Since all non-Whites have no inner monologue, are they really human?Or are they just zombie robot golems for the jew?Should they vote?

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>>427494680So you're telling me you talk to yourself in your head all day every day and you think this is perfectly normal?

>>427494829It's the same thing as your conscience, which you apparently don't have, nigger

>>427494680How they even talk and type without and inner monologue?

After reading the article I said this is stupid without speaking from my mouth, so how is it possible people don't have that? Also it ain't white exclusive

>>427494680I think in pictures, no inner monologue. I'm IQ 130+ and an engineering manager for 100+ people. You people just think slowly.

I'm half Mexican and I have an inner monologue, so you're already wrong. Unless you want to stretch the playing field and say its because I'm half white.

>>427495255>for 100+ peopleSo you're a pajeet invading Australia?

>>427494829NPC detected

>>427494680>Since all non-Whites have no inner monologue, and it's funny because some whites i know do not have it I'm non white and I have inner monologue

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>>427494680Thinking with words is how LLM think. If you have inner monologue, you an AI and NPC.

>>427495255those are two mutually exclusive functions of the brain retard, larp more you subhuman

>>427494680So you're saying Japanese people have no inner monologue with everything they've accomplished but Irish people do?

>be white>engage in superhuman inner dialogu>hmm, should I really chop my kids genitals off?>why, yes I should!

>>427495255>I'm IQ 130+ and an engineering manager for 100+ people.When you shit on the street on the beach at low tide, how fast will poseidon enact his revenge by flooding India in the next cataclysm?

>>427495414Shh, he doesn't know that the Toltecs had a belief system centered around the inner monologue.

>>427494680meanwhile Ive got 5 voices arguing with each other all day

>>427495449the topic is retarded on here, unless you're reading each comment out loud which seems ridiculous, you have an inner monologue

>>427495437I don't think it is. I won't have an inner monologue when I read either, I think in pictures. I read absurdly faster than normies.

>>427495654It's for the best. They can't conspire against you as effectively when they're at each other's throats.

>>427494829imagine being too stupid to be able to have a conversation with yourself

>>427495705again, unless you're reading out loud and somehow remembering what you speak with no internal processing, you have an inner monologue

>>427495322The half Mexican in you is the part that thinks about big booty latinas. Although I'm all irish/German and I think about that too. I dont know what the fuck is going on.

>inner monologue So thoughts. You’re talking about thoughts

>>427494680My wife is filipina and she said she has inner monologue. My Scandinavian/Irish stepdad said he has no inner voice and doesn't see things visually. I have no idea how he thinks. Npcs are everywhere, not limited to a race.

>>427494680if you can think, you have an inner monologue.

>>427495999checked and it's not a race thing, it's a subhuman IQ thing. These retards are saying they never "think"

>>427495031So you need to tell yourself if something is okay or not? You don't implicitly know if an act is immoral? You have to actually tell yourself "No no, it would be wrong to kill this person, that's not right"?????

>>427494680whites are schizophrenic losers enslaved by jews

>>427494680Turbonormie retards grew up with first person narration TV and movies and let the hollyjew program them into acting like they're in the wonder years or christmas story. If you live your life with an ongoing inner monologue, you are objectively disadvantaged if not outright disabled.

>>427494680Inner monologue gets in the way of many lateral thinking processes. It limits your mind by only allowing you to only focus on one process like a single core processor. If you don't understand what I mean, its probably because you only think in a monologue fashion. Each to their own.

>>427494680no way people dont have itpeople probably just misunderstand the question of internal monologue

>>427496227Thinking before you speak or act is what your conscience is doing, nobody acts impulsively 24/7 unless you're on drugs or apparently one of these morons


>>427494680Plot twist: I have an inner monologue but all it does is smack its lips and eat cornstarch.

>>427494680>ftw inner dialogue

>>427496227do you not plan things in your head, reason things out? Try to tackle problems from different perspectives? I'd tell you to think about it but that seems like a lost cause.

>>427494680I think everyone does, we're just arguing over terminology. Almost all of my thoughts are "pure thought" – I'm not verbalizing words in my head. That seems like an inefficient and stupid way to conduct yourself. I would honestly feel like I had brain damage if I had to live my life like that.

>>427496537kek, that's called an Inner Latisha

>>427494680Some people only have periodic inner monologue. And some people have excessive.

>>427494829Inner dialogue is fundamental to keeping your power level in check well enough to function in normal society.It makes controlling baser impulses simple and effortless.For example, you can look at a hot woman walking on the street without attempting to steal her purse, or attempting to rape her. Also, you can just say "goddamn fucking gorilla niggers" in your own head so you can get through the checkout line without ending up on worldstar; a concept that surely escapes almost every single nigger on the planet.

