives, literally.

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>>427496382>So did the Soviet Union?

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>>427495742Z i denounce the talmud ZZ i denounce the /uhg/trannys ZZ i denounce the trannyjannies Z

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>>427496007>you aren't raping me fast enough!>so that means your actually losing, chud!

Bilhorod liberation status?

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Fortress hasn't fallen, chugger.Prigozhin doesn't confirm

>>427495742Z thanks for baking Z

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Why couldn’t Ukraine hold cuckmut if Wagner had no ammo

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>>427496479i know one Germ who's confident (yes it's an /ugh/ post)

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>>427496486they are still making the satellites buy the f-35 though

>>427496382>2 decades>2 trillion dollars>2 weeks and the pro america government collapsedThe soviets left while the soviet union was at it's death bed calmly with parades and a ceasefire, and the pro soviet government lasted 3 years.You just lost lmao.

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>>427496441why would agent Z even need air escorts?as if a rouge fighter jet might even attempt to shoot it down, fucking retards i swear they should watch less movies

>>427496382For 20 years?

Post your ideas for annexing more! 1. Draft all prisoners (including POWs) to produce more soldiers for the military. Buy prisoners from El Salvador etc. Use explosive slave collars. Conscript Russian Muslims & liberahas. Use military AI. 2. Completely annihilate the hohols on the left bank and move the frontlines westward, forcing hohols to face a more intense meatgrinder. 3. Launch new fronts in to further weaken the West. 4. Begin to recruit mass-recruit Chinese, etc. into PMC divisions. Launch new PMC startups. Promise territory to powerful oligarchs who contribute to the war. 5. Discontinue unemployment benefits to produce more workers and soldiers. 6. Launch project to bring Westerners to Russia. Support government-in-exile and de-recognize Biden regime. Declare that US theft has nullified Alaska Purchase. 7. Conscript autistics into cyberwarfare, including military trolling organizations. Start new trolling & cyberwar PMCs. 8. Launch deregulation campaign to ensure national economic recovery. Make Western IP public domain, punishing companies that participate (willingly or not) in anti-Russian actions, and publish Western source codes and patent documentation for Russian use.9. Introduce law endorsing use of Monero, Wownero to bypass sanctions.10. Provide firearms & training for civilians. Mandate armed personnel at all logistical infrastructure of the Rodina. Ensure ability to operate a Kalashnikov at 9 for stable reserves. Raise military and police to 10M men. Establish All-Russian Patriotic Firesports Union on the basis of the Shooting Union of Russia, including other military-adjacent sports such as tank and naval games. Not a single shill will bet XMR! For over a year now! >>427496486Didn't the Zumwalt sail and then fail?

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>>427496479>I remember all the spam and hype 2 or more months ago, so where the fuck are they?Near Kharkov.They were spotted heading north with some Bradleys at Taranovka yesterday.(On trucks btw)

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>>427496632Doesn't make a differenceAlso, America lost like, what? 7,000 guys in Afghanistan over 20 years? Russia loses that every couple months in Ukraine

>>427496548>Doomer bitching>ukies and NAFO taking him seriously>me:

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>>427496155>the same if Poland does step inThat would be the suicide of the century huh. We'd be at NATO tripping over ourselves to assure Russia that Poland acted on their own initiative and can't expect any serious help from artie 5. Maybe we'll twist Germany's arm to send them helmets kek

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Retarded friend thinks Russia is getting its ass kicked by the west.>NATO beats russia by sending some second rate equipment for ukrayne. Ffs why are normies like this?

>>427496616>my ancestorsborn slav, trans-racialed into White Wakandist

>>427496721No, only for 8 years because your gay country collapsed immediately

>>427496441>you now realize who are the real warmongers.

>>427496479idk but my cringe folder is well-stocked

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>>427495742Bongs WTFWhy only military piece you ever well designed was Spitfire? files.catbox.moe/b9b3p2.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/b9b3p2.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/b9b3p2.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/b9b3p2.mp4

>>427496833If Poland got involved Russia would be kicked out of Ukraine in a couple months

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>>427496821>FreezedWoah sounds way better

PREDICT THE FALL OF CHASIV YARdifficult mode: you cannot say 'two weeks'

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>>427496343Yeah in these conditions they are laughable, they were from the start. But would the outcome have been the same around 2014?

>>427496007I savor your tears.

