Is it normal to let your adult daughter sit on your lap in USA?

Is it normal to let your adult daughter sit on your lap in USA?

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>>427494655No. This is majorly weird

>>427494655She's an adult you have to respect her autonomy

>>427494655it is pretty normal if you aren't a porn addicted coomer faggot that didn't have a dad growing up and doesn't understand what it is like to have close rapport with family members cause you were never loved like you OP

>>427494655For spics yes.

>>427494655It's that jenna Ortega or do all taco benders just look like this before the bloat?

>>427494655She looks gross.

>>427494877Checked and based

>>427494877She looks at his cock. It's definitely weird in this instance.


>>427494655Why is she looking down at his cock? he's clearly into it though. Look at his face.

I would be rock hard

>>427494877Checked and correct

>>427495014She looked in that direction because she was trying to get off of him without falling or kicking him or something around them. Use your fucking brain for once.

>>427494877Checked.Coomer op btfo.


It's super weird. She looks and acts like a gross disgusting whore. If that's her father then they should be criminally charged for whatever this is; especially for making it public.

>>427494655Didn't look that bad but he did look uncomfortable

>>427494655Adult? She looks 12 you pedo.

>>427494655who is that? she is cute


>>427495248She's 20 retard, it's jenna ortega>>427495260

>>427495014Stop watching porn, she's looking down because she's hopping off the couch from a weird angle.

>>427494877My sisters love my dad and still call him daddy but they would never do something like this because it's fucking gross and whorish. A kiss on the cheek, getting a backrub while laying down, and stuff like that aren't so bad but this is clearly crossing some incest line. You're bullshitting yourself and need to fuck off.

>>427495248She's 20. Already had a nip slip on YouTube.

>>427494877Noooo, you don't understand, when two members of the opposite sex are in close proximity that means they are going to fuck! You have to understand that's how the world works, porn taught me well!

>>427494655It's completely normal. This is typical in Latino cultures.

>>427494655Honestly? A lot more normal than focusing your phone cam on your big sister's butt.

>>427494655No,slut and daddy issues red flags>>427494877Kys

>>427494655Is it normal for you fucking chinks to look at anything in the west without thinking of porn?

weird that its on video

>>427494655Yes. Women never mature so it’s completely normal to act like a child, especially to their father.

>>427494655I don't see the issue.

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>>427494655It's not normal for them to sit on your lap.It's not normal to kiss your kids on the lips.But hey, make your own reality. Personally, this is why I believe this world has no secrets - it's obvious she's being a whore and playing subconcious games.

>>427495314the new adams family chick.. thought that may be her..definitely would

>>427494877What color are your grandkids, britfag?

>>427494655No. Not unless you live in Alabama.

>>427495397>>427495394You guys are full of shit and either these people have a retarded lack of self awareness or they're perverts. Maybe if she weren't wearing pussy shorts specifically meant to sexually entice men I'd believe you; maybe.

While its a little creepy it does seem to be normal for girls to pretend to be younger than they are with their dad when asking for money or whatever.Its meant to be funny or annoying I guess.

>>427495496The old pillow trick, smart man.

>>427495014she also tried to feel it with her hand

>>427495496So this is what it's like to have a daughter and endure her sleepover parties.

>>427494655daddy daughter incest sex is best sexcant be cucked by having a son in law if you are the son in law

Even sandniggers don't wear shoes at home. All the filth from outside gets carried on your overpriced nigger shoes and you trample literal dog shit and vomit in your house

>>427494655>hitspipe.jpg>>427495363Pics or it didn’t happen.

>>427494877>my dad raped me as a child and I must defend his honorshow us where he touched your asshole

>>427495314>>427495363She might be 20 now, but she clearly is 12 in that picture.


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>>427494655God i wish it was me, and she was at least 7 years younger.

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>>427494655She honestly looks about 40 years old. She's severely malnourished/anorexic and looks to be half-past dead. The eyes are sunken and hairline is receding rapidly plus she was/is a Disney or whatever fuckslave, so ngmi.

>>427494655please for the love of god, anyonedescribe the smell of her feet if she took those shoes off!

>>427495802she looks old enough to me, i am fucking her

>>427495802No, she's just petite

>>427494655ok but why is she doing that? the dude is just trying to chill with his phone and she's putting her legs on him and doing weirdly erotic movements

>>427495014>>427495045Photo evidence.

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>>427495857ew Jesus

>>427495913the chucks make her hot, imagine putting them behind her head

>>427494655That's a whore

>>427494655God I can't wait to have a daughter.

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>>427496013formerly sneeds


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>>427496096He will die from artillery fire soon enough

>>427494655Her ass isn't on his crotch. This is innocent fun and you coomer porn addicts are just projecting your fantasies

>>427495916>>427495920This is how she looked at 11, she looks the same.Still pedos

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>>427494655Daddies are important for the healthy emotional and sexual development of young women, she gets the closeness and love that will keep her off Tyrones dick and a mental model of a man that has her best interests in mind that will help her choose a mate.