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>>427496227Not everything is about killing. What about gambling dumbshitYou don't think about everything because you don't care so you don't like anyone that does because you believe you're always right even when you're wrong

>>427496444And it takes you SPEAKING TO YOURSELF IN YOUR MIND to think?!?!

>>427496658She told me to tell you to season your food and apparently I am going to get a weave. Please help, every day she takes over another part of me.

>>427496647Of course I do. Why on earth would I TALK TO MYSELF while doing that??

>>427496908speaking in your mind is thinking, what the fuck are you talking about?

>>427496953What is 2+2?If you have to say 4 out loud you have no inner monologue, otherwise you do.

>>427494680>Since all non-Whites have no inner monologueAbsolute retard take, I expect no less from an OP.

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>>427496786>Also, you can just say "goddamn fucking gorilla niggers" in your own head so you can get through the checkout line without ending up on worldstarSo every time you see a black, you talk to yourself, in your own head, and talk to yourself about how much they're niggers? Instead of... just not doing that and existing? Thinking about other things in your life other than the immediate moment and the color of the skin of the people you see in front of you completely escapes you?

>>427494680Only the FBI should be allowed to vote, they should decide all elections by themselves

>>427496908What goes through your head when youre sitting quietly, at the end of a long day?

>>427496989>speaking in your mind is thinking, what the fuck are you talking about?Holy shit I never imagined NPCs would be this pathetic. You literally cannot think thoughts without speaking them out loud in your mind? As though you were two people, and you're TELLING YOURSELF the knowledge that you know?!?

As a nigga, this in untrue. My ginger wife makes fun of me due to my inner monologue and theme music occasional coming out.

>>427496989It's possible to have thoughts without verbalizing things inside your head. Possible for some people, anyway.

I can turn it on and off, just depends on activity. I am not monologuing inside my head 24/7.

>>427494829I don't just talk to myself in my head I talk to myself out loud when I'm alone.

>>427497235you're the retard here, what do you consider "thinking"? This is a miscommunication because you're dumb


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>>427497196Thoughts, knowledge, ideas, none of which I have to pass by myself using internally vocalized language...

>>427494829I constantly maintain two of me who when neded have a debate about the pros, cons and merits of issues and opinions. I thought this was normal untill recently.

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>>427497406Describe these thoughts and ideas.

>>427497355>This is a miscommunication because you're dumbNo, it's you thinking that forcing yourself to speak words inside your head is the only way to process knowledge.

>>427494680Yes you usually have three, your own, your conscience and Jesus Christ.

>>427497097>>427496989Not quite. You can "say" 4 in your head without any form of vocalization but you can also think about the concept of 4 without the need of any auditive perception of it.>>427496227You know it, but it sure helps to be able to contextualize a situation in words, not necessarily having a sololiquoy.One of the biggest problems of discussion on this type of subject is the way terminology is thought of.

>>427497257Yes, you can think in words, most people can think in pictures, "moving pictures", relive memories, smells, tastes etc. THOSE ARE THOUGHTS You're all splitting hairs on what it means to "think", but you're full of shit if you say you never think in words.

>>427497417This is literally schizophrenia?

>>427497196Music, memes, cats and doggos. I dont care about anything else.

>>427497542>but it sure helps to be able to contextualize a situation in wordsWhat? You seriously can't imagine someone getting hurt, and that being a BAD THING without using words??????????

>>427497542>You can "say" 4 in your head without any form of vocalization>say>without vocalizationThis is a miscommunication because you're all retarded and misinterpreting what it means to "think"

>>427494680do women have an inner monologue?

>>427496254Okay schlomo calm down just because you are an inbred schitzo doesnt make everyone else a schitzo.

>>427494680>Since all non-Whites have no inner monologuesource: your assI have inner monologue and I'm not white, in fact I bet most white people have no inner monologue at all since they're the most sheeply NPC-tier race. Look what they did during Covid and the BLM marches. They were the ones pushing the vaccine on everyone. They were born to follow orders and that's why the jews play them like a fiddle.

>>427497731i've confirmed that god is controlling both men and women. at least like 90% of the people you see outside aren't even human, they're god.

>>427497731monologue yes, but many of them have reported that they lack abstract thinking such as thinking of a 3D apple vs a 2D apple. Many of them can't visualize complex objects on a whim, which is why they struggle with estimating distances, etc