>>427496970>>427496941needs updating

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Bakhmut is over?

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Good evening. Is there some data/articles/user report showing radiation in Khmelnytsky on May 14 and tracking whole of this situation after wiping out NAFO ammo depot? In pooland journos and gov are confirming that we observe rise in radiation, but it is "because of rain" and that linking that with ammo depot is "Russian disinformation".(But they of course don't mention anything about depleted zelenskyiyinium being stored in this depot. I mean, they say: "linking rise of radiation with NAFO ammo depot being wiped out is Russian disinformation". They don't say: "linking rise of radiation with adepleted ukrainium being allegedly stored in wiped out NAFO ammo depot is Russian disinformation".)

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>>427496809forgetting about your Afghan allies that did most of the fighting and took massive casualties...was the same in Vietnam and KoreaAnd Russia doesn't lose 7000 every couple of months and you know it don't you? :)


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>>427496846>born slav, trans-racialed into White WakandistLiterally me

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>>427496947They tried to meme it into being Stalingrad. Only for Bakhmut to fall before their attempt at a counteroffensive got anywhere. Oh well.

>>427496625Another document obtained by Defense News noted that at least 13 issues would need to be held as category 1 deficiencies going into operational tests in fall 2018.The 13 deficiencies include:>The F-35’s logistics system currently has no way for foreign F-35 operators to keep their secret data from being sent to the United States.>The spare parts inventory shown by the F-35’s logistics system does not always reflect reality, causing occasional mission cancellations.>Cabin pressure spikes in the cockpit of the F-35 have been known to cause barotrauma, the word given to extreme ear and sinus pain.>In very cold conditions — defined as at or near minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit — the F-35 will erroneously report that one of its batteries have failed, sometimes prompting missions to be aborted.>Supersonic flight in excess of Mach 1.2 can cause structural damage and blistering to the stealth coating of the F-35B and F-35C. (KEKW)>After doing certain maneuvers, F-35B and F-35C pilots are not always able to completely control the aircraft’s pitch, roll and yaw. (LMAO)>If the F-35A and F-35B blows a tire upon landing, the impact could also take out both hydraulic lines and pose a loss-of-aircraft risk.>A “green glow” sometimes appears on the helmet-mounted display, washing out the imagery in the helmet and making it difficult to land the F-35C on an aircraft carrier.>On nights with little starlight, the night vision camera sometimes displays green striations that make it difficult for all variants to see the horizon or to land on ships.>The sea search mode of the F-35’s radar only illuminates a small slice of the sea’s surface.>When the F-35B vertically lands on very hot days, older engines may be unable to produce the required thrust to keep the jet airborne, resulting in a hard landing.

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>>427496441>highly endangeredAs if they're stupid enough to make that cocaine addict a martyrjpost.com/international/article-730603

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>>427496890Ukraine has L E O P A R D S

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>>4274969991209600 seconds.

>>427496548What the fuck is Strelkov's problem? Prigozhin should kick his ass in real life>>427496481Yep>>427496477They never seem to get that. The last time the USSR/Russia armed/trained an opponent of the USA was in Vietnam

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>>427497034Waiting on confirmation from Boss Man. Rumors are yes.


>>427496809>d-d-doesn't make a difference!!!Seethe, mutt. You lost to goat herders with rusty AKs. >Also, America lost like, what?Tens of thousands of pro american afghan soldiers, giving the Taliban a 2:1 kill ratio. But they don't count, because they didn't matter to you, just meat. Hundreds of thousands of your veterans killed themselves, abandoned by the governments who sent them to destroy foreign nations for the interests of (((bankers))) and weapon manufacturers. You lost, faggot. Accept it.

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>>427496999336 hours

>>427496834your average Jovem Pan coomsumeri do praise them for still being in the comedy business, a Brazilian worried about Belarus and giving lessons to Belarus is some of the funniest things a man can witness

>>427496382Do you really want to compare how the USSR left to how the US left? How much lasted each gov after?

How jealous are you of my snack

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>>427497034Not yett.me/RVvoenkor/45313


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>>427496890>when your entire relevance and national identity is fueled by cringe obnoxious pop culture

>>427496809Knowing for a fact now that Russian casualty numbers are pulled from the ass, it's making me reconsider the actual losses during the Afghan war and WW2 that the Soviet Union had. How do we not know that these figures are the guesstimates of western "experts" ?