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>>427494655I don't have adult daughters but my 14 year old still sits in my lap or lays herbhead on my lap when we watch a movie together. My 16 year old usually cuddles up to one side and I put my arm around her or she will lay her head on my opposite leg to lay down and watch a movie. What sort of monster wears shoes on the furniture, though?

>>427496186She's an adult, retard. She just has a small body cuz shes a midget latina

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>>427495014Cumbrain euthnasia program when? Faggots like you clearly show that porn is brain damaging because you start interpreting reality as everyhthing being related to sex.

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>>427495968Stop watching porn, I don't understand how you can stop and fixate on that one detail. Not her dad telling her to get off, not her deliberately moving herself in order to not hurt her father or even fall on that coffee table. No, because you're such a broken person you cannot look at anything objectively. Or at least when it involves a woman.

>>427496186Also she's Height: 5’10” ; 147cm now you fuck pedo scumbags. This is her at 19-20

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>>427496142>red dotjust why

>>427494877She was literally an adolescent fuckslave pimped out by her parents to be used and abused by pedophile cruise spots masquerading as industrious get togethers. This has been proven thousands of times over, (You) know it is real and media never gets made for financial profit: only forced sex incentives.

>>427496368>What sort of monster wears shoes on the furniture, though?Americans.

you just know

>>427496373>small bodyShe's 5'10"


>>427496605Absolutely weird I mean


>call me papi

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>>427495496>just gonna put these pillows on my lap because uhhhh….reasons

>>427496373Shes just petite.>>427496484Shes 5'1

>>427496515Shoes off at the entryway. I keep a bench and a shoerack for a reason. I don't need to wash mud off of my floors for 9 months out ofbthe year.

>>427496515Spics and jews, I never met a actual white person who didn't take off their shoes.

>>427494974It's vendors you uneducated twat.

>>427496484She is not 5' 10".She'd literally be the tallest Hispanic in history if she was over 5' 8".

>>427494655>GET YOUR SHOES OFF THE FURNITURE!>*smack* if I were her father

>>427494748source needed.the anti-sex, dont talk about sex, pretend you arent sexy shit needs to STOP.

You only raise your daughter until puberty or at most until she's 12. After that it's all kike media and peer pressure that determines her path. She wants to be a cheerleader for school niggers and you can't stop her. She wants to dress sluttier and sluttier and you can't stop her. This is the sad reality of a white/Asian father in America. This is why if you notice your daughter going down this path, you can either start preparing for further heartbreaks & disappointments. Or just stop giving a fuck, use her college savings to hire her friends as escorts and just forget she's even your daughter. Parents and local community today hold no sway over girls and women. Being a whore is rewarded while being a SAHM is ridiculed. No amount of good parenting can out fight the pull of cultural degeneration.

>>427496504I don't want to be disrespectful of her, it was a wardrobe malfunction not a photoshoot.

>>427496807She bends the tortillas, you fucking retard.

>>427494655How else do you slide your cock in your daughter while watching ellen?

>>427494655Built, handcrafted, developed and packaged for Hernan Cortes

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>>427496930>After that it's all kike media and peer pressure that determines her pathIt's genetic, I've seen too many girls pre internet raised in conservative families/communities go full slut and hippie liberal parent raised girls resist the urge to be whores. Clownworld just removes any negative consequences of being a whore and makes slut shaming frowned upon so nature is allowed to take its course instead of being artificially suppressed.

>>427496186maybe you are right, the last Wednesday Adams was hotter

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>>427496930Stop referring to White people when you speak you dirty brown

>>427496141chuck's suck and fuck


>>427494655that's so hot I have a boner mm god

Yes, you are allowed to show physical affection towards your female offspring. It‘s normal.

>>427497405American raising. Where it's illegal to smack your kids around. I mean think about it, 40 years ago women weren't turning into sluts like they were on an assembly line and nobody argued when you disciplined your kids. What's worse if that you people can't even hit them after they reach adulthood. That's unnatural. That's why these little whores in the making are running to guys that will beat them, they are letting you know what they are missing in their life.

Why is she wearing shoes in the house?Only time I have ever seen people wear shoes in the house is when they're moving things in and out a lot, like bringing in a bunch of furniture. Or if it's a working man guy coming to fix your pipes. T. Northeast American

>>427496484>147 cm = 5’10”You’re a moron. I will say her panty contour here makes me think she’s got one of those tiny Mexican danger pussies.You know, the kind that grabs your dick like it’s a vacuum cleaner, and sucks it till every drop from your balls is in her flat little tummy.

sweet sweet Ricci

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>>427497208dont be silly she is already severly mixedcortes and his boys went for real goblinas