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>>427496486>F22 canceledWhat?>B52 extended serviceDamn good plane that is

>>427496479Hol hols destroyed them in training accidents. Better off finding downs syndrome tankers that holhols.

>>427496107>Unit will conduct analysis before sanctionsare imposedrevolutionary thinking

>>427497122relax, its just the beta

>>427497389Lmao hahahahahah holy shit

>>427497308Translation por favor

>>427496872The , especially the german ones, greens turning out to be frothing at the mouth for war is funny but not the least suprising to me.Its the same shit they always asked for with their other policies, just now they get to send around tanks to force others not "just" the police. Whats funnier is that the communists here will actually make a comeback due to Socialist and green shittery>poor people: Affordable living and food please>greens: HOW ABOUT WAR FOR FAGGOTS?>Socialists: uhmmmmmm ask me after my shizo episode>Poor people: Communism doesnt sound that bad actually

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>>427497389>The defence of the city is nearly coming to an end>The defenders of Mariupol have accomplished their mission

>>427497275>your country literally collapses>but uhh...muh puppet regime didn't collapse!....immediately!

>>427497379Copян, зaтyпил. Hoгoмяч пapaллeльнo cмoтpю.


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>>427496382They knew when to quit almost a decade before you did.

>>427496007no lol


>>427497122those are all technical issues,the real problem is that its a ridiculously expensive plane with no use unless you are freedumbing some 3rd world country or something and even you are better off with anything else.Of course (((we))) will buy it.

>>4274960742 weeks! presidential promise!

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>>427497122>>Supersonic flight in excess of Mach 1.2 can cause structural damage and blistering to the stealth coating of the F-35B and F-35C. (KEKW)How did mutts convince people a plane that can't go mach 2 was a good idea?

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>>427496809>7k And 130k in (((suicides))) by IED poisoning

>>427496479Preparing for the Spring counteroffensive, see >>427496074

>>427497389>the defense of the city is nearly coming to an endHe is the CEO of Damage Control Inc., damn.

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>>427496938Why? The ukrainian professional soldiers that had NATO training and NATO commanders are all dead already.

>>427497389Imagine beeing a ukrainian draftee and this fat greasy internetfaggot made himself the "symbol" of your pointless meatgrinder demise for online clout

>>427497224>What the fuck is Strelkov's problem?It's easier to be pessimitic/doomer and expect and wait for things to get worse then actually work to a solution.>t. had this as a teenager, Strelkov is like double my age

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>>427497122>>The F-35’s logistics system currently has no way for foreign F-35 operators to keep their secret data from being sent to the United StatesThat's not a deficiency.

>>427496104There was a vid about 6months ago. DPR fighter was able to go see his Mom in Mariupol (or perhaps it was Severodonetsk). Vid had him and the crying mom together after not seeing her for 8 years

>>427497458There is a heavy counter-battle in Bakhmut due to the loss of flanks and heightsThe APU can now continuously transfer reserves of armored vehicles to meet the storming forces of the PMCs, Ye. Prigozhin.The enemy pulls up any number of forces to resist the advancing Russian fighters, because the progress is very slow.

>>427496007>Can you fuck off from Ukraine now?can you?

>>427495742russia fucking lost

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>>427497549I am too afraid to try and find out if it's male or female

>>427496098there is an air raid alert for kiev... but the alert-map is only red for about 1/3.. as of now. maybe its the chillout part of todays partysans.

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>>427496934>files.catbox.moe/b9b3p2.mp4oh i get it now FV stands for Fecal Vat

>>427497122Jesus Christ, source?

>>427497119It's so retarded. Stalingrad was about 6th Army committing into holding the city. Russia still has hundreds of thousands in reserves to deal with any encirclement attempt.

>>427496107shouldn't they have thought about this before doing the sanctoins?

>>427496834My friend gets news on this conflict from jewedtube shorts. People watch a 30 second clip of "lol rashia's hoopersonic missile got shot down by last-gen American tech lmao vatniks coping", laugh along with it because funny content man, and then base their worldview going forward on that. I tried to walk him through what Mach 10 vs Mach 5 means for the probability calculation but I still don't think he understands how laughable a claim of shooting down 6 kinzhals actually isTeenage peer-effect mockery is less effort and therefore more convincing than critical analysis for most people unfortunately

>427496166Thats not his city retard